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Spassmore info about the left and top screen edge flickering (e.g. Whisker) - did some testing on Kubuntu 18.04 and Latte dock doesn't flicker, but Plank does, so maybe it is GTK related?12:37
Unit193Did you try turning off gtk animations?12:58
SpassUnit193, no, where I can disable them?12:59
Unit193gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations false  ?13:07
Unit193Was pretty sure it was in the settings editor under Gtk13:08
Spassok, will try that13:12
brainwashSpass: it happens in 18.10 too, right?13:22
Spassbrainwash, on Xubuntu 18.10 too, yeah13:23
Spassdidn't try other 18.10 flavours, but I assume it's the same13:25
SpassUnit193, animations disabled, Plank still flickers13:26
brainwashI would ask in the gtk channel on the gnome irc network, maybe they can help you identify the cause of this bug13:28
Spassnot sure if it's really GTK-related, but I tried so many things so far... on couple distros13:29
brainwashyou have to start somewhere13:29
Spassit began somewhere in the 17.04 era and it persist from then13:30
brainwashthe gtk people surely know some tricks on how to debug something like this13:31
Spassso maybe that is a clue, maybe a specific GTK version, Xorg version / something else was introduced that time13:31
Spassbrainwash, here's some more details - https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=239737113:32
brainwash16.04.5 should have newer xorg and kernel, maybe worth giving that older version a try too13:32
brainwashsee if this bug was introduced in that release also13:32
Spasssure, will try, I have that ISO so I'll burn on my USB now13:33
brainwashit does not happen when using a VM, right?13:33
brainwashVM in full screen mode13:34
Spassyes, all good when in VM13:34
Spassbrainwash, just tested Xubuntu 16.04.1, interesting info that may suggest that it's indeed a GTK3-related issue14:16
SpassPlank flickers, but Whisker menu doesn't14:16
SpassI think that 16.04.5 has Whisker still as a GTK2 plugin14:17
Spassand Indicator Plugin on the panel (WiFi, Bluetooth and sound) flickers, and I think it's a GTK3 plugin14:18
Spassso to summarize, seems like there's something wrong with GTK3 apps / elements on top and left screen edge14:19
brainwashSpass: you tested with both .1 and .5?15:35
Spassonly with .515:35
brainwashso it was a typo15:35
Spassoh, sorry, yeah didn't notice that typo15:36
Unit193bluesabre: I slipped xfwm4 in as a bugfix release (because, well, it's a bugfix release..)20:46
bluesabreUnit193: that makes sense :)21:37

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