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dcolesIs there any way to check the PPA upload status. I pushed to ppa:dcoles/gentoo-openssh about an hour ago -- dput reports it uploaded, but nothing on https://launchpad.net/~dcoles/+archive/ubuntu/gentoo-openssh and no email in inbox or spam.03:49
hloeungdcoles: hmm, you sure you uploaded it there?03:52
hloeungdcoles: there's nothing about building or built, so either it was uploaded wrong place or was rejected (ssh key used to sign?)03:52
hloeungerr s/ssh/gpg/03:52
dcoles`dput ppa:dcoles/gentoo-openssh gentoo-openssh_7.9p1-0ubuntu1_amd64.changes`03:52
dcolesIt's possible I uploaded my gpg key after the dput, but the key is registered now.03:54
dcolesI tried to repush, but get told "Package has already been uploaded to ppa on ppa.launchpad.net".03:55
hloeungyeah, I htink it got rejected due to wrong key03:55
hloeungremove the local .uploaded file03:55
hloeungand it should have sent you an e-mail about it being rejected... either it's caught in some spam filter or being deferred due to mail volume03:56
dcoleshloeung: Thanks! Didn't know about the .upload file.03:56
dcolesGreat! Just got a rejection email for that attempt (mixed upload). Thanks for your help.03:58
hloeungah ha03:59
hloeungoh look, it's there now04:15
dcoleshloeung: Yup! Just needed to push the source-only package. :)04:48
mvohey, can I help with https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/ubuntu-archive-publishing/sync-cnf-metadata/+merge/356117 in some way?  I guess we should limit it (initially?) to disco only but I would love to see this moving forward13:51
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