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Unit193Dancing Dingo have a name yet?03:02
flocculantUnit193: yup Deeply Dippy06:45
Unit193...Dunkin' Donuts.06:46
flocculantbluesabre: were you aware that upgrades from 18.04 on 32 bit aren't supported anymore? That being the case we should revisit the 32bit story (again) https://i.imgur.com/xzmjB5H.png07:26
flocculantthat's a bog standard 32 bit install - god only knows how many 'You've got to be joking's' someone like Unit193 would see if they didn't use the terminal to do things :p07:27
flocculantand perhaps we should add something to the release notes for 18.04/18.1007:28
Unit193flocculant: Yeah I knew that upgrades were discouraged for 32bit.07:28
flocculantI didn't - unsurprisingly this cycle07:31
Unit193It wasn't very loudly advertised, I believe. :/07:31
flocculantwe shouldn't really be giving it to people with that being the case imo07:31
flocculantUnit193: right - I did read something this week in -release, just assumed it wasn't Looby Lou and us07:32
Unit193LTS → normal release will fail, normal → normal should be fine.07:32
Unit193flocculant: Sorry if I didn't mention it and should have, I think I had a crank in -ot but that'd have been it.07:32
flocculantthat makes some sense given LTS to LTS would be 202107:33
flocculantUnit193: well I'd likely not have noticed anyway this cycle ...07:33
Unit193I'd say we should certainly point to the LTS for new 32bit users.07:33
flocculantwhy? 07:34
flocculantthere's even less chance of a successful upgrade with 32 bit in 202107:34
flocculantfingers keep doing 2012 instead of 202107:34
flocculantwe should point 32 bit users to a shop ...07:35
Unit193Right, but Bionic will be supported slightly longer, I think.07:35
Unit193Hah, well there is that.07:35
Unit193I think I'm going to give up on the 32bit argument.07:37
flocculantpossibly have to move off of the fence here 07:37
Unit193(And won't secretly hold it aginst the Xubuntu team either, if I want to still run 32bit I can just push them to Debian.  If I were sane,I wouldn't though.)07:38
Unit193Eh, the fence is a nice seat.07:38
flocculantgetting a bit thin lately :D07:38
bluesabreflocculant: noticed it on the general release note on release day11:00
bluesabredidn't know who we'd have to bribe to get 32bit upgrades for (l/x)ubuntu (studio)11:00
flocculantbluesabre: I sort of read it on Thursday - didn't think about it affecting us till someone mentioned it in #x11:02
flocculantpersonally I'm now at the position where we should knock that on the head11:02
flocculantI put it on the agenda for whenever slickymaster bothers setting up the next meeting :D11:03
brainwashbluesabre: is this fix good? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-meta/+bug/1754872/comments/2718:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1754872 in xubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "apt install xubuntu-desktop does not resolve dependencies properly" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:54
brainwashlightdm, lightdm-gtk-greeter -> lightdm-gtk-greeter, lightdm19:03
brainwashthis way lightdm will not pull in unity-greeter because gtk-greeter is already checked for being installed19:04
brainwashxfce4-session pulls in xscreensaver still, so moving light-locker from recommends to depends may be the only way to fix that I think19:07
brainwashor making xfce4-session recommend light-locker, xscreensaver19:09
brainwashmaybe with xfce4-screensaver this will be solved anyway19:10
brainwashali1234: do you still think that my added upstream report is not related? bug 177122719:12
ubottubug 1771227 in ristretto (Ubuntu) "Ristretto is the default MIME handler for PGM files, even though it cannot display them" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/177122719:12
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Unit193I would be very much against changing recommends to depends.20:54
brainwasheven when light-locker is replaced with xfce4-screensaver?20:55
Unit193It's just not a depend of the package, so listing it as such isn't accurate.20:55
brainwashof xubuntu-desktop you mean?20:56
Unit193xfce4-session, as mantioned.20:56
brainwashxubuntu-desktop depends on xfce4-session, and xfce4-session recommends xscreensaver | light-locker20:58
brainwashxubuntu-desktop only recommends light-locker20:59
brainwashthis way xscreensaver is pulled in20:59
brainwashand later light-locker is installed too20:59
brainwashwhen doing apt install xubuntu-desktop20:59
brainwashmaking xubuntu-desktop depend on light-locker would solve this, but it's not a nice fix21:01
brainwashneither is making xfce4-session recommend light-locker | xscreensaver21:01
brainwashI assume that with xfce4-screensaver both light-locker and xscreensaver could be replaced21:02
brainwashtherefore, solving the issue anyway21:03
Unit193Arguably that latter change isn't as distasteful as some others, considering what Debian does.21:03
brainwashwhat does Debian do?21:08
Unit193No xscreensaver rec, he finds upstream's attitude very distasteful.21:09
brainwashno screen locker at all then? or only light-locker?21:10
Unit193Only light-locker.21:10
brainwashin that case ubuntu could make it light-locker | xscreensaver21:11
Unit193Most certainly.21:11
pleia2if there are no objections, I'm going to go ahead and do the free storage upgrade on xubuntu-dev22:54
pleia2still need to do the 18.04 upgrade (it's 16.04 right now) but I'll need more time for that and should coordinate it so knome can have a look at everything after ;)22:55
Unit193Coolio, sounds great.22:56
Unit193Let me know if there's anything I can help with.22:58
pleia2thanks :)22:58
pleia2ok, server is migrating now, they say it'll be down for 45 minutes or so23:00
pleia2Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on23:11
pleia2/dev/root        48G  9.0G   36G  21% /23:11
pleia2and now23:12
pleia2Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on23:12
pleia2/dev/root        79G  9.0G   66G  13% /23:12
pleia245 minutes was conservative ;) it's done23:12
Unit193Yeah they tend to over estimate.23:13
pleia2yeah, my personal one took longer than this one because it had a lot more data, but even that didn't take 45 minutes23:14

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