UnlimiterIs this theme only for 64-bit Lubuntu? https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/WV3j4VOf/lubuntu_mini.png00:03
UnlimiterBecause I really want it!00:03
wxl@Unlimiter: no, but 18.04 only00:04
UnlimiterNot above?00:04
wxltheoretically it would be applicable but i am not sure all the elements are in the archives for the previous versions00:05
UnlimiterI have the latest version currently, 18.1000:05
Unlimiterwxl, so?00:11
wxlthat's for lxde lubuntu. 18.10 is lxqt. so no.00:12
wxlthere may be a way to get the same effect but it would take some looking into00:12
Unlimiterhow can I install new themes for Lubuntu00:17
Unlimiterthis one is what I want to apply: https://lubuntu.me/box-theme-0-58/00:18
wxlnot possible as it applies to gtk and not qt00:18
Unlimiterthere is a qt version of it https://lubuntu.me/box-for-q/00:20
lubot<tsimonq2> And it's completely unsupported, unmaintained, and subject to bitrot.00:21
Unlimiterokay, where can I get new themes for qt?00:22
wxlthere was talk of work on a qt version00:23
wxldid you try all the included themes?00:23
Unlimiteryeah, but I want more00:23
Unlimiterthe only one I really liked is Arc00:24
Unlimiter-Light -Dark and -Darker00:24
Unlimiterhow do I install a gnome shell theme? I downloaded a .zip file, containing some folders and a .css file00:47
wxlinstall gnome shell... and then install the theme XD00:48
Unlimiteroops, i forgot that i have lxqt00:49
UnlimiterI didn't find any way to change the icon pack to a custom one00:54
wxlread the wiki link i sent00:55
Unlimiterso when i download a theme folder, i just move it to `/usr/share/lxqt/themes`?01:01
Unlimiterbecause in that folder exist the default themes01:02
Unlimiterhuh, wxl?01:03
wxl https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt/wiki/Themes01:06
wxlthat's the goto source for customization01:06
mchasardmy jbl go can't be no more be recognized via bluetooth07:56
lubotc0mrade2 was removed by: c0mrade208:17
lubot<JyotiGomes> Hi. It is not possible to do the automatically partition of the disk during the installation of Lubuntu 18.10 on laptops which instead of hard disk or ssd have MMC card. In notebooks with the MMC card (32 or 64 Gb, for example), only the option to manually partition the disk appears. But in Ubuntu 18.10 and Linux Mint 19 it is poss12:37
lubotible to let the OS make this partition automatically. Would not it be possible to add this automatic partition option to installations on laptops with MMC card?12:37
lubot<JyotiGomes> I'm talking about the options "erase the entire disk and install Lubuntu" and "install Lubunto parallel to ...". These two options do not appear when we try to install Lubuntu 18.10 on a laptop with an MMC card.12:39
lubot<JyotiGomes> (Photo, 1280x720) https://i.imgur.com/Zj5mok9.jpg14:27
lubot<JyotiGomes> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/5vJZpF6.jpg14:43
lubot<GatoOscuro7> (Sticker, 363x512) https://telegram.lubuntu.me/e0oda0c1/file_4659.png20:10
lubot<GatoOscuro7> (Sticker, 363x512) https://telegram.lubuntu.me/90nO4m43/file_4660.png20:10
lubot<GatoOscuro7> @GatoOscuro7 [<reply to image>], LOL20:10
lubot<GatoOscuro7> jajajajjaa esa facilidad de uso.20:10
lubot<GatoOscuro7> ¡Qué falso!20:10

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