roppertAARonaldsMazitis: tomreyn actually, that lastest strace log shows it gets past the /etc/mysql/ accsses fine which is good news. I'm reading the rest of the strace log carefully01:52
roppertAAunderthehood and/or for the user?01:53
roppertAAgentauro: you’ll have to be more precise than “I seem to have issues”01:53
roppertAAbueno eso es cierto01:53
donicsSHNuke proof!02:10
donicsSHwait, beam is probably sound bar - nevermind02:10
donicsSHno letter names in the app version numbers02:10
marxarelliqytriceratux: It should be able to do it in one go just like it can take --purge02:48
marxarelliqyAnnnd, off he goes again.02:48
marxarelliqyhey_joe: TA is on steam fwiw02:48
MalteJCA.c 3325/6802:54
MalteJCAHow could I turn tuple<T1, T2> into tuple<T1&, T2&>?02:55
FMJaggymKparco: :)03:06
FMJaggymKmistralol: VS can do remote Linux builds, but I hear ya. I can’t stand anything but a tiling window manager to program with.03:06
saxus|wmnit's not QUITE that simple but it's damned close03:18
saxus|wmnWait, you're talking about Snaps?03:18
saxus|wmnwhat i'm saying is what should be the main power in for my project03:18
saxus|wmnemphasis on knowledge!03:18
rossomeMebtw, ##electronics loves showing off their mad battery skills, for anyone who wants to go more in-depth ;)04:55
rossomeMeyup, deps04:55
rossomeMeEightynine: Hmmm.. That statement is false. :)04:55
rossomeMehardlinks won't help either04:55
rossomeMethen put sugar on it04:55
HoopyCatQOno he is certainly not concerned with quantum nonsence05:04
HoopyCatQOdbedrenko_: for one they most likely specify that the language must use a specific floating point format such as the ieee specfication05:04
HoopyCatQOGuess I'm gonna go the shared folder route05:04
HoopyCatQOCasperPhone: seems like you live on a boat05:04
jdtXrHowi can i made a .ko file?08:12
jdtXrbrainwash, that's the root one, isn't it?08:12
jdtXrI actually know there is beauty to the way algebra provides the right language for talking about geometric ideas. But I feel unable to explore that beauty by myself.08:12
jdtXrman people depend on sasl too much lol08:12
jdtXrin any case, /usr/share/doc/postgresql-common/README.Debian.gz08:12
mneptokRFif you want to, you can use something like ReaderT to hide the parameter passing but often that’s not worth it09:29
mneptokRFasymptotically2: no :^)09:29
Max-Pklwhich means it’s a fake piece of shit being sold at under half the realistic high-quantity price14:59
Max-Pklthat still doesn't do what you described14:59
Max-PklSmashcat: :D15:00
Max-Pklyou have to lay your head15:00
Max-Pkl@Randolf According to `dhclient -v` I just keep getting "Failed to send packet" to the address. The error message is just that the "Network is down"15:00
Max-Pklyou can also see why array-to-pointer would be triggered here:15:00
dbenoitstill worths a shot imho15:43
dbenoiti'm gonna ssh in and try15:43
dinastyWRplex was disgusted with your choice of tentacle porn and decided not to index it16:00
dinastyWR[ 'She lost twice, that's all it is': Media frenzy around Serena Williams' outburst in US Open defeat - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com16:00
dinastyWR16 month meaning ?16:00
oddtodpzgurki: well australia tried to forbid the laws of mathematics, so i guess :P16:22
oddtodpzby google do you mean a google result or do you mean their recommendations for youtube16:23
oddtodpzand then I'll proceed with preparing the GDB build16:23
b2XEshe's disgusting17:01
b2XEOk, I will uninstall the 64 bits then and try the 32 bits17:01
b2XEgurki, well, a "small Zynq board" is essentially an SoM, is it not?17:01
sagelywizardTbThat's pretty handy.17:22
sagelywizardTbsituations where the fan should go faster or slower than they're going?17:22
sagelywizardTbEh, I'm not considering Free.17:22
Bouletvudie or work.18:53
Bouletvuhow much marones went to "donation" exactly?18:53
DiegojX... move over to a dom0 terminal.18:57
DiegojXBoth posative AND FAT? Man... Danger Will Robinson!18:57
DiegojXIt's probably old age dropping his testosterone level and turning him into a sissy. We should crowdfund some testosterone shots for him.18:57
DiegojXit's not a great distance tho, say 10M18:57
DiegojXblawiz: so can you rephrase your question with that word?18:57
xirg    --resolution 75|100|200|300dpi [75]19:53
xirgGreat to have it there for when you want it though. Or want to show vim off.19:53
xirgMake a backup before you try it19:53
runelind_qWjYes ok. djph no worries DJ PEE AYCH21:56
runelind_qWjif I make the filesystem fat32, it allows me to boot from it but can't find a file (that is too large for fat32).. any other format and I can't select it from the boot menu. thoughts?21:56
runelind_qWjAnonymous Algebraists maybe21:56
runelind_qWjwhat does this error means and how can it be resolved ?? https://lpaste.net/7404596259085877248 ?21:56

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