krav_6though I guess you could just observe that two different particular choices of A end up requiring different choices of B00:59
krav_6Hey all---how do you make `Nat` from GHC.Types a member of the `Eq` typeclass?00:59
krav_6andrewh: any output there?00:59
krav_6Nah, because when I tin etched PCBs, there's no lead in that.00:59
MATPOCKuHwhat are you expecting to gain from writing it for all MoandError, and not just making it SignupEvent' -> IO () ?01:15
MATPOCKuHdid you use $PATH instead of $path?01:15
MATPOCKuHassuming its 10 on 2nd gen01:15
MATPOCKuHhippie2000: if you can give me the nick I can check what's happening01:15
MATPOCKuHthe popular clients attached sound effects to some words or phrases too01:16
mmedvede13it is the 'git rebase development' part that i had doubts about because feature_branch is public01:28
mmedvede13"leg" is not correct there.01:28
mmedvede13light, i saved your cloak01:28
mmedvede13.c 5300/3601:28
mmedvede13btw, see my vid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGmw7aZjQAc01:28
reepca-laptopSomeone from Ukraine is constantly trying to access my Linux machine and I'm not sure how to block it:01:45
reepca-laptopDebian 8!!!01:45
reepca-laptopanyway, people, please.01:45
reepca-laptopit's terrible :/01:45
scode23and the answer in the solution manual is also -102:14
scode23and this was a popular mod02:14
scode23TJ-:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases  zesty and artful are both EOL - can they be upgraded without doing something special ?02:14
scode23pingfloyd: it doesn't help02:14
juancate23right now I'm trying to work out if it's possible to keep the C feel but improve dependency handling without any losses02:20
juancate23where gmt+102:20
juancate23coz too many proces of tcp proxy02:20
juancate23cmj: Why would I reset it? I haven't even configged it yet. I'm trying to tease out how a pesky proprietary app even talks to it.02:20
cryptk27debiane: It's more like I read about it, then forgot about it, and now I want to solve it myself.03:04
cryptk27blackk: One prominent application was the Adams--Atiyah proof of the Hopf invariant one problem03:04
cryptk27hrnz: A function to be found.03:04
cryptk27jim yap, that happens even on IRC :(03:04
cryptk27Morning o/03:04
Krakke15ananke: and I stand by that03:16
Krakke15err, *inoremap03:16
Krakke15thats just one example ofc, but indicative03:16
Krakke15LazyGnoll: Thanks -- I'll take a look there!03:16
Krakke15Shmam: it probably wont help with the nvme, but you  never know03:16
hkraal0but it needs to hold for all A03:21
hkraal0I get the that the RHS needs to be a constant string expression03:21
hkraal0any output?03:21
hkraal0seeіng іs not ԁoing Aⅼlah iѕ dοіᥒg03:21
hkraal0so i kinda gottta make em work03:21
unknownids_Not sure I do follow but03:31
unknownids_peetaur2: I got the iso for that as well.03:32
unknownids_a____ptr: I don't remember much03:32
unknownids_LikWidChz: and you are only going to talk with experienced people, because that's how you roll?03:32
unknownids_among and what other vulnerbilities does it include (found since then03:32
ineirosNo its' off topiccccc.03:33
ineirosdepilation is awesome too03:33
ineirosthat way you won’t be tempted to ruin the lives of children.03:33
ineirosdc-, yeah, it's across multiple IRC networks.... they are showing how desperate they are03:33
ineirospingou: what exactly? libgit2 update?03:33
Fairy17for example it starts with awk -F '\\' or awk -F '/'05:39
Fairy17i'm just a bit stupid05:39
Fairy17The partitions look OK....1 EFI and 1 Linux05:39
Fairy17xingu: Hardware's identical. Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+05:39
Fairy17but that wouldn't cause disconnections anyways05:39
Gnitset9windows 10 is newer and it has wsl05:53
Gnitset9the book = "Haskell Programming"05:53
Gnitset9main = putStrLn "<<loop>>"05:53
Gnitset9oh, that directly breaks ABI then05:53
Gnitset9hicoleri: (contd.) Do I have to write it in terms of r or is it possible to write it in terms of only the angle k?05:53
Guest58266any designers here?06:39
Guest58266hexchat is decent. weechat if you don't mind cli and a bit of a learning curve06:39
Guest58266do you have uncommitted changes that you wish to keep?06:39
Guest58266yes, old unix boxes are often very loud06:39
Guest58266hm. even though it's now owned by nginx:nginx through all of /var/www via chown -R, I created a test.txt file in the directory and yet /var/log/nginx/error.log is saying Permission denied...06:39
anhj6i suggested bounding the value!06:58
anhj6Maybe later this evening06:58
anhj6well... i dont thhink so06:58
anhj6ollien_: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.06:58
anhj6but it's also just neat fo rthings like:06:58
migy10everyone here writes their own editors using the wonderful yi editor library07:02
migy10There's no need to put the kernel on the USB stick07:02
migy10contracts will still have a cost, though07:02
migy10igemnace: I want to compare the current state whatever it is locally versus the current state on remote07:02
migy10UofC is obviously a very strong school, and I thought many parts of Chicago were nice07:02
wingrime2(With Chrome)07:27
wingrime2When using fast-export | fast-import to copy another repo into another, is there any way to link the old master to the new incoming master?07:27
wingrime2i had anime on vhs07:27
wingrime2GnomeX, but still, does your machine have any kind of button or killswitch for bluetooth? maybe backside of the motherboard?07:27
wingrime2tolt: I'll have a look into them too then, thanks :)07:27
fiQmob11stop obsoleting my machines07:47
fiQmob11Forlorn_: :h :w_c07:47
fiQmob11blackflow: yes, they're forcing07:47
fiQmob11tang^, are you sure?07:47
sns23Masari (MSR) is #802. Last price $0.17 / ฿0.00002719. 24h volume $4,047 changed -4.43%. Market cap $1,226,367. Available / total coin supply 7,010,435 / 7,010,435.07:57
sns23ah, maybe you look for keywords activity... well07:57
sns23rafalcpp: again, assuming the PCI bus (and rest of the PC driving it) can actually achieve 20 gbps07:57
sns23Thank you jim, I am just super noob with postgresql, trying to get a headstart without hearing "RTFM" right now. I am reading the manual right now, but while interacting. Just starting out. Trying not to ask questions until I am someone based in the material.07:57
sns23geordi, --clang int main() { static char arr1[10]; char arr2[10]{}; }07:57
firebird7yeah, that08:08
firebird7S7-GRAPH for charts. and FBD is one of three ways to create a network: STL, LAD and FBD08:08
firebird7if associated types are to be named functional dependencies, then they should be visible to the class head to be constrained08:08
firebird7if you're sure the script is guilty, it must be fixed then08:08
firebird7If I have a loghost with lot of logfiles isnt there a way to rotate the logs without specifying all subdirectories and log filenames?08:08
Guest9609maybe something like Fmap is possible...08:26
Guest9609Am using Ubuntu Unity and I've only used 1.5 gig RAM after having it on for 6+ hours08:26
Guest9609is it fisher-paykel?08:26
Guest9609life would be so much easier if someone could just be arsed to carefully consider and write a bunch of FAQs about the tools we're trying to use08:27
Guest9609And haven't bothered to write a new one <_<08:27
Douhet29"1" and "1" is better08:27
Douhet29 /topic needs an update :)08:27
Douhet29<msmith> in fact, in our environment, our change control is such that the devs don't have access to salt master at all, so either we login to production minions individually or we ticket the required deployment and the infra team deploy08:27
Douhet29This is also not true, except if you squint hard.08:28
Douhet29that should fix it?08:28
kev__Yeah, fat chance. :-D08:55
kev__does this make sense to anyone? I mean https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/2915623/can-i-use-the-idea-from-fourier-series-to-solve-a-simple-discrete-problem-that-i08:55
kev__i'd like to see whether this also shows acpi errors08:55
kev__isn't running emacs one of the signs of a psychopathic mind?08:55
kev__is there some way I can make avr-gcc show its version08:55
madchaplike 4k-1080p transcodes09:11
madchapTuxist, did mknod return an error?09:11
madchapbut it was useless unless you simply wanted to load games from tape and play09:11
madchapthis is now my gfs computer runnig a windows style OS09:11
madchapi meant to say, so the handle has two pieces09:11
DJClean1always know your audience09:14
DJClean1Direct sale at first09:14
DJClean1Might as well be saying "What's this red wire do?09:14
DJClean1hi, i am new to arduino. I have a multi-file project (single .ino file and then a bunch of .h and .cpp files). the C files are included in .ino via a single include (with absolute path) and then included among themselves (kind of daisy chained). I need to alter the C files but if I edit a file and put some garbage lines in it, it wont throw error and will compile fine... looks like the Arduino IDE would have a separate copy of those09:14
DJClean1tried to09:14
DJClean1DDG has no DNS?09:14
ronny[mx]on the start i hat push many time enter to skip the amount of error but than it do the jobn what i need :x09:42
ronny[mx]if you give read no variable name it uses REPLY.09:42
ronny[mx]aging raid set, rebuild, death09:42
ronny[mx]What would the type of the operation you want be?09:42
ronny[mx]That'd be silly. Regular backups are a thing!09:42
ronny[mx]Without the complications of differential geometry.09:42
Project_epsilonWhy not process it in main*10:25
Project_epsilonSo you might have to get her one too.10:25
Project_epsilonBunk, how bout yours?10:25
Project_epsilonalso compress10:25
woggle20nacc: And there is no way to get the harddrives connected?10:35
woggle20It's just a dynamic thing that needs to be done to use ncurses with many possible colors10:35
woggle20that is, a Mac Mini, inside an Apple keyboard with ports out the back10:35
krako17johnw: the machinery around custom combinators has become very opaque and is not documented anywhere10:56
krako17I have a script that sets an event when something is ready. It loops and fills syslog because it uses sudo. Is it possible to only use sudo once? https://dpaste.de/ao6o10:56
krako17isn't there a flag to give to vim, to interpret the script  ?10:56
krako17maybe there are several enemies10:56
Guest13794environmental conservation11:07
Guest13794how do i call functions inline in vimscript?11:08
Guest13794check out how nice this is https://imgur.com/TSu2uet11:08
Valentine9Seems to me most use emacs.11:47
Valentine9peksi: You can /join #archlinux now.11:47
Valentine9Do you want to do  "lp  to paste that string "line1/nline2" ?11:48
jwheare0kevin__: to tell you i'm sorry for everythin' i've done12:18
jwheare0Maybe it isn't.12:18
jwheare0how does it do that?12:18
jwheare0you have `A :: (Int -> Int) -> *', not `A :: * -> *'12:18
tirohia6lboileau yeah makes sense13:08
tirohia6(they have different performance in different contexts)13:08
tirohia6actually..... maybe I'll just hard code a lookup13:08
Nicmavr9frelleck: see also   https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1229945/looking-for-an-example-of-a-gcd-domain-which-is-not-a-ufd13:17
Nicmavr9「Rapid (10+0) casual Chess • Challenge from Anonymous • lichess.org」13:17
Nicmavr9also "Monad" is a big scary word for a deceptively simple concept13:17
Nicmavr9I download from Main Server13:17
Nicmavr9setup some sort of private ipv6 network on my machine and write iptables rules to route traffic lol?13:17
Nicmavr9like an email address regex13:18
Renegade334that doesn't mean it doesn't have windows line endings13:30
Renegade334it can be quite a bit of work sometimes13:30
Renegade334host: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.13:30
tomwassenberg14did you set PKGNAME? If so you may avoid this except if you have a reason13:40
tomwassenberg14I guess reference are a bit odd because you can't just dereference them like you would with a pointer13:40
tomwassenberg14Fuchikoma_ just linked to The Acrylamide in Coffee Won't Give You Cancer, CALIFORNIA - YouTube - Healthcare Triage13:40
tomwassenberg14Emil, what if your counter overflows?13:40
tomwassenberg14J9: I'm doing the opposite, I am watching film I shipped from here which is slowly on its way to San Jose.13:40
baiguaiso i found this machine13:47
baiguaihubatrix http://www.glennklockwood.com/hpc-howtos/process-affinity.html13:47
baiguaii'm using package.yaml ? no i'm not using it13:47
Cassapanco8greycat: (assign it to a variable first?)13:48
sparr7But at the end of the day.14:05
sparr7> almostIncreasingSequence [1,2,1,2]14:05
sparr7they just arent software developers.. so the software they develop are usually hard to read or very badly designed14:05
sparr7I agree it would be quite useful.14:05
grenade20oh thats it lol?14:08
grenade20i'm gone14:08
grenade20it was for a user on the channel #ubuntu-fr, i copy/paste your answer14:09
rogerhfuck fuck fuck14:13
rogerhupsert is definitely a solution, but Im living in this weird ORM/raw-queries where we are relying on ORM heavily, and my ORM doesn't have atomic upsert available14:13
rogerhthey're comware based HPE switches.  they show the LAG as up already with no LACP configuration done on the dvswitch yet14:13
rogerhi'll reboot the live cd one time to start fresh14:13
rogerhɡɑⅼaxіeѕ аrе not dοⅰᥒg Allɑһ is dοіᥒɡ14:13
rogerhit's something completely different when you have to guess who knows what, and how. mostly because the mind runs wild imagining the worst possible scenarios to fill in the blanks14:13
ZLSA12UserUS: so your server offers IKEv2 *and* PPTP?14:16
ZLSA12and that's all just another way of saying what Hello71 said: put it in order14:16
ZLSA12Jik: Sorry, what do you mean?14:16
ZLSA12Milesy, not a big deal.  it's just if you really don't like how slow it is, there may be a way to dramatically improve the speed.14:16
ZLSA12computeiro: In bash, a list of things is expressed using arrays: things=( Bob "Long John" /home/* ). Do NOT use string variables (things="Bob Long John /home/*") and do NOT use wordsplitting: for thing in $(find /things/*). See !arrays !wordsplitting !drlwf !quotewhen14:16
wkalt18since you have 12 spots14:21
wkalt18what is a specific use of integration and derivation14:21
wkalt18    Perhaps you meant ‘BS.pack’ (imported from Data.ByteString)14:21
AciD`12jim, here is what I did: https://gist.github.com/ericshawlinux/c522afa1b05eaa24150fe66de57c20be/revisions14:24
AciD`12hap donate 12$ bilion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamer-Bhasha_Dam14:24
AciD`12for rotation matrices Rx, Ry, Rz?14:24
wagaf13What is a ranking and why do I want it to be sensible?14:45
wagaf13Voron - (RU - netname: RU-KUBGSM-20030923)14:45
wagaf13since first bios heart beat it's behaving as expected.14:45
lmiphay_not the numbers themselves14:52
lmiphay_You still need to quote.14:52
lmiphay_did you have something else as your password before14:52
FiftyOneFifty0e.g. --items=a,b,c15:22
FiftyOneFifty0As it is now, it's pretty specific as far as the steps I made, specific to my experience, anyway15:22
FiftyOneFifty0but could something similar been done with iscsi15:22
FiftyOneFifty0Bilbo: proper maintenance would prevent this15:22
FiftyOneFifty0it would be identical code for each version.15:22
Erenzie3It's Friday night *and* winter here :)15:24
Erenzie3i think he's pulling15:24
Erenzie3what device in the computer has a RJ11 port?15:24
Erenzie3phadej: your sentence is not helpful. if it was part of my common sense, I wouldn't have asked15:24
Erenzie3Seems like you compiled perl yourself?15:24
Erenzie3like a plant15:24
kenzierocks17so... where is the Mac Mini at there Apple? hmmmmmmm15:42
kenzierocks17riotz: I'm not sure that that's a definition that is broadly agreed upon. many seem to consider code injection and command injection as being distinct.15:42
kenzierocks17compdoc, if it does work what would that mean?15:42
kenzierocks17did you zero the private region ?15:42
wingman210chewbacca defense.15:54
wingman210also the integral thing i mentioned, where you can measure a 1-form using elements of the first homology15:54
wingman210apps running on that same TTY15:54
wingman210Oh and the reason I asked is because I wasn't sure about applying volatile to a struct.15:54
wingman210chron0: rofl, no kidding right?15:54
wingman210fromBeyond: yes, in that command, replace the semicolon15:54
Kinroy1Metalsutton just linked to www.youtube.com (POP Avdel ProSert® XTN20 Tool Demonstration - YouTube)16:40
Kinroy1https://www.postgresql.org/docs/devel/static/monitoring-stats.html doesn't seem to include anything about procedures.16:40
Kinroy1no clue what arguments you're passing in practice.16:40
Kinroy1People still use php. Offtopic anyway16:40
mzee1000_for zen 2nd gen, pbo overclock is 4.0ghz -> 4.3 ghz (single thread)17:03
mzee1000_algebro: Was away from keyboard for a while. When there are no nvram entries it searches all the devices for EFI system partitions, and looks for .efi files in a list of standard locations. Maybe that's why it found you usb stick after you accidently deleted your other nvram entry on your laptop.17:03
mzee1000_but not as weird as some other stuff17:03
mzee1000_Find x if f(x)=2x^3+5x+3 and f^-1(x)=117:03
bl4ckb0ne24WOW! REALLY?17:11
bl4ckb0ne24just git submodule update17:11
bl4ckb0ne24bunch of babies17:11
eddynetweb24Guys, I run this, and "--" isn't respected, the command breaks: git rev-parse --verify --quiet -- master. Isn't this a bug?17:15
eddynetweb24now, convince yourself that a^k has order 12 only if (k,12)=117:15
eddynetweb24phogg: good17:15
eddynetweb24the good thing about there not being a heaven is that you can expect it all your life and never know17:15
eddynetweb24Not "when there is a change in"17:15
blb18wanna see my capacitor17:22
blb18you can keep it open but I guess you need to uninstall it17:22
blb18but the mode completely failing to work ever is a violation17:22
blb18p3rL: hack some autostart to the geni17:22
blb18Very weird17:22
xb1_abc_: It's invaluable when compiling C programs from source since you might need outdated libs17:38
hasufell_but the electromagnetic interaction is mediated by photons18:01
hasufell_i'm really bummed, my second monitor rotation stopped working after `apt-get upgrade`18:01
hasufell_sorry i am lazy to type detailed words18:01
fl00dsomeone has the password to the DNS zone editor? they can add subdomains18:06
fl00dyou can't have X and Y be the same18:06
fl00dfeels like a deadly "silent hill" version of ##C18:06
fl00dOr smth like that.18:06
fl00d5km running , then a bunch of blacksmitthing18:06
harrigan21ldz27: the probabilities of each bit are: 1st bit: 3/6 (uniform), 2nd bit: 2/6 (biased), 3rd bit: 2/6 (biased)18:40
harrigan21that'll change a hexchat setting so it waits longer before joining channels18:40
harrigan21or magnetic tape and hdd?18:40
harrigan21worstje: did it fail anything in smart?18:40
ZeroFlame0070100,000 reboots a day is hell on metal19:03
ZeroFlame0070de-facto: usually options go in via /etc/modprobe.d/ files19:03
ZeroFlame0070instance (A q,B p q) => A p cant use q in the body of the instance even with ScopedTypeVariables, UndecidableInstances + AllowAmbiguousTypes. something says use proxy, but its a class...19:03
ZeroFlame0070Hello people19:03
JD|cloud8h_1, h_n  must be real coefficient19:08
JD|cloud8Bajax: That would be a sign the hardware is unstable19:09
JD|cloud8what i learned here is that if you do recovery only based on signature and message, there is an ambiguity that there can be up to 2 or 4 different pubkeys that would actually match, and this is why SECP256k1 recovery invented the "recovery id" which is a value 0 - 3, which shows I think where in the coordinate system in the elliptic crypto that the pubkey is located -19:09
arsenereiI have a state that I am running on roughly 60 minions, each minion runs the state just fine with no errors. However, on one minion it never compiles the state and it gives me a message saying "Rendering SLS 'base:state-q-prod' failed: while parsing a block mapping in "<string>", line 14, column 1:19:29
arsenereijp, https://pastebin.com/qvALr0zR19:29
arsenereidoing Tai Chi.19:29
arsenereido 'they' buy until it goes above $30019:29
arsenereii see. nice weed, though19:29
tcsiwulaworked for the gestapo AND the nkvd19:38
tcsiwulaI was told that algebraic topology “doesn't like” spaces like Q. :-(19:38
tcsiwulasnakeofeden I bet you've tried some freaky shit19:38
gluon23But then I remember that the entire point to rigor was to make proofs more reliable, rather than rigor for its own sake. And maybe in this particular case the fully rigorous approach is actually less reliable than just looking at drawings.20:15
gluon23gtmanfred: haha20:15
gluon23check is not doing Allah is doing20:15
gluon23using printf correctly, indeed.  look how many times we have to correct people that don't use a format string with it.20:15
ivom7tulir: that'd only apply if you had the app open though20:17
ivom7you might consider just not helping, instead of going on about it20:17
ivom7this is the content20:17
ivom7detha, nothing about the port flaps . Is there a way I can enable a more detailed logging?20:17
kambizKanekiKun, please see my private message20:18
kambizxz -vT 0 too see how much data is processed?20:18
kambizMOBO is correct. \20:18
kambiztriceratux, It's a rolling release20:18
kambizer, not MED, PSL?20:19
waxwing21okay, apparently it works when I use "Freenode" in the password, instead of "freenode" (lower-case). It relays the messages in both cases, but when used in lower case it's one way only20:51
waxwing21Man i get cyber larping vibes everywhere20:51
waxwing21Abstraction is done by looking at lots of examples.20:51
aramiscd28Can I start a mine on a cold purse, and transfer the already imbalanced balance to it?20:54
aramiscd28I back up CrystalMath20:54
aramiscd28hi, Why did my payment proceed? if you do not request it..... pls help20:54
aramiscd28even coremotion controls needs machine learning20:54
KirkMcDonald26there are several of us in here doing his, but im not really seeing what you actually do atm20:54
aramiscd28The easiest way to set passwords by hand is to use psql to log in as the postgres user, then use \password to set the password of the user you want.20:54
KirkMcDonald26oh it's jasabella !20:54
aramiscd28davidfetter_: system administrator stuff or programming?20:54
giuseppe10I strongly prefer mariadb if you have to run mysql. I personally use postgresql, and no, it's not hard to use.20:55
giuseppe10Doct: because {} for arrays is for initializers20:55
giuseppe10then i did service networking restart and got same error : ifup: failed to bring up vmbr020:55
TMan45923I doubt postmarketos is useful on the n900 .. honestly20:58
TMan45923mouse considered harmful20:58
TMan45923Hi Wafficus20:58
dem0amtech is a made-in-USA brand, you can find a lot of RMA-223 on ali for a tenth of that price, made in china21:02
dem0erm3nda: like?21:02
dem0OK noones helping so bye.21:02
dem0I turned on my laptop this morning and half the text is tiny, the pattern *I think* is related to KDE, because this affected Konsole,CLion, the Taskbar and notifications. but not Chrome and Electron Apps.21:02
dem0the push succeeded21:02
autoprime24non scientific test from my couch :P21:13
autoprime24stɑrs are not doⅰng Аⅼlaһ іѕ ԁoіnɡ21:13
autoprime24Tomis it will be worth it then21:13
barhom26where would I find the iso images that the koji builders use?  I'm looking specifically for i686 and ppc (big endian)21:52
barhom26mscable: it has been long time ago21:52
barhom26can do 3466 on 2 sticks21:52
barhom26i sometimes suck at arithmetic21:52
Von_Croy9cbreak: too easy, thank you22:07
Von_Croy9cocreature: Languages never die.22:07
Von_Croy9davor, you mean your spikes and dips?22:07
Tew19Monero price in USD = $127.6522:34
Tew19figuring it our urself has to be best way22:34
YpsTrue... but thats not something you should be doing normally22:35
Ypsthere are different ones depending on the editor22:35
Ypsi found this one https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/electronics-fundamentals22:36
dbpiv8im an experiment22:52
dbpiv8Gargron has 1 karma over the last year22:52
dbpiv8emacstheviking: `Int + Float` won't compute, unless you happen to have a data constructor named Int and Float.22:52
dbpiv8byorgey: So, whatever (\ a b -> case ltWord# a b of { 0# -> case gtWord# a b of { 0# -> Nothing; _ -> GT }; _ -> LT }) or the alternative with Word instead of Word#.22:52
dbpiv8don't know how I managed to do that what a nightmare22:52
PennStater10No stack, but i didn't ever run cabal configure, trying that23:49
PennStater10Yeah, I'm starting to have more sympathy for all the "I'm switching distros because I hate systemd" people.23:50
PennStater10win 3.11 would be good as well23:50
PennStater10again is this under the bash rc file though? I ask because I tried reading the man page, and its pretty damn big for bash, so I figured you guys might know where to look23:50
PennStater10limbo_: You would have to make some kind of a PCB based adaptor, AFAIK.23:50
m_tadeu12that's what's returned by "new int"23:55
m_tadeu12For me, so far, it just adds an layer of annoyance to work around in the most general case. And it's not exactly hard to add MonadIO later23:55
m_tadeu12I could help you chown and rm a few things.23:55
m_tadeu12but there's DVI, mini-DVI, DisplayPort, mini-Displayport23:55
m_tadeu12was tracking another package on local post23:55

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