illuminatedis it normal that kde5 plasma doesn't have the compiz effects enabled?00:13
pragmaticenigmaKuwanger: The idea of trying this is to see if it's something in the profile or something else00:14
pragmaticenigmailluminated: KDE doesn't use compiz as a window compisitor... it has it's own engine00:14
illuminatedpragmaticenigma: well how do I get all the neat effects I've seen?00:15
illuminatedi mean my kde is just plain... it doesn't do crap00:15
pragmaticenigmailluminated: that's kind of the point of all computers... they're meant to do tasks... entertainment is a side effect00:16
illuminatedI want it to look good00:16
moredrowsycan someone tell me how to change gnome's font size based on dpi monitors? At home, I have a 1440p monitor and the font size is perfect. However, when i move my ext hd to a lower res monitor, the font sizes are too large. How do I change the overall system font based on dpi?00:17
pragmaticenigmailluminated: If you want the effects of compiz... compiz was designed for Gnome Desktop environment00:17
pragmaticenigmamoredrowsy: you could write a script that runs on login that detects the environment and changes the setting. I don't believe there is a built in function00:18
illuminatedwell I mean I'm watching this video on plasma on youtube.. and the dude is switching the task switcher effects.  I change the effect and it doesn't do shit.  It just does the same thing no matter what effect I choose.00:18
pragmaticenigmailluminated: Please mind your language00:19
moredrowsypragmaticenigma, oh, unfortunate. thanks anyways00:19
illuminatedpragmaticenigma: could it not be doing any of that cuz it's a virtualbox instance and the emulated vid card doesn't have the nuts to do these effects?00:20
pragmaticenigmailluminated: What you see some dude on YouTube doing, probably took hours of configuration and trial and error. And a VM is a very limited environment, those effects rely on components in the graphics card to perform. Just like you can't play a video game in a VM very well, the same components are used for compiz and other desktop effects00:21
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Kuwangerpragmaticenigma: I checked and a blank profile has the same problem.00:39
pragmaticenigmaKuwanger: Do you have other tools or plugins installed?00:41
Kuwangerpragmaticenigma: Think I found a workaround:  https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Projects/dconf/SystemAdministrators?action=show&redirect=dconf%2FSystemAdministrators00:43
pragmaticenigmait's something to check out... I haven't experienced the same issue, at least that I noticed00:46
pragmaticenigmaso I'm unsure if that will solve it. or just mask the problem00:46
Kuwangerpragmaticenigma: Mask, yes.  Because finding the problem doesn't seem readily doable.00:50
Kuwangerpragmaticenigma: And I can verify it worked.  I do wish I could actual trace the problem rather than endless trial and error, but at least it's some sort of solution.00:58
pragmaticenigmaKuwanger: You might want to consider filing a bug report on launchpad against Nautilus... Ubuntu/Canonical devs monitor that and will help you find the culprit and while helping you, might figure out if it really is a bug01:11
Sven_vBlookling through the Ubiquity bug tracker makes me wonder how people manage to install Ubuntu at all. :D01:11
Wafficushey there question about the newest Ubuntu release, so is it possible to flash it onto a flash drive, and just run it from a flash drive without installing it?01:16
WafficusI ask because I was thinking about testing the newest release that Canoical posted on their twitter onto my Windows gaming pc, but didn't want to erase any existing harddrive data01:17
WafficusI've only used flash drives to install Lubuntu directly onto old laptops01:17
wilskywalkerI am pretty sure that you can use it as long as you do not install it.01:18
wilskywalkerIt will give you options. Use the closest to live cd...01:18
Bashing-omWafficus: Yes, down laod the desktop edition, and once the .iso file is burned .. choose "try ubuntu" .01:22
WafficusBashing-om: thanks, and where can I go to report any bugs? I ask because I'd like to get more Open Source project experience for later work, and would love to help you guys out01:24
WafficusI've been helping out Lubuntu so far through their "Phab" page01:25
Bashing-om!bug | Wafficus01:26
ubottuWafficus: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:26
Bashing-omWafficus: You will find we appreciate all the help we can get :P01:28
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Wafficusweird question, but if I do this, could I list in on my LinkedIn under my "Open Source Developer" position?01:28
Wafficusjust wondering if that's okay with you guys01:28
WafficusI already have a job in tech as a QC Auditor for an ad tech company, just trying to get dev experience to maybe break into the field later01:28
WafficusI don't use code in my current job tbh, but I see the effects of it through the ads they capture01:29
yukenSo, I've got an issue with Ubuntu and presumably most Linux distributions (as this issue also occurs under FreeBSD):03:20
yukenOld AMD card from 2009, passed through to an Ubuntu guest. I can't get any display, and if I try to load radeon (or radeonkms under FreeBSD), I get "Unable to locate BIOS ROM"03:20
yukendrivers work fine under Windows, displays the login screen as I boot up. Under Ubuntu, I get no display, not even a terminal, to the monitor it is connected to.03:21
willerhi all, i'm setting up a simple server for a school project but I ran in to an issue I just can't see through. made a thread here: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2402163 - please have a look and see if you can give me a direction for troubleshooting, thanks!03:34
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debsanwiller, had you installed apache rewrite module ?04:36
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willerdebsan: yes it's already enabled05:00
edenIs it normal for a internal hard drive to be mounted on /media.... I'm having issues with emby... not sure if its related.05:02
edenI just formatted the hard drive today, and it appears to be in /media/user/harddrivename05:02
willerdebsan: maybe i need to adjust .htaccess?05:06
willeris the problem that i have humhub in a subdirectory?05:07
edengot it05:10
edenI needed to add to my fstab, and mount the drive05:10
xamithanThats the DE automount05:10
edeninteresting, so what is going on when its in /media, this is not "mounted"05:10
edenwhy does emby have issues accessing there, and not after I mount it I wonder, I chmod 777 -R both locations....05:11
ShmamJust booted into my system and everything was looking fine, sddm started fine but I only see my mouse and the terminal window behind. my desktop doesn't show up. (Using kubuntu 18.04)05:11
ShmamI also had to install an unsigned kernel (from a canonical employee) to fix an issue with my hard drive. I'm not sure if this is relevant to the issue or not.05:12
xamithanYou should know if the issue started after you installed the kernel or not05:14
ShmamThe system was fine and stable and booted with the new kernel as normal when I first installed05:15
Shmam`sudo service sddm status` looks completely normal05:18
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:21
ShmamRight but it was booting just fine before and doesn't have a dedicated gpu05:23
Shmamand its weird that I can move my mouse around. Its almost like something with kde didn't start properly05:25
ShmamI think something is wrong with my xserver05:26
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Shmamok I just switched to a signed kernel and can confirm that the issue is still present05:36
featherlessbipedi messed up postgres setup05:37
featherlessbipedso i did apt remove and then apt install on it hoping to start from scratch05:37
featherlessbiped but the post install scripts are not being ran after apt install postgres05:37
featherlessbiped so /etc/postgresql/ is not created05:37
featherlessbiped systemctl start postgresql doesn't work05:38
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featherlessbipedhow do i reinstall postgresql from scratch?05:38
xamithanYou probably want purge,  not remove05:39
ShmamIs a default/standard kernel?05:40
ryuoShmam: it's not part of an official release right now. it's probably derived from Ubuntu's cutting edge kernel in the cosmic branch.05:41
Shmamah ok. How can I check if my xorg server is running? sddm is running fine and I thought that started up the x server05:42
ledeniShmam: what iso you use to install kbuntu?05:42
ryuoIf you have video output that isn't from a virtual console, it's probably X11. almost no one here uses software that draws directly to a framebuffer.05:42
ShmamYeah I'm using X1105:43
ShmamO I just got in with a `startx`05:44
ryuowell, that starts X too.05:44
Shmamwonder why it failed during startup...05:44
xamithanYou could check the logs05:44
ryuoShmam: did you install using 18.04.1 Kubuntu?05:45
ryuoStrange issue you have... I stopped trying to use KDE5 after all the weird glitchs I ran into.05:45
Shmamryuo: yep05:45
ryuoThat was 16.04, but still... I kept seeing such things so I finally gave up on KDE.05:46
ryuoShmam: ok... no idea what your issue is exactly, though it could be hardware support. How new is the system?05:46
ledeniShmam: how you got that kernel ?05:47
Shmamryuo: It's only a few months old05:47
Shmamwhat makes you think its a hardware issue?05:47
ryuoShmam: Linux support for latest hardware tends to lag.05:48
ryuoIt's been that way for the last 10 years i've noticed.05:48
Shmamledeni: I just did an apt update and upgrade and it installed it05:48
ryuoEspecially laptops.05:48
Shmamryuo: Yeah... I'm running into that rn lel05:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1746340 in linux (Ubuntu) "Samsung SSD corruption (fsck needed)" [High,Confirmed]05:48
ryuoShmam: it sounds like you may have to wait for LTS HWE to resolve your issue officially.05:48
ryuoWhat laptop anyway?05:49
ShmamRazer blade stealth05:49
Shmamits really awesome05:49
ryuoWait, the BIOS is from 2017?05:49
ryuoYet you just bought it?05:49
ryuoThis is someone else's.05:50
Shmamyeah I didn't post till the bottom05:50
Shmamonly like 2 posts from me05:50
ryuoShmam: my new probook isn't that fancy but it's had very few issues... go figure.05:51
ryuohad only like 2 issues... the audio leds didn't work (had to submit a kernel patch), and the function keys had issues (bios update fixed).05:51
Shmamhow long does it take for the kernel patches to get merged in?05:52
ryuoShmam: In my case, it was a simple one liner.05:52
ryuoShmam: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/178176305:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1781763 in linux (Ubuntu Bionic) "HP ProBook 455 G5 needs mute-led-gpio fixup" [Undecided,Fix released]05:54
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ryuo4-5 weeks for the Ubuntu kernel to include it.05:55
ryuoLike half that for it to get into upstream.05:55
Shmamthe one that I linked was started in Jan :(05:55
ryuoShmam: is your BIOS current?05:57
empedokles78Can the Gnome watch screen (if energy saver is set: turn of monitor: 12 min) somehow be deactivated? It's weird those two things are interlinked.06:10
nikolamI often have a problem, while running Firefox with many tabs for a long time, then I start openin like ten Firefox tabs and memory usage spikes and fills and then whole computer blocks...06:34
nudogenikolam: I started using Vivaldi06:34
nikolamI can not even ssh to machine, nor move mouse pointer, can't switch to text console... only network routing is working06:34
nikolamI think it is OS problem when one running app fills RAM and kills machine06:35
nudogectrl+alt+f1 ?06:35
nudogeand if its a desktop zRAM helps a lot.06:35
nikolamnudoge, no joy, tried it06:35
nikolambasicaly , firefox freaks out, start allocating RAM and machine is then halted (even kernel still works06:36
nudogeI had that same issue with running firefox.  I know people that swear by it and I have issues with Vivaldi a lot less than I do with Firefox atm06:36
nikolamWould like somehow to limit Firefox and other app memory usage to at least can restart them without halting whole machine06:36
nudogezRAM to help with the freezing.  Im sure there are cgroup mods that could help with memory allocations06:37
nikolamI think I need system solution that always works (limiting per-app usage caps at least) and recovering from large ram usage situations06:37
nikolamcgroup sounds promising06:37
nudogeits tough, I balked it last time I set up cgroups.  There are some enviroments I've seen cgroups run well in.06:38
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faLUCEHello, how can I remove the screen that appears after inactivity? It's not the lock screen, it's a screen that drives me to the desktop if I move the mouse up while pressing the mouse button07:11
faLUCEubuntu 18.0407:12
donalsdhi, I am trying to use Synaptic package manager to get the offline package list for downloading, but with that I don't get the list of dependencies that need to be installed if I already have a package install and I want to reinstall it. How do I get them in the script as well?07:50
nikolamI don't know how to enable OpenCL on Nvidia graphics (9800GT) For example, can't enable OlenCL in LibreOffice, it is disabled every time I restart it07:50
donalsdFor example, if I need python in the script, although I have python installed, I want to generate the download script for python and all its dependencies. How do I do it?07:51
ilias_grhi all. System-load-monitor under xubuntu 18.04 doesn't show ram usage when mouse is over the bar. Any solution on this issue?07:54
TsakNorrisJust asking if there is a way to install R9 AMD 270x GPU to ubuntu. There was support to it back in 14.04 version. I have tried to find information about this, but very hard to get 3D acceleration to work.07:58
nikolamilias_gr, yes, contact xfce developers and send them a patch enabling that option. In the meantime, you can get the source with apt-get source <packagename> and if build dependencies are installed, compile your own enhanced package. Or pay someone to do it for you. Anyway, post a feature request report to Xfce.08:12
nikolamTsakNorris, R9 270X is supposed to be very well supported for Linux, even with open source divers from AMD at full speed. I just found 20X drivers page on AMD's site.08:14
yukenTsakNorris, you don't install any drivers. It should just... work.08:15
ilias_grnikolam: i am wondering if i can downgrade to 1.1.2 version (from 1.2.1 version installed) which under 16.04 worked fine08:15
yukenMake sure to enable amdgpu in your boot stuff.08:15
nikolamdonalsd, maybe creating locally available package repository mirror is the best solution of working offline, other then that, apt show <packagename> shows dependecies. Not sure what are best ways of scripting, but it is sure you are trying some personal solution that suits you, so..08:18
nikolamilias_gr, what's not working well for you? rpeort your findings in a Ubuntu bug reporta && to AMD08:19
memphistohi. kubuntu 18.04.1 installer fails at installing grub08:21
EriC^^memphisto: what does it say exactly?08:22
memphistoexecuting 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed. this is fatal error08:24
memphistoas i haven't left installtion yet, i've check and /target is still mounted08:26
memphistochrooted there08:26
memphistoand manually starteg grub-install08:27
memphistoroot@kubuntu:/# grub-install /dev/sda08:27
memphistoInstalling for x86_64-efi platform.08:27
memphistoCould not delete variable: Invalid argument08:27
memphistogrub-install: error: efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: Block device required.08:27
memphistoEriC^^: i've tried this too grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi=/boot/efi /dev/sda but same error appears08:34
EriC^^memphisto: type "ls /sys/firmware/efi" , dir exists?08:34
memphistoEriC^^: it does08:35
EriC^^memphisto: odd08:35
ppfso, i have a cronjob running /usr/lib/php/sessionclean every half hour, which litters my email with dozens of "No such file or directory" errors08:36
EriC^^memphisto: "ubiquity -b" let's you install without the bootloader so you can chroot and install later08:36
ppfis there a fix for that?08:36
EriC^^memphisto: did the installer continue after the grub error or just crash/stop08:37
memphistoEriC^^: i've got a popup and with mentioned error, but i didn't close the popup08:37
memphistoit will probably finish08:37
memphistothis is anyway the finial step08:37
ppfthat cronjob is part of php-common08:38
ppfthis is xenial btw08:38
memphistobut issue is that i'm manually doing the grub install wich is also failing08:38
memphistoin chroot environment08:38
EriC^^memphisto: it actually does some clean up after grub08:38
EriC^^memphisto: ok, what does "sudo efibootmgr -v" give?08:38
memphistoEriC^^: i get Boot0000 and Boot001 entries08:40
ppfi mean i can hack the script to fix, but this seems buggy?08:40
memphistoEriC^^: this could be a leftover from previous install08:40
EriC^^memphisto: how did you chroot?08:40
memphistochroot /target08:41
EriC^^memphisto: try to let the installer continue08:41
EriC^^then we can setup a chroot ourselves and see08:41
memphistoEriC^^: it finished quicky08:44
EriC^^memphisto: ok, type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999" share the pastebin link here08:45
memphistoEriC^^: http://termbin.com/yohf08:48
TsakNorrisnikolam:  could you send me the link. I wanna check it. All the pages what i have found, it hasn't had any support after 14.04 LTS.08:51
EriC^^memphisto: type "sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt"08:51
EriC^^memphisto: "for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done"08:52
EriC^^memphisto: sudo chroot /mnt08:53
EriC^^memphisto: mount -a08:54
EriC^^memphisto: let's see which grub is installed first, "dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 9999"08:54
EriC^^there appears to be a mix of grub legacy and grub efi08:55
EriC^^memphisto: apt-get purge grub-pc grub-pc-bin08:55
memphistodone with errors08:56
EriC^^what errors?08:56
memphistoE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)  ; that was shim-signed08:57
nikolamTsakNorris, I still don't know what is not working for you in newer drivers. SInce 270X is GCN graphics it is supported and as I know drivers are open.08:57
nikolamIt's possible that the old fglrx proprietary drivers are old and not developed anymore08:58
EriC^^what does "dpkg -l | grep grub | nc termbin.com 9999" give now?08:58
EriC^^memphisto: it's still there08:59
EriC^^memphisto: anyways, try "grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi"09:00
TsakNorrisnikolam: ??? 3D acceleration isn't working. Is there good page where i can read more?09:00
TsakNorrisnikolam: Everybody know that Linux supports more heavily Nvidia than AMD GPU's09:01
nikolamTsakNorris, see in 'synaptic' what packages you have installed09:01
nikolamTsakNorris, Linux does not supports anything, Linux is a kernel. Nvidia makes proprietary drivers and AMD makes open source drivers and supports hardware.09:01
memphistoEriC^^: http://termbin.com/htb709:02
EriC^^memphisto: ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 999909:04
EriC^^also sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 999909:04
memphistoEriC^^: http://termbin.com/htb709:04
EriC^^and "blkid | nc termbin.com 9999"09:05
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EriC^^thats the same link09:05
memphistoEriC^^: sorry , copy/paste error09:06
EriC^^everything appears to be in place09:08
EriC^^it should boot09:08
EriC^^the entry is in efibootmgr with correct partuuid and the file is in the partition09:08
EriC^^you still need to purge the grub-pc package after you boot to get a clean dpkg/apt state09:09
EriC^^memphisto: try rebooting09:10
memphistoEriC^^: i will but if it won't boot.....09:10
EriC^^come back here to troubleshoot why09:11
EriC^^try first the one-time boot of your pc09:11
EriC^^that gives the uefi list and other options to boot09:12
memphistothis is strace of grub-install http://termbin.com/r3rfi09:12
memphistopart of it09:12
memphistobig part of it09:12
EriC^^try rebooting09:12
memphistoEriC^^: back09:18
memphistoEriC^^: stuck at grub>09:19
EriC^^memphisto: ok, type "echo $prefix"09:19
memphistoEriC^^: where ?09:20
EriC^^thought you were on grub still on another pc09:20
EriC^^memphisto: can you get on a phone or other pc while in grub> ?09:20
memphistoEriC^^: will do so...09:20
EriC^^ok cool09:20
memphistoEriC^^: back with 2 PCs09:23
EriC^^memphisto: cool type "echo $prefix"09:23
memphistoEriC^^: echo $prefix gives (hd0,gpt2)/boot/grub09:23
EriC^^hmm odd09:24
EriC^^memphisto: try typing "normal"09:24
memphistoEriC^^: did that, and prefix gives the same;still in grub>09:25
EriC^^memphisto: try "configfile $prefix/grub.cfg"09:25
EriC^^memphisto: ah it makes sense, we forgot to run update-grub Doh O.o09:26
memphistook , going live09:26
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memphistoEriC^^: http://termbin.com/cblv09:34
memphistobut noooo09:35
EriC^^memphisto: great, run sudo update-grub09:35
memphistoEriC^^: done09:38
memphistohow to check, apart from rebooting09:38
EriC^^ls /boot/grub/grub.cfg09:38
EriC^^memphisto: also try apt-get purge grub-pc from the chroot09:38
memphistoi'm doing apt-get purge grub-pc, but it has a scary question popup09:40
memphistoDo you want all grub2 files removed from /boot/grub?09:41
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EriC^^say yes09:41
memphistoi'm gonna blindly follow you09:41
EriC^^then run apt-get install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64-signed && grub-install && update-grub09:41
memphistoi get io error09:42
memphistoEriC^^: http://termbin.com/svpq09:44
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EriC^^memphisto: no worries, type "update-grub"09:45
memphistoIt says done09:45
memphistoreboot ?09:45
EriC^^ok try rebooting09:45
memphistoand pray09:45
memphistoi have ugly blue grub and text scroling09:46
memphistoits what i've always wanted09:46
EriC^^so all good memphisto ?09:47
EriC^^what does "dpkg -l | grep  grub" give?09:47
memphistoall praises to EriC^^ - lord of the GRUB and the master of dpkg09:48
EriC^^no problem memphisto09:48
memphistowill check as soon as it boots09:48
memphistoso, should this be a bug report ?09:49
memphistois it known issue09:49
EriC^^mm i think it's some efibootmgr uefi issue09:49
memphistoi've did manual partitioning09:49
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memphistomaybe that bothered him09:49
EriC^^it's failing when adding the entry, though it's actually succeeding in adding it09:49
EriC^^oddly enough grub-install worked from the install later, but when installing the package it failed09:50
EriC^^so must be some software bug09:50
memphistocan you send me those termbin links that i've sent you09:51
memphistoi'd like to try and file a bug report09:51
memphistoand i'll need those09:51
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:41
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zambahi! i want to set up an automatic deployment scheme for ubuntu.. this will be for virtual machines running on the vmware vsphere platform.. how do you recommend doing this?11:40
Sven_vBzamba, try to remaster your own oem install11:42
zambaSven_vB: preseed files?11:42
zambaSven_vB: pxe booted?11:42
Sven_vBzamba, yes both11:42
zambaSven_vB: is cobbler something that can be used here?11:43
chris062689What kernel version currently ships with Ubuntu 18.10? Sites I've seen say 4.17, but what minor version? I looked through the package repository but couldn't find it.12:28
Oolchris062689: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=cosmic&section=all&arch=any&keywords=linux-image-generic&searchon=names12:31
sylwek-ibmr50ehello, which channel is support/help channel?12:32
Oolsylwek-ibmr50e: topic ?12:32
sylwek-ibmr50emy PC takes too long to boot, maybe someone could take a look at my systemd-analyze blame12:32
chris062689Thank you Ool. I imagine if I require kernel version 4.17.2, 4.18.0 would be inclusive of that?12:33
OolI don't know, just, this link may be helfull to know versions :)12:34
hateball!paste | sylwek-ibmr50e12:35
ubottusylwek-ibmr50e: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:35
sylwek-ibmr50eI know how to paste shit12:35
pragmaticenigma!ohmy | sylwek-ibmr50e12:35
ubottusylwek-ibmr50e: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:35
sylwek-ibmr50eit's an old laptop, but it takes longer to boot than windows 7 which is weird12:36
pragmaticenigmasylwek-ibmr50e: comparing windows boot times to linux boot times is like comparing an orange to a banana. They are not the same things.12:37
pragmaticenigmasylwek-ibmr50e: Both systems use very different approaches to booting. An example, Microsoft has optimized windows to boot essential items to get to the boot screen, and continues it's boot process while waiting for a user to authenticate. Linux/Ubuntu does not12:38
pragmaticenigmaLinux/Ubuntu takes a different approach, in some cases similar, every attempt is made to get the user to the login screen as fast as possible. But the approach is different (systemd attempts to load things in parallel instead of waiting for one service to start before starting the next12:39
sylwek-ibmr50eoh I see12:40
sylwek-ibmr50every interesting, cleared up some things12:40
sylwek-ibmr50eso linux want to be ready at desktop, while windows is still loading stuff in the background12:40
chris062689How can I force an upgrade from 18.04.1 to 18.10? do-release-upgrade -d says I need to be running the latest version before upgrading?12:43
Oolperhaps do your update upgrade before ?12:44
Oolbut I don't try, I only use LTS12:44
pragmaticenigmasylwek-ibmr50e: One thing I see in your post, are you mounting a windows partition or network share?12:44
sylwek-ibmr50eit's a windows partition, I added it to fstab12:44
pragmaticenigma!ubuntu+1 | chris06268912:44
ubottuchris062689: Cosmic Cuttlefish is the codename for Ubuntu 18.10 - Support only in #ubuntu+112:44
chris062689Thank you.12:45
pragmaticenigmachris062689: Also note, 18.10 has not been released yet.12:46
rfvhey guys, I just upgraded to 18.04.1 LTS from 16.04 and the UI freezes after login - I tried all the recommended solutions on the interwebs, but nothing works? Would anyone be able to guide me through in order to get to a proper fix ? Thanks12:53
jessarcade@rfv I had a similar thing happen, ended up just doing a clean install, I was trying to see if during the install there would be an option to "repair" my 18.04 installation12:57
rfv@jessarcade did a clean install fix the issue?12:58
jessarcade@rfv I can boot into 18.04 and login like normally, but now grub doesn't launch, I have a dual boot with windows on my desktop, and it boots straight into ubuntu12:59
lotus|NUCrfv: are you using an nvidia card by any chance?13:00
jessarcadeI am.13:02
rfv@lotus|NUC I think it's Intel integrated, lspci says Intel Corporation Xeon E30129913:02
rfv@jessarcade maybe you have GRUB_TIMEOUT set to 0 in /etc/default/grub ?13:03
lotus|NUCrfv: did you test xorg vs wayland login?13:04
rfvlotus|NUC: I have not, what's wayland ?13:04
rfvlotus|NUC: ah, I see, will give a try, thanks!13:05
jessarcadeSince I basically already did a clean install last night, I'm thinking of just completely formatting the drive and installing again. But when it boots, the Grub CLI comes up without any options. I've run grub-install on my linux hard drive still won't boot into grub manager.13:05
lotus|NUCjessarcade: are you dualbooting or so?13:07
jessarcade_Trying to. Both my linux and windows installations are on seperate hard drives13:09
lotus|NUCjessarcade_: you used your existing partition perhaps for the new install?13:09
gpunkis the bios set to boot from the linux hdd?13:09
jessarcade_yeah, that's why I'm thinking a reformat would fix it13:10
gpunkyou dont have to13:10
rfv@lotus|NUC that didn't work, the thing is that I can see apps starting up, like Skype etc. but besides moving the mouse around there's no way to do anything else13:11
lotus|NUCrfv: can you open a terminal?13:12
jessarcade_gpunk the bios has the linux drive as the primary boot, and I've been using boot selector to boot straight into ubuntu13:13
rfvlotus|NUC: yup, that I can do, though there's something wrong with the key presses as well as typing 'rfv' ends up as 'rrfffffffvvvvv' and is really annoying13:13
gpunkwhere is linux, /dev/sda or /dev/sdb ?13:13
lotus|NUCrfv: seems like things are badly scrambled..13:13
=== capella|away is now known as capella
jessarcade_gpunk: /sda13:14
lotus|NUCrfv: try a: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade from terminal first13:14
rfvlotus|NUC: did that, nothing to upgrade13:14
gpunkwhat s the value of GRUB_TIMEOUT= in /etc/default/grub ?13:15
jessarcade_At work now so I can't check till I get home.13:16
lotus|NUCrfv: how about dmesg, see whats going on in there?13:16
rfvrfv: nothing, besides my asus wifi network adapter OOPS-ing, which is nothing new under the sun - same thing happened with 16.04 and I'm used to reconnecting the adapter every couple of hours. I think I need to look into a more stable distro13:18
rfvlotus|NUC: ^^ :)13:19
lotus|NUCrfv: you have external ppa's of any kind in your system?13:20
rfv@lotus|NUC quite a bunch, since this was an upgrade from 16.0413:22
rfvbut apparently they have been disabled on upgrade13:23
gpunkjessarcade_: ok , make sure you do grub-install /dev/sda , then update-grub13:24
mohabakshello folks am trying to execute a script after network start but it fails;I have the script in /etc/network/if-up.d/ on 18.04 LTS13:25
lotus|NUCrfv: if things got too scrambled, perhaps consider a clean install, 18.04 working like a charm here13:25
jessarcade_gpunk: will do13:26
rfvlotus|NUC: I was thinking I could get around that so I don't have to spend another day at least with backing up my data (yeah, I know, bad disk setup) and another half day re-doing my setup. I might end up doing that since that could potentially solve my wifi driver issue as well, either with clean 18.04 or some other distro13:27
lotus|NUCrfv: can you doublecheck if your on right kernel aswell mate?13:29
rfv@lotus|NUC 4.15.0-3413:30
lotus|NUCrfv: ok tnx looks right13:30
lotus|NUCrfv: what i would also try is a tail -f /var/log/syslog see whats going on in realtime with gnome..13:31
lotus|NUCrfv: maybe a full cleanup of ppa's, system with clean with bleachbit13:32
XB23hey guys, why wont this seem to run as a crontab as root13:43
XB23* * * * * /sbin/iptables-restore  < /etc/iptables.up.rules13:43
XB23if i run it manually, works great13:43
XB23but as a crontab .. no changes get made to iptablse13:43
XB23heh, syntax error in my file .. typial13:46
XB23working now13:46
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)13:46
rfv@lotus|NUC workspaces to dock gnome-shell extension was the culprit ... I removed that and it looks fine now13:49
lotus|NUC!yay | rfv13:52
ubotturfv: Glad you made it! :-)13:52
lotus|NUCrfv: install preload also, it will give your system a lil boost too13:52
mustmodify_This is going to sound childish or whatever... but is there a way I can get `sudo service start servicename` to show a different error? I'm used to upstart's `sudo start servicename` so I keep typing the other backwards and it takes me a good 2 minutes to figure out why it isn't working.14:01
mustmodify_like " ========= [ START IS NOT A SERVICE ] ============================== " or something14:01
rfv@lotus|NUC thanks for all the help! I'll look into installing preload as well ... it all started trying to figure out how to make a 2x2 workspaces grid14:04
lotus|NUCrfv: great!14:06
lotus|NUCmustmodify_: wich ubuntu release are you on?14:07
mustmodify_18.04. :( Seems like all my troubles started with my upgrade.14:07
mustmodify_To be fair, I could have just switched back to upstart.14:07
mustmodify_Weird, though. I'm having all kinds of new networking, power management, and other issues.14:08
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lotus|NUC!systemd | mustmodify_14:11
ubottumustmodify_: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units14:11
mustmodify_yep, I'm aware.14:11
mustmodify_But my question is whether I can somehow get systemd to help me out a bit with the transition, by creating a 'start' service that outputs an error message or something.14:11
mustmodify_Instead of the existing error, I'd like one that reminds me that 'start' is not a service. So I can reverse the word 'start' and the service name, and move on, rather than trying to figure out what's wrong (nothing) with the service.14:12
mustmodify_I'm asking in #systemd.14:14
regdudeanyone noticed that Ubuntu sends LACPDUs out of bonding slaves using generated MAC addresses? Permanent HW addr shows up as generated one14:20
DoowHi, I'm trying to enable tls in rabbit mq and I get the error: '/etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq-env.conf: listeners.ssl.default: not found' for the line 'listeners.ssl.default =' I'm not sure what not found is referring to here. Is it the tls module or the port? Or something that should be earlier in the config file?14:21
pragmaticenigmaDoow: You might want to try in #rabbitmq14:24
Doowpragmaticenigma, just got help there now, sorry to disturb you here.14:24
pragmaticenigmaDoow: It's quite alright, just doing what I can to help :-)14:25
MrokiiHello. Does anybody know about problems with Thunderbird 60 on (K)ubuntu? I installed it but it keeps crashing when I try to start it.14:26
lotus|NUCMrokii: wich kubuntu release are you on please?14:27
Mrokiilotus|NUC: 18.0414:28
lotus|NUC!latest | Mrokii14:28
ubottuMrokii: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:28
lotus|NUCMrokii: we advice to use specific package versions for your specific k(ubuntu) version14:29
Mrokiilotus|NUC: I installed Thunderbird via a supposedly stable repo, so I assume I have the correct version.14:29
lotus|NUCMrokii: you can also try !backports or snap14:29
lotus|NUCMrokii: you could ask the maintainer of that repo then perhaps14:30
Mrokiilotus|NUC: I'll take a look, but I don't like snaps, so I won't take that route. :)14:30
pragmaticenigmaMrokii: The crashing is one of the reasons that the latest Thunderbird has not been released to any of the Ubuntu releases. Do note that any security patches have been applied.14:33
Mrokiipragmaticenigma: Okay thanks for the info. It's not that important, I guess I'll stay with 52 for the moment.14:34
pragmaticenigmaMrokii: Sounds good. I'm very eager to see the next version be released, but have been stung too many times with attempting to get the latest. Now I just patiently wait.14:35
Mrokiipragmaticenigma: At least I was able to downgrade to 52 again without problems.14:36
pragmaticenigmaMrokii: The interesting note is that the Windows version of Thunderbird does not auto update to 60. Which hints to me that there is a significant under the hood archetecture change that needs something similar to a fresh install14:37
Mrokiipragmaticenigma: Hopefully not, but given the changes, which sound substantial, who knows...14:38
pragmaticenigmaMrokii: The other part is the dependencies might be too new for other packages that use them. Important to avoid conflicts14:39
Mrokiipragmaticenigma: Yeah, well, too much headache for me at the moment. I'll wait and see. :D14:41
drvy_Hi, I was trying to install the nvidia propietary driver via de autoinstall, but with tha latest kernel (4.15.0-34.XX) I get a black screen during boot while with 4.15.0-29.31 it boots normally.. any suggestions? Thanks14:50
aburkain 16.04, is there a way to reverse scroll direction in Nautilus and Terminal when using a mouse? the "natural scrolling" setting works for a touchpad, and Xmodmap works for a mouse *almost everywhere*, but Terminal and Nautilus seem to ignore Xmodmap14:52
pragmaticenigmadrvy_: Are you using "apt" to install? Can you describe a little more detail on how you're attempting to install the driver?14:53
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drvy_pragmaticenigma: Im using the "Software & Updates" Additional Drivers option, from what I'm able to get, it does install the nvidia-driver-390 (I have a GTX 1050) but after a reboot, I get a black screen unless I use "advanced boot options" and select the "older" kernel.14:55
drvy_btw, this is on a freshly installed 18.0414:56
pragmaticenigmadrvy_: Do you have any ppa installed?14:57
pragmaticenigmaor did you litterally just finish installing and go to install the nvidia drivers?14:57
drvy_Just the "canonical partners" enabled14:58
drvy_I install, update/upgrade, reboot, install from "Additional drivers" and reboot again14:58
pragmaticenigmanot familiar with that one... but I typically run the nvidia drivers from the Graphics Drivers team PPA. I know there have been lots of issues with nvidia drivers after upgrade and install... I don't know if this has helped anyone, https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:59
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pragmaticenigmadrvy_: Just know that PPAs are at your own risk. This one I know has been solid for me personally.15:00
drvy_I guess I will try that PPA15:00
lotus|NUCdrvy_: for the gtx cards we have seen good things on the ubuntu graphics drivers launchpad, latest 390 working better then the one from ubuntu repos15:00
lotus|NUCdrvy_: gtx cards 1050 and 1060 also use the 396 from the ppa15:01
lotus|NUCdrvy_: check what your system proposes with: ubuntu-drivers list15:01
drvy_lotus|NUC: it proposes 39015:02
lotus|NUCdrvy_: ok try latest 390 from ubuntu graphics ppa15:03
drvy_ok, I will try that, thanks lotus|NUC and pragmaticenigma15:03
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flipsHow change I change which tty gdm3/wayland tries to start on?15:36
lotus|NUC!tty | flips can this help?15:37
ubottuflips can this help?: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:37
bobdermeisterHi, im going to do a clean 18.04 install on my XPS which came with 16.04 preinstalled15:39
flipslotus|NUC: not really, I'm trying to change waylaynd from starting on tty115:39
bobdermeisteris turning off secure boot necessary?15:39
bobdermeisterand if someone has a XPS 9370, anything i need to toggle in bios before installing ubuntu?15:40
antonmbobdermeister: it's not necessary I'd still disable it though15:45
bobdermeisterantonm can i enable it after the installation?15:46
bobdermeisterwould have stayed with my 18.04 upgraded from dell 16.04 image but their partitioning is weird, was having 8 partitions15:47
antonmbobdermeister: as far as I know you wouldn't be able to re-enable it15:48
antonmalthough secureboot's not really anything necessary15:48
* antonm is away15:48
MacroManWhere can I find the systemd script for Apache in Ubuntu 18.04? It's not in /usr/lib/systemd/system/ as expected15:48
MacroManNor can I see it in /etc/systemd/system/15:49
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=== Sys_host is now known as SysGhost
* antonm is back online16:00
lotus|NUC!away | antonm16:01
ubottuantonm: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»16:01
gpunkMacroMan: you looked in /etc/init.d/ ?16:02
MacroMangpunk: I found it in the end: /lib/systemd/system/apache2.service16:02
MacroManThanks though16:03
flipsSo nobody here knows how to configure gdm/wayland to use alternate tty?16:03
gpunkman gdm316:08
flipsgpunk: Like I didn't check that man page ... I don't see the relevant info there16:11
gpunki did see16:11
flipscare to spoon feed me?16:12
emilenglerjoin #python16:14
gpunklook in the files in /etc/gdm3/16:14
flipsgpunk: I looked through all those files, not seeing tty nor VT defined16:14
flipsand I also checked the gdm.schemas without seeing any seemingly relevant option16:18
naccgpunk: if you aren't willing to provide a direct answer, it's better not to reply16:19
naccflips: https://wiki.debian.org/GDM mentions FirstVT, but that also isn't the file on ubuntu (it's custom.conf, afaict)16:20
gpunkit s here: /etc/systemd/logind.conf16:21
gpunkman logind.conf16:22
naccgpunk: are you sure? i'm not sure gdm reads that, or cares where your login ttys are (the conf file refers to replacing getty1 specifically16:23
flipsnacc: Probably FirstVT in [daemon] section of custom.conf, I guess, then ... thanks. I'd think logind.conf is not very relevant16:25
naccflips: i'm not sure that's used either, tbh, but it's something to try. gdm3 is also systemd controlled, and i wonder if there are tweaks available in the unit file, but not sure16:26
naccflips: there are some debug commands in here: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=80233516:27
ubottuDebian bug 802335 in gdm3 "gdm3: gdm 3.18 does not switch to the right tty with a multi seat setup" [Important,Fixed]16:27
naccwhich might be useful to run16:27
naccflips: you might also ask in #gnome ?16:28
naccflips: as i don't think it's ubuntu specific, technically16:28
flipswill read/try those, thanks :)16:35
naccflips: good luck16:38
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Sven_vBwhat's a good app to track (expectation, usage, deviation) resources that change based on calendars (e.g. weekly, with exceptions for holidays; types could be electricity and water consumption, workhours for several projects, nutrition)?16:59
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naccSven_vB: a spreadsheet? :)17:01
Sven_vBnacc, I tried that, it got so complicated I wrote a bash script instead, but now that the calendar rules grow, I hope there are more elegant ways.17:02
naccSven_vB: dunno that there is such an app in ubuntu, you might need to google around for a web app17:02
Sven_vBor maybe my spreadsheet app just wasn't good enough?17:02
naccSven_vB: well, or your spreadsheet-fu :) not sure why it would get complicated based upon what you described as needing17:03
naccSven_vB: if you want it to be automagic, then a spreadsheet probably isn't the right choice17:03
naccSven_vB: but you only mentioned tracking, which implies manual to me :)17:03
Sven_vByeah I'd like to feed text files from my existing sensors17:03
naccSven_vB: how do your sensors know about work hours?17:03
naccSven_vB: so it sounds like more of a problem of data munging, then actual data tracking.17:04
Sven_vBin that case it wouldn't be a sensor, it would be a sed script that transforms my lab notebook.17:04
naccSven_vB: right, i'm not sure there is going to be some app that does this already17:05
Sven_vByeah maybe a spread sheet app could actually do it if I learn to write macros for the import17:05
naccright, that's the bit you need to automate, i guess17:05
naccSven_vB: good luck! :)17:05
Sven_vBbut at that stage it's probably easier to write my own web app.17:05
Sven_vBthanks :)17:05
mustmodify_What does this line from syslog mean?17:13
mustmodify_Sep 27 12:11:48 logopolis ntpd[1421]: local addr -> <null>17:13
nplusHi, I have Ubuntu bionic installed with the uefi shim + secure boot (dual boot with Windows) and after some updates, when I boot to Ubuntu, I just get a black screen17:14
nplusany ideas? anything I should confirm?17:14
trafaret1hi there17:15
trafaret1how to remap standart keyboard in ubuntu?17:15
nplussda3 has a uefi boot partition with 2 boot items: ubuntu and windows. boot priority is ubuntu (the shim I believe) that points to sdc1 where the main grub configs are with the menu options to boot into Ubuntu or Windows. I no longer get the Grub menu, just a black screen17:17
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ubuntutrhow i can send email in ubuntu17:43
Jordan_Uubuntutr: Do you want to use webmail (like http://gmail.com ) or do you want to use an application that sends / receives email via POP / IMAP?17:48
ubuntutrno in ubuntu terminaþ17:49
ducasseare you talking about running a mail transport agent (mta), like postfix?17:50
coconutubuntutr: someone already gave you answers on your question a few days ago.17:50
BurkeburkeHi guys - anyone knows a bit about mendeley? Starting mendeleydesktop gets me some missing GLIPCXX and other missing requirements - which seem to be installed, though: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8YhhQ45bvS/17:52
naccBurkeburke: it's a version mismatch17:53
naccBurkeburke: it is looking for specific GLIBC (ABI) versions, and not finding them17:53
naccBurkeburke: specifically, libqt5  in the application is built againsta  different libc, it seems. you need to talk to mendeley not ubuntu17:54
Burkeburkehm, weird17:55
BurkeburkeI feared as much.17:56
naccBurkeburke: what version of ubuntu are you running?17:57
BurkeburkeSo it is possible, that I will not be able to run mendeley any more in general on my 14.04 machine?17:57
freezerhi, any clue if a NVIDIA GT 1030 will be fast running Ubuntu desktop, Firefox web browsing etc?17:57
naccBurkeburke: they only provide a 16.04 and a 'generic linux' version, afaict17:57
Burkeburkeunless I fiddle with my libc?17:57
naccBurkeburke: dunno, sorry17:57
Burkeburkeokay, unfortunate17:58
ducassedon't fiddle with libc, it doesn't like it17:58
freezeror is there any dedicated GPU better suited?17:58
BurkeburkeI tried to roll back to a previous version, which seemed not to work. Probably because the former versions were not available any more17:58
freezeri just want blazing fast desktop, browsing, video watching etc.17:58
Burkeburkeducasse, I thought so. There is a reason I use LTS, I dont want to mess with those things :D17:59
ducassemessing with libs is a great way to screw up your installation17:59
ejri am running ubuntu 16.04 with libglibg version 2.48, but i need at least version 2.53 (e.g. that of bionic). what is the most conflict-free way to upgrade it without upgrading the entire system to 18.04?18:02
naccejr: there is no supported way to do that18:02
naccejr: why do you need the newer liblibg ?18:03
ejrnacc: the wm i want to use (i3 gaps) requires it18:03
naccejr: i3 is in 16.0418:03
ejrnacc: what if i download the newer version from a mirror and install it via dpkg -i? would that break my system?18:03
naccejr: so you mean some i3 that is not in ubuntu?18:03
ejrnacc: yes, but not i3 gaps18:03
naccejr: i don't know what that is. So some non-ubuntu thing wants some non-ubuntu package? :)18:04
ejrit's merely that updated package that is missing for i3 gaps to work on 16.0418:04
naccejr: i doubt it is 'merely' that, but ok. you can look in PPAs.18:04
naccejr: but also not supported here18:04
ejrnacc: yeah, i guess PPAs would be a way...18:04
naccejr: there is no supported way to do wht you want, though.18:04
naccejr: why not just run 18.04 if you want to run this thing?18:04
ejrnacc: i am on trisquel, of which the latest version is based on 16.0418:06
naccejr: so you're asking for support for an unsupported os too18:06
ejrand i'd rather stay with trisquel as it gives me the package base of ubuntu without non-free software18:06
naccejr: please talk to your os for support18:06
ejrnacc: well, it is based on ubuntu so i figure the procedure for an upgrade of the package is the same18:06
naccejr: no.18:06
naccejr: and further this is the official support channel for ubuntu, not for things based upon ubuntu.18:07
ejrnacc: ok, thanks, i didn't know that asking questions when they are related to the base of a distro is not allowed in that channel18:10
ejri understand why though18:10
ducasseejr: there is a repo with updated i3 packages for ubuntu, check if there is one for i3 gaps18:14
ducasseejr: ask in #i318:14
coconutejr: only for some flavours, but no trisquel...18:14
nacctrisquel is not a flavor, it's a fork18:15
coconutwell, i only knew it was no official flavour. (url from !flavours)18:17
pawshttps://pastebin.com/TRsHw6sn <-- i have this bash ftp script, but is there any way that i can show the progress of the file.. like how much % it uploaded?18:23
naccpaws: 'hash' or 'tick' ftp commands18:24
outoftimeI have low-graphics mode message.18:24
pawsnacc: i am very new to this.. what do you mean by hash or tick? how do i implement that to my bash script?18:27
naccpaws: it has nothing to do with bash, they are ftp commandshttps://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/FTP-3.html18:28
naccpaws: also your comment in line 2 is false, the path is hardcoded in your script. In the future, I think you want to consult that howto, and if you have a bash question, use #bash18:29
pawsnacc: but i connect to my ftp with a bash script so i do not have to re-enter my login crentials every time18:29
naccpaws: that's nice? read the link i provided.18:30
naccpaws: using scripts to avoid security is not a great system.18:30
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tripelbI have an HP probook 455 G3 laptop (near as I can figure a radeon graphics card) and I just cannot get it to boot the ubuntu usb. I get as far as a choice to try or install ubuntu and after I choose it goes black. (I have looked at a "screen goes black" webpage written at the time of Ub16, which also mentions 12. ##techsupport mentioned it last night.) I have looked here and there. Please help18:59
tripelbme. I have been on this for 2 weeks. I want to dual boot.18:59
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotus|NUC
outoftimeI have tried to build nvidia-304 and had errors https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/pzVXnbdFYY/19:02
frecklealexIs gnome tweak tools still the simplest way to swap CTRL and Caps Lock in 18.04?19:03
nacctripelb: did you try booting the installer with 'nomodeset' ?19:03
lotus|NUCfrecklealex: you could also checkout dconf-editor to tweak settings19:03
naccoutoftime: nvidia-304 doesn't support the later kernel19:03
naccoutoftime: why are you doing it by hand and why are you trying to use an unsupported nvidia driver?19:04
naccfrecklealex: i would say so, yes19:04
outoftimenacc: I'm installing nvidia-current on 16.0419:05
outoftimenacc: should I try to install 340?19:05
naccoutoftime: oh sorry, i saw the kernel version, let me look19:06
JohKhow do I get snap apps to work when my home is sylinked to a different drive?19:06
naccoutoftime: LP: #173775019:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1737750 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-304 (Ubuntu) "nvidia-graphics-drivers fail to build [error: implicit declaration of function ‘init_timer’]" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173775019:06
lotus|NUCoutoftime: current is not the way to go anymore19:06
naccJohK: #snappy19:06
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outoftimelotus|NUC: so I have to try 340?19:07
Kali_Yugahello, I boot into initramfs for some reason?. this happend once already and I reintstalled but the error popped up again 2 days later. I get the message '/dev/mapper/kubuntu --vg-root requires a manual fsck. fsck exited with status code 4'19:09
lotus|NUCoutoftime: what does ubuntu-drivers list proposes for your system?19:09
outoftimelotus|NUC: where I can find it?19:09
lotus|NUCoutoftime: from a terminal19:09
outoftimelotus|NUC: 34019:10
frecklealexnacc: thanks!19:11
lotus|NUCoutoftime: if thats what ubuntu suggests for your card19:12
* outoftime have urgent video call, can not continue for half an hour19:13
lotus|NUCoutoftime: did you test nomodeset as nacc suggested?19:13
Bare7aHello, I am trying to setup a PPTPD Server on ubuntu but for some reason I cannot connect successfully (it gets right if the user is authorized right or not, but the connection closes right after it)19:14
Bare7aHere is a log file, can someone please troubleshoot me :/19:14
bray90820_I have a 13 inch backbook pro from 2011 which i am thinking of running ubunt on it since the newist MacOS is now obsolete on it would you recomed that or should I buy a new laptop to run it?19:15
bray90820_*Macbook pro19:16
lotus|NUCbray90820_: ive installed 18.04.1 on a macbook pro recently, all worked like a charm19:17
Kali_Yugahello, I boot into initramfs for some reason?. this happend once already and I reintstalled but the error popped up again 2 days later. I get the message '/dev/mapper/kubuntu --vg-root requires a manual fsck. fsck exited with status code 4'19:17
bray90820_lotus|NUC: What year of Macbook pro19:17
tripelbCongrats lotus|NUC I am totally stuck on thie HP win1019:17
lotus|NUCtripelb: ?19:19
lotus|NUCbray90820_: cant recall sorry19:19
bray90820_Did it have a CD drive?19:20
lotus|NUCbray90820_: no19:20
bray90820_Alright then my next question about how the trackpad work doesn't need to be asked19:20
lotus|NUCbray90820_: try a liveusb 18.04.1 on it, findout if your hardware works on it19:20
bray90820_That runs into the issue about not knowing how things wok with a reboot19:22
lotus|NUC!uefi | tripelb read here first19:22
ubottutripelb read here first: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:22
lotus|NUCbray90820_: pardon?19:22
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bray90820_I wanted to modify a few things and see how it worked when I rebooted but I can't do that with a live CD19:23
lotus|NUCbray90820_: before you modify things, try your hardware first, if it works==physical install and modify things then?19:24
bray90820_I guess idk19:25
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StatelessCatI have issue on Ubuntu startup caused by an old Fedora installation, can I ask here my question?19:40
StatelessCatHere is a screenshot of Gparted on my two Drives: https://imgur.com/a/GGR15xh19:46
StatelessCatI have installed Fedora, and now I'm using a dual boot with windows on my /dev/sbd, Ubuntu on my /dev/sda, some tinies partitions at the beginning of each drive. And not sure where the grub is. And now each time Ubuntu starts, I got stuck a few minutes on "a start job is running for dev-mapper-fedora\x2dswap.device...19:47
StatelessCat(sorry for my english...)19:47
StatelessCat$mount give me nothing about these old fedora partitions/ whatever this is19:48
StatelessCatI googled this, and it seems this is related to something in one of my MBR (but I don't know whitch one), and related to LVM19:49
StatelessCatWhere do you think I need to start to get rid of this? thanks19:49
naccStatelessCat: is there a swap entry in your /etc/fstab ?19:51
Piratyis anyone familliar with the ubiquity software design and can help me out understanding the part where eficvars are handled , boot order in particular. i have a piece of hardware that reportedly does run a regularly installed ubuntu, and i fails to install another distro (more manual way)19:53
StatelessCatnacc: yes i have a swap entry20:07
StatelessCatnacc: and I have "/dev/mapper/fedora-swap none            swap    sw              0       0" I think this is the line that is causing my issue, right?20:08
Sbur3I found a motherboard based on the X299 LGA2066. But where do I go to find out if Linux would work with it?20:08
StatelessCatSbur3: Google "<name of the motherboard> + <linux>" ?20:09
StatelessCatSbur3: https://kmuto.jp/debian/hcl/ ?20:10
Sbur3StatelessCat I did that. Actually, I didn’t use the « + » and chose Ubuntu instead of Linux. I’ll try again20:10
StatelessCatSbur3: usually when i do search for compatibility i use ("ubuntu" OR "linux") to match one of the two keyword20:12
StatelessCatfor example: Asus GL502VM ("ubuntu" OR "linux")20:12
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marcogmonteirohi guys, I have a new laptop that has 2 disks, one I have windows 10 in it, and I have another one the SSD that I'm trying to put ubuntu in, I do the install, select the normal install along side windows option and select that second disk, but I'm always getting error loading the grub.20:14
marcogmonteiroI just ran the boot-repair tool via live usb20:14
marcogmonteiroand this was the result https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BPfD4dQvYr/20:14
marcogmonteiroif anyone can offer some know how on this I would really appreciate that, because im kinda lost, never had this happening to me :(20:15
naccStatelessCat: ... yes20:20
naccStatelessCat: does that disk actually exist? if not, comment or remove that line20:20
FuturianAre you trying to boot from /dev/sda or /dev/mmcblk1?20:23
marcogmonteiroFuturian I set my boot order in bios to Ubuntu first so I guess sda20:25
naccmarcogmonteiro: they are completely different device types20:26
FuturianIt's important. Do you have more than one disk in that bad boy?20:27
FuturianYeah, re-read..20:27
marcogmonteiroFuturian yes the computer had some internal memory 64 GB that's kinda like a SDcard, but it had a slot to put and SSD in20:27
marcogmonteiroso I did20:27
marcogmonteiroand installed ubuntu on the SSD (that is the 120GB one)20:28
FuturianK, would guess that the external would be /dev/sda in this case..20:28
marcogmonteiroit is20:28
FuturianLol "guess"..20:28
FuturianBoot options in your BIOS then?20:29
StatelessCatnacc: ty. How can i know if "/dev/mapper/fedora-swap none            swap    sw              0       0" exists? Using gparted and fdisk i don't see anything with "fedora" .20:30
FuturianErm, no, cause your getting a grub repair / recovery menu right?20:30
FuturianSo, yeah, definitely something in grub.cfg in my mind..20:30
marcogmonteirobios is pretty limited on this laptop... all I can do is enable or disable fast boot (its disable btw) and set a new boot order. so I set ubuntu to 1st entry then windows20:31
marcogmonteiroyou want to see the output of blkid?20:31
FuturianPut that in a shell and make sure the disk ID's match grub.cfg20:32
marcogmonteirothis is the output of blkid http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/B2FJY5mtnD/20:33
FuturianK, might be a bit out of my depth, but might try /dev/sda3 into grub.cfg if not using efi.20:35
FuturianYou'll want the blkid20:36
naccStatelessCat: do you see it on your system when booted? if not, comment it out.20:36
naccStatelessCat: that's the first thing to do.20:36
StatelessCatnacc: thanks for the help20:43
dbff2programming interview book suggestions?20:51
outoftimenacc: here20:51
outoftimenacc: http://termbin.com/wr8b for nvidia-34020:51
outoftimenacc: same error as for 30420:53
leonardusIs there a way to change the scrolling speed?20:54
leonardusNevermind, I did it within firefox.20:56
elichai2hey, something weird started happening lately, I set my headphones to default and play something, but if I pause it for a few seconds and then resume it goes back to the speakers until I make *them* default and afterwards I reset the headphones to default, any ideas?20:57
elichai2I'm using indicator-sound-switcher to change default device20:57
xgpthello! I am curious if I could get a clarification on package updating guidelines/procedures! I am currently running Xenial, which is still under support as far as I can tell. Will I see an update perhaps to the package "wordgrinder"? It has been updated, and is currently in "Universe". This update brings with it a more stable file format update that will allow saves to be moved from a binary format that21:02
xgpticks me to a plain text file format that makes me feel much more safe with my precious writing tasks (the bulk of my work on a computer)21:02
xgptPackage: wordgrinder21:02
xgptVersion: 0.6-3build121:02
xgptPriority: optional21:02
xgptSection: universe/editors21:02
xgptOrigin: Ubuntu21:02
xgptSorry, Meant to put that in a single line!21:03
naccxgpt: update in what sense?21:04
naccdbff2: wrong channel21:04
xgptnacc, which channel would be correct then? just telling newbies that they are in the wrong channel is not helpful for anyone.21:07
tripelbI have a born in 2016 HP laptop Probook455G3 to be exact and following everything I have found I fail to boot off the usb drive. I suppose this is more an HP problem than an #ubuntu problem but I am stymied. --from what I understand it has to do with the radion card needing special drivers. Perhaps I could make a persistent usb installation that has those drivers? (I havent done that and I have21:07
tripelbthis awkward win10 install. Can I do that at the library which has earlier windows?) --  any one have any ideas that I can use.  -> also I cannot get into the check for Legacy boot order (greyed out) even though I have done Disable Secure boot and Enable Legacy Boot.  Any help appreciated.21:07
nacc!alis | dbff221:08
ubottudbff2: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"21:08
naccxgpt: it is not my job to find a channel for someone, when there are tools for doing so. Asking for books about programming int he ubuntu support channel is offtopic.21:08
xgptnacc: I'm looking to see if 0.6-3 will update to the new 0.7.1 update per21:08
xgpt[#ubuntu] e if 0.6-3 will update to the new 0.7.1 update per21:08
naccxgpt: no, major release updates almost never happen21:09
naccxgpt: especially to stuff in universe21:09
naccyou could see if it is in backports, or do it yourself there21:09
naccor in a PPA21:09
xgptnacc: how would I check to see if there is a PPA or if it's in backports?21:09
Futurianxpgt: maybe #ubuntu-dev if it exists? Many packages in Ubuntu are not bleeding edge and possibly with good reason.21:09
naccxgpt: 0.7.1 is in 18.04 and 18.1021:09
xgptis there a way to just pull down that specific package?21:10
naccFuturian: no, #ubuntu-devel is for development of ubuntu, not for SRU requests.21:10
nacc!ppa | xgpt21:10
ubottuxgpt: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge21:10
nacc!backports | xgpt21:10
ubottuxgpt: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging21:10
nacc!sru | xgpt: and for the reason it won't happen in general:21:10
ubottuxgpt: and for the reason it won't happen in general:: Stable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates21:10
FuturianGood point, using latest release certainly helps.. lol.21:10
naccxgpt: and no, you should not mix releases.21:12
Futurianxgpt : do-release-upgrade.. But ffs, so a backup with Clonezilla or similar first.21:13
xgptthanks nacc ubottu thanks21:13
naccxgpt: yw21:16
oft_gegongoh no, Manjaro is taking over the linux community by storm. What will Ubuntu do!21:53
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elichai2I don't get what people find in Manjaro, it's just Arch with questionable repositories22:03
outoftimeI have strange behavior. When I'm booting my Ubuntu 16.04.5 there are chance that I have low-graphics mode and my wifi card is not recognized.23:09
kaddihi, could anyone explain to me how domain resolution and search domains work on ubuntu? I have a VPN that adds two search domains to /etc/resolv.conf but only the first one is being read/used. The second isn't.23:22
kaddiThe same VPN client works fine on debian testing23:22
ryuokaddi: search domains only matter for single labels. are you using those?23:23
kaddiryuo: yes. Eg I have one called hercules on one network and the other called zeus on the second. hercules works, zeus doesn't23:23
kaddiI can ping the IP directly and resolve the full path like zeus.int.test.com23:23
ryuokaddi: does 'zeus' exist in the first search domain?23:29
kaddiryuo: no23:30
kaddi@ryuo all names are unique23:30
ryuokaddi: can you paste your resolv.conf?23:30
ryuoaccording to the man page, it should try them in the order given by the config file...23:30
ryuountil a match is found.23:31
kaddimyrti@myri:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf23:31
kaddisearch spts.***.edu sptsn.***.edu23:31
kaddireplaced our domain with ***23:31
kaddizeus would be on sptsn, herucles on spts23:31
outoftimekaddi: !paste23:32
bencchow can I recursively delete all files inside something/ directory?23:32
benccIt could be /parent/sub/something/file.txt or /parent/sub1/sub2/something/file2.txt23:32
kaddirm takes -r for recursive23:32
ryuobencc: rm has a -r option for recursive.23:32
rfmkaddi, is systemd-resolved being used?  ("sudo systemctl status systemd-resolved.service" and look for "active"..)23:33
benccyes but I only want to delete "something/*" and "something" could be in multiple subdirectoris23:33
outoftimebencc: rm -r */**/<pattern>23:33
benccoutoftime: what is "*/**/<pattern>" ?23:33
kaddirfm: yes it seems resolved is running:    Active: active (running) since Tue 2018-09-25 17:50:59 CDT; 2 days ago23:34
outoftimebencc: */**/ means any path23:34
benccoutoftime: that's not what I need23:34
benccI think23:34
rfmkaddi, I have to admit I do not understand when/where any changes to resolv.conf get picked up by resolved, it's possible resolved isn't seeing changes after it started.23:35
outoftimebencc: you have /parrent/**/something/*.txt23:35
rfmkaddi, you could try "sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved.service" after connectiing the vpn and see if it starts working23:36
ryuorfm: how is resolved relevant? most software gets its DNS info from resolv.conf, and it's definitely not using resolved.23:36
kaddirfm: it picks them up to some extend. neither spts nor sptsn exist before i fire up the vpn.. Then afdterwards it sees spts but not sptsn23:36
benccoutoftime: maybe: "find . -wholename '*/something/*' -delete"23:36
ryuoif it was, it'd probably have a localhost as nameserver.23:36
ryuoinstead it has some DNS server in a private network.23:37
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kaddirfm: it doesn't change after a restart23:37
rfmryuo, yeah, if resolved was being invoked it would have as nameserver23:37
outoftimebencc: try `echo /parent/**/something/`23:37
ryuorfm: i personally have disabled resolved on some ubuntu systems due to how it chooses to handle DNS.23:38
ryuomostly due to there being no option to force it to do lookups sequentially.23:39
rfmryuo, yes, I turned it off on my server too because of mysterious behavior (that machine already runs a full bind server, anyway)23:40
ryuokaddi: not sure how to help you, but i've never used multiple search domains.23:40
ryuokaddi: if it's that big of a problem, perhaps you can try using a DNS proxy that can do what you want.23:40
kaddiyeah it's not really my choice, since this is just how the network is set up :p But it would be nice to get it to work since zeus.int.test.uni.edu is quite a bit to type ;)23:41
kaddiI'll look into setting up a proxy..23:41
kaddiit's just weird since this seems to be a ubuntu issue as it's working on debian and on SL623:42
rfmkaddi, might be interesting to look at the output of "host -v zeus" which will show the steps as it resolves...23:42
ryuokaddi: not sure. it could be a glibc bug as resolv.conf is primarily read by it.23:42
kaddiwhich is why I'm confused.. then I tried to look into DNS in ubuntu and I just got scared :p It has changed so much in recent years23:42
ryuokaddi: yea... if you use private DNS servers, resolved is a nightmare.23:42
kaddirfm: it just says "Trying zeus.spts.***.edu;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached23:43
kaddiit never tries sptsn23:43
kaddiryuo: but resolv.conf is still the primary file? because i've seen posts online claiming it should be a symlink to some file in systemd/resolved/something23:43
sonicwindjoin #ubuntu-discuss23:44
outoftimeWhen I'm booting my Ubuntu 16.04.5 there are chance that I have graphics and wifi card is not recognized.23:44
B0g4r7I'm using ubuntu 18.04 in "try ubuntu" mode (live).  For some reason it's not letting me install some packages.  Is there a fix?23:44
ryuokaddi: yes. that's a file resolved uses to tell "legacy" software to use it.23:44
B0g4r7sudo apt install microcom -- "E: Unable to locate package microcom"23:44
B0g4r7Some packages install, like openssh-server installed fine.23:44
ryuoi personally disable resolved. it may eventually become usable, but for now it's just a nuisance.23:44
kaddiryuo: thanks. Unfortunately I've gotta run. But you've been most helpful :)23:45
outoftimeB0g4r7: you have to setup ppa for your package23:45
kaddiif you have a link on how to disable it (safely), I'd be interested :)23:45
ryuokaddi: yea... it's simple.23:45
ryuokaddi: replace /etc/resolv.conf symlink and then do systemctl disable systemd-resolved23:45
ryuothat's all.23:45
kaddiit's not currently a symlink, I just saw that it's supposed to be :D23:45
ryuoresolved's extra functionality isn't relevant to most.23:45
kaddiI'll try that once I get back :)23:46
B0g4r7outoftime, that sounds about right.  I guess I need to apt-add-repository foo.  I'm just not sure what foo should be.23:46
Bashing-omB0g4r7: Also, make sure 'universe' repo is enabled in software sources .23:48
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outoftimeB0g4r7: looks like it is part of universe https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/microcom/2016.01.0-1build223:50
B0g4r7Bashing-om, that did the trick, thx.  I couldn't quite find how to change that from the commandline, but I found it in the gui.23:51
B0g4r7Now microcom is successfully installed.23:51
Bashing-omB0g4r7: :)23:51
outoftimeWhen I'm booting my Ubuntu 16.04.5 there are chance that I have graphics and wifi card not recognized.23:52

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