IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> Anyone can help?00:31
IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> My kubuntu error00:31
IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> GUI just show a bottom bar00:32
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @jacky, Ah, OK. Kmail already had badge notifications. Other apps only seem to get sound icons unfortunately.01:14
* ^Gecko^ installs Steam...02:40
bugal-jacksonsimple question, I left my new kubuntu machine up for about an hour and the screen is off and won't turn back on with mouse or key presses. is it just asleep, or did it crash possibly03:19
hashrackbugal-jackson: maybe it's on a sleep mode. try pressing the power button once03:40
valorieoh, that's what I would have said, press the power button04:23
lordievaderGood morning06:19
IrcsomeBot<avizini> @kusuma_loka, @kusuma_loka there is only one taskbar, at the bottom10:09
IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> @avizini, I mean, the screen become black, nothing. Top bar in ever window is missing, no close or minimise button … Now i just reinstall it10:13
IrcsomeBot<avizini> oh! now, after reinstalling is it working fine?10:14
IrcsomeBot<kusuma_loka> Not try anymore now. Tomorow i will update the status10:39
BluesKajHowdy all11:26
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Hello. Since updating to 18.10, I am loosing typing input upon occassion. Mostly in the application dashboard but now in Discover too. I had to reboot just then to type here in Telegram! 😟11:32
morthey, I see that Discover has support for snaps, after installing the Atom snap, it doesn't show up in the launcher. It starts with 'snap run atom', but why isn't it in the launcher?14:31
acheronukmort: testing14:43
acheronukmort: what plasma version?14:44
acheronukworks for me14:49
acheronukplasma 5.13.5 or 5.14.114:50
mortacheronuk: 5.14.1, with kubuntu 18.1015:01
acheronukmort: odd. it installed and created a menu item that showed up in the launcher for me :/15:04
mortI don't know if it matters, but I think this install started out as an xubuntu 17.10 install, then xubuntu 18.04, then I installed kubuntu-desktop and eventually upgraded to 18.1015:05
mortso it's not really that unexpected if something is a little weird15:06
acheronukI can't immediately think why it might make a difference15:06
IrcsomeBotMike_Show was added by: Mike_Show19:38
balsaqis it true kubuntu in not an official cononical distro22:38
balsaqis not*22:39
valoriewe're an official flavor; the first in fact22:43
valorieCanonical used to pay some devels to work on it22:43
valoriebut they no longer do that22:43
valoriethat's why our IRC is in the Ubuntu namespace, our website is hosted by them, our packaging is on their infra, etc.22:44
jackywe still cool tho22:47
valorieof course, because we bring the best software on earth (kde software) to all!22:51
balsaqwell i noticed the dvd burner is better in kubuntu23:00
balsaqwhat software can i use to modify a picture i am using as my desktop wallpaper?23:03
valorieI found out that k3b is used but a lot of people who don't even know that KDE made it23:04
balsaqi want to add the words "kubuntu" or "ubuntu"23:04
valorieyou can use any software you like23:04
balsaqwhich one is easiest valorie23:04
valoriethe one you are most familiar with23:04
balsaqthis is going to be really cool23:04
balsaqi am familiar with none23:05
valoriewell, me either I'm afraid23:05
valoriehaven't done photo or image manipulation for many years23:05
balsaqi think it has a picrue of a fox on it thogh23:05
valorieand can't tell ya23:05
balsaqa fox with a paint bruch23:05
balsaqcant recall the name23:05
balsaqused to be part of the reposiroty23:06
balsaqTHATS IT23:07
valorieyes, if you like gimp, that will work23:15
balsaqi used it about5 years ago was pretty good23:33
balsaqwanna see my desktop?23:33

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