outkastedexcuse me, does anyone know where to download the fix for "browser-integration failed to connect to host" bug? i am new to linux and i think i have have picked the 1 damn car i nthe lot with square wheels :(01:16
outkastedhello ?01:33
pragmaticenigmaI recently experienced KDE's launcher crash and I no longer have a taskbar. Is there a way I can get that back up and running without logging out and back in?02:21
pragmaticenigmaguess it's more than the taskbar... dolphin appears to have crashed as well02:22
pragmaticenigmafound part of it... kstart502:38
valorieugh, why do people leave so quickly02:42
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> maybe their system crashed :)02:44
[Relic]this is the internet they expect a response by yesterday at the latest normally03:24
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BluesKajHey folks11:32
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t7hi all, how do i disable copy to clipboard whenever i highlight anything?13:22
t7err perhaps i mean i dont want everything i highlight stored in the widget13:26
t7got it, don't worry :)13:27
kinghatif i try to print from chrome or firefox it says 'unable to add document to print job' in the print queue. i can print a test page just fine.17:40
kinghatprinting from PDF works fine.17:42
riidomhello, if I drag a file around in dolphin it always displays a green (+) icon, whether I copy or move with holding shift or ctrl while dragging - is there a way the icon changes on keypress to distinct copying from moving?19:32
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