SpCombgjI am familiar with PEP 8 and conform with it.00:01
SpCombgjcountingsort: you either need to look up and provide the partition offsets in the file, or use a tool to do it for you00:01
SpCombgjat the beginning I mostly answered all the easier questions even when it required a bit of research, because I wanted people to be free to answer my harder questions00:01
SpCombgjgaryman223: I unbanned them.00:01
newhoggyOJbut I just tried and it didn't work either00:06
newhoggyOJi can't even remember how i did that....00:06
Ta1}s0nthis means a lot of JS libs won't work properly in node.01:37
Ta1}s0npull up the datadog dashboard so i can see if i eat so much IO it's an issue...01:37
Ta1}s0nHello! I have a problem with one repo and doing push. I looked at the .config and found this: http://dpaste.com/3HTN3NZ - I... think this isn't correct right? I mean the structure, the [branch "master"] being there twice...01:37
Ta1}s0ndhess: so the pid goes defunct, and the parent is never notified that the proccess has died01:37
Ta1}s0nbut you can still host on your native ip01:37
SexualRickshawvkah, yes it can01:51
SexualRickshawvkI guess 14 euros delivered01:51
SexualRickshawvkAlthough /nix/store and /var/lib/name are on the same drive, so hardlinking could work01:51
SexualRickshawvksklarr: what version of netcat? The netcat -v -l 55555 version works the same for me as the long one.01:51
SexualRickshawvknames of functions are strings :p01:51
Welcomeelon musk03:03
WelcomeAh, you're stuck with old versions?03:03
Harlocktkcousteau: labyrinth03:26
HarlocktkWith words or with numbers03:26
henrynguyen5BxDid not know the flag existed few minutes ago05:26
henrynguyen5BxAnd not that crap Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey, either. Real whiskey, like Knob Creak. Maker's Mark, etc.05:26
henrynguyen5Bx'15.6" FHD (1920x1080), Wide-View'05:26
henrynguyen5Bxgaryzeasshole: you sent out your mail?05:26
glycerineqNXMR on Binance at 0.01781900 BTC; -1.52% over 24 hours on 731.563 BTC volume07:32
glycerineqNLucid - LOL at that video. If I didn't have that plugin that lets me pick the PHP version on a per site basis I'd seriously do something I regret involving a ball bat.07:32
StianLgLlight: https://clbin.com/cW0MR07:48
StianLgLcurrently Ubuntu and win 10 are on separate SSDs.07:48
RatherOutspokenuThanks. Right now on Github, someone's opened the discussion about the options the Qubes OS project has about being ported to the PPC64 architecture, in particular, the Talos II.09:26
preisiwPi was going to ssh to the pi and control vlc-nox that way12:00
preisiwPdon't rewrite it12:00
preisiwPsome people solve problems by adding term level variables, Halogen does it by adding type level variables12:01
preisiwP'M a -> F (M a) -> M a' likewise12:01
preisiwPrajrajraj, if this were windows, I had say SumatraPDF12:01
KevinCarbonarahGthen you can make conditional on the returned data13:16
KevinCarbonarahGI once compiled a kernel with the "yes to everything" flag13:16
KevinCarbonarahGi think i have to close down all my buffers and start again ...this is a pain13:16
tgVoradens: you do this on ubuntu, that'S the only thing we support here also.14:59
tgVoI dont know, if its even possible, of course I want to set this variable in docker run .... But docker can not handle arrays I guess14:59
tgVoif it is, then you don't need to reinstall any packages14:59
tgVoThe problem these days is half these kids weren't even alive when Y2K rolled around, so they think they've got 80+ years to not care about the first two digits of the year changing.14:59
tgVoand that works because you already exported PS114:59
uncle-wanSpis that a thing? type level fusion?15:34
uncle-wanSpyeah, I know B plays nice with n/2 distinct eigenvalues and nothing silly in the eigenvectors15:34
ven473CZbut in western nations they change the fundamentals of the country by posing as victims and accumulating victim privilege until thy get enough power to have an Islamic revolution17:42
ven473CZaudiophile, the canonical basis vectors are eigenvectors for a diagonal matrix17:42
GreybeardHrRufie = cannibis roll-your-own where I come from18:10
GreybeardHrHi, how do I connect to VPN in Qubes R4?18:10
GreybeardHrRoq: in India.18:10
GreybeardHrpingfloyd sry.18:10
wlfshmntake 5 [1..]19:05
wlfshmnHow does one do composition within the monad? I have f :: a -> IO b and g :: b -> IO c. I am currently doing: f x >>= g. If it was not IO, then I would do (f . g) x.19:05
wlfshmnLike, a Haskell program that uses stuff from the project?19:05
[SLB]bXplease copy and paste the output of the command you ran and the output returned by it. the command which resulted in the initrd generator hanging.19:09
[SLB]bXupdate doesn't copy19:09
[SLB]bXI am curious if this is something to do with a newer version then the one in the tutorial, or do I have this all wrong? lol19:09
[SLB]bXbecause second edition no longer served as the standard for the programming language, and was simply a book about it19:09
forkrxwell it was in response to atk's mention19:17
forkrxis there a term for "the number of non-zero coefficients" of a polynomial (specifically, a minimal polynomial)?19:17
forkrxSorry Psi-Jack19:17
forkrxPaste is available without ads on http://pastebin.com/raw?i=pus0t8sF19:18
forkrxpagios: is there any blinking light on the usb stick?19:18
Nascherziwell, I'd rather sit at the "end of the world" geographically than somewhere where the world is ending19:56
Nascherzihm, right, bgavran, thanks for the idea.19:56
Nascherziwould damage occur?19:56
automagiccWi tried adding 'autocmd FileType * setlocal formatoptions-=o'20:38
automagiccWI believe it's C++20:39
minasotawSah, just realized, today is APPLE DAY21:47
minasotawSthis has been demonstrated with a perl script on a decade-old netbook doing 32-bit collisions with gnupg key ids21:47
minasotawS> foldl (-) 10 [1..4] :: Expr21:47
minasotawSchange as required.21:47
BardackvK(construction throws exception -> leak since you've lost the allocated pointer)22:05
BardackvKSveta: Yes in local system.22:05
BardackvKtry pinfo instead of gnu's info browser22:05
BardackvKit won't transform it22:05
BardackvKyou're welcome, Hazza22:05
blackbitwell "correctly" is a limiting word, and maybe a strong word too... it's up to you. and, you might like doing the development work on linux23:33
blackbitwait so the GE window units in walmart arent made by GE?23:33

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