crimson_kingIs there a convenient way to obtain the LTS kernel (4.15 currently) for Ubuntu 18.10 instead of its 4.18 kernel?00:02
crimson_kingFor example, on Arch you can install linux-lts and use it instead of the latest. It will still be automatically updated.00:03
bodie_I've just updated to Cosmic and there's some weirdness with my theme.  Notifications and popovers are light themed even though my desktop is dark themed now.00:21
bodie_I couldn't find a setting to adjust this.  Is there a doc for configuring notification appearance?00:21
bodie_There are a lot of little details that are light too, like borders on certain window elements00:22
masaki_Whenever I create a new file and try to save it into a specific file name, it starts searching instead.00:25
masaki_It's a bit weird because the filename is highlighted but as soon as you start typing, it begins a search instead.00:26
masaki_Is that happening for you guys as well? I would like to just ctrl+s, type filename, press enter to save.00:26
masaki_But the default behavior (at least in my system), ctrl+s, type filename -> starts search, which makes it a bit annoying.00:27
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balsaqif i have installed a few programs an uninstalled them and want to clean up my system how would i do that?02:57
hashrackbalsaq: "sudo apt autoremove" .... autoremove is used to remove packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for other packages and are now no longer needed as dependencies changed or the package(s) needing them were removed in the meantime.02:59
hashrackbalsaq: you can check apt manual by "man apt"02:59
balsaqso far i just removed the package03:00
balsaqbut iwonder if it leave a bit of a mess behind03:00
lotuspsychjebalsaq: try bleachbit for leftovers & system cleaning03:01
hashrackbalsaq: it will probably leave some dependencies that we're installed... if those dependencies are no longer in use, you can safely remove them via "sudo apt autoremove"03:02
balsaqi did not see it install dependencies03:02
balsaqand when i ran auto remove it saud all zeros03:02
balsaqhow does blechit work03:03
hashrackits like ccleaner of windows03:03
balsaqccleaner is ok but i seen it botcha asystem too03:03
Bashing-ombalsaq: remove does not remove config files ( as may want to reinstall ) --purge is the switch to completely remove a package .03:03
balsaqis bleachbit safe03:03
balsaqok how to i run purge03:04
lotuspsychjebalsaq: you need to read bleachbit settings first, dont just enable what you dont understand03:04
balsaqis --purge a terminal comand?03:04
hashrackagree with lotuspsychje... if you seen ccleaner botcha your system, bleachbit also will, if you're not careful. only enable what you want to clean03:05
Bashing-ombalsaq: ' sudo apt remove --purge <package>. Be very careful with bleachkit, as it can and will remove more than intended.03:05
balsaqi dont use ccleaner for years i dont need it anymore in windows1003:05
balsaqsays unable to lacate the package03:07
marcodiegobalsaq, because it is already removed03:08
marcodiegobalsaq, you should have used --purge when you first removed the package03:09
balsaqso should i install again and the run it03:09
marcodiegobalsaq, I don't think you should care so much about it but I'm curious about the experiment03:10
balsaqno experiments03:11
marcodiegobalsaq, looking forward to know if it works03:11
balsaqjust want to unnistall stuff fully and correctly03:11
lotuspsychjebalsaq: the apt way does what it promises03:12
marcodiegobalsaq, this is what the manual says: "purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and purged (any configuration files are deleted too)."03:13
marcodiegobalsaq, I personally always used "apt-get remove" and never cared about it03:14
balsaqthat command is invalid anyways'03:15
marcodiegobalsaq, if you're coming from a windows background, you're probably used to have your system slowly degrading over time and as software is installed and leftovers make the system even slower. In the "debian world" this is very different03:15
marcodiegobalsaq, "sudo apt purge <package>"03:16
balsaqweird i reinstalled the package and the command says it cannot fin the package03:17
marcodiegobalsaq, you installed it with "sudo apt-get install" ?03:18
balsaqno i used the software center03:19
balsaqi think it worked but just doesnt give me a positive feeling let me check further'03:19
hashrackit might be a snap app03:20
balsaqi just ran a search in ubuntu and its gone03:20
marcodiegohmmm... I don't know how to find out the name of packages installed from the software center. I'd recommend to try to use the software center itself to unninstall it03:20
balsaqdoes that mean it worked?even if it is not a ubuntu app03:20
balsaqit is a snap and i see now it is all OVER MY COMPUTER03:21
balsaqi gottta get rid of this03:21
marcodiegobalsaq, I really can't answer. All I can recommend is that if you used the software center to install it, I think you should use the software center to unninstall it03:22
balsaqyeah i will but it leave stuff behinf=d03:23
marcodiegobalsaq, can you give some detail of what exactly is the stuff left?03:24
marcodiegoI mean, where are such files03:25
balsaqin my computer03:25
balsaqin my file system03:25
balsaqlots of things with that name on it03:25
marcodiegocan you copy-paste a path of one of these files?03:25
balsaqand i cant delete them from their location manually03:25
marcodiegobalsaq, if you didn't create the file, you should not delete it03:27
marcodiegobalsaq, can you copy-paste the path of one of these files?03:27
balsaqi went into filesystem, then i chose other locations, then i used the search and typed in the name of the snap package and there is was all over03:27
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marcodiegobalsaq, can you type "locate <filename>" in a terminal e post the output here?03:29
balsaqit all over even in my swap03:29
balsaqwhats the exact command03:30
balsaqits in so many locations this will be difficult03:30
balsaqpieces of it all over the drive and even in the swap03:30
marcodiegobalsaq, that is because it is not something you should do. This probably should be done automatically03:31
marcodiegobalsaq, can you type "locate <filename>" in a terminal e post the output here?03:31
marcodiegobalsaq, can you type "locate <filename>" in a terminal and post the output here?03:31
balsaqthat idea prodiced nothing'03:32
balsaqi tried it right away03:33
marcodiegobalsaq, try "find / -iname <filename>"03:33
balsaqsuido find?03:33
balsaqru giving me all the words?03:33
marcodiegobalsaq, no, not required03:33
balsaqso i just type find and the pckg in terminal?03:34
balsaqdont i need to write at least sudo03:35
balsaqits not working03:35
marcodiegobalsaq, type "find / -iname <filename>", just replace <filename> with the name of one of the files you think should have been removed. And press enter.03:35
lotuspsychjebalsaq: dont troll us please, give us usefull info first03:35
balsaqnothing came up03:35
balsaqi did find and the name of the package03:35
balsaqlotus im not trolling so stay out of it03:36
balsaqif i have to i will reinstall03:36
balsaqi dont want it all over my filesystem03:36
Bashing-ombalsaq: Bear in mind if it is a Snap install, teh command to remove from terminal is ' sudo snap remove <package> ' . Snap packages are faitly new and we often times do not think if that system .03:36
marcodiegobalsaq, that is very strange... if at least you could give us a path to at least one of these files but "all over my computer.. on my swap" that doesn't means anything03:36
balsaqahh ok no womere i was struggling03:37
balsaqi was using wrong command one second03:37
balsaqi told u exactly what i meant i ran a search under COMPUTER in my file system and file sfrom that install were in  many placesincluding my swap fiel  too many to name'03:38
balsaqi will try the new comman now03:38
balsaqsays it is not installed03:40
balsaqok i know what to do now03:41
balsaqok the new command worked as far as i can see as termianl said removed03:42
balsaqnow i will run the same search in my filesystem and see if it left file laying arouund03:43
balsaqi ran that find /    and it found nothing so that is good....03:46
balsaqnow i will look in COMPUTER03:46
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balsaqit still is in .tmp   .lock    and   .mnt03:48
balsaqi will try to manually remove those leftovers03:48
marcodiegobalsaq, I think these are mere caches and not something you should care about03:49
marcodiegomanually removing things that you did not create is generally not something you should do03:50
balsaqok here is the cut and paste of what is left over and i cannot remove them03:50
balsaqhmm wont let me paste i there for some reason03:51
balsaqok marco i will have top leave them03:51
balsaqseems odd i have to keep them though03:52
marcodiegobalsaq, use https://paste.ubuntu.com/ to copy-paste it03:52
marcodiegobalsaq, if it really is taking space, it maybe a bug03:52
Bashing-ombalsaq: Likely they are in memory and will not be there upon a reboot .03:53
balsaqthere u have it03:55
balsaqmy leftovers03:55
marcodiegobalsaq, my opinion is the same of Bashing-om03:56
balsaqok did u see the pastebin03:56
balsaqit is a few lins above03:57
marcodiegobalsaq, I think these are all caches except for "/var/lib/snapd/sequence/wireguard-fenriswolf.json"03:57
balsaqcan i get rid of it?03:57
Bashing-ombalsaq: Yeah .. thise locarion are 'virtual' - with the possible exception of /var/lib/snapd/sequence.... . Reboot . to see the difference .03:58
balsaqok thanks03:58
balsaqok was hard to get back'04:15
balsaqit still lives on in one location the location that ended in the eord sequence04:18
balsaqapparantly we are not allowed to delete a json file in our own computer?04:19
balsaqanyone know why i cannot delete a .json file that i dont need?04:22
marcodiegobalsaq, probably because you have no permission04:30
balsaqi own the computer04:31
marcodiegobalsaq, don't delete the file. It can be done if you use "sudo rm <filename>" but don't do it04:31
balsaqbut ubnuntu owns the file in my comoputer04:31
balsaqwhy woul i not want to do it?04:31
marcodiegobalsaq, this is probably used by snapd (the program that manages snaps)04:31
balsaqhard to believe i need it now but ok if u insist04:32
balsaqit is the last file in a sequence04:32
balsaqi know i need the ones that come before it04:32
marcodiegobalsaq, it is probably a cache of some kind. Probably so it doesn't have to gather info again about this package if you install it again04:32
balsaqbig cache at 797 bytes04:32
marcodiegoif that is really bothering you, I'd recommend you to file a bug04:33
marcodiego797 bytes is just a few lines of text.04:33
balsaqwell its not a bug at all...the folks who wrote the code decided that  the owner of the computer has no right to remove it04:33
balsaqits just that simple04:34
balsaqit has root04:34
marcodiegobalsaq, as I said, I think you can remove it with "sudo rm <filename>"04:34
marcodiegobut I'd recommend you no to do that04:34
balsaqi will leave it since my system is running smooth and  i just installed it ubuntu today i have been away from it for a long time04:35
balsaqthis install seems good so i guesss iwont risk it04:35
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unknownme99can i ask a question here?05:25
marcodiegounknownme99, you should ask your question instead of asking if you can ask05:31
Checkmatecan someone tell me what the option iptables --seconds 60 --hitcount 3 mean ?05:37
unknownme99i have unlimited data plan for my phone but with limited hotspot data. is there an app in ubuntu that can be alternative of pdanet+?05:39
tomreynunknownme99: are you trying to (a) share the android devices' internet access with your ubuntu computer, so the ubuntu computer can get online through the android phone or (b) the other way around?05:42
unknownme99tomreyn (a)05:45
tomreynunknownme99: so that's an android question, unless you're asking how to connect to the wireless hotspot or usb / bluetooth modem your phone provides05:47
unknownme99i mean the driver for pdanet+ only has windows and mac. so i want an alternative to share my phone internet, i dont want to use normal hotspot because i have 3gb per month for tethering but unlimited data for mobile use..05:58
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jamie1anyone have any idea why uvc wouldnt be auto detecting a webcam06:40
lotus|NUCjamie1: did you try cheese and choose your webcam?06:41
jamie1lotus|NUC: yes i have checked with cheese and its not even showing up in lsusb06:43
jamie1well i think its in there but not identified as a logitech brio06:43
lotus|NUCjamie1: open a terminal and: tail -f /var/log/syslog and plug in your webcam please, see what errors you get06:44
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jamie1lotus|NUC: sadly i cant... im remote lol06:50
lotus|NUCjamie1: your webcam is connected on your remote box?06:51
jamie1lotus|NUC: helping someone else who is new to linux and im not camera guru lol06:52
jamie1not really seeing it in either lsmod or lsusb06:53
jamie1i am seeing usb "hubs" that are not real though which im suspecting it might be one of them06:54
lotus|NUCjamie1: can you ask the person to try another usb port?06:54
lotus|NUCjamie1: wich ubuntu version is this?06:55
jamie1working on it, they are dissabled06:55
jamie1lotus|NUC: its 18.1006:56
jamie1its running on a tr 2950wx so that makes it more interesting06:56
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illuminaughtyyHOLY SHIT IT WORKED07:48
lotus|NUCilluminaughtyy: no swearing here please07:49
illuminaughtyyysorry, I forgot this is a christian server07:50
ducasseit's not, but we keep this channel family friendly07:51
illuminaughtyyRiiight. W07:51
illuminaughtyyWell anyway07:51
illuminaughtyyThis fixed my unable to adjust brightnesss on my laptop screen07:52
illuminaughtyyafter trying many, many fixes07:52
illuminaughtyyyLet's see if it works on my desktop too (my gut remains cynical of it fixing the desktop brightness adjustment as well, but who knows)07:53
illuminaughtyyyYou know I found out the other day that I had a game that was just a little too laggy to play on my laptop.. on Windows 10.. switched to Linux and it worked fine, and smoothly07:54
illuminaughtyyyThough I wonder if g-sync works in Linux.07:54
illuminaughtyyyI don't even know how I'd go about finding out.07:54
illuminaughtyyyActually there might be an option to show an annoying icon when it's working. Hm...07:55
illuminaughtyyis the brightness slider in a menu outside the top right corner of the screen menu?07:57
cariveriHi. ubuntu 18 removed the gksu, so my laucher for "service apache2 start" doesnt work anymore.  Know an alternative?08:11
TJ-cariveri: "pkexc"08:12
TJ-cariveri: "pkexec" (typo!)08:12
TJ-cariveri: short for Policy Kit execute08:12
cariveriTJ-: I tried that: Exec=/usr/bin/pkexec service apache2 start08:13
cariveriwithout success08:13
TJ-cariveri: you'd need to add a policy-kit policy; see "man pkexec"08:14
TJ-cariveri: you'd but the Action (policy-kit) file in /etc/polkit-1/localauthority08:15
illuminaughtyyis there any downside to putting key repeat delay to maximum in an attempt to mitigate mechanical keyboard chatter?08:18
illuminaughtyyah nevermind, it did not fix the key chatter.08:21
illuminaughtyyI think it may have toneed it down a bit, but as you see theeere, the e is still repeating like crazy sometimes.08:21
cariveriTJ-: hm.. ok. it doesnt have to be beautiful. I did this now as a work around :Exec=/usr/bin/terminator --execute echo "start apache2. Please enter ps." ; sudo service apache2 start08:24
lucyluHi guys.. I installed a second WP site on my ubuntu server. On the second site I was able to get the WP install screen and istall it. However when I went to change the theme the site disconnected and I cant connect to it : ERR_conn_timed_out08:31
lucyluAny way to check how to debug this?08:31
tomreynlucylu: ERR_conn_timed_out may suggest a database serverconnection has timed out.09:00
tomreynwith wordpress specific questions you may get better support in #wordpress (but keep asking here if it's about OS services like webserver and database server not working)09:01
lucylutomreyn so is there a log I ould look at?09:04
tomreynlucylu: i don't know where wordpress logs. possible into php logs. and php may log into the webserver logs. but i don't know which webserver you're using there, or which PHP API.09:06
tomreynlucylu: nor which ubuntu version. nor which database server. if this is a mysql server it probably logs to /var/log/mysql*09:07
Steristare there any tools for creating / editing host protected areas? hdat2 is quite clunky09:07
TJ-Sterist: generally any disk editing tools, after using something like "hdparm -N..." to increase the HPA value09:10
tomreynI assume most current hdds will claim that HPA is disabled09:13
SteristI'm trying to create one to bring the disc under the maximum size my console will accept.09:15
lucyluthanks tomreyn09:15
tomreynSterist: be sure to read the hdparm man page about -N09:16
Steristall the comment says is "very dangerous" lol but the disc contains no data. is it implying operational danger..?09:19
tomreynthat's not how i read it.09:20
tomreyni meant to point out the possibility of data loss and the difference between temporary and permanent settings09:20
TJ-Sterist: if you set the value too high it could cause the disk firmware some confusion09:22
SteristI do have to take a good chunk out =/09:23
Steristneed to reduce from 2TB to 1.8509:23
Steristps3's officially have a maximum internal size of 1TB, unofficially 1.5tb (Sony arbitrarily began denying support >1TB on newer firmware but as one person discovered by experimenting with HPAs, the theoretical max is 1.86 and some change09:28
dzieglerHi, if I run the command "pbuilder-dist xenial create" on my Ubuntu Xenial I run into this dependency issue: https://gist.github.com/nook24/cceeb12cde6979c2b8cd3f09c7e0dfc8 This only happens since 18. Oct 2018. Any suggestions?09:31
dzieglercreate the pbuilder env for trusty or bionic does still work09:31
TJ-dziegler: 404 not found09:31
dzieglerTJ-: retry https://pastebin.com/WUthgaxu09:35
dzieglerSees like github is buggy today09:35
TJ-dziegler: is that the complete log from running the command? if not, can you capture the entire output? "pastebinit <( pbuilder-dist xenial create 2>&1 )"09:38
dzieglerTJ-: Of Course: https://pastebin.com/d345yAfi09:41
TJ-dziegler: line 823 onwards looks vital to this09:45
dzieglerYes, I guess this is the part where pbuilder tries to update the chroot environment. But i have no idea how to resolve a issue like this inside of pbuilder it self :/09:50
dzieglerThe current gcc Version in Ubuntu Xenial is 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1. So it makes sense that pbuilder can't find 4:5.209:53
TJ-dziegler: well, let's figure out out. Those are being removed due to some dependency of the packages being installed, listed in the next few lines, so we can examine the dependencies of those09:58
dzieglergcc-5-base is going to ask for gcc5.3.1 => Depends: gcc-5-base (= 5.3.1-14ubuntu2)10:06
BaronesHi, I'm having issues with BT firmware, I have an Athero Vendor BT, in debian I had to install firmware-atheros to it work properly, but in ubuntu linux-firmware dont let me install the firmware-atheros and BT dont work properly. I dont know what to do10:13
gpunkcan we see your dmesg ?10:17
Baronessure gpunk , https://pastebin.com/xNLcp8zu10:18
gpunkdefine "dont work properly" plz10:21
Baronesgpunk, I can't pair with others devices, sometimes it sees and sometimes it doesnt see others BT devices10:22
gpunkok that means the firmware is loaded,10:23
TJ-dziegler: i think you local archive logic is broken; your log shows it installing "Retrieving g++ 4:5.3.1-1ubuntu1" but that package version was only valid during the development of xenial, and was superceded10:23
TJ-dziegler: combined with all those messages about hard links already existing, I suspect your problem lies there10:23
Kim^JYo peeps! Got a question regarding versions. Can I assume that a package (With a certain name) will exist in both *.04 and *.10? That is, I can assume that openjdk-11-jre will exist in both 18.04 and 18.10?10:25
TJ-Kim^J: you can never assume10:26
gpunkBarones: whats the laptop model ?10:26
dzieglerTJ-: I will try something...10:27
gpunkand the ubuntu version10:27
TJ-Barones: seeing the *entire* dmesg would be more helpful; grep removes important context. You can do "pastebinit <( dmesg )"10:28
Baronesproduct: K46CB10:28
Barones       vendor: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.10:28
Barones running 18.04 ubuntu10:28
Steristtowards the bottom, in the "Manipulation Methods" area, could someone please confirm if "number of non-HPA visible sectors" means "usable area" or "reserved area"10:28
Steristpretty sure it means "usable" but.... just want to be sure....10:29
Steristwording could have been better.10:29
TJ-Sterist: the number of sectors NOT in the protected area10:31
Steristrighto. time to give it a shot10:32
BaronesThanks gpunk and TJ- , I could pair with smartphone just now, honestly don't know why, since I couldn't before. I thought that linux-firmware was loading a different firmware to BT chipset, I'll keep doing more tests with other devices10:35
TJ-Barones: interference from WiFi devices possibly? is a BT-coexist option available in the driver?10:36
leagrisHello, can Canonical devs do something against spammers polluting bug reports? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz-fusion-plugins-main/+bug/18368510:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 183685 in compiz-fusion-plugins-main (Ubuntu) "compiz.real crashed with SIGSEGV" [Medium,Fix released]10:40
BaronesTJ-: maybe, honestly I dont know which spectrum freq BT works on. I can't say for sure about coexist, I didn't see anything like that on logs and commands outputs10:42
emilspwhat command do I run to upgrade from 18.04 to 18.1010:42
dzieglerTJ-: I used a new Xenial Box on DigitalOcean now. "apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools && pbuilder-dist xenial create" runs into the exact same issue. So there needs to be someting broken in the current stable release10:42
lissyxhey hello10:42
lissyxdumb question about apport-collect: I'm facing the same issue as described in this bug, and trying to use "apport-collect" to help with it fails: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/1799007/comments/610:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1799007 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "no sound after 18.10 upgrade" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:43
lissyxit does fail stating I'm not the one who reported the issue, nor I did subscribe to the bug10:43
lissyxwhich I did (I think? I replied and I ticked the "it does affects me")10:44
lissyxI've already regenerated credentials multiple times as well10:44
BaronesTJ-: that's dmesg output - https://pastebin.com/k153jcdD10:44
drogasWwhere does export write? I tried checking .bashrc but could not find it there10:45
drogasWis there a way to check where it is exported to?10:45
dzieglerdrogasW: Does you mean "export FOO=bar" ?10:46
drogasWdziegler: that does me mean yes10:46
dzieglerdrogasW: Exports just define a variable in the users environment. It gets not saved to a file by default10:47
drogasWnot sure what you mean but in the past when I have run export foo=bar or similar it would usually show up in .bashrc, but not on my current workstation (xubuntu) so not sure where it is10:48
gpunkyou mean .bash_history ?10:48
drogasWno I mean where does export export it to? so last time when I installed anaconda, it was in /etc/bash.bashrc for some reason, i moved the snippet to .bashrc though cause I want it to be in user env.10:52
gpunkyou are confused, command shells never endup in .bashrc10:53
emilspwhat command do I run to upgrade from 18.04 to 18.1010:53
drogasWbut now, during installation of PETSc I did export PETSC_DIR=$PWD PETSC_ARCH=gnu-dbg but cannot see it anywhere10:53
gpunkthey endup in .bash_history10:53
emilspdo I have to click gui buttons or what?10:53
drogasWgpunk: mnnnn maybe...10:54
drogasWso how can I add it to my path?10:54
dzieglerdrogasW: vim ~/.bashrc10:54
emilspI really want to upgrade to 18.10 from my 18.04 VM, I'd want to know what exactly do I do to make that happen10:54
gpunkeditmanually .bashrc10:54
emilspcould anyone here help me with that?10:54
gpunkand relogon ir type "source .bashrc"10:55
dziegleremilsp: For Ubuntu Server use: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html.en For GUI Ubuntus go with the GUI tool...10:56
dzieglerTJ-: Any ideas on how to solve the builder issue? I could also add your public key to to digital ocean box...10:57
emilspdziegler: is there a difference between a gui install and a server one?10:58
emilspdo-release-upgrade doesn't upgrade anything, no new release was found.10:59
emilspAn unrelated question - do all flavours for a given release run dnsmasq?11:00
Obscenityyou know what grinds my gears, when channels send messages to Status, instead of in the channel11:02
Obscenityanyways does anyone know, if im not coming from a 17.x upgrade, how do i nuke gnome on 18.x11:04
gpunkyour question is unclear11:05
emilspgpunk: which question?11:05
gpunk"anyways does anyone know, if im not coming from a 17.x upgrade, how do i nuke gnome on 18.x"11:05
emilspyea, fair.11:05
dziegleremilsp: what does "lsb_release -d" output?11:06
emilsp Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS11:06
emilspDo LTS releases only upgrade to other LTS releases?11:06
Obscenitygpunk, i mean remove the new interface and put unity back on a fresh install, because i know how on an upgrade from 17.x but otherwise no11:07
dziegleremilsp: yes, check the file /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades11:08
gpunkObscenity: uninstall gnome ans install unity ...11:08
Obscenityif i unistall gnome, wont i get a grey screen with an x for a cursor, and not be able to do anything?11:09
gpunkdo it from a text-console11:09
emilspdziegler: thanks :)11:09
emilspObscenity: install lightdm and xfce, `systemctl disable gdm; systemctl enable lightdm` and reboot11:10
gpunkor install  unity, test it, then uninstall gnome11:10
Obscenitylike Ctrl-Alt+F2? or like Ctrl-Alt+T11:10
gpunkct alt fx11:10
Obscenityokie, thanks11:10
emilspno, like just disable the gdm service, it will not get started on next boot. And just enable another display manager service.11:10
BluesKajHowdy all11:26
Steristall appears to go well with the hdparm command, and poling the detection afterwards confirms HPA is active, but gparted shows no change and after reboot, hdparm doesn't see the change either.11:31
Steristchange not seen by Ubuntu or Windows post-reboot, and not visible to anything except for hdparm pre-reboot.11:35
Steristquite a placebo11:35
TJ-dziegler: have you made any progress? I've been out running11:41
Steristseems gparted might have reported ...not necessarily incorrect... but partial info, but I don't know if this is the cause of this issue. just my suspicion. gparted doesn't tell the user the sector size listed is logical and not physical11:48
Steristthe number I used in the hdparm command was based on logical (512) but not the Advanced Format standard (physical of 4092)11:49
Steristso I think in this case, the command I issued technically should have the hard drive now thinking it's 8x bigger than it actually is, and thus, some kind of safety kicked in and prevented the change...? I really don't know. shot in the dark.11:50
TJ-Sterist: the -N by default (as man hdparm says) only affects the temproary in-memory setting11:51
TJ-Sterist: as the man-page says for "-N": "... To  change the permanent (non-volatile) value, prepend a leading p character immediately before11:52
TJ-              the first digit of the value.11:52
tamarind hey guys, trying to run nowx via wine on ubuntu 16, 32 bit. installation  completed succesfully, when i try to open the app, i receive a wine error saying that the "QMEmulator has encountered a serious problem and needs to close"11:54
SteristI did. "hdparm --yes-i-know-what-im-doing -N p########## /dev/sdX"  is the format I used11:54
tamarindWhen i click on show details, it just hangs - kindly help on how to debug this11:54
Obscenitytamarind ask #winehq11:59
tamarindthank you Obscenity12:00
TJ-Sterist: you should be able to tell the number to use based on the reported HPA count and the reported size of the device (divide the size by the count)12:07
Steristthe "get" (check / audit) command reports back that the HPA is active and correct as I "set" it and the process of setting it gave me zero errors of any kind (or destruction of hardware lol) yet, before reboot only hdparm can see it and after, nada.12:11
Sterist"get" = hdparm -N /dev/sdb12:12
Sterist"set" = command as demonstrated in message about 10min ago12:13
Sterist"sudo" was used, of course.12:13
Obscenityhands up who says "sudo" as "sue doe" o/12:15
Steristmaybe incompatible with certain brands? idk if the firmware on hard drives it interacts with is standardized or subject to proprietary locks12:16
Steristthe fun is in the hunt.12:17
TJ-Sterist: maybe youu need to check the manual for the specific drive; it may require additional options to hdparm. Is the drive directly connected to the PC on SATA, or via something like a USB<>SATA bridge chip?12:18
SteristI prepared for possible USB complications. it's attached via DVD-to-SATA mount (eSATA? not sure of actual term) but every tool I've checked doesn't have any info mentioned regarding the brand of the mount or type of mount12:20
Steristdug it out of the ol' curiosity botique adapter box ;)12:21
TJ-Sterist: what does this show "ls -l /dev/disk/by-path/ | grep sdb"12:25
muriiI removed gcc,g++ 6 from my machine but when I run ldd it says I'm still linking with version 6 even  though I installed 5. When I run cmake it says I'm   using version 5. I guess it's a problem with the ln12:25
Steristbrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 16, Oct 22 05:04 /dev/sdb12:27
SteristIRC crashed, if there was a message after my last, I missed it12:32
coconutSterist, nope no other messages there.12:34
TJ-Sterist: the output of the "ls" command I gave should be something similar to "lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  9 Oct 19 15:46 pci-0000:00:1f.2-ata-1 -> ../../sda"12:38
dzieglerTJ-: unfortunately no12:38
TJ-Sterist: it shows the device path - in my example here PCI > (s)ATA > device12:38
TJ-dziegler: I tried to replicate in a 16.04 LXD container, but it seems deboostrap tries to use 'mknod' by default, and there is no way to tell pbuilder-dist to pass --deboostrapopts (for --variant=fakechroot) !12:39
Doomweaverhey all. I'm stuck in a tty. gui started getting choppy so I switched to tty4 to check  htop and now ctrl alt f7 does nothing12:40
TJ-Doomweaver: try switching to tty1 (Alt+F1)12:41
dzieglerTJ-: So your LXC container run into the same issue?12:41
TJ-dziegler: no, it ran into deboostrap failing to start :)12:41
DoomweaverTJ-: oh...... who did this -_-12:41
dzieglerTJ-: It feels like, today is the day where i need to replace pbuilder with docker. I postpone that for a year now.12:42
TJ-Doomweaver: if you're using Gnome, it defaults to tty112:43
TJ-Doomweaver: or rather, Gnome Display Manager (gmd3)12:43
Steristwas I supposed to put something other than "/dev/sdb" or does this mean it's not seen as a "direct" connection? not sure I follow12:43
Steristdefinitely not my learning hat on, and I'm not idle between responses either, but (almost) every step in this is new to me12:44
TJ-Sterist: the command as I showed it. If there isn't a symlink under /dev/disk/by-path/ that matches that device it suggests udev isn't working correctly or the interface is one it cannot build a symlink for12:45
TJ-Sterist: show us "pastebinit <( ls -l /dev/disk/by-path )"12:45
Steristthe drive would be seen as blank / uninitialized, it's current formatting is proprietary and encrypted12:47
Steristso, can't go beyond /dev/sdb12:47
Steristbut there's nothing on it important.12:47
Steristoh wait wait... I see, you meant literally to type disk/by-path lol I see now. I interpreted that as a "fill this in with whatever your path is"12:49
TJ-Sterist: doh !12:49
TJ-Sterist: the links under /dev/disk/by-*/ are various ways of representing the device - there is by-id, by-path, by-uuid etc12:50
Steristlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  9 Oct 22 05:04 pci-0000:00:1f.2-ata-2 -> ../../sdb12:51
TJ-Sterist: OK, so that confirms it is a direct ATA connection, so there's nothing in the way. So you'd need to check the disk's own manual for the precise effect of writing the HPA12:52
Steristany harm in commanding device reset?12:55
Steristnothing's been written since the HPA command.12:56
TJ-I don't think so, the OS does that13:03
dzieglerTJ-: Just as an Update, its also broken on Bionic (which make sense, because pbuilder should use the same env)13:06
TJ-dziegler: building xenial on bionic you mean?13:08
dzieglerRunning "pbuilder-dist xenial create" in bionic13:08
TJ-dziegler: trying it here13:11
Steristfound another discussion that pointed to built-in "security mode" being frozen but when that person managed to unfreeze, changes still didn't stick, so, I'm going to call it a day n dig dig dig tomorrow. as always, thanks again TJ :)13:12
SophiaHi. Is there a "free cloud desktop" of ubuntu?13:17
craigbass76I've got bidirectional shared clipboard and drag&drop enabled in Oracle VM, but can't copy/paste to the Windows 10 running in VM still. Anyone else had this problem?13:18
dzieglercraigbass76: Did you installed "VirtualBox Guest Additions" in the VM?13:20
craigbass76dziegler, No. Is that something I do in VirtualBox itself, or the Windows instance that's running in it?13:21
dzieglercraigbass76: You need to install them inside the VM13:22
elektromacumbahello, i'm under ubuntu 18.04.1 x86 and i'd like to customixe my initrd.img.*, but it's not in the usual format like in x64 version, the "file" command say "ASCII cpio archive (SVR4 with no CRC)" instead of classic gzip/cpio format13:22
elektromacumbathere is a way to unpack and customize it?13:22
dzieglercraigbass76: Maybe you need to download the iso image https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads and mount it via virtualbox into the CDROM of the virtual maschin13:23
Sophiaany recommendation about my question?13:24
core7is there a way to send a current process to background and be able to kill the terminal without killing the process?13:26
craigbass76dziegler, not sure. I just spent a few minutes looking for a devices manu that isn't there -- needs to be turned on I guess. :P13:26
craigbass76dziegler, Ahh, except it's still not there. Pffft.13:27
craigbass76dziegler, nevermind -- doesn't show up if I'm in scale mode... It'Crue song -- I'm on my way!13:30
craigbass76Motley Crue ^^13:31
dzieglerSophia: What is a "Free cloud desktop"?13:33
dzieglercore7: i don't think so13:34
elektromacumbano one can help me with initrd?13:45
ledenielektromacumba: check #ubuntu-kernel13:46
lapionI am wondering in howfar the liblivemedia vulnerability CVE-2018-4013 applies to the version in ubuntu 18.04 and 18.1013:47
lotus|NUClapion: perhaps ask in #ubuntu-hardened13:49
cyanidei'm running 'wl' driver for my broadcom BCM4532 802.11ac card. i want to set up hostapd but it apparently doesn't support this driver. how do i figure out which driver to use and how do i install it? it shows "Kernel driver in use: wl" and "Kernel modules: bcma, wl"13:49
cyanidethe wifi card is one of those mini-pcie chips inserted in my motherboard.13:49
LambdaComplexWhere can I find the kernel configurations that are used for the stock Ubuntu kernels?13:50
cyanideLambdaComplex, it should be in /boot/config-<insert kernel version>13:52
lapionIt appears to eb a remote execution vulnerability..13:52
tewardlapion: #ubuntu-hardened is the home of the Security team.  they'd be the most qualified to address questions related to specific CVE statuses in Ubuntu13:53
lotus|NUClapion: it looks recent so, they might be still working on it13:53
LambdaComplexcyanide: lemme fire up a VM and look there13:53
tewardlapion: i've proxied the request to the Security team to see if it's on the list of things they still have to examine for impact first, i'll let you know if I hear anything, but it's one of a list of CVEs I'm looking for data on (so I might forget oops)13:54
lapionah okay.. becuase I saw that debian sid was patched.. but anyhow will look into ubuntu-hardened13:54
mgedminlapion: have you checked the CVE tracker? https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/13:54
tewardmgedmin: not listed yet (I checked)13:54
lapionmgedmin, thank you .. not even on the radar..13:55
tewardlapion: or, possibly not triaged yet.13:55
teward(which has to happen first)13:55
LambdaComplexcyanide: yep, it's there. thanks13:57
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cyanideany help? i'm trying to get hostapd working on my bcm4532 wireless card, but it doesn't support the 'wl' driver.14:16
TJ-dziegler: I think I've figured oout your problem; there are packages in xenial-proposed that depend on pther packages that haven't yet arrived in -proposed. A standard "pbuilder create xenial /pbuilder update doesn't hit the issue14:25
TJ-dziegler: I used raw "pbuilder create xenial", then "pbuilder exec xenial", added the xenial-prposed component, and it triggers the same conflicts14:34
dzieglerTJ-: Sorry was in a meeting...14:53
dzieglerTJ-: Interesting, thanks for your help mate! What is the difference between pbuilder and pbuilder-dist? Im not used to this topic14:54
=== Class7_ is now known as Class7
TJ-dziegler:  pbuilder-dist can be symlinked to call for particular release-arch combinations. If you call it with "--updates-only" it won't use -proposed and you'll be fine14:59
dzieglerTJ-: Tests are running...15:05
dzieglerTJ-: Finished: SUCCESS! Many thanks - You saved my day!15:22
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UberPopeHiya folks. I'm on my first Ubuntu Server install. I'm  trying to install WEBMIN. When I type: "sudo apt-key add jcameron-key.asc" I get gpg: No vlaid OpenPGP data found.15:32
ducasse!webmin | UberPope15:33
ubottuUberPope: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.15:33
UberPopewell well!15:33
UberPopeI'm on a fresh install of Ubuntu server 18.0415:33
UberPopewhat replaced it?15:34
OerHekswe do not recommend webmin, but wget -qO -- http://www.webmin.com/jcameron-key.asc | sudo apt-key add --  # would the good way to add that key >> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-webmin-on-ubuntu-16-04-xenial-xerus-server.html15:34
ducasseUberPope: you could try out cockpit, it's in the repos15:34
OerHekscockpit +115:35
OerHeksAjenti, Cpanel, Directadmin are an other few options15:35
UberPopeNice. Thanks.15:36
ducasseUberPope: or even better, just learn to admin over ssh15:36
OerHekshave a read & look, https://askubuntu.com/questions/967704/graphical-server-management15:36
mgedminfetching gpg keys over plaintext http?  ouch15:36
UberPopeGreat. My goal is to have a local ERP on the server for home business/backups and a mastodon distro15:38
mgedmincockpit is modern and nice and I would like to recommend it (except I've never tried it, just read about it)15:38
UberPopecool, will check it out15:45
gpunki used it, if i remeber, it is more for monitoring than configuring15:54
gpunkyou can use the dev. edition of zentyal15:55
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yelowfishhi all.. im trying to apply modprobe iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 .. but it says : rmmod: ERROR: Module iwlwif is not currently loaded..16:09
=== CommandPrompt is now known as COMMANDPROMPT
gpunkdid modprobe it ?16:11
gpunkcan you post your dmesg ?16:12
yelowfish1 moment16:14
tomreynin case they return: the error message suggests a typo ("iwlwif") on the modprobe command.16:22
TJ-tomreyn: no, that was a typo in reporting the message. The command itself comes from /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf, and the 'remove iwlifi ..." command that calls lsmod > grep > xargs > rmmod to remove the dependant modules first16:24
TJ-grr, s/iwlifi/iwlwifi/16:24
tomreynTJ-: thanks16:26
lunorianI noticed the Ubuntu 18.10 build has better Wi-Fi support for my device, however I want to stay on LTS. Is there a way to request Wi-Fi improvements to be backported?16:37
tomreynthere'll be !hwe kernels in 18.04 startnig february, supposedly. if you want to try them earlier, you can enable !proposed16:38
lunoriantomreyn: So this feburary improvements will be backported? I don't mind waiting a bit.16:39
TJ-lunorian: the 4.18 packages in bionic-proposed are linux-image-{generic,lowlatency}-hwe-edge16:39
lunorianand how would I revert if they cause a problem?16:39
lunorianwhat's the difference between generic and low latency?16:40
TJ-lunorian: sorry, missed out the release number: linux-image-{generic,lowlatency}-hwe-18.04-edge16:40
tomreynlunorian: you'd apt purge the hwe-edge packages and reboot16:40
tomreyn(and optionally disable 'proposed')16:40
lunorianUbuntu 18.10 has some breaking GNOME bugs16:40
TJ-lunorian: generic uses cooperative multitasking, lowlatency uses preemptive16:40
lunoriancausing frequent crashes16:41
lunorianSo I can't just update ahead of time16:41
lunorianother than the new hwe kernels16:41
lunorianIs there a way to make grub display a list of available kernels?16:41
lunorianAnd let me select on boot?16:41
lunorianbefore entering luks password16:41
TJ-lunorian: it already will do; just tap Esc key at boot time16:41
TJ-lunorian: the "Advanced >" sub-menu lists them16:42
lunoriancan I do that by default16:42
lunorianinstead of having to press escae16:42
TJ-lunorian: show the menu? yes, you can change the setting in /etc/default/grub; remove GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true16:43
tomreyni think it's GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu16:43
TJ-lunorian: with those gone it'll wait for "GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT seconds then boot the default entry, but will show you the menu16:43
TJ-tomreyn: that should be the default shouldn't it? I don't see it in my config anyhow16:44
tomreynTJ-: default is GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden16:44
TJ-lunorian: after making changes to that file "sudo update-grub" to write them to GRUB's config16:44
tomreyneither your or my /etc/default/grub seems to be outdated16:44
lunorianwell enabled and updated to proposed16:45
lunorianlets reboot and see if my system is broken or not16:45
lunoriani only see 4.15 kernels though16:45
lunoriannot a 4.1816:46
tomreynTJ-: looks liek yours is outdated ;-)16:46
tomreynlunorian: grub only lists kernels which are installed on your system16:46
lunorian4.15.0-38 instead of 4.15.0-3616:46
lunorianno in the software updater16:46
lunorianof updates which are installing16:47
tomreynlunorian: to get the 4.18 kernel you'd still need to apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-18.04-edge16:47
lunorianoh okay16:48
lunorianthanks for clarifying16:48
lunorianand anything I need to do with grub16:48
lunorianto make it boot that kernel16:48
tomreynlunorian: grub will boot the highest versioned kernel by default.16:48
lunorianokay coolio16:49
lunorianand if it breaks anything press escape and boot an older kernel?16:49
tomreynupdate-grub is automatically run as a post-installation hook when you install keernel image packages16:49
tomreynlunorian: correct, you can press escape and choose a different kernel from 'advanced' if 4.18 wont boot16:49
TJ-tomreyn: not outdated; just the former format. It's still handled. The default when there is noo HIDDEN is: "# No hidden timeout, so treat as GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu"16:50
tomreynTJ-: sorry, i should have said 'deprecated'16:51
TJ-I run my own grub packages anyhow so what Ubuntu does doesn't affect me16:51
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tomreynthis seems to be an upstream change16:52
TJ-that details the keys I mentioned :)16:54
tomreynyes, and it adds: "This option is unset by default, and is deprecated in favour of the less confusing ‘GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=countdown’ or ‘GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=hidden’."16:55
holdenHi guys, I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.1... could anyone confirm that if you go to Setting->Sound->Test Speakers you can actually hear something?16:57
tomreynholden: works for me.17:05
CookieMyes, I can hear a female voice speaking: front left, front right17:06
tomreynholden: i have a usb headset, though, which doesn't always work as sound in- and output, though, and then obviously the test fails, too.17:06
gpunkusb sound devices, are "a sound card" , make sure you select it as the default sound device17:07
tomreyni did, on GUI, but PA kept using the other sound devices.17:08
tomreynalso manually switching the output channel of applications to the headphone has no effect when this happens, sound keeps coming out of the previous default output.17:09
tomreyni should probably file a bug if there isnt one17:10
holdenhmm, strange, it does not work for me and I don't know why... sound works tho17:14
TJ-holden: do you have "alsa-utiils" installed?17:15
TJ-holden: typo... "alsa-utils"17:15
holdenyes TJ-, version 1.1.3-1ubuntu117:16
TJ-holden: I was wondering if the command-line version works, e.g: "speaker-test -D front -t wav -c 2"17:22
holdenTJ-, yes, it works17:36
TJ-holden: so it seems like a GUI-only issue, unless the GUI now works. Are you trying to test to the same set of speakers as just worked?17:37
netcrashHello , I'm trying to compile the kernel 4.18 and I get the issue "flex: -Cf/-CF and %option yylineno are incompatible" any ideas on how to solve this?17:38
holdenTJ-, yes, testing to the same speakers, I have only one set here17:39
OerHeksnetcrash, how do you build the kernel, with the stuff from mainline??17:40
TJ-holden: not sure why that is; I assume you're using Gnome shell desktop?17:40
netcrashOerHeks, I downloaded the kernel from kernel.org , used sudo make menuconfig after I uncompressed it17:41
holdenTJ-, correct17:41
OerHeksnetcrash, i would no do that, use the mainline kernel and build scripts17:41
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds17:41
TJ-netcrash: did you install the build dependencies? Sounds like you're missing bison at least17:42
HamiltonDoes Ubuntu's vim repo, have clipboard? Can u guys confirm clipboard works in your vim>17:42
netcrashTJ-, going to see what the deps are ...17:42
holdenTJ-, all this started because I cannot hear the terminal bell when I open a terminal and press backspace17:43
TJ-holden: have you tried with a clean new user profile, to find out if it is a per-user config issue?17:43
TJ-netcrash: if you were building from the Ubuntu source you'd do "sudo apt-get build-dep linux" which would install all the required packages17:44
ioriaholden, is that a standard install ?  i mean ,did you remove some pkgs ?17:44
holdenTJ-, can try later. ioria, yes, standard install17:46
ioriaholden, check if libcanberra-pulse  is correctly installed17:47
TJ-holden: check logs too17:48
FribergJust upgraded an old 16.04 to 18.04.. DNS is not working anymore, seems that systemd-resolved doesn't want to respond at all to queries, even though status tells me that we've got the correct upstream servers configured.. Are there known issues with systemd-resolved?17:49
ddybingSo, what do y'aø17:50
ddybingSo, what do you y'all think of 18.10?17:50
tomreynddybing: polls are better in #ubuntu-discuss17:51
ddybingAh, sorry.17:51
holdenioria, libcanberra-pulse:amd64                    0.30-5ubuntu117:51
holdenTJ-, any suggestion on what log I could check?17:51
tomreynFriberg: there are occasional reports here about systemd-resolved not working properlöy / reliably, usually those are related to docker, though, and it's a docker issue then.17:52
TJ-holden: if you're using Xorg session, then $HOME/.xsession-errors otherwise a general "journalctl"17:52
Fribergtomreyn: Don't have docker on this node17:52
tomreynFriberg: have you tried restarting the service, checked syslog and dmesg?17:53
TJ-Friberg: will "systemd-resolve somename.com" report correctly?17:53
FribergYep, haven't digged that much into systemd though17:53
FribergTJ-: i'll check17:53
tomreynsee also --status, --flush-caches and --reset-server-features17:54
tomreynand --statistics17:54
netcrashTJ-, installed kernel-package and flex , now it's working17:55
FribergTJ-: Yep, it resolves correctly17:55
Fribergnetstat tells me systemd-resolve is listning to, nslookup google.com doesn't respond (connection timed out)17:56
Hamiltonguys, what vim have u installed and does it have +clipboard?17:56
TJ-Friberg: but system-resolve google.com did ?17:58
TJ-Friberg: as far as I recall, nslookup will use glibc's nsswitch, so see what the "hosts" line in /etc/nsswitch.conf shows18:00
Friberghosts: files dns18:00
TJ-Friberg: I think I'm wrong too; nslookup does use resolveconf18:02
TJ-Friberg: as tomreyn said, try "systemd-resolve --status"18:02
TJ-Friberg: you might see something there to give a clue18:02
Fribergnot sure what I'm looking for, global configuration has dns-servers configured, and it looks fine18:03
FribergAnd it works fine (as systemd-resolve google.com works fine)18:03
TJ-Friberg: do you see the upstream DNS servers listed?18:04
qwebirc56669 i just upgraded to 18.04.118:04
TJ-Friberg: is so, try "nslookup google.com <upstream-DNS-IP>"18:05
qwebirc56669lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS Release:        18.04 Codename:       bionic18:05
qwebirc56669now if i do sh test.sh i get18:05
FribergTJ-: also works fine18:05
qwebirc56669test.sh: rename: not found18:05
qwebirc56669somehow is "sh" foked up in 18.04.1 ?? o.o18:05
qwebirc56669i cand do call php in *.sh file :/18:05
qwebirc56669none loading in *.sh :/18:05
qwebirc56669help me pls18:05
TJ-Friberg: so when nslookup tries to talk to the local system-resolved on it seems to fail, but calling systemd-resolve works fine. Hmmm!18:05
FribergI'm guessing systemd-resolve <host> doesn't go over ip to systemd-dns-serverthingy.. so something when systemd-resolve listens to it is somehow not actually getting the queries in correctly.18:07
FribergAnd this was running 16.04 default settings before.18:07
qwebirc56669pleasee :(18:09
tomreynqwebirc56669: we cannot know what test.sh is or does. to get the lsb_release command, install the 'lsb-release' package18:09
qwebirc56669for example calling simple php script18:10
qwebirc56669in test.sh is php test.php18:10
qwebirc56669it wont loading at all :(18:10
tomreynqwebirc56669: to run a php scriupt, you need php installed.18:10
qwebirc56669before in 16.04 it worked18:10
TJ-Friberg: let's grab some trace info: "pastebinit <( strace -f nslookup google.com )"18:10
JadedJHow can I get the PID of the command 'foo' being run by user 'foo'?18:10
qwebirc56669no i am running it in *.sh script ;) its "included" in *.sh script like php /pathto/file.php18:11
tomreynqwebirc56669: is php-cli or php7.2-cli installed?18:11
qwebirc56669yes :)18:11
qwebirc56669thats the problem18:11
qwebirc56669and bash wont loading also rename function18:11
qwebirc56669or even basename :(18:11
TJ-JadedJ: "pgrep -u foo foo"18:11
FribergTJ-: pastebinit seems to use dns ;)18:12
TJ-Friberg: oh %^&*^!18:12
tomreynqwebirc56669: what'S the output of: readlink -f /bin/sh18:12
FribergI can just dump it to file, then change manually18:12
Friberg2 sec18:12
platzhirschI have to say, Ubuntu 18.10 with Gnome 3.30 looks slick. Very fluid, positively surprised18:13
TJ-Friberg: let's grab some trace info: "strace -f nslookup google.com | nc 9999" (that is the termbin.com IPv4 address18:13
qwebirc56669its /bin/dash18:13
tomreynqwebirc56669: what'S the output of: echo $SHELL18:13
FribergTJ-: cool :P18:13
tomreynqwebirc56669: what does this return? which basename18:14
qwebirc56669somehow sh cant access even folders18:14
qwebirc56669permission denied i didnt changed nothing :(18:14
FribergTJ-: anyway to see that output now? :P18:14
TJ-Friberg: did you get a link back?18:15
tomreynqwebirc56669: "permission denied" is the result of doing what?18:15
qwebirc56669for example chmoding18:15
FribergTJ-: :O not that I can see18:15
qwebirc56669bash doing like cant see the folders18:15
qwebirc56669it exists18:15
TJ-Friberg: ok, it should have given you a URL to view the output as HTML18:15
TJ-Friberg: I guess they're configured the server only to respond to hostnames18:15
qwebirc56669chmod: cannot access '/home/files/*': No such file or directory ... but i can cd it18:16
qwebirc56669bash cant18:16
Fribergeasiely fixed if so18:16
Fribergbut no, it was not the case.. I tried something else and that worked.18:16
TJ-Friberg: oh, I know, hang on. lets add paste.ubuntu.com to the system /etc/hosts temporarily18:16
tomreynqwebirc56669: what does this return?  basename .18:16
tomreyndont miss the dot18:16
Fribergnot the problem.. tried with echo "whatever" | nc ... and it works18:16
qwebirc56669just dot18:16
tomreynqwebirc56669: so basename works fine18:17
qwebirc56669but on bash script it wont18:17
TJ-Friberg: oh, hmm, oh! maybe the stderr needs redirecting!18:17
qwebirc56669like ot wont even exists18:17
tomreynqwebirc56669: can you share the script?18:17
FribergTJ-: just did that ;)18:17
FribergTJ-: http://termbin.com/23qc18:17
TJ-Friberg: as in ? "strace -f nslookup google.com |& nc 9999"18:17
Fribergi did 2>&1 | nc18:17
tomreynqwebirc56669:  pastebinit /path/to/test.sh18:17
TJ-Friberg: comparing with a strace here18:18
tomreynplatzhirsch: glad you like it, you are welcome to repeat this in #ubuntu-release-party18:20
platzhirschtomreyn: sorry, everytime I forget this is about technical support, I've already looked for the appropriate channel :)18:21
tomreynplatzhirsch: i doubt anyone minds a single line of positive feedback here.18:22
TJ-Friberg:  I can't find anything to explain it aside from saying it looks like nslookup returns extremely quickly, with the ETIMEDOUT error, whereas my test shows it waiting and polling for  the complete reply18:32
HamiltonHow to also install suggested packages using apt18:32
TJ-Friberg: we tried 'dig google.com @" with success didn't we?18:32
Friberg:( I might be better of just disabling systemd-resolve and putting in my dnses manually right now..18:33
FribergWell, no18:33
Fribergnot success when trying to reach ever18:33
EliteGodhello guys. so, I've been messing around with my Xubuntu, I've installed some fonts and now on the login screen, all that I see is squares instead letters. any idea?18:33
TJ-Friberg: I thought dig worked! if not, then I'm wondering if you've got firewall rules preventing systemd-resolved to do its job18:33
FribergTJ-: I get timeout however I try to access, dig, nslookup, anything.18:34
FribergTJ-: wtf.. Yes18:34
TJ-Friberg: can you use "dig @ ..." form to the upstream DNS server that systemd-resolve --status reports?18:34
TJ-Friberg: aha!18:34
FribergI had two incoming iptables rules.. flushing iptables and systemd-resolve works..18:35
FribergInteresting that it does firewall for loopback.. :P18:35
TJ-No, loopback was fine18:35
FribergWell, then.. still kind of loopback18:35
TJ-Friberg: at least, the connection from > was OK, but no response so yes it could be blocking the reply18:36
FribergTJ-: I had to add -A INPUT -s -p udp -m udp --dport 53 -j ACCEPT18:38
Fribergworks fine now.. sorry for taking up your time :O18:38
TJ-Friberg: is the default policy set to DROP on the INPUT chain?18:38
FribergTJ-: yep18:38
TJ-Friberg: that'd do it :)18:38
TJ-Friberg: most folks add a "-A INPUT -i lo -o lo -j ACCEPT"18:39
FribergI've not touched this node in about half a year.. and I remember stuff for about 15 minutes.. :P18:39
FribergSounds like a good plan18:39
TJ-Poor systemd-resolved getting the blame :D18:40
FribergHaha :D18:40
FribergDidn't even think of the firewall..18:40
EliteGodis there any way to restore a Xubuntu installation? I've already deleted more files than I should :x18:45
compdocso even elite gods can make mistakes?18:46
EliteGodeveryone makes mistakes. -_-18:47
tgm4883EliteGod: the restore utility is https://xubuntu.org/download/18:49
EliteGodseems that I need to reinstall, yeah. I was with such anger that I've 'sudo rm *.ttf .otf18:50
cariveriHi. abotu ubuntu 18.04 (upgrade) Did you also notice browser use up a lot of cpu time?18:54
EliteGodcan someone tell me, pls, what's the correct command to make a backup of my home folder?18:57
TJ-EliteGod: are you saying you've deleted core files that have broken the system?18:58
EliteGodbasically, I've removed all the fonts :x18:58
EliteGodbad day and now this, I lost my mind18:58
TJ-EliteGod: but you can work from a text console, not the GUI?18:58
EliteGodyes, I can18:58
TJ-EliteGod: you could use the "debsums" tool to discover which files are missing, and feed that into dpkg -S to get the package names, and then do apt install --reinstall <pkg> for that package19:00
monkerscan someone tell me if these errors on the console are normal for a lightly taxed ( < 10% cpu )ubuntu 18 server with a few docker containers?  https://imgur.com/a/a47yccg19:04
tomreynmonkers: there's not "ubuntu 18", maybe you mean "ubuntu 18.04" or "ubuntu 18.10"? either way, it's not what i'd expect to happen.19:06
Soul_Samplehave no sound after restarting in 18.10, after force alsa reload it comes back. any ideas?19:07
Soul_Samplemy usb headset works, but the main sound card just doesn't get detected19:07
tomreynmonkers: take a look at top, vmstat. maybe you have elevated 'cpu steal' or i/o latency.19:08
monkersok thanks, yah these hosts are on my home esxi box19:09
TJ-EliteGod: this seems to work: "sudo apt-get install --reinstall $( sudo debsums 2>&1 >/dev/null | awk '/missing file/{print $6}' | sort -u )"19:09
monkersload average: 11.00, 11.00, 11.0019:10
monkersthats not good.19:10
holdenTJ-, thanks for your help, I was able to fix the problem. I did update my system and run the following command: rm -rf .config/pulse/ .config/gnome-control-center/ .cache/gnome-control-center/ .local/share/sounds/__custom/ . rebooted and it works :)19:12
Soul_Sampleholden: what was your issue?19:13
TJ-holden: great; so some per-user cached config then19:13
EliteGodTJ-: just ran the command now. let's see what happens. if I still see the squares in the login screen, is there any simple fix to that?19:13
rfmmonkers, last time I had a bunch of "hung task" messages it turned out to be a bad memory module (memtest86 found it fast.)19:14
griphookHello everybody19:16
TJ-EliteGod: If you restart the display-manager it should be fine, let us know when you get to that point if there is a problem still19:19
EliteGodalright, it installed the fonts I've deleted. I've "systemctl restart display-manager" but I still see squares in the login screen19:22
TJ-EliteGod: does "systemctl status display-manager" reveal any clues?19:24
holdenTJ-, yes, some of those folders had strange permissions...19:26
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5jysS6mm54/19:26
monkersrfm: ok thanks i will check19:26
TJ-EliteGod: pam_kwallet5 are expected so you can ignore those. Is it the characters in all text that are blocks?19:30
EliteGodin the login screen, yes.19:31
TJ-EliteGod: if you guess and enter your password is the user session OK?19:31
EliteGodnope. all squares too19:32
TJ-EliteGod: I'm wondering if you've got a font selected for the greeter that you've actually removed the package for? did you only do "rm files" or did you remove packages "apt remove pkg" as well?19:32
=== xet7_ is now known as xet7
EliteGodI did just rm the fonts. where do I see the greeter font? can I do that via command line?19:33
=== zark is now known as candidat
TJ-EliteGod: I wonder if you need to regenerate the font cache. Try "sudo fc-cache --verbose"19:37
EliteGoddoing it now. want me to pipe it to pastebinit?19:38
TJ-EliteGod: no, you can watch it19:39
balsaqwhat is the best free VM in the gnome -software19:39
TJ-EliteGod: it is the usual cause of this kind of 'blocks' issues19:39
TJ-balsaq: define 'best'? Linux has KVM built-in useed by QEMU, which is generally operated through libvirt and the virt-manager GUI19:40
EliteGodTJ-: it basically skipped all fonts with "existing cache is valid ..."19:41
TJ-EliteGod: hmmm! well that is good news in a way :)19:41
EliteGodat least, terminal displays text19:42
TJ-EliteGod: did you recently change the GUI font configuration?19:43
EliteGodhonestly, I don't remember, but I don't think so.19:44
TJ-EliteGod: We should test if a new user account sees the same issue, so do "sudo adduser test" ... and once created, restart the display-manager and login as user 'test'19:44
TJ-EliteGod: this will also tell us if the problem is definitely system-wide19:44
EliteGodphone. brb19:45
TJ-EliteGod: which desktop session are you using, Xubuntu, Gnome?19:45
EliteGodback. TJ- I'm using the default one, so I assume Xubuntu?19:48
=== aaron is now known as Aaron
TJ-EliteGod: The default for Ubuntu is Gnome, the Xubuntu flavour uses XFCE. I ask since you have lightdm DM, whereas default Ubuntu uses gdm319:48
TJ-EliteGod: how did this font display issue start? is it a result of you deleting font files, or did you do that when this started?19:49
EliteGodi did that when it started. I've installed a few fonts in order to display emojis properly in Chromium (from a webchat) and then this happened. I've copied several fonts from Google Noto to /usr/share/fonts/opentype/noto/19:51
EliteGodand seems it's a system wide issue. the new user has the same font issue19:51
TJ-EliteGod: OK, let's check the greeter to begin with, ensure it is set to use an installed font. show me "pastebinit <( grep -arn ^font-name /etc/lightdm ; fc-list )"19:51
EliteGodalright. just a second please19:53
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XmW8mBMqp8/19:54
TJ-EliteGod: so no font-name selected in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf so it presumably picks some 'default' in some way. On my system there are 124 font files; yours has over 2100! Also, mine are all truetype (from fonts-noto-hinted) whereas yours are mostly opentype (from fonts-noto-cjk)19:59
TJ-EliteGod: has the system run out of space!? "df -h; df -i "19:59
EliteGodnope, I have plenty of space: /dev/sda6        6,7M  501K  6,2M    8% /20:00
TJ-EliteGod: 6,7M ? M?????20:03
EliteGodthe "df -h": /dev/sda6       105G   25G   75G  25% /20:04
TJ-EliteGod: phew!! you had me worried there20:04
TJ-oh, the first was the inodes :D20:05
EliteGodthe 1st was "df -h -i"20:06
TJ-EliteGod: we'd best look at the logs: "pastebinit <( journalctl --since=today )"20:07
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CbVK5DP226/20:09
TJ-EliteGod: aha! clues at last20:13
TJ-EliteGod: what does this report: "apt list fonts-noto-hinted"20:14
EliteGodfonts-noto-hinted/bionic,bionic,now 20171026-2 all [installed]20:16
TJ-EliteGod: show me "pastebinit <( ls -ld /usr /usr/share /usr/share/fonts /usr/share/fonts/* )"20:17
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/zYbK9W3Mpp/20:19
TJ-EliteGod: from what I'm reading it one cause can be the user doesn't have permisssions to the font files. The directories where they are stored look correct, so I'm digging further20:26
NerdTheThirdthere's quite a few bugs in 18.1020:27
NerdTheThirdit's still a solid release20:27
EliteGodTJ-: isn't that weird? I mean, I've never changed the /usr/share/fonts permissions20:28
TJ-EliteGod: there's a similar issue here with a screenshot that sounds like what you have described, but it just says "make sure all packages are up to date"  ml20:28
TJ-EliteGod:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1008723/libreoffice-menu-text-not-displaying-correctly20:29
TJ-EliteGod: as it affects the lightdm-gtk-greeter we know it is something outside the user $HOME directory too20:29
TJ-I wonder if we should force-rebuild the font cache20:29
EliteGodI'm open to any ideas20:30
TJ-EliteGod: try "sudo fc-cache -rfv" which will delete all cache files and rescan and rebuild20:31
EliteGodrunning it now20:31
TJ-EliteGod: "failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is..." sounds like it could be a problem /writing/ a file, which might be under /var/cache20:34
EliteGodTJ-: the result of "sudo fc-cache -rfv": https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/5q3FcjZM9y/20:35
Tecanllvm needs javascript support compiled with it to use emscripten20:35
Tecanmaybe someone can file a bug report20:36
TJ-EliteGod: restart the display-manager and see20:38
EliteGodTJ-: no changes tho :(20:39
TJ-EliteGod: hmmm, I'm out of ideas right now. I'm reading your log-file line-by-line :)20:42
Bashing-omTJ-: EliteGod . Shotgun approach ' sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup ' ? It would guide you through the steps to choose a font and font-size.20:43
EliteGodBashing-om: any advised font?20:45
Bashing-omEliteGod: Await TJ-'s response . I have no recommendation for your desired font .20:46
frendaHey there20:48
EliteGodwell, after the last steps by TJ-, at least some applications do display font properly. but, I still have squares in the greeter and user session20:48
frendawhere can I download an Ubuntu 19.04 nightly image?20:49
Bashing-omfrenda: Not out yet for 19.04 .. give it some more time :)20:50
leftyfbfrenda: 18.10 just came out this weekend. There will be almost no changes to it from 18.10. Why do you think you need 19.04? (also, not supported)20:50
Bashing-omEliteGod: Seems then to be a system thing rather than just the fonts. I bow to TJ-s skills .20:51
frendaleftyfb: hmm both 18.04 and 18.10 have some problem in Virtualbox in graphic! I thought it's a chance to try with 19.0420:51
leftyfbfrenda: You won't see any difference between 18.10 and 19.04 even if 19.04 was available. You should try actual troubleshooting as opposed to assuming a newer, less developed, unreleased version is going to solve any of your issues20:52
EliteGodBashing-om: thanks anyway. it's very pleasant to have people willing to help noobs like me :)20:52
Bashing-omEliteGod: We do know how that feels . We too once were new .20:53
TJ-EliteGod: I'm still researching it :)20:55
TJ-EliteGod: best I found - but your system doesn't appear to half-installed font files - is this Debian bug https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=83514220:58
ubottuDebian bug 835142 in fontconfig "fontconfig trigger can run with half-installed fonts" [Important,Fixed]20:58
TJ-EliteGod: can you show me "pastebinit <( sudo find /var/cache/fontconfig -ls )"21:01
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xsCB5rkSd9/21:02
Bashing-omTJ-: Just curious but what is up with "févr." in the timestamp of several ?21:05
Bashing-omEliteGod: and a conflict with the locale - language ?21:07
TJ-EliteGod: I'm seeing indications this can be caused by a display driver issue, I then re-examined your dmesg and notice it has an Nvidia GPU (10de:06ec) and it fails to assign memory "pci 0000:01:00.0: BAR 6: failed to assign [mem size 0x00020000 pref]" and no sign of either the nouveau or nvidia driver loading. So I suspect that is the prooblem here21:07
TJ-EliteGod: have you added RAM to this PC recently?21:08
EliteGodmy nvidia card is dead. i'm using the laptop in recovery mode always21:08
TJ-EliteGod: dead?21:08
TJ-EliteGod: well that would explain alot, since it'll have to use a software renderer21:08
EliteGodyes, as it doesn't display anything than a black screen21:08
TJ-EliteGod: so how to view the output of the X server, or see the greeter ?21:09
EliteGodand yes, before putting the new HDD I've added 2 4Gb of ram21:09
EliteGodfrom 2 to 6Gb21:09
frendaThis video (1MB) shows the problem I'm dealing with in Ubuntu installed in VBox: https://u.teknik.io/hFwwQ.mp421:10
EliteGodTJ-: but it was been working well, until today :/21:10
TJ-EliteGod: if the nvidia is dead how to see anything?21:10
EliteGodI mean, with Nvidia all I see is a black screen. and not even windows in dual boot (in the older HDD) is displayed21:11
TJ-EliteGod: ahh, it has an Intel GMA4500MHD as well21:13
cariverihi. did anyone else experience slow down under ubuntu 18.04 (upgrade) ?21:13
TJ-EliteGod: show us "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"21:14
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xJgYbN6KDh/21:14
tomreyncariveri: for polls, you could ask in #ubuntu-discuss or -offtopic. if you have a support question, please ask it here.21:17
cariveriI dont need a statistic. jsut one who also had that problem :(21:17
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
TJ-EliteGod: Do you want the good news or the bad news?21:18
tomreyncariveri: an upgrde from what to 18.04?21:19
tomreynand what slowed down?21:19
cariveritomreyn: from 17.1021:19
tomreynwhich architecture, what are the hardware specifications?21:20
EliteGodTJ-: both? :x21:20
cariveriit appearse that video display in the brwoser is sucking up cpu power a lot. I also noticed that chromium as well as firefox do have a lot of threads running. not sure this is normal.21:21
tomreynthe latter seems normal to me, if "a lot" is < 5021:21
TJ-EliteGod: The nvidia GPU is in use but because you have "nomodeset" (twice) on the kernel command-line no mode-setting driver is loaded (plus that BAR issue) means the VESA software renderer is loaded21:22
banyantreecariveri: try vdpauinfo and vainfo to analyze21:23
cariveritomreyn: < 20, I think. still 100% two core cpu. where it was about 50% I think.21:23
banyantreecariveri: and chrome://gpu21:23
tomreyncariveri: is your video acceleration still working fine? how much memory is available? how much disk space is left unallocated on your existing file systems?21:23
TJ-EliteGod: so I think you have 2 issues to deal with. 1) remove nomodeset 2) figure out how to get the GPU's BAR6 mapped21:23
TJ-EliteGod: the other option is to enter the system's BIOS and disable the discrete nvidia GPU and enable the Intel GMA4500 iGPU21:24
EliteGodTJ-: I think i cant do the latter21:24
TJ-EliteGod: for (2) I think adding "pci=realloc" on the kernel command line may well help21:25
TJ-EliteGod: can you show is "pastebinit <( lspci -nnk )"21:25
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hyTKDp5bSh/21:26
tomreyncariveri: pastebinit <(lsb_release -ds; glxinfo -B; free -m; df -h;)21:26
TJ-EliteGod: that confirms only the nvidia GPU is found. Are you sure it was the nvidia that is broken, and not the Intel iGPU21:26
EliteGodTJ-: if i boot in normal mode, all i got is a black screen21:27
EliteGodeven with Nvidia drivers installed21:28
cariveritomreyn: momory fine, also disk space. graphics card got  new driver from ubuntu 18.04 and is now proprietary.21:28
TJ-EliteGod: OK, and that may be related to the BAR 6 not being mapped. Do you have openssh-server installed on it, and another PC you can connect to it from?21:29
TJ-EliteGod: did the nvidia black-screen issue start before or after you added the 4GB RAM ?21:29
tomreyncariveri: i can't help without the details, maybe someone else can.21:29
EliteGodcurrently all I have is my phone and i do have openssh-server installed21:30
TJ-EliteGod: Hmmm. When the Aspire boots do you see the BIOS POST displayed or is it black at that point?21:31
EliteGodi see all until it arrives to the splash screen21:31
EliteGodand the issue is kinda old21:32
TJ-EliteGod: Yay! So it is fixable. The nvidia GPU is not broken, just the way the system is configuring is not correct. Most of that likely due to the "BAR 6" issue. So, at boot-time you can enter the Aspire's BIOS set-up screens and switch the VGA output to the Intel iGPU?21:33
EliteGodI think i cant change that, but i can try21:33
netcrashHello, How can I determine the driver being used by my Xorg server=21:35
EliteGodTJ-: I don't see anything related to the VGA21:36
TJ-EliteGod: I'm looking at the service manual for the 5738. It looks like the only thing relating to VGA is the amount of video memory21:38
tomreynnetcrash: grep 'loading driver' /var/log/Xorg.*.log21:40
EliteGodTJ-: indeed. it's the only thing I see21:40
TJ-EliteGod: ok, my mistake! That model has EITHER the Intel GMA4500 *OR* Nvidia G105M!21:40
TJ-EliteGod: the other docs I saw listed both as if it were a typical hybrid system.21:41
tomreynnetcrash: /var/log/gpu-manager.log may also help, "glxinfo -B" for 3d acceleration.21:41
TJ-EliteGod: right, so, we have an Nvidia G105M21:41
EliteGodindeed we have that one21:41
TJ-EliteGod: so, more questions I'm afraid, to narrow things down. Has the 'black screen' always happened, or started after some change ?21:42
EliteGodafter upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04 and after I felt that my laptop was "burning"21:42
TJ-EliteGod: it was getting too hot in your lap?21:43
EliteGodit was over a desk, but it even force shutdown. so, I believe that it damaged the graphics card21:44
TJ-EliteGod: I see. Hmmm. I guess that is possible but it has been working with the VESA driver as you've said so I suspect we may be able to sort it out. In view of that I think the main issue to try to fix is the "BAR 6" issue - do you know what "BAR" is and what it means?21:46
AuroraAvenueHow do I change the attribute of an sdhc 4gb sd-card to write-only instead of wat it is - read-only at moment?21:46
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
AuroraAvenuehi Jill21:47
EliteGodTJ-: no, I don't21:47
EliteGodTJ-: also, I really must have messed up something in Xubuntu. Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Budgie doesn't have the squares issue21:49
TJ-EliteGod: I'll give you an overview so you understand what we need to do. Every PCI device has its own address space. For a GPU that includes its video-RAM and input/output ports/registers. When the device is initialised the BIOS (or the OS) has to map those into the CPU's address space. The device lists what it needs in terms of size in Base Address Registers (BARs).21:49
TJ-EliteGod: when the OS cannot find a 'window' in the address space large enough for the request it tries to shuffle other device mappings around to create space but can sometimes fail, as has happened here.21:50
TJ-EliteGod: we can tell Linux kernel to try harder by passing it the "pci=realloc" parameter21:50
TJ-EliteGod: so I'm going to suggest we try adding that first and rebooting to check the log files to see if it fixes the BAR issue, then we can move on to the other issues21:51
EliteGodsure thing. where and what do I need to edit?21:51
AuroraAvenuesure thing. Is anyone gonna give me a hand here?21:53
netcrashtomreyn, thank you, how can I make the nouveau card the default to be used?21:53
TJ-EliteGod: this command will do it for you: "  sudo sed -i 's/^\(GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="\)\(.*\)/\1pci=realloc \2/' /etc/default/grub "  or manually, edit /etc/default/grub and add 'pci=realloc' to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= string -- after that do "sudo update-grub"21:54
TJ-EliteGod: then check it is correct with "grep CMDLINE_LINUX= /etc/default/grub" -- it'll look something like GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="pci=realloc" (and may have other options such as 'nomodeset' too)21:56
EliteGodTJ-: okay. doing it right now21:56
TJ-EliteGod: if all that looks good you can then reboot it and we'll grab the kernel log with "pastebinit <( dmesg )"21:57
EliteGodalright. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="pci=realloc nomodeset" > seems fine21:58
TJ-EliteGod: I'll get a drink22:00
cariveritomreyn: I ran out of time. Ill be on it one other time. thnank you though! :)22:00
AuroraAvenuethat is 15 minutes and I *still* need a-hand to format my sd-card, hey ?22:01
AuroraAvenuebrandwag: doesn't work - none the wiser here. http://pasteall.org/pic/f7944b3ead7b332167bd98c317611a5422:07
EliteGodTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Yprf6pp679/22:08
brandwagmy limited knowledge i would suggest you delete the free space first. i think it would give the opportunity to format that fat system22:09
AuroraAvenuehow do I delete the free space first, be specific?22:10
nshirehow can I check to see if a sata controller detected? not sure if my hdd cable is dead or the controller itself and I'm trying to troubleshoot22:11
TJ-EliteGod: hmmm, didn't help. I think the issue is the memory it is trying to map is 32-bit (has to be below 4GiB) and because you've added the additional 4GiB of RAM, taking it to 6GiB, there is no free 32-bit address space22:12
AuroraAvenueTJ - you do this a lot don't you ?22:12
brandwaghave a look at this and see if it helps- https://tecadmin.net/format-usb-in-linux/ // off to bed im driving to a site in a few hours22:13
AuroraAvenuenobody wants to talk to me today, its always the same!22:17
AuroraAvenueWhat is my sdhc card called ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3xHX4BnjDJ/22:17
TJ-AuroraAvenue: sorry, I'm reading up on options for EliteGod22:18
AuroraAvenueAhh - I found it ... https://askubuntu.com/questions/249376/read-only-sd-cards/251047#25104722:19
brandwagdo a df -h -H > your screenshot suggests the sd is 4G. then look for the /dev which is 4G or 3.8G big22:20
duoianybody use fastmail and the calendar app?22:21
duoifor some reason i cant get it to auth22:22
duoiwondering if there is any hackery i need to do22:22
EliteGodTJ-: I'm truly sorry, but it's getting very late to me here and I need to wake up in ~6h. perhaps we can resume this tomorrow or something like that?22:25
TJ-EliteGod: that's fine. There's one test you can do for me. Try taking out that extra 4GiB and booting it, then check the 'dmesg' log - I'm betting you won't see that "BAR 6: failed to assign [mem size 0x00020000 pref]"22:29
TJ-EliteGod: if that is the case it makes the issue clear22:29
TJ-EliteGod: if we can prove the display is good when BAR 6 is mapped and the fonts are good again we know we're on the correct track22:30
TJ-EliteGod: and if you want you can add to GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX= another option so it reads "pci=realloc,use_crs"22:31
EliteGodTJ-: the CPU has x64 architecture, the Xubuntu install is x64 and the fonts were being properly displayed before I started to manually copying fonts and such. that's what I found weird. by the manual, this laptop can be upgraded to maximum of 8Gb RAM :/22:37
AuroraAvenueSo i finally got the sdhc card (Micro 4gb sd-card) mounted, but it isn't able to format in gnome-drives or by command line so far, what the hell do I do?22:38
EliteGodTJ-: I also have Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu Budgie installed in this laptop (multiboot) and none of the other OS's have this font issue. another weird thing to add to the curriculum :x22:40
AuroraAvenueback in 4 minutes - please halp me!?!22:40
qwebirc95665hello, does someone know how i can speify my pyinstaller version?22:41
black_mambacan you make an evironment variable by concatenating another one or two?22:41
black_mambaqwebirc95665: I don't know, but you might want to ask in #python?22:41
qwebirc95665i trried, and i googled, it seems like an deb/ubuntu problem22:42
EliteGodTJ-: I'm heading out. I really appreciate all the time you've spent with me. feel free to give me more tips in PM if you feel like it.22:42
qwebirc95665* On Debian/Ubuntu, you would need to install Python development packages   * apt-get install python3-dev   * apt-get install python-dev22:42
rfmblack_mamba, if you mean in shell, something like 'export22:43
rfmblack_mamba, sorry, something like 'export FOO="$BAR$BAZ"22:44
tbenst_Hello, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I executed "usermod -s fish $USER" but this isn't a registered shell. I can login to ubuntu gui, but cannot access TTY or terminal. alt-f2 does not work. Is there a way to edit /etc/passwd (as root) from the gui? Any other tips to rescue my shell?22:49
SuperLagtbenst_: no other users that have login access?22:52
tbenst_unfortunately no22:53
SuperLagtbenst_: (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone else reading this) but you can probably boot into rescue mode, and mount the fs and change it that way22:53
SuperLagtbenst_: the way to do that way back when was modify the boot prompt to init=/bin/bash, and you'd drop right to a prompt22:54
SuperLagbut you'd still have to mount the filesystem22:54
tbenst_SuperLag: ok thx, unless anyone else has an alternate idea I will reboot and give that a go!22:54
Jazzy_JSuperLag, you are correct.22:54
SuperLagtbenst_: the other way is to boot from an installer CD, into the GUI, and mount it from there and make the edits you need there22:55
SuperLagthat may be an easier way to go22:55
Jazzy_Jhe can chroot to the system from the Live CD22:55
TJ-tbenst_: can you open a GUI terminal?22:55
SuperLagTJ-: probably not, since $USER's shell isn't reg'd22:56
tbenst_TJ-: sadly not22:56
tbenst_sometimes it flashes on the screen, as if to give me hope ;)22:56
TJ-tbenst_: doesn't the GUI settings have a user manager? all it needs is a sudo user22:57
tbenst_gets as far as my keychain outputting / canonical messages sometimes for inexplicable reasons (don't know why bashrc would load at all...)22:57
SuperLagtbenst_: if you're already in the GUI, can you do Ctrl-Alt-F# and get to a console?22:57
SuperLagthen log in with root (assuming you've set a root password)22:57
Jazzy_JI <think> you could boot from a live CD, mount the root partition from a terminal on the live CD, then chroot into the old environment.  From there, passwd root  and type in a new password.22:57
tbenst_TJ-: yes! good thought. I'll create a new user22:58
TJ-tbenst_: you should just be able to edit your existing... if you create a new user you'd need to add them to 'sudo'22:58
SuperLagI hadn't thought of that.22:58
tbenst_TJ-: hurray, fixed!!23:00
tbenst_SuperLag, thx for help as well23:00
tbenst_(and ty JackH23:00
tbenst_er Jazzy_J23:01
TJ-There is another sneaky way... edit the 'default application' path for, say, the terminal, to be a command "pkxec /bin/bash -c 'usermod -s bash $USER' "23:02
TJ-oops, pkexec23:02
TJ-you could also create a .desktop file in .local/share/applications/ to do something similar23:03
=== [1]MrMobius is now known as MrMobius
balsaqdoes ubuntu have a default (built in w/o installing)  screen shot ?23:36
balsaqjust push my printscreen button on my laptop?23:45
rfmbalsaq, yes.  the screenshot will be saved in the Pictures folder in your home directory23:46
rfmbalsaq, https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-help/stable/screen-shot-record.html.en23:47
TJ-hmmm, on Xubuntu I get a prompt on what to do with it, including uploading to imgur23:54
ChetManlyI thinking I'm still lagging on 16.04 but is the whole read/write ufs still a kernel recomplie thing?23:56

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