wxlcjwatson: but i can only mute for my own user, not for the team, correct?01:58
cjwatsonwxl: IIRC yes08:29
rbasakwxl: the server team used to have a "notserv" (IIRC) tag for bugs like that. Use of it is very rare. But in theory recipients could then filter on X-Launchpad-Bug-Tags.10:51
kyrofaAll my LP snap uploads are failing with this message: "Store upload failed: ('Connection aborted.', gaierror(-3, 'Temporary failure in name resolution'))"22:38
kyrofaAlthough when I hit retry I get a "same content has already been uploaded" email and in the dashboard I do indeed see snaps22:41
kyrofaExcept for my ppc one, it's missing22:42
nickoemaybe the lp services are bumpy right now22:54
wgrantkyrofa: Should be fixed23:16
kyrofawgrant, something is off with the reviews, too. They're taking forever, and the one that's currently running says "Task d878f6f1-0a17-4dac-becc-c7c990f023c7 failed"23:22
wgrantkyrofa: Which snap?23:23
wgrantThe problem will be unrelated.23:23
kyrofawgrant, nextcloud23:24
kyrofaIt's been like 30 minutes. Not failed, not succeeded, and not letting anything else run23:45
wgrantkyrofa: Fixed.23:48
wgrantkyrofa: That one review got caught up in a dashboard deployment23:48
wgrant(and all the rest were queued until that one completed)23:49
wgrantSince reviews for revisions of a single snap happen one at a time23:49
wgrantSo we just retried the review for that one revision, and the rest will process over the next 10-15 minutes (nextcloud is big and the resquashing takes like 5 minuts)23:49
kyrofaThanks wgrant23:49

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