mceierDf(Because they can be of characteristic 2!)00:46
threadwa1You are talking about that 3D printer gun? I think getting it into blockchain can lead to new reason for goverments to take actions against btc02:08
threadwa1sorry X= 002:08
cytadela8YiWants is working fine. I was trying it now using Before=02:22
chainsawbikeDithough you should parenthesize05:20
chainsawbikeDiziggylazer ty05:21
brent80_plowjqJimBuntu: wouldn't matter06:36
cpugeniusey     Not in scope: ‘Set.toList’07:56
cpugeniuseywhy cant you use lvm?07:56
cpugeniuseyif you replace JSON with say, a table07:56
cpugeniuseyok, I don't, I actually have some while loop in bash :p07:56
cpugeniuseyit was another foss coup07:56
cpugeniuseyrunjutsu: ok, but how can I now add the voltage to get the electric energy from charge?07:57
r3mhbbefore thatthey were obviously working on perfecting their tennis game08:01
r3mhbhow many Sockets do you have?08:01
r3mhb"I think so, brain... but where are we going to find a child at this time of night?"08:01
cromagGKsure, wouldn't matter08:52
WereWikingiVlong before google existed, to be fair!09:06
DieBaggerNbi worded things badly before11:46
DieBaggerNbbyobu is "just" a wrapper/setup for screen and tmux though, not its own thing11:46
Random832nTanyway thanks12:10
Random832nTwhy don't I need an & when I assign an array to a pointer12:10
kensanataloRochester or Holly, or some piece of crap?12:32
Akamuseven thru se13:09
Akamus# printf "%(%c)T"13:09
faidenSgqwebirc89260: WHY do you want ubuntu core on your pi? Do you know what Ubuntu core is or how to use it?14:03
faidenSgThoMe: how about something like this? https://gist.github.com/Nothing4You/caa7c3df05ff701deeaf0ee0818aa62d14:03
jinksautopsy: I'm afraid that I can only spare my time to help people who use a learning resource.... without such a learning resource it becomes a tedious private tutoring15:19
jinkswas 1 or 2 years ago15:19
Eric_TheITGuy_looking for ethereum contract researcher to audit my contract DM me price paid!!15:24
Eric_TheITGuy_MousiePad: also its a web-thingy, i want to run it with cron :]15:24
korozionamAdditive normal form is generally gross.16:04
korozionamthen just throw it away16:04
oddtodpzgurki: well australia tried to forbid the laws of mathematics, so i guess :P16:26
oddtodpzby google do you mean a google result or do you mean their recommendations for youtube16:26
oorzavJi thought i can use my meme curves17:23
oorzavJI'm sure you can do that in bash17:23
xouszwRadEntity: any error messages from netplan?19:23
xouszwI mean, reencoding will get rid of the issue. If you're fine with reencoding that might be easiest19:23
zwnbsI'm getting tired of always having to customize the keymap in Clonezilla, I'd like to always boot into RAM with 1024x768 resolution20:56
zwnbscould one make a heart-friendly AC? :)20:56
PulseAsiobecause it's so cheap in poundage, you're better off buying a new one than spend on shipping21:08
PulseAsioif you cut the brake lines they brakes will apply ;)21:08
howlymowlyrabbitear: when i actually care i dont use arduino21:47
howlymowlyI gave it to some friends who needed a new TV after I got the new one21:48

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