mwhudsoncoreycb: ta02:27
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WoCxnox, had to wipe the entire installation and reinstall ubuntu... well, now i know not to ever install cacti again for any reason04:26
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WoCsay, xnox is there any guide to mk-sbuild ?08:58
WoCi only get to the; * Before continuing, you MUST restart your session to gain "sbuild" group permissions! *09:01
cjwatsonyou didn't have to reinstall, people tried to give hints after you left IRC09:03
cjwatsonand yeah, you either have to restart the session at that point or else 'newgrp sbuild', quirk of Unix09:03
WoCoops, i thought it was the cross compile session, lol09:05
WoCty ;]09:06
WoCso with some luck and fair winds i may have a ppc64 18.10 ;)09:06
WoCactually, was a good thing i did reinstall... clean now ;] the original install was 14.05 i think09:09
WoCor 12...09:09
cjwatsonthat's fine if it's managed well :)09:11
WoCdang... E: Unable to locate package libc-dev:ppc6409:12
cjwatsonmy laptop was installed from a 13.04 alpha; my server with Debian either slink or potato, I forget09:12
WoCwell, i ponder on that later.. 0312 here, bed time... Well, can09:13
WoCnot say it was well maintained ;)09:14
cjwatsonI assume you have a build daemon of some kind already set up since otherwise this'll be extremely tedious09:14
cjwatsonand a local repository09:14
WoCworking on that :)09:14
WoCi do have a actual ppc64 running though09:14
WoCbut right now it runs 16.0409:15
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WoC-seems like precise, would have worked for the cross compile with mk-sbuild, but the precise version of dpkg does not have --add-architecture and one need to add the --debootstrap-no-check-gpg21:36
WoC-edited the mk-sbuild to use the --foreign-architecture21:44
WoCdid --foreign-architecture in precise require it to be used per pkg ?22:51

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