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lordievaderGood morning06:28
burtenhow can i install kubuntu alongside windows by doing the partitioning from the kubuntu installation rather than disk management07:56
diogenes_burten, i'd recommend to do it from windows with EASEUS07:57
burtenweird how the installer constantly freezes everytime i leave it07:58
burtenhave to force shutdown07:58
CrazyTuxI just installed Kubuntu 18.04.08:07
CrazyTuxwhat are the packages most recommended to be installed on Kubuntu?08:07
CrazyTuxKubuntu 18.04 is awesome.08:12
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:41
beltonive had to restart the installer 3 times so far, it always freezes at some part, then when i force shut down and restart it, it progresses a little further then freezes again11:02
beltonfirst it happened while partitioning, then while searching for file systems and now while creating the file system11:03
BluesKajbelton: which kubuntu version?11:05
BluesKajok, you must have an older iso version, find the latest one and try that ..tere was abug in the older version installer11:06
beltonweird i saw that as the latest one11:07
mparillo_It should be 18.04.111:11
beltoni got it from here https://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/11:12
belton64 bit version11:12
beltonit could be .0111:12
beltoni used rufus to put it on a usb11:14
beltonfor the partition scheme: MBR, for the file system: FAT3211:15
MrokiiHello. Does anybody know about a problem with Thunderbird 60? I've tried to install it on Kubuntu 18.04, but it crashes during start, not even showing the main window.14:18
m_tadeuhi...I'm using autofs to mount  some samba shares...thing is, they don't only show up in dolphin after I access them the first time....how to make the visible on mount?16:16
IrcsomeBot<Phil Linux> Wow!! I just dicovered the configuration part of ksysguard! OMG!!! Wow! Just wow!!17:12
madLyfewas there just a huge dump of updates?20:03
madLyfeapplication and system updates?20:03
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> plasma 5.12.7 landed in our ppas20:06
madLyfethese just cam e in for me: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d8wbwa8a46v9efy/Screenshot%202018-09-27%2015-14-24.mp4?dl=020:15
BenediktXVIIHello everybody, I need help with permissions for Thunderbird in Kubuntu. I just installed Kubuntu and installed Thunderbird. Now I am trying to save attachements, but it seems that Thunderbird doesn't have writing permissions. How do I set them ?23:00
bpromptBenediktXVII:    how did you install thunderbird?  off a .bzip2 file?23:23
BenediktXVIInope, through Discovery23:24
BenediktXVIII checked the command in the menu, it seems to be a flatpack23:24
BenediktXVIIbprompt: Thanks for helping me :)23:24
bprompta flatpack?23:25
BenediktXVIIThis is the command executed when I launch Thunderbird " /usr/bin/flatpak run --branch=stable --arch=x86_64 --command=thunderbird --file-forwarding org.mozilla.Thunderbird @@u %u @@ "23:26
bprompthmmm so it should have been rooted to install I assume, maybe is trying to save the attachments to a directory not owned by that account23:28
bpromptBenediktXVII:    I don't run Thunderbird myself, but it should have permissions, unless what I can think of is, that is trying to save to a folder not-owned by the user account is running under23:29
BenediktXVIIbprompt:  I checked those permissions too. I am not fond of TB either. I prefer Kontact. But I have an issue where Kontact would not send outgoing mail. That's kind of annoying with an e-mail client ;)23:32
BenediktXVIImight be a permission problem, I am just checking23:34
BenediktXVIII tried to do download a torrent and got this error: "Unable to create /home/benedikt/.local/share/ktorrent/tor3/torrent: Permission denied"23:36
bpromptBenediktXVII:   only thing I can think of offhand is, run Discovery as root, with kdesudo, so the package has root authorizations, you could always check  User Groups and add some more groups to Thunderbird23:36
bpromptBenediktXVII:   hmmm have to dash, but is what'd do, you can always try using the package installation from mozilla.org instead of using the Discovery version, the download itself is a .bzip2 file, so is pretty much just a stand-alone app, you "sudo" extract the file to whatever folder you want, and run the executable, I do that with say Firefox, unzip it at /usr/apps/firefox, with a "sudo"23:44
BenediktXVIIbprompt: Thanks a lot for the help :)23:44
bpromptBenediktXVII:     sudo tar -xvjf thunderbird-install-file.bz2 -C folder_you_want_it_extracted_to23:45

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