haxonautmN{ int x(); }00:43
haxonautmN:-) it's already in the current ports tree, but I have been meaning to read the porting guide00:44
SexualRickshawvkah, yes it can01:50
SexualRickshawvkI guess 14 euros delivered01:50
SexualRickshawvkAlthough /nix/store and /var/lib/name are on the same drive, so hardlinking could work01:50
SexualRickshawvksklarr: what version of netcat? The netcat -v -l 55555 version works the same for me as the long one.01:50
SexualRickshawvknames of functions are strings :p01:50
john_doe_jrfpLearath2: In general the mapping x |-> x^2 from R to R is not safe because it is not injective.02:07
john_doe_jrfpno, when he posted that02:08
john_doe_jrfpstill lots of ways for others to get at it02:08
john_doe_jrfpi closed two terminal windows that weren'tdoing anything and then it was able to eject02:08
john_doe_jrfpthey’re not hard to use but they force you into ST/IO which can be annoying at times02:08
knavedRmQuote #849: <+Snipa> Nah, working on my roomie's car. | <+Mochi101> Mechanical? | <+solar_> no its horse-drawn03:20
knavedRmand l <tab> will ask you to display 143 matches?03:20
v12amlsnthanks lambdabot03:21
v12amlsnok guys.  so i ran some more tests and changed my code to provide more details into where the process is dying:  https://pastebin.com/guCqEDAK03:21
outofboundsaHwait... what? intero doesn't use the project ghc version?05:15
outofboundsaHany suggestions? :)05:15
vishalhztime to buttchug05:31
vishalhzmuch smaller05:31
vishalhzfendor: well in that case, you can do it as dmwit suggests05:31
vishalhzthe wise man is told about the unnamed register and uses it. the average man is told about the unnamed register and searches for it.05:31
valentinbuzanqIs the mail server configured to use a different copy of the files? Does it need to be reloaded or restarted?07:04
valentinbuzanqand then back again made some long days one day was 12 hours because the park had a special celebration07:04
valentinbuzanqmichael: After you recover the data (and you're sure you got ALL of it), the disk can be formatted to use it again. Sorry if I confused you on that either.07:04
valentinbuzanqCoJaBo29: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.07:04
ubrlvalentinbuzanq: ⇪ Nickname Registration - freenode07:04
valentinbuzanqflaf: great :)07:04
^k^新  Ubuntu 18.10 • ubuntu18.04 蓝牙的开关突然变成灰色不可点击,适配器找不到  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=488593 ubuntu18.04 蓝牙的开关突然变成 灰色不可点击 ,提示: 未找到蓝牙,插入蓝牙适配器以使用蓝牙 可是明明昨天我还在用蓝牙音响听歌的,今天就不行了!!真的奇怪07:13
^k^ ─> 软件更新里面也没有相关的驱动未安装什么的,昨天我就安装了 VLC,smplayer,kodi,Chrom …07:13
tha_dok_I aim for 100ms07:48
mbilvu_这里有人玩samba 吗?08:24
=== mbilvu_ is now known as mbilvu
ubrlmbilvu:点点点.  16:2908:29
mbilvu你好,想问这里的高手有人玩samba  ?08:30
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 你爸爸接你来了 :     某幼儿园某阿姨,夫妻伉俪情深。一日夫来探妻,众小儿已知巴结阿姨,齐奔至阿姨面前大呼:"阿姨,阿姨,你爸爸接你来了。"众阿姨喷饭。08:35
mbilvujust4[m]: haha 小白好08:45
just4[m]<freenode_mbi "just4: haha 小白好"> 大佬好!08:53
obfuskIMI'm devop from Lithuania and Im currently have to decide how to install our feature servers (now we have 20).08:59
obfuskIMpi--: that is (by necessity since you're modifying the video content) re-encoding the video. Video encoding takes time. There are options you can use to change the speed/compression/quality tradeoffs.08:59
obfuskIMyou just run the compiled binary directly09:00
obfuskIMskimmed over that when I was checking09:00
mikedlrqmthe OGs09:19
mikedlrqmblingrang: I just barely tried to do make it work at one point, I ended up using a sftp jail :)09:19
mbilvuany ppl know how to change domain name in samba09:26
mbilvuit like dont have guide on it09:26
AntaresrWrafael13: You're not in #systemd yet -- please log in to your freenode account first. (Type /topic for more info. If you're human, use ?invite to get a pass.)09:38
ubrlAntaresrW: ⇪ DEUTSCH NEPAL : "Tolerance" - YouTube09:38
AntaresrWdarkmeson: I don't understand09:38
AntaresrWi find it amusing how almost everybody on irc has had an attempt at an irc client or server09:39
AntaresrWand I want a safe atomic filesystem rename and a free pony09:39
AntaresrWAre the new AMD CPU's good for XMR?09:39
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 谁最呆 : 小呆:大呆,十一点半的火车为什么我们十点就要在这儿等?? 大呆:笨啊!这样别人五点才到台北,我们三点半就能到了埃 小呆:对喔!那我们可以多买几张票,就可以早点到了说。 大呆:所以我说你比我笨,我早就想到了!你看这里有十张票,我们一人五张,这样我们09:56
^k^ ─> 九点半就能到台北了啊! 小呆:喔…怪怪的…。09:56
DiagfgFirst Rule of Public Beta Club10:01
Diagfges que tu me parece muy maricon10:01
Diagfgmochi101 come, i can gib u free waffle10:01
Diagfgknow why it is crashing?10:01
Diagfgbls: Yes, indeed, but it's limited mostly10:01
CJammerit reports the old kernel value there10:07
CJammercome on IRC nerds, pretend like you're normally-socialised10:07
CJammerthat is irrelevant. if there is a bug in the std lib then anything is possible. something works silently, and something else may crash your program.10:07
CJammerI pg_basebackup'd with -x option.10:08
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 招供 : 一只考古队从埃及带回一具木乃伊。因为确定不了这具木乃伊已经存在了多长时间,科学家们只好找情报部门帮忙。情报部门的人员在实验室里忙了4个小时,然后告诉科学家们说,木乃伊的确切年龄是3147岁,科学家们很惊奇,问情报部门的人员是怎么得出的结论。 "很简11:17
^k^ ─> 单,"一个情报部门的人员说,"他招供了。"11:17
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 竟然是图片 //i0.xiaohua.fd.zol-img.com.cn/t_s600x5000/g4/M08/0B/00/Cg-4WlI2saqIZIE0AACTqhTCoKoAALrVgG35JkAAJPC266.jpg 这样的头盔太帅了12:40
^k^新  启动和引导 • Ubuntu16.04 swap占用过多,电脑死机怎么解决?  http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php?t=488594 如下图,在编译一个程序时出现卡顿,看了资源使用情况,发现swap占用特别的,而内存倒是没完全用起来,请问这种情况是可以通过设置方法解决,还是说电脑硬件配置无法满13:05
^k^ ─> 足编译程序的需要?若可以设置,应如何设置解决? 统计信息: 发表于 由 Jemma — 2018-10-0 …13:05
^k^暂无新帖 讲个笑话吧: 以借对借 : 邻居匹克屡次叫小孩来伏特家借醋,今天又来了:"我家晚上吃蟹,借点儿醋好吗?"于是,伏特也吩咐小儿子到匹克家借东西:"今天我家要吃醋,请借一些螃蟹好吗?"14:28
mz`qJopqdonut: Consider how say C++ gives us sequentiality of statements with (;) - but we can't capture that semicolon as a first-class value, pass it around in functions and use it somehow.15:26
mz`qJWe bridge it, but it's not perfect :/. I've been trying to diagnose how we sometimes just lose modes.15:26
Hezkorewhy is this happening?16:03
Hezkoreit will fetch from my branch origin16:03
Hezkore( 2 dx + 0 dy, 0 dx + 2dy) was right16:04
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blkperlXvrajrajraj:  as far as I can remember, you bother yourself with OpenSSL and friends for some time now16:17
blkperlXv[ WACK - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com16:17
blkperlXvmaybe some fisharoni will make Rooofy hongry16:17
blkperlXv"why is the os telling the user to save the changes they don't want or literally lose the entire file? :)"16:17
eskimoAjDHE: I see that -r sets the frame rate. But how can vlc know that value? Isn't mjpeg just a sequence of jpegs?16:37
eskimoAjhow do i do this16:37
eskimoAjLike :split and :vsplit16:37
vishwin_Layou need to write your code so that some y comes before some x.17:44
vishwin_Laor fsck the ext and use the '-e' or similar option for those xterms and such17:44
vishwin_LaThere is also 4.19 experimental17:44
vishwin_Laoh right :(17:44
vishwin_Laedmund: for replication, if the streaming connection is broken for some reason, it will fall back on the archive.17:44
vishwin_LaBlackDalek: okay, now i'm puzzled why the "sudo mount -o remount,rw /home" command didnt return an error message. but i think we can ignore this17:44
bruce-tYlldooe2: show me the output of "/statusbar" on your irssi19:11
bruce-tYmy cpus hit 67c and there's the smell of soy sauce coming from the heatsinks?????19:11
bruce-tYis adolf on coinbase yet?19:11
cs_0x6373pNtotally legit, though mostly you only ever see it in ioccc entries.19:13
cs_0x6373pNTheNH813, yeah i've even done a complete uninstall of samba/samba-*, reinstalled, and pulled the configuration from the working box onto this one to ensure they are all the same but still nudda19:13
cs_0x6373pNpragmaticengma I wish I remembered19:13
cs_0x6373pNanycast helps a lot against this kind of attack19:14
r2d3Ldlet him tell you about the shit that is reality22:06
r2d3Ldso to power the blender, I have to put button on 'off'22:06
r2d3Ldim on a crosshair vi22:06
oholiabXhzincy: there's no such thing in unix as a "websocket". there is just a socket. the additional mechanics to make ita  websocket are added by user-level code.22:13
oholiabXhoh no wait it was the saudis22:13
oholiabXhand would have sufficient logic swing for the TGs22:13
oholiabXhsadly I dont22:13
canndrewdavor, i don't have a clear cut answer.  i'm just saying with a few hours of screwing around i bet you could fine a way to hook into what you need without inteferring with how the existing code works.22:14
canndrew.mine 250000022:14

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