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Alram9yea, we pampen it ^^00:24
halfhalo1but I guess it strikes me as a sensible thing to do00:29
halfhalo1ccppuu, just reading what I see :P00:29
halfhalo1i'll make your DESTDIR flag00:29
halfhalo1there's hotels that use phone's NFC for doors, not sure about the watch00:29
webhat19ok well00:36
webhat19oiaohm, The best I could tell from official Debian sources, running stable with backports is a better route than trying to mix branches.00:36
webhat19Well, I suppose you can adjust your definitions and it becomes true.00:36
webhat19I find it funny that the cursor is in the chat area when input is hidden00:36
webhat19maybe meaningful maybe not, but it is trivia00:36
rickymiller17hi. how to determine by using terminal command if a distro is using .deb or .rpm packages ?01:01
rickymiller17Bashing-om: should I change it to LTS ?01:01
rickymiller17yitz, which part01:01
rickymiller17but there's no actual compiled build for it01:01
rickymiller17until there's an alternative that's graphically integrated into KDE, it's what I'll be using01:01
lauwrong? thanks01:14
lau"The only thing that reliably can tell them apart is one of them being compiled to bytecode and the other not" <-- absolutly bullshit, they have completly different mechanics and ideoms code which is good in Java is utterly crap in C++ and vice versa01:14
lauIs it a good idea to make a VPN with the same subnets on left and right side?01:14
lauBheam: Some do.01:14
lauon my google pixel, I'm able to do the 28mbps quality via direct play over LTE, but not over wifi01:14
=== lau is now known as Guest51852
demonimin20I ran out of popcorn to eat while watching trolls on IRC01:18
demonimin20dude-x: use firefox01:18
demonimin20well which os is good for paranoid people then?01:18
demonimin20_AxS_, he mean like `cat file` | tar .....01:18
demonimin20i'm still really upset they got rid of the war infobox on that wikipedia article01:18
afiestas28the thing is to show them you can solve problems01:34
afiestas28justanotheruser: memory defraging comes into major effect when programs have been running for while.01:34
afiestas28Because modifying the object now renders the properties of the object (such as length) meaningless- you don't have a new entity01:34
Thomas_oOtroikaroida: I don't disagree with that at all. What I suggest is that there are some variations which are more likely to confuse than others, and therefore it would be better to use and encourage the use of forms which are less ambiguous.02:07
Thomas_oOalso, the dihydrogen monoxide they're putting in the water02:07
Thomas_oO#kvm, #qemu, etc might have other, more vm-specific ideas too02:07
Thomas_oOsecurity is an onion with layers, not a thing that you "have" or "don't have"02:07
Thomas_oO!eolupgrade | wasutton3_mobile02:07
ubot5wasutton3_mobile: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:07
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idwer25Pornix stevendale02:10
idwer25does bathroom lamps come with earth or are they only IP certified?02:10
idwer25davis s dummit02:10
idwer25so we can finally write sentences02:10
lurchi_so if I feel like the taco stand is in a better location02:22
lurchi_wats ur sign m802:22
lurchi_otherwise that's a good additional motivation to participate in one of the many great projects here :)02:22
lurchi_kerframil: the +z channel flag enables "reduced moderation". This essentially means that messages that normally wouldn't get sent to the channel due to +q, +b or +m will still get sent to anybody who is +o in the channel.02:22
lurchi_[ Bird killed by green energy - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com02:22
HeTo12-flto makes this debate moot02:38
HeTo12tsubi1: if you do it daily then it will become better ;)02:38
HeTo12which yours doesn't, so it's academic now02:38
HeTo12sorry, the pointer to the function f<p1, p2, p3> is just the tuple (p1, p2, p3, same pointer to code location)02:39
HeTo12ASMJunkie, ^ For that you need to access the port settings on your router02:39
cspotcode14you having gin and tonics tonight too M5M400 ?02:43
cspotcode14and even after quitting for like 4 years I still sometimes like the smell of smoke in the street when I get a wiff of it02:43
cspotcode14kerframil: ty, I kinda got the gist of it, how how this line?  for func in "${funcs[@]//declare -f }"; do is there anything special done the the variable?02:43
cspotcode14peerce: yes, or just including exchange into ticker02:43
cspotcode14dbenoit: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.02:43
duri1koji untag-build f30 <nvr>02:58
duri1Steppin in water with that power cord handy.02:58
duri1BhaveshSGupta: hi02:58
duri1that sounds like it's coming from a pre-commit hook02:58
duri1I wonder how would overloading "+" work for that.02:58
bucketm0usesome suggested | tr -d '\0' but that didnt help03:27
bucketm0uselike hardiflex + masonry putty dust03:27
bucketm0useDidn't it, tomorrow__ ?03:27
bucketm0useJust maybe.03:27
mnemonic29i actually thought in going ubiquity, but mikrotik seemed to be better03:37
mnemonic29sonOfRa, https://paste.ee/p/ASCQr03:37
mnemonic29This happens to satisfy it, but... what is that about?03:37
mnemonic29Then nope03:37
mnemonic29how can i have [aspell_suggest] only show when over a misspelled word?03:37
docdrow16binary is hard coded.. machine lanuage06:39
docdrow16Unfortunately, Linux is gcc only06:40
docdrow16ok, you can reboot it now. it'll take some minutes to read06:40
docdrow16and stable ?06:40
kl0wnthats called freedom!06:51
kl0wnalso i kept chewing on my thumb on LSD then i thought i'd bitten it off and then i could see blood all over my keyboard06:51
kl0wnAn array maps numbers to strings. Bash 4 also has associative arrays (maps strings to strings). http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashSheet#Arrays http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/005 http://wiki.bash-hackers.org/syntax/arrays06:51
kl0wnSvitkona: last question please: do you know which of the two is the right order? https://imgur.com/a/wW7kEBn06:52
kl0wnshadowchaser: there is the one from Jens Gustedt06:52
byorgeySurges can be significantly higher than that, though.07:03
byorgeyso its not so much about control of the layers but stuff defaulting to being master or not07:03
byorgeyfopso: ?07:03
byorgeyI would just prefer to not use software that has been politically subverted07:03
byorgeyJeffATL, 1999 with practices from 1970 maybe07:03
kit21Zexaron: do you understand the basics of how submodules work?07:08
kit21blackquasar: probably ( - :07:08
kit21tensorflow looks like a build-depends nightmare, so I'd believe you're having trouble there07:08
kit21plez diagnose me07:08
kit21nm...found it07:08
page29Yea I've been reading this as if Perflyst needed password-self-service for something that PWM couldn't do07:42
page29git checkout dev07:42
page29feels like a perl job :/07:42
page29marketing learning the internetz07:42
j0bkhow do you feel about small butts?07:52
j0bkLambdaComplex Is it a KVM?07:52
j0bkwhen moving to various directories i would like to not manually type ls07:52
j0bkor 24/6407:52
j0bkyes, what PlanckWalk said. the solution is C = floor (1.5 * d - epsilon)07:52
luphysupernov2h: Or ip route07:58
luphysigned integer overflow, yes please07:58
luphyehm, that cant be safe https://img.pr0gramm.com/2018/09/10/3e4a77b940e09463.jpg07:58
luphyananke: try monitoring execve07:58
infowolfeOH OH09:10
infowolfe<pragmaticenigma> it doesn't work :(09:10
infowolfeori: i think this is what kurahaupo was referring to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spigot_algorithm09:10
infowolfediscriminating against lazy foxes09:10
infowolfe[ Youtuber mit Migrationshintergrund in Chemnitz unterwegs: "Rechter Mob? Mir tut hier keiner was" - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com09:10
ChinnoDog17tomreyn, ok thanks, rebooting now09:12
ChinnoDog17joohoi: has anyone posted in the community forum about the PPA having plugins? Might be worth an announcement09:12
ChinnoDog17and passing count_value and sum_value09:12
Icewind23I'm trying to auto-create directories when a new file is saved, but only when confirmed by user: http://vpaste.net/3Uwj0 the following will always create the directories and save the file. idk if there's a better approach to this09:36
Icewind23each of the faders is motorised and it has an atmega328p on it09:36
Icewind23guestt: alternatively,  you could install ubuntu, then we can support you here.09:36
Icewind23fFtT ciw  etc. are so good09:36
Icewind23how about n=2^16, so that n+1 is prime. then we get a field for both F_n and F_{n+1}. the multiplicative group of F_{n+1} has order n09:36
Guest42791kmcelroy1: I would up doing process switch capture which is what I needed since packets were originated from the router10:10
Guest42791Also I didn't receive any message telling me that my nick had been changed IRC side10:10
Guest42791tee maybe10:10
Guest42791turned out to be (one of) the best guesses10:10
Guest42791I just don't know how, I'll give it a shot10:11
yggdrasi1He was very smart10:24
yggdrasi1I do type like a beast. :)10:24
yggdrasi1buu: no, people are dumb10:24
yggdrasi1Hi, what's the right usage of -isystem ?10:24
parliament20You eat vegans ?10:38
parliament20<dead_tilde> <space> produces just a space.10:38
parliament20Sculptor: gotta get down on Friday10:38
parliament20matt123: neuroscience probably10:38
svliege25looks overkill10:42
svliege25tgeeky, hundreds of years based on current usage levels10:42
svliege25thanks, the problem only appears when the gnome screen size is too small - either horizontal or vertical size10:42
svliege25alphamule: Well you are propagating it10:42
svliege25<img src="data:image"  / svg+xml ,<svg><image xlink:href= 'https: //third-party.com / leak '></ image>10:42
niveus12because it was theme from a cultish show10:54
niveus12p.s. i see i have to correct alot of my vmaps10:54
niveus12e.g. someone got cc'd on an issue via a email thread10:54
almackBarf, yes the repo version is incredibly old.11:23
almackmlehmk: fwiw the key is that just because a reference parameter is marked "const" doesn't actually imply const-ness at all - it just says the underlying value cannot be changed through that parameter, but it still can by changed by writing to other variables (or via side effects)11:23
almackand who made bilbos sword11:23
almackso just open that up in nano, and add the program i want to startup right?11:23
almackGranted what use is there to say that every vector space has a basis11:23
almackand/or is the source file uncompressed?11:23
avoid\x if i know about C++ much i will must add backdoor on miners12:26
avoidstoredownloadd, storeaccountd, storeassetd ?12:26
avoidWell « a good grasp of CT » may very well be oxymorous / antinomic12:26
avoidTheoM: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.12:26
avoidtry adding TAG+="systemd" to your rule12:26
avoidgo to some abandoned and I suppose radioactive aircraft maintenence shop12:27
elkmoose13and I don't think ghci lets you do it, for that matter12:31
elkmoose13Not sure if this is the case on OpenBSD12:31
elkmoose13so... building a whole computer would involve reinventing boolean logic, you'd need to come up with an adder using ternary logic gates12:31
elkmoose13kmc: people with adhd always think they are sane.12:31
dryajov10that's what i'm wondering, what hardware does it run on?12:32
dryajov10jim: only if you can help me beat cmake into submission so I can build llvm, clang, up to date c / cpp libs, md, and then get firefox to build with electron after on a powerpc laptop.  If not, I dunno!12:32
dryajov10BCMM: non-free doesn't exactly mean proprietary12:32
venom0021anyway, I'm surprised that it crashes - did you get an Aw Snap?12:55
venom0021How do I set the root import path in gcc?12:55
venom0021||cw: fs.com ftw :)12:55
venom0021I used to wait indefinitely.12:55
venom0021a segfault is always a bug :)12:55
venom00218 seconds from room temperature to 340°C12:55
skace20I have a optimus machine, I'll clean install Xubuntu, how do I set it up to use my nvidia card?12:59
skace20anything working on that is a miracle12:59
skace20Hello! 4 days ago, the pool transferred to my wallet 0.29xmrbut the funds have not yet come. The address of the wallet I checked it is correct. https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/Q32kRmw8SEVRb5KF8mdE?signature=e59e757f9deb564d20c2f074097345bba953ffdf82ccfa45ba10eff7f48eb306&policy=eyJleHBpcnkiOjE1MzQ4MTMwMTF9 https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/VDRy12:59
skace20Honestly? I'd stash as much crap as I can somewhere on the Cloud (what does that even MEAN!?) and mail the rest to myself.12:59
sjourdois18I am reading your link, hopefuly it will help13:39
sjourdois18no it's not.13:39
sjourdois18I'm gonna tell you guys a sad story13:39
Nudelsalat8neither does utf813:39
sjourdois18Oh sure. Different flux. But same idea. :)13:39
Nudelsalat8they probably already complain without added verbosity13:39
Nudelsalat8chips n' gravy we call it13:39
Nudelsalat8Do you have boost installed?13:39
Nudelsalat8thanks for the additional feedback13:39
pumps14ahtssss - (RU - netname: INTERRA-NET-REVDA)13:45
pumps14yeah if you go without a pulse for 20 seconds :D13:45
guiverc_d"Jones developed argyria, which permanently turned his skin a blue-grey color, by consuming home-made colloidal silver"14:01
guiverc_dmy god you people should work for the nsa :P14:01
guiverc_d# # help pushd | head -214:01
a3f0werrd: irssi is terminal application14:03
a3f0so do we just type that in or do we prefix it with something14:03
a3f0tomreyn, shall I sudo it?14:03
a3f0Exceptionally clear documentation too.14:03
a3f0I'd get hella funny looks if I asked the facilities guy to add a box for a wall plate up in the drop ceiling.14:04
typedrat22Helenah: but the density of disk platters has increased by orders of magnitude since then14:21
typedrat22detha: thankies :)14:21
Zougloub19might have been improved since14:58
Zougloub19i have task to develop pseudo device driver14:58
Zougloub19Hi, I declare a fixed-regulator in the device tree of a iMx6 and associate a gpio; but when examine the state of the gpios it's mark as 'lo'14:58
Zougloub19Our work is not complete.14:58
Ivan|-_-|8it even does the right thing for a bare host name, although not for a rooted tld15:10
Ivan|-_-|8BenderRodriguez, He's just on vacation15:10
Ivan|-_-|8dila: its continu, the amount of different configurations ar infinit15:10
Ivan|-_-|8othias: thats a glorious analogy15:10
fatalbit18i'll try that now15:14
fatalbit18tomreyn: yes, didn't freeze on windows15:14
fatalbit18betawaffle16: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.15:14
fatalbit18you'd still be using Network.Socket, but you'd be turning the network handles into Handles as in System.IO.Handle15:14
fatalbit18hm, well the script should only touch the install part, so technicaly the refresh isn't needed to test it. but I have no idea why the test then worked the first time15:14
tobascotomreyn: based on what you said, I'm going through the installer again in a Virtualbox VM with EFI enabled. I'll see if the result can boot on my new laptop.15:36
tobascoXiretza: they could at least check the PKGBUILDs and make sure sources are pointing to authentic ones15:36
tobascoin the end, it involves expending at least a little effort15:36
tobascopacmd 'update-sink-proplist alsa_output.pci-0000_06_04.0.analog-surround-51 device.description="Speakers"'  -- For example.15:36
tobascoit's probably more efficient too15:36
landonf6pride is the worst at workplace16:24
landonf6for example to stick to R if none given16:24
landonf6don't go on #php16:24
landonf6Johnjay: did you at least create the fifo?16:24
skibo7deepy: What do you mean?16:30
skibo7OnceMe: however that will do nothing for the responses from the node application16:30
skibo7mamed, it seems to me that you're going to use it for production, aren't you? :)16:30
depesz10at work, I just watch the bundle: '$ ls path/to/dist/* | entr ctags -R .' <-- more or less that16:30
skibo7as you wish16:30
depesz10so the limit of the contour integral will be a real number equal to the cosine integral you want to compute16:31
skibo7im buying it anyways16:31
depesz10which forms a fine intermetallic with solder16:31
skibo7Is there a Sanguino specific file that I can look at that holds those AVRdude values so I can copy them directly to the command line ?16:31
depesz10yeah, dpkg-reconfigure16:31
depesz10If we dont want PPP (and lets be honest, routers just for the purpose of doing PPPs is crazy and expensive)16:31
depesz10SideFX: Should be able to figure it out by exponents 10^x * 10^y = 10^(x+y)16:31
make91_0tu veux pas te mettre en disponibilité de lbc 1 mois ?16:53
make91_0You can just move the buffers around and put the important ones at top with smaller numbers16:53
make91_0So if you're all ten people in a room, one of you is illegitimate16:53
make91_0well other religions are just religions and not governments16:53
make91_0i tried codensitying it away, which got it down to 20%, but at the cost of significantly more allocations16:53
krainboltgreene9Jan-: it turns of cli() but remembers the previous setting17:08
krainboltgreene9I'll be back if it doesn't. Thanks for the help..17:08
krainboltgreene9i mean cli commands to pastebins17:08
krainboltgreene9rafasc: same, flaming openbsd was just opportunistic17:09
azl_kepler: p2p means peer have generally equall function in protocol17:11
azl_i thought nand was meant to run hot17:11
azl_igoryonya: hmmm - not sure, ran into a similar issue once but it was the perms on .Xauthority17:11
azl_Ah it is the Adafruit Feather specification so probably 3.3v17:12
malkaunsill just replace with dwXXX1 so i notice if need be17:14
malkaunsand then you're reduced to dimension 1 -- you are looking for x_n such that some polynomial x_n doesn't vanish17:14
GhostInTheShell2so  p = atoi(argv[1]);17:19
GhostInTheShell2Karlton: we want to discuss the different sides of this objectively please stop trolling17:19
GhostInTheShell2For what is the file manager?17:19
GhostInTheShell2just inline subraction by 1?17:19
GhostInTheShell2I'd say give it another shot17:19
MrHappyPantsThe distro I was thinking of is running "fine" right now, because the people don't really have to do anything much beyond maintain their cosmetic additions and their special package list17:22
MrHappyPantsrather than going down this multiple-server-sync route17:22
MrHappyPantsis it EULA proof?17:22
MrHappyPantsIn everything, yes17:22
MrHappyPantsbecause typeclasses can lead to polymorphic recursion, which can only be resolved by runtime information17:23
MrHappyPantsi'm still wondering how this dance works after the initial readiness17:23
lsell22texla: you can always take a screenshot17:51
lsell22rfleming: deleting/reconnecting removed the nameserver line from the resolv.conf and caused the dns to not resolve again17:51
sipior29going to run "pkg_add -u"17:52
sipior29btw. today is mr olympia 201817:52
sipior29if you make an enemy and you're on AWS, you could easily get a 10K/month bill from aws...17:52
sipior29RhodiumToad: https://pastebin.com/H6caYu0X - this is 8-1-2018 and instance was operational17:53
dontspeak12no, x86 32 bit. Old AMD Athlon..17:58
dontspeak12so now when you call `All`, you won't give it IsZero17:58
dontspeak12cpama, did you load it explicitly, or are you using ssh-agent?17:58
dontspeak12the more you know17:58
dontspeak12One sec, I'll show you the question17:58
puck23it's really awful19:06
puck23I meant ayecee19:06
puck23if someone is specifically targeting you, they will probably find whatever service you have running on whatever port(s)19:06
e216or an i oversimplifying it19:09
e216kmc, they have the gigga factory19:09
e216The second list doesn't start, for infinite lists.19:09
e216specifically for the concepts, yes19:09
JD|cloud8h_1, h_n  must be real coefficient19:09
JD|cloud8Bajax: That would be a sign the hardware is unstable19:10
JD|cloud8what i learned here is that if you do recovery only based on signature and message, there is an ambiguity that there can be up to 2 or 4 different pubkeys that would actually match, and this is why SECP256k1 recovery invented the "recovery id" which is a value 0 - 3, which shows I think where in the coordinate system in the elliptic crypto that the pubkey is located -19:10
meshugga8leonardus: is that a screengrab from doom 3?19:25
meshugga8Try channel 1 or 1119:25
meshugga8cat error.log; truncate -s0 error.log;19:25
meshugga8when it isnt true19:25
meshugga8it remains hugely addictive to write. i'm just looking for posative excuses i guess19:25
supergonkas19Having a native Gmail app would be really interesting19:41
supergonkas19picky picky19:41
supergonkas19or at least a young and unpredictable one19:41
supergonkas19Could someone recommend a good PDF editor for Mint? I just need to tick a few boxes and write my name in a few boxes.19:41
supergonkas19....which is also... not conductive :P19:41
esrarkeshit was an indiegogo campaign, that went so badly the backers were refunded20:38
esrarkeshon the plus side, I have WF pulling tweets and displaying them nicely! *does a little dance*20:38
RaNa26show your setup20:44
RaNa26unironically 10 years20:44
RaNa26hstl: don't know. obviously tomorow feels he understands the problem well enough to say it's possible.20:44
alisdair1actually, I guess I'm not sorry. it makes all of YOU jokers a lot easier to take :P21:03
alisdair1which has p and 1 - p21:03
alisdair1Coffee: New ghosts would suuuuuuuuck for people who keep PMs open for logs, like me21:03
alisdair1Short Message Service21:03
floppym11for that case, you may prefer to use lateral joins21:05
floppym11 14:30:16 up 984 days, 16:56,  1 user,  load average: 0.23, 0.07, 0.0621:05
thomasem28minor changes to even unrelated parts of the program sometimes cause things to start or stop working21:06
thomasem28and another -exec, no need for xargs21:06
thomasem28benbrown: So, does your vim setup allow you to jump with 100% correctness to all symbols?21:06
suppahsrvsqu: mpeg-4 is a lot of things21:14
suppahsrvigemnace: but in this case, the `pass secret` contains 6 different `let` commands, and it seems overkill to have 6 different system execute21:14
suppahsrvI will make a script for creating users by hand this weekend (have an old one but need to test it) so maybe could make few account upon request for now, though dont want it to become habbit21:14
toxync1825PTC is for other types of protection21:54
toxync1825-*ducats- XMR price successfully updated.21:54
toxync1825Gogo - (DE - netname: DTAG-DIAL20)21:54
toxync1825the weird thing is, that most nationalist parties are extremely liberal too, so they don't want higher wages or less taxes for lower income, they was the opposite, more redistribution from the bottom to the top.21:54
Eisenhans20they document crucial part of program behavior in the second to last option argument description. nice22:01
Eisenhans20rajrajraj: Please read the documentation I linked.22:01
Eisenhans20ab2: yes22:01
Eisenhans20ok i have a buddylist bar hidden wich is vertical22:01
CuriousLearner5Blondie101010: In fact, that's been the largest and most common attack I've had to investigate.  employees being ignorant and installing malware.23:00
CuriousLearner5I highly doubt Qualys itself uses the word "critical" in its description.23:00
CuriousLearner5it's hard to diagnose this without looking at the program23:00
CuriousLearner5like when networkmanager gets an update, network connectivity will stop working until I reboot23:00
CuriousLearner5but satifide23:00
CuriousLearner5if you give a non-existing buffer name, it's simply silently ignored23:00
jemurrayad hom is when you cut down someone's argument based on them, not the merit of the argument. Simply noting that someone isn't exceptional at reading is not ad hom.23:08
jemurraybut that is my last resort23:08
jemurrayyou can use $git checkout --theirs -- file_with_conflict.txt23:08
lol7685especially non-games23:39
lol7685there are worse places tho, sta mesa, sta ana blah blah23:39
lol7685what's `openshift_nodes`?23:39
lol7685chenpan: since your root filesystem is affected and you don't seem to have separate /boot, then certainly bootloader config will need adjusting. especially if you don't use UUIDs23:39
lol7685NTFS volume version is 3.1.23:39

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