puiterwijk14the point isn't that you need an irc bouncer...00:17
puiterwijk14but.. how can I plot sqrt(3) for x00:17
puiterwijk14autopsy: .xprofile is gdm specific.00:17
puiterwijk14and the maintainer is retarded00:17
puiterwijk14in dmesg i get "device must be connected to a high speed USB 2.0 port", but AFAIK, the card supports 2.0 on all ports00:17
atroxes4wtf is a dns00:23
atroxes4so basically in the _arguments syntax `+[...]' means the description of what the option does. e.g. `-v -- show  verbose'00:23
atroxes4how can I execute multiple commands on an autocmd?00:23
atroxes4how long have i been in a coma00:23
atroxes4plex doesn't care afaik00:23
eska18The size of your RAM I guess00:56
eska18looks good. handy website for these questions is https://crontab.guru00:56
Dawidek14yeah but it's not worth all the extra mappings for me01:49
Dawidek14i'm not feeling very dynamic right now01:49
Dawidek14ok, that's another indication that it truly is lockin gup01:49
Dawidek14(:.$$$) (f :: a ~> b) (g :: b ~> c) :: a ~> c01:49
kosfunny sad?01:56
kostheBear: No, cotton towels.01:56
usecrypto_good idea about discord plugin for irssi without bitlbee01:56
kosMeiR: actually, if you don't give him su but only sudo, and nail that down properly, that'd be much saner01:56
usecrypto_didn't believe it, tried, regretted01:56
kosCompu-Celebi:  you didn't check if a firewall on the Linux machine blocked netbios!01:56
usecrypto_es le poopoo01:56
kosThe AMD workarounds at least don't have as big of a performance hit, so there's that I guess..01:56
usecrypto_you have 150 lines of C and SDL2 at your disposal01:56
usecrypto_while booting which version of what how?01:56
dsc_25lhunath_: pkgconfig ?01:59
dsc_25xocolatl: so UUIDs have a collision space.01:59
dsc_25news does have its issues, but we dont want to provide too many services outside nextcloud, it breaks the experience for those less tech savy, and creates confusion. but indeed atm news is not being actively developed and might be we will be forced to change. but thats only when we are forced to.01:59
dsc_25irks me the backgrounds always land at the last minute :-/02:00
dhill_18Actually, someone else is already loading releases into github: https://github.com/larryhe/tinyhttpd03:12
dhill_18fairly :>03:13
dhill_18oh goddamn storm killing my interwebs just when i need it :/03:13
dhill_18then it should be about that... fix your master, force push, ask your boss to fetch and reset its master.03:13
dhill_184KB Random Read03:13
nktech113514photoshop is also a bloated piece of shit with the creative cloud that shits itself and doesn't want to get uninstalled because windows has no package management07:12
nktech113514int-e: Depends on the degree. My N900 has plenty of RAM for argon2d. If only its old browser supported WebCrypto. :P07:12
nktech113514!vars  | # http_host07:13
nktech113514S_Gautam: best i can do is turn this into 4*sin(pi/18)^2*sin(5pi/18)^2*sin(7pi/17)^207:13
nktech113514it's like the 10 hour iPad battery life - actual daily use of the ideal user07:13
sng21john_doe_jr, %s/foo/bar/gI would replace in the whole buffer with case sensitivity07:37
sng21mancha: TLS 1.2 required TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA, IIRC. Which people disable somewhat commonly now.07:37
sng21i have cuda-repo-ubuntu1710-9-2-local_9.2.148-1_amd64.deb and cuda-repo-ubuntu1710-9-2-148-local-patch-1_1.0-1_amd64.deb07:37
sng21kurahaupo: That's not UB, that's an optional implementation-defined07:37
sng21I think there are some courses available on Udemy07:37
niiko_14FrozenFox: You can try using an approximate formula, for example as Dr. Cook does https://www.johndcook.com/blog/2010/08/16/how-to-compute-log-factorial/07:45
niiko_14yes, i was having a hissie fit before...07:45
niiko_14BeOS is why my guy07:45
niiko_14benbrown: you really have no clue.07:45
niiko_14sorry, it's a bit low res - but you should be able to make things out07:45
automagic14yes for sure it should work fine without any problems with good service support08:28
automagic14i can raid0 2x 500gb 960 tho08:28
automagic14fiⅼᥱsysteⅿ ԁoes ᥒot writе wіtһοᥙt pеrmiѕѕⅰഠn of ɑⅼⅼɑh08:28
automagic14andre@ubuntu-2gb-fra1-01:/home/viktor$ cat /etc/vsftpd.userlist08:28
kepstin27but thats no low level lol09:10
kepstin27subnuclear, the lines of the form     Serial.print("Particles > 1.0um / 0.1L air:"); Serial.println(data.particles_10um);  might be turned into a function that constructs the parts of the string literal that change leaving single instantces of "Particles > "  "um / " and "L air:".  it *may* help.  couldn't sayg for sure without testing.09:11
kepstin27fatpointer: we're ok with answering github questions as long as they don't get out of hand.09:11
kepstin27thank you my dudes09:11
kepstin27Gurkenglas: Naah, this breaks deriving in really obnoxious ways09:11
ArmOrAttAkYeah but I also don't know if this user is just deleteing old messages as a "fix" and then old things are being downloaded again. I talked to her and she said she deleted all mail from 2012-2015 but it's downloading again presumably09:41
ArmOrAttAkbefore we get to your solution, I have a question about typeOf09:41
ArmOrAttAkI guess Reimannian is more general and can work on any smooth surface yeah?09:41
ArmOrAttAkjust to home made fresh from farm bugers smushed into a steak patty09:41
ivanf22actually only thing I did was update10:21
ivanf22yo duude10:21
jxf26I can't remember....10:47
jxf26oh I see. whenever someone says what wm they use, they reply with KDE, rather than plasma which confused me10:47
jxf26Psi-Jack: welp I assumed kthreadd would run as PID 010:47
jxf26I got a Cisco RSV4000 router from St. Vincent De Paul (a second-hand store), and I gave up because it doesn't support IPv6 for WAN.10:47
Wiwi_ilmari: Why does it allow you to change it? It introduces so much complexity.10:55
Wiwi_git reset --hard <good_commit> then and push with --force10:55
Wiwi_"tc1 control register A"10:55
Wiwi_yes use sasl10:55
Wiwi_yep seems like someone just got themselves confused by the corner cases :)10:55
Wiwi_I've just always used stdio.h10:55
jd11KipperedSnack: Canada10:57
jd11MannyLNJ: you said /sdb4, which is a weird place to have a device file. I assume you meant a file in /dev/10:57
jd11dmaetpo: that's in place for some IRC ranges that we have detected abuse from.10:57
jd11Watcvh out!10:57
UncleSamItsMeLenny: XCthAngband?12:03
UncleSamBuffer overflows can be caught easily... just i < x.size()...12:03
UncleSama diffraction grating is a creative idea for this.  never tried to separate a cd or dvd to get one, so no clue how good or bad it works to split the spectrum.  giving them that one since i don't know any better.12:03
UncleSamyeh mine has windows or other which just turns it off ^_^12:03
UncleSamMaybe I should ask in #security or #networking ?12:03
UncleSamit wouldn't mess up your WD12:03
Guest74005then you're fscked :p12:12
Guest74005use +g if you arent' registered12:13
Guest74005a link you consider to be potentially highly dangerous so you.. paste it into a channel12:13
Guest74005i would prefer that12:13
Guest74005im jelly he has time and money for a custom loop12:13
V1s1bleThen install steam and you're good to go12:45
V1s1blebut, as most people in here12:45
V1s1blebut it definitely was slower than xvid12:45
Corran28pingfloyd, thanks for picking up the slack12:52
Corran28I know about "GLPI" tool which is has a plugin for this and works good. But i wonder if there was a more simple application only for this purpose of "reservations"12:52
Corran28I remember them having troubles keeping the process using less than 15gigs of ram.12:52
Corran28ok does fdisk give the uuid?12:52
Corran28anybody used the vim plugin for rails?12:53
Corran28its fairly low level btw12:53
vodoo_tawr: shit12:56
vodoo_but still strangly likeable12:56
vodoo_No, never btrfs. heh12:56
qison the phone irccloud13:32
qiscan you suggest me suitable gpu for kwin's compositing? I don't want to have graphic glitches please13:32
qisso i will have ext2 500M efi 100M13:32
qisand rec a no clean flux plz13:32
bachler11DLange: It's amazing how often those sites get a 300% speedup when you've go AdBlock keeping them from pulling in 50 other resources13:40
bachler11Not a lot of poisons pack the kind of punch you need for almost instantaneous death though13:40
bachler11Lol why?13:41
tra_but with a very limited impact13:41
bachler11okay, thanks, I have a semirecent backup so I'll try13:41
tra_implying everything is a derivative of firefox or chromium13:41
bachler11hi all, I've enabled "Jumbo Frames" on my NAS device, thus the MTU is set to 9000 now. (at home, all devices connected with ethernet).    How can I checke if the network hub my PC is connected to supports 9000?13:41
tra_well, K stood for kill, so not entirely arbitrary13:41
tra_lin_noob: grub2 preceded uefi. it was the replacement for grub 0.97 which had too many limitations13:41
tra_ooh, Reeder guy confirmed Reeder 4 is coming13:41
mmi10why? i can just sniff all your data. i have no need to connect13:47
mmi10Needs more mayonaisse13:47
mmi10sud0x3: that was just for testing to see if it was only a problem on my windows computer13:47
mmi10I didn't want to alienate some of the people that I didn't know that well too much, so I played it a little bit safe and did not include anything gory (plus I'm not a fan of gore)13:48
mmi10a + 2   has no function13:48
qzo24not their fault, but that's what happened14:01
qzo24please don't burn me at the stake ;)14:01
qzo24hanetzer: to make java use a custom ld-linux without patching java elf14:01
qzo24Output seeking will always take longer the further in your seeking. Output seeking processes the input from 0 up to the time you're seeking, and processing the input takes time. I have no idea why input seeking isn't working for you though, is there any pattern to what "half of the timesets" works and what doesn't?14:01
qzo24HAH! Too funny. The 2GB stick I found is juuuuuust a little too small for the Ubuntu 18.04.1 ISO.14:01
qzo24I didn't bring up rights and stuff.14:02
secynic27how does one find ths number of solutions of the equation xlnx = \lambda; \lambda \in |R?14:15
secynic27http://linuxwireless.sipsolutions.net/en/users/Drivers/b43/ <instructions14:15
secynic27https://pastebin.com/auTBjp4b whats wrong in this , why my flags are not getting intitated14:15
chingcodesi chuckle all the time~14:22
chingcodesRiastradh: I'm referring to the possibility of generating priv/pub keys independently from each other; forming a tree-like structure; based on a deterministicaly generated nonce14:22
chingcodesand everybody misunderstood what he said14:22
chingcodesIf you know what type is in that container, just store that type, not some base.14:22
povilas18splud: that would be contrary to my weight loss goal15:05
povilas181200W PSU15:05
povilas18Paste from Membear: [ https://paste.ngx.cc/51 ]15:05
whyz0siracusa's mac pro has only been $250/year ;)15:11
whyz0Not quite the same as the Cartesian product15:11
whyz0I've spent plenty of time thinking about this 15:11
whyz0but density != volume15:11
whyz0those types of places, are where we offer a variety of wired/wifi connections, but it requires the group of local residents/businesses to do most of the work15:11
whyz0its like the same value for the entire method int he stack from the method argument15:11
Merry__19m_ben: but not all symbols of powerline shows15:27
Merry__19can I import data constructors qualified?15:27
floreo24RAM is new tech? Lol. And its not like anyone actually notices the difference between DDR4 and DDR315:27
floreo24I'm getting this error message 140522339600024:error:0406506C:rsa routines:RSA_EAY_PRIVATE_DECRYPT:data greater than mod len:rsa_eay.c:518:  When i'm trying to decrypt encrypted text15:27
Merry__19look for benchmarks when choosing ofc15:27
floreo24ShadowJK: yeah anti nuclear types are usually pseudoscience peddlers15:27
datakurre26Okay, here's the important part. THe only important part. There exists a string that will be matched against two patterns. I don't know what that string is ahead of time, but must find out which combinations of matches and misses against the two patterns are possible.15:27
datakurre26is there a way i can change which junk folder is used15:27
datakurre26"yum search tomcat" is a command15:27
datakurre26by Jerry Marsden15:27
datakurre26Yeah, I'm talking about for a bluetooth keyboard paired to an iPad 15:27
datakurre26what does it look like?15:27
mozzarella29i have this in my .profile https://paste.pound-python.org/show/9EZN3LhkHudHt6psTqzO/ but echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is empty. And cuda lib seems to work fine when I run tensorflow. This leaves me confused.15:45
mozzarella29are you sure it's that long?15:45
mozzarella29Myon: but indeed, that was my initial though, if I am inserting a bunch of rows, and I rowback, my index will be bloated, since the index is updated row by row that is inserted, not when the commit is issued.15:46
arubizcoin ded?15:52
arubiOh, right, the mathematical thing15:52
arubiany way to monitor the commands that users enter in ssh ?15:52
=== arubi is now known as Guest68746
Donran6yeah, autounmask does that (though I don't agree)15:52
Donran6when reading /proc/stat or similar files, are they generated every time they are read or are they generated anyway15:52
Donran6Stutters, do you have your mysqld set to run as mysql user?15:52
Donran6woggle, they also offer paid certs15:53
Donran6check the pastebin listed above, thats what listed in the erb15:53
ntg4Triffid_Hunter: And output of "ping google.com" is PING google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.16:04
ntg4mancha, no the diagonal matrix doesn't have all ones16:04
ntg4yep, just tried with bash and it's the usual input16:04
dotdot1Deadbody13: https://www.musl-libc.org/intro.html16:29
dotdot1you can't get a new wagon, its a part of the house16:29
dotdot1with specific names ...16:29
dotdot1he wanted that to be told to him16:29
revprez_stg1and for types that don't have an operator<, you can pass a custom comparator16:37
revprez_stg1everything i say is purlly fictional16:37
revprez_stg1ios classic is no longer developped?16:38
systemdP-hsn: use git push --follow-tags to push any tag that is reachable by a branch ref that you push16:44
systemdP-CPngN 2 Broke Girls16:44
systemdP-dunno, is the SDR/HDR info listed in mediainfo output?16:44
tristanrhodes_Stuff like that. It's hard to write mappings etc. that work in Vim (or vi) and also nvi.17:06
tristanrhodes_kline: one works one doesn't17:06
tristanrhodes_uh, doesnt /script update and /script upgrade keep all scripts up to date?17:06
tristanrhodes_LucidDreamZzZ: it's about data ownership not ownership of the host17:06
roppert25build as a non-priv user so you don't blow up your system17:33
roppert25and click the blue generate button17:33
roppert25Yeah, I'm just trying to think of how to `free` the allocated memory now, without going crazy and using memcpy and all the other craziness17:33
hank22Will be forwarding errors in a future releases.18:36
hank22ubuntuwire: export DISPLAY=:0.1 ; midori18:36
hank22crazybit: Asrock Fatal1ty Pro Gaming, X37018:36
rhg13525This is what happens when I'm zoomed in18:45
rhg13525I'm trying to stop server.app without taking it out entirely18:45
rhg13525Trying to dispel myths.18:45
itimmerᎪlⅼɑh is doіᥒg18:47
itimmerarpad2: so the root issue there is that nvidia's drivers anre not open source and ubuntu developers, like those of every other linux distro, can only do as much as taking what they are given and try to make this work. this has also taken place for 18.04, but apparently what nvida made available is neither working out of the box, nor does it work very well even after tweaking it. there is this PPA which makes available newer versions of this18:47
itimmerIs your hard drive constipated?  Get Disk Dumper™!18:47
itimmer*sigh* well, I'll stop while I'm ahead, before EVERYTHING stops working lol18:47
itimmern2 yeah..thats why I didn't say it was 'everything' :P18:47
itimmerA fully integrated design is a more efficient design. Piece-meal upgrading is an illusion.18:47
steveklabnikJava > C++19:47
steveklabniknah US19:48
steveklabnikif it weren't for the FUCKING CLASSFUL FUCKING ADDRESSING that the Windows VPN client still believes in19:48
derk0pf14Secure boot can be a pain, i had to get keys out of my bios an put them on a usb key19:48
derk0pf14because there are 2 basis states19:48
derk0pf14Usb to serial x 219:48
Jad27jnewt: those are led bulbs?20:00
Jad27debouncer: if you need something reliable, you might want to use a VPN, a VPS or connect via Tor  (instructions on our website, needs some extra steps)20:00
Jad27or the official one20:00
charles81_10you're running this statement for each row?20:02
charles81_10yea as long as you dont allow some shmuck to execute code on your box youre safe from all that20:02
charles81_10so vulkan/gl/opencl20:02
charles81_10shapr: Hi. I kind of dropped off IRC as I was using internal stuff I couldn't really ask/answer questions about in public.20:02
Guest25746Dagmar: i've read articles online written by people that swear once they stopped fapping for a few months they got their energy back, confidence back, motivation back, etc20:11
Guest25746I wrote several recursive descent parsers in Java and C, and decided that was a difficult task, but it's much easier in Haskell.20:11
Guest25746I would guess the largest group of people with that working are using intero20:11
Guest25746as if all systems were Linux20:11
Guest25746Stutters, yes find the comment on the user mysqld runs as and uncomment it adding mysql as a user to run as.20:11
Guest25746I am looking for a Debian stretch tutorial to configure my Debian with my ldap server.20:11
Tetsumaki16The only thing worse is someone who still using control in it's default spot 20:23
Tetsumaki16at least, in that form. but it led to three more useful ones: Applicative, Profunctor, and Category20:23
bluemaex7the worst best chat ever :D20:23
Tetsumaki16you can do $a or A20:23
bluemaex7need some puppet help newbie here20:23
bluemaex7also note how melzi doesnt work with normal arduino ide20:23
bluemaex7fedorafan: well, only 4.4 and 4.15 are supported on 16.0420:23
bluemaex7sure the weight of the building helped the crash20:23
raeburn12he bugs a lot of people I've come to find20:30
raeburn12Dwarf, pm me so i dont forget you for a minute20:30
raeburn12chris349, on a clean tree, on the production branch, you can try `git merge master -Xtheirs`20:30
raeburn12i'm really trying to sway you to debian/gentoo at this point, hehe20:30
raeburn12there is no going through the dir. you just have to check if a specific filename exists.20:30
pRiVi17panther99: alright, so open a new terminal and run "echo $PATH". is the path that you added in there?20:49
pRiVi17Literally every high end Windows laptop has TB3 now20:49
pRiVi17maybe I should explain why I want to do this, because my approach might be wrong.20:49
meineerde23colo-work: ^^21:06
meineerde23and my class is fully qualified21:06
meineerde23the tree?21:07
meineerde23otherwise, I'd just open a new issue on the weechat repo, link to issue 35421:07
meineerde23`-- Logs begin at Fri 2018-09-07 18:20:12 UTC, end at Fri 2018-09-07 19:04:23 UTC-- No entries --`21:07
earlybird1did you consider removing the need for this altogether?  write a server that removes the nul bytes on the fly upon request21:23
earlybird1would arch be a good idea? I want it to work just in a limited environment with only terminals21:23
moritz1LDAP seems complicated and difficult to manage21:30
moritz1(it probably isn't)21:30
moritz1copy as you wish, just dont use them after event whern they are invalidated21:30
psy_16ghci has the somewhat weird behavior of defaulting to [(Tree (), String)] in this case23:07
psy_16one more thing i have Shockwave Flash installed23:07
psy_16i dont need a powerful laptop, i just need a new one :/23:07
mrc0mmand4garyzeasshole when oneliner miner?23:17
mrc0mmand4(Stream a, Natural) is iso to  Store Natural a23:17
mrc0mmand4maybe paste the actual output you're getting so someone can help. I'm on my way out the door23:18
mrc0mmand4How is R complete when a/b where b=0 has a hole?23:18
mrc0mmand4A half way bouncer23:18
mrc0mmand4use typedef then23:18
dragly_1superkuh: Which then?23:48
dragly_1i hate badging23:48
dragly_1Pirate, you can try to chat with me23:48
dragly_1errr s/treat/tread/23:48
dragly_1cocreature: I have a brilliant proof of that but sadly it won't fit into the margins of this IRC channel.23:48
dragly_1maxima is pregnant :D23:48
dtantsur|afk13So he can get a shell and run gcc only just about.23:59
dtantsur|afk13J9: that looks like a proper drill bit... i had one that i managed to do THAT with: http://www.cyrom.org/palbum/main.php?g2_itemId=14784&g2_imageViewsIndex=123:59
dtantsur|afk13i am of the opinion people can disagree23:59

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