lopidNGYou could just dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/diskimage.img but that would be kind of space-inefficient00:08
lopidNGgregor2: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-enable-sftp-without-shell-access-on-ubuntu-16-0400:08
seuzxzi wonder if php would be smaller if python was faster00:36
seuzxzneed a fancy router to do download caching00:36
seuzxzbest is just an opinion im looking for someone to give me theirs00:36
dacharyEFprobably not but i think one would learn a lot.00:37
dacharyEFits protection features arent amazing00:38
dacharyEFyeap :'(00:38
dacharyEFallow random third parties who may or may not be acting at the behest of some government to push whatever they want. what's the worst that could happen?00:38
dacharyEFyup, send is independent of recv00:38
dacharyEFcreated symlink /etc/systemd/system/influxd.service --> /lib/systemd/system/influxdb.service00:38
mrphantomVTsh crypto shows everything on my asr, doesn't split it up by vrf02:21
mrphantomVTNow I am curious, what do they state?02:21
ollien_That's mainly what it's for02:51
ollien_[20:27:51] <Highdude> \x what do you mean linux doesnt know when you do?02:51
ollien_outoftime,   sudo lshw -c Video | nc termbin.com 999902:51
ollien_MH17 missile owned by Russian brigade, investigators say - 24 May 201802:51
MTecknologyoUbut this is clearly not required to install already-built packages05:18
MTecknologyoUwhois is jest info05:19
onnexuqhey all. anyone can recommend a good book on Functional Programming? ideally with Erlang or Haskell. :)06:59
onnexuqi looked at i2c port expanders and concluded that it was cheaper to implement them using a cpu, as absurd as that sounds.06:59
onnexuqso i need to start the install over06:59
onnexuqno worries, i'm just trying to understand is al06:59
snoverEdtried installing  again, same error07:05
snoverEdreturn rec:addr()07:05
MacGyverDsI have an ordinary wallet and I reached a minimum threshold of 0.3 xmr07:58
MacGyverDsand then if it is straight up and down, choose, perhaps the top07:58
MacGyverDsTJ-, aria2 isn't what I need, I need something that can show history of previously downloaded stuff.07:59
MacGyverDsunless it's some sort of Intel SoC. then the whole thing might be more of a PoC07:59
MeuuhABYes exactly08:31
MeuuhABcertbot -d mydomain.de --manual --preferred-challenges dns certonly08:31
MeuuhABthe decent ones are $200+ it seems08:31
MeuuhABintranick: these are tiny fuckin wee drill bits08:31
tyzoidfLwith the name of a directory in the tree09:08
tyzoidfLthanks wraeth, that was helpful, I guess I don't need anything "out of the box", planning on just installing i3wm later on.09:08
tyzoidfLdarkmeson: I've never really though of it as an option, mostly because I have no idea how the ssh trafic would look from the ISP prespective.09:08
tyzoidfLI continuously get found my ip and then already banned my ip09:09
patap0nHzthere's also cfg-update, an external tool, that some people prefer09:49
patap0nHzCorvus`: Now I need to print a long bolt since I couldn't find any to buy that fit...09:49
SkyboundqwOr the instruction?11:46
Skyboundqw           /  ;  `"`"   '__  \  you lose!11:46
SkyboundqwHonestly, Ubuntu could solve most of my gripes by doing two things: 1) releasing the source code of stuff like landscape.  2) not doing anything stupid like the Amazon integration or hosing customers on Ubuntu One or creating a NIH platform for like 4 whole releases.11:47
Guest66183pavlos: my host has the ip instead of, could that be the issue?11:58
Guest66183swap 4gb HDD in virtual machine11:58
sPiNvq10:34:05             Desu ⸾ mpv/vlc/gstreamer/whateveryouwant12:08
sPiNvqfzf.vim, command-t, ctrl-space, ctrl-p, denite.vim12:08
sPiNvqsometimes when i boot up linux on an external hd with various computers, the internet won't connect 50% of the time. it has the circular arrow at gnome.12:08
sPiNvqswapgs24: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.12:08
sPiNvqbecause, i saw octavia package for Redhat, Centos distro12:08
MicroHexZzand it was not long after UK apologies..12:48
MicroHexZzproviding its not caching12:48
MicroHexZznai: OLDPWD=/12:48
MicroHexZztolland, that method has only worked for very old hdds, given the todays hdd density it is no loger an option12:49
MicroHexZz[danielle~! :dani:] i like how replies add "re:" to the subject nowsoon the fediverse will have email forwards from your aunt. i'm so excited12:49
rendarVksorry put it into ~/.vim/autoload .. yes the automation comes at the expense of granular control over the git / scm repositories. That is why some people prefer vundle. But plug is fast and easy. You need to call :PlugInstall in order to clone all of the repos12:49
rendarVknot sure what you mean with local server and scram vm sadly12:49
RicazGci thought it set things up left to right - so the first takes stderr and redirects to stdout, and then tee takes stdout (which currently has stderr added into it) and writes it to the file ?13:29
RicazGckddjj:  that's irrelevant...  it depends how it was created/updated13:30
RicazGcLucidDreamZzZ:  a backup plan does require some work13:30
RicazGcShadows: no, it's what emacs w3m-mode is based on13:30
TvillingquA polynomial equation is an equation that says two polynomials are equal.13:40
TvillingquQBRT: thank you, but the problem is that i do not have optimus but dedicated nvidia card, i tried settings like that, but do not work unfortunately :(13:40
TvillingquHow do I get my sound device under /dev/snd?  There is only seq and timer there at the moment.  RaspberryPi3.13:40
AG_ClintonUxthe way you have it now there is no "batch" as far as the database is concerned16:29
AG_ClintonUxi would think the quotes to be an issue here16:29
AG_ClintonUxtrcc : in your case, `stDoStepFunction' is *not* a function (it *is* the reference cell)16:29
AG_ClintonUxI restarted apache16:29
AG_ClintonUxIt's 7:30am16:30
AG_ClintonUxabdi - (US - NetName: 24SHELLS)16:30
FenrirthvitibhWhat's the specific problem? What distro?17:41
Fenrirthvitibhto be annoying.17:41
Fenrirthvitibhkuribas: Only if you don't let them use evil mode.17:41
Fenrirthvitibh15 mg Olanzapine, 50mg Promethazine & 0.5mg lorazepam17:41
Fenrirthvitibhthe replication is for failover ?17:41
benwilberLEnah im out tho17:44
benwilberLEalso ckermit has a few17:44
benwilberLEdoesn't f:A->B f(A) = B make it bijective?17:44
assaarel_As you go from mode to median to mean to midrange, the outliers become more powerful18:19
assaarel_whaterver you nee18:19
assaarel_i was expecting the ms ergo to be more expensive new but its apparently pretty cheap18:19
assaarel_you said complex though18:19
assaarel_See /set emphasis18:19
max-meFgreycat:  I didn't realize `-x` actually modifies the output, I thought it expands/escapes things only for output19:37
max-meFprussian, let me check if my distro has grubby19:37
max-meFyeah, but they're not locked to specific distro, are they19:38
max-meFprobably just a transient network or DNS error19:38
yujunzOdthere are blacks which aren't musls22:18
yujunzOd(let's imagine NPN for simplicity; PNP is just everything in reverse)22:18

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