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dman777hello, I installed 18.04 server image successfully. However, if I try to install something like wicd, it tells me the package is not found.01:39
dman777doesn't the server edition come with all the repos?01:43
dman777for basic stuff?01:43
tomreyndman777: no, due to a bug it does not01:46
tomreyndman777: bug 178312901:46
ubottubug 1783129 in subiquity "Only "main" component enabled after install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/178312901:46
dman777If I installed the desktop version instead, would it allow me to exclude a desktop manager?01:47
tomreyndman777: no, but you could uninstall desktop packages later. but if the goal is to install a server then this would be a lot more cumbersome than just to use one of the workarounds discussed on this bug report.01:49
hck_answer me01:50
tomreyn!ask | hck_01:50
ubottuhck_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:50
tomreyndman777: i.e. your easiest option is just to add the missing apt sources after installation. or to use the daily server installer build instead: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/bionic/daily-live/current/01:51
jaslol @ answer me01:52
dman777tomreyn: just to confirm, i just need to get /etc/apt/sources.list file and then do a apt-get update with it? is there a place I get a copy that is safe/not altered?01:53
hck_what ?01:53
hck_Why do the icons look bad when a program was installed, do they look pixelated?01:54
tomreyndman777: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6KHg4QPXvF/ is probably fine, just replace 'us.' by your country code (or remove it entirely).01:55
tomreyn!details | hck_01:56
ubottuhck_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.01:56
hck_my icon of a application look bad.01:58
tomreyndman777: make sure you read those notes, too, unless you're not aware of the (in some cases 0) support level of those other components. using "ubuntu-support-status" can help you verify.01:58
jasnot very specific...01:58
tomreynhck_: which ubuntu version, desktop (or ubuntu variant), graphics card, graphics driver, do you want to post a screenshot?01:59
dman777tomreyn: ok...thanks. Just to confirm...those repos from the pastebin are for LTS software? I installed wicd-gtk and now ubuntu-support-status shows 0.6% or 4 packages unsupported02:07
tomreyn!components | dman77702:08
ubottudman777: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.02:08
tomreyndman777: not all components receive security support. that's why i suggested you read the notes on the pastebin i pointed to. this is also, and better, explained on the above wiki pages.02:09
tomreynsee also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/FAQ#Official_Support02:12
dman777tomreyn: ok, thank you :)02:12
tomreynyou're welcome02:13
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hck_How can I create a flowchart of program in java POO?03:16
LinuxGuy2020"sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386" will not add i386 arch to the system. Clean install. What might cause this?03:32
LinuxGuy2020"sudo dpkg --print-architecture" only lists amd6403:32
lotuspsychjeLinuxGuy2020: what are you trying to do for what reason on wich ubuntu version please?03:33
LinuxGuy2020I need to install i386 packages03:35
LinuxGuy2020bucky beaver03:38
foareelLinuxGuy2020: bionic? 18.04?03:42
LinuxGuy2020yeah that one03:42
foareelon my setup it automagically selects i386 when i install wine-development e.g.03:42
LinuxGuy2020.....cue the crickets03:43
ilias_grhi all. does anyone maybe know why using skype for ubuntu the systray icon doesn't change when user switch between different system's icon packs? i use *.deb package not a snap one. as you can see in notification area preference appears the faenza icon after configuration set (https://pasteboard.co/HGy8pJE.png) but in systray appears the default icon (https://pasteboard.co/HGy9Biy.png) any idea on this issue?04:01
ilias_gr hi all. does anyone maybe know why using skype for ubuntu the systray icon doesn't change when user switch between different system's icon packs? i use *.deb package not a snap one. as you can see in notification area preference appears the faenza icon after configuration set (https://pasteboard.co/HGy8pJE.png) but in systray appears the default icon (https://pasteboard.co/HGy9Biy.png) any idea on this issue?04:01
pikiaIn tmux, how can I copy something and then paste it to something like chrome?04:05
BuTiToYhi, is there somebody who are using VPN specifically with L2TP connection?04:16
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: and if there was? then what?04:17
BuTiToYI am having issue with connecting with L2TP using ubuntu 16.04 and 17.0404:19
BuTiToYI needed to connect to L2TP for work04:20
catbeardhey folks, trying to get `scrot -s` bound to a custom hotkey, got the hotkey added, but the selection part only comes up when executing scrot from terminal04:23
catbeardotherwise it completely skips the scrot selection and doesn't upload anything, this is for a custom screenshot hotkey04:24
catbeardthe bash script for it is in $PATH has execute permissions, the syntax i'm using is `scrot -z --select $filename` where $filename is dated/entropied04:25
catbeard18.04.1 lts 64bit04:26
catbeardalso the selector borders seem a bit wonky, and they 'disappear' somewhat when moving the selection box04:29
catbeardi'd take a screenshot but..04:29
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: and did your VPN provider provide with with client software application to use or are you simply using openvpn without 3rd party client software?04:36
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: provide "you" with04:37
KSaundersonhey, is CoC-talk permitted here?04:37
BuTiToYI am not using any 3rd party software, I added VPN connection in settings... also tried openvpn or swan something I found on the web while searching on how to connect to L2TP (VPN)... but to no success :(04:47
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: are you chatting from the computer right now?04:48
BuTiToYI am using windows now since I cannot connect to L2TP... wait I go get my other laptop running on ubuntu 16.0404:49
KSaundersonI would like to talk about the juicy delicious CoC, but i do not know if it is permitted?04:50
Bashing-omKSaunderson: That is in #ubuntu-offtopic.04:51
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: in terminal> sudo apt install inxi04:51
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: let me know when done04:51
KSaundersonBashing-om: Righty-O!04:51
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: your response times are long...i gotta go05:02
BuTiToYyes I installed05:02
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: ok..let's do this as swift as possible05:03
BuTiToYdone installing inxi05:03
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: in terminal> inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999905:03
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so05:03
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: journalctl|grep ovp|nc termbin.com 999905:04
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so05:04
BuTiToYno url in termbin for journalctl05:06
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: ok standby05:06
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: journalctl SYSLOG_IDENTIFIER=NetworkManager|nc termbin.com 999905:08
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RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: journalctl|grep vpn|nc termbin.com 999905:12
BuTiToYno url05:13
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: apt list --installed|grep vpn05:16
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: apt list --installed|grep vpn|nc termbin.com 999905:16
BuTiToYthe 2nd one? or both?05:17
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: second one05:18
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: you don't even have openvpn installed05:20
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: you'll need to install and use openvpn or obtain 3rd party vpn client software from your work IT department05:21
BuTiToYok I will try to install openvpn... any notes or links for tutorials I could use for use L2TP?05:22
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: https://www.ovpn.com/en/guides/ubuntu-gui05:24
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: guide above is written for 14.04 HOWEVER package names have not changed05:25
BuTiToYthanks RoscoePColtrane05:25
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: you'll install the same package names05:25
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: you can ignore the first two steps about changing dns...that's not necessary for you..you simply need to install the packages05:26
BuTiToYic, noted thanks05:27
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: https://askubuntu.com/questions/760664/ubuntu-16-04-openvpn05:28
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: there's a cleaner list of packages you need to install05:28
RoscoePColtraneBuTiToY: get those installed and try again05:28
BuTiToYthanks RoscoePColtrane05:29
LibertyWeNeedHello everyone. can someone please tell me how to remove icons from the dash in ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS ? I uninstalled freeplane but it is still in the dash05:41
EriC^^LibertyWeNeed: did you try restarting?05:42
EriC^^LibertyWeNeed: try "dpkg -l | grep freeplane" anything there?05:43
LibertyWeNeedimmediately went back to $05:44
EriC^^LibertyWeNeed: try "grep -iR freeplane /usr/share/applications ~/.local/share/applications"05:44
LibertyWeNeedjust blank space05:45
EriC^^in the dash or launcher you men?05:46
LibertyWeNeedthat thing with 9 dots in the bottom left hand corner05:47
EriC^^no idea05:48
LibertyWeNeedthere is no image in the icon. just the name Freeplane and a blank space05:49
EriC^^try "grep -iR freeplane /etc /usr ~/" see what pops up maybe05:49
EriC^^can you right click it and remove or something?05:49
LibertyWeNeedyes and when I click show details it goes straight to the ubuntu software center05:50
catbeardviva la apt!05:50
EriC^^LibertyWeNeed: try "grep -i freeplane ~"05:50
LibertyWeNeedgrep: /home/andri: Is a directory05:51
EriC^^ah sorry05:51
EriC^^"grep -iR freeplane ~"05:51
LibertyWeNeedgrep: /home/andri/.mozilla/firefox/yjbsjrhq.default/lock: No such file or directory05:52
EriC^^LibertyWeNeed: it says on the gnome site right click the icon then click remove from favorites05:54
LibertyWeNeedthere is an "add to favorites" option but not a remove from favorites05:56
catbeardthen it's not a favorite05:56
LibertyWeNeeddo you think this is just a bug in gnome?06:00
catbeardgnome IS the bug imo06:01
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catbeardtried a lot of things, can't get scrot to work the way i'd like06:16
catbeardand it's buggy when i get it to work (only works in gnome-terminal)06:17
catbeardi guess i could shortcut gnome-terminal and then bash ~/bin/screenshot06:17
catbeardas the command yanno, not sure of gnome-terminal's syntax to do that as a keyboard shortcut06:17
catbeardand flags to close gnome-terminal when done06:18
catbeardor better still to run with 100% transparency or hidden otherwise06:19
catbeardthere's a notify-send at the end to pop up a notification that the screenshot url was copied to the clipboard06:20
catbeardif anyone kind enough can maybe hel[lp] with it06:23
ilias_grhi all. I there any systray applet alterantive to xfce notification area plugin ?06:27
untorehhello does someone know a zsh plugin for this apt stuff?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/65245/apt-get-update-only-for-a-specific-repository06:51
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ilias_gri found that Status Notifier Plugin is alternative to Notification area plugin for xfce but it is only available for 18.04 and 17.10 . Is it possible to be installed in 16.04 ?07:07
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bumbleheadI'm using cosmic cuttlefish and need to boot one of the older kernels from the grub boot list, otherwise at some point during the boot process the screen goes black with blinking cursor07:35
bumbleheadand it stays that way until I turn off the machine07:35
bumbleheadif anyone has any ideas for me, I would be glad to try them07:36
bumbleheadI clicked a button in gnome software to restart and update and that seemed to cause the issue07:37
hateballbumblehead: cosmic is in #ubuntu+107:38
bumbleheadhateball: I like your nick07:39
bumbleheadI'll go to ubuntu+1 then...07:39
bumblehead#ubuntu+1 is a small channel07:41
alive#ubuntu+2 is even smaller07:47
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bumbleheadI added `WaylandEnable=false` to /etc/gdm3/custom.conf07:51
bumbleheadand that seems to have resolved it07:51
bumbleheadwell goodnight everyone07:54
bumbleheadgoodnight hateball07:54
Vic2Ubuntu 18.04 uses "netplan" instead of "ifupdown" to configure network devices / IP addresses. I've not found sufficient documentation to demonstrate how to configure multiple IPs such as we have on Ubuntu 14.04.  Can you offer a link or practical advice please?08:17
guiver_dVic2: the Ubuntu wiki refers you to https://netplan.io/08:18
servergeekI had no idea that they use netplan08:31
Vic2I see nothing that offers any information concerning virtual ethernet ... we have several IP addresses on the server and in the past created virtual ethernet for each ... how to accomplish now?08:32
Vic2Or, is the answer this:  Interface aliases (e.g. eth0:0) are not supported.   Meaning that Ubuntu is no longer sufficient as an server OS?08:33
MannyLNJ Need help please. I am stuck booting into emergency mode. Looks like systemd times out on device dev-disk-by\x2uuid-19f9f559\x2d172e\x2d249\s2dae2d\x2d4d4bcb519248.device How can i fix this issue08:35
guiver_dVic2: you could try #ubuntu-server08:51
Vic2Ahh, ok guiver_d, ty.08:55
MannyLNJHow do I find out what partition   device dev-disk-by\x2duuid-8C0A\x2dE987.device is?  So I can fix my system not starting08:58
jc_swisscomHi Guys,09:08
jc_swisscomI've 2 quick questions regarding landscape solution ?09:09
jc_swisscomAnyone there has experience with ?09:09
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tachikomasHello. I'm trying to change the langage of all of my 18.04, if i use the settings builtin, i'm having half/half. Any idea to switch fully the langage to another one ?09:27
blackflowtachikomas: maybe you need to fully log out and back in?09:34
tachikomasblackflow, done already09:34
JFox762is it possible to create a swap partition, on my currently running ubuntu installation?09:35
blackflowtachikomas: then I suppose not all ui elements are translated/translatable to your lang of choice09:35
JFox762I just checked gparted, and see that I have no swap partition09:35
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tachikomasi want to switch back to english ;)09:35
blackflowJFox762: you can create a swapfile09:35
JFox762I want a swap partition for the purpose of enabling hibernation09:35
blackflowJFox762: well you didn't specify. do you have free space for another partition?09:36
blackflowtachikomas: maybe reboot?09:36
tachikomasblackflow, done too :D09:36
blackflowtachikomas: so which parts are not english?09:37
JFox762how do i add a partition?09:38
JFox762Gparted won't let me cut out a partition from the free space09:38
JFox762says i have to unmount the drive09:38
JFox762which ... i figure if i tried that, it would crash my laptop09:39
blackflowJFox762: so it's not adding a new partition at the end, but re-tailoring the existing table?09:39
JFox762All I have is a boot partition09:39
JFox762and tha tis it09:39
blackflowJFox762: I don't know gparted specifically (I'm a fan of parted, no g), but I guess if /boot is the only thing mounted on that drive, you can do it.09:41
JFox762i get that09:41
blackflowit definitely won't crash if you unmount /boot (but make sure it's re-mounted before you run updates or grub/initramfs re-configs)09:41
JFox762but gparted wont let me09:43
JFox762when i try to unmount sda1 it says the target partition is busy09:43
JFox762Do I just need to run the Ubuntu live usb?09:44
blackflowJFox762: this sounds a bit suspicious. Is that another drive beside your main drive? how come only /boot is there?09:44
leftyfbJFox762: yes. You need to run from live usb in order to resize your root or other partitions that are in use when booted to your OS09:45
JFox762that makes sense09:45
JFox762guess i cant do it right now then09:45
JFox762dont have it with me09:45
blackflow"All I have is boot partition" .....09:45
JFox762i do have a USB stick with me09:45
leftyfbJFox762: you could also look into creating a swap file as opposed to a swap partition09:46
JFox762what is the program that comes with ubuntu to create a ubuntu live usb?09:47
blackflownow that we are getting actual truthful information, bit by bit.......    there's a HUGE warning sticker attached to repartitioning your only/main drive with root.09:47
JFox762i should back up my files then09:47
JFox762error creating directory /media/username/USB12809:48
JFox762permission denied09:48
JFox762Hmm nm09:50
JFox762fixed iut09:50
JFox762is it normal... if my Laptop is asleep, that the battery still drains in a day or two?09:51
JFox762I understand Sleep mode still uses a bit of electricity09:51
blackflowJFox762: sleep as in "suspend to RAM"?09:52
JFox762Sleep as in suspend to ram09:52
blackflowwhether it's a day or two or ten depends on the hardware09:52
JFox762so hibernate, which suspends to HD, should be better?09:52
JFox762my laptop is a Lenovo T430s, and the HD is a SSD09:52
blackflowyes, that's a full poweroff of the system09:52
JFox762Hmmm shoot09:54
JFox762this first backup is taking a long time09:54
JFox762Soooo... Hibernate mode, takes a bit longer for the laptop to start up09:55
JFox762but that should be minimal, considering my laptop is an SSD09:55
JFox762So the difference between suspend and hibernate resume time should be minimal09:56
blackflowJFox762: "hibernation" writes out memory contents to the swap partition and prepares the boot loader with a bit different code path to bootstrap from that partition09:56
blackflowit's very much different. sleep mode just halts the cpu and puts it in a lower S state. when you power it back on, it picks up where it left, so the sleep mode has to keep alive the cpu and memory and motherboard and periferals, powered, but in lower state09:57
JFox762I think Hibernate would be a better option for HandleLidSwitch under logind.conf09:58
blackflowhibernation is like full boot in that it has to read entire memory back from the disk first. at 100MB/s for example, sequential read for spinning rust, and 4G of RAM used, do the math09:58
JFox762as it would keep the battery from dying09:58
JFox762I have 8gb ram09:59
blackflowhibernation is full power off. as if you ran "power off".09:59
JFox762but yes09:59
JFox762so hibernation mode is a better option if i put my laptop away after lid close, and have no idea when i might plug it in again10:00
JFox762as it would ensure my battery doesn't drain so quickly while sitting in my backpack10:00
lotus|NUCJFox762: just my opinion, if i dont use my laptop i sudo halt10:01
leftyfbJFox762: to be honest, I've never seen suspend/hibernate work great on any computer ever.10:01
JFox762I want to try it10:01
leftyfbJFox762: my laptop boots pretty quick every time after shutting down completely10:01
lotus|NUC!landscape | jc_swisscom10:07
ubottujc_swisscom: Landscape makes the management and monitoring of Ubuntu systems simple and effective by combining world-class support with easy to use online management tools. https://landscape.canonical.com/10:07
lotus|NUC!uuid | MannyLNJ10:08
ubottuMannyLNJ: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)10:08
JFox762I really am kicking myself for not creating a swap partition10:11
JFox762stupid stupid stupid10:11
selckinjust shut it down10:11
blackflowJFox762: well, like I said I don't know gparted specifically, but with tools like parted you should be able to add a (swap) partition on a running system, assuming it's _adding_ a partition at the end of the table.10:12
blackflowif you have to resize and shuffle existing partitions, then yes, you need to do that offlie10:13
JFox762as in from a live instance?10:13
blackflowyes, as in "not booted into root on that drive"10:13
selckinis that hard to click your browser icon after it boots?10:13
jc_swisscomubottu: Thx, I found that Debian Client is *unofficially* supported (which is the answer to my first question ;-)).10:13
selckinhibernate is just unneeded complexity10:14
JFox762im creating a backup to one USB drive10:14
JFox762and a live usb on the other10:14
JFox762Just in case I bork my install10:14
blackflowJFox762: you still didn't asnwer my implicit questions.... are you _adding_ a partition at the end, or resizing/shuffling existing around?10:14
JFox762I dont know10:14
JFox762there is only one partition10:15
blackflowsurely you must know. the computer won't do it for you.10:15
jc_swisscomSecond question is, does it support lifecyle patching management ? (ie: Patch Dev Env. on January / Patch Qual. on February / Patch Prod. on March) with same level of package applied ?10:15
blackflowJFox762: you said you had free space. where is it? at the end of the drive? after the existing partitions?10:15
blackflowjc_swisscom: that's a bot you're talking to.10:15
JFox762i dont mean free space partition10:16
JFox762i mean... there is free space on teh boot partition10:16
lotus|NUCjc_swisscom: i think for landscape questions you better adress to canonical10:16
jc_swisscomJFox762: What does fdisk -l gives ?10:16
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jc_swisscomblackflow: thx :-)10:16
JFox762permission denied10:16
blackflowJFox762: I see, so you have no free space to partition from. Yeah, you'll have to break your system.10:16
JFox762let me sudo tht10:16
ilias_grhi all. If a package is only available for bionic is t possible to be installed in xenial ?10:17
JFox762why can't i resize a partition10:18
JFox762from the empty space within that partition?10:18
JFox762is that not an option?10:18
blackflowJFox762: because that's the main root partition. you'll have to do it "offline", eg. from a liveUSB environment10:19
ilias_grBen64 thanks. Do you maybe know any alternative to Notifiacation plugin for xfce available for xenial ?10:19
JFox762oooh no i know that10:19
jc_swisscomJFox762: You have one single partition that is using your whole disk.10:19
JFox762hence why im creating the liveUSB10:19
JFox762yes jc_swisscom10:19
blackflowJFox762: but eh... I refuse to help you with that, so please don't ask me to. Becasue you don't know what you're doing and explaining how to do it will take whole day and I refuse to tie myself into supporting you with that. sorry.10:19
Ben64ilias_gr: not sure what that is?10:19
JFox762no its ok blackflow10:20
JFox762i get it10:20
blackflowJFox762: why creating live usb? just use the installer iso10:20
JFox762i dont have it10:20
blackflowdownload it?10:20
ilias_grnotification area plugin for xfce10:20
Ben64i'm sure such a thing already exists10:20
ilias_gri am looking for an alternative more configurable10:21
JFox762going to try doing it now10:25
JFox762wish me luck!10:25
JFox762if it screws up... ive got backups10:25
stevenmHey if you spot a crazy dependency for a package in the main repo - what's the best way to report that?10:30
lotus|NUCstevenm: what are we talking about mate?10:30
stevenmlotus|NUC, I install gsmartcontrol  -  just a little desktop UI for viewing the SMART status of hard disks (e.g. if I'm plugging them in via USB - to see if they're any good or not)10:31
stevenmlotus|NUC, that depends smartmontools... which then recommends 'mailx' a virtual package that ends up installing mailutils which depends on 'default-mta'10:32
lotus|NUCstevenm: did you install it via apt?10:32
stevenmin short a tiny UI of gsmartcontrol gets you Postfix being installed :)10:32
stevenmlotus|NUC, yup10:32
lotus|NUCstevenm: you have other external ppa's added to your system?10:33
Shabbysheikstevenm: did you try "--ignore-depends="10:33
stevenmtested in a fresh installed 18.04 VM to be sure as well10:33
lotus|NUCstevenm: ok tnx, can you pastebin us whats happening please10:34
stevenmlotus|NUC, https://pastebin.com/raw/WQRejjdJ10:36
stevenman easy fix would be having 'mailx' be a suggested package for 'smartmontools' - not a recommend10:36
stevenmI think previously s-nail has been preferred over this mailutils - and s-nail doesn't require an MTA10:37
lotus|NUCstevenm: i dont see apt spit out errors on your paste?10:39
stevenmI never said there was an error - i said there was a crazy dependency10:39
blackflowstevenm: unfortunately, that's the case with smartmontools and filing a bug report won't fix this. unless, someone's willing to create a package with no mta ability liek eg..... smartmontools-nomail  or something like that. equally unlikely.10:40
stevenmalso what your not seeing in that paste is the 2 or 3 purple screens asking you to configure Postfix too :)10:40
blackflowthough I agree... actually.... it's crazy. smartmontools shouldn't pull in anything mail related. you simply won't have mailing capabilities unless you install that excplicitly.10:41
lotus|NUCstevenm: if apt says it needs something, let it do its job :p10:41
blackflowlotus|NUC: you're misunderstanding the issue :)10:41
stevenmthat's pure nonsense :)10:41
blackflowsmartmontools pulls in halfa mailing suites10:41
stevenmif it wants to install an MTA I'd better be installing something that *really* can't work without a proper MTA10:42
lotus|NUCthen talk the the #ubuntu-release guys10:42
stevenmotherwise - it's an insane thing to pull in10:42
blackflowwaste of time, this should start with debian's packaging10:42
stevenmblackflow, true i checked their packages.debian.org - similar problem10:42
blackflowsame actually, not just similar. the dependency on mailx comes with the upstream debs10:43
stevenmbut on my debian servers I always install s-nail on all boxes before installing anything else anyway10:43
stevenmso it must avoid the problem as that satisfies 'mailx' virtual package10:43
blackflowstevenm: what if you isntalled ssmtp?10:43
blackflowoh, s-nail?10:44
stevenmblackflow, yeah I think s-nail used to be hairloom-mailx10:44
stevenmthen before that just simply 'mailx'10:44
blackflowthat fixes it?10:44
blackflow(as in, it won't pull in the entire MTA?)10:44
stevenmso at some point mailutils has been shoved in as an alternative - but wanting a WHOLE MTA :)10:44
stevenmand it's preference is somehow higher than the actual continuation of mailx ... s-nail10:45
blackflowI don't think any thing mail-related should be a dep of smartmoontools just because it installs and runs smartd by default. that thing can _log_ as well, not just send out mails.10:46
stevenmblackflow, too true10:46
blackflowbut.... the fix is upstream. I seriously doubt ubuntu package would deviate from that.10:46
stevenmso basically get it fixed in sid and wait until maybe ubuntu 20.04 ?  (i only use LTS versions :P)10:47
stevenmfair enough10:47
blackflowor use an alternative for reading out smart attribs. surely there exists some, though I haven't checked.10:47
raddyHello Everybody10:47
stevenmblackflow, i was just wondering if the GNOME Disk Utility thingy might be able to10:48
stevenmnot checked - just used to using GSmartControl10:48
lotus|NUCblackflow stevenm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/smartmontools/+bug/15890910:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 158909 in smartmontools (Ubuntu) "smartmontools recommends mailx" [Undecided,Won't fix]10:48
raddyI used fdupes utility recently10:48
raddyI found it to be working recursively10:48
raddyI found no option to disable it10:49
blackflowlotus|NUC: stevenm:    2007  :)10:49
stevenmlotus|NUC, lol :)10:49
stevenmI think I've just never noticed before because I'd already have 'heirloom-mailx' installed10:49
blackflowI'm gonna sub to that one... now that you mention this, I'd like to see this fixed too10:49
stevenmof which 's-nail' is now the successor10:49
stevenmjust so my bash scripts can use the occassional smtp server to send a message10:50
stevenmi mean having a 'recommends' of mailx at all is nuts - but having it default to 'mailutils' is worse as it pulls the MTA10:50
lotus|NUCstevenm: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools here is also mailx mentioned10:51
BluesKajHey folks10:52
lotus|NUCstevenm: so perhaps when wanting to run it as a deamon apt pulls mailx too?10:55
blackflowstevenm: then again.... this is only about defaults. otherwise   --no-install-recommends is the key10:56
lotus|NUCcookie is for Shabbysheik :p10:57
stevenmblackflow, --no-install-recommends is one of the first things I set globally on all servers11:00
stevenmbut I shouldn't be expected to that on desktops really11:00
stevenmrecommends should be sane enough11:00
stevenms-nail has been removed as a package providing mailx11:06
alive18.10 is shaping up to be really nice11:10
lotus|NUCalive: #ubuntu+1 for cosmic talk please11:11
aliveSorry, didn't mean to11:12
lotus|NUCstevenm: talk to the #ubuntu-release guys, they might see a logic in all this11:16
stevenmlotus|NUC, blackflow - for now I've just documented it in my internal notes thusly... https://pastebin.com/raw/jRM6dbVG11:18
imsurithey guys... I have ssh locked out myself from my ubuntu server. I can ping the system... The website hosted in the server are up and running but I cant ssh into it.11:18
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lotus|NUCimsurit: check #ubuntu-server and #openssh mate11:20
gpunkwait for the timeout ...11:20
imsuritlotus|NUC: will do that too... lets see if anyone here knows a thing or two11:21
imsuritgpunk: Whats the time ??11:21
gpunkdepends on the configured fail2ban, maybe11:22
tomreynimsurit: is the server remote to you, and you have no out of band access to it?11:24
imsurittomreyn: no I dont have.... thats the issue.... I am ready to remotely restart the server too.... if there is anyway11:25
blackflowimsurit: locked out how? with repeated failed password?11:27
imsuritblackflow: actually no.... The update and a restart was due for long..... so today I updated and restarted the server..... and thats when the problem started..... it neither restarted nor updated.11:29
imsuritand also the connection was lost11:29
blackflowimsurit: so what's the exact problem then? can you pastebin the output of ssh client's side when run with -v    ?11:30
imsuritwhen I checked... all the ports are now closed11:30
blackflowdid you set up a firewall?11:30
blackflowimsurit: or... if I understand you correctly, it all worked fine until you rebooted post-update, after a longish uptime?11:30
imsuritblackflow:  yes... the problem started when I updated and rebooted11:31
blackflowimsurit: if the services haven't started, then I'm guessing it stuck in the boot process somewhere. you'll need some kind of KVM acccess (keyboard-video-mouse) to that and verify.11:32
gpunkif you want, you can give us the IP, we will check if ports are closed for everyone not just your IP11:32
=== enzotib_ is now known as enzotib
imsuritgpunk: I checked it from my another server... its down for everyone11:33
imsuritblackflow: thats what I think too11:33
gpunkcan you reboot it ?11:34
gpunki think try to reboot it one more time is worth a test11:35
blackflowimsurit: just ssh or other services too?11:35
imsuritblackflow: the ftp is down... I had closed the telnet earlier11:36
gpunktelnet ?11:36
blackflowimsurit:   ?!?!   telnet   ?!?!11:36
imsuritblackflow: down11:36
gpunki hope noone sniffed your password11:36
blackflowimsurit: why are you running telnet, got a mud/mush there?11:36
imsuritgpunk: I guess I am not..11:37
imsuritblackflow: I dont have telnet.... I hadnt had any watchdog either...  I dont know mush but mosh isnt working either11:38
blackflowsounds like you have no idea what you're talking about :)11:38
blackflowmay I recommend you find some professional system administration services?11:39
blackflowI mean, if that's a public server (and not something you test/play with in LAN) then it would be terribly irresponsible, not to say borderline criminal, to run a public server with no knowledge or experience.11:40
imsuritblackflow: sure... will look into that too11:40
imsuritblackflow: its my personal VPS11:41
gpunkcan you run nmap and show us the result ?11:41
blackflowimsurit: doesn't matter what's it used for, if it's on public internet, then it's a huge liability.11:41
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FurretUberHi, after I installed the LXD Snap I'm having issues at boot and shutdown. On boot one service may fail and the system may have no internet, while shutdown, which took 20 seconds before is taking 5 minutes13:07
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: Does the issue persist when you remove the snap?13:08
FurretUberI did not test this, as I need the LXD containers running. I suppose removing them won't delete the containers?13:08
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: I'm not certain. However, snaps themselves are not supported through this channel. You will need to contact the maintainer of the snap directly for support.13:09
FurretUberIt says the maintainer is Canonical, so I thought it would be right here. By the info, I should this at GitHub13:10
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: This channel is operated by volunteers.13:11
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: and the focus is on the Ubuntu Desktop itself. My high level assumption of your current experience is that if you have loaded up containers already, that one of them is not registering the shutdown command. I would start looking at each containers configuration and verify they can be controlled.13:12
blackflowand now the $32k question.... why snap? lxd is regularly packaged on Ubuntu13:15
=== RabidWeezle2 is now known as RabidWeezle
FurretUberBecause the LXD deb is limited at 3.0 and will have no new releases as deb package, only snap. Mainly, the backup and restore of containers with deb required 7 commands while backup and restore with snap requires only 213:20
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: where is the source of that information coming from. That makes absolutely no sense13:21
blackflowwell ain't that nice. time to say goodbye to lxd.13:24
pragmaticenigmathat's my thought on it... why would virtualize your hypervisor... that makes no sense13:24
blackflowcontainerize, not virtualize, tho'.13:25
pragmaticenigmablackflow: yeah I realized my mistake after I hit enter... d'oh13:25
blackflowthe whole thing is become a joke. a meme unravelling as reality.   "Here, have a container to manage your containers"....13:27
wendicohello, i want to remote control my ubuntu 18 from my mobile android. i read manuals but when i try to connect vnc viewer i get error that the authentication mechanism is not supported. Help apreciated, thank you.13:27
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: First, Ubuntu strives to work from stable branches of software. LXD is listing 3.0 as LTS which would reflect why Canonical is choosing the include that in their repositories. As well as, The developer has simply stated they're not distributing .deb... That doesn't mean Canonical won't choose to build the application themselves and continue to include it with their distribution.13:29
=== kundancool is now known as anonymousK
blackflowtrue that.13:29
FurretUberI'm worried by the description of LXD at 18.10. https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?mode=exactfilename&suite=cosmic&section=all&arch=any&keywords=lxd&searchon=names13:30
FurretUberThe deb won't last13:30
pragmaticenigmaFurretUber: 18.10 isin't released yet, and the documentation on it isn't complete13:30
blackflowI think the confusion arises from "Moving forward all feature releases of LXD will only be available through the snap.".   Still like pragmaticenigma said, doesn't mean 20.04 won't have an LTS package of its own.13:32
blackflow"feature release" != LTS13:32
pragmaticenigmablackflow: get's the award for sharp eyes!13:33
* blackflow bows13:34
wendicoHello, vnc viewer cant connect to my ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS with error "Server did not offer supported security type". How can i remote control ubuntu 18. Thank you.13:39
pragmaticenigmawendico: You haven't provided details... what are you using for a VNC server, what is the system state when you are attempting to connect. Is VNC being accessed through SSH (like it should be) or did you expose the port 5900 to the open internet (bad idea)13:41
wendicoim using this guide https://websiteforstudents.com/access-ubuntu-18-04-lts-beta-desktop-via-vnc-from-windows-machines/ and tried androidVNC from f-droid and VNC Viewer from Play Store. Neither program can connect to my ubuntu shared desktop13:43
wendicoi tried both sudo gsettings set org.gnome.Vino require-encryption true (and false) Both vnc viewers tells me server doesnt provide correct authentication mechanism13:45
wendicoim just trying on my internal network yet13:45
wendicoHelp aprecciated. why i cant connect on my internal network with my vnc viewer from android to ubuntu 18.04? Thank you.ç13:46
leftyfbwendico: install x11vnc13:48
leftyfbwendico: then run: x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -display :0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -usepw13:48
wendicoleftyfb: thank you, done and solved13:51
wendicoThank you very much.13:51
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pragmaticenigmawendico: sorry, had to take a call. glad it's resolved. I would like to note that the website you linked to isn't the best resource. For future reference on VNC, take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers14:02
ice9what's the minimum number of nodes in kubernetes?14:02
wendicopragmaticenigma: thank you im taking a look. since the solution leftyfb gave me i dont like it, i have to manually run the server every time i want to connect with that command14:03
pragmaticenigmaice9: You might want to find a channel that is specific to kubernetes. See !alis for help locating one14:04
leftyfbice9: try #kubernetes14:04
wendicoi dont understand why my ubuntu 18.04.1 cant work out of the box on port 5900 enabling screen sharing on options14:04
pragmaticenigmawendico: In the link that I provided is the same command, but also help you set it up to start automatically14:04
wendicopragmaticenigma: thank you very much, opening and bookmarking14:05
NiytroSorry there is no one in the Kali channel and Kali is debain based so I will ask here. I used dd to copy the latest Kali ISO to a 64G USB. Now fdisk and Gnome Disks recognizes the root partition as 3G in size but they offer no way to resize that partition. Gparted has the option but does not properly recognize the partitions for some reason. It shows the root partition as the only partition that takes up the whole drive... any way14:05
Niytroto resize it?14:05
pragmaticenigmawendico: Vino is what is used be default in Ubuntu. In my experience, Vino hasn't been the most reliable or easy to work with14:05
pragmaticenigmaNiytro: We don't provide support for Kali here... You have to be patient in the kali channel. Kali, Debian, and Ubuntu are all different distributions and they are NOT the same.14:06
wendicopragmaticenigma: Thank you very much for explanation.14:07
Niytropragmaticenigma, =(14:08
Niytropragmaticenigma, theres almost no people in the Kali channel14:08
JimmyNeutronMy Ubuntu 18.04.1 is sending an email with title "***SECURITY information for <hostname>***" to "root@mycompany.com" every time I enter a wrong password.  How do I disable this?14:09
blackflowJimmyNeutron: what is sending that?14:13
JimmyNeutronpostfix based on me trailing the /var/log/mail file14:13
blackflowJimmyNeutron: yeah but what's sending the mail. postfix is just the MTA14:13
blackflowJimmyNeutron: there are probably headers in that mail with clues14:13
JimmyNeutronIf I do something like this "sudo ls" and enter an incorrect password on purpose 3 times, it sends the alert14:13
blackflowyou have to figure out what "it" is. is it a pam module?14:14
blackflowJimmyNeutron: hmmm... I guess sudo can do that, check mail_badpass option?14:15
blackflowJimmyNeutron: the mail_badpass option of the sudoers file14:16
JimmyNeutronblackflow: Here's the header from the email: https://pastebin.com/raw/Sk2m1bdg14:17
nemopragmaticenigma: FWIW, the fundamental difference turned out to be what ubuntu vs debian is willing to install by default, it looks like the ubuntu installer is smarter or ubuntu less strict about non-free.  I'm inclined to say it's just that your installer is smarter ☺14:18
blackflowJimmyNeutron: solaris?14:18
JimmyNeutronsolaris is the name of my computer14:18
foareelnice choice14:19
JimmyNeutronthe hostname=solaris14:19
nemopragmaticenigma: firmware-amd-graphics  was the key thing. nothing to do with monitor detection or card.  TIL.14:19
blackflowJimmyNeutron: ho-kay :)  well, did you check the mail_badpass option in the sudoers file?14:19
nemowill keep that in mind when supporting debian/devuan/other-spinoff Hedgewars users in future - I bet I'm not the only one to make this mistake ☺14:19
JimmyNeutronblackflow: Reading up on that now...its current has this line enable:  "Defaults mail_badpass"14:20
blackflowJimmyNeutron: and that would be it (comment it out)14:20
JimmyNeutronblackflow: thanks!  going to read up on it to understand it better and then comment it out and test it again.14:20
JimmyNeutronblackflow: I'll let you know how it goes...Thanks!14:21
blackflowJimmyNeutron: the sudoers manpage has some ideas14:21
foareelhow can i find out what is binding to the "super/meta+5" shortcut, please?14:21
foareelnot what, sorry. i mean where the config is to change that14:21
pragmaticenigmanemo: sounds familiar, each distro has it's own quicks and features. The software is the same, but how it's implemented makes the difference14:21
pragmaticenigmanemo: glad you were able to get it sorted out14:22
foareelright now it opens libreoffice and i want to use that for switching workplaces :)14:23
blackflowfoareel: the meta+<number> is for quick launcher. it's launching libreofice because that's probably the 5th icon on it14:24
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foareelblackflow: so i should accept it as it is?14:26
JimmyNeutronblackflow: That seems to work.  Going to reboot my system and make sure nothing weird happen after a reboot and it doesn't somehow automatically re-enable itself.  Thanks again!14:26
blackflowfoareel: check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Keybindings14:27
blackflowJimmyNeutron: yw14:27
JimmyNeutronbrb....going down for a reboot14:27
foareelblackflow: danke vielmals14:29
nickbarnesUpgraded from 14.04 to 16.04. My bridge interface xenbr0 doesn't come up at boot, despite "auto xenbr0" in /etc/network/interfaces. It comes up fine later if I add "ifup xenbr0" to /etc/rc.local, but this seems like a dirty hack. Why isn't it coming up in the normal way?14:47
nickbarnesand: is this the right place to ask questions like this?14:48
=== Class7 is now known as Class7_
pragmaticenigmanickbarnes: You've come to the right place, it may be that at the moment no one is available that may have an answer to your question. Please stay here and if you don't hear a response within an hour or so, feel free to repeat. Another option might be to check with #networking or #ubuntu-server14:52
Oolperhaps it's  Xen specific14:52
blackflownickbarnes: maybe there's something in the logs about why it's failing at boot time. probably some dependency14:53
nickbarnesWell, I've poked through the logs a bit but can't see anything relevant. My theory is that it's because p2p1 (the physical network interface) isn't up by the time xenbr0 tries to come up, but I can't see anything reporting that in the logs.15:03
nickbarneskern.log just has this:15:03
nickbarnesOct  3 15:11:27 berunda kernel: [   16.755301] xen:xen_evtchn: Event-channel device installed15:03
nickbarnesOct  3 15:11:27 berunda kernel: [   16.784912] r8169 0000:03:00.0 p2p1: link down15:03
nickbarnesOct  3 15:11:27 berunda kernel: [   16.784932] r8169 0000:03:00.0 p2p1: link down15:03
nickbarnesOct  3 15:11:27 berunda kernel: [   16.784982] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): p2p1: link is not ready15:03
nickbarnesOct  3 15:11:29 berunda kernel: [   18.454536] r8169 0000:03:00.0 p2p1: link up15:03
nickbarnesOct  3 15:11:29 berunda kernel: [   18.454558] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): p2p1: link becomes ready15:03
nickbarnesthis page mentions a hack for it (putting "up ip link set p2p1 up" into /etc/network/interfaces between the auto p2p1 stanza and the auto xenbr0 stanza): https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BridgingNetworkInterfaces15:07
TJ-nickbarnes: I'm wondering if this is due to systemd - is that being used as the init system after the upgrade, or is it still using upstart ?15:10
nickbarnesHow can I tell?15:13
=== ossurayynot is now known as tonyyarusso
TJ-nickbarnes: "readlink -e /sbin/init"15:15
TJ-nickbarnes: alternatively: "ps  -p 1"15:16
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qwefytuoitytyvb does not have the ability to boot the operating system from usb via BIOS emulation. Vb has the ability to install with UEFI, it will be possible to boot from a usb drive operating system with uefi? UEFI I not never used.15:30
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
qwefytuoitytyvirtual box15:32
leftyfbqwefytuoityty: I'm pretty sure Virtualbox has the ability to boot from usb via bios emulation. At least it did the last time I tried it. But you should really seek support with this from a channel dedicated to VB or emulation.15:34
=== kundancool is now known as anonymousK
TJ-nickbarnes: I'd suspect the ifupdown network config is running before systemd starts the service that is responsible for bringing up the underlying interfaces - that could be network-manager (desktop) or systemd-networkd (server). You might need to disable one/both of those to allow ifupdown to fully control the interfaces15:40
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qwefytuoitytyhttps://ibb.co/dTwajK bios. if start can not load with hdd. If install OS with uefi and start vb with uefi?15:49
qwefytuoitytyemulation usb 3.015:52
leftyfbqwefytuoityty: sorry, I have no idea what you just said/asked15:52
leftyfbqwefytuoityty: Nor can I read anything in that screenshot15:53
leftyfbqwefytuoityty: you might be better helped in #ubuntu-ru15:53
TJ-qwefytuoityty: according to this answer, it is possible, if you create a .vmdk that represents the USB device *and* connect it via an IDE controller to the VM. See https://askubuntu.com/questions/693719/how-to-boot-from-a-usb-drive-in-virtualbox15:58
qwefytuoitytynot a problem I will partition a disk with uefi. I will install linux and I will see as in vb16:02
lavinhogood afternoon16:05
EriC^^afternoon lavinho16:05
lavinhomy touchpad not function16:05
BootScoutI am trying to get some menu shortcuts working16:06
lavinhobut not function16:06
BootScoutthey should launch a mono program but I get this error: the runtime version supported by this application is unavailable16:07
BootScoutif I type the mono application.exe in terminal it works fine16:08
BootScoutit is the menu shortcut the one failing16:08
lavinhoubuntu 18.0416:08
BootScoutwhen I made the shorcut I just ticked the launch in terminal option16:09
BootScoutbut the terminal flashes open for less than a second and crashes16:10
BootScoutI am under ubuntu 18.04 LTS16:10
sonicwindGuys, I'm installing 18.04 on UEFI for the 1st time. I've done it before with BIOS (14.04 & 16.04). I wasn't expecting to see the "Device for bootloader installation" ... do I use /dev/sda or /dev/sda1 (sda1 is the ESP partition) ?16:11
sonicwindI looked at 5 tutorials and incredibly none of them address this.16:11
EriC^^sonicwind: /dev/sda16:12
sonicwindthank you EriC^^16:12
sonicwindso it is the same as it was in BIOS16:12
EriC^^sonicwind: no problem16:12
EriC^^yeah the installer will figure stuff out and install to the esp16:12
sonicwindalso.... it doesn't let me set the mount point for the esp partition, but I think that is the way it should be if I remember right.16:13
EriC^^yeah just should the type as efi for it16:13
sonicwindok, thank you so much... back to work16:13
sonicwindsuch a simple thing should be mentioned in the tutorials16:13
BootScoutwhat about the alacarte shortcut any suggestion?16:13
=== [1]MrMobius is now known as MrMobius
bootscout_this alacarte .desktop shortcut is not working16:22
bootscout_despite having ticked the "launch in terminal" option16:23
bootscout_the terminal flashes open and suddenly crashes16:23
bootscout_I managed to read what it says launching it several times :the runtime version supported by this application is unavailable16:23
bootscout_if I use that command from the path in terminal is working ok16:24
hggdhbootscout_: and what happens if you try to run it from the terminal? Exactly as it is in the desktop definition?16:24
TJ-bootscout_: try unticking the 'launch in terminal' option. I had a similar issue recently with laucnhing xfce4-terminal, and it was because it calls an underlying default-application handler, that concatenates the arguments twice when you have that ticked16:24
TJ-bootscout_: in my case, on Xubuntu, it was calling "exe-open --launch ..." with the options twice, which confused the program I was actually launching!16:26
bootscout_it seems it has something to do with the application itself16:26
TJ-grr, exo-open16:26
bootscout_it is not working as is in the alacarte..16:26
bootscout_it throws an error16:26
TJ-bootscout_: if you created the application shortcut yourself, maybe you set the Exec= in the .desktop file incorrectly16:27
bootscout_that is what I get with the mono full path to exe file command in terminal16:31
bootscout_any suggetions?16:32
bootscout_if I first go to that location and execute the mono exe command next works fine16:32
bootscout_but it is not working from the default location...16:33
bootscout_might it be because the application is in another unit?16:33
bootscout_I already mounted it before trying though16:33
bootscout_it looks like it is not finding a file located in my home folder....16:35
TJ-bootscout_: "the runtime version supported by this application is unavailable" suggests there may be different versions of mono installed. what does "which -a mono" report ?16:35
bootscout_when launching the command with the full path16:35
bootscout_nickbarnes give me a sec I will gladly check it out16:36
TJ-bootscout_: possibly need to set the Working Directory to where-ever the file lives16:36
bootscout_nickbarnes /usr/bin/mono16:37
TJ-bootscout_: in which case, in the .desktop file a "Path=/path/to/working/directory" is required16:37
bootscout_TJ- nickbarnes but the application is in another unit16:38
bootscout_how do I set both locations in a desktop shortcut path¿16:38
TJ-bootscout_: that sounds like a mono-specific issue16:39
bootscout_I understand that mono is in my home somehow...16:39
bootscout_but the app...16:39
bootscout_is in another unit...16:39
bootscout_might a symbolic link work here?16:40
bootscout_or just moving the app to my home directory..16:40
MannyLNJ1How can I add exfat support to live cd's?16:40
bootscout_thanks for your help TJ- and nickbarnes16:41
grepwoodhi everyone, I have a strange issue16:43
blackflowgrepwood: we're all ears.16:44
grepwoodThis is in a VM. I installed ubuntu 16.04 for x86 (on amd64 hardware), BIOS. I then transferred the OS to a pre-partitioned GPT drive, did a chroot from live amd64 Ubuntu 18.04 to make the transfused x86 Ubuntu 18.04 able to boot from UEFI. This worked! However, when I try to give the VM a real graphic card (GeForce 710 GT via PCI passthrough), all I get on the card's display output is a purple screen.16:45
grepwoodI made sure the kernel boots without the 'splash' and 'quiet' parameters from UEFI Grub, but that doesn't help it at all.16:45
grepwoodWhy would this happen? Is it the nouveau driver not handling the card?16:46
blackflowgrepwood: the obvious question, that's another GPU in the machine, yes? not the one used by the host?16:46
grepwoodblackflow, of course. This GPU works fine with a Windows VM.16:46
grepwoodThe main GPU is a Radeon 460 RX and it's not included in modprobe omissions.16:47
blackflowgrepwood: welp, best look into VM's logs, both journal and xorg's, see what might be wrong16:47
grepwoodThank you blackflow. I think I'll also get one more thing here. When I was making this work with Windows, I needed to add some special parameters to the VM's libvirt config.16:48
grepwoodI did not do the same for the Ubuntu VM.16:48
TJ-grepwood: the purple screen... do you see the GRUB boot menu before that if you tap Esc ? It could be the GRUB background, or it could be something related to plymouth/splash16:49
grepwoodTJ-, I have definitely seen the GRUB background and menu and they were working fine.16:49
TJ-grepwood: so the issue begins once GRUB hands over to Linux kernel? did you rebuild the initrd after adding the new GPU?16:50
grepwoodTJ-, I think I have not. initrd was built while the VM was still successfully booting from UEFI on a QXL GPU16:50
blackflowjust one thing... VM and UEFI... why? iirc that requires special consideration for qemu16:51
TJ-grepwood: right... does the VM have openssh-server installed? if so, can you ssh into it, check logs, and use "update-initramfs -u" ?16:51
TJ-blackflow: QEMU supports UEFI fine, especially if used via libvirt16:52
grepwoodblackflow, my QEMU is fine. I read from Archwiki, Installgentoo wiki or Gentoo wiki that in order for PCI passthrough to work, your GPU needs to have a VBIOS that supports UEFI. GeForce 7xx and higher are the baseline requirement.16:53
blackflowTJ-: with ovmf? it's part of regular qemu package?16:53
grepwoodblackflow, it's not. I had to emerge it myself16:53
TJ-grepwood: "emerge" ? that doesn't sound like an Ubuntu term :p16:53
blackflowgrepwood: yes on gentoo, but what about 'buntu. is it part of the package, that's what I was asking.16:54
grepwoodTJ-, yes, it does have SSH. No, I can't ssh into the VM once it's hanged on the purple screen.16:54
grepwoodTJ-, blackflow, I'm not sure if OVMF is part of the deal on Ubuntu. I know it isn't on the host's OS, which is in fact Gentoo.16:54
blackflowgrepwood: it should be possible to use serial and see the VM's kernel console16:54
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
grepwoodI need a Ubuntu VM because... you guys won't believe it.16:54
blackflowtry us :)16:55
grepwoodThere are bugs in libxcb, ALSA and PulseAudio. When you use the 32bit versions of these libraries, and they are optimized more than "-O1" (on my system they are "-O2 -march=znver1", for Ryzen), then some games (Civilization 5 and Civ Beyond Earth in particular) will not account for those optimizations, allocate stacks with alignment that does not play along with the optimization levels of these libraries, and segfault the game as soon as you16:57
grepwoodjust run their binaries.16:57
grepwoodI have gone for months filing tickets to Aspyr but they won't listen unless the bugs manifest on Ubuntu. They don't care about Gentoo.16:57
blackflowdid you try with no march? iirc znver is rather.... recent, so could be buggy16:58
naccuh, I doubt any ubuntu library is built with -march=znver1?16:58
grepwoodIf I disable the CFLAGS, it will affect both 32 and 64bit versions.16:58
blackflowbut eh.... this ain't #gentoo, so I should stop :)   I love that distro so much, can't help myself get carried away.16:58
grepwoodYou can't do it just for one set.16:58
naccgrepwood: so, this is a problem totally of your own making? :)16:58
grepwoodnacc, YES xD16:59
naccgrepwood: right, stop doing that. :)16:59
blackflowgrepwood: yes you can btw (do CFLAGS override just for some ports)16:59
grepwoodnacc, no, Gentoo is a cool distro for workstations16:59
grepwoodI find Ubuntu better for production servers on the other hand16:59
naccgrepwood: ok, then go to #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to talk about this any more.17:00
grepwoodnacc, what if I stick to the Ubuntu side of my problem, like the VM in question?17:00
blackflowfirst of all, why are you booting with UEFI. it's a VM, what's the advantage over possible complications?17:01
grepwoodblackflow, because PCI passthrough requires a GPU with a VBIOS that supports UEFI. I tried to do this on systems without UEFI but with a GPU that does support UEFI, and it didn't work17:02
blackflowsecond, if ssh is inaccessible when it hangs, then it hung before spawning the service or network. you should be able to output VM's kernel console via serial to the host side and monitor that17:02
TJ-grepwood: returning to the fail-to-boot issue, you'll need to configure the VM, and the OS kernel command-line within it, to use a serial (or net) console to capture the boot log, if any17:02
grepwoodblackflow, how do I configure the serial?17:02
grepwoodis there a kernel parameter for that?17:03
blackflowgrepwood: ask googs, I don't know OTOH what the exact kernel command line params are17:03
TJ-grepwood: on the kernel command-line, edit it (from GRUB) to add "console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8" which will put a read/write console on serial port 017:04
blackflowit also requires changes on the qemu side iirc17:04
grepwoodyep, I had the console, just didn't know why it wouldn't react17:05
blackflowoh look, -serial :)  https://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Bugs#Getting_a_serial_console_from_the_guest17:05
TJ-grepwood: then use your VM manager/interface to connect to the console port. That's possibly going to require virsh, or virt-manager, or direct with qemu-system-x86*17:05
grepwoodokie dokie, I'm booting the VM without a GPU and gonna edit grub17:05
blackflowwait, thought I said you see the grub menu when pci passthru is on?17:06
blackflowso why change that. you need this in the pci passthru mode to capture the error17:06
dcypherAnyone here good at setting up a Reverse SSH tunnel? Need some help.17:06
grepwooddcypher, I'm good with that. What's your problem?17:07
dcypherCool... thanks... let me try to explain...17:07
grepwoodblackflow, because I have 2 profiles for the same VM - same hardware, same HDD, same NIC, same MAC17:07
grepwoodthanks to this I can quickly boot the VM with or without the GeForce17:07
grepwooddcypher, take your time17:08
dcypherI'm setting up 'testing' the tunnel on my local mackbook pro to a ubuntu vm on google cloud using the following: ssh -4 -v -p 22 -fN -o "PubkeyAuthentication=yes" -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=false" -o "PasswordAuthentication=yes" -o "ServerAliveInterval 60" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -R 35.236.XXX.XXX:40062:localhost:22 reverse  (reverse is correctly setup in my config. Now the tunnel appears to open correctly as I see in the logs and17:10
dcypher doing a netstat17:10
dcypherThe problem is this...17:11
blackflowgrepwood: using qemu-system-x86_64 directly?17:11
dcypherWhen I ssh into 'reverse' (the ubuntu vm on gc) that I want to use as a reverse middleman, I test out the tunnel using: ssh localhost -p 4006217:13
dcypherI keep getting asked for a password. I don't know what password ssh is looking for, I tried setting up keys so no password is requested but that didn't work17:14
dcypherI tried all the passwords on the accounts....17:15
dcypherI'm sure I'm missing a config setting in sshd somewhere or something17:16
blackflowdcypher: can you connect regularly, without -R  ?17:16
grepwoodblackflow, TJ-, we're getting a kernel panic somewhere before starting up /sbin/init17:16
dcypherlet me try17:16
blackflowgrepwood: I'm betting because uefi .)17:16
grepwooddcypher, I would run the ssh with -vvvv, that way you can see all the logic in the authentication procedure17:17
blackflowgrepwood: also, didn't know pci passthru required efi. are you sure? or did I misunderstand you?17:17
TJ-grepwood: does the stack trace show clues?17:17
grepwoodblackflow, you did not misunderstand me, or I did something wrong and I am completely clueless about PCI passthrough17:17
TJ-grepwood: is it correct that the VM guest GRUB menu appears correctly on the passthrough-gpu display?17:18
blackflowgrepwood: it requires iommu, but I don't think it needs efi17:18
grepwoodbecause it definitely, definitely requires a GPU which VBIOS supports UEFI (GeForce 7xx and higher)17:18
grepwoodI tried with a GeForce 9600 GT a year ago and that didn't go17:18
dcyphergrepwood: let me try... thanks17:18
grepwoodand I tried on a QEMU host without UEFI, but with supported hardware, and that didn't work17:18
blackflowgrepwood: there was a problem with nvidia driver blocking use under VM/pci passthru, but that should be fixable. lemme unearth this17:19
blackflow(as in the driver deliberatly refuses to work)17:19
blackflowah yes, this:  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PCI_passthrough_via_OVMF#.22Error_43:_Driver_failed_to_load.22_on_Nvidia_GPUs_passed_to_Windows_VMs17:20
TJ-grepwood: is the VM guest using the proprietary nvidia driver?17:20
kinghatso i installed brave browser and then brave browser beta. i can only see that brave beta is install from muon but i can still open both browsers(they visually look different).17:20
grepwoodblackflow, I'm on nouveau17:20
grepwoodTJ- ^17:20
blackflowneed to spoof hypervisor vendor ID.  the sons of ..... guns.... in nvidia did this on purpose.17:20
kinghatalso both browsers show up in my applications list. i want to remove brave but keep brave beta.17:21
grepwoodgot it17:21
TJ-grepwood: right. did you see my question about GRUB being visible on the passthrough-GPU's display?17:21
grepwoodnouveau drm init failed17:21
grepwoodTJ-, yes, and I said earlier that I do see the GRUB menu on the real GPU17:21
TJ-grepwood: right, so that tells us the UEFI integration is working fine since GRUB will be using the UEFI GOP17:22
TJ-grepwood: I'm trying to reduce the problem space17:22
grepwoodlet me see the dmesg log, I scp'd it back, strange, the system works and SSH works now with the KVM fix we talked about earlier (nvidia refuses to work on kvm)17:22
blackflowgrepwood: spoofed vendor id?17:23
kinghatactually it looks like brave is a snap17:23
grepwoodblackflow, yeah17:24
TJ-grepwood: is the host definitely using iommu? the GPU shows up in the sysfs iommu_group list?17:25
grepwoodTJ-, yes and yes17:25
grepwoodI thought of doing something extreme that we used to do in PowerPC - boot a 64 bit kernel for 32 bit userland17:26
TJ-grepwood: did you manage to capture the entire kernel log from 0.00000 ? that would be helpful to see17:26
grepwoodTJ-, of course17:26
TJ-grepwood: is the guest 32-bit ?17:28
TJ-grepwood: weird addresses (low, unless this is relative to the IOMEM window of the/a device) "ioremap on RAM at 0x0000000000080000 - 0x0000000000080fff"17:32
grepwoodTJ-, the guest machine is 64 bit, booting GRUB and then a 32bit kernel17:34
TJ-grepwood: OK, that explains "efi: No EFI runtime due to 32/64-bit mismatch with kernel"17:37
ntdanyone know of a cheap tablet that can run ubuntu?17:37
dviolaI have a Ubuntu 18.04 install on a Ryzen 5 2400g system, however, I keep experiencing crashes from time to time, I suspect there's something wrong with the ubuntu stock kernel because I run Arch alongside it and it works fine on Arch17:37
dviolais there a easy way to upgrade the kernel on 18.04?17:37
dviolaor should I try 18.10 when it comes out...17:37
TJ-grepwood: I'd be tempted to run the guest with a 64-bit kernel, even with the 32-bit userland, to prove that isn't an issue17:38
dviolaany ideas please?17:40
grepwoodTJ-, installing linux-image-4.15.0-36-generic:amd6417:40
TJ-dviola: do the crashes leave reports in the kernel log?17:41
dviolabut I've seen there are some amdgpu errors17:41
dviolafrom time to time17:41
dviolaI think they could be related17:41
TJ-dviola: right; you need to identify errors in the kernel log as the first step to getting a clue17:42
dviolayes, that's why I want to try upgrading the kernel first17:43
dviolato see if those amdgpu errors are gone and the crashes17:43
dviolahow can I do that?17:43
TJ-dviola: well, show us the errors there are so we can help narrow it down17:44
dviolagive me some time17:45
grepwoodTJ-, the EFI was due to kernel arch mismatch17:48
TJ-grepwood: right, but did that help with the nouveau panic?17:49
blackandblueuse mint17:49
blackandbluehi TJ-17:49
dviolaTJ-: the error is: [drm:generic_reg_wait [amdgpu]] *ERROR* REG_WAIT timeout 1us * 100 tries - tgn10_lock line:56617:49
grepwoodTJ-, nothing about nouveau17:49
dviolaTJ-: and there's a kernel trace after this17:49
grepwoodthe screen is still purple17:49
TJ-grepwood: no kernel log available this time? is it accessible over ssh?17:50
grepwoodTJ-, accessible over ssh, no mention of nouveau in dmesg17:50
ChiLLabiSAnyone knows if this still works? http://www.linuxandubuntu.com/home/facebook-messenger-cli-chat-via-linux-terminal17:50
TJ-dviola: I'm reading that the kernel command-line option "idle=nomwait" could help you17:51
TJ-grepwood: well that's good!!17:51
TJ-grepwood: so, you've got 2 video outputs, the virtual one via QEMU and the passthrough?17:52
grepwoodTJ-, 1 video output, through GPU, 1 console output, through QEMU17:52
TJ-grepwood: weird; is that the passthrough VM? there's no nouveau loading at all17:52
grepwoodlet's try lsmod17:53
dviolaTJ-: what will this parameter do?17:53
johnnyfiveWhat is the deb/ubuntu analogous solution to, say Fedora Koji? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Koji Anyone know how Ubuntu does it?17:53
TJ-dviola: apprently solve your issue :)17:54
kinghatis there a gui for snap package management?17:54
dviolaTJ-: ok thanks!17:54
TJ-grepwood: "lspci -nn -d ::0300"17:55
dviolaTJ-: just booted with this parameter17:55
grepwoodTJ-, 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK208 [GeForce GT 710B] [10de:128b] (rev a1)17:55
dviolaTJ-: will see how it goes, ty17:55
TJ-dviola: I found that in a RedHat bug report, at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=156253017:55
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 1562530 in xorg-x11-drv-ati "Random Freeze on Ryzen 2500U using amdgpu driver" [High,New]17:55
dviolaTJ-: ok17:55
TJ-dviola: comment 3317:55
dviolaTJ-: thanks17:56
TJ-grepwood: there's another Nvidia PCI device there, 0000:00:09.0 - what is it?17:57
TJ-grepwood: oh, that's audio passthrough I guess?18:00
grepwoodyes, it is TJ-18:00
grepwoodI have a daring suspicion18:01
TJ-grepwood: so currently the VM has only a single GPU (no virtual GPU) ? - I don't see any other class 0300/0340 PCI device (video devices)18:01
TJ-grepwood: is the OS a desktop or server install? is systemd configured to run the graphical.target ?18:02
grepwoodTJ-, it's a desktop18:03
=== w0dencafe is now known as wodencafe
grepwoodwhen I run without nvidia and with QXL, it starts xorg fine18:03
TJ-grepwood: check "systemctl status graphical.target"18:04
grepwoodTJ-, we have bigger problems now with the 64 bit kernel18:04
grepwoodnot even nvidiafb will modprobe18:04
grepwoodit gives a segfault18:04
TJ-grepwood: when you installed that kernel image package, did it bring in the nouveau.ko driver, from the "linux-modules-4.15.0-34-{generic,lowlatency)" package(s) ?18:05
TJ-grepwood: "modinfo nouveau"18:06
oichI am trying to install ubuntu on windows linux subsystem and mcaffee antivirus thpblocks internet access. I can't pause it. I would like to download a local repository. But, examples I see require you to install dpkg-dev, which of course, is one of the packages I can't install because there is no internet access. How can I just duplicate a repository and make it a local repository?18:07
grepwoodTJ-, nouveau not found18:07
TJ-grepwood: aha! you need to ensure the packages are installed. did you do "sudo apt install linux-image-generic:amd64"18:08
TJ-grepwood: which also assumes you've enabled the amd64 foreign architecture using "sudo dpkg --add-architecture amd64 && sudo apt update"18:09
grepwoodTJ-, I have enabled it18:09
grepwoodTJ-, I reinstalled the modules package and still no go18:11
leftyfboich: you don't. Disable/remove that garbage software so your computer isn't held hostage by a piece of software. Go to #ubuntu-on-windows for further support with WSL. Go to #windows for help with Windows problems (your actual problem)18:12
TJ-grepwood: weird you don't see nouveau.ko driver; that should be pulled in by linux-image-$FLAVOUR via depends from linux-image-$VERSION-$FLAVOUR to linux-modules-$VERSION-$FLAVOUR18:12
grepwood`apt-file list linux-modules-4.15.0-36-generic:amd64` returns an empty list18:13
TJ-grepwood: it's " -a amd64 " not ":amd64" for apt-file18:17
TJ-grepwood: I think, as the i386 and amd64 paths for kernel modules are identical that the amd64 packages should replace the i386 package18:18
grepwoodTJ-, E: Command line option 'a' [from -a] is not understood in combination with the other options.18:18
TJ-grepwood: here, on amd64, to see i386, I do "apt-file list linux-modules-4.15.0-36-generic -a i386"18:19
grepwoodthis is for apt-file though18:20
grepwoodI wanted to go straight forward to apt-get :D18:20
dviolaTJ-: it still crashes even with the idle=nomwait workaround18:20
TJ-grepwood: right, for that you'd use the ":amd64" suffix to the package name18:20
TJ-dviola: that's a pain!18:20
grepwoodTJ-, then that's what I did18:20
grepwood`apt-file list linux-modules-4.15.0-36-generic -a amd64 | grep nouveau` returns nothing18:21
dviolaTJ-: should I try 18.10?18:21
TJ-dviola: you could try the kernel from 18.1018:22
dviolahow can I install it?18:23
TJ-grepwood: works fine here. did you do "sudo apt-file update" ?18:24
dviolaI think it might be a problem with sleep, because when the display goes blank it doesn't come back anymore18:24
TJ-dviola: trying to think of the easiest way.18:24
jjedviola: why not try the mainline kernel. it is on 4.1918:25
TJ-grepwood: how about "apt-file -a amd64 search nouveau.ko" ?18:25
TJ-jje: the mainline builds are missing some Ubuntu sauce additions, such as apparmor bits18:25
jjeah i see sorry18:26
grepwoodit's modules-extra, TJ-18:26
TJ-dviola: to avoid messing up your current host, I think I'd create an LXD container with 18.10 in, and pull the kernel packages into it, then install them on the host manually using "dpkg -i ..."18:27
TJ-grepwood: ah, for generic! I use lowlatency for desktop, where it isn't -extra !18:27
TJ-grepwood: sorry about that! didn't notice the difference18:27
TJ-grepwood: I used "dpkg -S nouveau.ko" to find the package name :)18:28
dviolaTJ-: thanks18:29
grepwoodTJ-, it's working now18:29
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grepwoodchrist, this is some ghetto powerpc solution right there18:31
kinghatdoes snap management have a gui?18:31
=== covfefeguy is now known as coffeeguy
gpunkthe "software" application18:34
TJ-grepwood: so the original problem was the 32-bit kernel on 64-bit UEFI?18:34
grepwoodTJ-, yes18:34
kinghatlike other than using the GUI to manage installed snap apps?18:34
TJ-grepwood: so we actually solved an hour ago :D Great18:35
grepwoodnow... how do I find the Xorg auth file to x11vnc into that host? :D18:36
grepwoodit doesn't seem to be in /run/gdm3, nor is it in /var/lib/lightdm18:36
OtterCoderHello! I'm on 18.04.1, and I can't find English(Macintosh) or the like under Region and Language. Where might I need to install it from?19:11
jattwhat is English(Macintosh) 😸?19:13
OtterCoderOddly enough, I can find Arabic(Macintosh) all the way through Spanish(Macintosh) and everything in between, but not for English.19:13
OtterCoderjatt: An input source mapping.19:13
OtterCoderThe English(Macintosh) source mapping lets me use modifier keys, and I used to have it installed by default before I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.19:14
OtterCoderNow it's missing.19:14
OtterCoderI really don't want to resort to xbindkeys and the like, because last time I tried that, I nearly bricked my computer.19:15
texlalinux-image-4.15.0-33-generic linux-modules-4.15.0-33-generic19:17
texla..How to auto remove the synaptic entry normal way shows errors19:17
ioriaOtterCoder, i don't have that kb, but you can try with  sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration   , select MacBook (or similar) and then  English (UK)19:19
OtterCoderioria: Oh shoot. It was nested. You pointed me in the right direction. For some reason the search on the input sources menu doesn't find nested sources...19:22
ioriaOtterCoder, ok19:22
OtterCoderWell, thanks!19:22
ioriano prob19:22
blkdrakeHi, Can someone tell me how to disable Lubuntu and switch back to Ubuntu19:24
ioriadisable lubuntu19:24
blkdrakeI installed Lubuntu but its very slow.19:24
blkdrakeioria, how?19:24
iorialubuntu is sòlow ? really ?19:24
blkdrakeioria, yes, Its seems to be taking more boot time than ubuntu19:25
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=== Z3D0T is now known as Z3DD0T
pikiaI have a bash alias that is starting a VM, but the thing is, it will hold a terminal "hostage"19:25
ioriablkdrake, bad/wrong install, try again (maybe checking your media)19:25
pikiaWhcih option should I append to the alais so that it starts the VM but leaves the terminal open for me to continue using19:25
=== Z3DD0T is now known as Miidlandz
blkdrakeioria, media seems to be alright19:27
ioriablkdrake, lubuntu cannot be slower than ubuntu19:27
rfmpikia, you want to end the start-vm command with an & to put it in the background.  I usually put the whole thing in a subshell and nohup it too, example is (nohup <startvmcommand> &)19:28
pikiaNvm, looks like appending &>/dev/null& works also19:28
pikiaty rfm19:28
rfmpikia, if it's a VirtualBox VM, then "startvm vmname -type headless" will release the terminal after starting, unlike VBoxHeadless...19:29
pikiaOh.. hahaha yeah. I guess that will be the most clear sp;ution19:29
texla linux-image-4.15.0-33-generic linux-modules-4.15.0-33-generic19:31
texla<texla> ..How to auto remove the synaptic entry normal way shows errors19:31
Sbur3Loooking for help to connect n MTP mp3 player to my Ubuntu system.  Anyone wanna help?19:34
fradis there any way for me to use signal without a smartphone?19:40
fradfrom my desktop, preferably19:40
OtterCoderOk, so, I have the correct keyboard layout, and pulling up the keymap shows right-alt mapped to the compose key, but it's not actually composing...19:42
OtterCoderThe option to set the compose key used to be under System Settings > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Typing, but now it's a missing option.19:43
texlaIs there a fix for the errors on upgrade..to Linux image-4.15.0-33 generic19:45
=== capellaGoesBOO is now known as capella|away
hggdhtexla: give us the errors on a pastebin19:50
naccfwiw, i think 4.15 is up to -36 now19:54
Kyros36 causes some kind of bandwidth limit for me19:55
texlahggdh, After the original it upgraded to a partial and showed kernel unstable then synaptic showed autoremove but would not remove19:56
KyrosI can't download anything over 1.5MB/sec with 36. Has anyone else noticed this?19:58
naccKyros: you've tested by going back to -35?19:59
hggdhtexla: I am sorry, but I do not understand what happened19:59
Kyrosnacc yes back to 3419:59
naccKyros: hrm, i'd see if there is already a bug about this against linux?20:01
texlahggdh, How do I remove which is the kernel with errors..autoremove will not work..is there another way to remove20:02
hggdhtexla: as I stated earlier, we NEED to know what happened -- the exact errors you see, *not* your interpretation of them20:02
janisozaurhey, why is there no libpulse0-dbg package anymore?20:03
janisozauror: where do I get symbols for pulseaudio?20:03
TJ-janisozaur: it's libpulse0-dbgsym and it's in the ddeb archives, not the main archives20:03
janisozaurhow do i install it then?20:04
hggdhjanisozaur: please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Non-built-in_debug_symbol_packages_.28.2A-dbgsym.2920:05
TJ-janisozaur: see https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/7fJ4mzZRc3/20:05
naccjanisozaur: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debug%20Symbol%20Packages also has details20:05
janisozaurgreat, that should do, thanks20:06
texlahggdh, https://pastebin.com/ZDphgvcA20:08
hggdh/usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: 34: /etc/default/grub: Syntax error: EOF in backquote substitution20:09
hggdhtexla: so something in your grub config is wrong (which heavilly suggests somebody edited it manually)20:10
hggdhtexla: you have to fix it first20:10
grepwoodoh lord20:16
TJ-grepwood: you called? :)20:16
texlahggdh, https://pastebin.com/JHHaUZYQ...would you look at this and suggest20:20
HenryCHwhy am I not able to write files to subfolders of /home/myusername?20:21
eelstrebori guess i have the latest hplip for ubuntu 18.04.1 since there isn't a ppa for bionic - yet i can't do 2-sided printing - still looking for a solution20:21
grepwoodoh lord our TJ- , unity doesn't launch, I'm off to see the logs20:21
HenryCHi created a folder there, but any process that wants to write files in there I have to run with sudo, how come?20:21
hggdhtexla: why are you giving us this script? The error was reported on /etc/default/grub20:22
TJ-grepwood: I'm biased; I consider that a blessing if it doesn't work :)20:23
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TJ-grepwood: is the Xorg accelerated '3D' driver loaded to support compositing?20:24
texlahggdh, https://pastebin.com/c2L1fCkJ..default changed to 4 days before upgade caused problems20:24
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naccHenryCH: show us example in a pastebin, including permissions/ownerships20:24
hggdhtexla: GRUB_DEFAULT="420:25
hggdhtexla: this string is unterminated...20:25
HenryCHone sec let me find out how to pull up permissions, heh.. I've not changed anything though, I just installed ubuntu and was trying it out20:25
hggdhtexla: the fact that i was changed some days ago has no real impact, since it is *only* used when update-grub is run20:26
TJ-HenryCH: sounds like you created the directory using "sudo mkdir ..." - or as another user. Check the ownership with "find $HOME -not -user $USER"20:26
TJ-HenryCH: if you add " -ls" to the end of that command it'll list the ownership of all entries not owned by your user20:27
texlahggdh, changed to position 4 so UBUNTU 18.04 would boot first without changing menu entry manually20:27
nacctexla: hggdh isn't commenting on your intent. You made a syntax error.20:27
HenryCHso my user doesn't inherit permissions on any subfolders?20:28
naccHenryCH: not if you created it with sudo.20:28
naccHenryCH: we don't know what you did, still20:28
texlanacc why did this show up after the kernel problem20:29
nacctexla: becuase it was the first time you ran update-grub ?20:29
nacctexla: since editing the file, i mean20:29
HenryCHthanks nacc, TJ-20:29
hggdhtexla: it is the other way around. dpkg failed *BECAUSE* of the syntax error on /etc/default/grub20:29
hggdhtexla: not all updates to Ubuntu cause initram to be changed (and thus causes grub to be updated)20:30
texlanacc, Nope I ran sudo update-grub after making the change to /etc/default/grub20:30
nacctexla: i don't believe you :)20:30
hggdhtexla: please correct the line I showed. Please, just do it20:31
TJ-nacc: texla didn't say it ran to completion without error :)20:31
texlanacc, You never believe anything I try to convey to you this is not the first time20:31
naccTJ-: that's true, good point20:31
hggdhI give up20:31
nacctexla: that's nice. Did it succeed when you ran `update-grub`?20:31
texlahggdh, Do you want me to change default back to 020:34
hggdhtexla: no, I want the string to be correctly terminated. What happens if you run kernel number four is not our problem20:34
=== srto_ is now known as srto
hggdhtexla: so that it is clear: you are missing a close " (double-ticks) at the end of the line20:35
texlahggdh, I do not know where you want me to change and to what must of miss your suffestion20:36
hggdhtexla: GRUB_DEFAULT="420:36
hggdhtexla: do you see there is a double-tick, followed by '4'?20:37
hggdhtexla: you *have* to add another double-tick after '4', so it reads: GRUB_DEFAULT="4"20:37
texlahggdh, https://pastebin.com/HJJSd8zG...add double quote as suggested20:41
texlahggdh, Still showing not all updates can be downloaded20:43
TJ-texla: "sudo apt update && sudo apt-get --fix-broken install && sudo apt full-upgrade && sudo apt autoremove"20:44
texlaTJ-, Checked and now depencies are being corrected and autoremove no longer showing in synaptic will now check updates20:47
texlahggdh, all systems in updates and synaptic now working properly have to reboot to finish install of updates20:49
texlahggdh, TJ- nacc Adding the double quote to default grub has cleared all systems...Thanks for the help it was truly appreciated!!!!20:54
JPSmanHi!  I love the new cuttlefish wallpaper, but I don't want to upgrade to 18.10.  Where can I get the largest copy of the purple/orange cuttlefish wallpaper?21:01
Greyztarany tip on saving iptables rules that persists through boot?21:09
naccJPSman: presumably in the source? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-wallpapers/18.10.2-0ubuntu1 and you want #ubuntu+121:09
naccJPSman: even if not directly support, i think :)21:09
nacc!info iptables-persistent | Greyztar21:10
Greyztarim on Bionic21:10
ubottuGreyztar: iptables-persistent (source: iptables-persistent): boot-time loader for netfilter rules, iptables plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.4+nmu2 (bionic), package size 6 kB, installed size 42 kB21:10
Greyztarnacc: having some difficulties making it persist through boot though21:10
naccGreyztar: using that package?21:11
Greyztarnacc: ill double check version21:11
naccGreyztar: note the above is not 'iptables' but 'iptables-persistent'21:11
laertusdoes anyone know the name of the command that will tell you the full path of a file?21:12
Greyztarnacc: thanks for the heads up,also seems ive been installing another package netfilter-persistent aswell ugh ill do a cleanup and report bk thanks for answer (,")21:15
laertusfound it... it's "readlink -f"21:16
naccGreyztar: yw21:19
NoImNotNineVoltaws ubuntu 16.04.5, it seems my oomkiller isn't working as expected. i have a python script that chews through the 32GB on this box and everything becomes unresponsive. logs suggest oomkiller never ran, just an eventual " systemd[1]: systemd-journald.service: Watchdog timeout (limit 3min)!"21:24
NoImNotNineVoltfollowed by some segfaults i guess21:24
NoImNotNineVolt(in other unrelated services, metrics reporting, etc)21:25
TJ-NoImNotNineVolt: seems like the script has a large appetite!21:25
NoImNotNineVoltindeed. i was expecting oomkiller to, well, kill it.21:25
NoImNotNineVoltor kill something, at least.21:25
naccNoImNotNineVolt: are you actually out of memory?21:27
naccNoImNotNineVolt: OOM killer is only invoked by actually being out of memory in the kernel, not by a process hogging meory.21:27
TJ-nacc: I'd suspect it's because the OS is set-up by default to over-subscribe memory; try changing it to be 1:121:27
Jordan_UNoImNotNineVolt: The OOM Killer doesn't kill stuff until you've completely run out of memory. Unfotunately, long before that happens things start getting swapped to disk, and they get slooooooooooow. Meaning that it can sometimes take a long time to reach the point of finally getting out of memory and triggerin the OOM killer.21:27
NoImNotNineVolt... there's no swap.21:27
NoImNotNineVoltit's a 64GB box with no swap.21:28
naccNoImNotNineVolt: using 32GB of 64GB doens't mean you're out of memory21:28
NoImNotNineVoltit chews through memory quickly.21:28
NoImNotNineVoltlet me see if i can find the metrics server it was reporting to and get some better info.21:29
aidanh010Y'all are probably not going to believe this, but my server has a case of multiple personality disorder after a do-release-upgrade from 16.04 LTS to 18.04.1 LTS. Upgrade went fine, rebooted, SSH back in and prompt says 16.04 LTS. A new user that I created right before the upgrade is also gone. Not a minute later the SSH connection drops and on reco21:29
aidanh010nn the prompt is 18.04.1 LTS and my user is there... and this continues every minute since21:29
jilI'm trying to help my wife with something on her computer.. but I'm 7000km away.. I need remote desktop.21:29
PlatonidesNoImNotNineVolt: are you sure there's no swap?21:29
Platonideswhy would it get unresponsive otherwise?21:29
NoImNotNineVoltPlatonides: Swap:            0B          0B          0B21:29
naccNoImNotNineVolt: if you have that data, then what is the memory consumption like?21:29
aidanh010host key changes every reconnect as well21:29
Jordan_UNoImNotNineVolt: Dumping cache to free memory can also slow things down, but I would still expect you to hit true OOM pretty quickly without swap. It's possible that it's not just low ram causing the slowdown.21:30
jilI had her activate remote desktop on her machine. I have the IP.. but I don't know what to use to connect and see her desktop21:30
Platonidesaidanh010: probably two machines with the same ip21:30
naccaidanh010: sounds like you are perhaps having two systems that are colliding on the same IP21:30
NoImNotNineVoltJordan_U: extremely low disk i/o the whole time.21:30
aidanh010its a public i[p21:30
Jordan_UNoImNotNineVolt: Note, you can manually trigger the OOM killer with alt+sysrq+k, but only if you've enabled sysrq magic.21:30
naccaidanh010: you should *never* accept host key changes21:30
Jordan_U!sysrq | NoImNotNineVolt21:30
ubottuNoImNotNineVolt: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key21:30
naccaidanh010: unless you are absolutely sure they are expected21:30
jilboth are linuxes ubuntu based21:30
naccjil: pretty sure it's just vnc21:31
NoImNotNineVoltdoes that work over ssh?21:31
NoImNotNineVoltyea this is a headless box.21:31
naccNoImNotNineVolt: you would need to use /proc/sysrq-trigger in that case, i think21:31
naccNoImNotNineVolt: you can't sysrq over ssh, via the keyboard, no. That will sysrq your local machine, of course.21:32
NoImNotNineVoltlocal machine is a win10 box :P21:33
jilnothing installed by default ?21:33
jilto connect remotely21:33
NoImNotNineVolteither way, i can reboot the box remotely from ec2 api, so that's not the issue. i just want this process killed when it eats all the rams so that systemd can restart it clean.21:33
Khaoticany idea why my builtin bluetooth stop working? one day i wil boot and it shows as having an adapter. the next day it says one isnt installed21:34
NoImNotNineVoltsshd is installed and running.21:34
JPSmannacc, so, that tarball only had text files in it...21:34
naccjil: ? you would need a vnc viewer21:34
naccJPSman: i don't have context any more21:35
naccNoImNotNineVolt: but it's not eating "all the rams" you said you have 64GB and it is using 32GB.21:35
PlatonidesNoImNotNineVolt: ulimit -v  is your friend21:35
tomreynjil: your wife's probably behind a firewall, you'd need to have her setup port forwarding and an ssh server so you can ssh to her computer from the internet and tunnel vnc through that21:35
TJ-NoImNotNineVolt: vm.overcommit_{memory,ratio,kbytes} are probably what you want, along with possibly vm.oom_kill_allocating_task21:37
NoImNotNineVoltnacc: i said that last i saw it, it was using 32GB. i also said that it was chewing through ram quickly. i didn't specify how long it ran for before i noticed the system had become unresponsive, because i'm not sure. but my feeling is that it was sufficiently long enough for it to have eaten the remaining memory.21:37
NoImNotNineVolti also said that i was trying to figure out where the metrics server is so that i could get more details.21:37
NoImNotNineVoltTJ-: i really dont' like oom_kill_allocating21:38
NoImNotNineVolt_task, but it's not clear that oom killer is being invoked.21:38
* NoImNotNineVolt will afk until he finds those metrics21:38
JPSmannacc, I was looking for the latest cosmic cuttlefish wallpaper without downloadinging all of 18.10 :)21:38
jil 21:39
jilfor the display what should I put ?21:39
naccJPSman: i'm pretty sure you're wrong. the tarball is 178M.21:40
JPSmani LOVE, love love love the bionic beaver wallpaper.  I love the circles and everything, and I like cuttlefish more than I like beavers21:40
naccJPSman: did you download the wrong tarball?21:40
JPSmannacc, oh, i grabbed the 14K one :|21:40
TJ-NoImNotNineVolt: how about the python process's oom_score_adj = 1000 ? makes it more likely it'll get reaped (if OOM is the issue)21:40
tomreynjil: when connecting how?21:40
naccJPSman: that's the debian/ directory of the source package. You want the orig.tar.gz of couse21:40
sonicwindI just installed 18.04 today on my desktop. in Software & Updates, under Other Software, it won't let me select Canonical Partners. I can click on it & it highlights, but when I try to "check" it, it greys out. Any ideas?21:45
sonicwindIs there a terminal way to enable it?21:45
sonicwindMaybe I could get an error message then.21:46
naccJPSman: if it's not in that package, it's in some other wallpaper related pacakge21:46
aidanh010@nacc figured it out, the datacenter company somehow created TWO $400/month VMs for us and assigned them the same IP, you were right21:47
naccaidanh010: fun :)21:47
tomreynsonicwind: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) partner"21:47
sonicwindthanks tomreyn ... let me write that down & try it. I'm on the other computer.21:48
jiltomreyn gvncview ip:display?21:48
jilit's strange ubuntu has to tool by default so someone can connect to your computer... but no tool to connect remotely21:49
tomreynjil: so port forwarding is already configured? or is your wifes computer on the internet directly with no firewall / NAT in front?21:49
tomreynjil: there is vino and vinagre, those are the default utilities for vnc connections.21:50
jilon ubutun remote desktop there an option for configuring automaticaly UPnP to open an redirect ports, this should do it no ?21:51
tomreynsonicwind: you might want to install an ssh server on the other computer, then ssh to it from your 'chat' computer. this would allow you to copy + paste to the other computers' command line.21:51
tomreynjil: only if your router supports and allows UPnP. many support it, but due to the security issues in this protocol it should be disabled nowadays.21:52
NoImNotNineVoltyup. i can see 43GB was the last reported memory usage, with 5GB/min increase in usage and 5 minute metrics reporting interval.21:52
NoImNotNineVoltlinear projection would put it at 68GB usage for the next metrics report, which didn't go out.21:52
NoImNotNineVoltso, can we safely assume that memory exhaustion is the most likely explanation?21:53
tomreyn5min intervals is maybe not good enough to monitor this.21:53
JPSmannacc, FOUND IT! :)  Its called warty-final-ubuntu.png in that tarball -- although its not an .png its a .jpg -- and its not a warthog its a cuttlefish..........21:53
NoImNotNineVolti can just `watch free -h` and run it again if there's still a strong desire to get more info.21:54
jiltomreyn.. thank you for vinagre... It's not working.. and I can't have her do the redirection.21:55
sonicwindtomreyn, yes someday I plan to look into ssh... until then, I'm still sticking to the rest of my plate :-)21:55
tomreynjil: then your other option is a reverse shell21:56
sonicwindtomreyn, that worked! Thanks. Not a big deal, but I have two of the source code ones listed now. I'm not using that though.21:56
jilreverse shell ?21:56
jilI did connect with ssh to her computer but I was home then.. and It was about 2 years ago.21:56
jilI had set up authorized host and stuff like that and in the mean time I changed computer.  so that won't be easy.21:57
jilbut what's reverse shell21:57
tomreynjil: https://www.howtoforge.com/reverse-ssh-tunneling21:57
tomreynjil: this, however, requires that you are able to receive connections at your current location and computer from the internet directly, or can setup port forwarding where you are.21:59
tomreynjil: in this example, you (or the router in front of you) are (is)
tomreynjil: and, also in this example, is the LAN IP address of your wife.22:00
jilthank you tomreyn22:04
tomreynjil: you're welcome. if you're also firewalled at your current location, the other option is for you to ssh into a server you have an ssh account on, and then have your wife connect to that server (after setting up a listening port there for her to connect to),22:10
tomreyn(i'm assuming this server is right on the internet, without a firewall / NAT in front of it)22:10
pingoWhy would an ubuntu machine not have a (dhcp) ip anymore after doing "service networking restart" ? I had to manually do "dhclient enp1s0f0" to get an ip again?22:15
naccpingo: is it a desktop or server? is it configured correctly?22:25
pingoAnd I am not sure22:26
pingoLooks standard to me22:27
kumooltheres a program that i run that asks me to enter the password for the login keyring, is there a way to disable it asking for it?22:27
naccpingo: what version of ubuntu?22:27
blackhaze92hello everyone22:27
blackhaze92I need some help22:28
tomreynblackhaze92: that's not exactly the approach that'll get you volunteer support22:28
blackhaze92I need to know if linux needs a antivirus22:28
kumoolblackhaze92, no22:29
hggdhblackhaze92: generic response: no.22:29
kumoolblackhaze92, yes22:29
kumoolI do have a nice antivirus though22:29
naccpingo: ?22:30
blackhaze92I need to know why linux does not need an antivirus22:31
naccblackhaze92: why do you need to know that ?22:31
pingonacc sorry I don't have access anymore22:31
pingoI think it was latest stable22:32
kumoolblackhaze92, heres an anti virus for all OS's { https://www.virustotal.com/#/search/^`md5 file` }22:32
kumoolblackhaze92, basically because nobody cares about linux22:32
naccpingo: not quite sure how we should help you. But if you mean 18.04 and it is a fresh install, /etc/network/interfaces isn't used for network configuration anymore.22:33
blackhaze92kumool: thanks, then I does not need clam av22:33
blackhaze92in my system22:34
pingoit's ok, I asked a questions and I don't have enough details for you to be able to help, sorry about that22:34
hggdhblackhaze92: as long as you do not install software from other sources, and as long as you keep careful on where you browse, no problems22:36
hggdhblackhaze92: the most common issue on linux is had by installing anything from anywhere, and by having your browser running weird extensions22:37
blackhaze92hggdh: I am eeryday on internet22:37
hggdhblackhaze92: so are most here...22:37
weijunliwhy when I run `frida`22:38
weijunliI have this error -> bash: /home/ubunt3r/.local/bin/frida: No such file or directory22:38
hggdhweijunli: what is frida?22:39
weijunlihggdh, frida.re22:39
weijunliit's installed thru pip, `pip install frida`22:39
weijunliis it some kind of PATH issue22:41
hggdhweijunli: try joining #frida, and asking there22:42
weijunlihggdh, dead #22:42
blackhaze92everyday I try to get better on security in my pc22:48
Ntemishey hi22:52
Ntemissome help please22:52
NtemisErr:9 http://ppa.launchpad.net/phablet-team/tools/ubuntu bionic Release22:52
Ntemisthere is no bionic branch22:53
Ntemisppa-purge cant remove that22:53
NtemisE: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/phablet-team/tools/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file.22:53
Ntemisthanks ppa-purge22:53
Ntemisnow what?22:53
tomreynNtemis: remove the corresponding file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/22:55
Ntemislet me see22:55
Ntemisty btw22:55
Ntemisyou mean rm rf? tomreyn22:56
Ntemisdelete phablet-team-ubuntu-tools-bionic.list ?22:56
tomreynNtemis: i mean: sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/phablet-team-ubuntu-tools-bionic.list22:56
Ntemisyeah same22:57
tomreynNtemis: you'd also want to remove the apt repository signing key22:57
Ntemishow i do that?22:58
tomreynsudo apt-key delete 450954F09BE10B09A9CEA0AE5C5364B55E51A24C22:58
Ntemisbtw i have others i dont need can i delete those too?22:58
tomreyn!paste | Ntemis22:59
ubottuNtemis: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:59
tomreynyou can (and should) remove any repositories you don't need.22:59
tomreynyou can also do so using the GUI if you prefer22:59
tomreynNtemis: you can now talk again23:00
Ntemisnah i like it here warm and cozy23:00
Ntemisso rm everything and the delete keys?23:00
tomreynbetter look up the keys first23:00
Ntemissudo apt-key delete 450954F09BE10B09A9CEA0AE5C5364B55E51A24C fails23:01
tomreynelse you wont know which to remove23:01
tomreynsudo apt-key del 450954F09BE10B09A9CEA0AE5C5364B55E51A24C23:01
tomreynbut you really should try to read up on this and understand what you're doing there23:02
tomreynthis is about defining which repositories your system should trust23:02
Ntemisam tyrying to clean up any xenial left overs23:02
johnjayhrm, the ubuntu server disk comes with bind9. maybe i should dl ubuntu server and just install xorg on it more often?23:02
johnjayis tasksel still a thing or should I use metapackages in aptitude and apt-get?23:03
tomreynjohnjay: https://askubuntu.com/questions/252056/should-i-use-tasksel-tasks-in-apt-or-install-regular-metapackages23:06
tomreynand aptitude is no longer a thing (IMO)23:06
irwissaptitude still useful on servers...23:12
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cim209hello, papirus theme icon isn't listed in settings even though it was already installed. i'm on kubuntu 18.0423:14
plus2equalsmeHello. I'm having some difficulty getting my wifi card to work on a fresh install of 18.04. The card is a BCM4321 (14e4:4328 rev 03).23:42
plus2equalsmeAny chance for some guidance?23:43
Bashing-om!bcm | plus2equalsme23:43
ubottuplus2equalsme: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx23:43
plus2equalsmeI started there, and also ended up in a number of posts at askubuntu.com and ubuntuforums.org. The problem I'm running into is that according to the wiki (and askubuntu) I should be using the bcmwl-kernel-source, but what I did that it the card will find the network, but it won't connect23:46
plus2equalsme(repeated requests for the password).23:47
Bashing-omplus2equalsme: Sorry I have not the experience with BCM to offer any advise :( Await others here to respond.23:48
plus2equalsmeThank you Bashing-om I understand BCM is a big headache for everyone, I'm on my third *nix OS trying to find something that will use the card23:50
tomreynthere's (supposedly) #bcm-users23:54
tomreynhttps://wireless.wiki.kernel.org/en/users/drivers/b43 suggests 'wl' as an alternative driver23:54
plus2equalsmetomreyn 'wl' is the one that scans the networks but won't connect at all. I will search the bcm-users channel23:55
tomreynplus2equalsme: if you'd like to try your chances with wl, be sure you unloaded all b43 related modules as discusse don step 4 at https://wiki.debian.org/wl23:57
tomreyn(before you load wl)23:58
plus2equalsmetomreyn it's a fresh install, b43 was never loaded (but thank you for the reminder. I'm starting to think I should be trying b43 instead though, and that was kind of my main question23:59

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