keithzg[m]Hmmm, I wonder why GUI performance on my one machine is so terribly slow now (like, really painfully; the launcher takes nearly a full second to show, for instance).01:53
keithzg[m]Well, I was planning on getting the newer amdgpu driver on this 18.04 machine for the sake of Steam Play anyways, I guess I'll see if *that* fixes it, hah01:54
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Hello Rik! @acheronuk Update: The keyboard not functioning at times in 18.10, that I previously mentioned, appears to happen after installing software - perhaps only .debs too.04:27
QuantosWhich keyboard is it?04:27
IrcsomeBotMikhail Borodin was added by: Mikhail Borodin04:56
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @Quantos, After installing a deb in 18.10 the keyboard temporarily looses input. Typing does not work. It seems to come good after 5 minutes - or a reboot. This did not happen before upgrading from 18:04. Keyboard? - whatever the Dell Precision 5520 uses! ?05:40
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IrcsomeBot<biki28> Fwd from iprakash: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/11/09/app-sales-nov-09-2018/07:50
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> @Anarchotaoist, I can't see how installing debs could possibly do that08:10
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @acheronuk, That is what I thought, but it seems to be a pattern nonetheless!10:02
QuantosTry a different keyboard10:16
QuantosTry a different USB port too10:17
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @Quantos, FYI, the Dell Precision 5520 is a latop not desktop. I am using the in-built laptop keyboard. I do not have another keyboard nor intend on getting one -especially for a newish (5 month old) high end laptop that came configured and pre-installed with Linux. The keyboard works flawlessly and beautifully every time - except after installing a deb -and only on 18.10- as crazy as that sounds! 🤷‍♂️10:39
QuantosConnect a seperate keyboard to it10:41
QuantosTry that10:41
QuantosIt's called troubleshooting10:41
QuantosWhy are you running 18.10 instead of 18.04?10:42
Quantos18.10 isn't a stable release10:44
acheronuk18.10 is the latest stable release10:47
QuantosThat's not a stable release10:47
acheronukYes, it is. 19.04 is the dev release10:47
QuantosSigh, you don't know what you're referring to10:48
acheronukLOL. I do10:48
QuantosA 'stable' release is one that's slated for LTS10:48
QuantosNo, you sadly don't know what you're talking about10:48
QuantosI've been running Linux since SuSE 210:49
acheronukno, that is your own personally chosen definition.10:49
Quantos    After each mainline kernel is released, it is considered "stable." Any bug fixes for a stable kernel are backported from the mainline tree and applied by a designated stable kernel maintainer. There are usually only a few bugfix kernel releases until next mainline kernel becomes available -- unless it is designated a "longterm maintenance kernel." Stable kernel updates are released on as-needed basis, usually once a week.10:51
QuantosIt has nothing to do with whether it runs stable or not10:52
acheronukkernel stable release != ubuntu stable release10:53
Quantos18.10 is not a stable release10:53
QuantosLearn to comprehend what you read10:53
acheronukit is. please stop posting misinformation in the channel10:54
QuantosNo it isn't10:54
QuantosAnd it's not misinformation, the definition doesn't fit it10:54
QuantosYou must be a programmer10:55
acheronukthe definition is nothing to do with ubuntu distro releases10:55
QuantosOh right10:55
QuantosSo the definition just floats on magical currents of air somewhere?10:55
acheronukUbuntu stable releases are every six months. one of those every 2 years is long term support.10:56
QuantosNo they aren't10:56
QuantosThose are dev releases10:57
QuantosProgrammers, wow10:57
acheronukno, with respect, they are not.10:57
QuantosWhatever, pull your hat back down10:57
QuantosThe beta of the Cosmic Cuttlefish (to become 18.10) has now been released, and is available for download at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/18.10/beta/10:59
QuantosThis milestone features images for Kubuntu and other Ubuntu flavours.10:59
QuantosPre-releases of the Cosmic Cuttlefish are not encouraged for:10:59
Quantos* Anyone needing a stable system10:59
Quantos* Anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage.10:59
QuantosThey are, however, recommended for:10:59
acheronuk18.10 is released as final and stable11:02
QuantosWhatever, you have no clue11:02
QuantosDev releases are not called stable11:03
acheronukSeeing as I released it, I think I do11:03
QuantosThey may run stable11:03
QuantosThat does not make them stable11:03
QuantosThis is a word in the English language that has more than one definition11:03
* Quantos goes back to eating gummies and ice cream11:04
QuantosWould you like a bowl?11:04
Quantosacheronuk- I wasn't insulting your work, I'm not saying that the software doesn't run stable11:08
QuantosStable is a release that you don't lose support on every few months11:09
QuantosI might be showing my age and using an antiquated definition, but that is what I meant11:10
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BluesKajHi folks14:45
BluesKajhi TheFerenOSDev14:47
TheFerenOSDevSo, is anyone regarding Kubuntu Development online? Just that I made a thing to basically make an Initial Setup screen for Plasma, minus the actual initial setup window (basically GNOME Initial Setup, minus the window itself, but using Plasma), and I was wondering if they would maybe be interested in it...14:49
acheronukTheFerenOSDev: I will try to have a look at it sometime, or pass it to someone who can. thanks14:54
TheFerenOSDevIf anyone is then interested in it, though, guess I will drop a link to it, just know that is is flawed in a few parts, and it NEEDS SDDM in its current form... https://github.com/feren-OS/Feren-PoC-Initial-Setup-Shell14:56
BluesKajTheFerenOSDev, yeah, you could join #kubunru-devel  with that development14:57
TheFerenOSDevI think that was spelt incorrectly, do you mean #kubuntu-devel ?14:59
BluesKajTheFerenOSDev, yes, my mistake15:06
n0ydHi, does the kubuntu installer or at least the live cd portion which you can install from, do they have onscreen keyboard? Ispilled ramen on the laptop so keyboard only has 2 working keys, and touchscreen aint working right either15:13
n0ydsorry for ad/slow typing, im using win10 on screen keyboard. Once i install kubuntu i have a better solution for keyboatd which involves using a android device as a keyboard15:15
n0ydso as long as the install has pn screen kbd, i should be fine15:16
n0ydsome insight would appreciated15:16
QuantosDo you have a USB keyboard that you can connect?15:22
QuantosThe salt in the ramen probably isn't doing your motherboard any favours either15:23
QuantosHehe, almost typed flavours15:25
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crimson_kingKDE printer settings doesn't offer HPLIP option to add printer.18:08
crimson_kingKubuntu 18.1018:08
crimson_kinghplip is installed. On the other hand, I also have Ubuntu MATE 18.10, which has system-config-printer (GTK) and it works as expected18:09
TheFerenOSDevTBH I've also had issues with the Plasma Printer Manager, too... ended up installing and patching 'system-config-printer' to make it visible in the Apps Menu and use that instead...19:12
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