TJ-tripelb: yes, I saw that earlier, it confirms the settings were accepted so if they are not making an improvement that avenue seems to be a dead end too. it's 1am in the morning here00:00
tripelboh my, you might be in berlin.00:02
tripelbTIll some other day then.00:02
TJ-pjs: someone else (Debian) with the same plugdev ownership: https://superuser.com/questions/1043394/after-systemd-upgrade-why-does-dev-null-always-have-the-wrong-permissions00:02
TJ-tripelb: In England00:02
tripelbI was in London in July.. for a day. Teddington maybe.00:03
fassl_tharkun, thx, from some google search it seems that mariadb builds that library, you sure it is not included in mariadb?00:04
pjsTJ-, thanks.. reading..00:04
pjsTJ-, You see my note about /dev/tty1, that has to be an issue right? My buddy has tty1 owned by gdm00:05
TJ-pjs: yes, I saw that a few hours ago00:06
TJ-pjs: I assumed you'd got a console log-in on tty100:06
pjsTJ-, of course :) I missed it (also ofcourse lol)00:06
pjsTJ-, yes I did. manually started X00:06
tharkunfassl_: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mariadb18/plugin is the plugin dir and that file is not there00:08
TJ-pjs: I'm suspecting you've installed something that has changed the way ubuntu configures; is i3 the only local build/install you've done?00:08
tharkunfassl_: a friend on #mysql seems to know of a rename of that file.00:09
pjsTJ-, that and i3lock-color (replaced i3lock)..00:09
fassl_tharkun, does it complain about not being able to load that file? it might have been linked in statically00:09
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TJ-pjs: I don't see anything in the i3 source that plays about in this way; the fact everything in /dev/ is root:plugdev points to udev00:10
pjsTJ-, On the link you sent me, the "fix" was manually changed /dev/null to group root, rebooting, then magically everything was owned correctly lol00:11
TJ-pjs: do you have any udev over-rides in /etc/udev/ ?00:12
TJ-pjs: hmmm, was it? that'd suggest on shutdown the ownership was saved to be recreated on boot - doesn't sound right !00:12
pjsTJ-, in /etc/udev/ruled.d I have just these 2: 60-brother-libsane-type1-inst.rules  70-snap.core.rules00:13
pjsTJ-, otherwise udev.conf is a commented out single line and hwdb.d has no files00:13
TJ-pjs: you're using IRC from the problem system now?00:13
pjsTJ-, grep null or plugdev in those 2 rules files shows nothing00:14
pjsTJ-, no, tmux from one of my fbsd servers00:14
pjsTJ-, but yes I'm ssh'd from the problem system.. but I can reboot and ssh in from my macbook00:14
TJ-pjs: OK, I'm wondering if we can do a partial boot of it so it drops to the busybox shell in initramfs after it has mounted the real rootfs but before calling init... adding "break=init" to the kernel cmdline in the GRUB boot options. You'll need to be able to use the local physical console for that unless you've got network-KVM though00:15
pjsTJ-, no problem. It's sitting right in front of me00:15
TJ-pjs: I'm thinking we should check if the root:plugdev ownership is already set in the initramfs00:15
TJ-pjs: if it is, it narrows down the search massively00:16
TJ-pjs: whilst you do that I'll make a cuppa to keep me awake :)00:16
pjsTJ-, ok.. I'm ready00:16
pjsTJ-, no rush. I hit ESC at grub boot and have the grub shell.. I'll wait for you to guide me here ;)00:18
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faekjarzHi, i just installed bionic and nautilus doesn't create thumbnails of video files. Restricted extras are installed. Do i need anything else?00:19
TJ-pjs: highlight the entry, press 'e' to edit it, navigate down to the line beginning "linux ..." and add to the end of it "break=init" then press Ctrl+X or F10 to boot with that change00:20
pjsah ok00:20
TJ-pjs: if you're in the shell do "exit" to return to the menu00:20
pjsTJ-, I'm in initramfs shell00:22
pjsTJ-, /dev/null is crw-rw-rw-  1  1,  3 /dev/null00:26
TJ-pjs: hmmm00:26
TJ-pjs: that's weird, no ownership info?00:28
pjsTJ-, nope that's exactly what it says.. all of /dev/ is like that00:28
TJ-pjs: oh, hang on, does this report anything: "echo $rootmnt"00:29
pjsTJ-, actually ls -l of anything doesn't actually have names.. just numbers (id?)00:29
pjslet me see00:29
pjsTJ-, /root00:29
TJ-pjs: I don't think it has pivoted to the real root at this point. Try "ls -l /root/dev/null"00:29
pjsTJ-, I was just exploring /root, I just checked /root/dev/null and it's the same as what I typed a second ago00:30
pjsTJ-, but it IS o+rw which it isn't in normal boot00:30
TJ-pjs: OK, which release of ubuntu is that supposed to be!? 18.04 ?00:30
pjsTJ-, hah yup. It is 18.0400:30
TJ-pjs: what version of busybox? "/bin/busybox --help"00:32
pjsTJ-, 1.27.200:32
TJ-pjs: trying it here too00:34
pjsTJ-, ok cool00:34
TJ-pjs: right, it's a busybox ls thing00:35
pjsTJ-, ah ok00:36
TJ-pjs: do "stat /dev/null" instead00:36
TJ-pjs: I see Access: 0666 uid 0 gid 000:36
pjsTJ-, all I did was the boot.. should I have started busybox or something?00:36
TJ-busybox is what is running00:37
pjsTJ-, my shell prompt is "(initramfs) "00:37
pjsTJ-, ah ok00:37
TJ-pjs: busybox provides /bin/sh and all the other tools, as cut down versions (to save space) and they're all statically linked in the single /bin/busybox executable00:38
TJ-pjs: so if your 'stat' output matches mine, we know the :plugdev and possibly other things are done when system init starts00:38
pjsTJ-, so after boot I didn't need to start sh or something right? I just did ls -l  straight from there00:38
pjsTJ-, because uid: 1, gid: 1 and perms are different in busybox than in normal system00:39
TJ-pjs: correct. what happens is the kernel executes /init which is a shell script, which causes the kernel to call "/bin/sh /init" and /bin/sh is a symlink to /bin/busybox00:39
TJ-pjs: you're seeing uid 1 gid 1 !?00:40
TJ-pjs: that from stat?00:40
pjsTJ-, no I just did "ls -l /dev/null" (also /root/dev/null)00:41
pjsTJ-, using stat I also see 0666, uid: 0, gid: 0/unknown00:41
fassl_can you: "inotifywait -s -m -e attrib /dev/null -o /var/log/syslog" and see in the syslog when the perms change to narrow it down?00:42
TJ-pjs: phew!00:42
TJ-fassl_: no, because it looks like it changes due to the init system which we cannot get in front of00:43
TJ-pjs: right, so, now let's try something different. I want you to reboot, enter GRUB again, edit the entry again, but this time add "init=/bin/bash" and then press Ctrl+X - this will boot without systemd, to bash, and then you can check the ownership of /dev/null again00:44
fassl_yeah, a script in the initramfs to monitor that is not possible?00:44
TJ-fassl_: no, the last thing the /init script does is exec another process, which replaces the init script00:45
pjsTJ- ok00:45
fassl_ah ok00:45
germmandHey, how's it going, guys?00:45
pjsTJ-, 666, root, root00:47
pjsTJ-, for /dev/null00:47
TJ-pjs: we're making (slow) progress then00:47
TJ-pjs: we'll restart into the usual init system in a moment, but first I want to check if what is required to have udevd log00:47
pjsTJ-, ok cool00:49
TJ-pjs: so, reboot to GRUB again, edit the entry, this time add "rd.udev.log_priority=debug udev.log_priority=debug" then Ctrl+X - this logs from the initrd (rd) and after systemd starts00:49
Sven_vBtwo of my Thinkpads run Ubuntu trusty. on one of them, recently the ethernet port started having its LEDs always on (or blinking at a rate I can't see), and Network Manager continues to try all my ethernet IP configs in rotation, each failing because there's no cable in the ethernet port. what might be broken?00:50
TJ-pjs: messages should go to the kernel log00:50
TJ-Sven_vB: link detect I think00:50
pjsTJ-, ok.. I couldn't "reboot" so I typed "exit" and got a kernel panic lol00:51
TJ-Sven_vB: is the port dirty or got broken pins?00:51
Sven_vBon the other one, the ethernet port is empty as well, and it seems to know there's no cable. LEDs off and no syslog activity about ethernet.00:51
Sven_vBTJ-, might be dusty. I'll try and clean it.00:51
TJ-pjs: right - you only had bash running so no system services00:51
Sven_vBpipe air blew out some dust but no change in the LEDs.00:52
TJ-Sven_vB: does the PC dual-boot with Windows?00:52
Sven_vBso would this mean there's an electrical failure inside the notebook? nope, no other OS installed.00:53
TJ-Sven_vB: it sounds like it could be electrical, yes.00:53
pjsTJ-, ok booted00:53
pjslots of logs this time :)00:53
TJ-pjs: I thought there would be. let's figure out if we can catch them00:54
TJ-Sven_vB: try "ethtool" see what it reports for the port00:54
TJ-Sven_vB: e.g. ethtool eth0" and if you can pastebin the output we'll look00:54
TJ-pjs: how about "journalctl -b | wc -l " - how many lines does it report?00:55
pjsTJ-, 526200:56
TJ-pjs: ouch, maybe a bit much for pastebin00:56
TJ-pjs: give it a try though! "pastebinit <( journalctl -b )"00:56
pjsTJ-, woot, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jVm2DPgbb200:57
TJ-pjs: ... I may be some time...00:58
pjsTJ-, no worries00:59
pjsthank you!00:59
Sven_vBTJ-, ethtool output is mostly "No such device" https://paste.debian.net/plain/104819100:59
Sven_vBdoes it use another namespace than "ip link"?01:00
TJ-pjs: not alot there really. does "ls -l /dev/null" still show root:plugdev ?01:01
TJ-Sven_vB: you need to replace "eth0" with the name of your actual device01:01
TJ-Sven_vB: "ip link show" will report them01:02
pjsTJ-, yea, same perms too01:02
Sven_vBTJ-, yeah, that's why I included the ip link output in the paste, to show that eth3 somewhat exists.01:02
Sven_vBthe only other devices ip link shows are lo and wifi01:03
TJ-Sven_vB: I don't know what is going on there but even with the interface down, ethtool can read it here. I suspect there may be a clue in the kernel log. Show us "pastebinit <( dmesg )"01:08
Sven_vBwhat would be a good way to tell NetworkManager to temporarily ignore eth3 completely? ideally easier to toggle than a kernel module blacklist entry.01:08
TJ-pjs: Let's do a brute-force search of the local settings "sudo grep -rni plugdev /etc/"01:08
pjsTJ-, ok01:09
Sven_vBthe only dmesg entry with keyword "eth" is [6335720.058795] e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth3: Hardware Error01:09
TJ-Sven_vB: there might be other messages that lead up/follow that one, that is what I need to see01:09
pjsTJ-, nothing interesting.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/FWcVnQ9vxw01:11
MarkB2I have been able to create a WAV format file from text using espeak.  The next step is to convert the WAV file to a 44.1 KHz MP3 file.01:12
MarkB2When I try that with lame, it converts a "normal" voice to "helium-gas" speak.01:12
Sven_vBTJ-, I'll try that again tomorrow. today there's too much other info near the eth message that I'd rather not publish.01:12
TJ-pjs: getting weirder!01:13
fassl_on centos at least you can configure it in /etc/sysconfig/network or whatever, NM_CONTROLLED=no01:13
pjsTJ- haha01:14
pjsTJ-, so I tried manually changing it and rebooting.. the perms/ownership reverted01:14
TJ-pjs: reverted to root:root or root:plugdev /01:15
MarkB2Soundconverter loses its mind reading a WAV file produced by espeak and Ubuntu keeps throwing up panels with "the application terminated abnormally".01:16
TJ-Sven_vB: you can use /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf adding "no-auto-default=eth3"01:16
MarkB2Might someone offer a hint on how to convert WAV to MP3 ?01:16
Sven_vBTJ-, thanks!01:16
Sven_vBTJ-, and then reload NM?01:17
pjsTJ-, root:plugdev01:17
Sven_vBnot to channel log readers: no-auto-default goes into the [main] secion, says man NetworkManager.conf01:20
TJ-Sven_vB: yes, restart NM after adding that change01:22
TJ-pjs: yes, that is expected. devtmps (/dev/) is recreated at each boot, it isn't static01:22
TJ-pjs: which is why we are searching for what is making the change01:22
Sven_vBwell, restart was what I tried to avoid. =) well then, brb01:22
TJ-pjs: remind me; is "ls -ld /dev" ownership root:root ?01:22
TJ-Sven_vB: restart the service01:22
TJ-Sven_vB: as in "sudo systemctl reload-or-restart network-manager"01:23
Sven_vByeah, I did. wifi connection was thus reconnected. I'm surprised my IRC connection survived that. +1 for TOR as a romaing service.01:24
pjsTJ-, root:root01:24
TJ-pjs: something must be executing a command that in a shell would be "chmod :plugdev /dev/*" so lets see if we can find that. "sudo grep -rni plugdev /usr |& tee /tmp/plugdev.log"01:25
pjsTJ-, running...01:26
TJ-pjs: same here ... takes some time :)01:26
TJ-pjs: nothing stands out here; mostly standard stuff for useradd and base-passwd01:27
pjsTJ-, same.. though there is some stuff from udiskie README, but I thought I uninstalled that01:29
Sven_vBTJ-, seems to not have helped. I was just notified via toast popup that eht3 had lost connectivity.01:29
Sven_vBI wonder what it was connected to.01:29
Sven_vBprobably a translation issue.01:29
Sven_vBah, no, it said it's now not connected. it didn't say it was connected before.01:30
Sven_vBI mean, that's good to know, but once per session would be enough.01:30
pjsTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NyycVdy3jn (if you're interested)01:31
TJ-pjs: there is something unusual on that system; besides the self-build of i3 have you installed anything from PPAs at any time01:31
pjsTJ-, yes. Slack, Signal Desktop, Mongodb, google chrome and skype01:32
pjsoh also ubiquiti (manages my wifi AP)01:32
Sven_vBpjs, no VLC PPA?01:32
pjsSven_vB: I do have vlc installed but no external repo added for vlc01:33
pjsWhat does PPA stand for?01:34
TJ-pjs: let's search the packages install scripts: "grep -rni plugdev /var/lib/dpkg/info"01:34
TJ-pjs: Personal Package Archive01:34
TJ-!ppa | pjs01:34
ubottupjs: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:34
pjsTJ-, entries for usbmuxd and base-passwd01:35
TJ-pjs: can you pastebin for me?01:35
pjsTJ-, thanks01:35
pjsTJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/myty6fCfNn01:35
FishBone000i have a problem with maintenence mode01:37
TJ-pjs: same as here; so no joy there either. Now let's try local stuff: "sudo grep -rni plugdev /usr/local"01:37
pjsTJ-, no matches01:37
FishBone000i have already known how to scroll up n down, but obviously some earlier output on screen would be cleared, especially on some commands which outputs a lot like dpkg --list01:38
fassl_ok then can't you do an early inotify systemd service?01:39
FishBone000so how can i see all those output?01:39
fassl_command | less01:39
TJ-pjs: I've just gone through the systemd-udev source; don't see anything there either. It's important to note that "plugdev" group is a Debian/Ubuntu specific construct01:43
pjsTJ-, this is strange01:44
pjsTJ-, this is a process list of all "normal" running proc's: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/G3zfrkcfG6/01:45
TJ-pjs: does this exist? "ls -l /etc/udev/rules.d/device-permissions.rules"01:45
pjsTJ-, nope. I asked you if it should earlier. Saw something on SO or something01:46
TJ-pjs: it existed in 16.04 but should be removed; I just wondered if it had been left behind01:47
TJ-pjs: actually, I don't see it in 16.04 either. I was wondering if it had been inherited, but no01:49
pjsTJ-, right.. I thought about adding it just to see what happens but I didn't obviously :)01:49
TJ-pjs: we know something is changing the permissions of almost all nodes under /dev/ so this is not specific to /dev/null. We also do not know if this is related to the apt-key issue or not but it is the only slender lead we have01:50
TJ-pjs: I have to suspect some of those PPA packages you've got installed, although I cannot think what one would be doing to change permissions on /dev/* - and it would have to be something running as root user to be able to do it01:51
pjsTJ-, yea nothing is running as root that I can think of.. Let me check ubiquiti01:52
pjsTJ-, ok so Unifi (by ubiquiti) seems to be01:54
pjsit's started by systemd01:54
pjsthough it's currently disabled01:54
pjsTJ-, let me uninstall it01:55
pjsTJ-, this also removed mongodb (which was only needed by unifi)01:57
TJ-pjs: I didn't see anything obvious in the ps list02:03
TJ-pjs: I'm trying to think if there's a way we can get systemd to tell us what touches dev; later in boot I'd use inotifywait. "plugdev" is an Ubuntu construct so I think it is something caused by some installed package02:04
TJ-pjs: was this system upgraded from 14.04 > 16.04 > 18.04 ?02:04
pjsTJ-, no. fresh install of 18.04. I've only had the laptop since July02:05
TJ-pjs: really? oh... that makes thing even more perplexing!02:07
TJ-pjs: from the extensive searches we've done it suggests whatever is changing the group is inside a binary, rather than being in plain sight. we also know it must run as 'root' (uid 0) at some point early on02:08
TJ-pjs: try rebooting, going to GRUB menu, choosing Advanced sub-menu then boot the first Recovery option. Get to a shell there and check "ls -l /dev/null" - that only starts a very reduced set of services, which might help us narrow down where the change happens02:09
pjsTJ-, hrmm02:09
pjsTJ-, ok cool I'll try it02:10
TJ-pjs: that'll also only be in single-user mode02:10
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TJ-pjs: not sure if I linked to this earlier, but someone (on Debian) with the identical problem attributed to systemd package upgrade. Seems very weird since systemd has no mention  of plugdev in its entire sourcecode02:15
TJ-pjs: https://superuser.com/questions/1043394/after-systemd-upgrade-why-does-dev-null-always-have-the-wrong-permissions02:15
pjsTJ-, yea you did. I read all the answers but basically it was manually change it and reboot.. and like magic, it was resolved02:17
TJ-pjs: there was no solution on that one02:17
pjsTJ-, well no accepted solution but if you read the comments, the OP said that's what "resolved" it02:18
fassl_did you check anything in /etc/systemd might say plugdev ? or /var/lib/systemd ?02:19
TJ-fassl_: we've grep-ed the entire file-system !02:19
fassl_ah didnt see that sorry02:19
TJ-fassl_: hehehe no worries... I'm forgetting now we've done so much.02:19
TJ-pjs: did you get into single-user mode?02:20
pjsTJ-, doing so now02:20
TJ-pjs: OK ... because after that we'll use fassl's suggestion about /var/lib/ since I cannot remember if we covered that one!02:20
fassl_if its fine for rescue, we can test multi-user, and if it is still fine, then graphical.target does this nasty stuff02:21
TJ-pjs: the only thing I could think of is the group is being changed by number, not name, and the number just happens to the plugdev group. What gid is that? "getent group plugdev"02:21
fassl_ehm at least thats the ones i know about, there are more :P02:22
pjsTJ-, 666, root:root /dev/null :)02:22
TJ-pjs: Yay!02:22
TJ-pjs: so, it is happening in some job between recovery.target and multi-user.target02:22
pjsTJ-, gid is 46 for plugdev02:23
TJ-pjs: it is for me too - I think it probably is on most clean installs since packages install in the same order02:23
fassl_you can just systemctl isolate multi-user   - check -- systemctl isolate graphical    - check02:24
TJ-pjs: it isn't booting to a GUI is it? you start the GUI manually?02:24
pjsTJ-, start manually02:26
fassl_"systemd-analyze critical-chain" can tell you the order of targets, i would traverse them and just check when the perms change02:29
TJ-fassl_: idea! with the system booted to recovery we could start an "inotifywait -m /dev/null" with a timeformat string to capture when the changes happen, combine that with having "systemd.log_level=debug" on the kernel command-line and we could later match the timestamps to figure out what was active when the attributes are changed ?02:32
TJ-fassl_: we can change the system default.target and reload the daemon so it continues running the additional jobs, I think02:33
fassl_TJ-, yes that sounds good. would you wait for syslog and log there or wait for local-fs or something and log there?02:34
TJ-fassl_: to a file in a tmpfs02:34
TJ-I think /run/ should be mounted at that point02:34
TJ-pjs: fassl_ I'll test that procedure here to ensure it works as we want02:36
pjsTJ-, ok cool02:36
TJ-oh great! recover mode stalls in kernel on an RCU and sends an NMI!02:38
fassl_TJ-, i have here a service skeleton which you could use if you need it02:38
TJ-right, it worked this time. seems it didn't like "nomodeset" for some reason02:41
fassl_actually we dont even need to deal with timestamps, it will be in journal02:41
TJ-fassl_: what will? the inotifywait timestamp?02:41
fassl_stdout of the systemd service02:42
=== patr0clus is now known as s3nd1v0g1us
TJ-fassl_: I want to correlate the attribute change of /dev/null to something in the log02:42
fassl_should work?02:45
TJ-fassl_: yes, we need to add the timeformat too02:45
fassl_TJ-, nah, it will be in journal, it has the stamp already?02:46
fassl_and even if not, it will be in between two lines02:46
GeoWith a zabbix server, does anyone have opinions on using snmp vs a zabbix agent to monitor an ubuntu box? Pros/Cons?02:49
FishBone000I have problem displaying text editor02:49
tgm4883Geo: not really a support question02:50
FishBone000Well, let me send a screenshot02:50
TJ-fassl_: hmmm, yeah, that might be sufficient02:50
TJ-pjs: are you able to Ctrl+D to continue booting so you can download that system unit fassl_ created, and install it in /etc/systemd/system/  (is that correct fassl_ ? )02:52
pjsTJ-, Oh I rebooted normally.. I can grab it02:52
fassl_and then systemctl enable whatever_you_called_it.service02:52
TJ-pjs: ^^^^   then reboot again normally02:52
* TJ- nods off to sleep :)02:54
fassl_but also  apt install inotify-tools02:54
fassl_if havent done so already02:55
TJ-fassl_: oh, good point! I'm so used to having them :D02:55
fassl_yeah me going too soon ;)02:55
TJ-I'ts 4am here02:55
fassl_TJ-, me rarely needs it :)02:55
fassl_5 here02:55
pjsheh good I didn't have them :)02:55
pjsok it installed into multi-user.target.wants, that ok?02:56
fassl_yep should be i guess TJ- ?02:56
TJ-pjs: yes, I think so02:57
TJ-hehehe: "2018-10-19 19:01:34     TJ-     pjs: how long do you have to work on it?"02:57
fassl_if that doesnt turn out well we might use network-pre.target02:57
pjsTJ-, haha! I was just thinking that02:57
pjsok so I just reboot?02:58
TJ-pjs: I think so, yes... fassl_  ?02:58
pjsok here we go.. do I need to do anything in grub? or just boot up normally02:58
TJ-I generally deal with the weirdest issues we get here, and this one is really heading for the top 5!02:58
pjsTJ-, leave it to me :)02:59
fassl_its probably background radiation flipping your bits to 4802:59
fassl_or whatever gid that was02:59
pjsTJ-, I haven't run a Linux or BSD workstation in like 15 years. Since ditching my MBA in July, it's been fun getting back into it.. until this issue :)02:59
TJ-pjs: is this the same system that on the 16th I was helping you with sound issues?03:00
pjsTJ-, yes :)03:00
pjsTJ-, all this started that day.. All these weird issues03:00
pjsTJ-, fassl_, booted up03:00
fassl_waiting for the .bashrc which contains the chmod... :D03:00
TJ-pjs: really!? now that IS interesting. I best re-read my log file03:01
TJ-fassl_: oh don't say that! we never searched the user's dir!03:01
pjsTJ-, I did03:01
pjssearch user dir03:01
TJ-fassl_: that was an amateur mistake on my part... but it would need sudo/pkexec permissions to do that03:01
fassl_journalctl -xe --no-pager | grep ATTRIB03:02
fassl_or just journalctl -xe through it03:02
fassl_TJ-, happens to the best ;)03:02
pjsno results with grep03:02
fassl_systemctl status whatever_you_called_it03:03
TJ-fassl_: to let you know what the original report on 16th was...03:03
TJ-2018-10-16 19:15:46     pjs     hey all.. Been having strange issues since yesterday but as of now my mic/speakers aren't recognized. I have a think03:03
TJ-pad x1c6, the only thing I did was plug in a headset yesterday (first time doing so, newish laptop) and now the built in mic/speakers don't work. Ho03:03
TJ-w can I restart alsa-utils, pulse etc.? I tried using service and it says they're masked (not even sure what that means)03:03
pjsfassl_: says it's active and running03:03
pjsTJ-, fassl_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Hr22sVzPCR03:04
fassl_TJ-, what the... pjs got some issues man :D, never stops03:04
pjsfassl_: hahahaha that was resolved03:05
fassl_pjs, does the status say something else? like log lines03:05
pjsTJ-, fassl_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZvxPG5h9Th03:05
pjs^ everything from systemctl status ...03:06
fassl_ok then systemctl disable whatever_you_called_it03:06
fassl_and change the WantedBy lines to network-pre.target03:06
fassl_then enable again and reboot again03:06
TJ-fassl_: right, it needs to start a lot earlier I guess03:07
fassl_TJ-, yeah we could copy the recovery thing?03:07
pjsTJ-, fassl_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jfQR48y8mR <- journalctl -xe03:09
pjsno matched for grep ATTRIB03:10
fassl_ok disable that again and03:10
pjssystemctl status says it's active. similar to previous03:10
fassl_try this one instead https://pastebin.com/t82Lvyuk03:11
TJ-can we get it before apparmor? it is still starting quite late03:12
fassl_TJ-, are we fine in recovery? the settings are copied from recovery03:12
TJ-yes should be03:14
pjsso enable and reboot?03:14
pjsTJ-, fassl_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XPp3yHxfH9 <- journalctl -xe03:16
pjswe have a hit for ATTRIB :)03:16
TJ-looks like udevd03:17
TJ-i saw this earlier and discounted it, but now I wonder: "thinkpad systemd-udevd[485]: invalid key/value pair in file /lib/udev/rules.d/99-adb.rules on line 2, starting at character 60 (',')"03:19
TJ-I cannot find that file via apt-file search either, although I'm sure earlier I did confirm it was in a package03:20
TJ-pjs: can you "pastebinit /lib/udev/rules.d/99-adb.rules"03:21
pjsTJ-, ahhhh! yes, I had to add that for adb (android thing)..03:21
pjsshit sorry lol03:21
pjsTJ-, fassl_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WfxMM3Prjj - adb.rules03:22
TJ-pjs: Grrrr!03:23
pjsTJ-, *hangs head in shame*03:23
pjswas this the cause?03:23
TJ-you've split it across lines... which means each line is executed!03:23
TJ-pjs: you're doing "MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev" " for everything !03:24
TJ-pjs: delete all the linefeeds so it is all on one line, then try a reboot03:24
fassl_ajajajaja ouch xD03:24
TJ-at least I think that is it; I don't recall rules being able to cross lines03:25
pjsTJ-, now that I think of it, when all this started was after the first reboot since adding that file (I added it Oct 9th) :(03:26
TJ-pjs: *spank* with a big wet fish03:26
pjsTJ-, omg.. 666, root:root /dev/null :)03:26
* TJ- falls over03:26
fassl_zfs root snapshots! ;)03:26
pjsTJ-, please send me your venmo or Paypal.. seriously03:26
* TJ- makes pjs do 100 laps of the country!03:27
pjsTJ-, all perms in /dev are normal now :)03:27
fassl_congrats you guys03:27
TJ-pjs: so now test apt!03:27
TJ-fassl_: thanks to you too - without your systemd foo I'd have faded, brain has almost stopped working03:27
TJ-pjs: hopefully now apt-key doesn't throw an error03:28
pjsno apt-key errors!03:28
fassl_you were too long at it i guess03:28
TJ-pjs: you are banned from making changes for a year :D03:28
pjsfassl_: yes, thanks to you!03:28
pjsTJ-, lmfao rightfully so03:28
pjsTJ-, fassl_ thank you both so much!03:28
TJ-pjs: this explains all the random errors since that rule was being run on almost everything03:29
Bashing-om!cookie | TJ-03:29
ubottuTJ-: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!03:29
TJ-Bashing-om: you're still spectating? :D03:29
pjsTJ-, yes it does! oh man03:29
TJ-pjs: wierd how our earlier greps didn't focus on it... I looked, but thought 'yeah' it is valid to set the group to plugdev for an android device, but the file I looked at here was all on one line!03:30
Bashing-omTJ-: Still on that learning curve - never pass an opportunity to look over your shoulder :P03:30
TJ-we really need to loose all this 'plugdev' group stuff; it's wrong. we just need to be using TAG+="uaccess" on such devices03:31
pjsTJ-, yea I had no idea about the lines.. I just copied/pasted that file from Google03:31
fassl_gnight guys, and "break all the things!"03:31
TJ-g'night fassl and thanks03:32
pjsfassl: goodnight! thank you again03:32
TJ-it's time for my breakfast03:32
anthonybullardI have recently upgraded to Cosmic, which has Kernel 4.18 and Mesa 18.2, but my Hades Canyon NUC(8i7HVK) still reports using llvmpipe when running `glxinfo | grep "OpenGL"`03:35
anthonybullardI'm trying to find some resources to help me figure out what else I need to do to enable the Vega M GPU03:37
anthonybullardI've inspected the microcode, and it seems to be exactly the same as the latest master03:37
tomreynanthonybullard: try this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1040440/graphics-drivers-for-intel-nuc-hades-canyon-nuc8i7hvk-amd-radeon-rx-vega-gh03:40
tomreynor rather try the latest mainline and make the changes discussed here https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=240040003:43
anthonybullardThanks tomreyn, but I've already inspected the ucode they are asking you to install and it's the same as that i have with 4.1803:44
anthonybullardOh, I'll take a look at this03:44
tomreynthis was linked on the first answer at the first url btw.03:44
anthonybullardYeah, I've done this03:45
anthonybullardChecking the thread03:45
anthonybullardInterestingly, updating to Cosmic enabled animations(wouldn't work in 18.04 under llvmpipe)03:45
anthonybullardI should specify, enabled animation in Gnome shell03:46
tomreynyou can use http://iam.tj/projects/ubuntu/wget_kernel_mainline.sh to get the latest mainline kernel builds.03:52
tgm4883what package deals with auto rotation in ubuntu budgie 18.10?03:53
anthonybullardI've had ... mixed results trying to use mainline builds03:53
anthonybullardI've thought about flashing a new bios03:53
tomreynanthonybullard: oh yes you should if you dont have it, yet03:54
anthonybullardI know I don't have 5003:54
anthonybullardMaybe I should try that03:54
tomreynlooks like you will need to run at least 4.19, since it introduces support for VGA_switcheroo to allow for hybrid graphics (intel integrated and Vega M discrete)03:57
tomreynthat's if you want to use the discrete one03:58
anthonybullardIf that's true, that is truly sad.04:02
anthonybullardEvery post I read about Cosmic said it was adding the necessary support04:02
anthonybullardtomreyn:  Can you point me to your source?04:03
anthonybullardBecause this SOC doesn't have two graphics.  There are no Intel graphics04:04
anthonybullardThat's why now it runs through llvmpipe - and running glmark2 puts my CPU at 80% :-)04:04
tomreynhttps://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-4.19-Sound-Drivers states "VGA_Switcheroo handling for AMD Vega M."04:05
anthonybullardThanks, I read phoronix all the time, so I'm surprised I missed this04:06
tomreyni haven't been able to pinpoint the commit which adds this04:06
tomreynalso intel claims this nuc has both integrated and discrete graphics https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/products/boards-kits/nuc/kits/nuc8i7hvk.html04:07
JustAPersonFor some reason I can't boot because of signature failures for nvidia drivers. I disabled SecureBoot in my UEFI. Do I need to tell the kernel to not check signatures somehow?04:07
anthonybullardtomreyn:  That's interesting, since a thread I read six months ago said the exact opposite.04:08
anthonybullardI can't find it right now though04:08
anthonybullardBut I'll be upset if I have to wait for 4.1904:08
anthonybullardI just moved back to Linux after 5 years away, is it normal for a point release to upgrade the kernel04:09
anthonybullardAt least for the non-LTS releases?04:09
tomreynthere is HWE, but just on LTS04:09
ubottuThe Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack04:09
tomreynnon lts releases don't usually get kernel upgrades04:10
anthonybullardlooks like 18.04 won't get anything until at least Feb 1904:13
anthonybullardAs there is no enablement stack for it yet04:13
anthonybullardThis makes me think about switching distros, i really don't want to have to deal with trying to work with mainline again04:17
anthonybullardJustAPerson: nomodeset?04:18
anthonybullardJust a thought and about the extent of my knowledge there ;-)04:18
tomreynanthonybullard: well according to https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Vega-M-Linux-Is-Working you can get vega m working with linux 4.16, mesa 18.1.0 with an intel cpu04:22
tomreynmaybe it's just the switching between integrated and discrete graphics which doesn't work until 4.1904:23
anthonybullardSo maybe if I disable intel graphics in the bios it will work04:26
anthonybullardI'm going to try that04:26
tomreynpersonally i'd use 18.04 lts with oibaf's ppa for upgraded mesa + amdgpu, and then it may already work. if not, 'proposed' already has linux-hwe-edge which should provide 4.1804:31
anthonybullardNothing doing I guess :-(04:33
anthonybullardtomreyn: I'm going to take a break, thanks for the help04:34
tomreyn<tomreyn> personally i'd use 18.04 lts with oibaf's ppa for upgraded mesa + amdgpu, and then it may already work. if not, 'proposed' already has linux-hwe-edge which should provide 4.1804:34
tomreynyou're welcome, anthonybullard04:34
JustAPersonIf I get a boot error like "PKCS#7 signature not signed with a trusted key", how do I know what module is not being loaded? I don't see anything in /var/log/syslog04:37
JustAPersonHow do I manually enable networking in the recovery mode root prompt? If I use the recovery mode `network` option to try enabling, it hangs....04:52
RtMFaeriedepends on your network setup?04:56
gartralhey all, I can't move my displays when I plug a new display into my laptop, they're stuck overlaping, any help?04:58
tomreyni don't think it depends but that it is generally broken https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/friendly-recovery/+bug/178769604:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1787696 in friendly-recovery (Ubuntu) "Start network option prints errior about /etc/default/rcS, fails to return to menu" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:58
lotuspsychjegartral: can you give us a bit more details? ubuntu version? kernel? graphics card chipset & driver? vga/hdmi/dvi?05:05
JustAPersonLinux boot hangs but I can't see why. I disabled `quiet splash` in grub options to see the log, but nothing stands out. There's a bunch of [  OK  ] lines and that's it. But nothings happening05:17
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: with linux you mean ubuntu? what the last text you see it hangs at?05:18
JustAPersonlotuspsychje:  yes Ubuntu 18.04 kernel Last message showing up is "[   OK   ] Started Flush Journal to Persistent StoragE"05:21
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: physical system or a virtual machine?05:23
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: physical05:24
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: did you wait long enough at that last flushing line? perhaps it could boot after a while?05:26
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: Although I just tried reading through journalctl in the recovery prompt and got interrupted by some new messages "[  TIME  ] Timed out waiting for device dev-disk-by ..." so maybe that's related05:28
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: can you give us more info about your storage aswell? HDD SSD? encrypted or not?05:28
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: booting off an unencrypted nvme ssd, have several hardd drives plugged in as well. It seems like everything in fstab except my / mount (so swap, /boot/efi, /home) time out05:30
JustAPersonAll those partitions are on the same nvme ssd.05:30
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: are you using an existing fstab from a previous install or so?05:30
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: i presume system coems at the point of detecting your storage, and gets timeout for some reason05:33
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: I tried reinstalling Ubuntu in the free space of the drive, so perhaps the recreated those partitions. I'm trying to boot into the original partition, so guessing the fstab is now outdated?05:34
JustAPersonWill try updating fstab05:34
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: i would try with somethign fresh, perhaps try a liveusb too? check your uefi settings too05:34
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: and yes, checkout fstab aswell :p05:34
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JustAPersonSorry disconnected and forgot who I was messaging with05:47
JustAPersonI have double checked fstab, but if I run `mount -a` it won't actually mount most of them. There are also some kernel messages emitted simultaneously that say "Unmounting" the very ones I tried to just mount05:48
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: did you try a liveusb, see if you can bypass this error?05:50
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: I have a liveusb, but what should I try with it?05:51
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: see, if you can bypass your freeze at boot, instead of install setup05:52
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: yes eventually it boots, though the splash screen gets interrupted by some errors05:57
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: also errors about your storage and press C or soemthing?05:58
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: this is what i would try: only boot/install ubuntu with your main nvme ssd plugged in, and unplug all other storage. after your install plug back in your other storages one by one, to see where they hang06:04
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: no, see https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5XGQ9fVzhD/ the output of jounralctrl -p 3. The first 4 lines interrupted the splash screen before eventually the desktop loaded.06:05
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: what kind of graphics card do you have?06:06
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: my linux setup fell to pieces yesterday when I installed an NVIDIA GTX 1070Ti alongside my old 770. I've had so many issues with the drivers etc06:07
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: you should have mentioned this at your first question mate..06:08
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | JustAPerson try this06:09
ubottuJustAPerson try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter06:09
lotuspsychjeJustAPerson: after you get in your system: ubuntu-drivers list to see wich drivers your system reccomends, and install 390 or 396 nvidia driver06:09
JustAPersonlotuspsychje: I've been debugging for like 18 hours, I'm trying to handle the issue at hand and going over the entire context would be impossible. Trying `nomodeset` and it is still hung at the place before ([  OK  ] Started Flush Journal to Persistent Storage). If I were in the recovery root prompt, in about two minutes I would get interrupted by the timeout mounting the fstab stuff06:12
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Mr_CyclopsHi Drone ... done, sorry had forgotten to identify07:03
Mr_CyclopsHello, need help in changing the config file of a package installed via snap. How to do it? Because /snap is a read-only option07:04
Mr_CyclopsI installed mjpg-streamer via snap and want to change the config file, but can't change it using a simple vi editor, since /snap is a read only filesystem07:04
ducasseMr_Cyclops: see if it has an option to specify an alternate config file?07:13
Mr_Cyclopsducasse, thanks, I think I just figured it out, I did a snap info mjpg-streamer, and the output gave me the editable file location in '/var/snap/mjpg-streamer/current/config'07:14
Mr_Cyclopstrying to test it out as we speak07:15
HamiltonI opened my laptop lid from suspend. It does not show display. Monitor somehow flickers and wents black. I hit ctrl+alt+f3 and now I'm using weechat in terminal mode07:35
Hamiltonthis has happened before also. I'm on 18.04 with Xfce07:35
giacois it normal that I do "sudo ufw deny <port>" it deletes ip4 and ip6 rules and immediatly after the rules comes back so that I have them twice? (DENY and ALLOW)?07:35
ypatraanyone know good mmorpg for ubuntu ?07:52
SadEndUserWhenever I try to run a snap I installed, I get a snap-confine elevated permission error08:16
SadEndUserWhen I look at the apparmor service, it's inactive, and I can't start it08:17
FuraiIs it possible to insert a workspace between 2 already existing?09:01
Asad2005I am still without GUI since upgrading to 18.10, amdgpu, can someone help me on how to remove propritoy driver and go back to open source09:06
banyantreehi guys09:16
banyantreeneed some help: i upgraded from ubuntu 16.0.4 lts to 18.0.4 lts - now my keyboard is not working as before (windows key)09:17
banyantreei am using i3 usually. my shortcuts are using the win key but its not working anymore09:18
banyantreeafter using xmodmap -e "add Mod4 = Multi_key" its wokring - but only til reboot09:20
banyantreemy keyboard: logitech K740 (only one win key on the left)09:21
Shibehi, can anyone who upgraded from ubuntu 18.04 to 18.10 run this command for me?09:40
Shibe$ echo $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR09:40
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ShibeHi, is my ubuntu install screwed up?09:50
ShibeXDG_RUNTIME_DIR is unset09:50
Shibeis this normal?09:50
KyrosShibe: mine is set to /run/user/100009:52
ShibeKyros: mine is no longer set after upgrading to ubuntu 18.1009:52
Shibeseems like something got messed up09:52
Shibeanyone know where i should set it?09:52
Kyrosi did a fresh install though09:52
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ppfShibe: are you in a desktop session?10:11
Shibeppf: yes10:11
Shibeppf: seems like the upgrade messed something up, and i have no idea how to fix it10:11
illuminaughtyywhat upgrade?10:12
Greyztartrying to search root for a file,its an ssd disk,earlier on it was fast,after i added some disks it gets slow,am i not excluding dir properly or should maybe include /dev or so? im doing find / -name mynamefile -not -path "/mnt*"10:13
Shibeilluminaughtyy: from 18.04 to 18.1010:13
Shibeafter that xdg_runtime_dir seems to have unset itself10:13
illuminaughtyyshit I still haven't worked out all the bugs in 18.0410:13
illuminaughtyyno way I'm going beyond that10:14
illuminaughtyygnome desktop is poorly implemented10:14
illuminaughtyyat least for laptops10:14
illuminaughtyyI've looked all over dodge for a solution as to why I can no longer change brightness levels10:15
ppfilluminaughtyy: an upgrade might just fix that10:15
illuminaughtyyin theory it could10:16
hidefany idea why a laptop would freeze in sleep mode when you press any key only black screen comes back not login10:16
illuminaughtyyyou know10:17
illuminaughtyyI seem to remember a problem like that10:17
illuminaughtyythat was only solved by what was it....10:18
illuminaughtyydo you dual boot windows10:18
illuminaughtyyah that's not it then10:18
illuminaughtyyI had aa similar issue when going from windows to ubuntu on the same computer it would hang10:18
hidefno need for windows haha10:19
hidefI think its someting with video Nvidea10:19
illuminaughtyyI absolutely need windows10:21
illuminaughtyyToo many things one OS has that another doesn't.10:21
hidefgameer ?10:21
illuminaughtyyI also want to get a hackintosh installation up and running to play with ableton10:21
illuminaughtyyYeah, I'm a gamer among other things.10:22
illuminaughtyyLast I checked the AutoCAD offerings for linux weren't stellar10:22
hidefApple is for girls :)10:22
illuminaughtyyNeither were the DAW's or VST's10:22
illuminaughtyyApple is for morons but they still haave some good software10:23
illuminaughtyysaying only linux is good is like saying only aldi's is good for grocery shoppingh10:23
hidefyeah we have to use at work sometime10:23
illuminaughtyyits like yeah... if I don't want any interesting meals ever10:23
illuminaughtyyaldi's is great for its intended function10:24
illuminaughtyyperhaps even the best10:24
illuminaughtyyfor price peer10:24
hidefI got you... and you know aldi where you from ?10:24
illuminaughtyyBut I'm not going to aldi's if I want freshly baked pastries or authentic ethnic food ingreidients10:24
hidefyo I got your point old mac is cool solid10:25
hidefjust so expensive lolz10:25
hidefnow it would be nice if there would be only Linux left one day in the future10:27
hidefjust different flavors of it10:27
hideflike now10:27
Asad2005if i booted with live cd 18.10 would it be ok to copy xorg config files to my installed system which have gui issue after upgrade ? if yes what files should i transfer10:31
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ppfanyone familiar with openmpi?10:50
ppf'While computing bindings, we found no available cpus on the following node' is what mpirun says  since i upgraded to bionic10:50
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Greyztarwhen using find command shouldnt it speed up when omit directories to look in?think ive omitted about 90% and still uses same time as when npt omitting11:12
geirhaonly if you use -prune11:13
Greyztargeirha: so -not -path /something wont speed up anything?11:14
Greyztargeirha: ill try yours thanks advice11:14
geirhacorrect. It will stil recurse through all directories it finds. You have to use -prune to tell find to not recurse this and that dir11:14
Greyztargeirha: thank you very much,im searching on ssd couldnt figure out how come so slow *frustrating jazz hands*11:15
geirhafind . \( -name .git -o -path "*/foo/bar*" \) -prune -o -type f -print11:15
Greyztargeirha: lovelies thanks11:16
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BluesKajHey folks11:32
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varaindemianI have a problem in Ubuntu 18.0412:17
varaindemianIt randomble freezes everything to the point that I have to turn my laptop off my holding the power button12:17
varaindemiansomeone recommended me to use  journalctl -b -1 -n 10012:18
varaindemianright after it boots again12:18
varaindemianSo here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nw2vWqH6kh/12:18
TJ-varaindemian: that command will list the last 100 lines of the log from the previous boot :)12:18
varaindemianTJ-: It is the second time I encountered this12:19
TJ-varaindemian: nothing stands out there as a problem12:20
TJ-varaindemian: hard freeze/hang as you describe suggests a hardware problem of some sort, or hardware/firmware12:21
TJ-varaindemian: one thing it could be is overheating - does the hang happen predictably? E.g. same amount of time after boot, or after doing some specific task(s) ?12:22
TJ-varaindemian: it could also be a memory hog eating up memory to the point the system gets stuck. Have you monitored memory usage ?12:22
varaindemianTJ-: Nope, nope12:23
varaindemianRight now I have usb ethernet connection12:23
varaindemianso It might be due to this..12:23
varaindemianI have no idea12:23
TJ-varaindemian: is there any pattern at all to when it occurs?12:23
varaindemianTJ-: where can I get more info about this?12:24
varaindemianTJ-: absolutely not12:24
TJ-varaindemian: is it repeatable, or can you go days without it happening?12:24
varaindemianTJ-: I can go days without it12:24
TJ-varaindemian: do you suspend/resume the PC?12:24
varaindemianI suspended it12:24
varaindemianClosed thelid of the laptop12:24
TJ-varaindemian: does it only happen after a resume?12:24
varaindemianTJ-: I had one after a resume and then another after no resume12:25
TJ-varaindemian: there are some known bugs in some PC's firmware ACPI where it doesn't correctly re-init hardware after resuming, which is why I ask that12:25
varaindemianTJ-: I didn't have any problems with this machine12:26
varaindemianwith Resumes12:26
varaindemiannot until 2 weeks ago12:27
TJ-varaindemian: There's one other permutation you might want to investigate - does it happen after a cold boot (that is from a complete power off). Sometimes just a warm reboot will cause ACPI issues because hardware isn't fully re-initilised.12:27
TJ-varaindemian: let's have a look at one of the logs in case there are some clues further back. Show us "pastebinit /var/log/kern.log"12:27
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varaindemianTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ccYTSmwgkS/12:30
varaindemianTJ-: Oct 20 15:*:* are relevant I guess12:31
DenethrHi, is there a way to disable the sound notifications for when the battery starts/stop charging? it happens constantly on my laptop when the battery is full and AC plugged in...12:31
geniiThis would seem to indicate your battery is discharging very quickly and then starting to charge right after again ( eg: it should probably be replaced)12:33
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TJ-varaindemian: what is the exact time (hours:minutes:seconds) on that PC now, so II can correlate the last entries12:35
Denethrgenii: yes, I assume i'll have to replace it soon... but in the meanwhile, is there a way to disable those sound notifications? I couldn't find settings anywhere12:35
ioriaDenethr,  maybe you can disable 'Sound Effects' from Settings -> sound12:35
Denethrioria, ok that works thanks. I guess there aren't individual settings per effect12:36
ioriaDenethr,  good question12:37
varaindemianTJ-: It happened again.12:38
geniiDenethr: I had an old Acer which began doing this, eventually I just let the battery charge as much as it would, then pulled it out and just used wall power12:38
TJ-varaindemian: hehehe I thought so!12:38
varaindemianTJ-: Did you send anything here?12:38
TJ-varaindemian: what is the exact time (hours:minutes:seconds) on that PC now, so II can correlate the last entries12:38
varaindemianhow can I see this?12:38
TJ-varaindemian: right, so that kern.log you sent at 15:30 last entry was 15:15 - and I'd have expected other messages in kern.log that were'nt there12:38
varaindemianTJ-: I can send you again that log12:39
varaindemianWhat was the command?12:39
varaindemianThis time I only have irssi opened and chromium with couple of tabs12:40
TJ-varaindemian: I don't need it again, we can investigate in other places.12:40
TJ-varaindemian: one message I noted but am not sure if it means anything is "thinkpad_acpi: EC reports that Thermal Table has changed"12:40
varaindemianTJ-: Never opened this laptop12:41
varaindemianTJ-: It has 2 years I guess and I didn't use it as a daily driver12:42
TJ-varaindemian: in English that means: "the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface, Embedded Controoller, reports that the temperature table has changed" - "table" sounds like a list of where to read temperatures from12:42
TJ-varaindemian: could it be be the vents are blocked with fluff or dust? sometimes simple things like that can cause dramatic effects12:43
varaindemianI doubt..12:43
TJ-varaindemian: does the thinkpad have internal fans?12:43
varaindemianTJ-: Yes12:44
varaindemianHe is so cool12:44
TJ-varaindemian: you can hear the fans spinning?12:44
varaindemianTJ-: vents doesn't even work when I don't do intensive work12:44
varaindemianTJ-: So I can't hear them unless I do some cpu instensive stuff12:45
varaindemianTJ-: It has always been like that12:46
TJ-varaindemian: OK, so that confirms the fan spins up faster to combat heat12:47
TJ-varaindemian: what does this report: "pastebinit <( for n in /sys/class/thermal/*/temp; do echo $n=$(cat $n); done )"12:47
varaindemianTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3DJsh4nQfG/12:48
TJ-varaindemian: that looks fine; temperatures between 35-40 Celcius12:48
varaindemianTJ-: And again...12:52
varaindemianThis time I just opened chromium12:52
varaindemianTJ-: and browsed some youtube stuff12:53
varaindemianCould it be related to chromium?12:53
TJ-varaindemian: a userspace application shouldn't be able to hang the entire PC12:53
TJ-varaindemian: but if there's some low-level GPU-related activity going on I guess it could.12:54
TJ-varaindemian: I notice that system has an out-of-date firmware, v1.30, whilst v1.35 was released this month. I think this is the correct link for your system: https://support.lenovo.com/gb/en/downloads/ds10210912:54
varaindemianTJ-: windows 10..12:55
TJ-varaindemian: I read through all the changelogs between v1.30 and v1.35 and the changes only look to be related to CVEs but it is worth updating the firmware anyhow12:55
TJ-varaindemian: look further down the page; there is a  bootable CD option too12:56
varaindemianTJ-: Can I somehow extact and install it on linux?12:56
TJ-varaindemian: if you don't start chromium at all (use Firefox) see if it still hangs12:56
TJ-varaindemian: you can write that CD image to a USB device and boot from it I would think, if the firmware supports booting from a CD image on USB12:57
varaindemianTJ-: I don't have an usb drive at this moment12:58
varaindemianI will try wit hfirefox12:58
TJ-varaindemian: the instructions say it can be used on USB12:58
varaindemianTJ-: Thank you for you help andfor the link12:58
varaindemianI downloaded it12:58
Asad2005if i booted with live cd 18.10 would it be ok to copy xorg config files to my installed system which have gui issue after upgrade ? if yes what files should i transfer13:01
ducasseAsad2005: what is your gui issue? doesn't it start?13:05
Asad2005ducasse: it first started to low graphics but then i uninstalled the amdgpu-pro which was on 18.04 and it booted to a background image but no way to login or change nevironment now i am on tty irssi13:10
TJ-varaindemian: I peeked inside the ISO; it is an MS-DOS bootable image. Here's the file list http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5RBNmmqsqw/13:11
Asad2005ducasse: I want to go back to open source driver for my amd redeon card13:11
ducasseAsad2005: have you tried purging amdgpu-pro yet?13:12
Asad2005ducasse: No i used the amdgpu-uninstall app13:13
ducasseAsad2005: ok, it didn't come as a .deb?13:13
Asad2005ducasse: No its ./amdgpu-pro-install or simmiler app13:14
ducasseAsad2005: right, then i guess that is the right way13:15
medardHi. I installed ubuntu 18.04 server on VM and first boot stopped at "[ OK ] Reached target Cloud-init target."13:16
medardwhat do>?13:17
Asad2005ducasse: someone suggested removing snapd and i have purged it as i amy have one app installed via snap13:17
ducasseAsad2005: a snap should not prevent the gui from working correctly, afaik13:19
varaindemianTJ-: What does it mean that it's MS-DOS bootable?13:19
Asad2005ducasse: i have noticed some errors regarding dkms module, i think it have to do with amdgpu-pro installation can not build module for kernel 4.1813:20
ducasseAsad2005: i wouldn't expect amdgpu-pro to work on 18.10 yet, no, so it makes sense that dkms fails13:22
TJ-varaindemian: it means it uses DOS to boot and run simple DOS programs to do the BIOS update, rather than loading Windows13:22
varaindemianTJ-: Oh I tought I could run it somehow under linux13:25
Asad2005   ducasse What command to install open source drivers and what command to start gui from tty is it startx?13:32
figurelisphi If i have ssh'ed to a server and from that server without exiting i want to ssh to another one how can i do that? I tried to do it by ssh user@server -p portnumber but all i got was blank and i had to do ctrl+c to get back to shell13:34
ducasseAsad2005: try 'sudo lshw -C video | grep driver' to see which driver is loaded, and you probably start/stop the gui with a display manager, not startx13:35
Asad2005ducasse: amdgpu latency 013:37
varaindemianTJ-: I tend to blame chromium for these reboots...13:42
varaindemianTJ-: Not reboots. I mean frezees13:45
Bladegoogle chrome install13:45
ducasseAsad2005: then it looks like you are already running the open source amdgpu driver, there is nothing to switch to afaik13:48
Asad2005ducasse: how about purging amdgpu and reinstalling back13:49
Asad2005ducasse: whats the complete package name for the open source drivers13:50
ducasseAsad2005: i think the basic driver is part of the kernel, with the x.org bits in xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu13:51
Asad2005ducasse: So what options do i have now?13:55
Sven_vBhi :) how do I configure which screen resolution X will use in case there's no video cable connected at boot? and is it easy to also trigger switching to that resolution when the last video cable is withdrawn?13:58
coconutAny way to set natural scrolling for mouse in mate desktop?14:00
Sven_vBcoconut, what is natural scrolling?14:00
tomreynAsad2005: if you're on ubuntu 18.04 with the default gnome 3 desktop environment you can't just uninstall all snaps, it will cause graphics issues.14:00
ducasseAsad2005: tbh, i'm not at all familiar with amdgpu, so i'm not sure what to suggest. you can try reinstalling the kernel package and xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu14:00
coconutSven_vB, that's another term for reverse scrolling.14:01
tomreynthe gnome-3-26-1604 snap is mandatory.14:01
Sven_vBcoconut, oh, to invert the mouse wheel axis. I'll see if I can find that option.14:01
coconutIt's there for touchpad but not for mouse.14:02
tomreynAsad2005: oh you'Re on 18.10, but i would think the same or similar applies there (though i have not checked)14:03
Sven_vBcoconut, the mouse wheel is implemented as a pair of mouse buttons. to reset to default mouse button mapping: xinput --set-button-map "$MOUSE_NAME" {1..7}14:03
Sven_vBcoconut, you can find MOUSE_NAME from xinput --list14:03
Sven_vBcoconut, I'll check which of the 7 buttons are the wheel.14:04
Sven_vBcoconut, 1 = left, 2 = middle, 3 = right, 4 = wheel up, 5 = wheel down14:04
Sven_vBcoconut, to swap them: xinput --set-button-map "$MOUSE_NAME" 1 2 3 5 4 6 714:05
coconutah, that rocks, thank you!14:05
Asad2005tomreyn: How can i reinstall the snap back what packe name/s?14:05
Sven_vBcoconut, to see what your touchpad uses, try the xev program14:05
Sven_vBusually touchpats masquerade as a traditional mouse though.14:06
Asad2005ducasse: What is the commend to reinstall kernel?14:06
tomreynAsad2005: i don't run 18.10 yet so i don't know the exact snap package. on 18.04 you would need to: apt install snapd; snap install gnome-3-26-160414:07
ducasseAsad2005: try tomreyn's suggestion first14:09
Sven_vBcoconut, also if you ever have a mouse with annoying buttons, you can map them to 0 = disable.14:10
=== Blade is now known as BgLamersTeam
ruffleShi. has anyone tried Ubuntu 18.10 on a Dell XPS 14 (L421X) ? how's the support for optimus technology on 18.10 ?14:13
Asad2005tomreyn:  after snapd install it gives snapd.failure.service is a disabled or static. Is this ok?14:14
coconutSven_vB, sounds great, thank you!14:14
Asad2005tomreyn:  snap install gnome-3-26-1604   completed do i need to reboot to test it14:15
tomreynAsad2005: restarting X is probably sufficient.14:17
tomreyni mean restarting the login manager14:17
Asad2005tomreyn: you mean startx?14:18
Asad2005tomreyn: i am not familier with system d commands14:18
tomreynAsad2005: no, you shouldn't use startx. how do you login? gdm? lightdm?14:19
Asad2005i mean the last time i reconfigured it to gdm14:19
tomreynAsad2005: systemctl restart gdm314:21
Asad2005tomreyn: it did not give errors but no gui14:23
tomreynAsad2005: then i guess there's yet another issue.14:24
Asad2005tomreyn: should i change to lightdm and restart it14:25
tomreynAsad2005: it'd be better to inspect logs (and to compare the list of installed snaps with a default 18.10 installation), since it should probably have worked with the current configuration.14:26
Asad2005tomreyn: i think same command but lightdm instead of gdm3, right?14:26
Asad2005tomreyn: Then i can download and boot live usb and see?14:27
tomreynAsad2005: live usb is not neccessarily the same as an installed system.14:27
tomreynAsad2005: i assume you did not take note of the snaps you removed?14:28
Asad2005tomreyn: yes14:28
tomreynAsad2005: some days ago, when you were also fighting with X / the desktop, i also suggested you'd review the relevant logs at /var/log/Xorg.*.log /var/log/gdm3/* , there is also ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.*.log which i didnt mention then.14:31
Asad2005tomreyn: i have reconfigured to lightdm and restarted it and it brings the login screen but nothing to change there, i tried typing my password and hitting enter it takes few seconds and comms back to the same, i rmember before if you change environement to default or something else it worked but no in this screen i dont see a way to change desktop environemnt14:32
Asad2005tomreyn: Is ther a keyboard shortcut to change environemnt from lightdm screen14:33
tomreynAsad2005: there should be a cog, a small preferences wheel.14:34
tomreynAsad2005: either that or a drop down menu on the top right. i forgot14:35
Asad2005tomreyn: its like a bckground image with the logo in the center but no mouse pointer14:36
tomreynaha. logs might give you a better idea of whats wrong14:37
tomreynalso comparing to a full 18.10 installation14:37
Asad2005tomreyn: is there away to autologin from commandline?14:38
tomreynAsad2005: if there is, i'm not aware of it14:39
ForageGood afternoon14:39
Asad2005tomreyn: Now the lightdm seems working in high res but no way to select diff user or env14:39
ducasseAsad2005: tomreyn can't you add your user to nopasswdlogin group or something similar?14:40
tomreynit wouldn't fix the issue. the desktop environment fails to start. the login manager is fine.14:40
Asad2005tomreyn: I am almost sure if i change to something like mate desktop or so it will login14:41
tomreynAsad2005: when using lightdm, the default desktop environment is probably configured in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-ubuntu.conf14:42
tomreynls /usr/share/xsessions/ lists available sessions / desktop environments you can configure there14:43
Asad2005tomreyn: back when i upgraded from 17.10 to 18.04 i had somthing similar to this its like looping back to login  screen due to mir/wayland and i tried different env and it worked14:43
tomreynmaybe a fresh install would do you good.14:43
ForageI did an upgrade from 18.04 to 18.10, but during the install it gave me mulitple identical errors that gconf2 could not be installed due to dependency issues. While the upgrade continued, it stopped just before the clean-up stage because this error occurred during the upgrade, telling me that "The upgrade has aborted. A recovery will run now (dpkg --configure -a)"14:43
ForageIt does look like all finished nicely and even performing the command manually does nothing14:44
ForageJust in case I reinstalled gconf2 manually, without issues, as well14:44
ForageBefore I reboot though:14:45
Forage1. how can I verify that the upgrade really finished all?14:45
Forage2. how can I manually trigger the clean-up step again?14:45
TJ-Asad2005: I just checked. F10 should bring up the lightdm-greeter top menu, from where you can navigate with cursor keys to the Session selector menu14:46
Asad2005TJ-: I tried F10 nothing shows14:48
TJ-Asad2005: hmmm, I looked at the source-code and it also suggest F9 might do it14:49
Asad2005tomreyn: user-session=ubuntu how can i change it to something else like gnome-classic14:49
TJ-Asad2005: "if (event->keyval == GDK_KEY_F9)14:49
TJ-        item = session_menuitem14:49
Asad2005tomreyn: in 50-ubuntu.conf14:50
tomreynAsad2005: i don't know 18.10. this is for 14.04 https://askubuntu.com/questions/456766/how-to-set-default-session-in-ubuntu-14-04-lts14:51
Asad2005tomreyn: i chacked that and   changed it to a different env but should i somehow reload that file14:57
tomreynAsad2005: you restart the graphical login manager, like you did before with gdm. probably: sudo systemctl restart lightdm14:58
r3xt0r888anyone here using weechat?14:59
Asad2005tomreyn: i did it still reloop14:59
tomreyn<tomreyn> aha. logs might give you a better idea of whats wrong14:59
tomreyn<tomreyn> it wouldn't fix the issue. the desktop environment fails to start. the login manager is fine.14:59
tomreyn<tomreyn> maybe a fresh install would do you good.15:00
Asad2005tomreyn: which log file do i need to see and what to look for just give me some hint i am not an expert. Thanks a lot15:03
tomreyn /var/log/Xorg.*.log /var/log/gdm3/* , and ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.*.log  in the Xorg logs look for "(EE)" lines (thjose are errors). /var/log/gdm3/ is empty on my 18.04, it may be for you as well.15:06
troozersHi Gurus, do you know if Ubuntu 18.10 installs support for fingerprint readers, or is this something that I have to add?15:09
ryuotroozers: nothing is installed for those. there's a userspace ecosystem you'd need to install.15:10
ryuotroozers: even then it depends on the model if it will even work.15:11
xetHello there. Recently, the column which has many shortcuts that usually is at the left side of any folder went missing. Any idea of how can I get it back?15:11
troozersyeah, I had heard something similar - is there any way to see if Ubuntu has detected the fingerprint reader?15:12
ryuotroozers: pretty much all connect through USB. check lsusb. it's probably connected but nothing is using it.15:13
ryuotroozers: then note the vendor and product IDs. these are used to identify the model.15:13
TJ-!info fprintd | troozers15:13
ubottutroozers: fprintd (source: fprintd): D-Bus daemon for fingerprint reader access. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.0-2 (bionic), package size 61 kB, installed size 606 kB15:13
=== Class7_ is now known as Class7
TJ-!info libfprint0 | troozers also see this (and libpam_fprintd)15:14
ubottutroozers also see this (and libpam_fprintd): libfprint0 (source: libfprint): async fingerprint library of fprint project, shared libraries. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:0.7.0-1 (bionic), package size 156 kB, installed size 496 kB15:14
troozersMany thanks, just looking if there's anything obvious in lsusb.. unfortunately not15:15
ryuotroozers: paste bin and we can take a look.15:15
ryuomine shows up as: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 138a:003f Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS495 Fingerprint Reader15:16
ryuocurrently unsupported, so i do without. not that I planned to use it.15:16
TJ-on the Dell's I see 0483:2016 STMicroelectronics Fingerprint Reader15:17
troozersI have a Dell XPS1315:17
ryuoHm. Can eliminate the root hub entries.15:17
ryuoDoes realtek even make FP readers?15:18
ryuoI think they're primarily audio and networking.15:18
troozersYeah, I have also have a hub connected for some networking stuff and power15:19
troozersNothing looks fingerprint-y to me there unfortunately15:19
troozersah well, it was worth having a check15:20
ryuoBelkin... are you using those for periphereals?15:20
TJ-troozers: it is possibly on SPI not USB; show us "pastebinit <( dmesg )"15:20
ryuoGuessing the realtek is networking. Belkin is likely input devices...15:21
ryuoSeems Foxconn is bluetooth.15:21
ryuoNo idea what the Lacie entry could be.15:21
ryuotroozers: it could help if you disconnected all external USB devices and ran it again.15:22
troozersBelkin is the hub, and Lacie a hard disk - just upgraded to 18.10 so used the usb disk to hold the previous image and copies of all my data (I always prefer doing a clean install rather than upgrade)15:22
ryuoOh. I see.15:22
troozersI'll disconnect all usb devices in a minute, just copying last of data back to laptop15:23
Asad2005tomreyn: i will collect all EE enteris in logs how can i pastpin them for you from command line15:23
ryuotroozers: do you know your exact model? another method i could use is checking the windows drivers.15:23
troozers18.10 has installed like a dream on the laptop so far ^_^15:23
TJ-troozers: seems like this post may cover the issue: https://www.dell.com/community/Linux-Developer-Systems/XPS-13-Fingerprint-reader-Linux-support/td-p/509072315:23
ryuoWow. People getting nasty, all over an optional extra that isn't that useful in practice.15:25
troozersYeah, I did see that - mine does include a fingerprint reader - can see it in the BIOS, but was hoping 18.10 had increased support - most of the details were around the 16.04 install on Dell laptops15:25
ioriatroozers, the 18.10 Release Notes are optimistic about that : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CosmicCuttlefish/ReleaseNotes#Desktop_Updates15:26
troozersLOL - I am just of the frame of mind of;  OOoooh I have a potential toy to play with, rather than any pressing need15:26
TJ-ryuo: looks like there's partial support for your device https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/libfprint/libfprint/issues/5215:26
ryuoInteresting. Mine's not even a Dell.15:26
ryuoIt's a recent HP ProBook.15:27
TJ-driver is required from Validity, not the PC manufacturer15:27
ryuoI'm aware, but it's still the OEM's decision what to use.15:27
ryuoI got this ProBook 455 G5 a few months ago and the only remaining device is the FP reader.15:28
ryuoEverything else works now that I can tell.15:28
troozersI need to pop off now, however HUGE thanks for the pointers ryuo / TJ- / ioria15:28
troozersIt is much appreciated15:29
ioriano prob15:29
GudduCould someone please help me with this BrokenCount error?15:29
tomreyn!pastebin | Asad200515:32
ubottuAsad2005: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:32
tomreynAsad2005: e.g. (but dont use this as it is, do it only for fioles which are current, one by one): grep -F '(EE)' /var/log/Xorg.*.log ~/.local/share/xorg/Xorg.*.log | pastebinit15:33
ioriaGuddu, sounds a broken upgrade15:34
Gudduioria, What can i do to solve this? The login screen is coming as the blank terminal login and not the GUI login either.15:34
ioriaGuddu,   try :  sudo apt update && dudo apt full-upgrade15:35
ioriaGuddu,   try :  sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:35
TJ-ioria: Guddu  I'd think "sudo apt-get --fix-broken install" might be useful15:36
downer06or sudo apt -f install might help to15:36
ioriaTJ-, yeah, just wanted to check the damage entity15:36
Irritiable|LTHoly crap. I modified the default values for a dozen or so items (after dubious research); the system is speedier than ever! O_O15:40
Irritiable|LT*Ubuntu needs to modify their low-end default settings (which apparently aim to support low-end hardware; but hurt performance of "medium" end+ hardware).15:41
Irritiable|LTDefaults are aimed at systems with 1GB of RAM and 5200 RPM HDDs (not low end SSDs).15:41
lotus|NUCIrritiable|LT: please keep the channel without swearing, its not the first time we tell you this15:41
Irritiable|LTI made no such promise.15:42
lotus|NUCIrritiable|LT: also discussing goes to #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic15:42
Irritiable|LT...queue/iosched/fifo_expire_async doesn't exist anymore?15:43
coconutReinstalling macosx after dualboot ubuntu and osx gives same boot problems as dualbooting windows and ubuntu?15:44
tomreyncoconut: if your goal is to install os x then please seek support in an os x related support channel.15:45
jophishhi all15:46
coconutno my goal is to install ubuntu mate with macos on a mac.15:46
jophishBluetooth was working 10 minutes ago, but now it's not :( I've restarted my machine, airplane mode is turned off (I'm on wifi), rfkill list doesn't mention bluetooth, neither does lspci or lsusb15:47
jophishit's as though my machine doesn't have a bluetooth adapter at all15:47
coconutwith osx already installed15:47
jophishsystemctl status bluetooth shows the service as running however15:47
tomreyncoconut: i see, then you're fine here, but i'm afraid i can't help.15:47
coconutheheh. thanks though.15:48
jophishCan anyone suggest any further troubleshooting I can try here?15:48
rud0lfjophish: i think i've seen solution for that, it may work for you15:48
rud0lfand: power on15:49
rud0lfoh it's not in lsusb, sorry, missed that15:49
jophish"No default controller available"15:49
jophishand list gives no output15:49
jophishand to clarify, I didn't reboot, change any hardware or upgrade/install any packages between it working and not working15:52
tomreynjophish: does this list it? lsusb | grep -i blue15:53
jophishtomreyn: nothing on lspci or lsusb sadly15:53
Greyztaris it possibel to add functions to stuff put in /etc/profile.d/ or is it just bashrc file?15:53
tomreynjophish: oh you said so, sorry.15:53
jophishno worries, thanks anyway :)15:54
xetHello there. Recently, the column which has many shortcuts that usually is at the left side of any folder went missing. Any idea of how can I get it back?15:54
tomreynjophish: lsmod | grep -i blue15:54
jophishbluetooth             548864  13 btrtl,hci_uart,btintel,btqca,bnep,btbcm,btusb15:54
Asad2005tomreyn: see if you can see the errors in http://ubuntu.com/p/RzdgDzVVdc15:54
jophishand ecdh_generic           24576  1 bluetooth15:54
Gudduioria, TJ- Now I am not getting that error. But it still keeps getting to command based login and not launching the GUI15:55
GudduWhat else should be done?15:55
tomreynjophish: anything in dmesg about it?15:55
Asad2005tomreyn: see if you can see the errors in http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/RzdgDzVVdc15:55
ioriaGuddu,   cat /proc/cmdline15:55
jophishnope, grepping for -i blue in dmesg shows a few HCI UART protocol's being registered at boot15:55
tomreynAsad2005: both links return a 40415:56
Gudduioria, http://prntscr.com/l8cack15:57
Asad2005tomreyn: see if you can see the errors in http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/R2dgDzVVdc15:57
tomreynjophish: grep for hcd, too15:57
ioriaGuddu,   3.13 ?15:57
Asad2005tomreyn: changed z to 215:58
ioriaGuddu,   cat /etc/issue   (you can paste here)15:58
jophishtomreyn: nothing interesting I'm afraid15:58
jophishI'm going to go to the bios and toggle the switch15:58
tomreynAsad2005: those are different logs glued together. it's not clear what is what and from when.15:58
Asad2005tomreyn: yes appended all in one file15:59
Gudduioria, Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS15:59
tomreynAsad2005: use the ls -l command on those files to find out which ones are recent, then look for error in those which are recent.16:00
ioriaGuddu,   so you should not  have a 3.13 kernel16:00
Gudduioria, What can i do to solve this?16:00
tomreynAsad2005: to be able to remote control your other computer, you can install openssh-server there and then connect from your working computer using an ssh client.16:01
ioriaGuddu,   run  sudo update-grub and paste the output16:01
ioriaGuddu,   sy, i have to leave for 30 minutes16:01
jophishtomreyn: that fixed it16:01
jophishI wonder why it killed itself in the first place16:01
jophishlsusb now shows an additional device16:02
tomreynwhat did you do to fix it? since grepping dmesg surely didnt16:02
tomreynjophish: ^16:02
tomreynjophish: oh the bios change did it, good16:03
tomreynjophish: so you may have a firmware issue there. see if you can get a bios / uefi update16:03
jophishtomreyn: I'll take a look if it breaks again :)16:04
tomreynyou're welcome :)16:04
tomreynGuddu: this looks like this system was upgraded from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS but the upgrade didn't finish successfully. does this ring a bell?16:06
Asad2005tomreyn: I am tired now i will troubleshoot more tomorrow hope i can see you here then thanks a lot for all the effort16:06
tomreynAsad2005: i still suggest reinstalling, it is usually much faster than spending much time on searching the root cause of an issue.16:07
tomreynAsad2005: good luck and good night.16:07
Asad2005tomreyn: many thanks indeed16:09
Guddutomreyn, Yes.16:09
Guddutomreyn, But we don't know of any errors in the update or if it did not finish successfully.16:09
tomreynGuddu: you can try to fix this up, but most likely you will spend a lot of time doing so and a fresh installation may be easier.16:09
Guddutomreyn, But I will lose my application. This is a production system.16:10
tomreynGuddu: yes, you can note down which applications you have installed.16:10
Gudduioria, http://prntscr.com/l8cfby16:11
Guddutomreyn, update-grub gave me this http://prntscr.com/l8cfby16:11
tomreynGuddu: this gives a(n not entirely correct) list of manually installed packages: comm -23 <(apt-mark showmanual | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)16:11
tomreyn!pastebinit | Guddu16:12
ubottuGuddu: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit16:12
tomreynGaddu: if this system has internet access, using pastebinit will be much easier than taking photos and uploading them.16:13
tomreynGuddu: the above line was for you. also, what is on sda2? this will tell:  lsblk -fs 2>&1 | pastebinit16:14
Guddutomreyn, This system is without GUI and copy pasting that line is not possible. SO I am sending screenshots.16:16
Greyztarpastebinit will auto post onto paste.ubuntu?16:16
GudduI can probably type it down manuallly if you say so but the output is huge and writing it down would take a long time.16:17
tomreynGuddu: okay, do as you prefer. it may just be easier to copy the few characters of the pastebin url than to take these photos and upload them. plus it also woprks when the output doesn't fit the screen16:18
tomreynGuddu: you can install an openssh server on the computer you are examining16:18
tomreynthen you can ssh into it form the computer you're chatting from16:18
tomreynand can then copy + paste the url, too16:19
Guddutomreyn, I have another person executing those commmands over phone and sending me photos. I am really nowhere close to the site. Please help.16:19
tomreynGuddu: uuh that's not a great setup. can you not ssh to the system?16:20
tomreynGreyztar: by default, yes16:21
Greyztartomreyn: thanks16:22
tomreynGuddu: are you still working on this?16:26
Guddutomreyn, Yes. Trying to install ssh. I got this message.16:26
GudduNot sure if it got installed or not.16:27
TJ-Guddu: is this a failed do-release-upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 ?16:29
tomreynTJ-: 14.04 to 16.0416:30
GudduTJ-, I don't know if it failed. I was given the system in its current state. Someone did an update and I don't knw what erorrs were encountered in the process16:30
tomreyn...i assume, based on the 14.04 kernel version and the system reporting that it is 16.0416:30
TJ-tomreyn: aha, i was looking at the package versions for ureadahead and openssh-client16:31
TJ-tomreyn: Guddu in which case it's got quite a way16:31
tomreynTJ-: this is what we got so far: https://prnt.sc/l8cack https://prnt.sc/l8cfby https://prnt.sc/l8clb216:31
tomreynopenssh-server 7.2p2-4ubuntu2.5 is from xenial-updates16:32
TJ-tomreyn: the critical part seems to be it's trying to use Upstart16:33
tomreynureahahead 0.100.0-19 is xenial16:33
tomreynyes, the init system conversion didnt take place16:33
tomreyni think it's best to reinstall16:33
TJ-Guddu: let's try to get the SSH server going so you can remote in16:33
GudduTJ-, Working on that.16:34
TJ-Guddu: first look for an existing process: "ps -efly | grep sshd" - anything reported (aside from the grep)16:34
GudduTJ-, How can i get the IP address to SSH to? It currently has a IP of
TJ-Guddu: "ip addr show" to confirm the IP address the PC has, if any16:35
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:35
TJ-Guddu: if it doesn't have an active network connection as yet we can bring it up manually16:35
argusbrhow to solved problem openssl broken??? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s64DsD9Njs/16:36
Greyztaradding functions added some nifty usages for me,dont remember who recommended it but if you are here many thanks16:36
AkimbHey, anyone had problem with "started bpfilter" message stuck on boot, while updating from 18.04 -> 18.10?16:36
GudduTJ-, http://prntscr.com/l8cp6916:37
TJ-Guddu: and is there an sshd process active according to "ps -efly | grep sshd"16:37
GudduTJ-, I used systemctl command earlier. http://prntscr.com/l8cpn116:38
GudduShows SSH to be running.16:38
TJ-Guddu: good. So from your current PC you can do "ssh indiashop@"16:39
boredguyanything new in 18.10?16:39
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GudduTJ-, I am not on same network. Would require exposing it to internet. I am on Call with the site that has this issue.16:40
ducasseboredguy: see the release notes16:41
TJ-Guddu: oh my! that complicates matters somewhat, we'd need to set up a reverse SSH tunnel16:41
GudduTJ-, I am trying to have them set up a machine with teamviewer and I will connect to it and then SSH16:41
TJ-Guddu: OK - the other option is for you to enable a TCP port-forward at the gateway in your location, and then have them, on the poorly PC, start a reverse ssh connection out from there to your location16:42
GudduTJ-, Got a PC with teamviewer. Setting up putty on it.16:43
TJ-Guddu: or, if you have a server in a datacenter that uses SSH, have then reverse-connect to that, to avoid having to set up port-forwarding at your location16:43
TJ-Guddu: OK16:43
boredguyducasse: why no 32 bit?16:45
argusbrhow to solved problem openssl broken??? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/s64DsD9Njs/16:45
ducasseboredguy: "Users of the i386 architecture will not be allowed to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.10 as dropping support for that architecture is being evaluated"16:46
boredguyno wonder ubuntu dropped in the ranks16:47
TJ-boredguy: there are very few people using 32-bit nowadays, so it makes sense to focus development efforts where it is most valuable16:49
tomreynboredguy: i'm not aware of thses ranks, but hardly anyone runs i386 anyways. https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/statistics#desktop-specs - please move any discussions to #ubuntu-discuss16:49
jashardly... its kinda just a waste of time/resources supporting something pretty much obsolete16:50
GudduTJ-, I am connected using SSH :-)16:50
TJ-Guddu: via teamviewer ?16:50
GudduTJ-, Yes16:50
GudduBut atleast I can copy paste the outputs.16:50
TJ-Guddu: so you are relaying via teamviewer > putty > ssh ?16:50
GudduTJ-, Yes16:50
TJ-Guddu: right! and you should be able to use pastebins now16:50
GudduTJ-, Yes16:50
TJ-Guddu: right, let's grab the upgrade logs themselves first16:51
GudduTJ-, Sure. What would be the command?16:51
TJ-Guddu: check if they're there and their names first. "ls -latr /var/log/dist-upgrade/"16:51
TJ-Guddu: I may have the path wrong, so if you don't get anything, we'll search around16:51
GudduTJ-, https://pastebin.com/qLcxT3dn16:52
ioriaGuddu,   paste also  ls /boot16:53
TJ-Guddu: let's have the term.log: "cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt-term.log | nc termbin.com 9999 "16:54
Gudduioria, https://pastebin.com/dXApZ4pk16:54
GudduTJ-, indiashop@IndiaShop:/var/log/dist-upgrade$ cat /var/log/dist-upgrade/apt-term.log | nc termbin.com 999916:54
ioriaGuddu,   cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999916:55
Gudducat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999916:55
TJ-Guddu: yay, we have info! mono is crashing causing strack traces16:55
vincenzomlHi there. I've been looking for more than one year, every now and then, for a solution to: I have two bluetooth controllers, one internal, intel, soldiered, which breaks after 2-3 days of uptime and makes random processes crash16:56
vincenzomlAnother one is usb, broadcom, works like a charm.16:56
ioriaGuddu,   wow ,upadted from Oneiric16:56
vincenzomlI need a way to permanently disable the internal bluetooth controller so that gnome *always* scans for devices and show paired devices, and not just randomly16:56
Gudduioria, :-)16:57
vincenzomlMore precisely, I need a way to disable the internal bluetooth controller so that only the usb one is functioning.16:57
TJ-Guddu: start off with "sudo dpkg --configure -a" to complete configuration of all packages16:57
GudduTJ-, Done16:58
ioriaGuddu,   and maybe let us see the output of16:58
vincenzomlI tried blacklisting bt-intel, even using install iwlwifi=/bin/false  (or btintel, for the matter). I reboot, everything is fine, but then soon or later the internal controller is still there, and confuses gnome16:58
vincenzomlIf I rfkill the controller, gnome says bluetooth is disabled (even if to "re-enable" it I use a bluetooth mouse :))16:59
vincenzomldoes anyone know?16:59
vincenzomlnow for instance I can't pair a bluetooth joypad because gnome sees no device.16:59
TJ-vincenzoml: use rfkill; first get the name of the device: "rfkill list" then "sudo rfkill block <device>"16:59
TJ-Guddu: OK, the configure completed without errors?17:00
vincenzomlTJ, done that, then gnome says bluetooth is disabled. I can enable it using the appropriate button in the gnome configuration window, but then it re-enables the intel device!!!17:00
vincenzomlTJ- ^^17:00
GudduTJ-, Yes. No messsages.17:00
TJ-vincenzoml: does rfkill not show 2 separate BT devices?17:01
TJ-Guddu: good, OK, let me review a few of your recent pastebins and then we'll try to sort things out17:01
vincenzomlTJ-, yes it shows both devices and I can chose which one to kill. I kill it, but then, gnome does not see the other one.17:01
GudduThanks TJ-17:01
TJ-vincenzoml: maybe the gnome tool is assuming there is only an hci0? Have you tried installing/using "blueman" ?17:01
ioriaGuddu,   and   sudo apt full-upgrade    output ? (after that i'd change the sources.list)17:02
vincenzomlTJ-, but at some point, rfkill and gnome have cooperated, in fact, my mouse and keyboard *are* connected to hci1 on boot.17:02
vincenzomlTJ-, it's more than one year I try sometimes, so yes I've tried blueman but then it's a mess, some tools work and some don't. So I would really prefer to be able to just not have the intel card running. There must be a way through the kernel, but I don't know which one.17:02
TJ-ioria: did you see a problem in sources.list ?17:03
ioriaTJ-  actually not ... but17:03
TJ-ioria: I asked because I couldn't see anything wrong with it, and thought you'd spotted something!17:03
TJ-vincenzoml: The problem is you can't disable the btintel module because btusb depends on it, and you need btusb for the other BT adapter!17:04
Gudduioria, https://pastebin.com/U43tvhT417:04
vincenzomlTJ-, I'm seeing it now. Thanks, you are the first person who seems to know about this!17:05
vincenzomlthe first person I met :)17:05
TJ-vincenzoml: I hack on BT quite extensively17:05
TJ-Guddu: go ahead; there's over a 1000 packages to be upgraded17:05
vincenzomlTJ-, but why does btusb depend on btintel? What if I don't have an intel card?17:06
TJ-Guddu: we may hit the mono SIGABORT again but we can always rip that out manually to get a stable system, then put it back17:06
GudduTJ-, ioria Upgrading.17:06
ioriaGuddu,  sy, i thought  you did run it before17:06
TJ-vincenzoml: it's just the way the btusb module is designed, it also depends on btbcm (broadcom)17:06
ioriaGuddu,  go ahead17:06
Gudduioria, The earlier upgrade was attempted by the user from the GUI. I am running it for the first time now.17:06
ioriai see17:07
vincenzomlTJ-, and isn't there a way to fool btintel in reporting no card available?17:07
vincenzomllike e.g., maybe using udev?17:07
TJ-vincenzoml: "modinfo -F parm btintel"17:07
vincenzomlTJ-, no parameters at all :)17:07
ioriaGuddu, and i see a bunch of i386 packages  .... can you open another terminal and paste    uname -a17:07
TJ-vincenzoml: as you see btintel has no customisable params17:07
TJ-vincenzoml: met me check bluetoothd; I'm sure there is a config option to tell it which devices to use17:08
Gudduioria, Linux IndiaShop 3.13.0-160-generic #210-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 24 18:08:15 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:08
ioriaGuddu, ok17:08
vincenzomlTJ-, good point, I'll check that too (I didn't know bluetoothd existed, before :))17:09
ioriaGuddu, that should install linux-image-4.4.0-137  (if we are lucky)17:09
Gudduioria, Lets see. Progress: [  3%]  No errors so far.17:10
TJ-vincenzoml: is it hci0 you need to disable?17:12
TJ-vincenzoml: try "sudo hciconfig hci0 down"17:14
GudduTJ-, ioria Progress: [ 17%]17:18
vincenzomlTJ-, I have to reboot, since it seems bcm doesn't like that btusb has been removed17:19
vincenzomlI get tx timeouts17:19
vincenzomlTJ-, I'll also have to leave unfortunately since baby woke up and I have to feed her :) Do I find you hanging around in this channel?17:19
TJ-vincenzoml: yes17:23
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eelstrebori've tried using port scanners nast and nmap/zenmap and i don't think i can trust any of them - nast shows a lot of open ports while nmap/zenmap sees only 1 port open when there are 3 open - so far grc.com port scan is accurate - what is grc doing right that these linux port scanners aren't?17:25
TJ-eelstrebor: it depends what you're looking for17:25
eelstreborwhat do you mean?17:26
eelstrebori'm scanning a range of ports17:26
TJ-eelstrebor: TCP or UDP, what kind of probe17:26
TJ-eelstrebor: the type of probe will matter too17:27
xsisechi people I wonder how do I redirect one audio input (line-in cable realtek) as output to an external USB?  here are my atempts this is how it looks like --> CONFIGURATION: https://i.imgur.com/et27CCU.png Input: https://i.imgur.com/Ol5JhHt.png Output: https://i.imgur.com/tiDQHfj.png Audio-Manager: https://i.imgur.com/4rOyOJD.png17:27
vincenzomlTJ-, I'll read this too: https://blog.evad.io/2018/01/11/disabling-the-built-in-bluetooth-and-use-a-usb-adaptor-instead-on-linux/ ... thanks a lot for now and see you.17:27
eelstreborTJ-, i tried using a probe speed of T3 and nmap still missed open ports17:28
xsisecThe issue is that.. I am only able to select for "Output device "the built-in audio analog stereo. I need somehow help to be able to change the Built-in Audio analog stereo to HyperX 7.117:28
eelstrebori'm not sure about what nast is doing - i just strated using it17:28
TJ-xsisec: you want to look an input directly to an output?17:30
TJ-xsisec: sorry, typo. s/look/loop/17:30
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GudduTJ-, ioria Progress: [ 46%]17:33
ioriahang in there17:34
oft_gegongyou guys I ran `sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall` and it installed my nvidia drivers, but there was this weird thing that I had to go through that required a restart and a password used for non-free software, it was so weird. Anyway, I submitted it with a "0" for the key after the restart and before I submitted my password and I don't know what I did. Should I be worried,17:47
oft_gegong*Should I be worried?17:48
TJ-oft_gegong: it sounds vague, any more details?17:49
vincenzomlTJ-, I'm back. Both the document you sent me and the one I sent you suggested to use a udev rule to block the usb subsystem finding the controller. That worked! But now the bcm controller doesn't work anymore. It's detected, I have hci0, rfkill lists it as unblocked, but no devices are detected or paired.17:50
oft_gegongTJ-: after the restart I had the choice to load the key from the hard drive or submit my own I guss17:50
GudduTJ-, ioria After this upgrade will i lose the ERP application that we installed using apache?17:50
vincenzomlTJ-, here's a log message, don't know if I had those also before the new issue: [   61.740579] Bluetooth: hci0: last event is not cmd complete (0x0f)17:51
lotus|NUCoft_gegong: wich driver did ubuntu choose exactly?17:51
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: uuhhh it installed nvidia 960 series or something17:52
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: I did autoinstall so it did everything automatically. It installed nvidia 960 packages I think with apt-get/apt I guess17:53
ioriaGuddu, no idea, i think depends on the application (if supported or not on xenial)17:53
ioriaGuddu, the main problem here (in my opinion) is the transition  upstar -> systemd17:54
TJ-vincenzoml: i see "not cmd complete" sometimes17:58
lotus|NUCoft_gegong: wich nvidia card chipset do you have?17:58
vincenzomlTJ-, I tried downloading the firmware again from github (seems like it's newer anyway, but not sure). Will reboot.17:58
TJ-vincenzoml: have you tried using bluetoothctl to scan?17:58
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: Geforce GTX 105018:00
lotus|NUCoft_gegong: and your current kernel version please?18:00
aidrocsidNautilus won't let me write to my storage HDDs. Tried in sudo even, no dice. :(18:01
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: 4.18?  it's Lubuntu 18.1018:01
aidrocsidOne is NTFS, other ext418:01
lotus|NUCoft_gegong: ok thanks, does ubuntu-drivers list also show 390 for your card?18:02
TJ-vincenzoml: have you tried using bluetoothctl to scan?18:03
vincenzomlTJ-, yes, I used bluetoothctl intensively :)18:04
TJ-vincenzoml: is it any better now?18:04
vincenzomlTJ-, anyway, I'm back to say that I powered off and then on again the controller a couple of times using bluetoothctl. Then turned on scanning, then finally it re-started to work. Don't know about next reboot. Still keeping the usb keyboard at hand :)18:05
vincenzomlTJ-, thanks again18:05
TJ-vincenzoml: you're welcome18:05
TJ-vincenzoml: I'm currently reprogramming a CSR device to HID mode so my hybrid tablet BT keyboard can be used at boot18:05
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: I'm currently not with my computer right now that has the drivers and gtx 1050, but I remember seeing the nvidia settings and the GUI loaded up successfully without hanging on the "Getting GPU count" message or something. So something worked right. It seems to be working fine. I think I'm dealing with something like /var/lib/shim-signed/mok/MOK.priv18:06
nshirelaptophow can I get my hard drive recognized under GParted without replugging it? I did "safely remove" by accident18:07
gpunkyou have to replug it :p18:07
gpunkdo an umount instead of ejecting it18:08
nshirelaptopthere's got to be a terminal command or something to rescan...18:08
aidrocsidOh weird, it's literally just Nautilus.18:08
gpunkthat s not weird, it snormal18:09
aidrocsidHow is that normal? It's been working fine for ages and suddenly won't do it at all18:09
oft_gegonghoooollly cow I might have to do something weird https://askubuntu.com/questions/1023036/how-to-install-nvidia-driver-with-secure-boot-enabled18:09
aidrocsidEven if I sudo it18:09
TJ-nshirelaptop: you can resscasn it via sysfs18:09
GudduTJ-, ioria upgrade finished.18:09
GudduNo errrors as such.18:10
ioriaGuddu, run sudo update-grub18:10
TJ-Guddu: has the new kernel version been installed?18:10
GudduTJ-, Linux IndiaShop 3.13.0-160-generic #210-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 24 18:08:15 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:11
TJ-Guddu: no, installed I said, not running :)18:11
ioriaGuddu, that's the old one; you'll get the new upon reboot18:11
TJ-Guddu: the update-grub report will list the versions it has found18:11
Gudduhttps://pastebin.com/4f2tyWb0 grub update18:11
ioriaGuddu, ok18:11
TJ-Guddu: so vmlinuz-4.4.0-137-generic that is good18:12
GudduShall i restart now?18:12
ioriaGuddu, apt-cache policy systemd18:12
Gudduioria, https://pastebin.com/78XcgWbA18:13
oft_gegongTJ-: lotus|NUC: I think I have to `sudo dpkg-reconfigure nvidia-390' so that I can redo the process or something. or something I'm depressed. I drank coffee. my day is already half way over18:13
ioriaGuddu, ok, can you paste  /etc/default/grub18:14
lotus|NUCoft_gegong: didnt you say it installed 396?18:14
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: I'm 30% sure it's 390, and I'm 70% sure it's 39618:14
Gudduioria, http://dpaste.com/2S1453R18:14
ioriaGuddu, you still need to autoremove the old packages, but now you should try a reboot18:15
GudduTrying reboot18:15
oft_gegonglotus|NUC: I know what I'll do.  I'll get the list of installed packages and filter the nvidia ones and reconfigure all of them: sudo dpkg-reconfigure `dpkg -l | grep nvidia | sed 's/\n/ /g`    I guess18:16
TJ-oft_gegong: what is the actual problem you're trying to fix; I thought you said nvidia seemed to be working OK18:17
malibuHi there, how do I stop systemd from killing processes started with nohup and disowned??18:17
aidrocsidKrusader can't write either.18:18
oft_gegongTJ-: I'm worried that my secure boot nvidia key for non-free software is maybe crippling my system somehow. because when I rebooted and entered a key I hit '0' (the default) and I didn't know what I was doing.18:18
aidrocsidI can delete things, though, and Deluge can download things. I'm so confused.18:18
Gudduioria, TJ- http://prntscr.com/l8dt1918:20
ioriaGuddu, ok, login18:21
Gudduioria, Upon login i get this alert http://prntscr.com/l8duag18:21
ioriaGuddu, cd /var/crash   and paste the content18:22
ioriaGuddu, use ls -al   (some files might be hidden)18:23
malibujoin #debian18:23
HaneulCan anyone help me with doing GPU passthrough with KVM/QEMU here?18:23
HaneulI have set my default GPU to 1x GF 6600 and isolated my GTX1060 with VFIO, and still ubuntu is trying to display via 106018:24
TJ-oft_gegong: ahhh, you're talking about the UEFI MOK (Machine Owner's Key) ?18:26
Gudduioria, http://termbin.com/oqvk18:26
oft_gegongTJ-: yes!18:26
TJ-oft_gegong: now it makes sense :D18:27
Gudduioria, The timestamp sugggests its a old crash18:27
TJ-oft_gegong: so you set the password on the key as "0" then?18:27
oft_gegongTJ-: yes!18:27
ioriaGuddu, ok, can you paste ls -al /var/crash  please ?18:27
TJ-oft_gegong: if you are booting with Secure Boot enabled, and the nvidia driver loads, then everything is fine18:27
oft_gegongTJ-: yaaaaay18:28
TJ-oft_gegong: sorry it took us so long to twig what you were talking about :D18:28
Gudduioria, https://pastebin.com/8mgezFT318:28
aidrocsidThis is maddening.18:29
ioriaGuddu, it's not an old crash18:29
oft_gegongTJ-: so I could've entered any key, including '0'?18:29
ioriaGuddu, cd  /var/crash   and remove all   (you'll need sudo)18:30
TJ-oft_gegong: I'm not sure, I'd need to get more context as to what generated the prompt - it could be the firmware or it might be part of the GRUB shim18:30
TJ-oft_gegong: if you've enrolled a UEFI MOK then I'd guess it will be the PC firmware18:30
Gudduioria, Current time is Sat Oct 20 15:31:23 -03 2018 that's why i thought so.18:31
oft_gegongTJ-: weird. the driver works though so I'm 98% sure everything is fine. I'll double check the driver when I get home by looking at the nvidia-settings and `ubuntu-drivers devices`18:31
ioriaGuddu, have you removed the file ?18:32
Gudduioria, Done18:32
ioriaGuddu, logout / login18:32
TJ-oft_gegong: also check "dmesg" kernel log, you should find the nividia driver being loaded without errors - which you'd get if the module wasn't signed, or signed with the wrong key18:32
oft_gegongoooooh dmesg, ok18:33
Gudduioria, Can i uninstall the teamviewer program from commandline?18:34
ioriaGuddu, sure ...  have you relogin ?18:35
Gudduioria, Yes18:35
ioriaGuddu, and ?18:35
GudduNo alerts now18:35
Gudduioria, No alerts now.18:35
ioriaGuddu, ok, now check with df -h  the disk space18:35
oft_gegongTJ-: if the key is wrong, should I be worried?18:36
TJ-oft_gegong: if it were signed with the wrong key then the module wouldn'ot load, and everything you've said so far indicates the module loads18:36
Gudduioria, yes http://dpaste.com/1HH0BW118:36
GudduDisk space seems ok18:37
ioriaGuddu, you probably stillhave installed the Oneiric  and Trusty kernels and a lot of other packages ....  run    apt -s autoremove --purge18:37
oft_gegongwhat does the '-s' do ioria ?18:38
ioriaGuddu, simulate18:38
Gudduioria, Done18:39
ioriaGuddu, can we see the output ?ù18:39
Gudduioria, http://dpaste.com/2JRE3VG18:40
ioriawow, yes i think you need to remove them18:41
Gudduioria, Remove what?18:42
GudduWithout -s you mean?18:43
gpunkis it safe to uninstall playmouth(d) ?18:44
gpunki like the scrolling text while booting18:44
Guddusudo apt autoremove --purge18:44
Gudduioria, This one? ^18:45
ioriaGuddu, yes18:46
Gudduioria, That will remove python and postgresql18:46
GudduMy app was based on that.18:47
GudduThere is no other option right?18:47
OerHeksthey give no help, https://www.teamviewer.com/en/uninstall/18:48
tomreynGuddu: all i see is that it will purge some python modules, not python itself, not postgresql. what makes you think it will?18:49
ioria!inf python-packagekit xenial18:49
ubottuioria: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:49
ioria!info python-packagekit xenial18:50
ubottuPackage python-packagekit does not exist in xenial18:50
ioriaGuddu, what is python-packagekit ?18:50
Gudduioria, tomreyn Agree. Just some packages and postgresql client etc. I will take a chance.18:51
ioriaGuddu, you probably need to reinstall them18:51
tomreyn!info python3-packagekit xenial18:51
ubottupython3-packagekit (source: packagekit): PackageKit backend Python bindings. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.17-4ubuntu6~gcc5.4ubuntu1.3 (xenial), package size 17 kB, installed size 103 kB18:51
tomreynGuddu: i dont see it removing postgresql-client even18:52
ioriaunless he need python2.7 and not 3 ...18:52
* tomreyn nods18:53
Gudduioria, Yes. I needed python 2.718:53
ioriaGuddu, looks like a Debian package ?18:53
Guddutomreyn, ioria But I can always install a local copy of Python 2.7 and not use system python.18:54
tomreynyou can probably also use pip to install the packagekit module for 2.718:54
ioriaGuddu, nope, you have 2.7 on xenial don't worry ... we're talking about 'python-packagekit'18:54
Gudduioria, packagekit i don't even use. Not sure wht it is for.18:55
Gudduioria,  So after doing the purge we should be all set right?18:55
ioriaGuddu, theorically18:55
tomreynit'S unlikely that your erp software still works without changes18:55
GudduI think i  will be able to resolve my app dependencies.18:56
GudduAtleast the system is up and running again now.18:56
ioriaGuddu, laste thing; do you have a separate boot partition ?18:56
GudduThank you ioria tomreyn TJ- for your help today.18:56
ioriaGuddu, you're welcm18:56
Gudduioria, This only boots ubuntu.18:57
gpunkplymouth-disabler will this help me ?18:57
GudduSo I am guessing boot partition is separate?18:57
ioriaGuddu, i know; look in  'df -h' if you got a separate /boot partition18:57
ioriaGuddu, paste the output, if you want18:58
tomreynioria: http://dpaste.com/1HH0BW1 << from earlier18:58
ioriatomreyn, thanks ... Guddu you're ok18:59
tomreynthere are probably still old kernel images /initrd's which should be removed18:59
tomreynand packages in rc state19:00
ioriatomreyn, those should be purged with the --purge flags19:00
tomreynioria: not if they're not marked as automatically installed, i would think19:01
tomreynGuddu: would you like help with cleaning those up?19:02
ioriaGuddu, basically it's up to you; but you need to run   sudo autoremove --purge or you'll face the same issue in future19:05
ioria**sudo apt autoremove --purge19:05
ballinI shrank my ubuntu partition and it didn't boot. I booted in recovery mode and ran some fsck command to correct the size discrepency. Now it boots to a login screen. screen goes black and goes back to login screen whenever I log in. I tried with Unity and gnome. Ubuntu 18.04. How can I fix this?19:11
ioriaGuddu, still alive ?19:13
tomreynballin: when you shrank your partition, what did you actually do?19:13
ballinI used the debian 9 graphical installer to shrink 1 of 2 partitions on /dev/sdb from ~250 GB to ~200 GB. partition 1 was the boot partition and was unchanged.19:15
tomreynballin: using gparted or gnome-disks on the debian 9 graphical installer? or the debian installer itself? or something else?19:16
ballindebian live has a few options on boot: play around in a gui, text mode installer, or graphical mode installer. I used graphical mode installer. I don't believe it was gparted or gnome disks, it was integrated into the installer.19:18
tomreynballin: the reason i'm asking is that when your goal is to shrink a partition, you will actually need to start by shrinking the topmost block device layer which roots on thei partition first, then any intermediate block device layers, such as lvm and dm-crypt and md devices, and only in the very end you shrink (actually delete and recreate smaller) the partition.19:18
ballinfwiw, I just browsed to the partition in debian and I can see my ubuntu home directory and my files look fine. opened up 2 and they don't look corrupted or anything.19:19
tomreynballin: i'm not sure whether or not this installer is capable of detecting all those potential intermediary block device layers and whether it would have thus resized all of them in the required order.19:20
ballinfair enough, I don't expect this chat to be repurposed into a debian support chat19:20
ioriaballin, when you got the login screen, try to open a console (ctrl+alt+fx, where 'x' is a number)19:20
tomreynballin: i see. you also said you were able to repair  the file system there, but that you had to run fsck "to correct the size discrepency", but fsck does not do that.19:20
tomreynwell it updates the file system to match the new size, but any data lost there is still lost19:21
tomreyni.e. any data stored between the new end of the partition and the previous end of the partition is lost unless the debian installer also shrunk the file system19:23
ballinI was vague because I didn't write it down when I did it. when I booted in ubuntu recovery, I saw some prompt in the console about bad checksums. I ran some command (which I believe to be fsck) which prompted me ~10 times to update... something (file records?) and I said yes each time. then after a reboot I could boot into the ubuntu login menu, rather than fail the boot entirely.19:23
tomreynthis wouldn't have happened if the file system had been shrunk (and sufficiently) before the partition was.19:24
tomreynso we need to assume that data loss took place19:24
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ioriaballin, try open a console19:26
KOLANICHHi everybody!19:29
tomreyngpunk: just remove 'quiet splash' off /etc/default/grub and you'll have the scrolling text again19:30
KOLANICHCan anyone clarify, if *ubuntu has delta updates?19:30
ioria !info debdelta19:31
ubottudebdelta (source: debdelta): diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.61 (bionic), package size 98 kB, installed size 395 kB19:31
tomreynKOLANICH: just for repository meta data, i think. what do you need it for?19:32
KOLANICHioria, isn't debdelta obsolete in favour of pdeb format suppprted by dpkg?19:34
ioriaKOLANICH, no clue19:34
Irritiable|LTgpunk: http://redsymbol.net/linux-kernel-boot-parameters/4.12/19:34
Irritiable|LTRead all GRUB settings here.19:34
Irritiable|LTFor all Linux kernels *19:34
KOLANICHtomreyn: I personally am not in a harsh need, but downloading whole -ackages only to update their small part looks like a waste.19:35
tomreynKOLANICH: if that's a relevant issue at your site you can setup a local apt mirror, and update your local systems from there.19:37
KOLANICHtomreyn: so I wonder if it is considered to implement delta updates for ubuntu. I guess it may even cut some bandwkdth not only for users but also for Canonical.19:38
tomreynmaybe you'd neglecting the fact that bindiffs always have a fixed source and target version, need to be produced and stored for each.19:39
KOLANICHtomreyn: I guess storing a diff for 2 latest versions is enough19:40
tomreynso for the rather limited benefit of reducing download sites, you increase the workload at the place where bindiffs are created exponentially19:40
tomreyni don't know what's planned regarding this, if anything.19:41
KOLANICHtomreyn: thank you for the answer.19:44
tomreynKOLANICH: welcome, i suppose you could find someone to provide a more elaborate answer in #ubuntu-devel during UK business hours.19:45
roguegeekIs there a way to get natural scrolling on 16.04?20:26
pjsroguegeek: this is my script to enable natural scrolling for my touchpad and logitech MX mouse: https://bitbucket.org/petersanchez/dotfiles/src/default/bin/enable_natural_scroll20:28
pjsroguegeek: I use 18.04 but should be similar/same20:28
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roguegeekCool. Why do you need it on 18.04? I thought it was built in.20:29
pjsroguegeek: oh maybe it is, but I don't run unity20:30
pjsroguegeek: I need that in i320:31
aidrocsidCan anybody give me a hand getting Ubuntu to actually allow me to write to my drives? It was working fine for months, but suddenly it won't do it.20:31
aidrocsidCan anybody help me out? Trying to get ubuntu to allow me to write to my other drives, but it's not working at all. Just happened suddenly this morning, was working fine for months before this.20:39
aidrocsidCan anybody help me out? Trying to get ubuntu to allow me to write to my other drives, but it's not working at all. Just happened suddenly this morning, was working fine for months before this.20:46
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coconutI followed a guide to speed up mouse scrolling, but it does not have affect.20:48
coconutWith imwheel.20:48
coconutDoes it matter which mouse i have?20:50
aidrocsidI think this isn't a good time of day for support lol20:51
Bashing-omaidrocsid: Not much yet to work with , What are the file systems you are attempting to access and what means ? GUI or fstab ?20:55
tomreynaidrocsid: also: how are those other storage devices connected to the computer, what -if anything- may (you?) have changed between when it worked and now?20:57
aidrocsidOne is NTFS, one is ext4. Won't let me do anything in either Nautilus or Krusader. They're all internal drives. I haven't changed anything since it worked last night.20:57
aidrocsidCommand line says it's read-only too20:58
aidrocsidBoth of them20:58
tomreynplease show the command you ran and the output it produced (where it says it's read-only)20:58
tomreyn!paste | aidrocsid20:58
ubottuaidrocsid: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:58
tomreynalso, which ubuntu release is this?20:59
tomreynlsb_release -ds20:59
aidrocsid/media/aidrocsid/3CDE40F5DE40A8CA$ mkdir test20:59
aidrocsidmkdir: cannot create directory ‘test’: Read-only file system20:59
aidrocsidDitto on the other20:59
aidrocsidIf I try to chmod I get chmod: changing permissions of 'Storage 1/': Read-only file system21:03
samlamammaSo apparently my computer has been running an Apache2 server on port 80 (started as a systemd service) for a week and I have no idea why.21:03
Sven_vBaidrocsid, you could try remounting it read-write21:04
pjshow can I add an apparmor profile for surf browser? I get one of these every 10 seconds or so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/F7mF3kbsvW/21:04
sergedxis it possible to alter command line arguments for default application? For example, I want gnome shell always run eog (gnome image viewer) with -n option. How can I achieve this? Maybe there are some gconf settings?21:04
aidrocsidSven_vB: How's that?21:04
Sven_vBaidrocsid, usually filesystems go read-only either on request or as configured, or because they're not safe to operate on (e.g. messy)21:04
Sven_vBaidrocsid, depends on how you'd usually mount it. how did you mount it?21:05
Sven_vBaidrocsid, also I suggest using gparted to give that partition a label.21:06
aidrocsidIt normally mounts automatically, might have done it through nautilus21:06
aidrocsidIt's labeled "storage 1"21:06
Sven_vBI think that's an auto-generated name because it doesn't have a label.21:06
aidrocsidIt's not, it's what I labeled it when I formatted it.21:06
Sven_vBat least the directory name above sounds like it's generated from the serial number21:06
aidrocsidThat one is from the other drive21:07
Sven_vBoh ok21:07
aidrocsidWhich, I'm unsurprised if that drive is messy because it's got bad sectors. This one should be okay though.21:07
Sven_vBtry fsck, or "Check/repair" in gparted21:08
Sven_vBwith NTFS, if windows is involved, also make sure windows was actually shut down and not just hibernated.21:09
aidrocsidIt hasn't had a functioning windows install on it in like a couple years, just an NTFS file system with some backups and other storage21:09
tomreynpjs: does this bring anything up? find /etc/apparmor.d/  -name 'usr.bin.surf'21:11
sergedx<sergedx> is it possible to alter command line arguments for default application? For example, I want gnome shell always run eog (gnome image viewer) with -n option. How can I achieve this? Maybe there are some gconf settings? --> solved this by patching /usr/share/applications/eog.desktop21:12
pjstomreyn: yes, in search dir and also cache and local21:12
tomreynsergedx: the right way would be to copy this into the equivalent location in your home directory and edit it there.21:12
tomreynpjs: so you already have a profile, which probably came with this software. and you may customize it if needed.21:13
tomreynthe one in local/, i would think21:14
pjstomreyn: ah ok.. so how would I edit it to stop that apparmor error in my logs21:14
tomreynsergedx: that's ~/.local/share/applications/21:14
aidrocsidI'm gonna back up important stuff from it for a sec, brb21:15
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aidrocsidWeird, the transfer speed is dropping like a ton of bricks21:16
tomreynpjs: if you think it really needs to have this capability, and the same can't be achieved by other / more secure means, then you'd edit it accordingly, yes.21:16
Sven_vBdroppind bricks accelerate really fast.21:16
aidrocsidYorp. It's gone from 60mb/s to 46mb/s in like a minute21:17
tomreynlooks like a hard disk.21:17
Sven_vBsounds like just normal drive cache21:17
aidrocsidOk cool21:17
pjstomreyn: is this the correct format for a local apparmor override: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sgb4DZ9CYg/ ?21:19
tomreynpjs: i wouldnt know, not really into apparmor, sorry.21:20
pjstomreyn: cool, thanks!21:24
greylinensuitwould anyone know how to remove the port binding for an IRC bouncer on 6697, so a reinstall of the bouncer may be setup again?21:41
greylinensuitam certain it is simple, but i must not be searching with the right terms21:42
greylinensuit(ZNC on 18.04.1)21:43
tomreyngreylinensuit: if you stop / kill the process, the port should no longer be in use and another process should be able to bind to it. maybe show some of the commands you are running and the output they are producing, since it's not entirely clear what the issue is.21:51
aidrocsidHow are 14gb already used in a partition I just formatted to ext4?21:56
crimson_kingI was instructed to install the latest mainline kernel build. I downloaded the amd64 build files and ran `sudo dpkg -i PACKAGE` on each of them. Upon trying to boot from this new kernel, it fails with "you need to load the kernel first". I don't understand.21:56
vltaidrocsid: Where does that number come from?21:59
aidrocsidgparted and nautilus22:00
aidrocsidAnd I can't write to it, even though it's brand new22:00
aidrocsidSame partition I was having problems with earlier. I backed stuff up out of it and formatted it to ext422:00
aidrocsidOkay, I chowned it to myself and now it works.22:02
aidrocsidStill not sure why it has 14gb used though22:02
vltaidrocsid: What does `df` say about it?22:03
aidrocsidWhat's the command there?22:03
aidrocsidIt has a label if labels help22:03
aidrocsid73752 blocks used22:04
aidrocsidor whatever used22:04
aidrocsid/dev/sdc2      877650644     73752 832925168   1% /media/aidrocsid/Storage22:04
aidrocsidNow nautilus shows 46gb taken up :\22:06
vlt73752 doesn't look like 14 GB to me.22:06
nulpwni'm having issues installing ubuntu 18.04.1 on a dell lattitude 549022:07
nulpwnhow can i troubleshoot what's hapening?22:08
aidrocsidYeah, everything is giving me different numbers. Gparted says 14.43GB used, nautilus says 851.9/898.7 GB free, df says 73752 used22:08
aidrocsidHell, gparted even says it's only a 851.35GB partition22:09
vltaidrocsid: You could have a look at `blockdev --getsize64 ...` or `fdisk -l`.22:10
greylinensuitthanks tomreyn, but having a hard time finding it22:11
aidrocsid/dev/sdc2       168110080 1953523711 1785413632 851.4G 83 Linux22:12
aidrocsidWell at least the 851.4GB matches what gparted says22:12
Sven_vBaidrocsid, have you fsck-d your drive in the meantime?22:14
aidrocsidNot yet, I want to get an up to date backup of my pictures file onto my google drive from the other partition.22:15
Sven_vBaidrocsid, the 14 GB used are probably blocks reserved for filesystem meta data.22:15
Sven_vBmaybe rather the journal22:15
aidrocsidfsck can cause issues with the other partitions, right?22:15
Sven_vBaidrocsid, usually not. last time I checked, it defaulted to check-only mode, and I think you can even tell it to not modify anything.22:16
Sven_vBthe ntfs ro problem could be as simple as unsetting the dirty flag.22:17
Sven_vBto see what flags it understands, man fsck22:20
Sven_vBalso man fsck.nfs22:20
Sven_vBerr, nope, sorry, forgot the t22:20
aidrocsidWow, updating my pictures backup is going to take like a whole day lol22:22
KingPapugod dammit how hard can it be to open up a seagate barracuda drive! the edges are glued down i can't get the cover off so annoying!22:22
Sven_vBKingPapu, I had one a few years ago, was quite easy if you have the right screw drivers.22:25
KingPapuYa I've got the screws of with a torque screw driver'22:27
Sven_vBlol somehow a small fly-like insect managed to sneak into my printer's paper tray for dying. or maybe it just didn't find the way out again.22:28
doreiseriously, manpages for C stdlib are not installed by default? :S22:35
tomreynVEndix: what makes you say so?22:45
VEndixas always22:46
VEndixnew ideas22:46
tomreynI guess that's good, and I hope you don't need support with them ;-)22:47
VEndixalways in the move22:49
VEndixand that outside retakes the forms of spirituality22:49
VEndixconnected to higher self22:49
esotericnonsenseany recommendation on the best video driver to use in libvirt for an ubuntu guest?22:49
esotericnonsenseis anything better than the qxl default for spice, basically22:50
tomreynesotericnonsense: i think someone said you just use 'vga' now.22:56
KingPapui figured it out there is still the screws under the sticker thought it wasn't there thats why i couldn't open it23:01
pjsis it possible to get rid of all these snap mounts? it's all like gnome and gtk stuff and I don't run gnome and I'm sure I can do without the gtk snaps (not sure what they're used for directly)23:04
tomreynpjs: if you don't use gnome, i think you can uninstall all of them without causing any problems.23:06
tomreyni.e. you could even uninstall snapd then23:07
pjstomreyn: Yea, I installed Ubuntu Desktop and probably should have done more bare install23:07
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jessarcadehowdy, I'm having trouble with grub23:14
tomreynjessarcade: slightly more detials might help you get help23:20
jessarcadewell I didn't want to just blurt it all out, :). So when I updated from 16 to 18 my Grub launcher no longer finds my windows installation.23:22
jessarcadeI have one harddrive for Linux and one for windows23:23
tomreyni will assuem that '16' refers to ubuntu 16.04 LTS and '18' refers to ubuntu 18.04 LTS.23:24
tomreynis os-prober installed?23:24
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jessarcadeyes, and yes23:26
tomreynjessarcade: you said you 'updated' from ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04. was this actually an upgrade, or did you reinstall?23:30
tomfhas anybody been able to get a Magic Trackpad 2 working beyond clicking and moving around?23:35
tomreyntomf: according to a web search this is in the works. http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/1809.2/05203.html23:42
jessarcade@tomreyn It started as "do-upgrade", but it failed and I ended up formatting my linux drive and doing a clean install23:47
tomreynjessarcade: then there's a chance that you changed the boot mode in between, switching from legacy bios booting to uefi booting, or vice versa.23:48
jessarcadeon my grub or on my mobo?23:49
tomreynin your mainboard firmware configuration23:49
tomreyngrub would not be able to chain load a windows installation which needs to be booted 'the other way'23:49
jessarcadeok, so changing the boot mode of my motherboard might allow grub-update to find my windows boot partition?23:50
tomreynjessarcade: first of all you should discuss whether you have made this change. since if you haven't, it will be a different issue.23:51
tomreynif you did make changes on the bios / uefi configuration but don't remember the details, changing the boot mode now may help you find out whether this is indeed the issue. i.e. if you're currently bios booting ubuntu but windows was installed with uefi booting then switching to uefi booting should enable you to boot up windows.23:53
jessarcadeI don't think I changed it, the configuration before the upgrade worked just fine, and running grub-update never failed to locate the windows partiton, even now I can still find it using fdisk23:54
downer06Do you have windows on the same disk or a separate one?23:55
jessarcadetwo seperate hard drives23:55
downer06I have the same setup I can usually switch boots by hitting something like f12 and selecting the boot in uefi the windows disk should have a uefi boot on it and so should the linux23:56
jessarcadeI can definitely switch boots manually that way (I'm on the linux install now) just for some reason grub-update won't add windows to the boot list23:58
Sven_vBjessarcade, might it be about EFI?23:59

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