csteedHey guys and girls. I installed 18.10 testing image a week ago. Will my system update to new developments in 18.10 or do I need to reinstall?04:50
wxlit'll update04:50
wxlwell, as long as you run the updates.. or set up unattended-upgrades04:50
wxladmittedly you won't see much change for a little while04:51
wxlat the end of the cycle everyone wants to just take a break :)04:51
csteedWell done though. Things look nice.04:51
wxlyay thanks :)04:52
wxlaren't you the person who contributed some last minute changes to the manual?04:52
wxlthank you!!!!04:52
wxlwe can always use more folks on the documenation team, if you're looking for something to do :)04:53
csteedYeah I really enjoy the distro. I'll help out whenever I have the time.04:53
wxlcool. if you're looking for something new to do, we can always make suggestions, too (and free training!)04:54
csteedI don't know how formal the team is but I can commit about an hour most days.04:54
wxli'd sit around #lubuntu-devel if i were you04:54
wxloh we're not super formal at all. i mean there's a couple of us who i'd say are sort of responsible for ensuring this or that happens but mostly it's just nice people doing what they can when they can04:55
csteedGreat stuff. I've been commiting changes with no effort and people have been merging when they have time so I figured that's how things go.04:56
csteedThanks though. I'll probably be in touch04:56
wxlpretty much. i think you're doing stuff on github which requires a little extra magic on our end. if you want to know the canonical way, we could teach you that04:57
wxlta csteed :)04:57
demophobiawhy lubuntu rather than xubuntu, if you have 1.66 GHz CPU and 2 GB RAM?04:57
wxlyo demophobia04:57
wxlcuz it's better? :)04:57
demophobiai'm using lubuntu but looking at xubuntu i wonder if i'm cheating myself if it uses only a little more and ... well ...04:57
wxlwhat do you think you're missing?04:57
demophobiawhy is lubuntu better than wxl if you have 2 GB RAM and 1.66 GHz CPU? i'm thinking i'm missing a prettier OS with a bit more functionality (e.g. search bar in start menu)04:58
demophobia*better than xubuntu04:58
wxlthe better was a joke. the question of which distro is best is about as valid as which text editor is best or which pizza is best for that matter.04:58
demophobiaisn't it better to use a computer more to its capacity?04:59
wxlsimilarly prettier is something you'll have to judge for yourself04:59
demophobiahave you tried both?04:59
wxl18.10's menu does have a search though04:59
wxland a launcher04:59
wxli haven't used xubuntu in a while04:59
demophobiais lubuntu switching from lxde to Qt?04:59
demophobiaare those two different things?04:59
wxlwe already did04:59
demophobiai've got lubuntu 18.04.1 LTS05:00
demophobiai'm new so i figured i should go with LTS05:00
wxlthat's reasonable, but a word of warning: upgrading to 18.10 or even 20.04 (the next LTS) will not be easy05:01
demophobiawhy Qt rather than Xfce?05:01
demophobiawxl, why's that?05:01
demophobianot simply copying data files to hard drive and reinstalling? does grub have to change? (i have dual boot with win7)05:01
csteedI suggest you stick with 18.04 and install a search app, try synapse. It searches for files and applications05:01
wxlxfce is not a graphics toolkit. it's a desktop environment. your question may be why qt rather than gtk, in which case the answer is that qt is much easier to work with05:02
csteedLXDE is very fast, and similar to XP-style, that is what attracted me to it.05:02
demophobiai read some pages about lubuntu vs xubuntu05:02
wxl18.10 is COMPLETELY different. every single piece changes. so you can't really upgrade. i mean, you can, but you basically end up with the new version of the old lubuntu plus the new version of the new lubuntu05:02
demophobiathe consensus seemed to be, "use lubuntu for limited computers; xubuntu is a bit nicer if you have a bit more RAM"05:02
wxlyeah and lxqt is a lot more modern, so that comparison starts to breakdown05:03
demophobiai'm wondering why someone would want to use lubuntu rather than xubuntu even if they had a computer able to run xubuntu05:03
wxllubuntu has also stopped focusing SOLELY on keeping things lightweight at all costs. practicality is something we consider now too XD05:03
demophobiaright, so then why not just merge with xubuntu05:03
wxlwe're still the lightest thing out there, though05:03
wxlbecause qt and gtk are completely incompatible05:04
demophobiai found a page that recommended 'Puppy Linux' rather than lubuntu05:04
wxlnot to mention the two desktop environments are completely different05:04
wxlomg please hear me now: never ever ever ever use puppy linux05:04
demophobiai mean, it listed "the five most lightweight" (or 5 best or something) and it listed Puppy Linux instead of lubuntu05:04
demophobiawhy, what's wrong with that distro?05:04
csteedPuppy is not user friendly.05:04
wxlpuppy is maybe best considered a tool rather than an actual operating system05:04
wxlit's insanely cobbled together05:05
demophobiathat's unfortunate05:05
wxlthere is really no distro i will say demeaning things about (although there are those that i'd advise against), but puppy is the exception05:05
=== csteed is now known as Steedalion
demophobiaso you like lubuntu simply because it's more lightweight than xubuntu?05:05
demophobiaand in that case, if i'm lagging occasionally with lubuntu (e.g. webpages) then i definitely should not try xubuntu?05:06
wxli mainly like lubuntu because it's simple. our philosophy is to "not get in the way"05:06
wxlthe modern web is a demanding thing....05:06
wxli doubt xubuntu will prove to be dramatically different, but it will use a bit more resources05:07
wxlbut if you're struggling, i wouldn't bother05:07
wxlif you really want to push things, you could just use the netinstall image to install ubuntu-core and build up a completely minimal x environment with e.g. openbox or fluxbox as a window manager. bolt on only the pieces you need from there.05:08
demophobiai don't have the time to learn all that ... i'm trying already to get the community's help to sort out the few issues i do have05:14
demophobiathat are i think far more simple05:14
wxlthen i'd stick with what you've got05:14
wxlbtw what are those issues?05:14
demophobiaplease see https://askubuntu.com/questions/1085983/how-to-fix-other-software-listing-duplicate-entries05:14
demophobiai haven't asked about this yet, but clicking my keyboard icon in the bottom right to try to switch to japanese keyboard also crashed my computer 1-2 days ago05:15
wxlthis is your question?05:15
demophobiait's one issue i came across, yes (the keyboard freezing my desktop environment(?) was another)05:15
demophobiaanother is radiotray's error messages when opening via terminal05:16
wxlmy question is whether or not this question on askubuntu was asked by you or if this describes an issue you're having05:16
demophobiadoes the distinction matter? >_> it is an issue i'm having05:17
wxlyes, it does05:17
wxlwhich duplicate entries do you see?05:17
demophobia... the ones in that screenshot `-`05:17
wxlso this is your question? jeez05:18
wxllike pulling teeth over here05:18
demophobiadouble sorry05:18
wxlwhat's this braave browser business?05:18
demophobiai gave up on that. 32-bit only for linux, the website didn't make that clear05:18
demophobia*64-bit only05:18
wxli'd probably start by deleting those05:18
demophobiai did already05:19
wxlpastebin /etc/apt/sources.list05:21
wxlalso the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list.d05:21
wxlyou can use the pastebinit package for this05:21
wxllike `pastebinit -i /etc/apt/sources.list` and `ls -alh /etc/apt/source.list.d | pastebinit`05:21
demophobiaoh wow05:26
wxlyou said you were on 18.04 but this is clearly 16.0405:27
wxlyou might want to confirm that with lsb_release -a05:27
wxlbut yet you have bionic repos enabled05:28
demophobiaoh ... so the update failed then ... i did get a message that it had failed, but it looked like it succeeded in other ways, e.g. the computer tells me it's 18.0405:29
demophobiaat the very end it said it failed, after it had gone through the entire installation05:29
demophobiaso then i should just do a reinstallation? ...05:29
demophobiai'm afraid of messing up grub and losing my win7 'cause i bought this from amazon and they wouldn't give me the windows license05:29
demophobiait's an OEM enterprise win7 installation or something (dell) that i dualbooted installing 16.04 a while back05:30
wxlwell even if you mess up grub it's not going to remove windows05:30
wxlthat said, usually it's best when you run into errors to make note of the exact nature of those errors… otherwise it's hard to tell you how to fix it05:30
demophobiadoes say 18.04 https://pastebin.com/75wx6yLG05:31
wxlthat said i have no clue what happened05:31
demophobiaoh, i took photos05:31
demophobiai can say exactly05:31
wxlso i'd replace xenial with bionic on your sources.list05:31
wxlwas there nothing in /etc/apt/sources.list.d?/05:31
demophobiafirst, i had to reset my password via the recovery root method described on askubuntu to login05:31
demophobiathen, i tried to ... well, i'm suddenly thinking i shoudl go to bed05:32
demophobiaCould not install 'doc-base' was the first error during the upgrade05:32
wxldid it say why?05:32
demophobiaInstalled doc-base package post-installation script subprocess returned error exist status 1005:32
wxlcan you send that pic?05:33
wxlthat includes that part?05:33
demophobia'k ... i'll send it then go to bed if that's all right -- is it useful for your development of the OS? or are you only asking for it to help me personally now?05:34
wxli was only ever asking for your help05:34
demophobiaoh. well, i'm getting the pic now but it only says what i typed05:36
demophobiais there a preferred method for sending/uploading photos? i could log into imgur but it'd take more time to find my login info05:38
demophobiabut ...05:38
wxldoes an upgrade work?05:38
demophobiait says i already have the latest software05:38
wxlshare.riseup.net works fine05:38
wxldid you replace xenial with bionic in your sources.list?05:38
demophobianot yet05:39
wxldo that and then try to do an upgrade05:39
wxlalso you never told me about /etc/apt/sources.list.d05:39
wxloh, right. this wasn't a do-release-upgrade. bummer.05:40
demophobiai made a liveDVD. should i copy my documents to USB and then reinstall from liveDVD?05:41
demophobiabut i tried to upgrade from downloading05:41
wxlwell that would absolutely remove any other concerns05:41
demophobiai wonder if the problem was a download error: i tried to download from japanese servers, i think (because i was in japan back in the day)05:41
wxli'd say it'd be a good idea.05:41
demophobiafrom another country05:41
wxlotherwise i can work to help you with that05:42
lubotMahdis was removed by: Mahdis05:43
demophobiashouldn't i delete those brave-browser files since i can't install the software on this computer?05:43
demophobiashould i leave the folder in case of future use?05:44
wxli would05:44
demophobiapermission denied to delete it via the GUI05:44
demophobiai guess i need to sudo rm it?05:44
wxlor use the open folder as root option in pcmanfm05:45
demophobiahmm not seeing that when i right click ...05:45
wxlit's a menu option05:46
wxloh nevermind05:46
wxlpcmanfm doesn't have it. just pcmanfm-qt05:46
wxlsee. told you the new version was better :)05:46
demophobiaoh. not seeing it, but i opened it in terminal then sudo rm'd them05:46
demophobialol <305:47
demophobia'k, well, thanks for the exercise and li'l bit experience in linux (or ubuntu)05:47
demophobiathanks for your time05:47
wxlif you've got those things sorted and an upgrade just works, you should be fine05:47
demophobiai guess i'll reinstall from liveDVD -- will it prompt me to erase and overwrite the linux drives only?05:47
demophobialike, it'll clearly say, "overwrite previous linux, leave windows alone", something like that?05:48
demophobia(i've got lubuntu 18.04.1 LTS liveDVD)05:48
demophobia(i verified md5 checksum)05:48
wxlit will ask you want to do and it will point out different partitions and what they are05:48
wxlwhether or not it's THAT clear, i don't know XD05:48
* demophobia gets nervous05:48
wxlbut it should be fairly obvious i think05:48
demophobiai've had partition-stuff fail during CD installation before05:48
demophobiadon't recall if it was mandrake linux or ubuntu05:49
wxlthe good news is that if you get there and it's not obvious, then you can back out which is no issue05:49
wxlif you were manual partitioning, i wouldn't be surprised05:49
demophobiawhy's that?05:49
wxlit's not uncommon for people not well versed with file systems to make mistakes05:49
wxlrecently someone tried to do an install and it blew up horribly and it wasn't obvious to me but the problem was he made / too small05:50
wxlhad he just used one of the autopartition options, it would have been no problem at all05:50
demophobia / is a) a folder, b) an arm, ...05:50
wxlbut he wanted something special, so manual partitioning05:50
wxl / is the root of all your folders05:50
demophobiawhat d'you think of the advice to install OS in one partition and all your data in another?05:51
wxli don't think it's a bad idea at all. makes your data more portable05:51
demophobiathen you can have multiple OS or reinstall without touching data, they say05:51
wxlin particular, i'd say put $HOME on aa separate partition05:51
demophobiai'm not really sure how to do that  -- seems like / holds everything, 'home' goes inside /, but if you partition to put 'home' on a different partition then you'd have two / ...05:55
demophobiabasically i dunno how the linux filesystem works yet05:55
wxlit's confusing, but no05:55
wxlyou're simply "mounting" that partition to that particular location05:56
wxlit's essentially telling the file system that anytime it sees /home it should go looking at the other partition05:56
wxlin much the same way that as a standard set up, everything in / should be looking at the one partition05:56
demophobiai actually think i like the minimalism of lubuntu06:01
demophobiai mean, even if xubuntu had more 'bells and whistles', i think i prefer the aesthetic of simpleness06:01
demophobiaoh, right, thanks06:01
demophobiai forgot06:01
demophobiadunno how much i'll remember: i should have gone to bed ... ... 3 hours ago06:02
wxli'm not sure it has more bells and whistles for that matter06:02
lubot<Slider1> If i have a partition with win 7 + an aother with his boot loader if i erase the boot loader win can load with only grub ?10:53
JadedJHow can I change the window border size on L-ubuntu?11:24
JadedJI want to be able to make it easier to resize windows11:25
ilyaigpetrovJadedJ: which Lubuntu, 18.10?11:37
JadedJLubuntu 16 LTS11:38
lubot<Slider1> Why speak only the bot (here) ?😂😂11:39
ilyaigpetrovJadedJ: https://askubuntu.com/questions/833950/size-of-grab-area-for-resizing-window-in-lubuntu11:39
ilyaigpetrovJadedJ: also search with query: lxde resize zone windows11:40
lubot<tsimonq2> @Slider1 [Why speak only the bot (here) ?😂😂], Because on the other side of that is an IRC channel, just like to them we're a bot, but we're really a Telegram channel.11:41
JadedJ!lxde resize zone windows11:42
ubottuJadedJ: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:42
lubot<Slider1> @Slider1 [If i have a partition with win 7 + an aother with his boot loader if i erase the …], Simon11:44
lubot<Slider1> @tsimonq2 [Because on the other side of that is an IRC channel, just like to them we're a b …], Do you know it11:44
ilyaigpetrovcan't find this room via a telegram client -- how is this tg group named?11:46
lubot<tsimonq2> @ilyaigpetrov [<ilyaigpetrov> can't find this room via a telegram client -- how is this tg grou …], https://telegram.lubuntu.me/support because the real link is hidden11:47
lubotilyaigpetrov was added by: ilyaigpetrov11:47
lubot<ancha41> Why do i sometimes log in twice on my Lubuntu 18.04?11:49
lubot<ancha41> Instead of once,11:49
lubot<ancha41> Problem on my LightDM?11:49
lubot<Slider1> If i install lubuntu 18.04 what version of grub it will install ?11:54
hateball!info grub-pc bionic11:56
ubottugrub-pc (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (PC/BIOS version). In component main, is optional. Version 2.02-2ubuntu8.6 (bionic), package size 134 kB, installed size 560 kB11:56
lubot<ilyaigpetrov> @Slider1 https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=grub&searchon=names&suite=bionic&section=all11:58
lubotilyaigpetrov was removed by: ilyaigpetrov11:58
ilyaigpetrovis qlipper installed by default in 18.10? I haven't seen it yesterday in the tray if I recall correctly.12:03
ilyaigpetrovyes, https://manual.lubuntu.me/2/2.4/2.4.5/Qlipper.html12:06
lubot<ancha41> Any solution for my question?12:08
ilyaigpetrov@ancha41: you should try reinstalling some related packages using apt purge to purge the config files12:12
ilyaigpetrov@ancha41: make a backup beforehand if you have something important in the FS12:14
lubot<ancha41> OK i'll try it, and i just searching some related packages12:15
lubot<ancha41> Are LightDM fine?12:16
ilyaigpetrovI don't know12:17
lubot<ancha41> If i purge it, can i reinstall it?12:18
lubot<ancha41> I assume it's LightDM12:18
ilyaigpetrov@ancha41, in the worst case you will have to use one of the virtual terminals and your wifi connection may be lost after purging. It's a risk to end up with a system booted without any graphical shell12:21
ilyaigpetrovin the lucky case graphical shell will be available after purging and you will be able to install it again from it12:22
lubot<ancha41> @ilyaigpetrov [<ilyaigpetrov> @ancha41, in the worst case you will have to use one of the virtu …], That's haunted me lol12:23
ilyaigpetrov@ancha41: if you end up with a virtual terminal without wifi then you may find some internet cord for connecting to the internet because configuring wifi from a terminal is not easy12:31
hateballif you have network-manager it's not that bad, you can use 'nmtui' then12:44
lubot<ancha41> Good news, now it's fine12:48
lubot<ancha41> After purging and reinstalling it, and restart too. Now 's fine12:49
SchleimKeimilyaigpetrov: wpasupplicant12:49
ilyaigpetrovSchleimKeim: I know, I did this exercise many times but still find that it's not easy12:50
SchleimKeimilyaigpetrov: i had to learn it the hard way a few days ago. it didn't take me that long to be honest12:51
SchleimKeim(but i kinda new already what to look for ;) )12:51
ilyaigpetrovSchleimKeim: I can't remember the commands. Every time I'm in need to do it I look up commands via my phone or another notebook.12:52
ilyaigpetrovSchleimKeim: "wpa_passphrase", "wpa_supplicant" -- these names are all I remember not the flags or syntax of the config files12:53
lubot<ancha41> Oh i forgot to thank you, ilyaigpetrov12:54
ilyaigpetrov@ancha41: thanks, you are welcome12:54
ilyaigpetrov@ancha41: did you do it from the graphic shell? I guess after purging it was still usable and you was able to install the needed packages. What were the packages by the way?12:56
lubot<ancha41> No, from terminal12:57
lubot<ancha41> i remember it's: light-locker, lighdm-greeter-gtk-, lightdm-greeter-gtk-settings, lubuntu-gtk-core and lightdm12:59
lubot<ancha41> I decided to using blob in purge12:59
lubot<ancha41> So, i detected that some packages related to LightDM13:00
JadedJCheers ilyaigpetrov14:45
ilyaigpetrovJadedJ: cheers14:48
ilyaigpetrovJadedJ: so you solved your border size problem, didn't you?14:49
JadedJNot yet14:49
ilyaigpetrovJadedJ: why don't you switch to 18.04.1?14:52
JadedJBecause I'm testing an application using 16.X14:56
embdenHello, I want to install lubuntu on my laptop with external monitor, will it work?14:57
SchleimKeimembden: sure, why not?15:11
SchleimKeimdepends on your GPU i guess15:11
SchleimKeimbut if it's a generic intel laptop GPU, i don't see why not.15:11
embdenSchleimKeim: "LXQt treats all monitors as one when painting the desktop background. We plan on solving this in a more native way by the 19.04 release, but in the meantime, Lubuntu contributor Hans P. Möller has written a script which can be used as a workaround for treating all of the backgrounds differently."15:12
embdenit's from release announcement15:13
SchleimKeimok. how about you boot the live dvd and see if it works? :)15:13
SchleimKeim /me is new to lubuntu15:13
embdenSchleimKeim: thanks, maybe I'll try15:14
ShellcatZeroCongrats on the LXQt release in 18.10!  When do such changes get pushed out to the 18.04 release?  Just curious.16:00
wxllxqt to 18.04? never16:01
wxli mean, the lxqt packages are there but they won't be part of lubuntu16:01
wxland they're not as stable as the ones in 18.1016:01
wxloh and at least some of the packages aren't available at all. i packaged trojita for teh first time in 18.1016:02
ShellcatZeroI thought that eventually these get ported back to the LTS, no?16:03
ShellcatZerowow, ok16:04
wxlthe first lxqt lts will be 20.0416:04
ShellcatZerois it possible to add something like a LXQt ppa to 18.04 to keep up with the latest version?  I usually presume the latest version is the more stable one, would that be correct?16:06
wxlif you want lxqt, i'd do a fresh install of 18.10. even if we did have all the 18.10 versions available for 18.04, there would be a lot of work necessary to make it easy to swap between the two or replace one with the other16:07
wxllubuntu is not the desktop environment. it's the desktop environment plus default settings and a variety of packages. ALL of those things changed between 18.04 and 18.1016:07
ShellcatZerohmm, got it, I'm thinking I might just go with 18.04 server and add a LXQt ppa to stay on the latest version16:10
wxlwell, there isn't going to be one..........16:10
ShellcatZeroah, I thought I saw one, but it's really old, lol16:11
sappheiroswxl reinstalling from liveDVD was definitely the right choice -- i see now that in fact my previous attempt to upgrade was unfinished, so i basically was using a hybrid mix of 16.04 and 18.04 -- with the 16.04 display ... this new 18.04 is cleaner, looks in fact like ubuntu (rather than lubuntu)17:48
wxlsappheiros: 18.04 lubuntu pretty much looks like every lubuntu before it. you sure you didn't install ubuntu?17:49
sappheiroslol i give up17:50
sappheirosanyway, i'm happy i reinstalled the OS17:50
sappheiroslogin splash screen does say 'lubuntu'17:50
sappheirosmaybe my lubuntu installation was screwy from the beginning ...17:50
wxlif you didn't check the hashes, that's possible17:51
sappheiroswhy's it called LXTerminal instead of simply Terminal?17:52
sappheiros(i recall in ubuntu it's 'Terminal')17:52
wxlbecause... it's... part... of.. the... lxde.. project17:52
wxljust like lxpanel17:52
wxland lx every other thing under the sun (except for pcmanfm and openbox)17:52
sappheirosso the 'LX' is basically decorative like "don't forget we built this"?17:53
sappheiroswhy isn't ubuntu's main release's terminal called 'UTerminal' then? :P17:53
sappheirosor ... i dunno17:53
wxlwell there are a TON of terminal programs17:54
wxllet's imagine they were all titled "terminal"17:54
wxland you installed more than one17:54
wxlhow would you know which one is which?17:54
lubot<marneu> Ubuntu's main terminal is actually Gnome terminal, and Gnome has that weird habit of omitting the "Gnome" part.17:56
lubot<marneu> And KDE just looks for ways to fit a 'K' into the name, so they named their terminal "Konsole" :D17:57
sappheirosoh, thank you18:03
sappheiroshow come marneu is talking through lubot instead of in channel?18:03
wxltelegram bridge18:03
sappheiroslist of stuff i don't know about +118:03
sappheirosi thought telegram was a smartphone app18:04
wxlit's a smartphone and desktop app18:04
sappheirosdoes that mean his connection's encrypted?18:04
wxltelegram does have encryption, yes18:04
wxlbut that may not be the question you're asking18:04
sappheirosi can't figure out how to annotate in Document Viewer ...18:06
sappheirosclicking 'help' likewise didn't seem to do anything18:07
sappheirosEvince / Document Viewer seems too glitchy, annotations just don't work right18:12
wxlmight be the particular pdf too18:13
sappheirosthanks for the reminder18:15
sappheirostrying to use default software, pidgin seems quite limited for IRC18:16
wxlsadly pdfs have a very particular specification but a lot of common pdf software creates pdfs that aren't valid according to that specification. of course, open source developers use that specification to create their software, so... blah18:16
wxlyeah. i know. i'd use irssi if i were you. irc belongs in text.18:16
sappheirosdoes http://ewtn.com/multimedia/live_player.asp?sat=radioe work for you? youtube is playing, but this radio stream is not18:17
wxlnot on 18.04 right now18:17
sappheirosmusic.amazon.com is working18:20
sappheiros(thanks parents)18:20
sappheirosi guess it's an EWTN website problem18:20
wxlit probably needs to use flash XD18:21
sappheiroswhelp, got my computer sorted, guess that means i need to get to work now ...18:21
sappheirosany advice regarding this terminal error?18:23
sappheiros> (/usr/lib/firefox/firefox:2834): dconf-WARNING **: 14:18:51.990: Unable to open /var/lib/menu-xdg/dconf/profile/user: Permission denied18:23
sappheirosi dunno what caused it18:23
wxlprobably irrelevant18:24
wxlwarnings usually are18:24
wxlerrors are what you need to worry about18:24
sappheiros'k thanks18:25
wxlsmoe apps are particularly noisy18:25
wxl(most gtk apps for example)18:25
sappheiroshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard internal server error18:26
wxlthen that's a problem with the ubuntu servers, not a lubuntu problem18:26
sappheirosare you suggesting gtk apps are not well-built?18:26
wxlyou can report that at #canonical-syadmin18:26
wxlbut to be honest it's a common problem with the wiki :(18:27
wxlum i don't know if that makes them not well-built18:27
sappheirosd'you know a list of keyboard shortcuts?18:43
sappheiroshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard is working again18:43
sappheirosisn't Supre key the windows key? it's not working ...18:44
sappheirosi just found lxhotkey18:45
sappheirosthe list at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard is incorrect. how can i fix it?18:46
sappheirose.g. Super+1 and Super+2 are incorrect18:46
wxldo you have a launchpad account?18:46
sappheirosoh i see18:46
embdensappheiros: I also would like to propose to rename menu entries. Right now, there are entries with app names and when you place a mouse on top them you can see what it is. I think that it would be more comfortable to put app type like "Terminal" and make hint to be it's name like "qterminal" and maybe after some delay +short description. Because users look for an arnchiever not for Ark. I can even see a workarounds - PCManFMQt has an addition "File Manager18:47
embden". Otherwise, users never find a file manager.18:47
wxlembden: you're talking about 18.10 and sappheiros 18.04. different.18:48
embdenwxl: the problem still does exist.18:48
lubot<Slider1> I have installed lubuntu 18.04 but i can't install other softwere for example if i type : ... Sudo apt-get install gparted  ... It doesn't work .the error is like at no connection but if i search something on web it works18:48
wxlembden: on lubuntu.18:49
wxli mean 18.1018:49
wxlnot 18.0418:49
wxl@Slider1 try `sudo apt update` first18:49
wxlif it's a fresh install, that's a thing18:49
embdenwxl: I understand.18:49
lubot<Slider1> @wxl [<wxl> @Slider1 try `sudo apt update` first], It's automatically update at 18.10 ,isn't it ?18:51
sappheiros> Your request to join Ubuntu Wiki Editors is awaiting approval.18:51
wxllet me fix that sappheiros18:51
wxl@Slider1 no. and you should ALWAYS update before doing anything with apt.18:51
sappheirosuh oh18:51
sappheirosall the desktops are showing the same apps in the taskbar :(18:51
lubot<Slider1> @wxl [<wxl> @Slider1 no. and you should ALWAYS update before doing anything with apt.], Ok thanks i'll try it18:52
sappheirosdon't see a way to change that in Desktop Preferences18:53
wxltaskbar settings i believe18:53
sappheirosdon't see how to edit taskbar settings ...18:54
sappheirosfound it18:57
wxlgood cuz i had to remind myself whilst doing a bunch of other stuff and hadn't got to it yet XD18:57
wxlare you ~ubuntuuser1?18:57
kalockhi all, would like to switch to whisker menu from the default lubuntu menu, but i am not sure how to tell the system to use Whisker now that it is installed.  could anyone point me in the right direction?19:26
wxlkalock: on 18.04?19:29
wxlyeah. unfortunately, you probably won't be able to get it to work19:33
wxlthe menu in lxpanel is an lxpanel plugin19:33
wxlsimilarly the whisker menu is an xfce(4?)panel plugin19:33
wxlso you could replace lxpanel with xfce(whatever)panel19:34
kalockok, i think that is what i am needing to do.  is there config somewhere to switch that panel?19:34
wxlyou'd have to install it first and then in lxsession default apps change the value of the panel/command19:36
wxlmay need to tweak panel/session, too19:36
kalocki see, thanks.  maybe i'll just install xubuntu for this user to make it easier on them hehe19:37
kalockthank you19:37
saptechdoes lubuntu have their own forum?19:49
tewardsaptech: doesn't look like there's a *dedicated* forum, no.  https://lubuntu.me/links/ is all the available support mechanisms19:53
saptechok, thanks19:54
saptechi was trying to read if people are having issues upgrading from the past current version to 18.1019:58
saptechI really like lxde but willing to try lxqt19:58
wxlit's not easy, saptech20:09
wxldid you read the release notes?20:09
lubotnik1toz was added by: nik1toz20:12
saptechwxl, yes I read it and saw the link on upgrading...doesn't seem bad20:15
lubot<bonacin91> where's the keyboard mapping file?21:31

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