floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> @KMyers you have Chromebook contacts right?16:41
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> It depends, I do have some16:41
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> When you log in as a child and internet is not available, it logs them out entirely and requires a parent to log in the next time. This is a major annoyance because internet shuts off at 0930 for the kids.16:41
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> Any chance you know someone who can help with that?16:42
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> I don't have a contact for that specifically but I do see how it can be annoying. I would post it in the Chromebook Reddit to see if someone else has had that happen and how they fix it16:44
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> There's no fix.  It has to do with account management.16:44
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> Work around would have been the better word16:44
floridagram-bot5<AdamOutler> You can't fix account management.  It doesn't seem like that would be something that could ever be fixed unless there was a code change. I postulate what is happening is they don't get a response from the login so they log out.16:45
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> I am only familiar with GSuite Management, not the family management. I know there are some flags in chrome://flags that can tweak some of the settings without code changes16:47
floridagram-bot5<KMyers> You could also submit it as a feature request on the chromium dev bug tracker16:47
floridagram-bot5<govatent> I want to introduce everyone to octavious. He's a hedgehog23:35
floridagram-bot5<govatent> He's having fun at my local park.23:35
floridagram-bot5<Abrerr> Nice!23:43
floridagram-bot5<Abrerr> Does he roll and collect rings?23:43

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