lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Hello any install lubuntu 18.04 in asus n2m4 sli motherboard?16:32
wxl@Dario wrong channel for support16:33
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> What?16:33
wxlthis is a development channel16:33
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Ohhh sorry16:34
wxlhold on let me get you think to the support channel16:34
wxloh wait16:34
wxli'm thinking i'm on the wrng channel16:34
wxlmy bad :(16:34
* wxl drinks more tea in an attempt to wake up16:34
wxlso you're curious as to whether or not anyone has installed lubuntu on this particular hardware?16:35
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Sorry man i in telegram not see channels names16:35
wxlwe just added a telegram bridge to the support channel, so that's part of the confusion16:36
wxlnot your fault at all!16:36
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> I connet with lubuntu bridge bot haha16:36
wxlanyways let's get to your question16:36
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Wait you need more details16:36
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> asus m2n4-sli16:37
lubot5nvidia 7900gs x2 sli16:37
lubot5boot from CD produces 'Kernel Panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesn´t work!'16:37
wxlok, so first thing's first: have you checked the hashes on the ISO after downloading and then run the check on the media to install at the boot screen?16:38
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Yes, and i use same in 2 other computers16:38
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> adding noapic at bootime allows you to boot but no audio and no SATA.. nv driver is loaded but results in a black screen16:39
wxlout of curiousity, have you tried previous versions, most especially 17.10 or 16.04?16:39
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Nope16:43
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Maybe video card16:43
wxlin order to eliminate variables, i would start by seeing if this is a regression.. i.e. it used to work but now doesn't16:44
wxlit also might be interesting to see whether or not other flavors of 18.04 are behaving better16:44
wxlmy guess is that it's a driver/kernel issue so it will probably affect all versions of 18.0416:44
wxlcould you pastebin /var/log/syslog and dmesg?16:45
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> How boot in vesa mode?16:45
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> I check bios and not have option for disable acpi modes16:46
wxlwell acpi is essential for power management. you don't want to remove it, ideally16:47
lubot5<Dario De La Puente> Haha nice16:47
lubot5lbssousa was removed by: lbssousa16:50
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danieru98the daily build iso of lubuntu cosmic 18.10 comes with lxqt?19:26
lubot5<tsimonq2> Yes.19:27
danieru98great, thanks19:27

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