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Babloyiugh...windows has such bothersome problems dualbooting. I have all my data, including music on a different partition from either OS, and in windows I selected it as the Music folder, and now its blocked me from accessing the folder in xubuntu07:23
Babloyino idea if that's the reason07:23
diogenes_Babloyi, boot into windows then from windows reboot the pc, it will go straight to xubuntu and all should be fine07:36
diogenes_also you could disable fastboot in windows07:36
Babloyino, the booting is not so much of a problem, it loads into xubuntu by default07:41
Babloyijust that I can't access my music on what should be a neutral drive :/07:41
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mousesHaving a issue that is a little beyond me here.  Older Acer Aspire V5, running xubuntu 18.04 -> all was fine for 2 weeks post install.  Had system setup to autolog in the primary user.  Suddenly, as of today - it boots fine, puts me in a GUI login screen.  I enter the user name and password (which I am 100% sure is correct).  Screen goes back for 3 seconds, and then pops back on with the same login screen.16:46
mousesProblem solved, nevermind!17:04
Spassmouses, what was the issue?17:21
mousesSpass: Like a bad user, I was making some changes to xinput to disable a faulty touchscreen, was doing so from a non GUI boot.  After making changes, I didn't reboot or startx, I did a sudo startx17:22
mousesSpass: so ~/Xauthority got chowned to root:root17:22
* mouses hangs head in shame17:22
Spassok thanks, always good to know how to fix things17:24
mousesSpass: One more issue that is a small thing -> can't seem to set behavior of 'stop blanking the screen/turning off displays/doing *anything*' when I close the lid17:26
mousesSpass: happen to know how to totally disable doing anything at all whatsoever based on laptop lid status?17:27
Spassmouses, I'm not on my laptop at the moment, so hard to tell, but I assume that options in "xfce4-power-manager-settings" don't work for you?17:29
mousesSpass: Nah, there's only 3 options under 'when laptop lid is closed' (switch off display, suspend, lock screen)17:31
mousesSpass: problem is, when I have this system hooked up to a TV to play movies or whatever, I have to keep the lid open...17:31
mousesas all 3 settings will turn off all displays17:32
Spasshmm, let me check on my laptop, 1 sec17:32
mousesSpass: I seem to want to remember earlier versions had a 'do nothing' in that list17:32
knomemouses, there definitely should be "Do nothing" in the list on power manager settings17:35
Spassmouses, can confirm, I don't have "Do nothing" on my laptop too17:37
knomei also have the label for display brightness keys but no dropdown (i don't have display brightness keys, so that's fair...)17:37
knomebut the label shouldn't be there either ;)17:37
mousesso weird17:38
mouseswhy does my power manager not have a 'do nothing' setting?17:38
mousesI can take a picture of it if you want to see17:38
knomea bug?17:38
mousesknome: it's a super fresh install of xubuntu 18.04 on a acer aspire V517:48
Spassin my case fresh 18.04 install, Dell Latitude E641017:49
mousesWonder if there's a way I can manually do it via some creative editing of things, i'll dig around17:49
mousesgoogle to the rescue!17:50
mousesit might apply, we'll see ;)17:50
mouseshmm no luck :(18:03
mousesAnyone happen to have any idea how I can force 'do nothing' behavior re: laptop lid open/closed?18:03
Spassmouses, another thing worth trying - in /etc/UPower/UPower.conf change "IgnoreLid=false" to "IgnoreLid=true"18:07
mousesSpass: on it!  let's see..18:08
mousesSpass: that same file also exists in /etc/UPower.conf - do I need to change both?18:09
mousesSpass: oh wait, nevermind mind - i'm brain dead today.  It does not, I just need more coffee before using the ls command :P18:10
Spassok cool, I was just writing that I don't have that file18:11
mousesSpass: nope, it's still turning off all displays on lid close18:12
mouses(did a reboot after the change before testing)18:12
mousesmaybe it's a hardware thing18:12
Spasswill see on my laptop18:12
Spasshdd, so give me 10 minutes... :/18:13
mouseshehehe the laptop I am making these changes to is also HDD, I am so spoiled by systems with SSD and eMMC now - anything more than 5-10 seconds to boot just feels like I am a caveperson banging rocks together18:14
mousesthinking this might be a hardware thing, going to approach it from the 'stop disabling HDMI when lid closed' angle and see if that works18:15
mousesSpass: While the laptop display does turn off when lid is closed still, the changes we made = HDMI stays on!18:18
mousesSpass: So I'm 100% happy now, don't worry about helping me anymore :)18:18
mousesSpass: thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction!18:18
Spassno problem, well, that UPower change doesn't do anything on my laptop too, it still suspends18:19
Spassprobably a bug18:19
mouseshey, now I can close the lid while using VLC on a secondary display, so... i'm a happy mouses!18:20
Spassok, now I don't see lid options in GUI power manager settings at all, hat's one change :)18:21
SpassI wonder if it's a bug with UPower, systemd or xfce4-power-manager18:23
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