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cpaelzergood morning04:53
lordievaderGood morning06:27
jrwrenusing this filter: 'google us-east1 20180920' on https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/locator/daily/ I can see that I should use daily-ubuntu-1804-bionic-v20180920 as my image name in GCE, but what is the name of the ubuntu image-project in GCE?15:02
fdelgadoHi people!19:19
fdelgadoSome of you knows where to download a good manual for linux?19:23
sarnoldfdelgado: the server guides have downloadable PDFs https://help.ubuntu.com/19:25
geniiFor general linux knowledge, the Linux Documentation Project is also a good resource. https://www.tldp.org/19:55
FuturianThe server guides are exceptional in my opinion..20:04
jrwreni agree. Ubuntu Server Guide is a treasure.20:07
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guardianhello, I'm surprised I install ubuntu server but it didn't ask nor configure the timezone20:32
guardianis it expected?20:32
guardiancan this be caused by having no DHCP on the VLAN from which I intalled ubuntu server?20:39
jrwrenmost servers run configured to UTC, so I would guess that it is by design.20:40
guardianthen I've things to learn20:45
guardianwhy are they configured to UTC?20:45
maxhDoes anyone know if OpenSSL 1.1.1 will be in Cosmic? (Or, more specifically, if TLS 1.3 will be supported?)20:47
sdezielmaxh: it will as it's in -proposed already20:56
sdezielmaxh: I've also heard that it would eventually be backported to Bionic for TLS 1.3 enablement :)20:57
maxhExcellent! :D21:03
sarnoldahasenack: congratulations :)22:08
ahasenacksarnold: thanks! :)23:24

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