orlock21I'm baaaa-aaack00:02
orlock21Spaceman77: for example, think of lists, you have  [[a]] -> [a]00:02
orlock21ooo interesting! maybe I'll jump to debian if i go through with this00:02
kaychaks3got seed00:12
kaychaks3F1 probly won't00:12
kaychaks3of what?00:12
Hasimir23plexigras: but this is a .js file usinng the lit-html for the templating.... so no react here00:16
Hasimir23rigid: It's in man00:16
Hasimir23(the spec as it is understood by the coworker)00:16
oliofAt any rate, don't bother with hot waiting unless you're doing some higher accuracy timing. Be green, go to sleep. :)00:18
oliofmaybe 1100:18
oliofmy plan was to get a 2080ti for my gaming rig use the 1080ti for mining ;/00:18
canyouscore1martin1_: augroup "groups" your autocommands so that, if necessary, the script to which the group belongs can delete them without affecting others. For instance, ":filetype plugin indent on" defines autocommands in three groups, and ":filetype indent off" deletes only one of them.00:56
canyouscore1<plinkable> and depending on the size of your environment, pillar isn't the best place to store shared configuration. it's best for customisation or secrets00:56
canyouscore1argentum: A friend of mine went through two System76 laptops in 2 years. Mild usage, well cared for. Both died horrible deaths.00:56
Carmineuzosalve ho due domande01:26
Carmineuzomi serve un programma per ubuntu che legga i midi e mi faccia da accompagnamento musicale anche con la visualizzazione delle note tipo band in a box esiste?01:27
dysfigured28and before lapack there was a predecessor01:30
dysfigured28Bitcoin is #1/1910 @ 53.46% ~ $6,976.39 / Ƀ 0.00014334 ~ 1h/1d/7d: -0.29/-1.44/8.29 ~ 24h vol. Ƀ 597,668.12386538 / $4,169,565,977.3101:30
Carmineuzoce qualcuno?01:32
kevans9123which just sorta feels icky to me01:40
kevans9123triceratux: hah01:40
kevans9123| |___) || | (_) | / __/ ___) |01:40
albatrozmoner - (PH - netname: I-Gate)01:50
albatrozif thats the case, you probably dont need the MOSFET (large black thing) if the load is under 100mA, which it likely will be01:50
albatrozyeah, to me it seemed it could be indeed.. personally for all things bash i first checkout bashguide/bashfaq so was a bit surprised to find something not in there for a change :)01:50
CARAM____5I like lurking on haskell-cafe, but I wonder if there are any other classic mailing lists with a bit more traffic that I am missing?02:19
CARAM____5"Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS"02:19
CARAM____5kmc: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.fr%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F27340664176302:19
veltas23look at that02:23
veltas23I was assigned a /64 from the /48. They gave me a gateway and my /64.02:23
veltas23thiago: exactly - qt doesn't bother trying to package it.  which is what i'm complaining about02:23
crawfs0hello chromies!03:07
crawfs0putting it before did the trick03:07
crawfs0the usual 2.5mm something pitch03:07
msm___my experience with PAN has been great so far03:18
msm___(What would a homotopy of theories would be?)03:18
polmanZexaron: sidenote: gpt is not a replacement for the mbr05:12
polmanwell, s/R/L/g :p05:12
polmanCan these need a connection or not?05:12
jandrusk9diverdude: what counts as "weird stuff"?05:31
jandrusk9and :h :substitute maybe has the answer about whether it's possible to use block-wise ranges, but I didn't check that05:31
jandrusk9lombriz: the transformers in SMPSUs will not be suitable for linear power supplies, they work in a totally different way05:31
lennard0right that is (*), or AND05:50
lennard0What separator?  Is it a single char or multi chars?05:51
lennard0haaibo: Ahh ok. I don't know which ACME client you mean though :-)05:51
aloril_Aleric,  paste sudo apt full-upgrade05:57
aloril_Not sure why I "jumped" over Debian on my way to CentOS.   Maybe I should give it a try.   Yet definitely installing CentOS7 on my daily laptop.05:57
aloril_At least ~1/2 a year ago when I needed that feature05:57
QueenElsagreat. and the type parameter essentially i how to pattern match/deconstruct the source value and then rewrap it in the correct outgoing context06:01
QueenElsapppingme: fixed. needed to select (generic PC102) and US xkblayout06:01
QueenElsaCrazyTux: Why not? What do you see?06:01
niksnut13so yes, is that diffiult or easy?06:09
niksnut13pretty good, my imaginary family06:09
niksnut13Yogui: in that case, the public key is (likely) not in $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on the target host06:09
cpl15I was able to get the DNAT and firewalling setup such that I could access the equipment from outside my net, but on the net, I couldn't figure out the right combo of SNAT masquerading and firewalling and whatever else must be needed to attain enlightenment.07:05
cpl15yeah should have bought denta fitnesslog07:05
cpl15in which case all you need is a conversion ctor X::X(T)07:05
Stinky-Feet24(also secure boot is enabled per mokutil)07:21
Stinky-Feet24hey guys - is there a good way to read the contents of a directory into a list/dictionary? I tried "for x in y", but it gives me a list error... thanks in advance!07:21
Stinky-Feet24then hit Ctrl-e07:21
vacum25anyone on here at all please07:32
vacum25and you can force with :q!07:32
vacum25a bit like `git merge --squash -X theirs`07:32
Whiskey18oops missed  char07:48
lastmikoi14oh someone beat me to itt hehe07:49
sebbo17well you were right it did not compile07:54
sebbo17Aleric: I don't think log files should get that big07:54
sebbo17ye Mochi10107:54
hmnk2However, other files included by the library (such as stdlib.h) seem to work just fine.08:26
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ubot-itnc termbin.com 9999  - Servizio, alternativo al classico Paste,  che permette di incollare lunghi output senza intasare il canale -   Sintassi : -comando- | nc termbin.com 9999   - Copiare ed incollare in canale il link HTTP che apparirá sotto il comando08:37
dTd1well, more precise the "prophets" work08:43
dTd1template<> struct BaseType<IVariable::FLOAT> { typedef float type;};08:43
dTd1blackflow you think gmail is deciding to mark the spf record as neutral for some bizarre reason?08:43
ubot-ithttp://paste.ubuntu.com/ servizio che permette di incollare lunghi output senza intasare il canale. Incollare il testo, indicare il nick, premere paste e postare in canale l'indirizzo della pagina. Per maggiori informazioni: http://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/InternetRete/Navigazione/Pastebin08:46
daz-I miss the stickers mostly from that era.10:09
wastrel8There are a bunch of unused Wi-Fi frequencies in my area, but they all require DFS. I've set up my repeater to broadcast its signal on one of them, but is there a reason I shouldn't?10:14
errr21mazocomp: X11 is the only way to get a high(er) resolution terminal on my macppc machine10:41
ruairi2You saw that pastebin?10:59
Carmineuzociao non riesco a collegare il mouse blutoot potete aiutarmi?11:07
glpianaCarmineuzo, il mouse bluetooth ha un suo dongle usb?11:07
scc25chromium it is11:12
scc25WiseMonk: what is the problem you're trying to report?11:12
doomsday20tr4656_: how fixed is your typical layout?11:34
doomsday20it's adding indirection that doesn't do anything interesting11:34
doomsday20Ahh - my home router?11:34
apache218jackbrown: if it suddenly shut down, there's probably no log. if there are logs, they are in /var/log11:43
apache218llvm (source: llvm-defaults (0.21ubuntu1)): Low-Level Virtual Machine (LLVM). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.4-0ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 3 kB, installed size 42 kB11:43
apache218i think those keysizes are security :)11:43
Aussie_matt27and since my government likes to use that junk ><12:31
rnelson0_27right ok IO is magical12:43
KiNgMaR10I also tried installing linux-lts and linux-zen from the repositories and running grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg but no luck, only Antergos Linux and Antergos Linux Fallback appear in the menu12:49
Edward1996Ho un problema con installazione qualcuno puoi aiutarmi perfavore?13:05
glpianaEdward1996, scrivi pure, c'è solo qualche problemino di configurazione del canale13:05
Edward1996praticamente ho scaricato su usb 18.04 live e dopo aver dato L ok per la prova come spiegato sul wiki mi rimane la schermata viola13:06
glpianapc fisso o portatile?13:06
Edward1996forse il problema è che è vecchio e ho w vista?13:07
glpianaEdward1996, beh, se è datato potresti provare con lubuntu o xubuntu tanto per cominciare. come hai preparato la usb?13:07
Edward1996con Unetbootin13:08
Edward1996o sennò una versione tipo la 16.04 dici che me la supporta?13:08
glpiana!usb | Edward1996 guarda la guida per vedere che software usare13:09
ubot-itEdward1996 guarda la guida per vedere che software usare: Per creare una chiavetta bootabile consultare la pagina wiki https://wiki.ubuntu-it.org/Installazione/CreazioneLiveUsb13:09
glpianaEdward1996, prova con la 18.04 non con la 16.0413:09
Edward1996eh ma non parte, ho provato anche a passare direttamente all’installazione ma succede la stessa cosa13:10
souca25hans_: did you land crrev.com/37048f66617d326b8e08caf75da75b4ca790d478 ?13:10
falcomanHo un problema potreste aiutarmi non riesco ad avviare un applicazione su lubuntu 18.04 ed anche su un pc con ubuntu 18.04 mi da il seguente messaggio Istruzione non consentita (core dump creato)13:33
glpianafalcoman, che programma è?13:35
SerwallHo bisogno di una mano e vengo cacciato in continuo , perché?13:38
glpianaSerwall, rifai la usb con uno dei programmi indicati dalla guida che ti ho postato prima13:38
Serwallho provato con due di quelle13:38
Serwallma niente solita cosa13:38
glpianaSerwall, abbiamo problemi di configurazione die bot del canale e adesso come adesso appena dici ciao ti sbatte fuori :D13:38
Serwallah Capito ahahha13:39
rome_39023could idris take advantage of the haskell rts instead of implementing it's own?13:39
glpianaSerwall, prova con xubuntu13:39
Serwallcomunque continua a darmi la solita schermata viola13:39
Serwallna Sono giorni che vado avanti così e non so più cosa fare13:39
glpianaSerwall, al boot hai già provato a scegliere l'opzione nomodeset (dopo aver premuto F6)?13:40
Serwallok ci provo subito13:40
Serwalle ti dico13:40
falcomanè un programma per minare13:42
glpianafalcoman, non c'è supporto su software non ufficiale13:42
falcomanok ma su un altro pc con ubuntu funziona13:43
* Mr_Pan ma ancora esiste gente che mina ? e con un normale pc poi ... 13:44
falcomanok sto a sperimentare che ti interessa13:45
falcomanmi sapete spiegare perchè su un pc funziona e sugli altri 2 no13:46
glpianafalcoman, ti ho già detto che qui non c'è supporto su software non ufficiale13:46
falcomanok grazie lo stesso13:49
yolanda1kW of "shake the fat right outta ya" ?14:00
yolandalnnb, haha, interesting.14:00
yolandaI got to try it out14:00
EnzoTiPicchioenzotib: eccomi14:22
EnzoTiPicchiohouse table cat dog ping pong track casa ciao uomo14:22
Carlin0prova solo ciao14:23
FIQ12even if it is still to do with how vector works14:23
enzotibEnzoTiPicchio: prova con solo "ciao" oppure solo "no"14:23
enzotibEnzoTiPicchio: prova a farti kickare con l'inglese14:24
EnzoTiPicchiook house schok table dog14:25
Carlin0the pen is on the table14:25
enzotibthe cat is under the table14:26
Carlin0curiosity kill the cat14:26
Enzo_NON_ti_Piccthe pen is on the table14:27
VladimirGl7Paste from phate: [ https://paste.ngx.cc/b6 ]14:43
VladimirGl7It's better than nothing14:43
TwistedFateno_gravity: you mean like :h o14:43
Steamwells10Could you guys help me out?14:43
Guest89928!ohmy | runjutsu14:50
ubot-itVoce non trovata: 'ohmy'14:50
Guest89928toppler: what does "void out their functor" mean?14:50
Guest89928counts double for "I boot on my software raid1" and you haven't tested if the computer will even look at drive2 if drive1 is there but not really responding ok14:51
ollieBye, coked up matthew mcconaughey is the best14:53
bcat2「Original Xiaomi Piston Earphones - 3rd Generation - $15.17 Free Shipping|GearBest.com」15:24
Guest13622I am not using a login shell, and every time I open a new GUI shell, it truncates .bash_history to 2000 lines, while echoing $HISTFILESIZE from it gives 20000015:42
yashsriv9ugh ask support :X15:48
kstar18they say X = cos0b * sinDeltaL15:52
jbit6「solaroperator | Free Listening on SoundCloud」16:42
couture3(The sole exception is module exports/imports, where both kinds of _ are invalid anyway.)17:42
olivierjanss29nordic nRF24LU1+ chip17:47
olivierjanss29WikiPuppies20: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.17:47
fuziontechnoway96: NO.  NO.  NO.   ...and NO.18:14
fuziontechEnterprise and user maybe about 60018:14
sacratoyYes, I know this does not actually answer your question. I don't know of an accepted name for that kind of extension.18:38
bboles1Generally speaking...18:47
bboles1on this day a lot of strange things happened, building 7 for one, the news reporting it's collapse before it even happened, norad doing "drills" on the same day at the same time "playing" the same scenario (terrorisst attacking buildings with airplanes) confusing air controllers and air force...18:47
bboles1darsie: just compute the norms of the differences18:47
Welcomeblackandblue: I pretty much use vlc to play everything (video and audio)18:48
rofl____5something can depreciate in value18:56
Carmineuzoqualcuno se dirmi un programma per ubuntu che legga i midi e mi faccia daccompagnamento per suonare19:15
enzotibCarmineuzo, una volta c'era timidity, non so se funziona ancora19:18
enzotib!info timidity19:18
ubot-ittimidity (source: timidity): Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.13.2-41 (bionic), package size 575 kB, installed size 1527 kB19:18
nwanggit filter-branch -f --index-filter 'git ls-files -- mp/src/game/client/sdk/c_sdk_player.h' -- origin/develop..fix-fastswitch19:25
nwangIs it for fun or to make money?19:25
Mr_PanCarmineuzo> basi midi   ?19:28
rax-4Oh noe one fingered mouse!19:36
hakonw7angelblack Dash > Additional Drivers20:16
edx27its ok to kill for the childrens20:17
guludo24man. I thought my life was bad20:25
crackpotmark26that might work20:27
gigetoo23güt, güt20:27
gigetoo23Corsair 200 rgb20:27
gigetoo23yeah but it'll be another week to sort the shit out, blehhh20:28
yolpeciao, su lubuntu 18.04 vorrei poter mettere nella barra sotto, vicino alle connessioni/volume/orologio/ecc.. un bottoncino che mi apra un monitoraggio del traffico dati... non riesco a trovarlo da aggiungi/rimuovi elementi del pannello21:01
yolpea posto trovato grazie... ehhh... non cliccavo aggiungi :)21:04
fishcake18now, for high performance nodes, you want /fast/ storage, fast IO in general, good network performance, and lots of ram and fast cores.21:26
qom-29"Assuming that the compile-time threading mode is not single-thread"21:50
teeceeblockchain slave management22:24
teeceecocreature: Ah yeah my build setup statically links against musl22:24
bertalanp994tolarz: oh i think i get it now ^^22:45
vbernat19mart-ProLiant-ML110-G6 ~ # cat /opt/help.h | wc -l22:49
vbernat19does anyone have experience setting up a pivpn?22:49
klebers13wth, I can't delete this email account on my iphone, the "Delete Account" is missing22:57
VeXocide_8-ball: question22:58
VeXocide_err not dense22:58
c17r1but it doesn't lock the screen23:00
endre25Not any more, I have a leased line23:20
Patternmaster0Awesome, thanks for that.23:37
Patternmaster0"there must be a better way!"23:37

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