lubot5<tsimonq2> Baaaah00:00
wxlmaybe we could add it to software-properties but i doubt k'd like that00:00
wxlubuntu-drivers-common will do the trick but only in cli00:01
wxlwhatever happened to jockey?00:02
acheronuksoftware-proporties-gtk has the additional drivers tab, so can't be too hard to add to the Qt port?00:02
wxlthat's what i'm thinking, except for the fact that i'm thinking kubuntu wouldn't necessarily appreciate it being there 00:03
wxlor maybe it's better that way and you can get rid of kubuntu-driver-manager00:03
acheronukor you could have it only appear depending on what DE is running?00:04
wxlwell, i don't know. having one less special package to manage might be good for k00:04
acheronukbut we would lost integration in our systemsettings00:05
wxltrue enough00:05
wxlbut you don't have that with software-properties do you?00:05
* wxl could just look, as he's on kubuntu, but nooooo00:06
wxlyeah no software sources00:06
acheronukwxl: earier, did you meant software-proprties-qt in cosmic did not launch from Muon?00:07
wxlacheronuk: from lubuntu/lxqt, correct. it just sits and spins. haven't tried in kubuntu daily yet.00:07
wxlah so software-properties replaced jockey, or rather expanded upon its functionality00:09
acheronukwxl: works in kubuntu. will have top look into that. missing muon dep perhaps top facilitae, which is there as default in kubuntu00:09
acheronuk*to facilitate00:09
wxlugh well i guess i'll have to take your word for it. in vbox i'm booting to blank screen in kubuntu00:10
wxlmost likely a virtualbox problem......00:10
wxlhahah took nomodeset00:13
acheronukMuon uses kdesu for launch/authentication00:13
acheronukin kubuntu, anyway00:13
wxli ran muon from cli but didn't get anything. maybe i'll strace00:14
wxlno real errors at all except for the fact it can't find /var/cache/apt-xapian-index/index.2/aimchert00:23
wxlstrace -e trace=open,stat,read,write muon 2>&1 | grep ' E'00:24
acheronukwxl: what happens if you install kde-cli-tools?00:25
wxlthat's it00:26
wxlso it's probably kdesu00:27
acheronukwxl: did it pull in much deps for lubuntu?00:27
acheronukok. I'll add it as a dep for Muon then00:27
acheronukit's a dep of plasma-desktop. so kubuntu always has it00:28
ckrzenHello. Is the BlueDevil applet not working in the current-daily iso? I can launch bluedevil-wizard from the cli and see devices but love in the systray/indicator tray.00:36
ckrzen%s/love/no love/00:36
acheronukwxl: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/muon/4:5.8.0-1ubuntu400:36
wxlckrzen: bluetooth is on our TODO list to look into00:36
ckrzengotch'a ... thanks00:36
wxlacheronuk: boooo00:37
acheronukwxl: why?00:37
wxloh it's a good step but if we can figure out how to do it without kdesu that might be nice00:37
* wxl shrugs00:37
ckrzen@wxl Also, I've figured-out how to do "apt pinning" to get the daily builds of lxqt from cosmic into my bionic. Wasn't too hard after learning to touch three files in /etc/apt/ !!00:38
wxlit's bizarre to me that muon seems to run fine on its own and install stuff, yadda yadda but just poops out running software-properties00:39
wxlckrzen: apt pinning is fun :)00:39
acheronukwxl: in Muon QAptActions::runSourcesEditor() wants kdesu. not anything else00:42
wxlthen thanks :)00:42
acheronukmaybe that can be pkexec or something with some effort, but *shrug*00:43
wxl^^ @tsimonq2 not sure you care if we require kdesu now, but we do.00:43
lubot5<JyotiGomes> https://sovietek.wordpress.com/2018/09/01/why-use-lubuntu/09:58
lubot5<StAmoako> I need developers to build an idea for my firm.10:54
lubot5Please pm if you are up for such.10:54
lubot5<luca_aleksandr> o lubuntu 18.10 nao tem suporte para driver 340 nvidia ?15:46
lubot5<luca_aleksandr> help me15:53
wxl@luca_aleksandr you mean you're looking for features beyond what nouveau offers?16:41
lubot5<Hans Möller> @luca_aleksandr, That has more to do with the Kernel than with the distribution17:36
lubot5<Hans Möller> I don't know how is it with 340 but 304 isn't supported in Kernel 4.1517:42

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