xnoxLaney, i am suspicious about ros-ros-comm adt test on cosmic on i386 triggered by python2.7/2.7.15-4ubuntu4 -> has it been continiously running for multiple hours now; killing the VM to oblivion, and autopkgtest cloud continiously auto-restarting it, or some such?14:35
xnoxLaney, it should only take just over an hour to complete, but it seems to be actually running and running for hours, and I think I did catch a running log with a much higher command, than the current command9 before.14:35
Laneyhow many should it have?14:37
Laneytry running it locally?14:37
xnoxi think command24 is the highest.14:38
xnoxalso no idea why i started talking in this channel14:38
Laneygood for it to have some activity :-)14:38
Laneyit could be that it times out14:39
Laneyand we need to put it in long_tests or something14:39
xnoxLaney, but like i see no long / test runs about it from the results page...14:59
xnoxLaney, are there any more logs that you might have access about it? It does look suspicious.14:59
xnoxi.e. i'd would want to know if it was autorestarted or not.14:59
Laneyit finished?!?!?!15:07
xnoxLaney, well yeah, weird. now waiting 5-10 minutes for the results to appear in all the right pages.15:10
xnoxLaney, must be scared of you logging-in ;-)15:10
xnoxLaney, it's back from the dead. running "still" now at 2h.... http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running#pkg-ros-ros-comm15:13
xnoxLaney, did it restart?15:13
xnoxit's done command1 and now doing command2, when i pinged you it was at command9 at least.15:14
xnoxso it did jump back.15:14
xnoxi fear it might be doing this in perpetuity.15:14
Laneyok lemme save the log15:19
Laneycatch it in the act of being naughty15:19
LaneyTimed out waiting for ssh. Aborting! Console log:15:34
Laney------- nova console-log b6f59c2d-bad8-46fe-9399-9ca91765b66c (adt-cosmic-i386-ros-ros-comm-20181003-131224) ------15:34
Laney------- nova console-log af7053b5-66b5-4396-a600-a3b09634f399 (adt-cosmic-i386-ros-ros-comm-20181003-131224) ------15:35
LaneyERROR (CommandError): No server with a name or ID of 'af7053b5-66b5-4396-a600-a3b09634f399' exists.15:35
LaneyERROR (CommandError): Unable to delete the specified server(s).15:35
Laneydunno what that even means, the server failed to provision??????15:37
xnoxLaney, meanwhile, it seems to me, it is written like that, because they did not want to write a shell script.15:46
xnoxLaney, i think all of this can run on a single VM.... instead of gazzilion VMs.15:46
Laneyit does mean they get separate results which can be nice15:47
Laneybut maybe this is taking it a bit far15:48
xnoxif separates logs is important, i can create separate logs in artifacts per test-command.....15:58
xnox144 VMs vs 6 VMs is imho a change worth doing here15:58
xnoxgiven no deps are conflicting, and there is no breaks-testbed, and there is no needs-root, etc15:59
xnoxthis is abuse of resources15:59
Laneyin the future we'll have the ability to skip / track regressions per test16:01
Laneyin that sense splitting your tests up in to separate autopkgtests is sensible16:01
Laneybut I wouldn't object if you were to consolidate this a bit :-)16:02
xnoxwell, ideally we would want some kind of a reporting api thing, such that a single test can export a report of multiple tests.16:02
Laneyit'll probably eventually finish by luck16:02
xnoxthis runs trivial single g++ on a oneline file, testing api compilation.....16:02
Laneyyes OK, that probably doesn't need to be N different tests ...16:03
* Laney didn't look at what they actually are16:03
xnoxif not these failures, i wouldn't either =)16:03
xnoxin total it is a 35s test; with hours of VM setups =)16:05
Laneyit got up to test 11 this time and I'm about to have to go :(16:44
Laneystupid thing16:45

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