Raptors25a friend ordered them for his vape and ordered too many, didnt really look at them until now00:31
Raptors25.. which should not happen. It should keep my sessions alive. It's the reason you use tmux.00:31
Raptors25i offer 5 xmr for doxing garyzeasshole's continent00:32
Raptors25Berzerker: I was talking in terms of cpu GPU, ram, etc aren't apple specific, but the SMC and other things are apple designed00:32
v1k0d3n28you just like the wet girls from aalborg ...00:54
v1k0d3n28oh hell ya00:54
v1k0d3n28Pull up a player that does that, and screen-capture it00:54
v1k0d3n28This may seem like a dumb question, but why are there so many CVS's?00:54
jl-1Doct: if you write "foo" (other than as an initialiser) then the compiler creates an anonymous char NONAME[4] and then evaluates it and comes up with with a char* expression01:41
jl-1quiltbitch: that makes a big difference01:41
jl-1none of the op names look like it ...:P01:41
jl-1You had integrated 3d graphics, a usable media platform, a decent file manager that did double duty as a shitty web browser01:41
jl-1yes of coarse01:41
Prira_3i mean, it's still technically accessing a volatile object through a non-volatile lvalue, is it not?01:42
Prira_3that could be USB-C, but it could also be an upgraded Lightning (there is form for iPad supporting a fancier version of a Lightning dongle - the SD card reader being the only USB 3.0 lightning accessory), or it could be an updated AirPlay01:42
Prira_3Yes but I don't see how it's relevant to me01:42
Prira_3I am not sure how integration by parts helps with eˣ01:42
Prira_3it's a bit of a pity it's like that, cos while(!feof   is quite intuitive01:42
FruitieX12Nope. In Latin, looks like, the word is "violentia", and we just optioned it.01:43
FruitieX12im am getting an error with "find" .... find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ; returns that "find: missing an agument to -exec"01:43
FruitieX12meh not a fan of that editor either01:43
FruitieX12sed -n '666p;777{p;q}'01:43
FruitieX12more accurately, the default try_files tries directory indexes and if one is found the try_files redirects01:43
Ettercap23i was hoping there would be some news about the mini02:26
Ettercap23(because y'know OpenSSL or w/e it's usually bad with that stuff)02:27
Ettercap23I can't help you more02:27
Ettercap23one good02:27
holtmann14kmc: my costs so far are about $40002:39
holtmann14cout is one of those things02:39
holtmann14threenuc: That's sound advice for beginners if you are not aware of what you are doing02:39
holtmann14They only get to use 19" monitors02:39
holtmann14mqsf - read the doc, the escape from terminal is something else02:39
RustyJ1good comparison ^02:46
RustyJ1rio: I just need to establish that one of them is transcendental which would make the whole expression transcendental.02:46
RustyJ1tomreyn: Took it a minute but at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9gCsVDK67v/02:46
RustyJ1hahainternet: at least 100mV of noise on the input, output, or supply rail02:46
RustyJ1is there any special character in a password02:46
anzuof0but what you're looking for isn't how git works.  part of what makes git understandable is that the commands generally only affect the branch that you're on02:53
anzuof0so you can't really pass them around02:53
anzuof0.tell asymptotically you will go blind!02:53
anzuof0For example, I could find it insulting that you talk to me.02:53
anzuof0rootweiler: can we help you with something?02:53
anexit4lists have faster directed access, as opposed to arrays which have faster random access.02:58
anexit4lotuspsychje, EriC^^ https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QqmGzx84jR/02:58
anexit4I am using my blog to tweet/reply/like (sometimes) with #indieweb plugins & don’t always get it right;-) see status page blog for examples &… http://johnjohnston.info/blog/i-am-using-my-blog-to-tweet/ (http://twtr.io/1hoZn1z1dVM)02:58
anexit4I typically play Spotify through the Echo02:58
anexit4I/O error : Attempt to load network entity http://docbook.org/xml/5.0/rng/docbook.rng02:58
Tzhx8the char overload doesnt care about the hex io state03:10
Tzhx8the_document: stuff such as?..03:10
Tzhx8actually, do you even need buf at all?03:10
Tzhx8fromBeyond:  do it explicitly03:10
Tzhx8dpranke: Hey, I added configs for a safestack bot last week but the dashboard says 'cannot find builder' at https://ci.chromium.org/buildbot/chromium.clang/SafeStack%20Linux%20ToT/03:10
pavementape「Intel Publishes Microcode Security Patches, No Benchmarking Or Comparison Allowed! – Bruce Perens」03:43
pavementapebleb: Not always true. Pre-OSX Mac OS didn't have anything even vaguely resembling a CLI shell, or even a kernel for that matter.03:43
pavementapethe ints are int8_t type03:43
pavementapehmm, just setting default-sample-channels  to 8 might do it too03:43
samuelkf27khotkeys wondow property detection failed for me for months, today I find it suddenly works again. An hour ago I clicked a video play gadget in https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Moving-Head-LED-Wash-Stage-Lighting-7x18W-RGBWA-UV-6in1-Professional-DMX512-For-Disco-DJ-Music/32881217477.html. It says "no matching format found" OWTTE so I went RMB "open with..." VLC. VLC started playing a TEN MINUTES after I chosen this from the RMB context menu04:17
samuelkf27I mean, I see around 15 gnome-shell process04:17
samuelkf27Plauen? guessing thats on the country side?04:17
samuelkf27veek, what distro are you on?04:17
sa-ghosts20They should06:04
sa-ghosts20then comes this part : https://paste.gnome.org/pau1a1bwr which leads to this : https://paste.gnome.org/pxcnhylxa06:04
sa-ghosts20And they have plenty of them.06:04
sa-ghosts20anyway, not to worry, 184 is more than enough for what I need, I was just curious06:04
Mir4g3uh yeah, problem is, the left considers anyone to be "far-right"06:05
Mir4g3whats the "run" command called in start menu above "logout"?06:05
Mir4g3FLAVLA FLA06:05
Mir4g3I can understand why adolescents would like it, but other than that...06:05
Mir4g3nobody has any ideas how to add colours to the input bar items?  I tried using IRC colours.  should i try using bash colour codes?06:05
mangavalk21uh, I don't think we resolve table names during validation of a plpgsql function..06:33
mangavalk21「/biz/ - Bitcoin price in Iran: $25000 Ethereum price in Ir - Business & Finance - 4chan」06:33
mangavalk21KungFoo: it doesn't appear that anyone has tried to answer you yet06:33
mangavalk21blair__: Sorry, that got truncated. Here it is: https://lpaste.net/347506171139063808006:33
mangavalk21                   with actual type ‘(forall c. a0 ~ b0 => c) -> a0 -> b0’06:33
Jybz16zumba_addict: if that fixes it that means i get some of your paycheck right06:45
Jybz16You could just ask/state your business, Zexaron, "hello" is just extra noise with thousands of nicks in the channel.  Sure, you can use any checksum program like that, more or less.06:45
Jybz16the tires are iptables, checkpoint is the car06:45
Jybz16But I keep getting yelled at for these conversations so I'm going to stop contributing even though it's enjoyable.06:45
Jybz16Ok, looks like I will have to make some weird magic to make vim diff.exe to run under powershell06:45
lm-1A11 bionic he just said07:32
lm-1It's abundantly clear here that I have stated FTDI FT232RL and ICSP many times and these have NEVER been interchanged.  I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE07:32
lm-1Hi there... I'm on 18.04 and I find myself switching to the vterm when pressing alt+f2... is this a bug? in the past, one needed to press ctrl+alt+f2, which is the behavior I'd like to get back07:32
lm-1It’s pretty much garbage now07:32
lm-1anybody who can help me with "writting more data then expected " when i use do-release-upgrade07:32
davidcalleNext level markov chain-ish spam right there ^07:35
CisienAfter a couple of years of working as a machinist.08:03
Cisienye, and economies of scale...who has the competetive advantages08:03
CisienStarlightGleam: i think you're better off going back to the original08:03
Cisienwhat's the point saying then that men and male have, you should say people or humans08:03
CisienK.N. King, C Programming: A Modern Approach08:03
th_10well, a bunch of 'clarify precedence' messages08:35
th_10so little mor than full reatrd08:35
th_10Hmmm Raytheon RC413608:35
th_10i wonder what sort of fun stuff phessler@ has run into when running bsd.network08:35
th_10beeman: can you paste the output of, ps -q $(pgrep firefox) aux08:35
Dudde0you can also mitigate replay attacks by making them include a roughly accurate timestamp in the message08:45
Dudde0You've lost me :-D08:45
Dudde0merlincorey: my manpage doesnt mention POSIX for fileno08:45
Dudde0Can anyone help with ubuntu core on ESXi?08:45
Skywing1but when i try and play a sound from my python program08:59
Skywing1rien_: So just making an Int out of Maybe Int is no problem.08:59
Skywing1ill give it another go tomorrow08:59
Skywing1and Hello World09:00
Skywing1rfleming: I can ping, so there's a chance that it's a working dns server09:00
afox7oh nice thanks09:07
afox7Do any of you guys do stuff for fun?09:07
afox7someone was asking before about a difference between the bah and zsh shell09:07
afox7looks like the fellow got a replacement medal afterall09:07
afox7Not by enough to really matter09:07
gparent3is there an app to relay a video stream? taking a rtsp:// video and provide http:// service with the video for multiple clients.09:18
gparent3Hi, I am looking for some help with PAM rules. I have a bunch of LDAP accounts using sssd and a couple of local accounts configured. My current configuration (also the default debian auto-generated configuration) http://termbin.com/unv5 results in a whole bunch of authentication failure messages when LDAP users don't pass the first pam_unix.so line. I can switch it around but then local account logins give09:18
gparent3and I asked him a dumb question! but he very quickly responded with the answer to my question!09:18
gparent3I actually know people that do plan on being jerks, they're called trolls09:18
gparent3dotch:  So I guess the easiest way to try to help you is to go to the root.  Have you got the build working with the stock stuff?  What did you add to the stock stuff that requires inttypes.h?09:18
hexoroidWho's son?10:08
hexoroidbut i assume linux10:09
hexoroidi do have a older laptop running it10:09
raytiley_the gpu can handle lubuntu 18.0410:10
raytiley_I've read 3 or 4 books.10:10
raytiley_*peak brightness and color10:10
daz-I miss the stickers mostly from that era.10:12
daz-I understand how this checksum acid test works to compare the checksum numbers, but I'm not sure how  to copy the second checksum number to the original path10:12
daz-https://www.openbsd.org/papers/eurobsdcon2018-unveil/mgp00015.html              So, has unveil() has been created by OpenBSD community?10:12
Sinnyuh, usually not a lot of hair?13:20
Sinnyand combinations of those13:20
Sinnyit's not an ide13:20
SinnyScorpion2185:  error 2 means that a file is missing, refer to those who provided you incomplete instructions13:20
burncycleThis is what I personally use: https://ccx.te2000.cz/bzr/dotfiles-zsh/raw/zsh-functions/site_zshrc_10_features14:13
burncyclefor example, irccloud is pretty much slack now14:13
burncyclebut still factful somehow14:13
burncyclethe git-branch manpage is available at https://gitirc.eu/git-branch.html14:13
atomicmanjohto: an empty column thats set at NOT NULL14:21
atomicmanso I'm paying MORE money, and seeing MORE ads, seems like a waste14:21
atomicmanhardware is done, arduino software is done... why do I feel like crying?14:21
toothstone11vodkode: but even homeless people have mobile phones these days :P14:38
toothstone11but thats just an impression based on never wining lol14:38
toothstone11i didnt forget the io shield this time14:38
toothstone11piece of s**t14:38
potatonomicon18apparently "Most display managers source /etc/xprofile, ~/.xprofile and /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.d/."14:47
pyvpx14monitors both yer heart and the earth15:11
pyvpx14i mean, they don't exist in an ambient space of some fixed dimension15:11
pyvpx14tax paying will ruin math15:11
mohan43u21that or the standard imac pro15:54
mohan43u21can't find it now15:54
mohan43u21fully redundant15:54
hadret8tyres !15:57
hadret8>buying ssh bruters15:57
hadret8see whenever you start getting into & and * it turns to shit :/15:57
imouto19I'm triggered over her16:10
imouto19lotuspsychje, So you are advising I install an older version?16:10
imouto19so shellcheck could check it16:10
imouto19the problem with that is I have those annoying symbols that I haven't learned how to deal with16:10
milobit27nothing's impossible CHarlie16:23
milobit27lemme try adding to LD_LIBRARY_PATH instead...16:23
milobit27been using the same tip for 2+ years and never need it, it just wipes clean on the sponge, and i re-tin it immediately16:23
milobit27I have no idea how my brain works. Don't know if my eyes are looking for the shapes of words/parentheses/quotes. By my _feeling_ is that I'm looking for colours too16:23
another_clue13dagmar rsync? scp?16:38
another_clue13thanks for your help guys.16:39
another_clue13dedze: o/16:39
another_clue13Nothing like a router with a temp of 93C16:39
another_clue13nor do i think you can export it easily16:39
another_clue13Well it's not the appearance I'm worried about.  My friend has a workshop that's already a complete tip. He's disabled and very clumsy, if half the circuit were to be exposed it would be damaged probably with a few hours of use or him being near the thing.16:39
xyz7not show anything16:41
xyz7ghci can load from the internet o_O16:41
xyz7what are some good projects to read if you want to see how somewhat large C projects are organized? i mean something such as an application, rather than e.g. an operating system16:41
xyz7as with australia16:41
xyz7oh ^n16:41
dandon13hi guys could you tell me if this part is correct where C is INFINITE? https://i.imgur.com/ZwThGF2.png16:42
dandon13vmt: no seriously what's pointer arithmetic?16:42
dandon13serial connections are usually bidirectional16:42
dandon13so the phone would have to do all the routing itself, under its own address16:42
dandon13when I dont have a flathead screwdriver handy16:42
HYP3RBOR3Ajohntramp: I have used this a lot not to damage larger parts, and it's not yet failed me.17:00
HYP3RBOR3Atalx:  if you mount something over a directory that is in use, it can lead to weird issues17:00
HYP3RBOR3ASkaface82: NZ17:00
mmint9see ffbuild/config.log17:31
mmint9nitrix, how would you know when to free something shared between threads like an MVar?17:32
mmint9f represents a type which has a Functor instance. here that functor is ((->) e), which is to say it is a function that takes a parameter (the result is not specified here, Functor "owns" it)17:32
mmint9the integral of that is - x^-4 / 4 but then I have to put in the bounds17:32
mmint9are people using it?17:32
Vigdis17sec = 1/cos17:39
Vigdis17would you know? is this typical practice?17:39
Vigdis17or rather partition17:39
Vigdis17nicki minaj?17:39
Vigdis17ICU, which newer versions of PG support, attempts to get around that issue.17:39
hoylemd1mmmm, candy  😋17:50
hoylemd1an allen key almost got me blind by projectiling out of the socket when tightening a screw.  Luckily the blind spot went away a couple days later17:50
hoylemd1er, isn't fd00::/8 the entirety of fd00:: to fdff:ffff:fff[...] ?17:50
hoylemd1sounds fine by me17:50
hoylemd1whoever: It's mega easy to cut down a script in your head, and fix the problem; or to focus on a part of a script that isn't the problem.17:50
\malex\26Sounds like the elite PMS forces.18:02
\malex\26combined with version control and dependency management, i really do change bajillion of small files18:02
\malex\26There's no need for the quotes18:02
\malex\26Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I've got an old dumb terminal (Wyse WY-60) I'm trying to get connected via a USB FTDI serial adapter to my linux box using getty. I know the adapter CAN work, because I've been able to send and receive text via a macos host of all things, but in linux I can't figure out how to get it to do anything other than send garbled symbols and beep. I've tried every combination of parit18:02
\malex\26ofstream::write? :)18:02
^|SnIpeR|^probably some legacy thing18:02
^|SnIpeR|^let me guess, the variables for the apps overlap too right?18:02
^|SnIpeR|^Ceilometer throwing 403 forbidden on ceilometer-upgrade18:02
^|SnIpeR|^Hello.  Is it possible to modify buffer so that it's not recorded in the undo history?18:02
^|SnIpeR|^everything in rotation at present appears to be working18:02
Crazy_Hopper20if you think you have enough, you need more.18:05
Crazy_Hopper20hi, I'm saving a value and immediately afterwards reading it18:05
Crazy_Hopper20asheshambasta: runParser is slightly clearer about that18:05
chihhsin24can only buy kyc'ed from binance?18:14
chihhsin24PPAs are another bad one18:14
chihhsin24Corvus`, crafts projects18:14
chrisml21It's not a highlight. Not per se.18:33
chrisml21# IFS=$'\n' read -d "" -a ArrayVar < <(printf 'a\nb\n\nd'); declare -p ArrayVar18:33
chrisml21because apart from having the OS kill the thread you have little chance to stop a thread that is designed to be notified to stop18:33
chrisml21the beach? that's where skin cancer lives.18:33
Guest39761ioria, mm; or something to pass along to the kernel on boot, thinkpad specific18:52
Guest39761poison is expensive bullet to the head is cheap and effective18:52
Guest39761But that doesn't mean the same thing18:52
Guest39761$50, which is less than aliexpress wanted18:52
Guest39761how do I keep ssh from leaking my password's length?18:52
Guest39761badboyjer, what doesn't work about it?18:52
meshugga26Thanks, for the tip ^)19:32
meshugga26how far along wil lyou need to get.. i don't know how to answer that question19:32
meshugga26you lost me at "yo"19:32
synthmeat17ah okay i guess there are some nontrivial ones: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?dataset=&i=%7Ca+%2B+b+%2B+c%7C+%3D+1+%26%26+a%5E2+%2B+b%5E2+%2B+c%5E2+%3D+120:30
synthmeat17greycat: interesting, i'm a sed noob20:30
synthmeat17It doesn't help, for the exact same reason you're in this pickle to begin with: that still leaves it to the compiler to choose `a`, and it has no guidance on how to do so.20:30
synthmeat17you think a practically usable av1 codec exists already?20:30
synthmeat17Smithx10: For uptime, I would do something like `abs(delta(mesos_master_uptime_seconds[1m]))`20:30
synthmeat17bomb-on: theres a lot of trash in the genre20:30
bam22parsnip As we work on our office and the push everything to our VPS20:47
bam22your database can have multiple consumers20:47
bam22and c is untouchable20:47
tirdtoonyou can't burng the bootloader over serial, you need the bootloader already in place to do serial programming21:39
tirdtoonjim: put for linux?21:39
tirdtoonwhatever the default installation applied. (cron)21:39
aauren15the preview does ls | head21:45
aauren15whats that even supposed to mean21:45
aauren15map perhaps?21:45
clarknelson27should suffice22:17
clarknelson27teriyaki boyz22:17
clarknelson27uplime: so any ideas?22:17
BuildTheRobots17you can also just do `:tabnew filepath/name`, then `gt`/`gT` to go back and forth between tabs22:25
BuildTheRobots17PRINTF(3)     Linux Programmer's Manual     PRINTF(3)22:25
BuildTheRobots17tolarz: what's the difference between functional analysis and real/complex analysis?22:25
BuildTheRobots17yelhamer, a pin pulled low22:25
BuildTheRobots17they'll all sound as good as you want them, but the newer codecs sound better at lower bitrates than the older ones at comprable bitrates22:25
Caerus22so why is it -70? well K+'s Eeq (equilibrium potential) is -80 mV as stated, Na+ is +55 mV (notice the sign!), and Cl- is -65 mV22:32
Caerus22only it was22:32
Caerus22evanc: so far you haven't presented a need for 'production'22:32
TheKoziTwo10my bad, i thought you were talking to mknod22:57
TheKoziTwo10ehh, kinda sorta22:57
TheKoziTwo10almost as old as me22:57
adrian______jim: ext423:15
adrian______he probably got savings and shit23:15
adrian______"Hello there."23:15
adrian______davor, i was going to joke earlier that it depends on which side of the membrane you jam your meter probe =)23:15
adrian______https://i.imgur.com/pE05mvp.jpg like this23:15
adrian______pjones, hey, would you be willing to drop in a comment to respond to this question? https://github.com/SUSE/kiwi/issues/810#issuecomment-41983478623:15
zenmechanic13IPV4 and IPV6 respectively*23:57
zenmechanic13Zexaron: Yeah and the varying bootloader also have own commands23:57
zenmechanic13malv, ##linux-offtopic.23:57

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