slangasekacheronuk[m]: it's still a bug for autopkgtests to rely on $HOME to be set somewhere useful in the environment; nevertheless I would certainly like to know why all of a sudden, autopkgtests are running in the armhf containers as user 'systemd-coredump'.04:26
slangasekacheronuk[m]: it looks like a preponderance of the failing tests were on a node I was manually fiddling with to try to debug snapcraft failures, and the lxd profile may not have been 100% restored, sorry.  Testing a possible fix now.04:32
slangasekhmmm but here's another failure on a different node04:34
slangasek  * adt-virt-lxc: Stop hardcoding the "ubuntu" suggested normal user; instead,04:48
slangasek    call "getent passwd" to detect the first user with uid >= 500. Don't04:48
slangasek    advertise suggested-normal-user if none exists.04:48
* slangasek sighs04:48
slangasekxnox: ^^ where does this systemd-coredump user come from?  it appears to be in none of the systemd maintainer scripts and is not mentioned in the changelog04:56
slangasekxnox: answer: /usr/lib/sysusers.d/systemd.conf but why and how is it picking uids?04:59
slangasekis it valid for systemd-coredump to have uid 998? yes.  Is it weird? also yes.05:00
slangasekanyway, I think I have the autopkgtest harness fixed; force-restarting05:04
acheronukslangasek: I see. thank you06:20
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