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gijoe3kHey Friends, Im running Xubuntu 18.04.....I really like it :D Can you guys point me in the right direction on how configure Thunar to allow me to right click a folder to share on Samba?07:53
Unit193You'll want to install the thunar-shares-plugin (and samba, if you don't have it.)07:56
gijoe3kgotcha, ill try it now :)07:57
xubuntu15wI have a problem with the nvidia-driver-390 on xubuntu 18.10. Changing from nouveau to the proprietary driver ends up in only resolution 640x480. Changing back to nouveau still the same problem. Only  --purge nvidia* solved the problem. Is this a bug I should report?12:51
Spassxubuntu15w, what graphics card do you have?12:56
xubuntu15wGainward Geforce 1050 Ti12:57
brainwashxubuntu15w: the nvidia config app does not offer you other resolutions?13:22
shoostrugling with wifi on my dell xps 15 and 10.04 braver13:54
shooseems on internet the tips is to open backchannelS?13:54
shoocan anyone help me a bit with this?13:54
shoo2got a cable to connect to xps 1513:56
shoo2anyine abe to helpme out?13:57
dkesselmeh, too late. i have an xps 15 too and no problems at all...14:16

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