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mwhudsonsbuild on bionic for me is behaving like debian builders: only considering the first option if there are alternatives02:10
mwhudsonubuntu builders aren't like that are they?02:10
mwhudsonor am i misremembering02:10
mwhudsonah yes $resolve_alternatives = 1 in sbuildrc in launchpad-buildd02:19
jbichamwhudson: file a wishlist bug for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sbuild-launchpad-chroot ?02:30
mwhudsonjbicha: i don't think that's used any more02:32
mwhudsoni guess i could and manybe should file a bug asking for it to be removed from the archive02:32
jbichamwhudson: please don't. I use it02:37
jbichaunless you have a reason why I shouldn't…02:37
mwhudsonmaybe i misunderstand what it is02:37
mwhudsoni know for ages launchpad used a fork of sbuild02:37
mwhudsonbut i don't think it does any more02:38
jbichait's a tool to help set up sbuild locally to be a bit more like the launchpad builders02:38
mwhudsonah ok it's not that02:38
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maprerijbicha: btw, I'm following after pylint stuff in debian.  do expect me to follow up in ubuntu as well (I saw you synced at least two related packages - including one that ftbfs because you didn't sync another one)05:41
mapreri(and py3.7 stuff in general)05:44
RAOFWhy is Mir still in main?06:27
RAOFI thought that packages that were not seeded and did not have any rdepends in main were auto-demoted to universe?06:28
RAOFOr, at least, would show up on component-mismatches?06:28
RAOFOh, it's in supported.06:36
tjaaltonyou're not off the hook ;)06:44
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ximionjbicha: if you have time, can you maybe initiate libundead to be dropped from armhf? As I wrote in my email, this should unblock the LDC migration we are receiving mails about09:29
ximionthe culprit is an LLVM bug tracked as https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=908670 which appoarently won't be fixed in time09:30
ubottuDebian bug 908670 in llvm-toolchain-6.0 "libundead: ftbfs on armhf" [Serious,Open]09:30
ximion(nothing depends on the library on armhf AFAIK, so it's safe to drop - debian has an arch-specific RM request already09:31
sladenalterjsive: any updates on  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bug/1794318  ?10:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1794318 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after installing vagrant" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:26
alterjsivesladen: I 'm curious what would happen if I would install a new kernel right after the installation, without upgrading new packages11:05
mdeslaurtkamppeter: I'm debating backporting ghostscript 9.25 to our stable releases all the way back to trusty. Are there any known issues with 9.25, and do you think I'll hit any problems doing so?11:21
sladenalterjsive: yeah we are curious too.  But, in the mean-time, please provide the debugging information needed11:22
alterjsivesladen: I don't have much time now but if you have a quick question, I can awnser it. I will look at the information request in the launchpad issue tonight11:24
sladenalterjsive: a quick question is, how was the IMSM RAID setup.  Was this done purely in the BIOS (before the original-original any Ubuntu install had happened)11:31
sladenalterjsive: mdadm --detail-platform    should show the IMSM config11:32
alterjsivesladen: yes it's configured in the bios only. My understanding is that fake raid means configured by the bios.11:32
alterjsivesladen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mdadm/+bug/1794318/comments/1411:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1794318 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after installing vagrant" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:34
sladenalterjsive: and on this machine it was *only* configured via the BIOS11:34
alterjsivesladen: yes11:34
sladenalterjsive: thank you (x2).  Please could you also upload the output of  mdadm --assemble --scan11:35
alterjsiveit's empty11:35
sladenalterjsive:  mdadm --examine /dev/sd[a-z]11:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1794318 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after installing vagrant" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:40
xnoxalterjsive, "fake raid means configured by the bios" yes and no. mdadm fully knows how to operate on the intel drives; and can create them, change, monitor them, etc.11:41
xnoxalterjsive, cause it knows how to talk to the intel raid chipset....11:41
xnoxbios can configure it too usually11:41
xnoxalterjsive, it looks like your motherboard / bios is borked up.11:42
xnoxalterjsive, and you should reconfigure reshape from raid1 to raid011:42
alterjsiveborked up?11:43
xnoxalterjsive, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/rsVcy6Vd22/11:43
xnoxis output for me11:43
xnoxgranted my firmware version appears to be old/out of date (no longer receiving OEM motherboard firmware updates)11:43
xnoxbut I do have RAID Levels : raid0 raid1 raid10 raid511:44
xnoxalterjsive, possibly poke things in bios, to see why raid1 is not available.... or like disabled....11:44
sladenahhh, okay, the chipset is saying it can't do raid011:44
sladenbut raid1 was clearly setup, and is reported in the actual mdadm --examine  scan.  And was (probably) working just fine11:45
alterjsiveIt's currently configured for mirror raid11:45
xnoxalterjsive, if you are using the brand new VROC (you don't appear to, because you don't have nvme) note that one has to buy an optional hardware key and intel hard-drives to enable NVMe11:45
alterjsiveI can select raid 0 too11:45
sladenbut some new check/validation in the new version of mdadm is then deciding that because raid1 doesn't apepar in the list, the raid1 mapper instance can't be setup11:45
xnoxalterjsive, sladen - configured yes.... but that's simply the metadata on the drives. i believe it's not actually syncing across the two as one expects from raid111:45
xnoxsladen, which is safe.11:46
xnoxalterjsive, you don't appear to have raid1 capability - or the hard-drives you have plugged in are discredited from able to do raid111:46
alterjsivexnox: i had to select a master and a slave. My hard disks appear to be exactly the same11:47
xnoxalterjsive, i guess the best you can do, is seek support from your motherboard manufacturer.11:47
sladenalterjsive: please can you take a photo from the BIOS of what *it* thinks the capabilities are11:47
xnoxalterjsive, and they plugged into the intel raid enabled ports? at least on my motherboard only some ports are hooked up.11:47
sladenalterjsive: so that we can see if there's a difference between what the BIOS sees of its own capabilities, and what mdadm --detail-platform sees as the capabilities11:48
alterjsivesladen: I did a raid checkup using windows intel raid drivers. it said it was functioning normally11:48
xnoxyou have windows installed too on this raid?11:48
alterjsiveno, on a diffrent disk, but I formatted my hdd to ext4 recently and strangly it messed up my windows boot. It's no longer listed.11:49
sladenalterjsive: canother possibility, do certain RAID mode change when the two newer disks were plugged in.  Where they plugged in *after* the initial IMSM setup of the first two disks11:49
alterjsivesda, sdb and sdd are ssd's. sdc is hdd. sda & sdb are in mirror raid , sda is a master and sdb is slave11:51
alterjsiveI installed windows on sdd and when I repartionioned sdc , my windows boot was messed up11:52
xnoxand installing windows messed up your raid probably11:53
xnoxyou did disconnect sda & sdb from the system, when isntalling windows into sdd?11:53
alterjsivexnox: no, I didn't know it was this distructive11:53
xnoxi've never managed to dual boot windows, unless i keep my intel raid unplugged when touching windows.11:53
sladenalterjsive: are you available for more in-depth debugging.  (1) reboot, take picture of BIOS config.  (2) unplug sdc and sdd.  (2) take picture of BIOS config.  (3) boot linux, take screenshot of  mdadm --detail-platform11:54
xnoxalterjsive, as a fun experiment. power down unplug sdc and sdd11:54
xnoxalterjsive, boot into bios, resync the raid array in the bios - until it is in sync.11:54
xnoxalterjsive, then continue normal boot11:54
xnoxalterjsive, check status with mdadm --detail-platform and --examine11:55
xnoxalterjsive, if it's still not assembled / detail-platform gives you raid0 only, you need to contact better support - ie. mdadm upstream mailing list & your motherboard support/warranty.11:55
alterjsiveI have other projects too urg, i've just bougth 4 servers for my openshift cluster :)))11:55
alterjsiveok I'll see tonight11:56
* sladen shrugs11:56
xnoxpossibly need to check if there are any firmware upgrades11:56
xnoxand possibly replace these.....11:56
xnoxalterjsive, well, you can launch OnMetal instances in Rackspace cloud -> the v2 ones use Intel Raid by default.11:56
xnoxalterjsive, and mdadm does work there on variety on machines. and locally for me.... it does smell like your chipset/motherboard is borked.11:57
xnoxalterjsive, or like forget about this intel raid; and reinstall just using regular linux raid.11:57
xnoxis the best i can suggest here.11:57
xnoxalterjsive, http://vger.kernel.org/vger-lists.html#linux-raid is the mailing list11:57
xnoxfor upstream mdadm11:58
alterjsivexnox: I tried raid 5 with mdadm, no luck11:58
alterjsiveI tried for days, gave up in the end11:58
xnoxalterjsive, mdadm asked chipset, chipset said raid0 only.11:58
sladenlets maybe debug the current issue.  Because that has the /potential/ that it might also affect a tonne of other people with real enterprisey systems11:58
xnoxalterjsive, did you already tell us the specific motherboard / server this is?11:59
alterjsivenot yet11:59
xnoxis that confidential?11:59
alterjsiveMSI GS70 gaming laptop11:59
xnoxalterjsive, it is odd, that you are offered actual raid on it. typically the intel rapid storage on those is to do effectively bcache to accelerate hdd with an ssd which on windows side, is confusingly call the same thing, and is typically not raid12:01
xnoxand in bios you should have options to select what type of drivers you want to be used for hard-drives: normal ssd or like raid.12:02
sladenwell, until we have screenshots of the BIOS, we don't know what it is offered/thinks has been configured12:02
alterjsivemore specific MSI Gaming Notebook GS70 2QE-046NL 17.3", 4710HQ, 1.5TB, GTX970M12:03
alterjsiveok I'll reboot 1 sec12:03
sladenalterjsive: dmicode will say more about what the laptop actually is12:03
xnoxtrue about dmicode12:04
sladenalterjsive: sudo dmicode > dmidecode.txt  --> upload12:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1794318 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after installing vagrant" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:05
alterjsivebrb reboot12:05
ahasenacknacc: mwhudson: thanks (delayed, was on pto) :)12:07
sladenalterjsive: congrats on owning a "Manufacturer: To Be Filled By O.E.M."  ;-)12:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1794318 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "unable to boot after installing vagrant" [Undecided,Incomplete]12:13
alterjsivesladen: haha12:13
alterjsivesladen: I recently updated my bios too. after these problems.\12:14
tkamppetermdeslaur, I think not. I did not hear about any regressions in 9.25.12:21
sladenso RAID Level: "Recovery (Cont.)", appears to be "Recovery Set" == RAID112:22
alterjsiveyeah seems to work fine12:23
alterjsiveusing the kernel that still boots12:23
sladenand the newer kernel (newer initramfs + mdadm)12:24
sladenalterjsive: and what about these two with sdc and sdd unplugged?12:25
alterjsiveI showed you the mdadm error yesterday when I boot the latest kernel12:26
alterjsiveI don't have a screwdrive to umplug the ssd's12:26
alterjsiveI've got a laptop, not a rack server :)12:27
alterjsiveI can check tonight12:27
sladenalterjsive: yes, the question is whether there is a difference in reporting when non-RAID drives are on the same crontroller.  Hopefully not, but that's what debugging is about12:29
alterjsivesladen: ok, I will check tonight12:31
sladenxnox: there's another difference isn't there.  the mdadm used in the initramfs on bootup, is a difference mdadm used when alterjsive has run these commands and uploading12:33
sladenalterjsive: okay, please can you reboot, select "safe mode" for the *working* kernel.  then Run   mdadm --detail-platform   and take a photo12:35
sladenalterjsive: this will show what the older copy of mdadm is successfully seeing on bootup, rather than the mdadm is on the main root filesystem12:36
alterjsivesladen: I will do it tonight, I should get back to work sorry :/12:38
alterjsivemaybe in a few hours12:39
jbichamapreri: ok, I'll let you handle pylint stuff :)12:52
sladenalterjsive: can you add  cat /proc/mdstat  to the list too12:59
alterjsiveusing m the safe mode?13:00
sladenalterjsive: just, just in the running OS13:01
alterjsivecat /proc/mdstat13:01
alterjsivePersonalities :13:01
alterjsiveunused devices: <none>13:01
alterjsivecould I have read somewhere that intelraid switched to another raid manager program since the latest kernel?13:02
alterjsiveI can't remember13:02
sladenthere was a switch from dmraid to mdadm, but ages ago13:03
alterjsiveah ok13:04
alterjsivenever u mind then13:04
alterjsiveI don't understand the /prod/mdstat . When I used linux mdadm to create a raid array it gave a totally diffrent output13:06
sladenalterjsive: on *this* machine?13:12
alterjsivesladen: yes, I've tried to setup raid 5 after I suddenly couldn't boot my raid 0 system with sda, sdb and sdd.13:13
maprerijbicha: it's nearly through anyway ^^13:15
mapreriI've also uploaded a bunch of py3.7-buggy related packages in debian today, guess I'll sync them up tonight…13:16
sladenalterjsive: without de-configuring the BIOS/IMSM mirroing?13:16
alterjsivesladen: I disabled raid in the bios first ofc13:17
sladenalterjsive: when was this?  A year ago, this week, yesterday?13:18
alterjsivesladen: a week ago13:18
sladenalterjsive: and how old is this RAID pair we're trying to debug?13:19
sladenalterjsive: was it created in the BIOS less than a week ago, or more than a week ago13:19
alterjsivefew days old13:19
sladenalterjsive: after the RAID5 experiment, or before the RAID5 experiment13:20
cpaelzerdoko: cyphermox: didrocks: I got minimal changes a few +1s and nothing else so I'm going to add the proposed changes to the Wiki page13:24
cpaelzerit iw a wiki after all, so we can change it if someone realized it is bad later on13:24
jdstrandcpaelzer: nice ascii art :)14:06
cpaelzeryou can even copy and modify it still :-)14:14
tjaaltonLocutusOfBorg: does virtualbox run alongside libvirt these days?14:42
LocutusOfBorgwho knows?14:42
LocutusOfBorgno idea...14:42
LocutusOfBorgI know I cant run kvm and vbox together14:42
LocutusOfBorgbecause of some race condition on hardware virtualization14:43
LocutusOfBorgbut this seems to be a cpu problem14:43
tjaaltonright, ok14:43
LocutusOfBorgyou mean run them together right?14:43
LocutusOfBorgI think this is an hardware problem, not software, the resource can't be shared14:44
LocutusOfBorgbut I migth be wrong, vt-x is an obscure word for me14:44
LocutusOfBorgthe vbox client can stay, but if I run a VM it gives error (kvm gives it)14:44
tjaaltoni see there's a vbox hypervisor driver for libvirt nowadays, dunno if it'd help here14:44
LocutusOfBorgI can run many vbox instances at the same time, not really sure how14:45
didrockscpaelzer: just reviewed your changes, looks good, thanks :)14:52
cpaelzerthank you didrocks14:57
alterjsivesladen: so you want me to disconnect the hdd's16:37
alterjsivesdd and sdc16:38
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xnoxsladen, it is funny, they do claim on the website to support super riad23:46
xnoxUp to 768GB Super RAID 2 + 1TB HDD 7200rpm23:47
sarnold"super raid 2"??23:47
sarnolddo I even want to know?23:47
xnoxsarnold, intel rapid storage raid / imsm stuff -> but appears to be broken with a newer stricter mdadm.23:47
xnoxgrep for alterjsive in the scrollback23:48

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