ChaiTRexIs there a way to make a GUI application keep running if I log out and back in such that I can get it back graphically in the new session?00:19
ChaiTRexOK, thanks.00:22
HellFireChaiTRex: actually, you can. if you use something like xpra (it's basically screen for X apps)00:40
rfmforgotmynick, urg sendmail, can't you use postfix or exim, both of which have pretty simple options to use only ipv4?00:48
rfmforgotmynick, I did find https://www.autonarcosis.com/2015/10/14/sendmail-how-to-disable-ipv6-when-sendingrelaying/00:48
rfmforgotmynick, but I cannot vouch for it...00:48
Belialanyone using steamplay on ubuntu know where the .net downloads go when installing a game?00:50
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neverkaspeople I've a question about how to create a new partition for ubuntu01:19
guivercneverkas, i find `gparted` (a gui tool) the easiest way to create partitions01:21
neverkasyep I know but I wanted to practice the commands lines on linux xD01:22
xamithanWhat commands01:22
xamithanYou can do fdisk, cfdisk, parted, gdisk,  few others01:22
neverkasyep, but I can't change the size of my disk01:23
xamithanSure you can,  if you unmount it first01:23
guivercneverkas, is the partition you are trying to change size on mounted?  (you need to umount first)01:23
neverkasyep, but how can I do it? I mean I started as recovery mode01:24
guivercif it's a needed partition; a 'live' system (install media) is an easy work around to adjust size of normal partitions01:24
xamithanrecovery mode should do it,  it might chroot root you so you have to unmount01:24
ChaiTRexHellFire: Thanks. I'll look into xpra.01:24
neverkasI didn't understand at all.01:25
xamithanMaybe you shouldn't be doing whatever you are doing then01:26
xamithanIf you use LVM you can resize on the fly01:26
neverkasI'm trying to use a virtualbox first in order to not break nothing01:27
neverkasmm so, I read that it's dangerous what I tried to do, is it right? I mean I tried to use gparted before but I cant resize my partitions01:32
xamithanits always dangerous if you don't know what you doing,  you also got to think about if there is any filesystems on it so you have to resize those too01:33
xamithangrowing partitions is pretty easy though01:34
neverkasI wanted to resize one of my partitions because I've ubuntu 12.04 and I'd like to upgrade it to 1601:35
guivercparted & gparted should not be used to change the partition size of a mounted partition.  i use it regularly, but usually from a live system.  if power goes off etc you risk a corrupted disk (the main danger), so backups should always be done. here is a parted howto https://www.gnu.org/software/parted/manual/html_chapter/parted_2.html01:35
neverkasI was reading that link01:36
xamithanWhy do you need to resize to upgrade?01:36
neverkasbecause I installed this ubuntu some time ago but I didn't separate /home and /01:37
neverkasso I didn't want to loss all that I've01:38
xamithanI don't see why you have to resize to do that though,  you can just do 12.04 > 14.04 > 16.0401:39
neverkasSo there's no matter if I don't have /home for my things and / for the s.o.? Although that can I upgrade to 14.04 and 16.04?01:41
neverkassry if my english is not the best xD :v01:42
xamithanI don't do a separate home,  that just upsets me if I got a lot of space in /home but I need to install stuff elsewhere01:42
xamithanI can see why it would be preferable though,  You could just reinstall the OS on top of itself and mount the old /home without having to backup01:42
neverkasahhh ok01:43
xamithanBut yeah you can upgrade without messing things up01:43
neverkasuff thanks a lot, so I'll upgrade :D01:43
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marshwallowHi there!02:38
marshwallowCan anyone help me set Avahi up?02:38
marshwallowI can avahi-resolve myself on other devices, but pinging is a no-go.02:38
marshwallowOf course, pinging on the device itself works like a charm.02:39
marshwallowAny ideas guys?02:39
marshwallow(erm, and gals)02:39
marshwallowIs there some channel that might be more suitable for my question?02:41
marshwallow... or ... a guide that might help me?02:42
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tomreynmarshwallow: can you "avahi-resolve-host-name the_hostname", replacing 'the_hostname' by the devices' host name?02:46
marshwallowYeah, that works like a charm.02:46
marshwallowthe_hostname.local works, but the_hostname doesn't.02:47
tomreynmarshwallow: i *think* that's to be expected, but not sure. it's the same here.02:48
marshwallowHmm, is the ping error expected behavior too?02:51
tomreynmarshwallow: pinging agains tthe ip address should work, if it's on the same subnet and there's no firewalling involved02:51
marshwallowYeah, it works, but `ping the_hostname.local` doesn't. Am I misinterpreting the purpose of Avahi?02:53
marshwallow... or is my daemon just not properly configured?02:55
tomreynmarshwallow: i assume that mdns4_minimal is just off by default in /etc/nsswitch.conf sinc eit causes issues for people who use the .local TLD for other (conflicting) purposes. this discusses how to enable it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/164132802:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1641328 in nss-mdns (Ubuntu Yakkety) "Ordering of mdns4_minimal and resolve in /etc/nsswitch.conf causes mDNS lookups to fail -- breaks network printing" [Medium,Triaged]02:56
tomreynwith mdns lookups disabled you can still use avahi for announcing local services on the LAN, so it's not without purpose that way02:58
marshwallowActually, my 'hosts' line looks like this:03:01
marshwallowhosts:          files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] resolve [!UNAVAIL=return] dns myhostname03:01
marshwallow... which was mentioned somewhere as a fix to this issue.03:02
marshwallowOh, will try with the reorder mentioned in the linked bug report.03:03
marshwallowNope, nope, nope. That's the "proper" order.03:04
marshwallowIt's late and I'm kinda sleepy. Forgive me for my stupidity.03:05
marshwallowNevermind, nevermind, nevermind.03:08
marshwallowSeems like I did something.03:08
marshwallowOr it worked from the beginning.03:08
marshwallowPinging the_hostname from an intranet device works neatly.03:09
marshwallowhttp://the_hostname:8000 (yeah, I'm trying to reach my Django server) works in Chrome as well. S-weet!03:10
marshwallowWell, thanks for help!03:14
Edistoare there any tutorials on isntalling windows firefox via wine? I've tried playonlinux and get font errors, and pure wine I get minimemorydumplist and getstream errors03:17
macopythonI am trying to write some content to file using echo. Somehow it includes some space before each line which is actually not present in actual content. https://pastebin.com/JVWaJg8203:17
pziggyHey guys im having tourble connecting to my universities enterprise wpa network, I'ts working fine on my laptop running debian but my desktop is running kububtu, ive got an output file of my journalctr if anyone is interested in taking a look.03:24
tomreynmacopython: this syntax is convoluted. take a look at how you can write here documents in bash much more easily: https://mywiki.wooledge.org/HereDocument03:24
tomreynthat's unless you're trying to be compatible to more shells, maybe then this is actually needed.03:24
pziggyheres the output https://pastebin.com/5rqNcfmf03:26
pziggythis inparticular seems to be the issues but googleing isnt providing anyway to verifiy it "EAP-TLV: TLV Result - Failure"03:27
pziggynot a networking guy so it doesnt mean much to me03:28
tefx!seen sebsebseb03:28
ubottuI have no seen command03:28
tefxahh damn it03:28
tefxanyone here remember sebsebseb if so has anyone got contact with him still03:29
macopythontomreyn: Ohk. I'll check. Thanks03:32
duckx0rI just updated my 18.04 server (VPS with Linode) and I received several warning messages to do with cryptsetup and grub: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BPcKxZVQ5q/. As far as I can tell, none of the partitions are encrypted. Here is the output of blkid: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3TQmzpM5yY/ and here is my /etc/fstab: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nhzwKswvKj/. One weird thing I notice is that my fstab references devices (/dev/sda) instead of partitions03:34
duckx0r(/dev/sdaX). Is this normal. Should I be worried about anything here?03:34
duckx0rAlso, here is the output of `parted -l`. I don't see any partitions listed under /dev/sda.03:36
cim209i'm surprised ubuntu installed without any hitch on my old 2007 imac03:38
tomreyntefx: they are last identified to nickserv ~ 2w ago. also, in case you have a lunchpad account, there's an e-mail address on https://launchpad.net/%7Esebsebseb03:40
tefx@tomreyn, thansk my man i also heard he was recently active in #techrights so havign an email for him would be handy thanks for that :D03:43
mikubuntui just bought this laptop and the win10 seems to work fine (as well as it can be expected considering it's windows), but i can't get lubuntu to connect either on etho or wifi ... bought for my friend and she is going back to costa rica 2morrow and i need to get a dual boot set up for her -- can anyone help me with this connection issue -- https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/sys/d/dell-inspiron-intel-dualcore/6673067163.html03:44
tomreynduckx0r: i don't see any mention of cryptsetup, dmsetup or luks on these pastes. apparently you have your / file system (ext4) directly on /dev/sda, and sdb is just swap. this prevents installation of grub since there is no master boot record, and no separate bios_grub partition.03:46
duckx0rtomreyn, cryptsetup errors are in the first link: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BPcKxZVQ5q/03:47
tomreynduckx0r: it's nmot clear how this apparent KVM guest has been booting in the past, though, maybe it doesn't actually depend on a copy of grub stored on these virtual disks but uses one stored elsewhere.03:47
tomreynduckx0r: warnings, right, i missed that they're issued by cryptsetup indeed.03:48
duckx0rtomreyn, That would be... weird.03:48
cim209this is a lot of getting used to03:52
cim209hi guys, just got back into ubuntu03:52
tomreynduckx0r: actually the 'parted -l' output suggests you have partition table son both virtual storages (sda + sdb)., and swap is on sdb1, so a partition.03:54
tomreynduckx0r: the issue you seem to be experiecing now is that gtrub has grown too much to fit into the MBR, so you'd need a bios_grub partition to boot it nowadays. but you have no partitions on sda, so you can't have it there. what you could do is to add a new, virtual storage and just install grub and the bios_grub partition there.03:55
duckx0rtomreyn, Yes. That's what it looks like. I've just never seen a filesystem installed directly on a storage device without using a partition like that.03:56
tomreynduckx0r: that's not too uncommon, especially not in virtualization.03:56
duckx0rtomreyn, What would lead you to think that grub doesn't fit into the MBR?03:56
duckx0rtomreyn, What if I just remove old images instead of going through all that hassle?03:57
EriC^^duckx0r: what does "file /dev/sda" give?03:58
duckx0rEriC^^, /dev/sda: block special (8/0)03:58
EriC^^duckx0r: try "zgrep blocklist /var/log/apt/term.log.*"03:59
duckx0rEriC^^, empty03:59
tomreynduckx0r: i guess the requirement to have a bios_grub partition (and the reasoning provided for it) if you're bios booting nowadays, as well as the message on line 20 + 24 of https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BPcKxZVQ5q/04:00
EriC^^duckx0r: how about "zgrep 'Installing for i386-pc' /var/log/apt/term.log.*"04:02
duckx0rEriC^^, empty as well04:03
EriC^^so it's never actually updated grub-pc before04:03
mikubuntui just bought this laptop and the win10 seems to work fine (as well as it can be expected considering it's windows), but i can't get lubuntu to connect either on etho or wifi ... bought for my friend and she is going back to costa rica 2morrow and i need to get a dual boot set up for her -- can anyone help me with this connection issue -- https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/sys/d/dell-inspiron-intel-dualcore/6673067163.html04:03
EriC^^duckx0r: maybe they just have a special way of booting as tomreyn mentioned before, and there's nothing to worry about04:03
duckx0rEriC^^, Well let's give it a try rebooting... I'll try my least mission-critical server first (since I have 3 and the same thing happened with all of them).04:05
mikubuntuit doesn't seem to recognize any wifi signals, and direct connect doesn't connect using a live-dvd, although it connects fine in windows - i don't know whether to proceed with side-by-side install without a connection for the process04:05
duckx0rWell it rebooted fine. Thank you guys for your help.04:07
duckx0rEriC^^ and tomreyn04:08
tomreynduckx0r: welcome.04:08
tomreynduckx0r: maybe take a look at https://askubuntu.com/questions/500359/efi-boot-partition-and-biosgrub-partition/501360 - i think this gives a good overview about how grub booting normally works nowadays-04:10
duckx0rtomreyn, Will do. Thanks04:10
mikubuntui just bought this laptop and the win10 seems to work fine (as well as it can be expected considering it's windows), but i can't get lubuntu to connect either on etho or wifi ... bought for my friend and she is going back to costa rica 2morrow and i need to get a dual boot set up for her -- can anyone help me with this connection issue -- https://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/sys/d/dell-inspiron-intel-dualcore/6673067163.html04:16
mikubuntuit doesn't seem to recognize any wifi signals, and direct connect doesn't connect using a live-dvd, although it connects fine in windows - i don't know whether to proceed with side-by-side install without a connection for the process04:16
Aaronmikubuntu: check maybe you need the firmware04:18
Aaronto get the wifi and ethernet working.04:19
Aarontype dmesg and see if is coming up.04:19
mikubuntuAaron: would you say i should just go ahead with the install off the dvd, and then deal with firmware/driver issues?04:20
Aarontry installing the firmware-nonfree to a USB04:21
Aaronso you can install it in the installation to see if it does the trick.04:21
mikubuntuAaron: sorry din't see your responses04:25
mikubuntuAaron: let me try the dmesg04:25
ledenimikubuntu: can you give us " lspci | grep Network'04:29
mikubuntuAaron: sorry taking so long -- touchpad seems really unresponsive so i'm having trouble scrolling through all the output from dmesg, although i did see something about firmware for broadcom b43 failing to load04:31
Aaronyeah get the firmware-nonfree04:31
Aaronand install it04:31
mikubuntuledeni: let me try04:31
Aaronand you'll be good.04:32
cim209aren't PCs usually easy to install ubuntu?04:32
ledenicim209: yes04:32
cim209i installed ubuntu mate on this 2007 imac just fine04:32
mikubuntuAaron: should i go ahead and proceed with the installation with no connection, and THEN do the firmware thing?04:32
cim209everything works, bluetooth, wifi, etc.04:32
Aaronmikubuntu: yeah if you'll like.04:32
Aaronput the firmware-nonfree to a pendrive and later install it04:33
mikubuntuaaron: can it go on a dvd if i don't have a usb handy?04:33
Aaronis a very small file.04:34
Aaronbut if you want to install in into a cd go ahead.04:34
mikubuntuledeni: i can't find that straight up/down slash mark on the keyboard04:35
ledenimikubuntu: lol shift + \04:37
mikubuntuledeni: i think i need to find the touchpad preferences first .. lol04:38
mikubuntuAaron:  and ledeni , to complicate things, i need to do this install in ESPANOL ... lol04:39
Aaronmikubuntu: #ubuntu-es04:40
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:40
instantp10neerI installed Ubuntu 18.04.  I am new to Linux.  I do not understand in which folder it is best to extract new software when the application is provided in a compressed file.  Can anyone assist?  Which folders are not administrator-protected without just dropping things in something such as Documents or even Home?04:43
instantp10neerAKA where extract compressed application?04:44
cim209downloads folder is always a destination for me04:44
ryuoinstantp10neer: define software. it's highly variable.04:44
instantp10neere. g. a Thunderbird nightly04:45
ryuoOh, those.04:45
ryuoYou can extract official Mozilla tarballs to any directory and then run their main executable from their directory.04:45
instantp10neeran entire application in a compressed file, not available in the repos04:45
instantp10neerI understand 'it can go anywhere.'  I am hoping there is something akin to Microsoft's "Program Files"04:46
ryuoI suppose there is under something like ~/.local.04:46
ryuoThere is no official way to resolve it. It goes wherever you want it in this case.04:47
ryuoBecause it's not a system level tarball.04:47
instantp10neer18.04 appears to protect /usr/local and /opt/ which means I need admin privileges to extract.04:48
ryuothere's a good reason for that...04:48
ryuoyou don't want to be messing with system files if you're not sure what you're doing.04:49
mikubuntuAaron: i'd feel better getting assistance in english, maybe i should just do the install in english and then add language packs later?04:49
instantp10neerryuo That is my point. I am trying to find an unprotected location that is not already in use, such as Program Files and now Downloads.04:49
ryuoinstantp10neer: So make one then. You can create ~/Programs or w/e.04:50
ryuoThat's not reserved by anything.04:50
instantp10neerryuo are you saying you know that Ubuntu doesn't already provision something?04:50
cim209ryuo is trying to say you can make any directory04:50
Aaronmikubuntu: sure04:50
ryuoinstantp10neer: basically, yes. I've use Linux as a power user since 2008. I don't know of any such location. Even my GOG games install themselves to ~/GOG Games04:51
instantp10neerI am aware something can be made. That I understand. The question is if something was predetermined akin to Microsoft's "Program Files."04:51
instantp10neerApplications it is.04:51
cim209liek macs04:51
instantp10neerDo I have the path character limit, 256~ characters?04:52
ryuoUser installations of programs are not forced to use any particular approach.04:52
ryuoYes, but you're unlikely to hit it.04:52
ryuoEach file can be up to 255 characters, the whole path 4096.04:52
instantp10neerOK Great. Thank you04:52
instantp10neer+rep ryuo :)04:52
mikubuntuAaron: at this point in the installation, i remember ubuntu used to ask me if i wanted to erase disk and rewrite, or it would recognize another system installed and ask me if i wanted to do a side-by-side install, but it's not asking me that now04:53
ryuothese are enforced by filesystem limitations.04:53
ryuonot much you can do about it.04:53
Aaronmikubuntu: you want to not erase the hard drive just add a partition in GB04:53
ryuoThough you can have characters in a Linux file name that you can't with windows.04:54
ryuoI believe the only forbidden characters are / and NUL.04:54
Aaronso you can later multi boot with Ubuntu to use Windows04:54
cim209you should live dangerously and just have ubuntu as the only OS04:55
ryuoinstantp10neer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext404:55
ryuoinstantp10neer: see here for some info about the FS you're likely using.04:55
madLyfeso i just transferred a bunch of data to a network drive. 800GB worth. is there a way to compare the data from source to network drive?04:55
EriC^^how did you transfer it04:57
madLyfebut there were some 'hiccups', lets call them.04:59
mikubuntuAaron: so it's a samsung 250 gb hdd, should i make a 150 gb partition for lubuntu? (win 10 seems to be using about 500 mb of space right now)04:59
EriC^^madLyfe: it checksums the data while copying, what hiccups?04:59
madLyfejust wanna compare them. i know it will take a while but im ok with that04:59
Aaronmikubuntu: sure. if you'll like04:59
madLyfewell only if you tell it to checksum05:00
EriC^^madLyfe: no it checksums by default05:00
madLyfei had it error out a few times before completing. just want to make sure.05:01
ryuomadLyfe: you can generate a checksum file for all the files and compare the copy to the original that way.05:01
EriC^^madLyfe: ok, run "md5sum /dir > /tmp/md5sum"05:01
ryuoEriC^^: won't work. it has to specify actual files.05:02
EriC^^madLyfe: then modify the /tmp/md5sum and run md5sum -c using it on the 2nd dir to compare05:02
ryuomadLyfe: change directory to the root dir of the original. run this:05:03
EriC^^madLyfe: find /dir -exec md5sum {} \; > /tmp/md5sum05:03
ryuofind -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sha256sum > ../sha256sums05:03
rsmith31415Hi guys... anyone knows how to proceed when you have the error in syslog "Microcode SW error detected" and this causes small interruptions? Not sure if I should  create a ticket in a bug tracker or ask a question on Stack Overflow. This is the syslog when the issue occurs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jgVP4fRmwx/05:04
EriC^^ryuo: maybe he doesn't have write permission to ".." ?05:04
EriC^^also isn't sha256 a little overkill?05:04
mikubuntuAaron: so it's telling me that the current usage is 575 mb ntfs of win10, and 249481 mb unknown -- could you walk me through the partitioning process?05:04
ryuoEriC^^: Possibly. who knows.05:04
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap05:04
ryuoEriC^^: maybe, but I use it for sanity checks.05:04
ryuomd5sum has known hash collisions.05:05
Aaronmikubuntu: right now I'm using FreeBSD05:05
ryuoAaron: you'll have trouble. FreeBSD doesn't have much support for Linux filesystems.05:06
ryuoIf you need to work with those...05:06
Aaronyeah I'm afraid05:06
madLyfeso i just need to navigate to the dir i want the hash of?05:07
ryuoyou should boot from a live CD if you need to work with them.05:07
AaronI'm thinking of Installing Ubuntu. and FreeBSD in the same partition05:07
EriC^^madLyfe: nah, type "find /path/to/dir -exec md5sum {} \; > /tmp/md5sum"05:07
ryuomadLyfe: if you run my version, it will setup the paths relative to the original, making it easy to run checksum -c later.05:07
ryuoOtherwise... if the absolute paths are different on the destination...05:08
ryuoyou'll run into trouble.05:08
ryuoyou'd need to adjust the paths.05:08
EriC^^madLyfe: then type "sed -i 's/\/path\/to\/dir/\/path\/to\/2nd\/dir/' /tmp/md5sum" and run "md5sum -c /tmp/md5sum"05:08
EriC^^ok, use ryuo 's command, it's easier05:09
ryuoand also omit directories.05:09
EriC^^i'd use md5sum though if the difference in computation is significantly lower05:09
ryuoand other stuff that md5sum won't like.05:09
mikubuntui'm afraid i'm not capable of understanding the partitioning instructions for new install (side-by-side with Win10) as described at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition05:10
EriC^^i think sha256 is 10x longer according to a quick "time" test i did now05:10
ryuomikubuntu: are you installing both fresh?05:10
mikubuntuif there's anyone who could help me through this i would so appreciate05:10
ryuoEriC^^: even so, there's also IO to consider.05:10
mikubunturyuo: no, the win10 is on the box, and i want to install lubuntu 18.0405:11
EriC^^ryuo: still same thing it will read the stuff, do the computation slower then read05:11
ryuoEriC^^: don't know that for a fact. it depends on their system.05:12
ryuoBut, yes. SHA256 is generally slow.05:12
mikubunturyuo: ps - i would NEVER install anything windows, but this is for a friend and she insists that she needs to keep windows05:12
ryuomikubuntu: Hm. I haven't done that kind of dual boot in a long time.05:12
ryuomikubuntu: you'll need to repartition windows somehow so it isn't using the whole disk.05:12
ryuoyou may need to use windows software to do that.05:13
madLyfeone of them are really slow05:13
ryuoi haven't dealt with it in years.05:13
EriC^^madLyfe: sha256 is potentially 10x slower05:13
mikubunturyuo: it used to be fairly automagic, but doesn't seem so anymore05:13
ryuomikubuntu: usually what I do is prepartition it how I want, install windows, then install Linux.05:13
madLyfe`-type f -print0 | xargs -0 sha256sum > ../md5sums`05:14
ryuomadLyfe: change the command used if you want to try a different algorithm.05:14
EriC^^madLyfe: you're missing the find at the start, and if you want md5sum use md5sum instead of sha256sum after xargs05:14
ryuothe stuff after xargs -0 or so.05:14
ryuoi prefer xargs instead of using -exec, if the command supports processing multiple arguments.05:15
madLyfe`find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > ../md5sums`?05:16
EriC^^madLyfe: yeah, make sure you can write to the ".." dir though05:16
madLyfei dont see how that knows where i want it to scan?05:17
EriC^^madLyfe: it assumes you're in the dir you want scanned05:17
ryuoIt doesn't.05:17
ryuoit uses the PWD or CWD.05:17
ryuo(depending on your terms)05:17
madLyfeso im in the dir i want scanned. it will also put the md5 file output in there after its done?05:19
EriC^^no, it'll put it in the previous dir05:19
madLyfewhat if there is no previous dir?05:23
EriC^^it doesnt write anything05:23
madLyfewell its a zfs pool05:23
EriC^^use /tmp/md5sum or some other place05:24
madLyfeso i would be doing it for nothing05:24
EriC^^keep in mind /tmp gets flushed on reboots05:24
madLyfe`find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > /home/user`?05:25
madLyfe`find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > ~/md5sum` is the same?05:26
EriC^^madLyfe: yeah05:27
madLyfei can never remember if `~/` is `/home` or `/home/user`05:28
madLyfeis ther a flag to show progress?05:28
EriC^^~ is /home/user   ~somename is /home/somename05:28
EriC^^nope no flag, you might be able to spy on it using "tail -f /home/user/md5sum"05:29
madLyfe`find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > ~/md5sum tail -f /home/user/md5sum`05:31
EriC^^no, it's a separate command that you run in another terminal05:32
madLyfedoes it have to be ran before or after?05:32
madLyfe"tail: cannot open '/home/user/md5sum' for reading: No such file or directory05:35
madLyfetail: no files remaining"05:35
EriC^^possibly find .... | tee /home/user/md5sum will let you see the output and write it too05:36
madLyfesee it via nano?05:38
EriC^^no, it should show the output in the same terminal05:38
madLyfe`find .... | tee ~/md5sum` ?05:39
madLyfe"find: ‘....’: No such file or directory"05:40
m0rd3caiHey guys, hope someone can help. im using nextcloud as a snap package and in the readme file for the location of the log files it states the files are located in $SNAP_COMMON. How do i find out what directory $SNAP_COMMON refer to.05:44
mikubunturyuo: thx, i better figure it out before i start doing something and mess the whole system up05:45
ryuomikubuntu: i just find it easier to prepartition if the existing install isn't important to preserve.05:45
mikubunturyuo: i wonder why it's not automagic anymore -- the thing is, i won't even TRY to install windows. i don't mind preserving it if it's there, but that's as far as i go with the msoft monster05:48
ryuomikubuntu: i still deal with it sometimes.05:48
ryuomikubuntu: but it's the approach i've used since Windows XP.05:49
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wendicogood morning my ubuntu friends. Here is wendico again trying to solve an ubuntu installation to another friend (i installed ubuntu to 8 friends already they are so happy with it)07:01
wendicoThis time i got an old but not used HP Compaq Mini with an atom proccesor and only 2gb ram. Live version runs, but after install i can only boot in "save mode" or i got a blank screen with no graphics or console07:03
wendicoMaybe im asking to much installing ubuntu 18 to this old HP, should i try another flavour? if not, coz actually is slow but works, how can i set it up so always boots in graphics save mode? Thank you very much07:05
wendicoThank you very much for your help and understanding07:07
cim209wendico, try ubuntu mate07:07
cim209i installed it on this old 2007 imac and it made the beast work again07:07
wendicoohh i never heard of it, i just heard of xubuntu, im looking into mate07:08
cfhowlett@flavors | wendico07:08
cfhowlett!flavors | wendico07:08
ubottuwendico: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours07:08
wendicocim209: cfhowlett: thank you reading on it07:08
wendicowow, how many flavours, downloading mate right away07:11
cim209a lot07:11
wendicoi choosed 32bit coz i got 2gb ram but should i go mate 16 or mate 18 for this intel atom 2gb ram mini hp?07:14
cfhowlettpretty sure atom doesn't support 32bit ...07:15
cim209i went with the 64 bit07:15
cim209and i only have 2.5gb ram07:15
wendicocfhowlett: ooh wow ty for the tip, so i go back to 64bit. what about 16 or 18, it shows both versions to download and both LTS, since is a clean install should i go 18 or better 16 to be faster?07:16
cim209go with 16.0407:17
cfhowlettIMHO lts versions are better.  your mileage may vary. I don't upgrade until the xx.1 release so 18.04.1 would seem reasonable.07:17
cfhowlett64 bit is good for 4gb of ram and above.  you haven't got that so ... 32bit!07:18
cim209i'm using 64 bit with 2.5gb ram07:18
cim209still snappy as ever07:19
cfhowletteh!??  full gui or server cim209 ?07:19
cim209full gui07:19
cim209ubuntu mate07:19
* cfhowlett stands corrected ... and humbled07:19
wendicoThats what page says, if 2gb go for 32 but u just said my intel atom dont support 32bit07:19
cim209if you have only 2gb ram, ubuntu will still run on 64 bit07:20
[vbm]wendico: if mate does work ell for you, consider lubuntu07:20
wendicook, so im downloading 32bit mate, lets try and then i tell u my findings and consider lubuntu07:21
cim209make sure you install ubuntu internet first, then update07:21
cim209without internet first*07:21
wendicook, thank u for the tip, i install without internet07:22
cim209the installer missed several files for me when i included internet update during install07:23
cfhowlettcim209, my issue with internet on installation is that the locale sets up wrong.  in post installation, I manually reset it as well as localize my software soures07:24
wendicofinnally im downloading both 32 and 64 bit just in case, i try 32 first as recommended on the web, if my intel atom dont support then i go for the 6407:24
cim209you'll need an ethernet cable lol07:25
wendicoby the way, while downloading, i have another strange problem. i Got an acer aspire f15 with fresh ubuntu 18 install but i have a small problem, i dont have "right click" on my mouse integrated laptop pad, why? i can right click on that pad on other os07:26
esrotry auto installing drivers07:28
[vbm]wendico: what is your atom device?07:31
cim209wendico, https://i.imgur.com/FvTDKin.jpg07:33
cim209anyone here use plank?07:36
cim209having an issue with plank. when i minimize a window, that window stays focused and i can't minimize the others that are opened until i click the other icons in the dock07:37
cim209i'd have to click the icon in the dock or press alt + tab07:38
wendico[vbm] I have a intel atom n455 1.66ghz07:39
wendicocim209: looks nice, going for it07:40
[vbm]is it a tablet? what OS did it come originally with?07:41
wendico[vbm] ohh maybe you are asking my device, sorry english 3rd language. It is a Mini laptop HP Compaq Mini ç07:42
wendicowindows 7 out of the box07:43
wendicostill downloading mate, slow connection, in case u have another sugestion, windows is erased allready07:45
cfhowletttorrent!  always!  never dl ...07:45
[vbm]check if it has windows 32 or 64 bits. my bet is 32. if so, you can run ubuntu 64 bits on it but you will probably have to copy bootia32 onto the USB in order for it to boot :)07:45
cim209torrent is way faster07:46
[vbm]:) I have an old aldi 2in1 tablet running atom. it was a PITA to get it to work at first but now it runs fine.07:47
[vbm]when I first got it running I also had to modify the USB to include the kernel patches necessary to get the wifi working, but you shouldn't need to do that with the newest kernels07:54
wendicoi cant check now if it was 32 or 64 bit, no sticker and already deleated, i dont use torrent because is slow connection on my side, im on unlimited plan 3g connection07:54
[vbm]try to install the 64, if you can't boot the 64 but can boot the 32, you can modify the 64 USB to make it boot.07:56
[vbm]if you get stuck, you can try this https://linuxiumcomau.blogspot.com/search?q=baytrail07:59
wendico[vbm] actually i did installed and runned 64 bit ubuntu so i guess i wont have problems 64 mate08:00
wendicoThank you very much for the help08:00
wendicoi will tell how it goes in an hour or so.... 3g connection... hehehehe08:01
JimBuntuwendico, FWIW:  I think the only non-64bit Atoms are the N2XX and Z5XX series.08:03
wendico<JimBuntu> so i think im righ with the 64 since i got the n45508:11
ryuo64 bit is listed, so yes.08:12
wendicothank you my friends08:13
ryuo2G max... i can see why some stuck with 32 bit.08:15
ryuothe full benefits of 64 bit aren't realized until 4G of RAM at least.08:16
jost_Hi! I have two 2TB HDDs, which are combined in a software raid, with 4 partitions (having a total size of about 50GB). I'd like to create another partition/raid1 device on those disks taking up the remaining space.08:52
jost_How do I do that with mdadm?08:52
jost_The partition table type is ms-dos, and the new partition needs to be in the extended partition08:54
SwedeMikejost_: do you have one or four md volumes?08:54
jost_SwedeMike, currently, 308:54
jost_umh, sorry, four08:55
SwedeMikejost_: ok, then you create new partition on each drive and then you create a new mdadm raid1 to make those two partitions become a single raid1 md volume, then you need to get that into /etc/mdadm.conf so it's properly started at boot, then create a filesystem on this md volume, and then put this into /etc/fstab so it's mounted whereever you want it to be08:56
jost_SwedeMike: Ok, thanks :-)08:56
SwedeMikejost_: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-create-raid-arrays-with-mdadm-on-ubuntu-16-04 seems to talk about this08:56
jost_Yes, I found a ton of resources, but they all leave out the "create partitions first, then do mdadm" step08:57
SwedeMikejost_: so you'll create new md volume in raid1 mode with /dev/sda6 /dev/sdb6 (or whatever number the new partition is)08:58
SimounetHello there, I reinstall Ubuntu over an old Ubuntu 16.04 and everything works fine except that I can see the Windows 10 installed on another drive from grub anymore.09:21
SimounetI tried boot-repair and os-prober (after mounting the Win partition) without any luck.09:22
SimounetMight be an UEFI issue but I'm not sure if I have install Ubuntu correctly with it.09:22
EriC^^Simounet: you mean windows has disappeared from grub?09:34
SimounetEriC^^: Yep.09:34
EriC^^Simounet: are you booted in ubuntu right now?09:35
EriC^^Simounet: type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"09:35
EriC^^also "ls /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi" let me know what they report09:35
EriC^^the 2nd command just if it gives a list of dirs or not is enough09:36
Simounet$ ls /sys/firmware/efi && echo efi09:36
Simounetconfig_table  efivars  esrt  fw_platform_size  fw_vendor  runtime  runtime-map  systab  vars09:36
SimounetThe second command.09:36
SimounetThe first one just ran well.09:37
EriC^^Simounet: did it give you a link back?09:37
SimounetNo. :/09:37
EriC^^Simounet: give it another go09:38
SimounetBetter. :p09:38
SimounetWindows is on sda09:39
EriC^^Simounet: it looks like ubuntu is installed in uefi mode and windows in legacy mode, you'll need to reinstall ubuntu in legacy mode for it to see windows09:39
SimounetOh thanks.09:40
EriC^^no problem09:40
SimounetI was thinking about this but didn't want to make it until confirmation.09:40
SimounetHow did you saw that?09:40
EriC^^Simounet: ubuntu is running in uefi mode, it has a fat32 efi partition and windows is using msdos partition table (windows cant use msdos + uefi) and no efi partition09:41
SimounetEriC^^, That makes sense. Thank you for you explanation.09:42
EriC^^no problem09:42
TJ-Has anyone managed to integrate pppoe with systemd-networkd?09:43
SimounetEriC^^: on reinstall, I'll need to remove the sde1 EFI partition, am I right?09:44
EriC^^Simounet: yeah it's not needed, just make sure to boot the live usb in legacy mode09:45
SimounetEriC^^: How can I be sure? I remember yesterday ticking a box with secure boot.09:45
Simounet(sorry for bothering you, just want to be sure before reboot)09:46
EriC^^Simounet: try to use the one time boot menu to boot the live usb, and choose USB and not USB UEFI, then when the live usb boots open a terminal and run "ls /sys/firmware/efi" to see if you're running uefi mode or not, if it says dir not found then you're using legacy09:48
SimounetEriC^^: Thanks again! I'll note that down. :p09:53
EriC^^Simounet: no worries :D09:53
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instantp10neerI have an application that I cannot pin (Add Favorite or drag and drop) to GNOME 3's dash (taskbar).  Any recommendations?10:06
instantp10neerThere are many instructions online to create a .desktop file. The problem is I would like it to use the icon it shows when it is open.10:08
Simounet`EriC^^: It's me (again). I'm on the live USB stick but it seems UEFI only because /sys/firmware/efi isn't empty.10:13
EriC^^Simounet`: which pc model is it?10:20
Simounet`It's a desktop from 2015.10:20
Simounet`But everything was working fine before trying to reinstall Ubuntu.10:20
Simounet`I was used to dual boot between Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10.10:21
EriC^^Simounet`: did you get the one-time boot option menu?10:27
EriC^^it's possibly F11,F1210:27
EriC^^F9,F10 perhaps10:27
Simounet`EriC^^:  I'll try that. I didn't have to install Ubuntu again on my USB key with different option for legacy mode?10:28
TxTablet sometimes escape then f910:28
EriC^^Simounet`: no, not unless it was specifically made for uefi-only booting10:28
EriC^^Simounet`: if you do "sudo parted -ls" it should show 2 partitions, one efi10:29
EriC^^if it's just one efi partition it's probably uefi only10:29
greenEarthHow to secure mysql server so that other PCs in my local network can connect to sql (only me)? With ufw?10:34
EriC^^Simounet`: looks like it's uefi only10:36
Simounet`I'll try to make a new live USB key with etcher.10:37
blackflowgreenEarth: with a firewall yes, if you want to limit possibility of connection, but it'd be wise to also use strong authentication too.10:45
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greenEarthblackflow, and what I have to do to protect apache server?10:51
blackflowgreenEarth: protect against what?11:01
neurredoes ubuntu standard installation come with command line command to view png file?11:05
EriC^^neurre: try "xdg-open /path/to/png"11:05
greenEarthblackflow, other computers accessing the web hosted by the apache server.11:05
EriC^^neurre: it's a general command to open with whatever is set to open png11:06
EriC^^no problem11:06
blackflowgreenEarth: also with firewall then, if you want to limit IPs.11:17
greenEarthok thanks blackflow11:18
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bipulI'm looking for a help regarding routing. Please find the details here https://pastebin.com/raw/suh91sTp  , I have enabled on host  net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf. But still i'm unable to ping from node2  to node1.12:43
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TJ-bipul: looks like you diagram is incorrect; you're showing HOST <--< node1 on enp2s0, but it's on virbr0 isn't it?12:59
bipulTJ-: Wait let me share you in details12:59
TJ-bipul: also, do all other directions work for ping (HOST -> node2, HOST -> node1, node1 -> node2) ?13:00
TJ-bipul: it'd help to see from host: "pastebinit <( ip link show; ip addr show; ip route show; sudo iptables -S; for n in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*/forwarding; do echo $n=$(cat $n); done )"13:03
ChunkzZis there a download manager for using with terminal? I'm on a headless server...13:04
bipulTJ-: Please find the details here https://pastebin.com/raw/2ytctJty   I have tried to share in more precise way, I'm still learning if you find something need to put on routing table please help me to know :)13:06
HelenahOkay so... for the life of me, I can't get kexec to work...13:06
HelenahI've tried: kexec -l /boot/vmlinuz-%i --initrd=/boot/initramfs-%i.img --reuse-cmdline && kexec -l13:07
HelenahThe init system says "Rebooting with kexec", but then my whole system actually reboots....13:07
HelenahI want to use kexec because my system takes forever to get past the BIOS.13:07
TJ-!info aria2 | ChunkzZ13:09
ubottuChunkzZ: aria2 (source: aria2): High speed download utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.33.1-1 (bionic), package size 1306 kB, installed size 4885 kB13:09
bipulTJ-: I have enabled port forwaring at /etc/sysctl.conf13:10
ChunkzZTJ-, yeah I seen that but I want history, like to see what I've downloaded before.13:10
Helenah*kexec -e13:11
TJ-ChunkzZ: are you using the --log= option/13:14
TJ-bipul: it looks like a host issue since node2 can ping node1 and - I'd suspect firewall rules if you're sure all ipv4 forwarding is enabled for vnet0/virbr013:15
duoiwhat are the current reasons to hate Unity?13:20
lotuspsychje!discuss | duoi13:20
ubottuduoi: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:20
bipulTJ-: Humm.. thank you.13:23
BluesKajHi folks13:23
ChunkzZTJ-, no?13:25
TJ-ChunkzZ: I'd expect enabling logging would record the URL history amongst other things13:27
TJ-ChunkzZ: "man aria2" see the "--log=" option13:27
ChunkzZTJ-, No manual entry for aria213:28
TJ-ChunkzZ: ahhh, it's "man aria2c" !13:31
TJ-ChunkzZ: I presume the 'c' means 'client'13:31
ChunkzZTJ-, aria2 isn't what I need, I need something that can show history of previously downloaded stuff.13:34
ChunkzZmaybe something like a gui from terminal?13:34
ChunkzZnot a "log"13:34
TJ-ChunkzZ: I'm not aware of anything else that doesn't require a GUI13:36
TJ-ChunkzZ: looks like issue #1237 in the arias2 github project covers download history13:38
TJ-ChunkzZ: there's also a project "webui-aria2" which looks to do what you need13:39
TJ-ChunkzZ: there's also persepolisdm, another front-end for aria213:41
bipulTJ-:  This is my default  iptable rules on host 1 https://pastebin.com/raw/bJ03JnJS13:43
bipulHere is how network cofiguration looks like https://pastebin.com/raw/SQq9LDXA13:44
TJ-bipul: the 4 rules similar to this look suspicious: "-A FORWARD -o virbr0 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable"13:45
TJ-bipul: especially since your ping test was reporting "From icmp_seq=1 Destination Port Unreachable"13:45
bipulNo i was able to ping13:46
HelenahChunkzZ: You mean a TUI (Terminal User Interface)?13:46
TJ-bipul: No, you weren't. I'm reporting what your pastebin shows, for "node2@192-168-123-13:~$ ping"13:47
bipulbut note from   node2@192-168-123-13:~$ ping
bipulsee here https://pastebin.com/raw/2ytctJty13:48
duoiokay, so i need some hand holding! https://imgur.com/a/tEkgvj2 what should i be nuking when it comes time to installing 18.04 over this 14.04 installation and not deleting all my files?13:49
BluesKajduoi,   separate / and /home partitions?13:58
BluesKajif you don't recall setting them up then most likely not14:02
duoithe 'hmm' in this case was geared to whether or not i should just wipe everything14:03
duoiill figure this one out solo14:04
tomreynwell it says separate / and /home exist14:04
BluesKajduoi, scroll down to the answer here, https://askubuntu.com/questions/1015728/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-from-14-04-to-18-0414:04
compdocI brought home a 14.04 server to update over this long weekend14:04
compdocgonna wipe it14:04
tomreynduoi: if you want to keep your data from 14.04 (on /home), you'd want to replace sdb1 and sdb5. the swap partition (sdb1) is probably larger than you need it to be.14:06
tomreynduoi: personally i'd make sure i have a backup and repartition the entire disk.14:07
duoitomreyn, i might just put this on hold for now14:14
BluesKajset the mountpoint for /home and install to / should work14:14
duoithe idea was that id trial it before putting it on a laptop14:14
blakes5Morning. I'm trying to setup kismet to run at boot time. It looks like the server runs at boot, but I don't get any networks listed. Seems like there's a problem accessing the capture nic. When ran as a user after boot the kismet server runs perfectly and everything works. I don't know how to go about troubleshooting this and was wondering if someone could help me understand whats going on.14:15
duoibut i might just cross that bridge when i get to it in a week or so14:15
lotuspsychjeblakes5: try the #kismet channel or the manpage14:27
blakes5lotuspsychje, yeah thanks for that.14:30
blakes5Still looking for not so obvious answers.14:30
ikoniawhy are you looking for not obvious answers ?14:55
ikoniathe obvious answers are probably the right ones14:55
blakes5Because I've already looked for the obvious answers. And why would anyone assume that someone who is able to make a program work in a default case hadn't already read the manpage? Kismet does not work out of the box. You actually have to know how to configure it. But, I gave a none standard case where it does not work...for which I'm looking for a problem.15:02
ikoniahow did you configure it to start at boot ?15:02
ikoniaa man page isn't debugging or going to give you obvious answers15:03
ikoniaI don't see a "non-standard" use case15:03
ikoniahence why the obvious answers are probably the right ones15:04
originalabhaymy ubuntu fails  to detect elan touchpad driver15:04
originalabhayi am on lenovo ideapad 33015:04
blakes5I'm running kismet_server using rc.local.15:04
ikoniablakes5: ok, so you don't have any depdencies met15:05
ikoniahow confident are you that the network interface is up and configured when kismet tries to bind to it ?15:05
blakes5Not confident at all, but I don't know how to check that.15:05
fudokibring up browser, run a speed test15:06
ikoniafudoki: what ?15:06
fudokito test connectivity - or ping from a terminal15:06
ikoniablakes5: ok, so either a.) move the startup process outside of rc.local and right a proper systemd unit file with dependencies b.) put in some debug statements in the rc.local15:07
ikoniafudoki: did you read the problem - it's an init script launching the application, how would running a ping test after the script has executed prove the network is available before it executes ?15:07
blakes5Where would I find more information about debug statements?15:08
fudokisry, late to game - in this case I would check the order of init script execution to ensure net is configured prior to rc.local execution15:08
ikoniablakes5: you write them, eg: common checks to see if the network is configured, eg: write the network config to a file before launching the kismet binary so you can see if it's actually configured or not15:08
fudokiregardless, a ping test would show if the network was broken15:09
ikoniablakes5: this is the "obvious" stuff I was suggesting15:09
ikoniafudoki: not if the network doesn't respond to icmp15:09
originalabhayplease reply15:09
fudokithat's why an HTTP method of diag was my first suggestion15:09
TJ-blakes5: is your kismet start-up script ensuring the interface is in monitor-mode ?15:10
ikoniafudoki: from a browser....15:10
ikoniafudoki: so that adds no value to an init script debug15:10
fudokino, other than to rule out a broken network setup15:10
ikoniafudoki: no it doesn't15:10
ikoniafudoki: the network works after the init script - he can start the binary manually15:11
blakes5TJ-, this is kismet v2009. It appears to automatically place the nic in monitor mode. However, I have attempted to run airmon-ng check kill and airmon-ng start <nic> before the script. It doesn't seem to do anything15:11
fudokidefine network setup, it won't confirm or deny the kismet setup, but will show if the network connection is, for general purposes, live or dead15:11
TJ-blakes5: which Ubuntu release is it on?15:12
TJ-fudoki: kismet doesn't use networking as such; it operates at the Radio Frequency interface level15:12
ikoniafudoki: the network works - we already know this, the question is is the network available/in the right state before kismet is run15:12
fudokiOIC, sry to add any confusion15:12
TJ-Generally, when the interface is in Monitor mode, it can't also be operated in Managed/Ad-Hoc mode15:12
TJ-blakes5: so far as I can see the oldest version of kismet we support is 2013.03, in 14.04 Trusty15:14
blakes5TJ-, it's 18.0415:14
TJ-!info kismet bionic15:14
ubottukismet (source: kismet): wireless sniffer and monitor - core. In component universe, is optional. Version 2016.07.R1-1.1~build1 (bionic), package size 1203 kB, installed size 4833 kB15:14
TJ-blakes5: so v2016.07, not v200915:15
blakes5TJ- I might have my versions wrong. I've worked with several on different systems.15:15
TJ-blakes5: "apt list --installed kismet"15:15
blakes5I was wrong on the version. It's 2016.15:16
blakes5I just checked dpkg15:16
ikoniarun the command TJ- asked for please15:16
ikoniablakes5: are you sure this isn't raspbian you're using ?15:17
ikoniawith that version ?15:17
TJ-blakes5: if you're starting it from /etc/rc.local, on 18.04, that infers systemd is running the sysv-init compatibility layer. Is it possible that isn't happening at all? Did you try adding a tell-tale to /etc/rc.local of the form "touch /var/log/kismet-boot" and check that file is created at boot?15:17
blakes5ikonia, in this case? No.15:18
ikoniaah, rasbian has 200915:18
blakes5TJ- honestly, I don't know linux boot processes very well so it is something I struggle with.15:18
blakes5Let take a little time researching some of the things you've mentioned to get up to speed15:19
TJ-blakes5: well, /etc/rc.local belongs to the old sysv-init, which has been replaced by systemd. systemd does compatibility to call those /etc/init.d/ scripts and so on, but it's worth confirming that is actually happening15:19
blakes5TJ- I was trying to avoid learnign how to write a startup script which is why I was using rc.local15:20
TJ-blakes5: just add "touch /var/log/kismet-boot" to /etc/rc.local (before the last line which should be "exit 0") and then reboot to test it. If when you log-in /var/log/kismet-boot does NOT exist, you know /etc/rc.local wasn't executed15:20
blakes5TJ- Thanks. I'll try that.15:21
jeromelanterihi, i have some problem with nfs, i do etc exports files: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/wYqQjP4k8g/ and when i read exportsfs -v it show for each directory a ro and a rw... and then from client side, it is read only instead of rw. why ?15:21
jeromelanterilike this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QHNVRkZYxK/15:22
deskwizardsanity check, I can only get libcrypto++9v5 on 16.04 and not libcrypto++9, correct?15:24
jeromelanteriho ok.... a char space between ipv4 address and next is a wrong syntax... find ! thank you for your help.15:28
fudokisystemd makes everything I know (since ~1981) wrong.....15:29
compdoclearn new things15:35
fudokiyeah, compdoc, that's a programmer/engineer's life, but systemd is no trivial change!15:37
compdocluckily, I just have to learn to start/start/enable/disable stuff. I dont have to craft systemd stuff15:38
fudokinor do I, no longer comp sci/ linguistics prof, retired - but still have some pretty "big iron" at home15:39
compdocIm upgrading a server this weekend from 14.04 to 18.04. I just wipe and install and never have have to worry about it15:39
fudokithe easiest way15:40
fudokiand best15:40
fudokimy weekend project is close to that - 16.04 to 18.0415:40
fudokion my HP laptop15:40
fudokiplanning to change sources.lst and upgrade everything, then issue "dist-upgrade" command - and hold my breath...15:41
fudokihas anyone out there had a prob upgrading a laptop from 16.04 to 18.04?15:43
BluesKajfudoki, why not just use the LTS only upgrade flag then sudo do-release-upgrade15:46
BluesKajfudoki, and make sure you update and upgrade your existing  packages first15:47
fudokithat sounds beautifully straightforward, will try and find a doc to give details15:47
fudokiis the flag set by selecting "LTS only" in Synaptic, etc.?15:48
BluesKajLTS only upgrade is usually set in the package manager15:48
fudokigot it, then issue upgrade dist command in terminal?15:48
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
BluesKajyes iin the terminal  sudo do-release-upgrade15:49
fudokido i need to manually rename the distro in sources.lst, or does do-release-upgrade do that for me?15:49
BluesKajbut sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade, first15:49
fudokiyes, was planning to - if only to speed up the process15:50
fudokicurrent 16.04 updates this morning.15:50
BluesKajno need to change the sources.list manually, the do-release upgrade will do that automatically15:50
originalabhaynobody has answered mr15:51
fudokithanks so much BluesKaj - love terminal solutions, you can see what is happening15:51
BluesKajfudoki, yes absolutely15:52
fudokionly PaleMoon upgrade has come up since 09:00 GMT-5, am letting it update before I comment out all non-Ubuntu repos15:54
fudokiI run Debian Stable on my two servers, and Ubuntu on my laptops15:55
BluesKajnon ubuntu repos, that's chancy15:56
fudokithat's why I comment them out - just Google Earth and Pale Moon15:56
fudokiwould never use any unofficial repos - scary!15:57
fudokiI see there's an "avenger" on here - my original chat handle back in the early 1980's!!!15:58
BluesKajfudoki, they're probly located in /etc/apt/sources.list.d, so they'll be dia=sabled anyway15:59
fudokiah!  I'll check, back in a sec15:59
BluesKajonce you begin the release upgrade16:00
fudokithey are present and in good shape - so I can just proceed and do-release-upgrade will automatically handle everything?16:03
fudokigotta love Ubuntu!  I'm a Debian contributor (since "Sarge"), but Ubuntu is truly "the Windows killer"16:04
originalabhayubuntu i sgreat16:06
fudokiKaj, would you mind if I added you to my friends list?  regardless, thanks for the great shortcut - should be back in 45mins or so with 18.04 running16:06
originalabhayeven i myself use it16:06
BluesKajI like debian , and even ran it for about 6 months last yr ... even Buster was too stable, not exactly exciting16:07
fudokithe last thing I want out of me servers is exciting...16:07
BluesKajfudoki heh, yes , understood :-)16:08
fudokiexciting is what girlfriends and big stereos are for...16:08
* BluesKaj nods16:09
BluesKaji have this pc integrated into my HT system16:09
fudokibut systemd must be dealt with, regardless - even the big D says it's the way to go, so folks like can only get the new books and read 'em!16:09
fudokithat's the bomb! don't have a TV in my "workshop", but the stereo and various pieces of radio and recording equipment all connect to one of my servers, the DAW16:10
BluesKajsystemd is regarded as a necessary, but umwanted fact of linux life these days16:10
fudokiyeah, and I had sworn that Python would be the last language I learned (#13), but the good news is the mind stays young with constant memorisation16:11
fudokithanks Kaj, be back in about an hour, appreciate the help!16:13
BluesKajfudoki, ok, hope all goes well16:15
Fish-GutsHi. I cannot connect using SSH anymore. What i did so far: rebooted, reinstalled ssh / openssh-server, IP remained unchanged, rdp is okay, ping is okay, remote system is up and running16:30
Fish-Gutsany pointers?16:30
Fish-Gutsah and SSH from localhost works, so it's most likely not an SSH issue16:31
mousesHaving a issue that is a little beyond me here.  Older Acer Aspire V5, running xubuntu 18.04 -> all was fine for 2 weeks post install.  Had system setup to autolog in the primary user.  Suddenly, as of today - it boots fine, puts me in a GUI login screen.  I enter the user name and password (which I am 100% sure is correct).  Screen goes back for 3 seconds, and then pops back on with the same login screen.16:32
mousesFish-Guts: Remote system = you able to check logs?  Maybe it's blocking you due to something like fail2ban or denyhosts?16:33
Fish-Gutsmouses, i can check but i didn't change anything in the setup and it worked fine until 2 days ago16:33
mousesFish-Guts: make any changes to ~/.ssh/config lately maybe?16:33
mousesFish-Guts: yeah, check the server side's logs.  If you want you can PM me and I can see if I can get a ssh login request to it from here.16:34
Fish-Gutsmouses, i'm tailing the log now16:37
Fish-Gutslog stays clear16:38
Fish-Gutsit seem to be a connection issue16:38
Fish-Gutsbut i can't figure it out16:38
mousesFish-Guts: Ugh.  Do you have another machine on your LAN you can try to ssh from, just so we can isolate it 100% down to a problem on this specific machine?16:38
Fish-Gutssure, several16:39
Fish-Gutshowever, it didn't work from multiple machines anyway16:40
Fish-Gutsneither my desktop nor my computer at the office or my laptop16:40
Fish-Gutsand it worked from all of these location until two days ago16:40
Fish-Gutsand it's not just "connection refused" - it's a timeout. Port is open and forwarded to that machine16:42
mousesFish-Guts: Oh, if it's not working from multiple machines on your lan AND systems outside your LAN...16:44
mousesFish-Guts: pretty sure issue is server side :(16:44
mousesFish-Guts: server side firewall might be eating things16:44
Fish-Gutsthe strange thing is that it suddenly stopped working16:44
Fish-Gutsand I'm only with access to that firewall16:45
madLyfeEriC^^/ryuo either of you guys around?16:45
Fish-Gutsoh well, maybe i should just reinstall16:45
Fish-Gutsnot that much data on it :)16:45
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
jamie1hey anyone able to help me with this crash on gimp on ubuntu https://dpaste.de/rhuT16:53
jamie1it just crashes while im running it randomly, nothing specific, just doing the same thing ive been doing since i started the program16:53
tomreynjamie1: which ubuntu version? are the gimp and xcp packages those of ubuntu?16:56
jamie1im on lubuntu 18.04 which should be ubntu 18.0416:57
tomreynjamie1: okay, full yupdated?16:57
jamie1doesnt help im on a potato laptop16:58
=== Budgii_ is now known as Budgii
tomreynjamie1: please run: dpkg -l xcb\* libxcb\* gimp\* | pastebinit17:00
jamie1one sec.... waiting on computer to restart17:01
tomreyndid you upgrade to 18.04 (from which version) or is this a fresh installation of 18.04?17:01
jamie1install of 18.04... i fresh install more than i probably need just because its easier than sorting through everything i need to delete XD17:02
madLyfeso i ran `find -type f -print0 | xargs -0 md5sum > ~/md5sum` to generate an md5sum file on two dirs to compare them. how do i do that?17:02
jamie1and have to reinstall gimp, i removed and i am doing a reboot and reinstall of gimp17:03
jamie1i hate hdd.... so slow17:04
* tomreyn has got plenty of time17:05
jamie1i need my desktop ram to just come in so i can actually make use of my work time :/17:06
madLyfei also had a crash notification that didnt really give me any info. and this process is running high and im not extracting anything. not sure if related to the crash/md5sum process: https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/sX084tjD/image.png17:07
jamie1brb.... apparently there was an update i missed yesterday17:09
jamie1okay, tomreyn http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6mf77X7bz6/17:10
tomreynjamie1: okay, those versions are proper, i got the same on this ubuntu (not lubuntu) 18.04.1 system here.17:15
tomreynjamie1: something i notice is that i have libxcb-res0 installed and you don't. attempting to remove this package here would cause removal of gnome3 and ubuntu-desktop, so i guess it may be important tot have this package installed for you as well.17:16
RonaldsMazitishello everyone, I have problems with restoring contacts on my android phone from ubuntu17:16
RonaldsMazitisI did factory reset, but I copied all the files from memmory to pc before17:17
RonaldsMazitisI thought contacts were on SIM but it turns out they are on phone itself17:17
tomreynjamie1: so while i'm not entirely sure what this package does i suggest you install it and see if this issue reoccurs. and if so, file a bug against gimp17:18
tomreyn"ubuntu-bug gimp"17:18
RonaldsMazitisI can't find contacts.db nor the folder structure data/data in files I made as backup17:18
Galbi3000I have a problem with Ubuntu on my small PC. vmlinuz-4.15.* does not work on the computer but 4.4.0-133 does. How can I prevent apt-get from updating to new version that don't work?17:19
jamie1okay tomreyn ill give it a try17:19
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: i don't think we can help with android, nor with finding your missing files really. how did you backup? using a software availabl ein ubuntu?17:20
jamie1thanks for the help tomreyn, im just gonna save at least one a minute and hope i can at least get one thumbnail done if that doesnt fix it before i have to go to my other job17:21
tomreynGalbi3000: which ubuntu release is this? lsb_release -ds17:21
tomreynjamie1: good luck!17:21
Galbi300018.04.1 LTS17:22
RonaldsMazitistomreyn: I just copied all the files from memmory17:23
tomreynGalbi3000: you wont be able to run kernel 4.4.0 there, or should not. it comes with 4.15. maybe you have a leftover 4.4.0 installed from a recent distribution upgrade, but you should focus on getting 5.14 to work. tell us what doesn't work well with 4.15, and how you know.17:23
RonaldsMazitisI could not find working ubuntu software for restoring contacts17:24
Galbi30004.15 kernels freeze at bootup with a kernel panic code 0x0000000817:24
Galbi30004.4 works fine17:24
tomreynGalbi3000: can you show a screenshot? maybe take a photo with a smartphone and upload it to imgur.com or tinypic.com, if possible.17:25
RonaldsMazitisBYclouder Android Phone Data Recovery does not show mounted phone device17:25
tomreynGalbi3000: also tell us about your hardware17:25
Galbi3000It's old hardware, can't even remember the specs it's so old! I use it as a TeamSpeak server and also have it running a few other small tasks17:26
gygaxIs it possible to install disk-checking utilities to a Linux Live ISO booted off a thumb drive?17:26
Galbi30004Gb RAM I know for sure.... Hold on, I'll go reboot it and get what specs I can from BIOS17:26
tomreynRonaldsMazitis: i'm not actually aware of any oftwar ein uubntu to support android backups (other than adb, i guess)- i'd suggest you seek support from the support channel of the (commercial?) software you're trying to use there.17:26
tomreynGalbi3000: not needed17:27
RonaldsMazitisok but does android store contacts visible17:27
Galbi3000It's an Intel Core2 Duo @3Ghz and 4Gb RAM plus a fairly generic HD17:29
Galbi3000Not much else in it other than a network card17:30
tomreynGalbi3000: can you run this as well:  sudo /bin/true; pastebinit <( sudo dmidecode --type system --type processor --type baseboard --type bios 2>&1; )17:31
tomreynGalbi3000: this is old hardware indeed...17:31
Galbi3000Ok, 1 min. Gotta re-connect to it with my terminal software...17:32
Galbi3000pastebinit not found17:33
tomreynGalbi3000: please install it, try again: sudo apt update; sudo apt install pastebinit17:33
tomreynGalbi3000: so there's no separate graphics card in there, right?17:35
Galbi3000Nope, running in text mode all the time. I changed the startup mode17:35
Galbi3000Don't need the GUI so disabled it :)17:35
tomreyni hope you didn't miss to celebrate your bios' 10th birthday this year17:35
Galbi3000lol :P17:36
tomreynGalbi3000: can you get us a screenshot of 4.15 failing to boot?17:37
Galbi3000I have a blurry photo I took of the kernel panic. I can't keep still enough at the angle I have to take it lol17:37
Galbi3000I'll upload it somewhere and provide a link17:37
Galbi3000Not a hell of a lot of information, it does not get to switch to a higher res text mode lol17:40
tomreynGalbi3000: please do: dpkg -l linux-image\* | pastebinit17:42
mohnishDoes elementary os use more hardware resources than other distros?17:43
tomreynGalbi3000: also, this looks like ACPI issues (which often mean BIOS issues), and much newer firmware (BIOS etc.) is available for this system (2015 vs 2008), installable via (free)dos.17:43
RonaldsMazitistomreyn: so no idea how to get contacts we had before factory reset17:44
RonaldsMazitisusing linux17:45
Galbi3000But clearly it was not an issue in 4.4 and earlier so the problem was introduced kernel side17:45
tomreynGalbi3000: well, it could also be that the kernel now makes use of functionality it previously didn't. just, that functionality is broken since the bios is broken. i'm speculating here, but just to explain that things are often not as easy to debug as they can seem.17:47
Galbi3000Don't worry, I'm not a stranger to the hell of debugging. Just not at the scale of a kernel lol17:48
tomreynGalbi3000: how did you upgrade again, from which earlier ubuntu version,a nd were there any error messages when upgrading?17:49
mohnish__What is the command to join a different server on IRC?17:50
tomreynGalbi3000: i notice you still have a lot of old kernel image leftovers installed which the upgrader should normally have removed (if i'm not mistaken).17:50
tomreynmohnish__: for help with irc, best ask in #freenode17:50
Galbi3000Upgraded using the upgrade command it told me to use from Ubuntu 16. It did not have any errors other than the fact it would not boot afterwards with that kernel panic17:51
tomreyn!elementary | mohnish__17:51
ubottumohnish__: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.17:51
Aaronmohnish__: /server17:51
tomreynGalbi3000: how long is it ago that you upgraded?17:52
Galbi3000In grub I can select the other kernels from the advanced options and found 4.4 works so I edited grub.cfg to default to that. But every time I do an update with apt it gets reset to 4.1517:52
Galbi3000I upgraded a few weeks ago. but like I said it becomes a recurring problem every time I do an apt upgrade17:53
tomreynGalbi3000: right, if you wouldn't be unable to boot 4.15 i'd recommend removing 4.4 asap17:53
Galbi3000It only boots with 4.4 though :/17:54
tomreynyes, let's keep focussing on this17:54
AaronGalbi3000: boot with 4.4 and then do apt-get update; and then apt-get dist-upgrade17:54
Galbi3000But I do need it running for my TeamSpeak server17:54
tomreynGalbi3000: what's the output of "df -h /boot" ?17:55
Galbi3000The output is: /dev/sda5       220G   46G  163G  22% /17:55
tomreynGalbi3000: i have no plans to work towards running an unbootable system, i'm trying to work towards getting a bootable system with a kernel image made for this ubuntu release.17:56
tomreynGalbi3000: you have two different 4.15 kernels installed, can you try booting the other one, too (or have you tried)?17:57
Galbi3000Well, I tried writing a USB flash drive with the latest image to re-install the system to see if that would fix it but even the boot CD image produces the same kernel panic error17:57
tomreyn4.15.0-32(.35) and 4.15.0-33(.36) is what you have17:58
Galbi3000Yes, I tried both the same day the system was upgraded17:58
tomreynGalbi3000: can you post the kernel log of the 4.4.0 kernel you are running now? dmesg | pastebinit17:59
tomreyni'd like to see whether this also shows acpi errors18:00
tomreynGalbi3000: does booting 4.15 to recovery work?18:01
Galbi3000I can try... 1 min18:01
Galbi3000Nope, kernel panic18:02
tomreynGalbi3000: i notice from the 4.4 dmesg that it was booting with the 'text' kernel option. do you have this set for all kernels?18:03
Galbi3000Should be, was text mode before upgrading to 1818:04
madLyfeso i created two md5sums of a src and tgt dir. i now want to compare them, how does one do that?18:04
tomreynGalbi3000: can you try booting 4.15 with out this option?18:04
tomreynthe 4.4 dmesg also shows acpi errors. i think you should really try upgrading the bios.18:05
mousesIn xubuntu 18.04 -> xfce4-power-manager lacks a 'do nothing' option for when the lid is closed, which results in my HDMI output being turned off when I close the lid, which is super annoying if I have it hooked into my TV while in bed (have to keep the lid open at all times or the TV it's hooked into turns off) :(  Anyone know how I can force this to just not do anything when the lid is closed?  I tried this18:06
mousessolution with no luck:  http://tipsonubuntu.com/2018/04/28/change-lid-close-action-ubuntu-18-04-lts/18:06
tomreynalternatively, you could experiment with this (making parts of the bios think you're booting windows when youare really booting linux) http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html18:06
tomreynGalbi3000: ^18:07
Galbi3000What do I put instead of text? I forget the options lol18:09
tomreynGalbi3000: nothing at all should be fine.18:09
Galbi3000OK, took text out from 4.15 option in advanced options menu. Rebooting and trying it. 1 min...18:10
TJ-tomreyn: Galbi3000 I'm on-hand if required18:11
tomreynGalbi3000: yet another attempt you could make is to try and find out whether you have some packages or package versions installed which you shouldn't have. this can happen when you used to have 3rd party repositories (and packages from there) installed but only removed the repositories since, not the packages (package versions) you installed from them (which could also happen during an upgrade). that's what the forign_packages script here is18:12
tomreynuseful for:  https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#script-collection18:12
Galbi3000Now it's frozen at the grub purple after displaying "Loading initial ramdisk ..."18:12
tomreynGalbi3000: hmm, okay, that's different. this can also be a result of an outdated bios, where the early microcode update then fails.18:13
TJ-Galbi3000: tomreyn looks like it may be a common issue. I see idientical reports using Fog, and this too https://askubuntu.com/questions/1044606/kernel-panic-when-trying-to-install-ubuntu-tried-to-kill-init18:14
tomreynTJ-: thanks. i think i'm pretty much done here, can't think of better options.18:14
Galbi3000I don't think it's the packages as the CD image fails to boot too as I said earlier18:14
ioriaGalbi3000, try  'noapic' for a test18:15
Galbi3000Ahh, TJ of the web site you told me to look at lol18:15
tomreynTJ-: the images linked on this post unfortunately seem to be unavailable.18:15
Galbi3000noapci you mean?18:15
TJ-Galbi3000: tomreyn according to this forum thread, its a BIOS bug and there is a firmware update for it. Read https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Trying-to-update-the-bios-on-dc-5800-mt/td-p/574583118:16
TJ-Galbi3000: yes, that's me :)18:16
tomreynTJ-: good find!18:17
TJ-Galbi3000: tomreyn "John_P1" at the end of the thread reports: "Thank you.  Your DOS Flash.zip file from Message 5 seems to have fixed my kernel panic with Linux 4.14.x  "18:17
tomreynTJ-: yes, just spotted it18:18
TJ-Galbi3000: I suspect the BIOS is mis-reporting the e820 (memory reservations) data18:18
TJ-Galbi3000: in the dmesg you provided Linux couldn't find the info for the "ACPI: FACS 0x00000000DEFC2000 000040" section18:19
Galbi3000I'm looking at that web pages with the BIOS flash files. Bear with me :)18:19
TJ-Galbi3000: that's line 80 of the pastebin. That is the clue I think.18:19
TJ-Galbi3000: at least you now have something to tackle :)18:20
Galbi3000That site seems to have a broken link for the files :(18:21
TJ-Galbi3000: for your future knowledge, when it froze showing "Loading initial ramdisk..." that message came from the GRUB boot-loader. The splash screen just means the kernel messages (which would have been the same as earlier panics) were hidden from you  due to the kernel command-line options for the default boot entry "quiet splash"18:21
tomreyndownloading sp73863.exe from https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-compaq-dc5800-small-form-factor-pc/3658082/model/3658094/swItemId/vc-157376-1?sku=KV494ET works for me18:22
TJ-Galbi3000: Which link? "Dos Flash.zip" downloads for me18:22
Galbi3000Yep, I got it with tomreyn's link here. Thanks :)18:23
Galbi3000I'm dyslexic and unless the links are clear I am unable to find them :/18:24
Galbi3000Ok, going to try reflashing the BIOS. Fingers crossed :P18:26
TJ-Galbi3000: I suffer that just due to bad web-site design much of the time, so you're not alone :)18:26
Galbi3000ARGH! All my flash drives are too new for the BIOS to read lol  Going to have to find a small SD card and use an SD card reader :)18:30
tomreyntrying to boot off an sd card using an ooold bios is probably going to be more problematic (i.e. likley impossible) than fiddling with booting the (really too new? why?) usb18:32
TJ-tomreyn: could be size. Galbi3000: you can simply not format the devices for their full size, just make a file-system thats a 1.44MB as if it were a floppy disk18:32
Galbi3000Nope, the new ones are exFAT, BIOT wants FAT :)18:33
striveFormat it to FAT.18:33
tomreynright, 'exFAT' is a windows specific file system, not a property of your usb stick.18:34
TJ-Galbi3000: right, if you're creating a new bootable image on the usb use "sudo mkfs.msdos /dev/sdX 2880" which'll create a 1.44MB file-system (2,880 x 512-byte blocks)18:35
Galbi3000Yeah, I'm on Windows as my main :P Sorry :)18:37
TJ-Galbi3000: OK, that makes it easier :)18:38
SimounetEriC^^: It's me again. I'm sorry I feel so dumb but I can't install Ubuntu without UEFI. I just tried again through a USB stick with etcher without success. I'm on the same issue.18:39
TJ-Galbi3000: ... because I just remembered mkfs.msdos will NOT create bootable images! We usually have to use something like unetbootin and create a FreeDOS image :)18:39
Galbi3000Did not work with SD card option but I just remembered I have a small flash drive that should be FAT formatted (and no, can't format large drives with FAT, that's why they use exFAT)18:39
EriC^^Simounet: you could always convert your current install to legacy18:39
Galbi3000The flash drive I got Microsoft Office on recently is a small one and works fine thankfully, almost done flashing18:43
Galbi3000SUCCESS! Flash successful AND 4.15 booting :)18:44
=== pavlushka_ is now known as pavlushka
TJ-Galbi3000: Yay !18:47
EriC^^Simounet: what do you say?18:47
Galbi3000Many thanks tomrevn and TJ :)18:48
tomreynGalbi3000: welcome18:49
tomreyn+ congratulations18:49
tomreynGalbi3000: now be sure to run apt --purge autoremove (but review the packages it will purge carefully)18:49
TJ-Galbi3000: and in the new "dmesg" output is the ACPI FACS line18:49
TJ-Galbi3000: ... now reporting version info?18:49
Galbi3000Login welcome message: Welcome to Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-33-generic x86_64)18:50
Galbi3000The purge option gives this result: 0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.18:50
tomreynwell then you'll need to purge those old kernel images manually18:51
tomreyncan you post "dmesg | pastebinit" again for TJ and me to enjoy the fruits of this work?18:52
Galbi3000No harm they are sitting there unused. It's not like I need the space :)18:52
Galbi3000You are true geeks if you enjoy reading that stuff :P18:53
tomreynTJ-: line 63 [    0.000000] ACPI: FACS 0x00000000DEFC2000 00004018:54
TJ-tomreyn: ahhh, no change then. that'd have been too obvious I guess!18:54
tomreynGalbi3000: i think tj actually understand some of what he's doing, can't ultimatively claim this myself when it comes to acpi ;)18:54
tomreynwell at least it boots now18:55
tomreynGalbi3000: there's a small favor you could do me in rreturn if you dont mind.18:55
Galbi3000Yep, it means I don't have to go changing my hardware just yet then :)18:55
Galbi3000What is that tomreyn?18:56
tomreynGalbi3000: i've never seen the output of this script on ... such old hardware :P https://raw.githubusercontent.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker/master/spectre-meltdown-checker.sh18:56
tomreynGalbi3000: you'd need to run it with sudo, thoguh. it's a script to test which of the recently reported intel CPU flaws yours is affected by (and which have been worked around / mitigated)18:57
Galbi3000So you want me to run that for you?!18:57
Galbi3000Oh, so you can hack it later huh? :P18:58
tomreynGalbi3000: if you feel comfortable with doing so, yes. you should probably search a little online on this script so you can estimate whether it's safe to run it with sudo.18:58
Galbi3000Have to get it on to that machine. 1 min18:59
tomreynGalbi3000: you just wget the above url, then chmod +x spectre-meltdown-checker.sh, then ./spectre-meltdown-checker.sh19:00
Galbi3000Yeah, my bash skills are very beginner :P Still learning as I go :)19:01
tomreynGalbi3000: oh and run it with --no-nolor and pipe it into pastebinit19:01
tomreynso make this last command above: sudo ./spectre-meltdown-checker.sh --no-color | pastebinit19:02
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tomreynGalbi3000: thanks, that's better than i had expected.19:04
Galbi3000Nothing important on that machine anyway, let'em hack it :P19:05
tomreynGalbi3000: it says your cpu remains vulnerable to two of these flaws (and unfortunately it will probably remain so)19:05
Galbi3000But only ports open to them are the TS3 ports :)19:06
tomreyn:) good19:06
Galbi3000Anyway, got other things to do now. Thanks again for the help, both of you :)19:07
emmaWhen I try to install ubuntu it gets to the 'installation type' screen where you should be able to install ubuntu on the whole disk, or do it manually, etc... But there are no options there.19:11
=== emma is now known as em
tomreynem: what are you installing? which exact version (e.g.18.04.1), flavor (e.g. kubuntu), architecture (e.g. i686) and variant (e.g. desktop, alternative server, server (live), mini.iso) of ubuntu?19:15
tomreyn(alternatively, you can just tell us the ISO file name you downloaded.)19:16
em18.04.1  ubuntu desktop amd64  @ tomreyn19:16
emi got to where i normally expect to get the options of use entire disk... set up encryuption, install manjally etc.19:17
embut there are no tusch options.19:17
tomreynem: so if you'll select "manual" there should be options there19:17
tomreyncan you post a screenshot?19:17
emthere is no ption for manual at all19:17
emi don't think so since thi sis on the install page19:18
emit would be that screen where it says installation type19:18
emwhere you choose if you want to erase the disk and install ubuntu on teh whole disk, etc19:18
embut there are no options19:18
eminstead it shows dev/sdb19:18
tomreynso the screen is empty?19:19
emon a page that looks ike its for seetting up a partition19:19
emyes the screen is empty19:19
emalso the sdb is the usb im using to install it with i think19:19
emthere are no options19:19
emthere's like a place that looks like you should be trying to partition something there19:19
tomreynthis suggests the installer didnt identify any storages it could install to19:19
embut sda is not in that list anyway19:19
Gnjurachi can i install ubuntu on 2400g i know i need to update kernel but will igpu be runing while installing and while i run update for kernel and mesa19:19
emcould it be a thing where the laptop has some kind of raid in it?19:19
tomreynem: yes, a fakeraid could explain this19:20
Gnjuracand question number 2 if i am doing UEFI instlal do i need ot have both /boot and /boot/efi partrition or can i just put /boot/efi19:20
ntd"signature edition"19:20
emtomreyn: any idea how to disable that?19:21
emthis is a brand new hp pavillion19:21
tomreynem: do you boot / run another OS off these disks?19:21
emit's a brand new laptop that comes with windows on it. I want to use the whole machine for ubuntu19:21
emhp pavilion19:22
emit has that optain memory in it and a 1 tb hdd19:22
tomreynem: okay, so if windows is still installed then i'd make sure i'd update the bios first, then, once that#s done, i'd reconfigure the bios to make it expose the disks in AHCI, not RAID mode.19:22
arcvdnHello, I seemed to have messed up a bit with gnome terminal and would appreciate any help at all. I went into the gnome terminal preferences and under the command tab, I entered gnome-terminal --geometry for the custom command option. Now everytime i open the terminal, it recursively spawns more terminals. Is there any way to edit the preferences through the file explorer?19:23
emso there is some way to update the bios with windows?19:24
tomreynem: if, after this, the iunstaller still doesn't detect your storages, please boot into the live ubuntu, bring it online, and run this in a terminal: "dmesg | nc termbin.com 9999"19:24
emi found a thing in here that says 'reset disks to non-raid'19:25
tomreynem: there most likely is some way to update the bios with windows, it's what most hardware vendors offer. and this option you found on the bios sounds like you should switch it to non-raid indeed (after doing the bios upgrade, that is).19:26
Vic2I have an application which I run multiple instances of both on Ubuntu 14 and 16 ... when I run it on 14, I get one single icon and upon right clicking, I get a list of all the instances and can then choose one by clicking on it.  When I run it in 16 I get multiple icons ... I want to stack these icons as they are in 14.  However when I check xprop of the icon (in 14 and 16) I get WM_CLASS:  not found.  I am stumped ... how can I achieve what I am wanting to acc19:26
emwhy update the bios?19:27
SimounetEriC^^: How can I convert it?19:28
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tomreynem: you said it's new hardware. usually bios updates are made available often for new hardware, fix grave bugs and improve compatibility. also, this can help mitigate the recent CPU bugs (meltdown / spectre) at less performance loss.19:29
tomreynem: i'm just making recommendations / suggestions thetre, however, you can try and keep installing ubuntu without upgrading the bios.19:30
ikoniaanyone what ?19:31
arcvdnI made a mistake and edited my gnome terminal preferences to include a custom command. That command was "gnome-terminal --geometry=..." and now everytime i open terminal it just recursively opens new terminals19:32
emtomreyn: why would a laptop have fakeraid on it?19:32
tomreynem: ask your vendor. maybe the issue is also with "optain", which i assume meant to say "intel optane"19:33
tomreynem: i might be able to help you more if you'll provide the exact hardware model number.19:34
tomreynGnjurac: question 2: you need both.19:35
emtomreyn: yes intel optane.  The model number is  HP Pavilion:  HP 15-cs0051wm19:36
Gnjurachmm on linux they say i can pull out whit just /boot19:36
Gnjuractomreyn,  you shure i have to have sperate partrition boot/efi19:38
tomreynGnjurac: the installer will create it if needed, or otherwise not allow you to continue installation.19:39
tomreynGnjurac: if you're efi booting you'll need to have an ESP (which then gets mounted at /boot/efi)19:39
Gnjuracbut if i create /boot pratritonio it should just make a dir efi in it and esp can read from it right?19:40
Gnjuracwhy do would i need a saprate /boot/efi19:40
tomreynem: there's both recent enough firmware updates for intel me (01 Rev.A) and for the bios (F.04 Rev.A) available. if this was my system, i'd install them. whether you will is upt o you.19:41
tomreynubuntu support really just starts by the time you boot ubuntu (installer or installed system), and where compatbile storage devices are exposed to the OS by your firmware.19:43
tomreyn(i.e. how you get there or not is not so much of our concern, though, as you can tell, i'm trying to help)19:43
Gnjuractomreyn, do i need to flat /boot/efi as boot too or just boot19:44
tomreynarcvdn: i don't think just starting gnome-terminal with this option would cause gnome-temrinal to modify its preferences19:44
Gnjuracor i flag it es esp19:45
tomreynarcvdn: such options dont usually persist19:45
tomreynarcvdn: so i assume you changed something else, too. such as replacing the default terminal profile19:45
Gnjurachmm /boot/efi = fat32 , esp flag right?19:45
tomreynGnjurac: correct19:46
arcvdntomreyn: Thanks for replying! I just got it working again by installing xterm and using dconf to reset my profile19:46
emtomreyn: so the only way tfor people to install firmware updates is when they have windows?19:48
tomreynarcvdn: glad you worked it out.19:49
tomreynem: this is a question the company where you bought your hardware will hopefully be happy to answer19:49
tomreynem: or i can get off topic again and point out that hp provides the firmware update as an .exe file, and seems to provide support for windows, only. and that this bios you have there is an insyde bios, which the bios manufactiuring company supports bios upgrades on linux with, but most hardware vendors only support it via windows.19:53
energizerHi in Plasma, all my application drop-down menus are just a list of text with no mouse-over highlighting or formatting. And the X,box,-, in the corner are way too small like the other icons.20:00
energizerhow can i fix my formatting.20:00
Belialanyone using hexchat indicator get it to work at all in 18.04?20:04
energizerBelial: mine just works, ionno20:05
Belialodd. i have it installed, the plugin is loaded check within hexchat. the message indicator itself is working because it displays thunderbird info.20:06
wendicoi know i took long, but thank you again for the help, my mini laptop intel atom works perfect with ubuntu mate. thank you for the suggestion20:41
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cim209wendico, congrats20:46
sonicwindBelial, you might try #HexChat ... the author of it hangs out in there I believe.20:47
cim209now install some themes/icons https://i.imgur.com/pB82Plz.png20:47
zinoWhen installing and lunching "Desktop Sharing" from the "Ubuntu Software" appstore in 18.04 it just opens System Settings. :-/20:49
zinoAll tutorials Google give me suggests I should get a "Desktop Sharing Preferences"20:50
zinoAny ideas?20:50
wendico<cim209> beautiful going for it20:50
wendicobut today no, tomorrow more, i had a hard day with my kids, tomorrow more, ill see you around20:51
wendico9 computers so far with any flavour of ubuntu running this week thanks to you all20:52
wendicosee you tomorrow20:52
zinoWhen I scroll to the reviews it's full of people that says it doesn't work, so I guess I'm not alone at least. That unfortunate.20:55
Belialsonicwind, thanks. i'll give it a go.20:55
tomreynzino: what is it that you're trying to achieve?20:56
cim209zino, i use chrome remote desktop20:56
zinoremote desktop access to a 18.04 VM from Windows.20:56
cim209it works great on my iphone20:57
tomreynzino: an 18.04 desktop or server VM?20:57
zinotomreyn, desktop VM20:58
zinoNewly installed from ISO, so basically fresh but with ssh access turned on.20:59
tomreynzino: so the easiest option is to just install an openssh server, this already grants you command line access. if you want more than that, i'd suggest either VNC (settings -> sharing -> screen sharing) or X2GO.21:01
TJ-zino: any idea what the actual package-name is that backs that "Desktop Sharing" (I do hate how these flashy GUI tools obscure vital info)21:01
tomreynTJ-: most likely vino21:01
zinoTJ-, if I knew I would have used it. This is the first time I've tried using the GUI. Hold, checking the install log21:02
zinotomreyn, Will check VNS settings in a little bit21:02
TJ-zino: thanks :) if we know the package, we can likely figure out possibilities21:02
tomreynTJ-: it must be vino. i had the package installed, and "screen sharing" was available from 18.04.1 gnome settings menu. i then closed settings, purged vino, opened settings again and the "screen sharing" option is gone.21:03
tomreynconfirmed via the reverse operation.21:04
SilverMighthello, i'm having an issue with apt trying to unpack linux-headers21:04
tomreynzino: it's "VNC"21:05
SilverMightspecifically, linux-headers-4.15.0-3321:05
SilverMightit just gets stuck and doesn't respond, canceling it and retrying doesn't fix it either. i've reinstalled already (it's a vm)21:05
TJ-SilverMight: sufficient disk space under /usr/src/ ?21:06
TJ-SilverMight: do you have a log of the apt command where it gets stuck?21:06
SilverMightTJ-, think so, I have 14g left on /21:06
SilverMighti'll get it in a sec21:06
TJ-tomreyn: could it be related to whether Xorg or Gnome/mutter (wayland) is in use?21:07
TJ-SilverMight: OK. There are some apt Debug::... options we can enable to get further details21:07
SilverMightdarnit, my bad21:07
SilverMightTJ-, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/PnCvrhY2vr here it is21:08
TJ-SilverMight: hmmm, not very informative, is it!?21:09
SilverMightyeah, i know, how would i enable the apt debug options?21:09
tomreynzino: when trying VNC, try this client on windows https://virt-manager.org/download/sources/virt-viewer/virt-viewer-x64-7.0.msi21:09
tomreyn(a link found on https://virt-manager.org/download/ )21:10
zinoTJ-, The packages involved just scare me. Here's the log of first removing and then re-adding the "Desktop Sharing": https://pastebin.com/mXQUFQND21:10
zinoHere's what the package page looks like, it sounds like two packages are garbled together: https://imgur.com/a/cHlZ8y521:11
TJ-SilverMight: try this: "sudo apt -o=Debug::pkgDPkgProgressReporting=true -o=Debug::pkgDPkgPM21:11
TJ-SilverMight: ignore that, it was premature!21:12
zinoNow, back to acctually getting something to work. I'll have a look at standard VNC.21:12
TJ-SilverMight: this is it: "sudo apt -o=Debug::pkgDPkgProgressReporting=true -o=Debug::pkgDPkgPM=true upgrade"21:12
SilverMightalright, i'll do that in a sec21:12
tomreynzino: i dont have this package installed an i dont think it's needed.21:13
TJ-!info unity-control-centre21:13
ubottuPackage unity-control-centre does not exist in bionic21:13
TJ-!info unity-control-center21:14
ubottuunity-control-center (source: unity-control-center): utilities to configure the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.04.0+18.04.20180216-0ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 955 kB, installed size 5412 kB21:14
TJ-zino: that does look totally messed up!21:16
SilverMightTJ-, it's telling me to do apt --fix-broken install, should i do that21:19
TJ-SilverMight: yes, although it may get stuck in the same way :)21:21
SilverMightshould i run that with the debug options then21:21
TJ-SilverMight: I'd prefer to run the Debug command first so we have some evidence, then try "apt -f install" to fix it after21:22
SilverMightRunning the debug command just complains about linux-generic needing the newer version of the headers21:24
zinotomreyn,  "settings -> sharing -> screen sharing" appeared after installing vino, so far so good. Fireing up VNC on Windows to test.21:24
zinoTJ-, It does, and sadly it appears it's not some unique corruption of my local database since people commenting on that entry have the same problems. :-/21:25
tomreynzino: see my above note on which vnc client to use. many vnc clients available for windows only support older VNC protocols21:25
zinotomreyn, noted.21:26
tomreynthe issue i take with software center is that there's not really a way to know what you're actually doing, or if there's a way, it's not easy to tell how.21:27
madLyfedoes `rm /path/to/directory/*` remove hidden files/dirs as well?21:29
zinoWell, not the hidden files in that directory, but you will kill them in subdirs.21:30
madLyfe`rm -rfv /path/to/dir/*` ?21:30
zinoIgnore me, I assumed -r :-P21:31
zinorm -rf /path/to/dir && mkdir /path/to/dir would be fastest. You need .* to delete dot-files.21:32
madLyfe`rm -rf /path/to/directory/{*,.*}` ?21:33
tomreynis this a shooting yourself in the foot contest? what are you trying to do?21:33
madLyfecompletely wipe everything from a dir21:34
madLyfenot the dir itself21:34
madLyfei dont think i can remove the dir anyways, its a zfs pool21:35
tomreynchange into the directory, run "rm -rvf ./", ignore the warning.21:35
tomreynas always, be sure you have backups.21:35
SilverMightdoes anyone else have issues unpacking headers?21:36
SilverMighti've had it on 2 seperate installs now21:36
zinozpool destroy dir; zpool create dir dev dev dev;  There, even faste. (While we are discussing shooting foot contests)21:36
madLyfe`rm: refusing to remove '.' or '..' directory: skipping './'` tomreyn21:36
madLyfeyou have to destroy it and create it again?21:37
madLyfei have that dir mounted to this pc already.21:38
madLyfeits a network zfs raid mirror21:38
paule32i get message from vlc:21:41
paule32libgcc_s.so.1 must be installed for pthread_cancel to work21:41
paule32how can i fix this?21:41
tomreynmadLyfe: sorry, this should do it:  cd /path/to/directory; shopt -s dotglob; rm -rv *; shopt -u dotglob21:42
zinotomreyn, that client was pretty sparse. Any way to get debug from it? When I enter a vnc://my.ip:5900 URI in the field it just closes down without any messages.21:44
tomreynpaule32: on 18.04.1, amd64, this file would be located at /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcc_s.so.1    - so what are oyu running there?21:44
paule32linux mint 17.3, vlc 4.0.021:45
tomreyn!mint | paule3221:45
ubottupaule32: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)21:45
paule32tomreyn: linux mint based on ubuntu21:46
tomreynzino: okay, maybe my suggestion was bad then. it was meant to work around this issue, but theres another workaround (one you can apply on the ubuntu VM): https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/77885/how-can-i-connect-to-gnome-3-with-a-windows-vnc-client21:46
tomreynpaule32: ubuntu is based on debian. so we go to debian to get ubuntu support? no, we dont.21:46
zinotomreyn, thanks. I'll stop pestering you now. Thanks for the help both you and TJ- !21:47
Vic2After how long with no acknowledgement of or answer to my question can I ask it again without being told to be patient?21:49
tomreynzino: i dont feel pestered. for VNC, i'd try the workaround in the first answer given there, "gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false", and ultravnc in client mode on windows.21:49
legendenIs this working now ?21:50
tomreynzino: personally i'd prefer just ssh for access to a terminal or / and x2go for a graphical display.21:50
tomreynlegenden: climate change? yes.21:51
legendentomreyn: climate change. wow going for the big guns of topics i see. but thanks for confirming :)21:51
tomreynVic2: i guess half an hour or an hour is fine.21:51
Vic2Ok, thanks.21:51
Vic2I have an application which I run multiple instances of both on Ubuntu 14 and 16 ... when I run it on 14, I get one single icon and upon right clicking, I get a list of all the instances and can then choose one by clicking on it.  When I run it in 16 I get multiple icons ... I want to stack these icons as they are in 14.  However when I check xprop of the icon (in 14 and 16) I get WM_CLASS:  not found.  I am stumped ... how can I achieve what I am wanting to acc21:51
zinotomreyn, normally I'd just use ssh, but this is a special case where I want to use and control a UI application in it's own VM.21:52
tomreynzino: cool. i provided my recommendation sfor this use case (where it's not 3d accelerated) above.21:53
tomreynlegenden: welcome21:54
legendentomreyn: thank you, totaly rookie at this Cli thing. :)21:54
legendenbut got here so progress21:55
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zinotomreyn, after applying "gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption false" the tightvnc-client worked. So that fixes all my requirements for this use-case. Many thanks.22:06
tomreynzino: welcome.22:07
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amazoniantoadI'm trying to install ubuntu server on 3 different HDD's using a Raid 0 configuration. The installer won't let me go through with creating the raid except for only two of the disks. It says that one disk is needed for the boot partition. However when I create a partiton on the third disk and reserve22:47
amazoniantoadit for boot, it is no longer included in the list of HDD's available for the raid configuration. Does anyone know what I should do here?22:47
amazoniantoadThe goal being that the three disks are used in the RAID22:48
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setfireYou can't have a raid 0 with only three disks22:53
amazoniantoadsetfire why22:53
setfireRAID 0 and 1 require equal disks22:53
setfireRAID 0 is half data to each disk22:54
amazoniantoadWell it wont list the third disk anyway22:54
amazoniantoadsetfire although this is an issue. This isn't currently relevant22:54
setfireThat's a disk issue then22:54
amazoniantoadThe issue atm is answering why a disk selected for /boot suddenly becomes unavailable22:54
setfireAnd if a disk or boot partition suddenly is missing, it's likely a hardware issue22:55
setfireTroubleshoot the hardware22:55
setfireEnsure the BIOS detects all your disks22:56
amazoniantoadsetfire this issue happens regardless of the disk chosen for /boot22:56
amazoniantoadAnd it does detect all disks22:56
amazoniantoadLiterally if I choose to partition one for /boot then it does this to that disk22:56
setfireFIrst you need to build your RAID22:57
amazoniantoadand if I don't reserve space for the boot drive it won't let me follow through with a 3 disk raid 0 citing the need for /boot22:57
setfireTHen you create paritions on the RAID22:57
setfireboot would be a partition on the VD22:57
amazoniantoadapparently not22:57
amazoniantoadI thought that is what would happen, turns it is not22:57
setfireBuild your VD22:58
amazoniantoadsetfire this is when I try to make the raid through the ubuntu installer22:58
amazoniantoadShould I try to make the raid configuration through the bios instead?22:58
setfireWhat kind of RAID controller do you have?22:58
amazoniantoadidk what that is22:58
CheezI'm not sure i'd trust a raid controller on consumer kit22:58
setfireIf you have a hardware RAID controller then yes, you would use the RAID BIOS to build your VD22:58
setfireIf you are using a software controller (not a real RAID) you will use the Ubuntu installer to simulate a RAD22:59
amazoniantoadsetfire raid wasn't recognized by the installer though22:59
amazoniantoadi mean the raid set forth by the bios22:59
setfireIf you have a hardware RAID, you build the VD in there, Ubuntu installer will detect each VD as a volume23:00
setfireUbuntu won't know it's a RAID23:00
amazoniantoadI see23:00
setfireIf you use the software RAID it will use LVM I believe, a virtual RAID23:00
setfireRAID 0 is still evenly distributed disks, you can't do only three23:01
setfireThat would be JBOD or whatever23:01
setfireLVM is not failsafe just gives flexibility to capacity23:03
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conrDid 18.04 break vino/Screen Sharing? netstat shows 5900 is listening but can't connect via macOS.23:09
amazoniantoadsetfire i could do three disks if I partiton them to be an even number and of the same size23:10
amazoniantoadand then set the raid on that23:10
setfireRAID works at block level23:10
setfireanything beyond that is not a true RAID, it's just creative paritioning23:10
setfireIf you just wish to utilize all the disk, use LVM23:11
setfireAnd have a good backup procedure23:11
amazoniantoadsetfire I'm not really concerned with "true" raid. I just want to take advantage of as much disk space as possible without having to physically move files from one HDD to another23:11
setfireamazoniantoad: You want to use LVM them23:11
zinoconr: I worked through this for Windows an hour ago. Most VNC clients seem to lack support for the required crypto. Ended up disabling the crypto as described here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/77885/how-can-i-connect-to-gnome-3-with-a-windows-vnc-client23:12
amazoniantoadsetfire thanks23:12
setfireYou want to use the Ubuntu installer to span all the disks23:12
amazoniantoadsetfire I'm using the server installer though23:12
setfireamazoniantoad: the installer should allow for that, should auto create a boot partition23:12
conrzino: I actually read that article but I'm stuck because I have no gsetting profile for vino23:13
setfireamazoniantoad: If I recall, it should be pretty straight forward. You select the disks and then select the partition scheme you want, boot, root, home etc. If there is a RAID option, I would ignore use. LVM is what you want23:14
zinoconr, Interesting. I had one after apt installing vino.23:18
conrzino, I've even purged and re-installed.23:18
zinoHave you enabled sharing in Settings->Sharing->Screen Sharing ?  Mayby that triggered it.23:19
conrYes, multiple times23:19
zinoI hesetate to say this considering how broken that package is in general, but the only other thing I did before installing vino was installing the package "Desktop Sharing" via the appstore. I wouldn't really recommend it, but it's litterally the only other package I installed after installing the OS.23:21
setfireHave you considered a Windows X server with X forwarding via ssh23:23
setfireOr are you trying to actual share a screen?23:24
conrzino ok23:24
zinoX forwarding works very badly with any modern GUI. It's been crap since we invented antialiased fonts, and even before then it was extremely latency sensitive.23:25
setfireI have had a good experience with it23:26
setfireThere is a new Windows 10 x server in the Windows App store23:26
setfireWhen I was downloading WSL Ubuntu is advertized this X server for 70% off, I got it23:27
setfireWas cheaper than XMING I believe23:27
conrzino: Ok I don't know what happened but I ran `gsettings reset org.gnome.Vino network-interface`23:30
conrIt must of created the file that way23:31
texlaInstalled Kubuntu 18.04 and grub list the name as Ubuntu How can I change it to Kubuntu23:35
zinoconr, and it works now?23:37
conrzino: Yes let a charm23:37
conrzino Thanks for just talking. It fixed it ;)23:40
zinoTeddy-bear debugging as we call it in the office. Explain the problem to the the teddy bear and you will figure out a solution yourself. :)23:41
texlaInstalled Kubuntu 18.04 and grub list the name as Ubuntu How can I change it to Kubuntu23:52

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