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akxwi-daveis what Pug was called on kelewan12:41
akxwi-davedamn dual screen annoyances.. sorry guys wrong window..12:42
flocculantknew that anyway :p16:40
ochosibluesabre: so both problems, the flickery scrolling in the panel, and the broken scrolling in xfce4-settings-manager with plugs go away with "GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1". i'm wondering if we should push this to x-d-s in 18.10...20:15
brainwashochosi: shouldn't that be set for all Xfce?20:34
ochosiwell for the complete session at least i guess...20:34
brainwashI meant for xubuntu and non xubuntu (but xfce) users20:35
brainwashin xfce4-settings maybe?20:36
ochosinot sure20:41
ochosibut possibly yes20:42
ochosii consider this a workaround for our lack of xi2 handling (as i said, not even sure what's needed there, maybe we just need to properly resolve all deprecations)20:42
brainwashochosi: would it fix bug 1799255?21:02
ubottubug 1799255 in xfce4-panel (Ubuntu) "Panel state inconsistent at left and top edge of screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/179925521:02
brainwashreported by a Ubuntu Studio user21:03
bluesabreochosi: oh wow, yeah, sounds like a 18.10 sru to me21:24
bluesabreochosi: I wonder if that causes any bad side effects21:28
ochosibluesabre: well the one side effect i would expect is some xinput2 features missing21:29
ochosiso multitouch and stuff21:29
ochosipotentially we could also just set the env vars for the panel and settings manager specifically21:30
ochosito avoid any potential negative side effects anywhere else21:30
bluesabreThat makes sense21:30
ochosibut tbh xfce was mostly gtk2 until recently21:30
ochosiso no xinput2 support anyway...21:30
ochosiso i generally have two hypotheses:21:30
ochosi1) we need to handle xinput2 somehow in our code. (no idea what that would be though)21:31
ochosi2) we don't need to handle xinput2 in our code, but we need to resolve all gdkdevice deprecations so it will work properly.21:31
ochosii guess we can start with 2) and investigate 1) in parallel21:31
ochosiit's quite possible that it's a combination also21:31
bluesabreSounds reasonable. At least for the embedded plugs, seems like a breakage in general for plugs21:32
ochosibluesabre: fwiw, we already enforce that env var in lightdm-gtk-greeter too...21:49
bluesabreSo I see. I wonder if we just need to the it into the affected apps and call it a day21:50
ochosibluesabre: for now i would say it's a good start...22:31
Unit193Oh hah!  That's why I'd never see it, I have that var set in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/99unit193 ;P22:55
ochosiUnit193: haha, sneaky!23:12
Unit193ochosi: Do you know offhand how to disable smooth scrolling, btw?23:14
ochosinope, would have to google too23:23
Unit193All I'm finding is to turn off animations, which already are. :P23:24

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