pchamtaczkeHi! Do you know some tool or api to download your bulletins and packages? For example: https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2017/CVE-2017-14494.html12:15
ubottudnsmasq before 2.78, when configured as a relay, allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive memory information via vectors involving handling DHCPv6 forwarded requests. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2017-14494)12:15
pchamtaczkeI develop tool to download bulletins and cve with vulnerable packages from many sources and either yours!12:17
TJ-pchamtaczke: try the channel #ubuntu-hardened where the security team are12:19
pchamtaczkeCurrently I try to parse your website, but its hard. Mainly because, there is not strict reference to every field12:19
pchamtaczkeThanks! So im going there12:19
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acheronukmwhudson tianon: thanks. for the record, I need disco to set up Kubuntu CI to do builds for disco13:20
ahasenackhi, I believe this MIR is complete (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mecab/+bug/1781529), could an AA act on the mecab-ipadic package too please?13:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1781529 in mecab-ipadic (Ubuntu) "[MIR] mecab" [Undecided,Fix committed]13:24
ahasenackmecab was done a few days ago13:24
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rbasakSkuggen: you said in the bug "Both mecab and MySQL have a dependency on mecab-ipadic" but there doesn't seem to be a dependency on mecab-ipadic now?14:05
rbasaknacc, kstenerud: how about 1600 UTC tomorrow for the PHP sync? If that's too early for you nacc, then kstenerud are you available after EOD one day this week please?14:40
naccrbasak: i think that should work for me14:42
naccrbasak: can you send me a calendar invite?14:42
rbasaknacc: sent I think.14:45
naccrbasak: received. I'm in CST now, so it's not bad for me at all14:53
ubottucyphermox, jbicha, micahg, rbasak, sil2100, slashd, tsimonq2: DMB ping.15:00
Odd_Bloketdaitx: Congrats!16:15
tsimonq2Does anyone know where the udevbot code lives?16:21
xnoxmaybe try asking on #ubuntu-irc ?16:23
dokojamespage, coreycb: python 3.6.7 and 3.7.1 are now in bionic-updates19:12
coreycbdoko: great thanks for the update19:15
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