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Unit193< sorinello> Hello. Any plans for 18.10 on i386....Ubuntu disabled the 32bit upgrade path as it is intended to drop that arch sometime before the next LTS, not quite sure yet.  As such, Bionic will be supported longer (3 years for Xubuntu) and their goal is to prevent people from upgrading to a path that dead ends.06:39
Unit193Regarding the icons, yes they're not my favorite either.  They come from Elementary's icon theme though.06:40
sorinelloUnit193, thanks a lot for the replies. ANother thing I figured it out on my Lenovo Thinkpad (clean install, TWICE) is that the "Sound Menu" from the indicator applet does not work anymore. Volume buttons do not work anymore (multimedia keyboard and laptop's own keyboard. It's like they are dead. The fix is to add  "Pulse Audio Plugin" item to the taskba06:45
Unit193...Pulseaudio plugin *is* default in the panel. indicator-sound is no longer shipped.06:46
Unit193You either need PA plug, or indicator-sound+xfce4-indicator-plugin+xfce4-..Whatever the volume one is.06:47
Unit193xfce4-volumed, unsurprisingly.06:47
sorinelloUnit193, let me try06:48
sorinelloUnit193, indeed, holy s**t it worked. I googled a ton and found nothing helpful. It is still not clear to me what the issue was06:53
Unit193xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin is likely the better way to go (hence why it's the default.)06:53
sorinelloso a sepaarate item in taskbar instead the one supplied with the Indicator Plugin ?06:54

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