sylwek-ibmr50eyou guys like kendrick lamar?12:33
wxl[m]sylwek-ibmr50e: see -offtopic. Also we are all not guys.14:32
diogenes_guys is interchangeable term14:39
wxldiogenes_: no, it's not.14:50
diogenes_wxl, there are different use cases, if it's singular then it refers to a male, if plural it can be used as a form of addressing a mixed gender group14:54
wxldiogenes_: it's ambiguous, just as refering to humankind as mankind.14:56
diogenes_i can see no huge problem there14:57
wxldiogenes_: and what gender do you identify with?14:57
diogenes_:) not sure already14:57
wxlwell good, then. i'm sure you would appreciate to be inclusive. "folks" or "people" is inclusive. "guys" is not, necessarily.14:58
wxlthe etymology of the word refers to Guy Fawkes who was most certainly male.14:59
diogenes_wxl, as long as there is no such a rule or "Code of Conduct", the only thing that matters is to be polite and the meanings of the words have suffered considerable changes throughout of the history, nothing stays the same as it was originally.15:01
wxl@diogenes_: https://www.ubuntu.com/community/code-of-conduct "We will challenge prejudice that could jeopardise the participation of any person in the project." also the "Be considerate" clause. can you be guaranteed that every person will feel exactly the same as you do? if not, don't.15:02
diogenes_yeah  that's where the separation of people begins, it has the reverse effect, not the intended one because all is interpretable and can be used with wicked intention.15:07
wxldiogenes_: people unambiguously refers to everyone, so no.15:08
diogenes_wxl, then to avoid confusion (because people come from different backgrounds) the ops should specify those things in the topic of the channel (e.g. use "people" as a general form of addressing)15:11
wxldiogenes_: as i pointed out, there are clauses in the CoC that apply and that is most certainly mentioned when you join any ubuntu cannel.15:12
diogenes_on other ubuntu channels there is no problem with that15:12
wxli urge you to ask them all about it. or better yet, ask the community council. i'm sure you will find it applies.15:13
diogenes_oh, then i suppose that's counter productive15:14
Wafficushey guys, where do I change my EDITOR variable in Lubuntu to be Vim?23:50
Wafficuscause I prefer Vim over nano tbh23:51
wxlexport EDITOR=vim23:51
wxlput that in bashrc23:52
Wafficusis this a file within my bin or root?23:52
Wafficusah gotcha, will do23:52
wxlyou actually might want to export VISUAL=vim as well23:52
wxlyou can also `sudo update-alternatives --config editor`23:53
wxl`select-editor` is a thing too23:53
wxlWafficus: head over to #lubuntu-devel. i got something i want to chat with you about23:54

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