pavlushkahey zaki 17:37
zakipavlushka, hey 17:38
zakihad dinner?17:38
pavlushkazaki: in my hand17:38
zakihe he 17:39
zakisame here 17:39
pavlushkaha ha ha17:39
zakipavlushka, https://itsfoss.com/microsoft-open-source-patents/18:17
u-la-la[ Microsoft Open Sources Over 60,000 Patents to Protect Linux ] - https://itsfoss.com18:18
zakihow this work actually ?18:18
zakiI mean OIN- Open Invention Network 18:18
pavlushkazaki: its something like Microsoft contributing to linux kernel like case, the cat will come out of the sack in time :p18:32
zakiwithout that , only how OIN work ?18:33
zakiCan't get 18:34
pavlushkazaki: It is a free community that takes care open-source patenting with legal procedures, OIN, just like human rights legal aids.18:36
zakioh . 18:36
pavlushkazaki: https://www.openinventionnetwork.com/18:38
u-la-la[ Home - Open Invention Network ] - https://www.openinventionnetwork.com18:38
zakiyeah I'm on that page 18:38
pavlushkaha ha ha18:38
pavlushkazaki: like a community making sure that no next Jagadish Chandra Bose misses his inventions patent right whose intention was to make it free for any and no one else can abuse or exploit it.18:47
pavlushkaso that no one else can abuse or exploit it.18:47
zakipavlushka, got it :) 18:48
pavlushkazaki: Good night21:02
zakigood night pavlushka 21:02
zaki:) 21:02

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