aidiangood evening01:43
nhainesaidian: good evening!01:58
nhainesWe're about to have a meeting, although a short one since the agenda's empty.01:59
aidianyeah, that's why i showed up. :) i wouldn't mind a chance to introduce myself02:00
nhainesThat'll be other business, which is after the agenda (which is empty).  It'll come up quick.  :)02:00
aidiangotcha. short version: representing linux users group of davis02:01
nhainesWe're going to be a couple minutes late while I take care of something that just came up.  brb!02:01
aidianno worries, i'll be here and quiet til someone hollers at me02:01
nhainesOkay, I'm back.02:04
nhaineslynorian: glad to see you tonight.  :)02:04
lynorianI have been super busy writing the Lubuntu manual02:04
nhainesI've been super busy translating a novel, and I think I envy you.  :)  But I'm glad you're working on documentation.  It's important!02:05
nhainesWelcome to the Ubuntu California meeting for October 21st.02:06
nhainesTonight's agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/18October2102:06
nhaines#topic Upcoming events02:06
nhainesAre there any upcoming events we should keep an eye on?02:06
nhainesThe Southern California Linux Expo's call for papers continues until October 31st, and UbuCon could use more talks!02:08
nhainesYou can find more information about submitting a talk here: https://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/17x/cfp02:08
nhainesIf you would like your talk to be considered for UbuCon, please make sure to pick that as your track when you submit.  :)02:08
nhaines#topic Announcements02:08
nhainesUbuntu 18.10 was released last week.  It contains a new theme, updated drivers, newer LibreOffice, and a wide assortment of nifty server stuff!02:09
nhainesIn addition, Canonical released a report on new Ubuntu installation statistics collected since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.  You can read that here: https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/statistics02:09
nhainesAre there any other announcements for the group?02:10
nhaines#topic Agenda02:11
lynoriannhaines: what do you need to do for  submitting a talk?02:11
nhaineslynorian: That is described in detail on the link provided.  Mainly, you need a bio and a talk title and abstract.  If you have any questions that aren't answered on that page, let me know.02:12
nhainesIt's a talk submission system, so it does walk you through pretty much everything.02:12
nhainesThere is no agenda for tonight's meeting.02:12
nhaines#topic Other business02:13
nhainesI'm going to make a note to get a meetingology bot in here.  I can probably host it if necessary, if we can't get an official one.  On my to-do list now.02:13
nhainesaidian: how are you?  :)02:13
aidianhaha, fine, thanks!02:13
aidianmind if i state my bit now?02:14
nhainesThe floor's all yours!02:14
aidianbrilliant. :)02:14
aidianI'm here as an officer of the Linux Users' Group of Davis, in Davis, CA.02:14
aidianI found some flyers for this group that got hidden away by the previous president, Bill Kendrick02:15
nhainesWe're glad you found us!  We used to have a bunch of members in that area.02:15
aidianindeed! we have a pretty big membership still, but admittedly our active membership has diminished quite a bit. the linux advocacy scene has.. changed a lot.02:16
nhainesWe're seeing that here and in fact, worldwide in the Ubuntu Local Community teams.02:17
nhainesIt's been a wild ride!  Lots more work to do, even if it's different.  :)02:17
aidianyeah. that's why i figured i should reach out. we're really trying to be more active. we're writing new advocacy and outreach materials and doing more public work.02:17
aidianwe had our first booth at the davis farmer's market in something like a decade just this month.02:18
nhainesOh, that's fun.  How did that go?02:18
aidianit didn't go too badly at all, especially for a first go with new administration.02:19
aidianit was a great time, we had probably 25 people come over five hours02:19
nhainesThat's not a bad turnout.  Plenty of time to spend with each person!02:19
nhainesIs there a report or blog post about that anywhere?02:20
aidianyeah, not too bad for being down in the socio-political ghetto end of the market02:20
nhainesLocation, location.  :)02:20
aidiani haven't posted pictures to our website (www.lugod.org) yet, but there are some on our facebook page02:21
nhainesThank you.  I'll check that out.02:21
nhainesAre you subscribed to our mailing list?02:21
aidiani am! it reminded me to be here tonight.02:21
nhainesThat's good!  Usually reminders happen during the week, but I've been exceptionally busy lately.  Not a great excuse, but at least it's true.02:22
aidianbelieve me, i feel you.02:22
aidianwhat i really wanted to do was talk about advocacy resources, though. we're looking for anything and everything we can use to share and promote linux and foss in general.02:23
aidiansince i found a stack of flyer for this group, they'll be on our table at monthly meetings and at our next market stall on november 10th.02:24
aidian(provided you're ok with that, of course)02:24
nhainesI appreciate that!  We do talk about refreshing those from time to time, but it never seems to happen.02:24
nhainesIf you could maybe email a photo of the flyers so I can make sure they're still accurate, that'd be nice.  My email is my nick @ubuntu.com02:24
aidianshall do next time i raid our bin o' flyers.02:25
nhainesGreat.  :)02:25
nhainesAnything else to add?02:26
aidiannope, just if anyone wants to talk about sharing existing or creating new printable flyers or other promotional material that we can display, give me a shout02:26
aidiani'm on freenode at this nick, in #lugod, and reachable at root@lugod.org02:26
aidian...which i probably should have spam shielded in that line, but too lat enow.02:27
aidiananyways, that's all. thanks a lot.02:27
nhainesI'll redact it from the meeting log if you wish.  :)02:27
nhainesThanks for being here!02:28
aidianwould be appreciated :)02:28
nhainesThat'll wrap it up for this meeting.  Our next meeting will be on November 4th, 2018.02:28
nhainesIt will be at 7 pm PST, and do note that yes, Daylight Savings Time ends that morning.  :)02:29
nhainesUntil then!02:29
aidianfun :)02:29
aidiani suppose i should have also mentioned that we're always looking for speakers. :)02:29
nhainesRight... well luckily that's a perfect thing to post on the mailing list! :D02:30
aidianis it? oh good.02:30
aidianadvocacy is a tough business.02:31
nhainesIt sure can be.  Fun, though!02:32
aidianalso that. i've had a blast since i started in lugod. accidentally became president a couple years ago now.02:32
nhainesThe farmer's market booth was a good idea.  It helps get people thinking about events and participating.02:32
aidianyeah. it took a bit of work to put together, but not really that much, and it was great to just be seen out there.02:33
nhainesHat kind of Linux usage do you see in your LUG?  (distros, purpose, etc.)02:33
aidianoh, a pretty wide range of use, really. we have some purists who are 100% linux all the time, plenty of people who used mixed OS's (including me)02:34
aidianpretty much every variety from Mint to Gentoo02:34
aidianUbuntu as well, of course, hehe. i have a netbook with lubuntu02:35
nhainesI'm Ubuntu only except for gaming, which is 50/50%.  But less and less relevant in my life unfortunately. :)02:35
aidianmost of my linux stuff is just running debian on a home server, or raspbian on raspberry pis02:36
aidianthe club webserver is ubuntu02:36
nhainesOh, I think Ubuntu 18.10 just got full kernel support for the RPi 3 and 3+.  :)02:37
aidianooooh nice02:37
nhainesI'm looking forward to finding an excuse to run Ubuntu Core on an RPi for a project.  Those updates are nice.02:38
aidiani'm looking for an excuse to get a pi3+, hehe02:38
nhainesI want a pi0w, but I'm pretty sure I have no use for one, haha.02:39
aidiani'm actually using one as a security camera02:40
nhainesHow do you like it?02:40
aidianit's really pretty nice. motioneye is really slick.02:40
aidianand i love the official pi0 case.02:40
nhainesI like the Piromoni cases, but the pi0 case is pretty cute.02:41
aidianit is. really fun to break one out of my backpack as a demonstration unit and hand it to someone.02:42
aidian"here's a linux computer."02:42
nhainesYeah, I have Ubuntu MATE on mine.  But a quick SD card swap yields Kodi and emulators.02:44
aidianoooh, nice.02:44
nhainesA full graphical desktop always makes for an impressive demonstration.02:46
aidianyeah, it does. my 2b is a raspbian desktop. i tend to leave it at home with vnc enabled, and remote into it.02:47
aidian..and then i like.. fire up xmille, lol02:48
nhainesOoh, that's a new one to me!02:50
aidianhaha, it's very old02:50
aidianthat or i show off tuxpaint02:51
nhainesHaha, tuxpaint is fun.02:51
aidianour founder and former president is the author :)02:52
nhainesAs is 'hollywood' https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/hollywood02:52
nhainesOh, how did I not remember that?  :)02:52
aidianoh man, i wish there was a debian equivalent of hollywood, haha02:55
nhainesHaha, is it not in Debian?02:55
aidiandoesn't seem to be02:56
nhainesThere's info and a YouTube video here, if you haven't found it: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2014/12/hollywood-technodrama.html02:59
nhainesI guess you could also just try the snap. :)03:02
aidianone of our members has a pretty good 'hollywood' technique. i think he just hexdumps /dev/urandom and greps for a random number03:03
nhainesOh!  Actually: https://twitter.com/dustinkirkland/status/92394220726609510403:03
aidianoh sweet deal03:04
nhainesI just found out about the variant 'wallstreet', so now I'm checking that out (thanks to the snap).03:05
nhainesUnfortunately, I have to get back to work.  I got hired to do a book translation with a short turnaround time, and it started off slower than I planned (it's a scifi videogame tie-in, so lots of cross reference with the manual and guides).  So it's back to work for me!  :D03:08
aidianwhoo boy, well good luck with that03:08
aidiannice talking to you03:08
aidiani'll be around if anyone else wants to pipe up about stuff, too03:08
nhainesThanks! :)  And great talking to you, too.03:09

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