dreisner7rude is good00:00
dreisner7i have to practice on you though because i'm supposed to be writing about this very thing by december 25th00:01
dreisner7or rather, IF it errors on you, you'd know you needed to mount with discard00:01
dreisner7Sadale: how?00:01
dreisner7audiofile, its easier using fdisk and mke2fs from the terminal shell.00:01
Nala_Alan1do you have a schematic?00:06
Nala_Alan1JimBuntu: Whatever - go collect your prize dude  - hahaha!00:06
Nala_Alan1we have tons of tools for getting rid of void*, and std::any is probably the worst of all00:06
Nala_Alan1interesting, evaluation fails if an unfree package is used in an service by default, even it is not enabled?00:06
Nala_Alan1and you can't decompile C?00:06
Xesxen4pwm is just a frontend00:25
Xesxen4I think my topics elevate the channel.00:25
Xesxen4is a strong child00:25
Xesxen4mine was simple af, just everyone moving money into a wallet and the address with the most xmr deposited has the biggest chance of getting it all00:26
Xesxen4it would be too ... yeah00:26
Hooloovo029so that i can turn them all around00:30
Hooloovo029"alexa order a tactical nuke"00:30
Hooloovo029what is the different between P(A bar) and P(A^c)?00:30
Hooloovo029just try doing a git fetch00:30
Hooloovo029well, cant you just browse the network?00:30
artokdminuoso: but in the sense that its definition provides no clarity on what it is :D00:54
artokUnless you mean 12.x. There was that source leak. I'm still seeding the torrent.00:54
artokWulf: What should I be using instead?00:54
artokwell damn. i was trying to file a bug. so i decided to retest this.00:54
artokkoz_: whoa, that's a big improvement :)00:54
Dawidek14yeah but it's not worth all the extra mappings for me01:49
Dawidek14i'm not feeling very dynamic right now01:49
Dawidek14ok, that's another indication that it truly is lockin gup01:50
Dawidek14(:.$$$) (f :: a ~> b) (g :: b ~> c) :: a ~> c01:50
Guest34366jennie: there are some mounting options, that may help if you are familiar with mounting drive in the CLI02:04
Guest34366yeah it'd only be an optimisation to error out sooner, doesn't change the semantics I guess02:04
Guest34366def. gonna explode02:04
Guest34366this wave of depolarization will travel down the axon of the neuron and cause it to expel neurotransmitter out into the synaptic clefts (connections with other neurons), and do to them what that specific neurotransmitter does02:04
Guest34366Is there an official support for plex?02:05
psy_5yeah arithmetics is a bit fiddly like that02:16
psy_5stack ghc myfile.hs   might work, idk if that's for project's or not02:16
psy_5no damp eet, pampit nao!02:16
psy_5I'm guessing I need a rule that says something like: can talk to
psy_5As someone who also uses them and never had an SD corruption issue, not really.02:16
djural_1and whatever QT does on the framebuffer02:26
djural_1fields are pretty good when they happen to be R or C or maybe Q02:26
djural_1# echo echo hello > foo; bash -c '. foo'02:26
djural_1Cpuroast: sure? the macbook needs one too02:26
djural_1say to change "a|b|c|" to "a|b^c"02:26
vandemar5majest1c: since you now shift you should use ${1+... in the message.02:34
vandemar5j416: im not sure on the clean -x command, I have some stuff ignored which I set manually02:34
vandemar5Play shitty moves, win shitty prizes.02:34
vandemar5SuperSonicSound: If you are an engineering student, you should probably remember some.02:34
vandemar5Psi-Jack, Yeah, originally on Linux, but the BSD one too :)02:34
natorious3there's more knowledge to lose03:16
natorious3joft thanks. I imagine they were auto configed by KVM or libvirt.03:16
natorious3Bits a => a -> Int -> Bool03:16
natorious3That’s going to be a much smaller cache than it used to be.03:17
natorious35g = 60-75 €03:17
RussellB283no dice..03:17
RussellB283Hi, has anyone got any experience with "getrlimit: Function not implemented" after an upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04?03:17
RussellB283well, let's ignore _|_ for now03:18
RussellB283the bad news is it changed almost everything in the file to "Annual"03:18
RussellB283Jonii, I followed the tutorial u provided and found that file system for drives is ext3. Now how can I convert it to NTFS as I won't be using Ubuntu anymore03:18
d4n3sh28Psi-Jack: Are you there?03:22
d4n3sh28I admit03:22
d4n3sh28the interface is so large that on a 1440p display, the browser window scroll bar shows with only a couple of clicks I can be on a page that is double that width.03:22
d4n3sh28ahhh ok didn't know about the :: syntax, i was doing FromS (TNodeS ls rs) = TNode a (FromS ls) (FromS rs)03:23
d4n3sh28I thought SteamOS was for spreadsheets03:23
XVar`Damn you, mancha, now I'm wondering what kind of shape that would be.03:28
XVar`Doct:  You need to specify the size of an array, yes.  But a pointer no.03:28
XVar`iCookie: nah, just deeply involved into rev enginering this gimbal control softweare shit03:28
XVar`teth: never tried it, odn't know what guide you're using, but i'd make sure first that youer kernel has all the options required to make it work. usually gentoo wiki guides will tell you what that is03:28
XVar`I created myself an SSL wildcard certificate via DNS challenge (via acme.sh). This Wildcard cert now seems to work fine with a subdomain like i.e. staging.example.com but for some reasons on the main domain example.com Chromium for example reports NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID any ideas?03:28
syncnysSS/NKVD in the making03:33
syncnysbut you're mixing things up and that's not helping03:33
syncnysYeah that's pretty bad design oiaohm03:33
syncnysPenguin: The process is mostly the same for most distros.03:33
syncnysfrom epel03:33
dcb28"Goddurn it, this 2009 should be flying at warp 3, not HDD chugging!" *checks profile* "Linkspeed: 1.5 Gbps" Damnit, Samsung! *replaces with SanDisk* *checks profile* "Linkspeed: 3.0 Gbps" "Now that's more like it!"03:36
dcb28dstolfa: The thing that annoys me is that they list all individuals sanitisers and some groups, but nowhere gives you a nice overview what the maximum compatible set of sanitisers you can combine is. Anyway, I'll just start fiddling again03:36
dcb28LuminaxAndro: hah. No. That is utterly pointless.03:36
dcb28but i doubt that a 5th gen i7 with 4 cores can do 1khs03:36
solidsnack7Ok then...05:44
solidsnack7when you log in, you can choose a session type (in other words, the desktop environment you want to use), and you probably have "Plasma" there05:44
solidsnack7Viper-7: no, I'm not policing. Ops do that.05:44
solidsnack7does linux really have a code of conduct or was that a joke?05:45
andrewsh12Vivvy: don't have that flag on my system,  what are you running?07:14
andrewsh12lotuspsychje, full-upgrade does nothing http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nQzP6vTkFV/07:14
andrewsh12daxorid: and the GRANT command didn't produce any output..?07:14
andrewsh12dmwit: How would you know where the second list starts for infinite lists?07:14
andrewsh12recent customer project was all about battery life07:14
Jeruvyi rarely laugh at irc stuffs, but "nickenchuggets" made me laugh, am i weird?07:20
Jeruvydreisner: thanks a bunch for the help. Only problem now is that I don't get any text on the screen, but still no errors at least. I'll keep working on it. And grummund thanks, will look into that too :)07:20
Jeruvybut I wont read it if its d.g. nonesense07:21
Jeruvyhad to take care of something important, sorry if i didnt see your response, super appreciate it07:21
Jeruvystill a very touchy subject tomeaton1707:21
gmh3symbot: φ07:25
gmh3Bacteria: wtmp ?07:25
gmh3too large07:25
gmh3so this becomes confusing07:25
gmh3zumba_ad_: (btw, if you use people's nicks, it's easier to keep the discussion going)07:25
glasspelican14tor guis ?08:45
glasspelican14either modify the package.yaml file and generate the cabal file from that or edit the cabal file and delete the package.yaml file08:45
glasspelican14Naan: how are you using it08:45
glasspelican14elvishjerricco: its just dagmar, this place was fine before he came back.08:45
glasspelican14or set them up in an automounter so it only mounts on demand08:45
krabatSmashcat, ok, thanks for your approval, sadly, it doesn't count for anything... sadly? who am I kidding, luckily, since you seem to be confused08:47
krabatjohnflux: or within each function, determine the thread in which it is running and take action based on thread id / context.08:47
krabatSo why is this a thing? https://ideone.com/yKCksq I know why it works, but i don't quite understand why nobody would prevent that kind of stuff08:47
krabatyou should pass each variable in your script08:47
krabatqswz: declare what kind of object?08:47
null_ptr5slyjester: one more question you using mic jack on your sound card  or something like monitor jack etc.09:27
null_ptr5unable to get latest version info09:27
null_ptr5Yup. Better have an interrupt for a change already recorded than missing an interrupt for a change not recorded.09:27
sigma_g20oh right, no pragma, I forgot10:03
sigma_g20sorry 2710:03
sigma_g20Exactly what it was designed for... finally10:03
Code_Redrocktop: no you don't, just copy it in as is10:08
Code_Reddorp:  i dont think that works for 2d arrays too and wanted the two to look the same10:08
Code_Redokuu: it's not like the conditions have to be treated as separate10:08
Code_RedI still want to hear about monochrom's large program10:08
Code_Redonly really has a use on OEM preinstalled windows.10:08
hikiko3asking here is fine. preferably with more context next time.10:25
hikiko3i think there is a mess right now10:25
hikiko3*using different types10:25
epta14I just rsync'd the tree back to /usr/share/relink/ and tried again, worked10:42
epta14after update10:42
epta14like wgetpaste for images10:42
arcanez25i am converting some code from pthread_mutex to std::mutex, and there is some code that creates a mutex, locks it, creates a thread, then try to `lock` the mutex again, and then blocks until the new thread unlocks the mutex - that's trivial with pthread_mutex, but how can i do that in c++?11:03
arcanez25im norwegian, Hitler liked the Norwegians11:03
arcanez25you get virtual access to files on your HFS/APFS drive inside the VM11:03
arcanez25hi there, how do I force lubuntu to have transparency terminal windows?11:03
arcanez25Programs vary for each DE Zexaron11:03
arcanez25used as my isp11:03
hreinnbeck0zfe: I would never work for someone who yelled at me11:34
hreinnbeck0ok, let me look closer11:34
hreinnbeck0`which` can lie, use `type`11:34
fundiesFox_: some background to help understand the error. It comes from a script in the initram file-system (initrd.img file)11:55
fundies{} static char const digit[64] = "0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";11:55
fundiesjust little advice11:55
dannx25oiaohm: 50 years without software sounds great, that would totally ruin the mass surveillance plan11:58
dannx25ircing from a console on same machine.11:59
dannx25Weather for Las Vegas, NV: 35.4 C (95.7 F) - Conditions: Clear - Humidity: 28% - Wind: From the South at 3 MPH, gusting to 6.4 KPH.11:59
dannx25yeah in my concience I know that but sometimes I just have to11:59
dannx25cousteau: why did you want your script to go to the scripts directory?11:59
dannx25you have that ln(x) >= 011:59
WestCoastHotDogOkay. Thanks. I'll keep this in mind.12:01
WestCoastHotDogless to cut out at least :P12:01
WestCoastHotDogbrett1479: yeah well no one told me vector calculus has something to do with algebraic geometry12:01
WestCoastHotDogbecause the rings are not "rings of functions on some familiar space"12:01
aaronm044curses/terminfo/termcap is the gold standard for interacting with terminals in a portable way. if you don't need a subset of the functionality it provides, don't use it12:12
aaronm044BC=British Columbia12:12
aaronm044Boarders: What's your proposed alternative?12:12
aaronm044You can't begin to compare a computer language with a natural language.12:12
aaronm044but in this case we start from a vector space, and consider all possible lie brackets on it, so it's really just any base for the vector space12:12
aaronm044unyu: i did just that12:12
ryzokuken__dminuoso: It's just sorta done opportunistically when detected, which might be affected by optimisations, etc.12:18
ryzokuken__hindu as in the brand12:18
ryzokuken__i know that isovector was talking about writing a book actually12:18
Guest80822at this point it's pretty much convention in the linux world12:19
Guest80822Murii: it affects compile-time performance, but it's still not C++ templates, so you're good ;)12:19
Guest80822You need to create a new text item with the script and then use it in a bar's .items option12:19
romanzolotarevwhich like I said, SHOULD technically work. it's just that you'll be limited in where you can actually boot from (first four partitions, MBR has some size limit too iirc, etc)12:34
romanzolotarevI guess the bridge is suffering as I only see my Matrix side monologue12:34
romanzolotarevRickta59: hi, thanks for Atmega board detector link12:34
romanzolotarev{ int* array = new int[5](); }12:34
romanzolotarevhey, someone here with and AMD GPU who's willing to help me verify something about PCI Device Classes? (will take max. 5 minutes)12:34
evilgohan23__abc__: not really.12:49
evilgohan23xsperry: I can find foldl used _all_ over the place of GHC.12:49
evilgohan23thats a cute case12:49
evilgohan23When using canConvert() and convert() consecutively, it is possible for canConvert() to return true, but convert() to return false. This is typically because canConvert() only reports the general ability of QVariant to convert between types given suitable data; it is still possible to supply data which cannot actually be converted.12:49
evilgohan23if that's not supposed to work the release notes should mention it12:49
countingsortstill nuthin. https://pastebin/com/hFxqUEXA12:52
countingsortdminuoso: ohh let me try that12:52
countingsortkoala_man, what do you mean "how"?12:52
countingsortanyone know any good tricks for eliminating backtracking in lpeg?12:52
countingsortI always wonder, no friends or family to say anything about that? Wtf?12:52
Flyer0Blondie101010, just checked status, there is an error, trying to fix13:06
Flyer0most HR departments don't do that anymore, they just run a keyword filter and leave it to the engineering teams to vete the resume13:06
Flyer0you realize that question has missing parameters? :)13:06
Flyer0any mobo firmware that even supports secure boot over pxe : /13:06
FalconSpy25printf "%d args:" "$#"13:16
Labtec90130 is more common13:28
Labtec901AndrewPRS: set QT_FATAL_WARNINGS=1 and use a debugger13:28
Labtec901run it on fritOS13:28
Labtec901The second `catch` is inside the lambda because lambdas extend as far as possible.13:28
Labtec901Branes: I enjoy all ethnic groups and skin colors I just thought it was strange for a character to change, when people don't do that in real life13:28
Labtec901are you watching the one I posted?13:28
number8019so the loop only ever restarts if you manually quit less13:56
number8019Johnjay: but yours probably doesn't have that13:56
number8019Crystal Thin Film Transistor.13:56
number8019Dagmar: I dont understand. You just told me to boot into installation media in UEFI mode. Where do I go then?13:56
larainema[ Swift turn: German FM says EU needs bank transactions system independent from US - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com13:58
larainemaand a bit matrix multiplication13:58
larainemamay be you try it, you will find my trouble.13:58
donut_19anyway, off to the house.14:12
donut_19or :new14:12
donut_19only to list files, if it's worth for that?14:12
donut_19It is not clear to me what you want to show in the first place.14:12
donut_19hans_henrik: One is that casting the return of malloc can potentially hide a source of bugs is so exotic on any standard compiler.14:12
implementation14Paste is available without ads on http://pastebin.com/raw?i=fFhNeXCn14:19
implementation14Komanda4323: anyway using xargs won't be enough for this. you'll have to write a loop. e.g.: while IFS= read -ru "$fd" path; do ...; done {fd}< <(fswatch -o . -e "\\.git.*)14:19
implementation14Looks to me like it's a good job I never adopted Sabayon as my main OS. Updates DO take calendar time. Three hours, so far, and counting.14:19
implementation14chess with gnus14:19
wkalt18since you have 12 spots14:21
wkalt18what is a specific use of integration and derivation14:21
wkalt18    Perhaps you meant ‘BS.pack’ (imported from Data.ByteString)14:21
nirvedio_elephant: uh...i don't know? probably have to use a tool that would try and work around VFS as much as possible14:55
nirvedit's actually p nice, I think.14:56
nirvedtweekmonster: with djangoplus#complete -x C-o doesn't produce list of completions at all.14:56
nirvedgiven that it produces UB, the compiler /can/ in principle use it to optimize14:56
daniel22and it's quite slow at it14:58
daniel22Viper-7 like these but toned down14:58
daniel22forcing cache drops, that is.14:58
ibrightly23e.g if you can't type where you want to jump, it's not the intended use case really15:15
ibrightly23ngc3982: ls -rt | tail -115:15
ibrightly23supernovah, I'd say switch to Fedora. Though.15:15
ibrightly23stars ɑrᥱ nοt dⲟіᥒg Αlⅼɑh iѕ doinɡ15:15
Slartibart10[ *PART 3* AUDIO OF THE INTERCEPT TO THE STOLEN DASH at SeaTac - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com15:23
Slartibart10trying to mount a config for a kibana docker container15:23
Slartibart10I was just thinking about buying a 1930s Maytag to use.15:23
mefistofeles13as a wild guess from what you described, it sounds like a single diode with a capacitor in parallel, in series with the element15:23
mefistofeles13weeb ot15:23
mefistofeles13honestly when it comes to storage I'd just stick to well-known brands15:23
ibouvousaime4It actually still worked to install 32-bit arch a couple of weeks after they official drop date15:28
ibouvousaime4DevAntoine: yes they do, but whether or not they are executed depends on how they got to run some processes (such as my cron example...it doesn't source the usual bash profile stuff)15:28
ibouvousaime4yeah I have a vpn but it's not on and won't work with my computer at the same time15:28
tsaavik9nacc: not a fresh install of 18.04 but someone posted a workaround on reddit, (figured it's worth sharing in case anyone else comes in) if you login using Wayland and log back out, then you can log back in using the regular settings and they will work again for some reason15:33
tsaavik9It's not a highlight. Not per se.15:33
tsaavik9_abc_: lol, that's what I think15:33
tsaavik9this is a blame to @appservice-irc:matrix.org15:33
tsaavik9*shrug* seemed Jewish to me15:33
ssbarnea24if you are running your irc client as root, consider not doing so15:36
ssbarnea24!quote add <garyzeasshole> is adolf on coinbase yet?15:36
ssbarnea24could it be sin(theta) = +- sqrt(1 - cos^2(theta)) + 1 ?15:36
ssbarnea24they never re15:36
ssbarnea24tomreyn:  I think I put `nomodeset`in the wrong spot15:36
ssbarnea24nevermind, it does if you do not specify -n15:36
croccydile29*cough* sed is better *cough*15:49
croccydile29and i dont know if its completely open source15:50
croccydile29toppler: Yes, I think they're uncommon.15:50
croccydile29azulakina, not sure what you are referring to15:50
croccydile29depends on the context15:50
SicoWork2i kinda felt bad, i didn't think it would go that far, but it turns out the shopteacher was as big of a dick as I16:15
SicoWork2I remember having this problem before, can't remember what to do.16:15
SicoWork2Psi-Jack, Sorry I really am trying to help.16:15
tomeaton1711Thanks for the answers16:18
tomeaton1711"RayV_" is not registered, "RayV" is16:18
tomeaton1711in the same sense that `foo = liftIO (putStrLn "Hello")` infers as foo :: MonadIO m => m ()16:18
tomeaton1711wow, that's a really strange interface name but okay16:18
tomeaton1711int-e: hmm, could do a quasiquoter16:18
tomeaton1711I've figured it out long ago :)16:18
Spaulding21Loshki: I laughed; I'm a bad person16:29
Spaulding21clever - I'll try doing it with apparmor, thank you for the suggestions :)16:29
Spaulding21chron0: this guy might be fucking up a kernel too - https://www.wired.com/wp-content/uploads/blogs/wiredenterprise/wp-content/uploads//2012/06/Screen-shot-2012-06-18-at-10.32.45-AM.png16:29
Spaulding21math101: Shortest-length path between two points.16:29
sgfltunique_ptr<T*> looks like a red flag16:45
sgfltI have no good cement recipes16:45
sgfltport 80 does work, otherwise people wont get redirected16:45
=== sgflt is now known as Guest83197
Guest83197oh i want dis16:45
Guest83197Is there an easy fix for pre-pending black and freezing the last Frame?16:46
Guest33902plesss any cards16:54
Guest33902* «10:05:20pm:(+) Mochi101»: 2-3 times a day16:54
Guest33902^ I16:54
Guest33902Edico: often file systems which are not well documented and thus have to be reverse engineered are implmented through fuse on linux. this is also the case for ntfs. it is a complex, not properly documented, proprietary, file system. which ubuntu provides good enough but not complete support for, thanks to an immense reverse engineering effort, and a mostly but not fully complete implementation as a fuse file system.16:54
Guest33902i prefer pva panels16:54
Guest50864guess you're not pro enough to use proftp18:25
Guest50864now am fully secured18:25
Guest50864nickspoon: https://sanctum.geek.nz/cgit/dotfiles.git/commit/?id=a7cfe7118:25
Guest50864Habbie: https://travis-ci.org/Mudlet/Mudlet/jobs/43109796518:25
Guest50864because then you have a reason to shoot up the place18:25
Guest50864sure does.18:25
ao25im just trying to backup my home directory. and its bieng a *$%718:36
ao25Zcash is #21/1921 @ 0.30% ~ $126.80 / 0.00 ZEC ~ 1h/1d/7d: -0.2/-1.19/-14.8 ~ 24h vol. 738,209.15 ZEC / $93,608,940.5818:36
ao25or create a one page site that is like i disavow everything18:36
ao25They are having a negative effect on the linux userbase18:36
wloncom8.  ..  btcd.conf  logs  rpc.cert  rpc.key18:45
wloncom8so whats goin on?18:45
wloncom8I don't even know a lot about combinatorics18:45
wloncom8No0n3Left: you don't need spaces to be escaped.18:45
ziplocksmells of xy19:28
ziplockmight mean that there is something is wrong somewhere, and its stopping some generalisations so it would be good to understand and fix19:28
ziplockjottr: use crontab and @daily there19:28
=== ziplock is now known as Guest80687
\renaud18So if I didn't want to see an average, but instead see the exact value at each second interval, I'd have to be getting statistics at each second, right? In other words, the lowest value I can put between those brackets is equal to my scraping interval, correct?19:41
\renaud18Why did it change from 709 to what I can only assume is 601 color space? Do I have to specify that?19:41
\renaud18i recently got a bag of potmeters from there…19:41
\renaud18the output becomes 1280x724 instead of 1280x72019:41
marvi24often times we actually know, to an individual, who is behind spam19:47
marvi24what is <q-bang>? I can't find it in the help19:47
marvi24yeah, got to use one with enough watts and enough voltage on 12v rail (though if it doesn't output enough amps on the 12v rail, you could remove some of the more power hungry hardware for testing).19:47
marvi24so a starting point is   select session_id, every(registered is not true) as is_guest from yourtable group by session_id;19:47
lexhi there20:10
=== lex is now known as Guest65489
bszblackflow: how to do that?  adding ipv6.disable=1 to kernel during boot of netinstall didnt help20:12
bszthat would be extra nice indeed.20:12
bszTo be clear, at a point where dy/dx is 0/020:12
bszand that is when you change your vendor20:12
bsznow after running apt-get upgrade samba ceased working saying "cant start LBS or something"20:12
bszbut without swap on OOM I'm getting the oom killer within a few minutes usually, so meh20:12
oyvindmo29I see the typo now with the period20:32
oyvindmo29Padawan-: Then how is "power of two" and "prime" different?20:32
oyvindmo29.mine 8820:32
than19LNA + modest antenna can get you to not needing to decode much of the protocol to get the signal.20:35
than19let's have a look...20:35
than19Because I'm that bored right now.20:35
than19nickspoon: oh, I guess <C-j> does work. I guess I did something wrong when I tried. What do I have to do to get <M-j> mapped? I'd rather have that actually20:35
than19in cartesian20:35
than19timemage: nice :D20:35
lex_fossfreedom: hey there again20:46
lex_you told me, that there's always help needed in the discourse help channel20:46
lex_which one did you actually refer to?20:46
caliculk3that can happen with laziness20:49
caliculk3only wine6420:49
caliculk3Viper-7: me either20:49
retr0h[m]1RayTracer: if i use  grep -oE 'flinkTime..[0-9]{2}' /log/jetty/metrics.log20:52
retr0h[m]1and put it up on pornhub20:52
retr0h[m]1It's only been quiet for about nine hourse...20:52
retr0h[m]1If it's discolored it'll be heat, if it's an irregular chunky break when magnified it'll be stress.20:53
retr0h[m]1well i had joined a channel there, and was speaking in it, and then did /nick without switching windows or anything20:53
jej29so yeah, i would love to not have to think about filling  ${irc.server.freenode.autojoin}21:40
rhcp17baldengineer: or until it's lower, and the part goes bang22:07
rhcp17lucky I sold 4 xmr for 380eur22:07
rhcp17yeah, and it seems pretty loony to me22:07
rhcp17I think it's best to understand this in the context of flat Mikowski spacetime first.22:07
Dead_Body7zanzibizarre: if you pushed history, then that history is part of the remote22:35
Dead_Body7canurabus same as the script:22:35
Dead_Body7hmmm, looks like it stopped working now that I downgraded22:35
Dead_Body7oh no that won't work, it'll just insert a tab and you're already doing that. And it only looks like ^I in command-line mode. Please ignore me22:35
downunderi dont see a problem of make the wrapper start both bitcoind and armory.app, my concern is how to make bitcoind quit when i quit amory.app22:53
downunderbreak beam may be the easiest, with just basic laser diodes and a PIR sensor so the lasers only go on when someone is near the stairs (to save on laser life time)22:53
downunderretrosenator: u gonna mass fab?22:53
downunderyeah theres no option to reinstall just the drivers22:54
ljboiler15So, does anyone know how to use OR commands for sort?23:22
ljboiler15Cale: in the paste?23:22
ljboiler15rails is running on heroku. so not lsof/netstat possible, afaik23:22
ljboiler15hw decoding not necessary.23:22
ljboiler15Where is it writting those logs?  Does the new user have write access to those files (if they exist) or the directory (if they don't)?23:22
ljboiler15I got advice to run this: bash -lx 2> /home/user/console.error.log and I will now pastebin the result I have received23:22
Brownout15or you can flash the uf2 on a second board by doing the same thing, but in reverse23:55
Brownout15Ok, it occurse to me that I sent my question when I wasn't voiced23:55
Brownout15lgierth Kubuxu ^^23:55
Brownout15(n/2) choose (n/4) is O(2^(n/2) / sqrt(n))23:55
Brownout15(line 1301 of the kernel Makefile, in the version i'm playing with right now anyway)23:55

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