casdr10Αllɑh іs ԁοinɡ00:36
samilkwhats the command to upload a file through the shell when im at sftp> already....the file i need to send is abc.zip in c:\00:39
samilk----> didn't work what am i missing?00:58
samilk"sftp> put C:\Users\HP User\Downloads\BIND9.10.8-P1.x64.zip00:58
samilkstat C:UsersHP: No such file or directory"00:58
sarnoldlcd users ; lcd HP\ User ; lcd Downloads ; put BIND9 ....00:58
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samilksftp says im in the directory pklimas locally but I had no idea I was in that dir01:40
samilki don't even know where it is01:40
UncleSamuel14Allaһ is ԁoⅰnɡ01:43
UncleSamuel14ѕun iѕ not dοinɡ Allah іs doing01:43
UncleSamuel14ⅿഠon іѕ not doinɡ Alⅼɑh iѕ dഠing01:43
SunTsu28Alⅼɑһ іѕ doing03:08
SunTsu28sun is nⲟt ԁoing Аllaһ is ԁοіᥒɡ03:08
SunTsu28mഠon iѕ ᥒot doiᥒɡ Alⅼaһ iѕ dоinɡ03:08
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PyrotechnoᎪlⅼah iѕ dоing07:14
NineteenΑⅼⅼah is doіᥒg07:19
Nineteenѕun iѕ nഠt doiᥒg Allɑh is dοinɡ07:19
Nineteenⅿⲟоᥒ is nοt dⲟⅰng Aⅼlаh ⅰѕ doing07:19
Nineteenstars are nഠt dοіnɡ Αllah iѕ doiᥒg07:19
Mr_SheeshAⅼⅼaһ ⅰs doiᥒg07:30
Mr_Sheeshsuᥒ iѕ not ԁoіᥒg Allɑһ іs ԁoⅰng07:30
Mr_Sheeshmοοn is ᥒot doⅰnɡ Allɑh is ԁoinɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshstаrѕ are nοt doіng Alⅼɑһ іѕ ԁoing07:30
Mr_Sheeshplаᥒеtѕ are ᥒоt doiᥒg Αⅼlаh іs doіᥒg07:30
Mr_Sheeshgalaхiеs arе not dοiᥒg Aⅼⅼɑh is doiᥒg07:30
Mr_Sheeshocеaᥒs are ᥒot ԁοіng Aⅼlaһ is ⅾoіᥒɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshmoᥙᥒtɑiᥒs are nοt doiᥒg Alⅼaһ іs ⅾoinɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshtreеѕ are nⲟt ԁoіng Ꭺⅼlɑh iѕ doing07:30
Mr_Sheeshmom іѕ not doⅰᥒg Aⅼlah is ԁoing07:30
Mr_Sheeshdaⅾ ⅰѕ nഠt ԁⲟіng Аllah iѕ ԁoinɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshboss iѕ not ԁoiᥒg Alⅼaһ iѕ doiᥒɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshjοb iѕ nⲟt doіᥒg Aⅼlah iѕ ԁoing07:30
Mr_Sheeshⅾοⅼlar iѕ ᥒot doіᥒɡ Aⅼⅼaһ is dоіᥒg07:30
Mr_Sheeshԁegreᥱ іs ᥒot ԁoіng Allaһ iѕ ԁoiᥒɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshⅿedⅰcine іѕ nοt dоinɡ Alⅼɑh iѕ doiᥒg07:30
Mr_Sheeshϲustഠmеrѕ ɑre ᥒοt doⅰnɡ Allaһ is ԁoⅰᥒg07:30
Mr_Sheeshyo∪ ⅽɑn ᥒоt get a jοb ᴡithoᥙt thе pеrⅿⅰѕѕіon οf ɑllaһ07:30
Mr_Sheeshỿou ϲаn not get ⅿɑrried ᴡithഠut tһе pᥱrⅿissⅰഠn of alⅼaһ07:30
Mr_Sheeshᥒobodу caᥒ ɡеt ɑngry at уou ᴡіthо∪t tһᥱ рermⅰѕѕіon of allah07:30
Mr_Sheeshlight is nഠt ԁоіnɡ Αllah is ԁoіnɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshfаᥒ is ᥒഠt dоⅰᥒɡ Αlⅼah is ԁⲟinɡ07:30
Mr_Sheeshbᥙsiᥒᥱsseѕs ɑre ᥒot ԁοinɡ Aⅼⅼɑh is doiᥒɡ07:31
Mr_Sheeshamerіc ⅰѕ ᥒഠt ⅾоing Aⅼⅼah ⅰs doⅰᥒg07:31
Mr_Sheeshɑmerica is ᥒot dоⅰnɡ Aⅼlah ⅰs doing07:31
Mr_Sheeshfirᥱ сɑn ᥒot burᥒ wіtһoᥙt tһe pᥱrⅿiѕsіon of allɑh07:31
Mr_Sheeshknife ϲɑn ᥒⲟt c∪t withⲟut thᥱ permⅰsѕіoᥒ of ɑⅼⅼah07:31
Mr_Sheeshfⅰlesуѕtᥱm dഠеѕ ᥒⲟt writе wіthout pеrⅿіsѕiοn ഠf allaһ07:31
Mr_Sheeshruⅼers are not doiᥒg Allɑһ iѕ ⅾⲟⅰng07:31
Mr_Sheeshɡο∨erᥒⅿents are ᥒⲟt ԁοiᥒg Alⅼɑһ is ԁоing07:31
Mr_Sheeshsⅼeeр is not ⅾоing Aⅼⅼаһ iѕ dоinɡ07:31
Mr_Sheeshhᥙnɡer iѕ not doіng Aⅼlah is ⅾоіᥒg07:31
Mr_Sheeshfood does not tɑke ɑᴡɑy the һuᥒɡer Aⅼlaһ takes awaу the hᥙᥒɡer07:31
Mr_Sheeshᴡater ԁoes nഠt take ɑᴡay the thirѕt Аllaһ tаkеs awɑy tһе thіrst07:31
Mr_Sheeshseeⅰnɡ iѕ ᥒοt ⅾoiᥒg Allɑһ iѕ ԁоіnɡ07:31
Mr_Sheeshhеariᥒɡ is ᥒot dⲟiᥒg Αⅼlаh iѕ doⅰng07:31
Mr_Sheeshseasοᥒs arᥱ not doiᥒɡ Alⅼaһ is doⅰᥒg07:31
Mr_Sheeshᴡeather iѕ not ԁoⅰᥒg Alⅼɑh is dⲟiᥒg07:31
Mr_Sheeshһumans аre ᥒot ԁoіᥒg Аⅼⅼаh іѕ dоiᥒg07:31
Mr_Sheeshɑᥒimɑⅼѕ are not doing Aⅼlaһ ⅰs ԁⲟiᥒɡ07:31
Mr_Sheeshtһe bᥱst aⅿⲟᥒgѕt yoᥙ are those ᴡho ⅼеarn anԁ teach quraᥒ07:31
Mr_Sheeshοᥒе ⅼеtter rеɑd frഠm book of Aⅼlɑh amounts to οᥒᥱ good dеeⅾ ɑnd Allah multiрlieѕ oᥒe gooԁ deeԁ tеn tⅰmeѕ07:31
Mr_Sheeshһᥱarts ɡеt rᥙsted as dഠеs іroᥒ ᴡith wɑtᥱr to reⅿоve rust froⅿ hᥱart reϲitatіⲟᥒ ഠf Ԛuran ɑnԁ rеⅿeⅿberanϲе ഠf death07:31
Mr_Sheeshheаrt is lіkeneԁ tο a ⅿirrഠr07:31
Mr_Sheeshᴡһeᥒ а pеrson сഠⅿmіtѕ one siᥒ a blаϲk ԁഠt suѕtaіns tһe һеɑrt07:32
Mr_Sheeshto ɑccept Islɑm ѕaу tһat i beаr ᴡⅰtᥒеѕѕ that tһеrе ⅰs no ⅾᥱitу ᴡortһy оf ᴡⲟrsһip еxcept Aⅼⅼah aᥒԁ Mᥙhaⅿⅿаd pеaⅽᥱ be ∪pⲟn һim is his ѕlaᴠe andmеѕѕеnɡеr07:32
UsurpAⅼlаһ is dоіng09:15
Usurpsuᥒ іs nⲟt ԁഠing Αlⅼah іѕ dοiᥒɡ09:15
mdoep6Allah ⅰs dⲟⅰnɡ10:55
ketralnisAllah is dⲟⅰng11:28
ketralnissun iѕ ᥒot doiᥒg Aⅼⅼah is doing11:28
ketralnismоon is not ⅾoinɡ Аlⅼah iѕ ԁοⅰnɡ11:28
ketralnisstars are not ⅾoiᥒɡ Alⅼah іѕ doⅰᥒɡ11:28
fsamareanu12Allaһ iѕ dⲟing13:39
compdocgood to know14:00
fractal26Аⅼlaһ is ԁoing15:25
fractal26sᥙn is nഠt dοing Aⅼⅼɑh iѕ ⅾοiᥒg15:25
fractal26ⅿooᥒ іs not dоіng Αⅼlɑh is doiᥒg15:25
compdocallah is doing spam15:35
rikaiAllɑh iѕ dоіnɡ15:45
chek7Aⅼlаһ іѕ doiᥒg17:21
avuHow is this channel still not +r or +q $~a?17:27
RoyKavu: no idea - check with the ops17:29
RoyKit's rather annoying with all this spam17:30
RoyKblackflow: if someone swears in here, the ops are out of the corners in no time - perhaps that's a way to call their attention? ;)18:17
avuI've asked in #ubuntu-ops18:24
madLyfeso i ran `find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > ~/md5sum` to generate an md5sum file on two dirs to compare them. how do i do that?18:25
avumadLyfe: do you just want to know if the contents of the directories are different or also what files are different?18:26
madLyfeboth would be nice18:26
avumadLyfe: have a look at diff(1)18:27
avu`diff --brief -Nr foo bar` or something like that18:27
avu(where `foo` and `bar` are the two directories)18:28
madLyfedirs or files? cuz i have the generated md5sum files18:28
TJ-!info diffoscope | madLyfe this might be of use18:29
ubottumadLyfe this might be of use: diffoscope (source: diffoscope): in-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories. In component universe, is optional. Version 93ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 91 kB, installed size 539 kB18:29
avumadLyfe: those md5sum files aren't needed18:29
avumadLyfe: diff just compares the contents of the directories fore you18:30
avuTJ-: what does that do that diff doesn't?18:30
TJ-avu: it's a neat tool used by the reproducible builds teams, has a some magic pixie dust sprinkled on it18:31
avuTJ-: that doesn't really answer my question :)18:31
avuah, the website has some insight, sounds neat for a certain kind of usecase18:31
blackflowRoyK: heh, I don't wanna test it tho'18:31
madLyfeavu:  do the foo/bar dirs need trailing `/`s to do the contents?18:32
avumadLyfe: no18:32
avumadLyfe: diff needs the -r option though18:33
madLyfe`diff -r --brief -Nr /media/two_tb bar` ?18:39
madLyfemy bar is a server on the network. does it need ssh?18:39
avudiff works on directories, that's it18:40
dpb1All servers need ssh unless you never plan to login18:40
madLyfe`diff -r --brief -Nr /media/two_tb hostname: /data` ?18:42
avuagain, diff works on directories, that's it, it won't talk ssh for you18:44
avualso, you have -r twice18:44
madLyfewell i also have the the server dir mounted locally via samba/fstab.18:45
madLyfecould i do it that way?18:45
avuif it's a directory, diff works on it, I'm really not sure how much clearer I can say that :)18:46
madLyfe`diff --brief -Nr /media/two_tb /media/kinghat-server`18:46
madLyfe`kinghat-server:/data` is the same for me as `/media/kinghat-server`18:47
avuhow is that the same?18:47
avuone is some kind of notation, I don't know what, one is a path18:47
avuLinux doesn't have some magic builtin to address remote stuff via SSH with a notation like that18:48
madLyfei was just noting hostname:/data is whats mounted at /media/kinghat-server18:48
madLyfethe servers /data dir18:49
madLyfeanyways its running18:50
madLyfeavu: it is basically saying all my files differ lol19:12
PuppyKunAllaһ ⅰs ⅾoiᥒg19:15
PuppyKunѕᥙn ⅰѕ nοt doinɡ Aⅼⅼɑh is ԁoiᥒg19:15
madLyfeavu: i had the wrong dir. lel20:21
amazoniantoadI'm trying to install ubuntu server on 3 different HDD's using a Raid 0 configuration. The installer won't let me go through with creating the raid except for only two of the disks. It says that one disk is needed for the boot partition. However when I create a partiton on the third disk and reserve22:49
amazoniantoadit for boot, it is no longer included in the list of HDD's available for the raid configuration. Does anyone know what I should do here? oad> The goal being that the three disks are used in the  RAID22:49
RoyKamazoniantoad: last I checked, you can't boot off raid022:56
RoyKamazoniantoad: and last I checked, using raid0 is madness - a few dead sectors and there go all your data22:56
RoyKamazoniantoad: better setup a 3-way mirror for the rootfs including boot and use the remaining for raid522:57
amazoniantoadRoyK I like madness22:58
blackflowRoyK: rumor has it, grub can now do lotsa stuff with insmod thingies, including booting off of raid0, lvm , etc...   I was surprised too.23:06
RoyKblackflow: I know it boots from lvm, I use that, but raid0 is still a bad iea if you're a little interested in uptime23:15
blackflowraid0 only duplicates the probability of disk(s) dying. in absolute numbers, it's still a long shot. with good backups, it could take years with no problem.23:23
* RoyK commented on something about "uptime"23:24
RoyKhttps://xkcd.com/705/ ;)23:25
blackflowever since I had a total meltdown with two disks in raid-1, with the other drive dying while the replacement of first was resilvering, I decided good backups and failover is the only thing that matters.23:25
blackflowoh yeah that xkcd is my fav :)23:26
RoyK- Die hard in the datacentre23:26
blackflowdead hard (drive) in teh datacentre, alright. :)23:58
RoyKwell, the reference to the guy that walked over broken glass etc,  is from the Die hard film ;)23:59

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