lordievaderGood morning07:31
Mr_Pansmb, from BW :P im in Singen08:12
ahasenackgood morning10:40
ahasenackrbasak: hi,11:08
ahasenackrbasak: in terms of the git workflow for merges,11:08
ahasenackrbasak: do you have a preference about when to commit "added changes": before git ubuntu merge finish, or after?11:09
rbasakahasenack: ideally before, but I don't think there's any need to rebase etc if it goes in later.12:10
ahasenackrbasak: that's fine12:17
ahasenackrbasak: another question, when consolidating the logical12:17
ahasenackI have a delta which is adding a file, then another piece of delta which is changing that file12:17
ahasenackrbasak: I presume it's ok and wanted to consolidate those two into one commit, "adding file"? Or do we want to record the change? The change was a bugfix12:17
ahasenackspecifically, it's the apparmor profile12:17
rbasakIt should definitely be consolidated by the time of the next logical (in he following merge).12:18
rbasakI don't have a strong feeling on whether it needs doing in _this_ merge12:19
ahasenackit should have been consolidated in the previous merge already I think12:19
ahasenacknow I'm adding yet another fix to it, that's one of the "added changes"12:19
ahasenackso here it's still separated, to be consolidated next time12:19
ahasenackthat's when I noticed it wasn't consolidated previously12:19
rbasakSometimes the need will be noticed in a MP, and in that case I think it's fine to leave as a fixup commit12:19
rbasakFor consolidation next time12:19
rbasakSo in the general case I think it's fine.12:20
rbasak(except that it must be consolidated in the "logical" step next time)12:20
rbasakIOW, the one place that I think it is a requirement to complete full consolidation is in the logical step in our workflow.12:20
rbasakIf a change comes after that for whatever reason, it can wait until the following logical step in the following merge.12:21
rbasakIn the case of a mistake following the workflow (missing a thing in logical) I think being lenient is appropriate.12:22
rbasakUnless it makes te review harder12:23
rbasakSince the reason for that step is to move towards a full consolidation of the Ubuntu delta in the long term. Short term unconsolidated commits will happen anyway so the odd extra bit doesn't really matter12:23
ahasenackrbasak: in this case, the delta is already a) add file; b) fix file. That's the current logical, and was like that in the previous upload and perhaps even before (I didn't check that far)12:30
ahasenackrbasak: and one of my "added changes" is c) another-fix-for-file12:31
ahasenackrbasak: so let me ask this12:31
ahasenackrbasak: I'm already at the end of the merge, and I noticed this12:31
ahasenackrbasak: so can I do this:12:31
ahasenackrbasak: a) checkout logical; rebase -i old/debian and fixup the two commits (a) and (b), merging them into (a)12:31
ahasenackrbasak: now, instead of rebasing that new logical on new/debian and doing all that work, can I go back to my branch and merge the same two commits?12:32
ahasenackor should I rebase the new logical (with the merged commits) onto new/debian and do the whole process12:32
rbasakahasenack: I think it's fine to rebase just your merge branch12:36
ahasenackand do the same there, right12:37
rbasakHowever it will make review of the merge ever so slightly harder12:37
rbasakSince the reviewer needs to ensure that the merge branch result is the same as the two commits from logical12:37
ahasenackbut I will update the logical tag12:38
rbasakIn that case, that's fine12:40
ahasenackrbasak: ah, about the previous question about added changes before or after merge finish12:43
ahasenackrbasak: if doing it before merge finish, then bug references will lose the ":" in the "LP: #xxxxxx" syntax12:44
ahasenackin d/changelog12:44
rbasakmerge finish does that?12:44
rbasakThat might need manual fixing then12:44
ahasenackbecause it thinks it's dealing with remaining changes only12:44
ahasenackand drops12:45
ahasenackwhere it's correct to strip that12:45
ahasenackor, leave only remaining changes + drops before merge finish, then add changes, and use git-ubuntu.reconstruct-changelog for the added changes12:45
ahasenackalthough that might strip the : too, come to think of it12:46
rbasakI think it's OK to drop the LP reference entirely12:46
rbasakIt'll be further down in the changelog12:46
rbasakAnd after consolidation it might not make direct sense any more12:46
ahasenackbut not for added changes. The bug won't be auto-closed12:47
ahasenackgit-ubuntu.reconstruct-changelog does not strip the :, just checked12:47
ahasenackhm, the wiki page about the git workflow actually recomments to do extra fixes after merge finish12:48
ahasenackI missed that before12:49
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ahasenackcpaelzer: the main task in this bug is "invalid", right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/180112813:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1801128 in openssh (Ubuntu Cosmic) "OpenSSH 7.7 -w tunnel bug" [Medium,In progress]13:09
ahasenackdisco had 7.8 iirc13:10
ahasenackand now 7.913:10
ahasenackor "fix released"13:10
* ahasenack comments on the bug13:11
cpaelzerahasenack: released13:13
cpaelzerahasenack: updated the bug13:14
ahasenackit came up in triage, that's why I pinged you :)13:14
cpaelzertotally fine13:14
cpaelzerI thought I clean it up (and I did) but forgot that detail - thanks for the ping13:15
ahasenackcpaelzer: how's your nss upload?13:15
cpaelzerthat waits intentionally13:15
ahasenackjust saw #180370713:15
cpaelzerahasenack: I opened the MP for review13:15
cpaelzerbut we want kstenerud to coplete nspr first13:15
cpaelzeras nss builds against nspr and mdeslaur told us they usually go together13:15
ahasenackI remember they were entangled, just didn't remember who came first13:15
cpaelzernspr -> nss13:15
cpaelzerI stated so in the MP to avoid being sponsored by accident13:15
cpaelzerbut even then it would be just a no change rebuild to fix it13:16
ahasenackI'll link the mp to the bug13:16
cpaelzerisn't it auto linked?13:16
cpaelzerthe merge bug I mean13:16
ahasenackit wasn't for some reason13:16
ahasenacklet me check your d/changelog13:16
cpaelzerhmm but it seems right in the changelog to me13:16
cpaelzerI still fight the "Too many levels of symbolic links"13:18
cpaelzerit seems gone in Disco, but still is in D-unstable13:18
cpaelzerwell I do so only in spare time between other bugs - as I wait for good ideas to come to me :-)13:18
cpaelzerI have isolated enough to hopefully strace it soon13:18
ahasenackit's gone in disco?13:20
ahasenackjust like that?13:20
ahasenackcpaelzer: this one is now just missing mecab-ipadic, is that something you can do, or an AA?13:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1781529 in mecab-ipadic (Ubuntu) "[MIR] mecab" [Undecided,Fix committed]13:22
cpaelzerI assumed something like that, due to -testing and -cosmic being fine13:22
cpaelzerbut I can't yet isolate which change it was13:22
cpaelzerahasenack: no that needs an AA13:23
cpaelzerahasenack: like the override vorlon did13:23
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cpaelzerahasenack: hehe, enough debugging code makes the issue go away13:31
cpaelzer+1 for a race of some sort13:31
cpaelzerbut that makes tracking why it was failing so much harder :-/13:31
rbasakcpaelzer, kstenerud: should I treat my card for Thursday triage last week as done? Or does it need doing?14:05
ahasenackrbasak: is this a tell about the user switching between mysql and mariadb:14:08
ahasenackERROR: Unable to start MySQL server:14:08
ahasenackmysqld: Can't read dir of '/etc/mysql/conf.d/' (Errcode: 2 - No such file or directory)14:08
ahasenackor some other behavior we know about already?14:08
ahasenackI've seen that in a few mysql bug reports14:08
rbasakahasenack: /etc/mysql/conf.d/ is shipped by mysql-common IIRC14:09
rbasakSo either the user has removed it or is using a non-archive mysql-common (shipped perhaps by upstream in a third party repo)14:09
* ahasenack can't figure out what users are doing wrong when installing mysql14:09
rbasakYeah: https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/all/mysql-common/filelist14:09
ahasenackoh man:14:09
ahasenackCommandline: apt-get purge mysql-server* mariadb*14:09
rbasakSo I think that error is automatically a "looks like a local configuration problem".14:09
ahasenackwhat's wrong with people installing mysql14:09
ahasenackCommandline: apt install yum14:10
rbasakahasenack: Josh it and move on :)14:10
ahasenackmaybe we should conflict mysql-server with ubuntu-desktop14:16
cpaelzerahasenack: rbasak: powersj: all last weeks triage cards are done14:17
rbasakOK. Thanks!14:19
fricklercoreycb: I got problems rebuilding neutron for stable/pike, you require python-pbr>=2.0.0 here, but stable/pike UCA only has 1.8.0 for me https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/neutron/tree/debian/control?h=stable/pike#n1114:49
fricklercoreycb: this line also looks like a broken edit https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server-dev/ubuntu/+source/neutron/tree/debian/control?h=stable/pike#n12514:49
coreycbfrickler: stable/pike has 2.0.0 - http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/pike_versions.html14:51
fricklercoreycb: indeed, weird, for some reason my build vm didn't pull in the uca pkgs. needed another "apt update" run to fix it. sorry for the noise ;-)14:55
coreycbfrickler: np :)15:02
Mr_Pancan i install openmediavault on ubuntu 18.04 server?15:51
lordcirth_Mr_Pan, openmediavault is an appliance, ie a pre-configured OS.  What do you actually want?16:21
jamespagecoreycb: OK I uploaded nova to disco-proposed16:53
jamespagefixed a few more py3.7 issues but not all of them - we still skip three tests...16:53
coreycbjamespage: ok thanks16:55
bipulHow to install Ubuntu server via preseed method.17:08
jamespagecoreycb: doing some work on the bom for stein to fill in the rest of my day17:08
jamespagefrickler: I appreciate you pinged about an apache2 module issue last week - I've not found time to look yet17:09
coreycbjamespage: ok. i've not started on stein yet today but will shortly. if i can pick up on anything in particular let me know, other wise i'll focus on core pkgs.17:10
jamespagecoreycb: I've been nudging it along17:11
jamespagecoreycb: core pkg focus is fine for now17:11
SircleIam looking to rent out a vps/server. Iam more interested in disk space (hdd will work) as my database will grow very fast and internet speed. Which host is recommended in a budget?19:28
sarnoldvultr packet.net hetzner all seem popular among folks who want to spend less than aws19:29
Sirclesarnold,  what about ramnode?19:29
sarnoldSircle: never heard of it19:29
sarnolddon't worry about that too much, I'm not really in that market space19:30
sarnoldit just means I can't give you solid feedback19:30
Sirclesarnold,  how much disk space is there in ec2?19:33
sarnoldSircle: as many petabytes as you want to pay for19:34
SircleI meant the free tier19:34
sarnoldprobably 10 or 20 gigs19:35
SircleI recalled, it was 3019:37
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