jasoGood day everyone! I’m seeking a little wisdom - would it be a terrible idea to just add Ubuntu studio without the desktop to an Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome install? Would I loose a ton?00:25
OvenWerksshould work just fine00:26
OvenWerksthe only thing you need to do is run ubuntustudio-controls to make sure you have "real time" permission.00:27
OvenWerks(means you can lock memeory and assign process priority)00:28
jasoI’ve seen this awesome00:29
jasoThank you!! Getting ready to rebuild my rig with a bunch of Linux00:30
jasoTotally blew me away when my NI audio Kontrol 1 and akai mom 49 worked automatically! — things have come along way00:31
OvenWerksgenerally any USB device that works on a mac works with linux.00:31
jasoI’ll probably head doe something pci soon — I need my synths to have as little latency as possible but we will see how she does with this00:34
jasoThanks again!00:35
OvenWerksno problem00:35

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