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jimcooncatfresh install of ubuntu-server 18.04. Setting up monit and apache2. Confused about why the server guide suggests systemctl to control apache when there are init.d scripts installed. Can I continue to use /etc/init.d commands to control apache2 from monit?11:49
rbasakjimcooncat: systemd arranges /etc/init.d scripts to wrap systemd when systemd is in use. So I think using the init.d scripts is safe, but all you're really doing is calling systemctl (or perhaps the dbus API equivalent) through a wrapper.14:10
rbasakActually I'm not sure if that's accurate.14:11
rbasakDo init scripts call systemd as a wrapper? I know it goes the other way round - systemd generates systemd service units for existing init.d scripts.14:11
rbasakIn any case, systemctl is closer to what the system is actually doing, so better to use that directly.14:12
xnoxrbasak, /lib/lsb/init-functions.d/40-systemd14:26
jimcooncatrbasak xnox thank you14:32
xnoxjimcooncat, this has come up before; i'm hoping to remove `duplicate` init.d scripts in the future.14:33
jimcooncatI'm getting back in the game from five years ago, love the older tools but don't want to paint myself into a corner by using them, so to speak14:36
xnoxjimcooncat, $ service foo start|stop|restart -> works on all systems, both new and old.14:38
RoyKxnox: most systems use systemd now, though15:51

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