guiverci did a qa-test install of disco (xubu i386); on shutdown/reboot I saw 18.10 appear which I think came from `plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text` - do you want me to note/report or just ignore (forget about it)01:46
Unit193That's from xubuntu-artwork, and yeah you can ignore that for now.01:46
Unit193(Thanks for checking!)01:46
guiverc:)   is mentioned in my qa-test comments; will add package to those notes..  thanks Unit193 01:47
Unit193plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text is the binary package, fwiw.01:48
guiverci didn't chase down where the text was .. that was the package I stopped at (blamed rightly or wrongly)01:49
guivercthanks Unit193 01:49
Unit193Hah, that's fine.  I just happen to know so figured I may as well state it. :)01:50
Unit193FYI: I've already sync'd a few packages, thunar-volman and xfce4-appfinder should have notable changes.01:52
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guivercfyi: Unit193 i played with thunar-volman (0.9.0-1) having no issues (paplay as command on adding thigns like keyboard)03:47
guivercapp.finder - clearing custom command history - no idea why people would want that, but ...   what does it clear; my ~/.bash_history wasn't emptied?03:52
guivercis it clearing the whisker.menu?   03:53
Unit193That'd be your entries for what to launch in xfce4-appfinder03:54
guivercokay thanks.. will continue to play :)03:54
guiverc(now I see's it  (left tab, 3rd from top) - I'm very !observant03:56
Unit193appfinder also doubles as xfrun4, I only use it as the latter.03:57
guivercthe 'sngle window' is VERY VERY useful !!  (without it I can fill my..)04:01
flocculantbluesabre: if I set up the first meeting for the cycle - can you take things from the pad and add them as items12:37
bluesabreflocculant: certainly12:38
flocculantthen perhaps we can see what the thoughts are on them - and if we get an ouroboros on any take them to m/l otherwise just vote and get on with them?12:39
flocculantbluesabre: and Friday night best for you? In which case it won't be next Friday as I have a concert to go to ...12:39
flocculantalso if I did 24th gives people time to visit the pad to see any comments made there12:40
bluesabreflocculant: Friday should be fine, or the 24th12:59
flocculantbluesabre: my bad - I meant the 23rd, next Friday I'm out :)13:01
flocculantFriday evening seems to get more people13:01
bluesabre23rd is also A-OK13:01
flocculantwe even get slickymaster coming then - to see he's next up so he can forget again :p13:01
flocculantokey doke - I'll set that up for then later today13:02
bluesabreflocculant: much appreciated13:02
flocculantknome: hah - forgot I'd unsubscribed from users list ... can you let the meeting mail through there for me :p13:33
flocculantbluesabre: all done anyway - apart from that ...13:36
flocculantcya later13:45
flocculantthanks whoever did that :)14:47

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