TJ-fishcooker: right; and there are alternatives for *DAV00:01
tomreynfishcooker: https://packages.inverse.ca/SOGo/thunderbird/?C=M;O=D00:10
ikonia~ /win 100:15
pi0the one that you enter your password00:21
TJ-pi0: I realise that; what I meant was, depending on which Desktop Environment you use, there are different programs that provide the screen locker functionality00:24
pi0is that what you mean00:27
fishcookernoted TJ-...00:45
fishcookervoilla tomreyn.. ic... thats why it is not auto updated... because it is manually installed... the addon not registered on the official addon00:45
OerHeksfishcooker, last comment might be your fix too??00:50
OerHeksif so, please confirm there :-)00:51
fishcookerlazy me, OerHeks... thanks for the TBsync00:55
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texlaHow to activate numlockx in Ubuntu-mate 18.10 before login01:20
lordcirthtexla, "/usr/bin/numlockx on" as the command in a systemd .service file would probably work01:21
Bashing-omtexla: Might check your bios also . That function on my system is in bios .01:22
texlaBashing-om, First place I checked was the bios. Not in my system01:25
HipHop-openboxUdev ?01:25
HipHop-openboxDepending on your distro, you may already have a udev rule for keyboards in /lib/udev/rules.d/64-xorg-xkb.rules. On Ubuntu, this imports /etc/default/keyboard, which has options roughly like this:01:30
HipHop-openboxNot sure this helps01:30
gijoe3kHello all! Question, I have a Thinkpad T60 with a video card ATI Radeon X1400 running Xubuntu 18.04.02:00
gijoe3kI am not sure if it's running the open source drivers but it seems that my FPS are very low in Urban Terror and other OpenGL games.02:01
crimson_kinghow long does it usually take for my uploaded GPG key to show up on the keyserver.ubuntu.com?02:02
gijoe3kIsn't there a non-free repository for ubuntu that has old proprietary  that ran radeon drivers at one point.02:02
gijoe3kI got it working in Debian 9 using this link:02:03
gijoe3kWhich is fine but i would rather use ubuntu for this machine.02:04
gijoe3kCan anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you :)02:04
OerHeksthat x1400 will run on the openradeon driver, AFAIK https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver02:07
OerHeksand the list of cards supported by amdgpu https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AMDGPU-Driver02:07
gijoe3k@OerHeks, Your right, Both Debian 9 and Xubuntu 18.04 use this by default.02:12
gijoe3k@OerHeks, I just know that if I use the Non-Free(proprietary) in Debian 9 my FPS went from 15-10 FPS to 60 FPS02:14
gijoe3k@OerHeks, Hoping I could do the say in Ubuntu or any of it's offical flavors :D02:14
OerHeksi have no valid or known solution to use the old flgrx drivers, than installing 14.04 LTS02:15
shutchhi everyone. just wondering if MST hubs are supported in ubuntu 18.10. i have a startech MSTCDP122DP but only getting display from one of the ports02:47
topkek123any solutions for poor gpu performance? AMD RX 580, just dragging a window around it lags, 75hz display, ryzen 1700 ubuntu 18.1003:05
topkek123nvme drive / plenty of ram03:06
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Bashing-omtombusby: Correct driver loaded ? ' lsmod | grep amdgpu ' ?03:12
topkek123nope everything is loaded correctly03:12
topkek123pretty stumped on this one03:13
Bashing-omtombusby: Yeah, looks good for the driver . does ' /var/log/gpu-manager.log ' give any hints ?03:16
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topkek123https://pastebin.com/raw/jqt5zegR none that i can see03:19
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Bashing-omtombusby: "Is amdgpu kernel module available? no" does not bode well to me . Any hints in the big file for what X thinks ? /var/log/Xorg.0.log03:24
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WoCHow would i go about blacklisting a specific package (cacti), to prevent it from ever being installed ?04:28
lordcirthWoC, sudo apt-mark hold cacti04:34
lordcirthAssuming it is not currently installed.04:34
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pnunnI'm running 18.10 on a dell xps13 and its pretty good except, when I run something that isn't using the wifi for a while, it seems to go to sleep somehow and then I haven't found any way to get it going again other than putting the laptop to sleep and waking it up again.04:46
alazyI have a sound problem. I find my intel sound card at /proc/asound/cards (it's card0). However, aplay -l says I have no sound cards. Audio is dead. What might be going on?04:51
UBUxUBUwhen you installed ubuntu dod you choose to download proprietary drivers04:52
Two_Dogsalazy: see what errors specific to audio show up via terminal> journalctl -b --pri=404:54
alazyI don't remember. I probably would have allowed proprietary drivers, but I don't think this old laptop intel sound card would use a proprietary driver.04:55
gibemoniguys, any good utlity to test/calibrate joysticks such as a wired xbox controller?04:55
alazyindicator-sound[8979]: g_menu_remove: assertion '0 <= position && position04:57
alazyindicator-sound[8979]: accounts-service-access.vala:205: unable to sync las04:58
alazyassertion '0 <= position && position < menu->items->len' failed04:59
Two_Dogsalazy: via terminal> lsmod | grep snd ## hits or blank?04:59
alazyTwo_Dogs: lsmod | grep snd returns about 15 lines, here's one: snd_hda_intel          36864  305:01
Two_Dogsalazy: cool05:02
alazygibemoni: jscal05:02
Two_Dogsalazy: check if a hardware switch muted audio05:04
alazyTwo_Dogs: There is a hardware volume dial, but no switch. Dial is mid-range. Sound often (always?) fails after suspend resume on this laptop, but I din't suspend it this time.05:06
Two_Dogsalazy: share output via pastebin of> journalctl -b --pri=305:08
Ubuntu1810Hi, I want to upgrade to gradle/4.4.1-205:12
Ubuntu1810because the current gradle has a bug05:12
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Ubuntu1810FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.* What went wrong:Execution failed for task ':compileJava'.> error: invalid source release: 1.1105:13
Ubuntu1810gradle 4.4.1-2 fixes this05:13
Two_Dogsalazy: you testing via mpd? if so, failed to decode means no audio05:13
alazyTwo_Dogs: no, mpd was working fine at that time, the files were actually missing. Sound died after 18:00 on Nov 9th.05:17
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lotuspsychje!latest | Ubuntu181005:20
ubottuUbuntu1810: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:20
Two_Dogsalazy: reboot the thing05:22
Ubuntu1810I downloaded a ppa of gradle05:24
Ubuntu1810and the problem is gone05:24
alazyTwo_Dogs: :( That always fixes it, for a while. I normally do that but now it is running a very long job that I'd rather not interrupt. No other online fix ideas?05:26
Two_Dogsalazy: restart all of alsa/pulseaudio05:31
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DarwinElfmy IRC timestamp seems to be keep being reset almost an hour back in time on Kubuntu; I guess my system clock is going an hour back.  Come on, even Windows probably isn't this bad.  NTPD should be installed by default, not using some second-rate GUI time set program05:57
alazyThanks anyway Two_Dogs.05:59
DarwinElfnow it jumped an hour ahead (yes, the system clock)  How do I fix it?06:02
DarwinElfok maybe it's on the server the IRC bnc is on... I'll check that06:05
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mar_d`ghostmanWhy does ubuntu pauses when copying large file on a flash drive? Did a google search and found this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/1208993 Tried adding the lines: vm.dirty_background_ratio = 5 vm.dirty_ratio = 10  in /etc/sysctl.conf and running sysctl -p. Now I'm using rsync to copy files from my HDD to my flash drive and it seems to be stuck at 79%. It's been a couple of minutes now07:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1208993 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu slows down and hangs while copying file from/to USB" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:22
white_magic_mar_d`ghostman: is that a nautilus bug then? seems like you had an error with rsync07:26
pi0is it possible to stream from ubuntu to firestick07:29
mar_d`ghostmanwhite_magic_: I also tried copying it via "File Manager"/GUI, same issue though07:30
ducassemar_d`ghostman: what filesystem is the usb drive?07:33
white_magic_mar_d`ghostman: any chance you just used the cp command ?07:34
pikapikaWhats the simplest way to view the screen on another monitor?07:39
pikapikaI mean07:39
pikapikaNormally the answer is to use a cable to connect the monitor07:39
pikapikaBut this laptop does not come with any slot for this07:39
pikapikaI can keep the other monitor connected to its own separate computer if needed07:39
EriC^^pikapika: ubuntu has built in desktop sharing called 'remmina'07:40
pikapikaDoes the other computer also need to be Ubuntu?07:40
ducasseyou just need a vnc client07:41
white_magic_pikapika: you have a laptop that has neither an HDMI port nor a vga port?07:41
pikapikaYeah neither07:41
marz_d`ghostmanpikapika: buy a usb-> hdmi converter07:41
white_magic_what kind of a laptop is that?]07:41
mousespikapika for a fast and super easy solution - chrome remote desktop is handy07:42
marz_d`ghostmanwhite_magic_: ASUS laptops07:42
pikapikadoes it requires internet?07:42
pikapikaif so, can I intead somehow use an ethernet cable07:42
marz_d`ghostmanwhite_magic_: ASUS laptops that are like Apples seems to be built that way07:42
mousespikapika you know that's a fine question - I think it does.  vnc is also always an option and runs on pretty much anything07:42
pikapikausb -> hdmi would of course be the standard solution07:42
white_magic_marz_d`ghostman: well i guess anything is possible07:43
marz_d`ghostmanwhite_magic_: my colleagues laptops are ASUS that are like mac replica. haha07:43
white_magic_pikapika: since you said you're ok with connect the monitor to a different computer.. i would suggest x11 forwarding :)07:43
pikapikaalright I'll have to look into this07:44
pikapikaAgain, is this possible purely via ethernet cable?07:44
white_magic_pikapika: wait, you have the opposite problem.. x11 forwarding is not the answer.. you are not short on displays07:44
white_magic_pikapika: like others have said, vnc is *probably* your answer. However, i will suggest something else.. look into team viewer07:45
white_magic_pikapika: its less 'linuxy' and hardcore, but if you need something with minimal configuration, it might be the answer07:46
pikapikaHow much slowdown would vnc suffer from compared to direct monitor?07:46
white_magic_pikapika: quite a bit.. e.g. you wouldnt want to watch youtube07:47
pikapikaThen it kinda defeats the purpose I intended for07:47
white_magic_which is?07:47
pikapikaWell I guess I gotta shell out cash for usb->hdmi07:47
pikapikaI wanted a larger screen for LMMS07:48
pikapikaif its so slow, then I guess audio work may not be ideal07:48
white_magic_yea you should probably just buy the cable07:48
pikapikaI have a few hours to me though, no harm in experimenting the cable trick07:49
rfmI would like to log in to a remote ubuntu machine with "X -query thatmachine.local" which basically means I need a display manager on the remote machine that talks XDMCP.  Which one should I use?07:49
pikapikaWhats this 'docking station' thing?07:57
pikapikaCan that trick be used if I dont have a monitor port?07:58
pikapikaHoly shit that cost07:59
white_magic_pikapika: yea they usually charge the big bucks for a docking station08:01
white_magic_pikapika: for example, I've had the XPS 15 9550 Dell laptop since late 2015, so about 3 years now. I still havent bought the dock for it. Not gonna pay like $200-30008:02
pikapikalol yeah08:02
pikapikaWonder if theres some '3rd party' solution that provides similar facility much cheaper08:03
white_magic_pikapika: yea, it's called a USB hub and an hdmi cable08:03
white_magic_oh and the power cable08:04
white_magic_its just less convenient than a dock08:04
pikapikaWill it basically appear as separate devices to the os?08:05
pikapikaOr does it require some 'special knowledge' from os as well?08:05
ducasserfm: i think lightdm should work, but i haven't set it up for xdmcp myself. gdm doesn't support it any longer, i think.08:06
white_magic_pikapika: it works seamlessly08:06
rfmducasse, thanks.  At least lightdm does say it supports xdmcp, so I'll try it tomorrow. G'nite.08:08
pikapikaHow much does a usb hdmi typically cost white_magic_? I am seeing strange figures on the internet, I am guessing I am searching by wrong terms?08:15
white_magic_pikapika: where do you live? the cost will vary08:20
mousespikapika - Here in the USA looks like I could Amazon one for as little as $10.00 USD08:20
pikapikaHmm, the figures i am seeing are on the order of 7-10 times higher08:21
white_magic_pikapika: I'm not sure what's economic for you! i live in USA so cables arent very expensive here08:21
white_magic_pikapika: if really wanna save, maybe try your luck on Ali Express08:21
pikapikaAlright, I'll see what I can get from there08:22
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fradim trying to get the terminal to be launched automatically on startup. I found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/308581/how-to-launch-terminal-on-login and Im trying the most voted answer: Press the super key (windows key) but nothing happens08:38
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white_magic_frad: why not try the first answer? the 'startup applications' one08:42
white_magic_that should definitely work08:42
fradwhite_magic_, where do I find it?08:42
white_magic_frad: press the windows key and search for 'startup' or such08:43
fradwhite_magic_, may me my fault: I run xubuntu, if I press the windows key nothing apperas, not a menu or a search bar. I start typing and a terminal opens, but just because "t" is the sencond letter after "s" in "startup"08:44
fradmay be08:44
white_magic_frad: ok, that explains it. I would personally suggest just added an entry to ~/.profile08:45
white_magic_frad: so the command might be 'echo xfce4-terminal >> ~/.profile'08:46
ducassefrad: there's a section under settings called 'session and startup', iirc08:47
frad~ means my home directory, correct?08:47
lunafrad: yeah08:47
fradthen I dont find any .profile (hidden files are enabled)08:48
fradim an idiot08:48
white_magic_what is it08:48
white_magic_frad: i suggest you just look up the xubuntu keyboard shortcut that launches the terminal08:49
white_magic_when you boot into linux maybe the first thing you will want to do is check something on a website08:49
white_magic_and not use the terminal08:49
fradim gonna use the gui (session and starup), thanks!08:51
white_magic_frad: sure thing08:51
evildeadhello all09:22
evildeadsince the upgrade to ubuntu cosmic i have a bug due to the apache2 version 2.4.34 and openssl 1.1.1: renegotiation failed for ssl auth09:24
evildeadcould i open a ticket in ubuntu bug report system or directly on apache2 ?09:24
ducassetry opening it on launchpad, they'll tell you if you need to file it upstream09:26
pikapikaWhy dont they provide 'diffs' of isos if you have slightly older ones?09:28
pikapikaI had one from when 18.04 was just out, now theres .04.109:28
pikapikaWhats the point of downloading it all again?09:28
Ben64pikapika: they do09:29
pikapikaVia the normal update path you mean?09:29
ducassepikapika: for dailies there are zsync files, duuno if those exist for point releases09:30
evildeadducasse: i dont really understand how to create a bug report in launchpad, i must use the apport tool ? i cant just create it from the website ?09:30
Ben64yeah the zsync09:30
pikapikaMy main thing was09:30
pikapikaI wanted to check the hash09:30
ducasseevildead: use 'ubuntu-bug apache2'09:30
pikapikaand apparently site does not have data for 18.0409:30
pikapikaonly for 18.04.109:31
pikapikaThe link for 18.04 goes to files for 18.04.109:31
Ben64you mean like this? http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/18.04.0/MD5SUMS09:31
pikapikaBen64, see for yourself http://releases.ubuntu.com/09:31
pikapikaoh theres another site with the full data?09:32
pikapikaAlso, it matches with mine, thank god09:32
evildeadducasse: it generate a report but i never explain my problem, it is weird...09:33
thinkyhi there09:33
thinkychromium is not using default cursor with my ubuntu. how can i make it default?09:34
Ben64whoa, they jazzed up the ubuntu server installer09:34
solsTiCehi I just installed ubuntu on a verbatim 32GB usb stick. It took hours to do so. And now the boot is not even finished after 15 minutes. Are this usb stick really slow ? or I have a bad one ?09:35
MKUltraMagnusUSB is one of the slowest storage mediums09:37
MKUltraMagnusplus if it's your first boot and it's on wifi then it's probably downloading updates, making it slower still09:38
Ben64evildead: i'm not finding an issue with apache and ssl in cosmic09:43
evildeadi report this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/180263009:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1802630 in apache2 (Ubuntu) "apache ssl auth failed in renegotiation" [Undecided,New]09:45
evildeadwill see09:45
pikapikais there any way to make a livecd made with the tool that comes with Ubuntu persistent?09:55
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mispphey all, i have an issue with 18.10 on AX370-Gaming 5. sound is never put through the mic/headphones jack, it always goes to the speaker plugged in the back.10:04
misppanyone has similar issue?10:04
misppor i should just report a bug10:04
EriC^mispp: did you try any sound settings > output tab10:08
misppi tried changing output from line out to whatever is offered, no positive effect10:08
misppthe issue is - headphones being plugged in is detected, but the sound is not routed to them10:09
mispprather they still go to speakers being louder10:09
coldpresenthow do i share my user/.ssh folder with my root user? it complains about some ownership issues10:17
ConsoleFxI am using 18.04 and my taskbar foreground texts are almost transparent, which is barely visible at all. After some googling around, I could see that "gnome-color-chooser" could help me tweak the foreground and background of any desktop component. I am using gnome-classic mode in-stead of Unity. Now I started the application but unable to decide which component would actually change the taskbar items background and foreground colors. Any10:17
ConsoleFxpointers would be great!10:17
ConsoleFxit looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/KDVXNfP.png10:21
blackflowcoldpresent: you can't10:22
ConsoleFxYou could barely make out the texts in here10:22
coldpresentblackflow: thanks10:22
ConsoleFxis it like the application doesn't work for classic-desktop mode at all?10:24
me80iqHow can I pipe stdoutput and stderror to the same file?10:29
blackflowme80iq: cat something > somefile 2>&1           or   cat something &>> file      with bash 4.0+10:31
me80iqblackflow: What does the & do?10:32
blackflowin this context it's &>> as one token10:32
me80iqblackflow: Maybe I'm not fully understanding. I'm trying to pipe the output of a command that gives stdoutput, but also produces an error, to curl. "command" | curl ......10:33
me80iqIf I do that I just get the stdoutput10:34
me80iqI tried with cat just now, but didn't work :<10:34
blackflowme80iq: you asked the wrong question then. youasked "pipe to a file"   | is not "to a file"  but "to stdin of another program"10:34
blackflowanyway, this is not the place for this. the bash documentation has all the info, or whatever your shell is.10:34
me80iqI just figured whether it was a file or curl wouldn't matter10:35
blackflow(in fact > is not even a pipe but redirection, but you asked "to a file" so I went along)10:35
me80iqWell, sorry.10:35
me80iqI am a noob10:36
blackflowyeah but it's an important distinction. do you want to output to a file and use stderr redirection into the stdout output, that's the form I gave you.   with pipe to another program, it's |&  if I'm not mistaken10:37
blackflowyeh,   |&   https://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bash.html#Pipelines10:37
me80iqblackflow: Yeah it worked. Thanks.10:38
me80iqblackflow: Now I can ask my real question :D10:38
blackflowoh, a XY problem :)10:38
me80iqI'm trying to get vulkan running on ubuntu. I have an optimus laptop with Nvidia-PRIME and have the nvidia gpu selected. This is the output+error msg from vulkaninfo: https://ptpb.pw/8riQ10:38
blackflowThat I wouldn't know, sorry. Are you building something from source? Vulkan worked for me out of the box in wine, played Doom4 under wine w/ vulkan api. regular nvidia gpu tho'10:41
me80iqTrying to do a vulkan tutorial10:42
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Apachezregarding that readonly microsd card who isnt readonly but writes completed are gone after reinserting the card: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20091710:58
pikapikaHow long does it typically take to install ubuntu onto a usb drive (not hard disk)?11:02
c|oneman1 to 5  times as long as it takes on an SSD11:09
me80iqblackflow: Idk if you care, but I ran my vulkan stuff again with "sudo" and it worked11:10
me80iqdo you have any idea why?11:10
pikapikaAt least the damn bar is progressing11:11
blackflowme80iq: no idea what you even tried to do there11:11
me80iqblackflow: There's some 3d spinning cube included in the vulkan SDK as a test. If I run it as sudo it works, otherwise I get errors.11:11
pikapikamaybe you installed it in a folder or something that requires root11:12
pikapikaI dont install on opt for this reason when there are apps with single folder11:13
pikapika(of course this isnt a multi user system)11:15
blackflowme80iq: I'm assuming you aren't talking about execution permissions? ther error you posted wasn't related to that anyway. in which case... is there a permission problem with regards to a /dev(ice) ?11:19
me80iqblackflow: I have no idea.11:20
blackflowme80iq: can you strace it?11:21
Re12_Is there a tool on Ubuntu (Or WSL) to test packet loss on the router? Something like iperf where I can set the size of the packets my TCP flow is sending and do not to configure the sender11:33
blackflowRe12_: mtr or mtr-tiny for no gui11:42
tomreynRe12_: on linux (not WSL, i would think) you can send custom packets using scapy.11:47
tomreynmtr sends icmp type 8 (and receives type 0), so echo request / response packets.11:49
Re12_tomreyn: So not TCP packets. Does scapy allow that?11:50
tomreynRe12_: yes, scapy does.11:50
tomreynbut most likely not on WSL11:51
Re12_tomreyn: Looks like I can set packet size on ping.11:52
tomreynhttps://blogs.sans.org/pen-testing/files/2016/04/ScapyCheatSheet_v0.2.pdf may hlp, it's a complex utility. ask in ##networking for more help.11:52
tomreynping is icmp echo, you wanted tcp11:52
Re12_Looks like scapy is on wsl11:53
tomreynRe12_: right, but the linux kernel is not. if you suspect your router is dropping or mishandling traffic it may be easier to just capture traffic on two wires / devices close to it and send traffic you suspect to be mangled / dropped between those.11:55
adikwokhello, seniors11:55
adikwokplease kindly inform, do you know what font type used when ubuntu boot in first screen?11:56
adikwokwhere the words are 'flying' ..11:56
Re12_tomreyn: I see.11:57
tomreyn!info fonts-ubuntu-console11:57
ubottufonts-ubuntu-console (source: fonts-ubuntu): console version of the Ubuntu Mono font. In component main, is optional. Version 0.83-2 (bionic), package size 18 kB, installed size 62 kB11:57
tomreynadikwok: probably this one ^11:58
Re12_tomreyn: I guess for my purposes ICMP would work though. What I want to test is whether my office router's buffer is packet based or byte based.11:58
adikwokthx for replying, tomreyn11:58
adikwokand ubottu11:58
adikwoki try to look for that flying fonts type. it is cool, for me.11:59
Re12_tomreyn: I guess the problem would be that TCP sends a burst so I can try to overwhelm the buffer but I'm not sure how ICMP pings work. Do they send a packet at a time?12:00
tomreynadikwok: actually i may have been wrong there, you're asking about the tty font, this is set by console-setup, see /etc/default/console-setup and the console-setup(5) manual page12:01
adikwoktomreyn: i tried ubuntu mono regular in terminal, its not same as the font type, which was flying on screen first boot12:03
tomreynRe12_: icmp echo packets are usually single packets, yes.12:03
tomreynadikwok: right, the fonts used in graphical (X) terminals differ from those used on TTYs / during the early boot process.12:03
adikwoktomreyn: i dont understand how to read this.. # Consult the console-setup(5) manual page.12:04
tomreynadikwok: maybe this helps you more than the documentation i already pointed you to above. https://askubuntu.com/questions/173220/how-do-i-change-the-font-or-the-font-size-in-the-tty-console12:04
tomreynadikwok: console-setup(5) manual page -> run "man 5 console-setup"12:05
adikwokok, i try man 5 console-setup12:05
tomreynrequires that you have man-db installed12:05
Re12_tomreyn: Looks like tcping would work as well.12:07
adikwoktomreyn: i can read man 5 console-setup ..  FONTFACE and FONTSIZE12:08
tomreynRe12_: that's not in ubuntu AFAIK12:09
tomreynadikwok: i appreciate that you can read it.12:09
adikwoktomreyn: the fonts which similar is uroob, i guess, .. but in terminal, i can only find uroob bold.,.12:10
tomreynadikwok: i told you all i know about this, you're on your own, i'm afraid.12:11
adikwoktomreyn: thx for pointing direction ..12:11
tomreynyou're welcome. in caser you get stuck you could also try repeating your question here later or ask in ##linux, too12:12
adikwoktomreyn: ok, here is my searching .. im looking for fonts type used when ubuntu is boot,.. those 'flying' words, are cool.. i installed ubuntu mono, and its not the font like used in boot time.12:14
adikwoktomreyn: ubuntu mono, similar to font used  when i am in gnome-terminal,12:15
tomreyni still dont think i can help more, sorry.12:18
adikwoktomreyn: i found font type, its terminus, . but i can not set in terminal . no terminus fonts. :[12:27
coz_adikwok,   did you  sudo fc-cache -f -v12:29
coz_after installing12:30
tomreynyou just need to: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup12:31
coz_ah I awoke too early12:32
adikwokcoz_: i did just now, fc-cache -f -v.  it print the /usr/share/fonts/ ..12:34
coz_adikwok, I believe tomreyn's suggestion may be more appropriate12:34
adikwoktomreyn: coz_: thx .. im running dpkg-reconfigure console-setup12:37
adikwoktomreyn: i am rebooting my lp after this message, hopefully terminus is able to be chose in terminal.12:40
adikwoktomreyn: i will update soon ..12:40
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adikwoktomreyn: still can not add console-setup fonts to my lxterminal12:47
adikwoktomreyn: ubuntu mono, is cool also, i can use it for now12:49
adikwokmay i ask more question? its about LXDE, .. i had added keybinds for ctrl+alt+t. ..yet i had not found how to set brightness with keyboard, . like i could do when i was in gnome-desktop12:50
adikwokit is only that brightness control i need for now, ( because many failed things i read at the logs, but i still can use this gnome ubuntu with lxde.12:51
ioriaadikwok, you can use xrandr12:53
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adikwokioria: i tried xrandr . and result is no gamma output .. same like yesterday12:56
ioriaadikwok, the exact cmd you used ?12:57
adikwokioria: i am using acer 4315. with intel integrated graphics12:57
adikwokioria: xrandr12:57
ioriaadikwok, no, i mean to set the brightness ?12:58
adikwokioria: yes, i dont know what cmd to use,. i only type xrandr12:58
ioriaadikwok, can you paste the output ?12:58
adikwokioria: i forgot how to paste the output .. and i dont know how to check logs about myname only in this irc12:59
ioriaadikwok, xrandr | pastebinit13:00
adikwokioria: http://termbin.com/be0m13:07
ioriaadikwok, ofc, something wrong there13:08
adikwokioria: many wrong in my installation13:09
ioriaadikwok, well, what you have ? Intel Celeron M with 2G ram ?13:09
adikwokioria: intel celeron, 1,73ghz. with 2G ram13:10
adikwokioria: here is inxi Gxx. http://termbin.com/gwed13:12
ioriaadikwok, should be the  Intel Celeron M "530";   lscpu | nc termbin.com 999913:13
adikwokioria: http://termbin.com/wg3b13:14
ioriaadikwok, and what did you install exactly on that  pc ?13:15
adikwokioria: ubuntu 18.04.1 gnome, change to lxde only13:15
ioriaadikwok, and why you did not install lubuntu ?13:16
adikwokioria: honestly, . lxde is faster than when i used win 7 with readyboost 32gb13:16
adikwokioria: i twak tweaked many gnome things, .. if i install lubuntu, i am not sure whether its gonna break all gnome-settings or not13:17
capayHello. When booting my bionic I get an kernel oops. Don't know what I changed to cause this, but when I rescue the system, and without doing anything more than saying "normal boot", it works. What could that be?13:17
ioriaadikwok, 1) i'd install Lubuntu (given your cpu and ram) 2)  i think you tweaked too much13:18
adikwoknow, i still can use gnome-things .. in lxde, . with much more booster energy13:18
capayIs there a way to get the error in a file instead of having to make a photo? It might be important to know that I'm using a Ryzen 1800X cpu13:19
adikwokioria: i am sure, i tweaked too much, since im blind in ubuntu, tried to find out at askubuntu,.. some things i get from there., till i get stucked , and found out this irc channel13:19
Re12_tomreyn: hey would you happen to know real routers that are byte based not packet based?13:21
adikwokioria: l x d e is fast now, .. and only consumed 300mb when first run, made my laptop back to its youth power, .. i dont know why. but this ubuntu 18.04.1 with l x d e .. is fast now. and i could watch youtube fullscreen HD with firefox, . which i could not do ..even when i was in win 7. i guess. .. back then i could play fullscreen, .. but not in HD quality13:24
ioriaadikwok,  may i ask you what was your original issue  ?13:27
Boggle247Ubuntu 18.04 I've installed KDE desktop. Can I uninstall/remove gnome somehow?13:55
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Greyztarif webserver is listening to all interface when i use openvpn client with redirect gateway,should i then technically be able to still reach the webserver through the main physical connection other than the tun interface?14:12
Greyztarsorry this was ment for networking using webchat14:12
ApachezSetting up virtualbox-5.2 (5.2.22-126460~Ubuntu~bionic) ...14:13
Apachezaddgroup: The group `vboxusers' already exists as a system group. Exiting.14:13
ApachezFailed to enable unit: Connection timed out14:13
adikwokioria: i am looking for how to set brightness via keyboard fn+ left or right arrow. like i did in gnome-desktop14:19
adikwokioria: i tried to add ctrl+alt+t to $HOME/.config/lxde-rc.xml14:22
adikwokand it worked.14:24
adikwokioria: yet i have not find how to set brightness with keyboard. fn+left  or right key in l x d e. ..14:28
Apachezjust a headsup, anyone else experienced segfaulting systemd when installing the virtualbox 5.2.22 update through apt and virtualbox.org?  Some logfiles of the event: https://pastebin.com/7Nn0YMnG14:32
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BluesKajHi folks14:45
ducasseadikwok: the fn key is usually interpreted by hardware, and doesn't send normal key events, so it can't be bound like other keys. you would need special code.14:47
ducasseApachez: if packages from an external repo introduce crashes, that is not really an issue for us14:48
adikwokducasse: fn key for sound volume is working, with pulseaudio too..14:48
ducasseadikwok: probably because it is interpreted by hardware to send volume up/down events14:50
adikwokducasse: now i can only do manually with echo 1 > /sys/class/backlight/acer_wmi/brightness14:50
adikwokbut still its not low light enough when working in the room.14:51
ducasseadikwok: bind it to another key combo14:51
adikwokducasse: how to bind it to another key combo?14:52
adikwokchange fn+left to alt+left ?14:52
ducasseadikwok: i don't know how lxde/openbox handles that, but you could use xbindkeys14:53
adikwokducasse: i did follow <command>xbacklight -10</command> .. but it is not working14:55
adikwokducasse: i tried type in terminal. xbacklight -10 .. the result is: No outputs have backlight property14:58
ducasseadikwok: then i don't know, the hardware keys work here15:00
adikwokducasse: ok, thx for your attention.15:00
Apachezducasse: having systemd segfaulting is an issue for canonical15:03
HaMsTeRsI'm creating a bootable usb with full ubuntu installed15:10
HaMsTeRsit's pain to make it bootable on my surface pro 515:11
HaMsTeRsI need to convert the usb from MBR to GPT15:11
HaMsTeRsand install UEFI15:11
HaMsTeRsi've created a 350MB partition format to fat 32 and move it to the front of the partition list15:12
HaMsTeRssuppose /dev/sda1 is my linux installed partition, now changed to /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda1 is the 350mb fat for EUFI15:12
HaMsTeRsam I suppose doing this?15:13
HaMsTeRsI also used gdisk to convert my disk to gpt15:13
TJ-HaMsTeRs: sounds sensible to me although the EFI-SP does not have to be at the start of the device15:14
BluesKajwhy fat, why not ntfs?15:14
TJ-BluesKaj: because it is the EFI-SP15:15
HaMsTeRsI'm not sure if I'm doing this right15:16
BluesKajTJ-, ok, I don't use efi/gpt, so my mistake15:16
ApachezHaMsTeRs: I assume you already looked at modifying pinguy builder for your needs?15:16
HaMsTeRsCurrently awaiting the ubuntu installed partition moving from /dev/sda1 to /dev/sda2 and building the 350MB fat to /dev/sda1.15:17
TJ-HaMsTeRs: if you've managed to convert from MBR to GPT and not damage the existing file-systems you're doing well15:17
TJ-HaMsTeRs: as I said though, the EFI-SP doesn't have to be first, so the move you're doing is redundant15:17
Apachezyou can also look at osmc who does something similar as you described15:17
HaMsTeRspinguy builder? no15:17
Apachezthey got a 256MB fat32 as first partition to boot from and then the rest is ext4 for the files15:18
ApachezHaMsTeRs: pinguy builder is a script where you can take a specific ubuntu installation and make that into a (hybrid) bootable iso15:18
Apachezjust thinking that stuff made there could help your case15:18
Apacheztheres some info on that script15:21
HaMsTeRsOh.  the Pinguy seem to be a great solution.  Better than what I'm doing now15:23
HaMsTeRsActually the Ubuntu OS was installed under VMWare workstation.   I used Clonezilla disk to disk cloned to USB15:23
HaMsTeRsand trying to make the USB is bootable on the host15:24
HaMsTeRsApachez, after I created the ISO with Pinguy, and burn it to USB, would the USB in persistent mode?15:25
Apachezthe system I used pinguy builder for booted the whole filesystem into ram15:26
Apachezso when rebooted it was restored to how I created the iso15:26
Apachezbut you can easily add persistent mode if you wish15:26
HaMsTeRsBut seems the ISO cannot go over 4GB15:28
HaMsTeRsThe box I'm working on is around 16GB ...15:29
TJ-HaMsTeRs: you're already using the best method to achieve what you want15:30
HaMsTeRsI'm actually following this guide: https://www.rojtberg.net/1032/converting-a-ubuntu-and-windows-dual-boot-installation-to-uefi/15:31
HaMsTeRsand reference to this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UEFI-and-BIOS/stable-alternative#Create_boot-loading_systems_for_external_drives15:31
TJ-HaMsTeRs: the Surface uses EFI boot for Windows, yes?15:32
HaMsTeRs(include Secure boot enabled)15:33
TJ-HaMsTeRs: and you want an external USB device to also boot in EFI mode?15:33
HaMsTeRsactually it doesn't matter.  I just want my own build ubuntu USB to boot15:34
HaMsTeRsand I do not want to make any changes on my surface setting15:35
TJ-HaMsTeRs: presumably the Surface doesn't support Legacy/CSM/BIOS boot mode then?15:35
HaMsTeRsheard that it can change back to legacy BIOS mode.  but I'm afraid that would affect the original OS installed on the system.  (and this is the main purpose I installed ubuntu on USB because I do not want to corrupt the system)15:37
HaMsTeRsif everything works good under USB, then I'll then move it to an SXDC card15:37
TJ-HaMsTeRs: so the only thing different from a regular UEFI install is to ensure GRUB's EFI module gets installed to the removable media path of the EFI-SP (/EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI). I seem to recall that can be configured15:42
TJ-HaMsTeRs: In fact I think it is now done by default anyhow - looking at my system that file has been written15:44
sonicwindI just finished doing this recently with 18.04, and I had to copy the grubx64.efi over bootx64.efi in efi/boot, TJ15:47
sonicwinder, rename grubx64.efi bootx64.efi15:47
sonicwindactually, you've got me wondering now if I did some extra steps I didn't need to.... I'll have to investigate that next time.15:51
BluesKajHaMsTeRs, I have W10 and Kubunru 18.10 on an older Bios HP pc without any problems, i also have kubuntu on this pc using legacy with Bios instead of UEFI/GPT16:00
BluesKajit works well unless you need more than 4 primary partitions16:01
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TJ-sonicwind: interestingly I checked the file and it is done as a straight copy by update-grub/grub-mkimage16:25
TJ-sonicwind: as in "grub-install -v /dev/sda" ==> "grub-install: info: copying `/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/core.efi' -> `/boot/efi/EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi'."16:26
sonicwindTJ, these are the directions I made for myself from notes online. Are you saying this isn't necessary now?  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sXPWXmCxYj/16:27
TJ-sonicwind: makes me wonder if it does any checks for a bootx64.efi installed by something other than GRUB. if not, GRUB risks over-writing some other boot-loader and we're back to the problems we had with BIOS/MBR !16:28
sonicwindBasically, I was doing it manually16:28
TJ-sonicwind: I'm using 18.04 and it did the copy16:28
sonicwindnext time I installI will try to leave it be then.... if it doesn't work, back to manual16:28
sonicwindso that also means that whenever grub has updates, I shouldn't need to do anything to implement the update, correct? I was going to manually re-do those steps in my paste16:29
sonicwindnot sure what core.efi is... mine was grubx64.efi16:30
kishHi all - would really appreciate a little advice ! - Looking to share files such as password store, dot files, documents etc across multiple devices. Connected as such: [devices]<-----> [vpn] <===>[VMs on server]. Would anyone recommend hosting a GitServer on the VM as opposed to mounting the VM directory via SSHFS on the devices (this is looking a little tricky on android). Or any other suggestions? Thanks16:31
rorythe best thing is to clone the dotfile repo, and then symbolic link the files into the relevant locations.16:33
alnrthe icon bar is disappearing from my desktop, have to click activities to see it. how can i make the bar stay visible?16:33
kishrory: so run host a gitserver on my vm ?16:34
sonicwindTJ, you reminded me... when I was doing that, I made some mistake in my steps before I was finished, and it booted into Ubuntu even though I hadn't finished the steps! I was wondering how that was possible. I guess your comments explain that. Thanks for the heads up.16:35
cnnxis there a gui location i can add a script in unbuntu to run when i go into gnome?16:42
NerdTheThirdgui location? uwot m816:46
lordcirthcnnx, open the menu and search "autostart"16:47
TJ-cnnx: or read https://askubuntu.com/questions/37957/how-do-i-manage-applications-on-startup-in-gnome-316:48
adacGuys when I have a have a raid 1 software raid of two disks. What happens if one of my disk is failing? Will the machine still be up and working with one remaining disk?16:49
cnnxlordcirth: there is no autostart16:53
cnnxthere used to be there16:53
lordcirthcnnx, 18.04?16:54
cnnxLinux ubuntu 4.15.0-36-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 24 16:19:09 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:54
cnnxwhere does it say that16:54
lordcirthcat /etc/lsb-release16:56
lordcirthYeah ok.  I'm booting up a VM to take a look16:57
cnnxis that the latest?16:57
TJ-adac: RAID-1 is mirrored disks, so 1 failing means there is still 1 complete image. However, the system may not boot in 'degraded' mode; it depends on which RAID technology/method is in use, and its configuration.16:57
ioriacnnx, the gui should be 'startup applications'; type 'startup' in Activities or in search bar16:59
lordcirthIt's the latest long term support release.  18.10 is the latest release, but the differences aren't very big16:59
lordcirthioria, ah, thanks16:59
cnnxioria: thank you it worked16:59
cnnxsorry its my first day with ubuntu on this system16:59
cnnxjust built it yesterday16:59
cnnxtrying to get things configured16:59
lordcirthCurious how you installed Ubuntu without noticing what version it was? :P17:01
TJ-many people just remember the year number and make up the remainder :)17:03
cnnxlordcirth: was installed about a month ago17:04
cnnxon another pc17:04
cnnxpulled out the ssd last night17:04
adacTJ-, ok I see it would eventually not boot anymore but as long as it is not re-booted it will normally continue to work, did I understand it correctly17:05
cnnxin the top command how do I show all my cpus17:09
cnnxi have 8 cores/16 threads i wanna list them all17:09
cnnxfound it, its '1'17:09
pennTellerGuys, I have a weird issue where sound only works if I have the Ubuntu sound configuration panel open. Anybody know what could be causing this?17:37
EriC^pennTeller: maybe some service isn't running17:40
pennTellerEriC^, but how can I begin to find out if that is the case?17:41
EriC^pennTeller: does "ps aux | grep pulse" give anything?17:41
pennTellerThat is the output of the command you asked17:42
EriC^pennTeller: is the sound working right now?17:43
pennTellerEriC^, yes :s17:46
pennTellerI will test again when it stops working17:46
EriC^pennTeller: ok17:46
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Smaug_hey all.  I just tried tar'ing my whole computer to a file for backup.  I attepted to use an external hard drive as the destination but it did not seem to work.  it failed with a "No space left on device" at some point.   My external hard drive is neither full nor can I find any instance of the file on it.  My actual laptop, meanwhile, is out of memory.18:31
Smaug_My guess is a tmp file was created on the laptop?  however I have no idea where it is18:31
Smaug_and so I cannot delete it and resolove the issue18:31
Smaug_anyone have thoughts on what happened and how to resolve?18:31
WoC-is artful == 16.04 ?18:32
Smaug_WoC-: are you asking if I'm on 16.04?  yes I am18:32
WoC-no, trying to figure out which version is which vs release name18:33
WoC-but i do have a 16.04 installation, i ust dont recall the release name for that version and i need to know18:33
WoC-Smaug_, yes, tmp file is in one of the /tmp /var/tmp etc locations, usew get18:35
WoC-err use wget18:35
Smaug_WoC-: thanks for the suggestion.  you mean i should use wget when I am attempting this in the future or I can somehow use wget to resolve my current issue?18:37
Smaug_i am not sure where the tmp file could be.  is the way to just get a list of tmp locations from somewhere and `ls -l' each until I find one with a large file?18:37
WoC-prolly /tmp which is shm, half the size of your ram18:38
WoC-df -h | grep tmp18:39
Smaug_WoC-: that command gives me other tmp locations?   (i checked /tmp, there is nothing there larger than 10M)18:41
tomreynSmaug_: check the output of "df -hi", too.18:41
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tomreyn!backup Smaug_: tar'ing all of / recursively and unconditionally is probably not going to work or may work but not produce the intended results. Look at this for a better suggestion18:44
ubottutomreyn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:44
tomreyn!backup | Smaug_: tar'ing all of / recursively and unconditionally is probably not going to work or may work but not produce the intended results. Look at this for a better suggestion18:44
ubottuSmaug_: tar'ing all of / recursively and unconditionally is probably not going to work or may work but not produce the intended results. Look at this for a better suggestion: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloni18:44
Smaug_WoC-: in one of those locations are some sixteen or so 65M files named "pulse-shm-......"   i guess those must be the culprits?18:45
Smaug_ubottu: thank you for the suggestions!18:45
ubottuSmaug_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:45
tomreynSmaug_: actually i mean to point you here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem/TAR18:46
Smaug_tomreyn: thank you for the suggestions!18:46
tomreynwelcome. read ubottu's suggestions, too, if you are trrying to setup a 'proper' regular backup.18:46
Smaug_tomreyn: WoC-: should I be worried about deleting these large files in my tmp dir?  how can I check that they aren't tmp for something important ?  or given their size is it a reasonable assumption that this is where the tar was putting itself?18:47
Smaug_(it's in /dev/shm/ )18:47
Smaug_tomreyn: that ubuntu page is literally what I used before running the command.  i included the excludes that they recommend18:48
WoC-depends on what the files are and what you run18:48
tomreynSmaug_: files in temporary directories (/tmp, /var/tmp, /var/cache, ~/.cache ...) are temporary by nature. if they're older than your `uptime` it should be safe to delet them.18:49
Smaug_that is a good point, the date18:49
Smaug_these 65M files were not created today18:49
Smaug_*something* was created by the tar command *somewhere* that has eaten up all my disk space18:49
tomreynSmaug_: i think it will be best to just post df -h and df -hi to a pastebin, as well as the command you ran to create the backup, so we can suggest a way forward.18:50
Smaug_WoC-: tomreyn: it doesn't seem to be in any of the directories output by `df -hi | grep tmp`18:50
Greyztarhow can get a view of systemd execution orders of services? ive tried systemd-analyze plot > somestuff.svg file measure about 400mb but it doesnt show any gfx?18:50
Smaug_tomreyn: will do18:51
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tomreynGreyztar: i dont think "systemd-analyze plot" creates output in svg format18:55
tomreynactually it does, sorry, mixed it up with 'dot'18:55
Greyztartomreyn: its ok,i also did it hehe18:56
Greyztartomreyn: regarding filesize im positive theres something innit,just afraid its something non gfx something something ohh well time to ask google again18:57
tomreynGreyztar: i just did it here and it did create a 245KB SVG file which renders in firefox nicely18:59
tomreynGreyztar: note 245KB vs your 400 MB18:59
Greyztartomreyn: thats strange19:01
Smaug_tomreyn: WoC-: thanks for taking a look!  here is the information you requested:  https://paste.ee/p/NcXrR19:02
solsTiCeso I installed ubuntu 18.10 ona usb stick. it boots and displays [started gdm] but no gdm login screen. so wtf ?19:10
solsTiCeI got terminal but ...19:10
mousessolsTiCe from terminal, what happens if you:19:11
mousessudo start lightdm19:11
tomreynSmaug_: so your / (root) directory has run full. du -shx / and the same on the subdirectories which reside on / to get a better idea of where the storage is wasted19:12
Smaug_tomreyn: ty.  doing so now. seems to be in /home and /usr.  investigating19:18
Smaug_also /media but i assume that's just because i have an external attached19:18
frdmnI had a power outage and now my NAS (running Ubuntu 16.04) is stuck in grub rescue. I was going to boot from a Live USB but for some reason it doesn't boot at all. It's shows a "ata1.00: failed command: READ DMA" as well as a "READ DMA EXT" error every 10 seconds19:19
frdmnWhy will it not boot from the live USB? anyone has an idea?19:19
mousesfrdmn - sounds like hardware failure19:21
mousesfrdmn - did you check the checksum of the image you used to create a USB boot stick?  Does that boot stick work on other systems?19:21
solsTiCeso it finally showed. just have to wait because of the slow disk19:22
frdmnmouses, checksum matches - i tried both the regular 18.04 desktop image as well as the boot-repair-disk, I can see the splash screen in both and then it's stuck in the loading screen19:23
Smaug_tomreyn: results of my root du -shx is at paste.ee/p/znqPk   investigating /home and /usr yield normal files.  only super large files are ones i expect to be so.   Documents.  Matlab19:23
frdmnmouses while showing the errors mentioned earlier in the background19:23
Smaug_could be that my hard drive was already nearing full19:23
mousesfrdmn - Odd.  Not really sure, sorry :(19:24
Smaug_in which case the file itself that I'm trying to find and delete is not necessarily so large19:24
Smaug_tomreyn: but i'd still like to find it and delete it and make my computer usable again19:24
frdmnmouses thank you though :)19:24
TheWildwhy my laptop wakes up on it own second after it was suspended?19:39
tomreynSmaug_: sorry, got distracted, and still am a bit. did you make progress?19:56
tomreynSmaug_: oh you're still looking, ok. what'S /archive ? this is a non standard path19:56
tomreyn /core also19:57
tomreyn71 GB in /usr is much, but doesn't need to be wrong. 42 GB in /media is wrong20:00
plasmidProposing using KVM on my soon to come Ubuntu 18.04 server. If I load windows 10 would I be able to play games in steam ok? Not sure if KVM will detect my video card as a passthrough.20:02
tomreynSmaug_: https://paste.ee/p/znqPk says you have 109GB in /home, but https://paste.ee/p/NcXrR says you have 225 GB fully filled up in /home/thomas - which is a separate file system. so you seem to have something else in /home taking 109 GB space.20:03
tomreynplasmid: if you have a spare video card to pass through to a KVM guest for exclusive use there you'll need to configure this.20:04
plasmidtomreyn: SO what you are telling me is that the host will have a normal video card and I would need a secondary video card exclusively for my Windows 10 instance?20:05
tomreynplasmid: other than this you may be able to use spice with 3d acceleration to share the capabilities of a single host managed video chipset between host and guest.20:06
tomreynplasmid: that's how pass-through works. you pass a full device down to the guest.20:06
tomreynplasmid: and when using pass-through you want to have another graphics chipset to use for the host, otherwise it couldn't provide any output at all, which won't work.20:07
plasmidtomreyn: i have a 2nd video card but if the system came already with the primary video card, do you believe it necessiates a system wipe to recognize the 'old' card as the host card and the new card (that came with the system) to be the guest video Card?20:08
tomreynplasmid: passthrough works so that you tell the host to ignore a given graphics device, which usually requires a reboot for safe operation, then youmake kvm pass this device through to the guest.20:09
tomreynplasmid: i haven't actually configured this myself, so take this with a grain of salt, and ask in #kvm (or ##kvm ?) for specific instrucctions.20:10
plasmidtomreyn: will do. Thanks m8.20:10
* tomreyn got to go20:13
srulii have multiple mounted luks devices, how can i see which sdaX is backing device for each luks?20:18
HipHop-openboxHwinfo swiss army knife of data20:22
HipHop-openboxGparted ...20:23
HipHop-openboxMain tool look at partitions20:23
HipHop-openboxOps backups.. wrong subject20:24
Smaug_tomreyn: i created /archive.  just a folder with nothing in it.     `du -shx /home/thomas` yields 109G.  this is comprised of 52 G of documents and G of other files that are legitimate.    are you saying there are files in this filesystem beyond 109 G?20:27
HipHop-openboxShow hidden files20:31
HipHop-openboxCompressing behind images?20:31
limbo_Is the newest version of thunderbird coming to ubuntu 18.04 LTS or do I have to update?20:35
OerHekslimbo_, ubuntu should give the latest ( stable), https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=thunderbird20:37
OerHeksand snaps give some beta and edge version, 60.3 https://snapcraft.io/thunderbird20:37
tchakatakHello. I would like to configure one of my server as a irc relay (i would like to connect it trough irssi, and having access to all my chans/servers without losing content) how can i do that ? :)20:59
OerHekstons of guides out there, most of them about inspircd https://www.vultr.com/docs/setting-up-an-inspircd-irc-server-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts21:02
tchakatakOerHeks: I am really a beginer with irc (other than connect and talk), thanks :)21:04
Greyztarturns out making oneshot systemd with program that got daemon switch was not smart,rather omit daemon switch and use fork in systemd file,now systemctl-analyze plot > /stuff.svg is 200kb and not 400mb haha21:14
tomreynmy point is that you have 109 GB of data in /home/thomas, but you have another 225 GB of data in the ecryptfs file system mounted at /home/thomas - so the 109 GB in /home/thomas which are effectively on the / file system may not actually belong there.21:26
tomreynSmaug_: ^21:26
limbo_OerHeks: oh, I just had thunderbird open since before it released. Whoops.21:27
tomreynSmaug_: so it's either this or i forgot how exactly ecryptfs works / is represented by df / du21:27
lordcirth_ecryptfs and other nested filesystems can be a bit confusing with disk space21:28
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lordcirthMxMax, hi21:47
XLVjust tried installing 18.10, it just hands, flashing the screen on and off, with just a blank screen21:56
XLVanyone has faced anything similar? config is i7 4770K, gigabyte Z87X-UD3H mb, gtx 970 GPU21:57
tomreyn!nomodeset | XLV22:00
ubottuXLV: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter22:00
madmangun@XLV try adding nouveau.modeset=0 to the grub command line.22:00
XLVtomreyn, i used that kernel boot parameter22:01
XLVstill no go22:01
XLVmadmangun, will try22:01
madmangunworked for me i7 with gtx 107022:02
madmangunHad to use it for Fedora, Manjaro, and Ubuntu... Damn nouveau.22:02
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tomreynXLV: are you saying the installer doesn't start properly or the installer works fine but then the installed system doesn't work properly?22:12
XLVtomreyn, the install doesnt start properly and the installed system after upgrading from 18.04 doesnt work properly22:13
XLVs/the install/the live usb installer22:14
XLVit doesnt even switch to terminals with alt+Function keys22:14
madmangunXLV, did you add the nouveau.modeset=0 by pressing e at the grub boot loader and adding it and then pressing F10 to boot?22:16
XLVmadmangun, not yet22:17
madmangunI was having the exact same issue until that kernel paramater.22:17
XLVdownloading 18.04.1 too22:17
madmangunGive it a try and it should work.  It'll disable nouveau and use your integrated intel chipset.22:18
tomreynXLV: you could also try the daily images, this will get you newer verions of the installers in case which means you can benefit from recent bug fixes22:22
XLVif the nouveau.modeset doesnt work, i will, tomreyn22:23
madmangunnouveau.modeset=0 Do not forget the =022:24
tomreyndaily builds: 18.10 installer http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/  18.04.1 installer http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current/22:25
tomreyn(those are not supported)22:25
madmangunHere is a link that shows how to edit grub at boot, REPLACE modeset with nouveau.modeset=0 in that tutorial.  https://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/04/sln306327/manual-nomodeset-kernel-boot-line-option-for-linux-booting?lang=en22:26
OerHekslook for bios updates, disable  Intel Smart Response Technology (SRT) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:26
mzoi installed a package (expat) and i don't know where its .pc file is22:27
mzobut apparently it should have one22:27
mzowhat do i do?22:27
geirhadpkg -L pkgname   to see what files the package installed22:28
mzothere's no .pc file22:29
geirhathe pkg-config part will be in the corresponding -dev package though22:29
mzoyeah i tried expat-dev but there's no such package22:29
tomreynmzo: installing a software usually refers to installing binary packages., whereas .pc files are files interpreted by pkg-config, which is a utility to generate linker configurations.22:29
mzoah it's libexpat-dev22:29
mzoi see22:30
mzothanks :)22:31
HipHop-openboxTomreyn I don't see it that way but it's close22:31
HipHop-openboxGuess it depends on which Linux distro ur using22:33
XLVmadmangun, that kernel boot parameter worked, it booted in low res mode.. but now it shows the text mode info of system loading and its stuck on somethng about a start job for Hold until process finished up22:36
madmangunInteresting, try waiting out the start job and take note of any errors.  Can you give me the make and model of your computer?  I should have asked that before.22:39
tomreynXLV: this, run in a terminal, should provide the above info: dmesg -t | grep ^DMI:22:42
tomreynterminal or tty22:42
tomreynHipHop-openbox: yes it probably does, i agree22:46
XLVmadmangun, i7 4770K, gigabyte z87x-ud3h, gtx 97022:47
XLVtomreyn, doesnt switch to terminals22:48
XLVgonna try the mini netboot alt installer22:48
tomreynXLV: well you could boot to recovery and run it there, it would also print your current bios version. but you can also see this from the bios setup utility as well as during POST22:50
XLVtomreyn, already loaded the mini installer22:50
XLVbios is the latest for that mb22:51
XLVits old stuff, z87 about 4 years old now, no new bioses out for it22:51
c|onemanI'd be cool if during apt updates it had a graph that showed CPU, HDD and LAN bottlenecks/activity22:52
tomreynXLV: oh right, i justnoticed, 2014 is the latest22:53
Sven_vBwhen using debootstrap inside an Ubuntu LiveCD session, will it automatically use packages stored on the LiveCD if they're useful?22:53
tomreynSven_vB: i dont know for certain but i doubt it pretty much22:55
Sven_vBtomreyn, thanks. then I'll have to check how to configure it.22:56
WoCXLV try adding kernel param nouvaux=0 <-- sorry, forgot how the nvidia open source thing is spelled22:57
XLVWoC, did so, worked re: the video but it got stuck elsewhere23:00
WoChybrid gfx ?23:00
tomreynSven_vB: i don't think debootstrap can use more than a single apt repository, so this might proove difficult.23:00
madmangun@WoC I had him set nouveau.modeset=0 and it helped him get a little further. Not sure what's causing the issue atm.23:00
XLVno, desktop, no optimus23:01
WoCk madmangun, was thinking it had to do with nouveau vs fb23:02
tomreynit might be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mutter/+bug/172735623:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1727356 in mutter (Ubuntu Bionic) "Login screen never appears on early generation Intel GPUs (Core2 and Atom etc)" [High,Fix committed]23:03
Sven_vBtomreyn, in that case I might need to use a webserver that virtually combines available files from several repos. which might need some magic for the package list files.23:03
Sven_vBor make my own one repo to rule them all.23:04
XLVtomreyn, i aint using the IGP at all.. the monitor is connected to the dGPU23:04
tomreynSven_vB: good luck with this, could take a while.23:04
tomreynXLV: i see.23:05
tomreynXLV: personally i'd connect the screen to the primary graphics chipset during installation - which i surely the intel one.23:08
tomreynthats not to say what you're trying to do can't work23:08
XLVtomreyn, the BIOS has option on which video chip to initialize first23:09
KingPapuBBC 1 BBC 2 BBC 3 BBC 4 BBC 5 BBC 6 BBC 7 BBC HEAVEN!23:12
KingPapuPut on the telly23:12
KingPapuTo the BBC23:12
KingPapuTo the BBC yeah yeah yeah23:12
KingPapuTO THE BBC!23:12
XLVKingPapu, rayciss23:13
kernelpanicHello! I'm using ubuntu16 and have a /etc/network/interfaces like https://pastebin.com/6wApDEhW. (dhcp and static via an interface alias). My problem is that when dhclient times out (no dhcp server present) and there is a /var/lib/dhclient.*leases from previous DHCP leases, then dhclient will tear down eth0:1, making the system inaccessible from the outside. I only recently started observing this, think it didn't happen before, and23:33
kernelpaniccannot figure out why it does that. Can you give me a hint please?23:33
NewToLubuntumy right mouse key is really unresponsive and I'm wondering if anyone knows a package I could download to allow me to tie a button on my keyboard as my right mouse click23:43
ducasseNewToLubuntu: maybe xdotool can send a right button event, i've never tried23:46
ducasseit can send left button events afaik23:48

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