Wolfspirit_[@kayaelle] .@indiewebcamp is going on this Fri & Sat : https://indieweb.org/2018/NYC00:25
Wolfspirit_Strip some AC cables and touch the wires together, got it.00:25
Wolfspirit_thrig: df -i says only 5% of inodes used in /usr00:26
Wolfspirit_with that geometry, you can sort of see why it could behave like that...00:26
b0tanikthey overvolt when input volt is below rating05:08
b0taniki probably got the precedence wrong05:09
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austin987Zuice9:  while IFS= read -r line; do if [[ $line = \#:* && $line = *.ui.h:* ]]; then printf '%s\n' "${line/data/data\/ui}"; else printf '%s\n' "$line"; fi; done < input > output07:53
austin987ZuI would consider it to be07:53
austin987Zuif that helps07:53
austin987Zuright, I was mistook your statement for the [ tag, missed the '07:53
austin987Zubobdobbs: This channel only supports packages provided through the original software channels from Canonical and Ubuntu. You will need to contact the maintainer of the 3rd party ppa for assistance07:53
roblaRKneoromantique: the user you're logging in to probably has a conservative shell like dash set. Try: getent passwd $USER09:20
roblaRKbut that creates problem09:20
Leinathe largest has to be at least 1/311:06
LeinaTinoDidriksen: I did, I'm just wondering if it somehow doesn't crash. Because if I run the release build, it doesn't crash for me either11:07
Leinajsut wondeirng11:07
sivoaisPhucilage, perhaps? :p11:41
sivoaisyeah that should be suitable enough for comparisons11:41
sivoaisThat is, if you think about what `newtype` does, then it should make sense that `N1 _` be irrefutable.11:42
sivoaisbet on a, b, c11:42
sivoaisTAKE THAT BACK11:42
Piippomu1heh, well the term is actually just diffusion11:42
Piippomu1I can't tell yet whether you're simple or just trolling.  Do you have advice on this, Styil?11:42
Piippomu1nothos: probably different use case though.. uuidd just prevents getting duplicate UUID when fetching them fast, on one system.11:42
Piippomu1hey, I'm trying to clean cin after it receives invalid input to continue looping, but all my attempts to clean it seem to fail. http://coliru.stacked-crooked.com/a/ca757788d184f65a11:42
Piippomu1dataN: no11:42
Piippomu1Svitkona, the language in this section (conv.array) contradicts itself. on one hand, it says that you get a prvalue as a result of the conversion. but on the other hand, it mentions that the temporary materialization conversion is applied. But the temporary materialization conversion is a conversion from a prvalue to an xvalue.11:42
EvieoQcomputer gets hot, runs faster, gets a little hotter, little faster, go go go11:45
EvieoQpure luck that something worked without the divider.  maybe the esp8266 was shunting the excess current to the + rail and feeding the input capacitor which marginally helped.  just enough that something worked.11:45
EvieoQeach one with 4 FW's (two pairs)11:45
furyaLleo_rockway: there is a flag in apt-get to ignore that error i believe14:35
furyaLdalcde: Ah, that seems pretty sweet.14:35
swordsDSI can't deal with changes14:37
swordsDSor do i need to quit irssi and edit the conf file?14:37
kallewoofcolol letme check15:40
kallewoofcoeveryone talks about it but if thats all it does15:40
kallewoofcoits still there :)15:40
kallewoofcowhat is single user?15:40
tlevineyeah but since im on ubuntu and trying to make the usb from ubuntu i asked here brother16:10
tlevineMoving on....16:10
tlevineHi, I was wondering how given any real value x, I can come up with a real value that lies between [-c,c], where c is a fixed integer?16:10
tlevinefix it so it puts manjaro as first16:10
FrejaSEbecause you're storing an array in a string variable17:15
FrejaSEMonero price in USD = $102.8217:15
FrejaSEmath notation is notorious context dependent and inconsistent17:15
FrejaSECisien29: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.17:15
FrejaSEHello71: i consider strtok broken because it has state17:15
SigynLV(unreg) <matheo> hey again18:24
SigynLVposting a github template on gitlab is nice :)18:25
stvc2so, guys, is it allowed to leave github-links? I will show you my code and you19:58
stvc2yes, but if I'm evaluating that over a number of timepoints (or integrating it, I suppose)19:58
RenePTemplateClass tc(*this);20:50
RenePdminuoso: if it does, it's worth looking into that20:50
michchapcqPsi-Jack: that is not a valid argument. If it performs better or has anything that I should be aware of that the other two will not offer then sure I will consider it22:52
michchapcqi do it like a friggin hoover FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr22:53
michchapcqtriceratux, output of ls /lib/firmware/brcm/ is http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/vTwRm4BpVT/22:53
michchapcq# printf "%q\n" "pig fucker.mp3"22:53
michchapcqnow I'm going to bed... later #Qubes_OS :D22:53

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