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chris062689Good morning. How can I force upgrade from 18.04.1 to the 18.10 beta?12:46
chris062689do-release-upgrade -d tells me I need to be running the latest version before upgrading? 12:46
gpunkdo apt update then apt upgrade, and retry12:49
chris062689Upgrades to the development release are only available from the latest supported release. 12:51
chris062689gpunk, I ran update && upgrade then ran do-release-upgrade -d12:52
gpunkwhat version do you have ?12:52
gpunkoh sorry i see it12:53
chris062689Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 12:53
gpunkdo you have ppa s ?12:53
chris062689None custom. 12:53
chris062689You'd recommend just going into sources.list and changing bionic to cosmic? 12:54
gpunki dont want to be responsible for that, it might go wrong,12:59
gpunkbut technically it is a way to do it12:59
chris062689Okay. That's fine. I'll try that. Worst case I just do a fresh reinstall. This is just a spare laptop. 12:59
gpunkok, good luck :)13:00
leonardus"#Ubuntu 18.10 - code named the 🌠 Cosmic Cuttlefish is just around the corner 🎉. So it's time to welcome the new wallpaper that'll be swimming to your desktop soon! 🌊"20:46

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